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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 18, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now in america this morning, crippling snow storm hammering parts of western new york, buffalo in the bull's eye. up to five. ft is possible overnight thunder snow. and snowfall rates reaching several inches per hour where the weather threat heads next. breaking overnight. north korea test fires another missile, one country's leader, saying this one had the range to strike anywhere in the u. s vice president, harris said just moments ago during her visit to asia family demanding justice after their daughter's death at a resort in mexico. friends say she died from alcohol poisoning , but new video and the woman's autopsy is raising questions about what happened. more turmoil at twitter. dozens of workers resigning after ella
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must gave them an ultimatum. now reports of twitter workers locked out of office buildings. elon musk responded overnight. ticketmaster under fire after canceling today's public sale of taylor swift tickets senator now demanding action and the 95 year old singer winning best new artist at the latin grammys. it's friday, november 18th. from abc news in new york. this is america this morning. good morning, everyone. we begin with a paralyzing snowstorm hitting parts of western new york and the great lakes area. york has a state of emergency. in effect in that region. the snow is piled up throughout the night and is expected to continue for days. buffalo could get five ft of snow. the radar shows a firehose of snow caused by cold air moving across the warm water of the great lakes that has officials telling everyone stay home. this morning lake effect. snow is buryingparts of the midwest and northeast as what
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officials call a life threatening. storm takes hold. more than three inches fell in just one hour overnight at the buffalo airport, where air traffic has ground to a halt. there could be two ft. on the ground by seven o'clock in the morning. thousands are without power is the heavy snow further complicates the already treacherous road conditions wrecked vehicles lined highways north of syracuse in paris, new york, the governor closing more than 130 miles of the thruway from rochester to the pennsylvania border, where the roads were still open traffic ground to a crawl. take it slow just as passes. you can and overnight a driving ban going into effect for all of iri county, home to nearly one million people, truck drivers in the area racing against the clock. i'm trying to get away fire away from new york and possibly can nfl has preemptively moved sunday's game between the bills and browns from buffalo to detroit, keeping fans off those potentially dangerous roads potential for 48
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inches of snow here, and that is nowhere near normal snow for buffalo, new york residents in the area are stocking up on the essentials as they prepare to hunker down for the weekend essentials. already, residents are taking every precaution as they brace for a potentially historic storm in a region that felt the power of these storms before in november of 2014, a lake effect system dumped more than five ft of snow on western new york. at least 13 people died. the cold air is reaching the gulf coast, with freeze warnings posted in texas and the carolinas. a closer look at the forecast coming up in just a few minutes and breaking news from north korea firing what is believed to be the second intercontinental ballistic missile this month. japan says the missile landed and in its exclusive economic zone. but it was capable of striking anywhere on the u. s mainland vice president kamala harris held a meeting with world leaders at the apec summit in thailand to discuss the launch. this kind of by north korea most recently is
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a brazen violation of multiple one security resolutions destabilizes security in the region and unnecessarily raises tensions. we strongly condemn these actions and we again call for north korea to stop further unlawful destabilizing acts. intercontinental ballistic missile launch two weeks ago appeared to have failed to a storage run coming to an end on capitol hill. house speaker nancy pelosi is walking away from her leadership role after two decades at the helm, and her potential successor is waiting in the wings. abc is justin finch now joins us live from washington. justin good morning. andrew good morning in history indeed, on the hill as outgoing house speaker nancy pelosi confirmed she's stepping down, paving the way for a new generation of democrats to rise. for nearly two decades, nancy pelosi has led house democrats never would. i have thought that someday i would go from
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homemaker to house speaker but come january, the 82 year old house speaker will pass the torch marking the end of her history making tenure. the hours come for a new generation to lead the democratic caucus. pelosi the daughter of a maryland congressman, raised five children before working alongside for presidents president biden praising pelosi calling her the most consequential speaker of the house in our history. former republican house speaker newt gingrich, saying in the past year you could argue she's been the strongest speaker in history . my dear husband, paul. it's been my beloved partner in life and my pillar of support. thank you. we're all grateful for all the prayers and well wishes. pelosi also acknowledging her husband palm, still recovering after being savagely attacked in their san francisco home late last month. as pelosi steps
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down, the gop is gearing up to take control in the new year. we're not trying to prove hunter biden is a bad actor. he is house republicans revealing a top priority. investigating the president and his family promising to look into the finances of hunter, biden and others which some in the party are advising against. i think it would be over republicans to focus on issues you know the kitchen table issues maybe investigate, you know. gas prices, inflation, grocery prices. and the white house, agreeing with calls for republicans to tackle kitchen table issues denouncing congressional republicans for quote, wasting time and resources on political revenge. as for pelosi, she will continue serving out her term in the house. new york congressman akin's jeffrey's favorite to succeed her in leadership. if elected, he would become the first black person to lead the party in congress. andrew justin. thank you. turning now to the wrong way driver who
