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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 18, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PST

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deserve all the best so we cannot wait to see your journey in kansas city. lisa: good morning, america for our viewers in the west. a narrow majority in the house clinched. now the challenges ahead for both parties. state of emergency. at least five states under alerts. snow pounding the northeast. as much as five feet now expected to fall in some parts. new york preparing for paralyzing conditions in critical areas. driving banned in some areas. plus, the freeze alerts across the country. >> breaking news. north korea test fires an intercontinental ballistic missile, nuclear strikes capable of reaching the u.s. the vice president convened with world leaders overnight.
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end of an era. the first and only woman speaker of the house. >> when i came to the congress in 1987, there were 12 democratic women. now there are over 90, and we want more. trail blazer nancy pelosi announcing she won't stay in leadership when republicans take control of the house. now with pelosi stepping back, who might take her place? >> new clues in the university of idaho murder mystery. one of the surviving roommates traumatized and working with the fbi. what we're learning about the 911 call after the murders as fear grows in the community. >> brittney griner facing harsh new conditions in russia. the wnba star has been moved to a penal colony. what we know now. >> international investigation. an american tourist found dead the 25-year-old's friends saying it was alcohol poisoning, but
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her autopsy telling a different story. now why authorities are looking into this video. judgment day. former billionaire and convicted felon elizabeth holmes set to learn her fate. how much time she could spend behind bars. twitter caving in? the revolt and mass resignations overnight after employees rejected elon musk's ultimatum. ticketmaster meltdown. the public sale of tickets for taylor swift's tour canceled. the star breaking records. 2 million tickets sold, but millions of other fans empty-handed. why some political leaders are weighing in. ♪ and this is the right friday attitude. we're dancing into the weekend with six days until thanksgiving. the sweet finale of our united states of pie competition. who will be crown's "gma's" ultimate pie champion and win $10,000, and guess who's here to help us out in times square.
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ms. patti is bringing her pie game. >> live in times square, this is "good morning america." >> michael, i know you have been gearing up all week for this pie tasting. >> i have been fasting. i'm ready. i'm in. >> good your forks out. >> good morning, america. hope you're doing well. we're going to begin with the major snow storm. look at that right there. west seneca, new york, the snow is really coming down. that's near buffalo. >> we're looking at a potentially historic lake-effect snow event for western new york. the dangerous weather also out in michigan. snow already in the ground in kalamazoo. >> we'll start in buffalo with the beginning of what is called a life-threatening event. matt rivers is there. five feet of snow is expected to fall in parts of the city through the weekend. >> yeah, michael. here in the city of buffalo we got hit pretty good overnight. six to eight inches, but this could be the beginning of what will be a long weekend in the city of buffalo and for the hundreds of thousands of people in this metro area. overnight, crippling lake effect
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snow pounding the northeast. residents bracing for life-threatening conditions. a brigade of plows out on interstate 90 near buffalo trying to keep up with snowfall. numerous cars along the highway with stranded drivers waiting to be rescued. in buffalo, three inches falling in just one hour at the buffalo airport, where air traffic has ground to a halt. overnight, erie county officials proactively implementing a driving ban, forcing two feet of snow during the peak of the night. >> we were very worried they were going to receive a significant snowfall in the first few hours of this. >> reporter: truck drivers racing against the clock to get out of the area. >> i'm going to gas up and i'm trying to get far away from new york as i possibly can. >> reporter: thousands are without power as the heavy snow further complicates the already treacherous road conditions. new york preparing for
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paralyzing conditions in critical areas ready to deploy more than 2,000 plows, 5,700 utility crew members, and 132,000 tons of salt. >> this could go on for a number of days. the cleanup is going to take some time. >> this is a friday morning in downtown buffalo. normally you would see a lot more people out, starting their day, going to work. that's not the case this morning because of what happened last night and what we're expecting throughout the day. george? >> thanks. >> let's go to kalamazoo, michigan. alex perez is there. >> good morning, george. the snow has been falling on and off here in the kalamazoo area. check this out. the white stuff is just falling and piling up everywhere. they are bracing for up to a foot of snow in some parts of southwest michigan. now, i want you to look at some of these images. this is the airport in grand rapids. authorities there trying to keep the runways clear.
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the roadways are also slick. i saw a number of spinouts myself last night. authorities are asking people who can stay off the roads to stay off. and a number of schools have already announced they will be closed today, and here is the bad part. this snowfall, it's expected to stick around and linger through the weekend. juju. >> alex, thank you. stay safe. >> let's go to our chief storm tracker, ginger is here with more on the snow storm and the deep freeze. good morning to you. >> i'm epically grateful for matt and alex being out in the snow because i'm real happy telling the story right here. this is a very normal time of year for us to get lake-effect snow. to get this much, this is going to be up there, but we have seen big events like redfield, new york in 2007, got 141 inches. going to impact so many people with the lake effect snow warnings from watertown to michigan. why this is a big deal, it's the end of the weekend, start of the weekend, and this goes through sunday. sunday night, you could still be getting snow. that tughill plateau just south
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of buffalo should see the biggest impact to roads, power outages and the visibility in some places could go to absolute zero. that's why i think a driving ban is a great idea. those big four to five-foot totals south of buffalo, that tughill plateau adds a little elevation. thundersnow has already been seen and that means you get convection, thunderstorms in the snow and three to four inches per hour, and then the freeze alerts all the way from texas to georgia. michael, juju. >> thank you, ginger. >> we're going to turn now to that breaking news overnight. north korea test fired an intercontinental ballistic missile. the missile, which fell into the sea off japan, is thought to be capable of reaching the continental u.s. overnight, vice president harris convened a meeting with world leaders. good morning, maggie. >> good morning, michael. yeah, this is one of the most powerful missiles we have seen north korea test.
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a long-range missile with enough range to hit mainland u.s. north korea has fired at least 88 missiles this year, the most ever in a single year. the majority of them, short range. a long-range missile like this is so concerning because it's a weapon designed to carry nuclear weapons, with enough range that it could pose a direct threat to america. today's test shows progress in north korea's missile development. according to south korea, the missile traveled 620 miles before laning in waters just northwest of japan. while airborne, there was enough concern that an american air base in northern japan was told to seek cover. the u.s. has released a statement condemning the attacks calling them a brazen violation of multiple u.n. security council resolutions. and overnight, vice president kamala harris was in bangkok and convened a meeting with other leaders in the region saying together the countries represented here will continue to urge north korea to commit to serious and sustained diplomacy. michael. >> as you said, very concerning, maggie, thank you. >> we're going to go to washington and the end of an
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era. speaker nancy pelosi announced she will not seek a leadership role when the republicans take control of the house. pelosi is the first woman speaker. her resignation marks a seismic shift to new leaders. congressional correspondent rachel scott is tracking the changeover. good morning, rachel. >> george, good morning. she has been the most powerful woman in washington for decades. a measured, at times defiant leader, but after political loss and a brutal attack on her family, pelosi says it's time to pass the torch. it was a moment that brought capitol hill to a standstill. members of congress filling the house chamber to witness the end of an era. >> the house will be in order. >> after two decades, speaker nancy pelosi announcing she is stepping down from leadership. come january, she will no longer lead house democrats. >> for me, the hour has come for a new generation to lead the democratic caucus that i so deeply respect. >> pelosi is a towering figure in american politics. the first and only woman to
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serve as speaker of the house. >> when i came to the congress in 1987, there were 12 democratic women. now there are over 90, and we want more. >> her first visit to the capitol was at the age of 6. her father, a congressman himself. before entering politics, she raised five children. >> never would i have thought some day i would go from homemaker to house speaker. in fact, i never -- >> as speaker, pelosi worked with four presidents, listing off her accomplishments. >> transformative health care reform with president barack obama. >> she often went head to head with donald trump, but she garnered the respect of many colleagues across the aisle. in a statement, senator mitch mcconnell saying while he's disagreed frequently and forcefully with pelosi over the years, there is no question the impact of her consequential and path-breaking career will long endure. and president biden calling her the most consequential speaker
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of the house in our history. pelosi's announcement comes nearly three weeks after her husband paul was viciously attacked in their san francisco home. she says she will remain in congress. in january, republicans will have a slim majority. >> last week, the american people spoke. and their voices were raised in defense of liberty, of the rule of law, and of democracy itself. >> pelosi told reporters that that attack on her husband almost had the opposite effect. she actually considered staying in leadership because she didn't want to give them the satisfaction. george, she does say she now feels balanced about the decision that she made. >> now a new generation of democratic leaders is lined up to take her place and the place of other democratic leaders. >> exactly right, george. the frontrunner to replace nancy pelosi is congressman hakeem jeffries of new york. if elected by house democrats, he could become the first black lawmaker to lead a party in
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congress, and usher in that new generation that pelosi was calling for. >> thank you very much. >> now to the latest on brittney griner. the wnba star is now in a penal colony in russia. this morning we're learning more on how she's doing as she faces harsh new conditions. stephanie ramos is here with the details. >> good morning. this is the first news we have had on brittney griner's whereabouts in nearly two weeks. her legal team has confirmed they have seen her at a female penal colony ik-2 in the mordovia region. human rights activists say abuse and torture are common in russia's vast prison system, with former prisoners of ik-2 describing it as harsh, not hygienic, and with little access to medical care. inmates are typically expected to work 12 to 16-hour days doing tedious manual tasks, getting paid just a couple dollars a month. in a statement, her legal team confirmed they visited griner earlier this week saying she's doing as well as could be
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expected and trying to stay strong as she adapts to this new environment. griner is facing nine years behind bars over a drug conviction. now, her only hope of getting home early is a prisoner swap. it's understood russia and the u.s. have discussed swapping griner and another american prisoner, paul whelan, for a russian arms dealer jailed in the u.s., but no deal has been finalized. juju. >> thank you. we're going to turn to a new round of chaos at twitter. mass resignations overnight as employees rejected elon musk's demands. chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis is here with the latest. >> the story, so many twists and turns. he's only owned the company for three weeks, but earlier this week, elon musk revealed he's working around-the-clock, sleeping on the floor at twitter until, quote, the organization is fixed. well, it appears many employees do not want that life for themselves. on wednesday, musk emailed his staff and said to them, we will need to be extremely hard core.