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smashed into a group of law enforcement recruits near los angeles. he's been released from jail. he was arrested yesterday accused of attempted murder after investigators said they believe the crash was deliberate . but according to his jail record, he's been let go due to quote insufficient grounds to file a complaint. now to the mysterious case of an american woman found dead at a resort in mexico. major differences are surfacing between what her friends say happened and what the autopsy reveals. and now the woman's family is demanding answers. here's a b c's andrea fuji this morning we're hearing from the family of the north carolina woman killed in mexico while vacationing there with friends, heart just like it. it went into pieces. cool was my heart. on october 29th anquela robinson was found dead inside a hotel room at a luxury resort in cabo san lucas, less than a day after she arrived koalas dad says the sixth friend she was traveling with return to charlotte and was told she died
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from alcohol poisoning. i know we're not alcohol poured another way. the autopsy report never mentions alcohol, but instead indicates the 25 year old died of a severe spinal cord injury. mexican state officials have launched a femicide investigation, a form of gender based violence, which is common when a woman is killed there. police are also looking at this social media post. we're only showing still images because it's so graphic. it allegedly shows robinson being attacked by another woman. a man recording the fight, urges her to defend herself but doesn't stop the assault. the video ends with robinson on the ground and the other woman taunting her. when robinson's friends called police . they said she was unresponsive and 15 minutes after police arrived, she was pronounced dead. her family is demanding answers from those friends. but we never believed what they were telling us because each one that came back was telling a different story. so far, none of those friends are facing charges related to her death. the attorney general for the area
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says they will continue the investigation. the us state department is also pressuring mexican authorities for answers and say they're providing assistance to the family cooler . robinson's funeral will be tomorrow. andrew rhiannon, andrea thank you, w n b a star britney griner has begun serving her nine year sentence for drug possession. she's now in a russian penal colony, where she is expected to work between 12 and 16 hours a day with only lunch and restroom breaks. meanwhile ukrainian president zelinsky says more russian strikes force power cuts to 10 million people just as temperatures fall to freezing in ukraine. abc is james longman was in newly liberated care san where ukrainian forces are looking for russian minds. let's step back the russian bunker. ways doing there is making sure there are no minds. russians leave minds absolutely everywhere. he's prodding the earth. very shallow. to make sure there's no device. but then
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constantine raises a finger after hearing the distant thud of russian artillery. we've got to get out. i think biden administration is disputing claims by zielinski, who says his military did not fire a missile that slammed into a polish town. killing two people . it is time now for a look at your morning weather. good morning. winter is here driving cold air across the great lakes and this is feeling lake effect . snow for days, lake effect snow bands will set up and especially along the eastern great lakes of lake erie and lake ontario. we'll see feet of snow around buffalo, 3 to 6 ft of snow as possible, creating big time travel delays, and that's not the end of it. the cold air extending well into the south as we head through your friday morning with accuweather real field values in the single digits in some spots for accuweather. i'm also constant, sir. coming up. the fda approves
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the first of its kind medication for type one diabetes also had more chaos at twitter as dozens of employees resigned overnight . how elon musk is reacting and why the man who caught erin judges, home run ball turned down millions of dollars. side y
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2020 tonight on abc. back with that investigation of the four student murders at the university of idaho. police in the area have been asking local businesses if anyone has recently bought a fixed blade knife corner has confirmed the victims were fatally stabbed early sunday morning at a house near campus. the murder weapon hasn't been found, and there's no suspect. authorities are also trying to explain why they initially said there was no danger to the community. they
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wanted to share. what they were perceiving from the information they had that this did not appear to be a situation somebody just at random going through the community preying on people, but there was never any question about the fact that whoever is responsible is that large. police say the victims to surviving roommates are cooperating with the investigators to the ever growing turmoil over twitter. scores of employees apparently headed for the exit overnight after elon musk told workers to decide whether they wanted to stay or go. a flood of farewell messages rolling in at twitter after ella must give employees an ultimatum. commit to working in an extremely hardcore fashion , including long hours at high intensity or leave with three months. severance now, sources tell abc news. dozens of employees are resigning, with many sending the salute emoji over the company's internal messaging board. meanwhile twitter employees were