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this will mean working long hours at high intensity. anyone who does not agree will receive three months of severance. the deadline was last night. we don't know how many but it appears a number of employees are choosing to leave. abc news has learned dozens of them sent a salute emoji over the company's slack. deuces. that was the message. george. >> thanks very much. >> deuces. didn't think i would hear that here. it is friday, though. we're going to go to the latest on ticketmaster's meltdown and the announcement that today's public sale of taylor swift tickets has been canceled due to high demand. >> reporter: taylor swift fans taking on ticketmaster as the site cancels this morning's public sale for concert seats because they have nearly run out. the ticketing giant blaming extraordinarily high demand and insufficient remaining ticket inventory. after more than 2 million tickets were sold during the verified fan presale. the most tickets ever sold for
7:15 am
an artist in a single day. but widespread outages and hours-long wait times causing chaos and leaving millions of other fans empty-handed. >> this was a terrible experience. i'm really disappointed in ticketmaster. >> ticketmaster blaming alleged bot attacks for ultimately causing those technical issues. >> the ceo of liberty media live nation's largest shareholder responding to the backlash on cnbc thursday. >> we had 14 million people hit the site, including bots, another story, which are not supposed to be there. despite all the challenges and the breakdowns, we did sell over 2 million tickets that day. we could have filled 900 stadiums. >> now, even some politicians saying the site is the problem. tennessee's attorney general is investigating whether the company violated any consumer protection laws. >> what ticketmaster always has to be looking out for is the bots and the hackers and all
7:16 am
those people who are very, very eager to get these tickets and buy up as many of them as they can and resell them on the secondary market. >> now, as questions mount over what will happen to the remaining tickets that were supposed to hit the market this morning, others are being resold on secondary sites. prices as high as thousands of thousands of dollars. i didn't see the $20,000 range, so george, your daughters might be in luck. >> for $300, one of my colleagues scored tickets. you could, never mind. >> lots more to get to today. we have world cup news set to kick off this weekend in qatar, with billions of people expected to watch. will reave is there live this morning. good morning to you, will. >> good morning, juju. the world cup is here. the opening game on sunday. ecuador taking on qatar. host nation qatar is a loaded phrase. shortly after the world cup was awarded here, allegations of corruption surfaced that fifa
7:17 am
officials had taken bribes to vote in favor of qatar's bid, something that fifa and qatari officials deny. the country's human rights record also under intense scrutiny, particularly on women's rights and migrant labor practices and homosexuality here is illegal. in solidarity on that point, the u.s. team putting up its be the change rainbow crest in its training facility. at that training facility, the team training hard for its first match sunday -- sorry, monday, against wales. lots of hope around this team. they're nearly the youngest in the 32-team field, led by christian pulisic, the superstar. his nickname is captain america. the u.s. is in group b, the toughest by fifa world ranking, england and iran rounding out that group. the top two teams from each group will advance. experts predict the u.s. should be able to do that. now, officials expect over 1 million fans to come to qatar for this world cup. the first ever in the middle east. fans arriving today to the breaking news that beer sales
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have been banned by qatari officials at the eight world cup stadiums just two days before the tournament is set to begin. guys. >> okay, will. thanks very much. >> coming up on "gma," judgment day for elizabeth holmes. the convicted felon and former billionaire set to be sentenced. >> and the new clues in a university of idaho murders. what we're learning about the 911 call as the fbi joins the manhunt. first, let's go back to ginger. >> it's not just the great lakes getting snow. this is denver and they're about average for the month which is different from last year where it was snowless until december. a couple inches there. in the mountains, up to ten inches. i wanted to look ahead to wednesday because everybody travels on that day. it is looking so good. this does not happen for us every year. a couple showers in the pacific northwest. some down here in parts of houston into louisiana, but overall, really getting much more mild, too, even in buffalo. your local weather now in 30 seconds.
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supporting 6 key indicators of brain health. to help keep me sharp. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions . this is abc seven news. good morning, everyone. i'm kumasi aaron from abc seven mornings. new video this morning shows a building with a big hole in its side and at least three cars with significant damage. it happened around 12 30 this morning on macarthur boulevard near montana street, not too far from interstate 5 80. it's not clear exactly what happened here or if anyone was hurt. we do have calls into the police department for more details about this incident. davina thank you, commodity. good morning, everyone. we are going to start with the two car crash. we're following right now. and san rafael. we have three lanes blocked and this is southbound one on one past and pedro your speech of trumped around five mph and that area moving over now to look at the richmond san rafael bridge on our map. we do
7:24 am
have roadwork in the eastbound direction that's blocking the lane. things have improved somewhat in the westbound direction. but look at that, when the toll plaza into san quentin, it's going to be 56 minutes for the ride. that's due to an earlier stall. kamasi thanks, davina meteorologists. origin hey guys, detect this: living with hiv, i learned that i can stay undetectable with fewer medicines. that's why i switched to dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen.
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do not breastfeed while taking dovato. most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. detect this: i stay undetectable with fewer medicines. ask your doctor about switching to dovato. leave tonight. and it don't matter whether the worth. good morning, everyone he made it to friday. and as we look at our sutro tower camera, we have some clouds floating by 47 downtown. it is 38 in palo alto 39 santa clara in a sunny golden gate bridge cold front, working its way through the bay area mid thirties in nevada, so it's chilly. the winds are going to continue to pick up in the upper elevations. it's a warmer day, a sunnier day with upper sixties in oakland, upper level winds will be watching them. the relative humidity is going to drop off and we do have advisories. out by the delta. it's cooler over the weekend, and we're looking at a dry
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ha-a-a-a-ash-tag sorry not sorry. get black friday deals now for $20 dollars and under. only at old navy and old ♪ welcome back to "gma." a little morning sunshine on a feel-good friday. that's police officer eric hudson outside the cleveland clinic. one hospital employee commenting, he makes me smile every morning. thanks to eric for the sunshine. we can see why. >> we cannot say it enough. the unmistakable voice behind new attitude, ms. patti labelle is here to help us with the united states of pie grand finale. if anybody knows pie, ms. patti knows pie. >> that is coming up. a lot of headlines including the major snow storm overnight. lake effect snow is crippling the northeast as residents are bracing for the conditions.
7:31 am
the buffalo area is getting hit hard with up to five feet of snow expected by the weekend. new york's governor has declared a state of emergency, closing some roads and telling people to stay home. >> also, the fda has approved a first of its kind medication for type i diabetes. it's injectable for patients as young as 8 years old. it has proven to delay the development of type i diabetes. it's expected to be widely available next year. >> to all the yankee fans out there, here comes the judge. aaron judge named american league most valuable player. judge, as you know, had that historic year, crushing 62 home runs to claim the single season record, surpassing roger maris' 61-year-old record, and the fan who caught that number 62 ball, putting it up for auction even though he was turning down a $3 million offer. >> congrats to aaron judge. >> absolutely. >> major accomplishment.
7:32 am
>> we have a lot more ahead, including convicted felon elizabeth holmes learning her sentence today and her future. that's coming up. >> all right. now, we're going to go to the shocking murders of four college students in idaho. the fbi is joining the manhunt for the killer, and investigators return to the crime scene looking for any new evidence that can shed light on the mysterious killings. we're in moscow, idaho, with the latest. >> good morning, michael. police say they believe this was a targeted attack. it's been nearly one week and still no arrests, no suspects and police warning the potential threat to the community still remains. new clues this morning as police search for a killer following the gruesome deaths of four university of idaho students at an off-campus home. two roommates surviving. overnight, a family spokesperson for one of the roommates telling abc news exclusively the young woman is traumatized and working with the fbi. idaho state police telling abc the two surviving roommates had been very cooperative. >> talking with them to figure out what occurred and why. that's their story to tell.
7:33 am
potentially they are witnesses, potentially they are victims. >> potentially they're the key to this whole thing. >> exactly, potentially they're the key to this whole thing. >> exactly. potentially they're the key to this whole thing. >> abc news has learned the survivors did not make the call to 911 which came in several hours after the murders. >> we have our witnesses and people who knew these folks or were housemates are not in town, so the investigators are having to go wherever they are to try to interview them. >> the county coroner releasing the autopsy, confirming all four victims were stabbed to death, saying she believes a large knife was used. but it has yet to be determined, quote, whether there were any defensive wounds. at the home on king street, the idaho state police crime lab at the scene, looking for any new evidence. authorities asking local businesses if anyone has recently bought a fixed blade knife. >> welcome back. >> reporter: this video from early sunday morning helping investigators piece together a timeline.