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reportedly locked out of office buildings overnight, giving the company more time to figure out who still works. there have been talking to people all day. one former executive recently exited told me that with all these departures, it's going to be hard just to keep the lights on . over there. it comes as a group of democratic senators call for the federal trade commission to investigate musk's recent actions. has not responded to requests for comment. but in a tweet last night, he seemingly joked about how much he paid twitter, roughly $44 billion posting. how do you make a small fortune in social media start out with a large one? it's the latest turmoil since the billionaire purchase, twitter must immediately fired 50% of the workforce. then one of his ideas allowed users to pay for the verification. checkmark twitter paused the feature after people were impersonating celebrities and brands and last week bc news obtained exclusive audio of musk
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in another meeting, demanding ee office in office, and you do not show up at the office resignation accepted. end of story. advertisers have now pause spending on the platform until there's more clarity on twitter's direction, musk's other tweet last night, he said , usage on twitter just hit an all time high. more to come on that coming up the dramatic video of a home exploding what went wrong? ticketmaster under fire after canceling today's public sale of taylor, swift public sale of taylor, swift tickets what happens next? time ♪ from holiday hills, illinois to rudolph, wisconsin. from santa claus, indiana to snowflake, arizona. from garland, texas to north pole, new york and everywhere in between. we're holiday ready with fast and reliable delivery,
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pocket cost. incredible video. here we are back with new details about this home explosion in princeton, indiana , and fire investigators say the blast was caused by a gas leak from a wall mounted heater. four people were inside that house, too, suffered non life threatening burns on this national diabetes awareness
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month, the fda has approved a first of its kind medication for type one diabetes. the immunotherapy drug is injectable for patients as youngas eight years old and has proven to delay development of type one diabetes. it's expected to be widely available sometime early next year. not a ticketmaster under fire this morning after canceling today's public sale of taylor swift tickets, citing high demand a bcs will gaines has the details. diamonds form under pressure. ticketmaster is especially the jeweled this morning. the whole place. live event site under pressure yet again after scrapping plans to sell t swift tour tickets to the general public at all ticketmaster tweeting due to extraordinarily high demands on ticketing systems and insufficient remaining ticket inventory to meet that demand. tomorrow's public on sale for taylor swift, the errors tour. has been canceled. no tell me
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right now, this is a joke. i literally feel like i'm about to burst into tears right now. it's baffling that they could have screwed it up this badly. the ceo of liberty media live nation's largest shareholder, appeared on cnbc's squawk on the street on thursday. the site was supposed to be opened up for 1.5 million verified taylor swift fans. we had 14 million people hit the site, including bots, another story which are not supposed to be there, we could have filled 900 stadiums. in other words, taylor would have to play a stadium show every single night for the next 2.5 years to meet that demand. think about me. fallout for ticketmaster has been swift senator amy klobuchar, sending a letter to the ceo of live nation expressing serious concerns about the state of competition in the ticketing industry and its harmful impact on consumers . look the ticketing industry is right for corruption. what
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ticketmaster always has to be looking outfor is the box and the hackers and all those people who are very, very eager to get these tickets, you know, and buy up his many of them as they possibly can and then resell them on the secondary market. me. while sales for the general public have been scrapped completely. our music expert thinks that the roughly 10% of total tickets that were reserved for that sale will likely be disseminated among the verified fans who were shut out of tuesday's pre sale rhiannon andrew, so much more to come from this story will thank you all right, coming up the new singer winning new artist at 95 years old plus what we're learning about the big wedding learning about the big wedding at the white house this weekend. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this.
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now to check the pulse and we begin with the epitome of it's never too late. angela alvarez made history of the latin grammys winning best new artist at 95 years old. she tied for the award with a 25 year old alvarez thanked her grandson for encouraging her to record her music. next. it's nearly party time at the white house granddaughter is getting married naomi biden and peter neal will say their ideas on the south lawn tomorrow, a black tie reception will follow all paid for by the first family. it is just the 19th white house. wedding ever next in baseball history, headed to the auction block. yankee star aaron judge broke the american league home run record. last month. he hit number 62 against the rangers. the guy who caught it is putting it up for sale after his lawyer says he turned down a $3 million offer. the auction starts november 29th. finally the perfect prank from a family member. stacy was at reagan national airport when her sister appeared rolling this a giant appeared rolling this a giant suitcase with her face on it. i
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 5:00 it is
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sentencing date for elizabeth holmes, the founder of theranos is expected to learn her fate. kumasi: concerns about covid cases and the potential for a winter surge as we are gearing up for the holidays and a city that is urging everyone to go back to masking. reggie: large-scale layouts and we are looking at the impact on workera' -- workers' mental health. lisa: we did get some sun with some high clouds in the way and more vitamin d on the way as high clouds then output that is on the heels of a system to the north of us that is going to wipe out the clouds. in its wake it is bringing gusty wind. there is a wind advisory to talk about for the delta, but locally we are quiet. as a result temperatures have dropped into the 30's. 37, santa rosa a n


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