7:34 am
kaylee goncalves and madison mogen taking pictures hours before they were brutally murdered. meanwhile, fear growing in the community as police follow leads. >> no one has been ruled included or excluded as a person of interest and/or a suspect. everyone is still being investigated. >> i think a lot of people are afraid. i'm definitely nervous. >> reporter: abigail spencer, editor of the school newspaper, says there is more police presence, but campus is eerie and many students have gone home. >> there's still a suspect at large. there's still so much we don't know about the case. >> the coroner telling abc news she believes each victim was stabbed multiple times. the state forensics lab now conducting tests on potential dna evidence found at the scene that could take weeks to analyze, michael. >> mola, thank you very much. >> joining us right now is threat assessment psychologist dr. rendazo. thank you for joining us this
7:35 am
morning. we have four brutal stabbings. police are reportedly trying to track down a specific combat knife. what kind of profile are they putting together on the possible killer? >> a couple things they're going to be looking for here. with the combat knife they're looking for, one of the things we know from targeted attacks is that sometimes the individuals who carry them out will get to a point where they dress as what we in the field call a pseudo commander. they have gotten tactical gear that really shows a commitment to carrying this out. so investigatively they're going to look at recent purchases of this combat knife that they think may be involved, other tactical gear, like tactical vests, and they're also going to be asking about witnesses in the area who may have seen someone in that type of gear. the other thing they're going to be looking for is information through social media, dms, things like that, of someone who might have been pursuing one of these roommates or one of the
7:36 am
victims because they were interested in a romantic relationship. a fixated pursuit. so they're going to be looking to see if there's any social media indication there, anything in emails that someone was pursuing an interest, fixated, stalking. because this is a very intimate crime that we're talking about here. >> and you're an expert in targeted attacks. do you believe this was a targeted and that there was only one killer? >> it is highly likely that there was only one killer. i believe it is also very likely they were targeting one of the individuals, possibly two. but they encountered two others at the same time. we typically don't see knife attacks, stabbings that are carried out by multiple people. this is typically going to be one person. it's always a possiblepossibilit likelihood that it's one we're talking about. >> doctor, thank you so much for your time this morning. george. coming up next, from
7:37 am
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7:40 am
we're back with the latest on elizabeth holmes. the theranos founder, once the world's youngest female self-made billionaire, is being sentenced after being convicted of fraud earlier this year. we have been tracking the story since the start, back with all the details. >> this story has been a long time coming. this day for investors who lost millions betting on elizabeth holmes, patients who received incorrect information about
7:41 am
their health because of faulty theranos blood tests and whistleblowers who risked everything to tell the truth. soon we'll know if elizabeth holmes faces prison time and for how long. this morning, judgment day for former billionaire and convicted felon elizabeth holmes. ten months after she was found guilty on four counts of criminal fraud, the founder of blood testing start-up theranos facing sentencing today in this san jose courthouse. government prosecutors want to see her serve 15 years and pay over $800 million in restitution. but holmes, who is pregnant with her second child, is asking for leniency. seeking house arrest instead of jail time. or at most, 18 months behind bars. in a filing, holmes' legal team arguing their client has been mocked and vilified, submitting 130 sympathetic letters of support from friends, family, investors, and even new jersey
7:42 am
senator cory booker. >> do you have anything to say? >> holmes' partner billy evans, heir to the evans hotel group, making one of the most dramatic appeals, sharing these family photos, and an eight-page letter he describes as words ripped from my heart. evans writing, holmes is my whole life. describing her as a doting mother who sings amazing grace to their son each night, and who spent many sleepless nights ahead of her sentencing sweating through the sheets and full of nightmares. he begs the court to please let her be free. >> the letters are certainly important, and their absence would certainly say something to the judge, but at the end of the day, they will only move the needle a very small amount because of the guideline's requirements. >> reporter: meantime, government prosecutors sharing
7:43 am
this letter from a whistle-blower who said holmes took a wrecking ball to their family and that the most heartbreaking of all is the hear your son describe that he contemplated suicide because he felt abandoned, isolated, threatened, and hopeless for doing the right thing. and one of the more surprising impact statements submitted by the government came from elizabeth holmes' aunt, asking the court to recognize the seriousness of the crime, writing penalties for white collar crime seem too often to be slaps on the wrist. we just heard there, probably not going to move the needle but shows how divisive this is even in her own family. >> that really is something. dan abrams is joining us. prosecutors are asking for 15 years. is that what she'll get? >> i think she'll get less than that. she's asking for no time. the sentences guidelines are pretty complicated. there are all these different factors you can examine in evaluating what the sentence ought to be. they're not binding. there are guidelines out there that federal judges do use as a guideline. i would expect, you're talking about closer to in the eight-year range.
7:44 am
somewhere in between, but i think the judge has to be kind of tough here. so if you're going to say, which side do you think you would go more towards? i would go more towards the tougher side of eight to ten than i would six to eight. >> does the fact she's pregnant have impact on the sentencing? >> it shouldn't have any impact at all. in particular because rebecca and i were talking about this earlier. doesn't mean she's doing to start serving the sentence immediately. so that certainly shouldn't have any impact. >> you have been following this case from the start. how is she doing now? >> well, you see it in these impact statements. this is clearly having an impact on her life. that baby that we have heard about that she's pregnant with, she's very unlikely to have that baby in prison because of the process here. once she's sentenced, especially if she's sentenced to actual prison time, her team would like to see her on house arrest instead, but if she's sentenced, they will appeal that. she's not going to have that baby in prison. >> we have seen these calls for leniency from several people,
7:45 am
including senator cory booker. how much of a difference does that make? >> not much. i believe with the expert who says if there weren't these letters, that could hurt her, but they don't necessarily help her. if there was a concern she's actually a horrible person, with no real support in the community, et cetera, that could actually end up leading to a tougher sentence. but having people come and say she's amazing, she's terrific, et cetera, i think it basically provides a kind of status quo situation. >> rebecca, the prosecution asking for $800 million in restitution. what would this mean for the victims? >> it could take a while. justice is ultimately what this means for the victims. obviously, i talked to a number of these people over the years. both the investors, some of them billionaires who lost millions, but the people who got misinformed about their health, the whistleblowers who put their lives on the line to tell the truth, that is what this restitution is about. it's about making right out of a situation that went so terribly wrong.
7:46 am
>> rebecca and dan, thanks very much. >> coming up here later, "gma" investigates a telemedicine company promoted on tiktok offering adhd evaluations and the possibility of prescriptions. and we'll tell you some concerning incidents. and next, we kick off the united states of pie's finale. we have our forks ready and appetites grumbling, ready to go. stay with us. the holidays are here. and dick's sporting goods has all the best gifts for everyone on your list. the hottest footwear from jordan, nike, and hoka. and the coolest apparel from all the best brands. plus must-have gifts from yeti, callaway, and the north face. when you're running short on time, shop, where one hour pick up is always an option. and with our best price guarantee, if you find a lower price - we'll match it. this season, give the gift of sport. every holiday starts at dick's. ♪ cheerful holiday music ♪ ♪ yeah, that's nice.
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♪ we're back now with the grand finale of our united states of pie competition. lara is upstairs with one of our superstar judges. hey, lara. >> michael, the one, the only patti labelle is with us judging this major competition. the big finale along with mets outfielder, where is mark? we have mark. patti, you are almost as well known for your sweet potato pie as you are for your incredible music. what are you looking for in the winning pie? >> a great crust. >> all right. you heard it here first. the winner will be named "gma's" ultimate pie and take home $10,000. stick around because which pie takes it all? we will discover right here on "good morning america." it's the united states of pie.
7:51 am
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this holiday. plus, score more black friday deals all month long. get low prices and great deals so you can holiday your way. only at target. when this type of cold settles in across when this type of cold settles in across the nation, you get this big high and off shore winds and they have been having brush fires break out and you'll still see that. the fire danger is high, the wind alerts are up. this is something very different from what so many others are dealing with. this is precip-free and gusts above 40. coming up, we're going to go one-on-one with pink. tj is doing it. what a great assignment, on parenting, what she says about her best album and her career.
7:55 am
ho. ho. ho. it's santa. we got a problem. ♪ ♪ wooooooo! ♪ ♪ ho! ho! ho! ♪
7:56 am
ho! ho! ho! better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc. seven news. good morning, everyone. i'm kumasi, aaron from abc. seven warnings we're going to check in now, with that being a fortune for a look at the roadways. hijo vina, marcie. thank you. good morning, everyone, so we are going to continue to start with an update on that crash. we're following in san rafael on south londono. one actor san pedro rode your speeds have picked up around 36 mph, and that crash has cleared look at this bay bridge toll plaza nice and light for this friday, even though metering lights are on high, lisa. good morning, everyone. we've got sunshine and temperatures on the way up earlier today for warmer afternoon, upper thirties upper forties downtown and look at the blue sky here. the winds are kicking up in the hills, though mid thirties santa rosa right now we're looking at that wind advisory by the delta, the khorkina straight into sacramento. but for the bay
7:57 am
area, some breezy winds and spots mid sixties downtown upper sixties 10 year 70 in the warmest locations cooler weekend and dry throughout next week. thank you, lisa. if you are streaming with us on the abc seven theory on abc, seven at seven is next. everyone else is g m a what's it like having xfinity internet with supersonic wifi? it's fast like beyond-gig-speed fast. yeaaaaaaaaay!!! with three times the bandwidth, and the power to connect hundreds of devices at once.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. state of emergency. good morning, america, it's 8:00 a.m. state emergency. at least five states under alerts. snow pounding the northeast, as much as five feet now expected to fall in some parts. new york planning for paralyzing conditions in critical areas, driving banneded i in some area plus the freeze alert across the country. >> young adults and medication. what parents should know aout videos on tiktok. easier access to prescriptionses. what happened when we asked a person without adhd to give it a try that prompteded a doctor to say this. >> i've never seen anything like that in my entire career.
8:01 am
>> only on "gma." >> "american idol" singer david archuleta on his decision to come out, his faith crisis andas ♪ >> it's a fairytale morning with the cast of "disenchanted." amy adams, patrick dempsey and idina menzel join us live to tell us about the sequel 15 years in the making. ♪ ♪ we can't get enough pie. it's the grand finale of our united states pie competition. so who will be crowned "gma's" ultimate pie champion and win $10,000. >> we're going to new york? >> can denver dish it? is boston the best or is chitown pie town? >> we will torch the competition. ♪ ♪ and we're dancing into the
8:02 am
weekend with pink. the pop superstar on being co-dependent with her kids. her 20-year-old self plus why her new album is her best one ever and she's saying -- >> "good morning america." >> live in times square, >> live in times square, ♪ [ laughter ] put the camera on larry because that's the story of the morning right now. >> it's the leather pants and apron. >> it's called leather and lace. >> we have to say congratulations to our four finalists. >> we sure do, and that's why i'm here. >> because you have dessert covered for us. >> i sure do. did somebody order pie? >> it's you. >> we have the four finalists and we have the incredible pecan pie that's got bourbon, chocolate ganache. this is a yuzu cranberry meringue situation, this is mississippi mud and don't leave out key lime. key lime is in the race, everybody. there you go. i got you a fresh coffee.
8:03 am
george, yours is coming up and george, i want you to know our finalists are upstairs prepping their pies and it's going to get real in a little bit. $10,000 is on the line. we will be judging and we're taking this very seriously. that is coming up on "good morning america." patti labelle, you can't taste without me. i'll be up there. >> you've made our year in highlight reel. >> i'm seriously having pie fomo. we'll be passing that over in a minute. >> i know what i like already. >> we have a lot more coming up and a lot of news to get to and we'll start with the snowstorm. five states including new york, expecting five feet of snow. >> brad, one of our producers, wrote us and said this is my mom's house in orchard park. look at the video. of course, this is south of buffalo, new york, and this is already. this is one of the areas that will get the bull's-eye south of
8:04 am
buffalo. but we want to move on because it's not the only place getting lake-effect snow and buffalo getting thundersnow. that means there's enough energy in the bands coming off the lake that you create a thunderstorm and the precipitation, it's cold enough to be snow. grand rapids michigan, getting into the lake effect. the airport having trouble clearing some of those runways, i'm sure, because it is still snowing, and a lot going on on the west there. another bull's-eye north of watertown, and between syracuse. we're talking four to five feet and on top of all of this, juju, this goes through sunday and freeze alerts are all of the way down to north carolina and texas. >> that is a lot of cold weather, thank you. american tourists vacationing with friends in mexico. shaquila robinson's family said they were told she died of alcohol poisoning and an autopsy revealed a spinal cord injury.
8:05 am
>> good morning, juju, that autopsy leaving more questions than answers and as of now no one has been namede a suspect. >> for this to happen to her it's just terrible. i couldn't believe it. it's like i'm still asleep like a nightmare. >> shaunquella robinson was found dead at a luxury resort in mexico. >> my heart went to pieces. shanquella was my heart. >> she was traveling with six friends late last month the trip quickly turninging into a murder mystery now at the center of an investigation. authorities finding her body less than 24 hours after she arrived inside the living room of a rental villa in san jose del cabo it lists her cause of
8:06 am
death as severe spinal cord injury and dislocated neck. >> they called us from the funeral home that done the autopsy, that had her body and said that it had nothing to do with alcohol. that shanquella had been beaten. >> we are showing images posted from social media because it is so graphic. it allegedly shows robinson being attacked by another woman while a man records the fight and urges her to defend herself, but doesn't stop the assault. the video ends with robinson on the ground with the other woman taunting her. mexican investigators are looking into the video. when robinson's friends called police. they said she was unresponsive and 15 minutes after officials arrived she was pronounced dead. those friends returning to the u.s. without her. >> we never believed what they were talking about because each one was telling a different story. >> mexican law enforcement are investigating it as a femicide.
8:07 am
telling abc're providing assistance to the ney famithly. >> someone needs to stand up for her. someone in the video needs to stand up for her. >> there are a list of people on the reservation for the room and robinson said that authorities in the u.s. are speaking with everyone on it. juju, there are still so many questions here. >> the mystery deepens. thank you, victor. >> george? >> coming up, adhd medication. we have san investigation into the popular telemedicine website offering diagnosis and the possibility of prescriptions. also this morning pop star david archuleta and his faith crisis after coming out. >> plus lori b. has the right stuff for holiday cards and how to capture the family photo, and our united states of pie finale. hi, lara. >> yes, our bakers are getting ready for the grand finale and all of the pies are unbelievable. our judges have been tasting and they have a tough job deciding
8:08 am
which is "gma's" ultimate pie. who is going home with $10,000? we are figurig it out on "good morning america." it's the united states of pie. ♪ ♪ or a double shift. make your move and get out in front of eczema with steroid-free cibinqo. not an injection, cibinqo is a once-daily pill for adults who didn't respond to previous treatments. and it's proven to help provide clearer skin and relieve itch fast. cibinqo continuously treats eczema whether you're flaring or not. cibinqo can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb. before and during treatment, your doctor should check for infections and do blood tests. tell your doctor if you've had hepatitis b or c, have flu-like symptoms, or are prone to infections. do not take with medicines that prevent blood clots. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma, lung, skin and other cancers, serious heart-related events, and blood clots can happen.
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increases low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. need to get your a1c down? you may pay as little as $10 per prescription.
8:12 am
americans have adhd. this morning we're looking at ways young adults are being diagnoseded. janai? >> there are many telemedicine sites that are pell viezing different paths for adhd medications and authorities are taking a closer look and the site cerebral is under investigation with the department of justice. no regulator has accused cerebral of wrongdoing or any violation of any law. gma investigates decided to give another site, this one called done, a try. check it out. >> done is an online plat tomorrow specifically for pipe with adhd. an easy and aed forable way to get an evaluation for an adhd
8:13 am
diagnoses and prescription, but experts warn patients should be cautious. >> telemedicine is really important. it's a game changer. however, when it comes to prescribing medications that are really want to be careful. >> to really see the process on the done website, gma investigates gave it a try. working with two patient, one with adhd and one without. first, emily who has been diagnosed with adhd and on medication for years and madeleine, who hasn't been dagnosed and doesn't have the condition. >> board certified joseph review the entire process. >> have you ever been diagnosed with adhd? >> yes. we told both to answer all questions truthfully. >> trouble concentrating on things such as reading the newspaper or watching television, not at all. >> both set up a time for their
8:14 am
telemedicine evaluation. we are there as the nurse practitioner accesses emily's prescription history and the online prescription monitoring program and offers to renew her same medication. >> i think for the time being just keep it. >> now it's madeleine's turn. she's referred to the same practitioner. she's never been diagnosed with adhd and doesn't believe she has the condition. she has some recent stressors that have affected her concentration, but dr. joseph said that isn't adhd. after a series of questions the practitioner offerses a choice from eight medications and five simulants and three non-simulants. >> it felt like i was at a candy store and just could pick whichever one they wanted. >> stimulants are controlled substances that can be addictive and experts urge caution. after being given a brief description, madeleine picks wellbutrin, a nonstimulant. >> she indicated she didn't have
8:15 am
symptoms of adhd and yet the prescriber gave her an option of half a dozen different prescriptions to choose from. have you ever heard of a doctor or a prescriber do anything like that? >> i've never seen anything like that in my entire career and what's interesting is the actual questionnaire listed all of the criteria and she still did not meet criteria based on the questionnaire. so it's really quite upsetting. >> we try outdone's process again with jamie from maryland who has also never been diagnosed with adhd and doesn't have a problem concentrating and this time for her evaluation there is a different nurse practitio practitioner and dr. joseph observed again. the prescriber told her she did not meet criteria for any diagnosis and he would prescribe her medications if she wanted it and then asked her do you want
8:16 am
me to diagnose you so that you can get a medication or a prescription, and she said yes and he prescribed her the medication based on her desire to obtain a prescription. >> we reached out to done and they tell us done global inc. is not a health care provider. done is an online membership-based platform that allows individuals to connect with qualified clinicians to treat adhd patients. clinicians on the done platform evaluate patients and make their own clinical determination on treatment. clinicians are not employees nor contractors with done. "the wall street journal" reporting done is being investigated by the dea, but the company says they haven't received any notice of that. we reached out to the nurse practitioners and didn't hear back from one. the other declined to comment. >> obviously, concerning for any parents, physicians and now authorities. done says that they're committed to increasing access to adhd care to help more patients. so what does a proper adhd
8:17 am
evaluation look like? according to chad, abe reputable adhd organization who conducts the evaluation matters look for a health care provider who is an expert in evaluating and treating adhd and a proper evaluation, they say, takes time. guys? >> important advice there. okay, janai, thanks very much. michael? >> thank you, george. now to three-time grammy s, ward winner and pop royalty pink sitting down with our t.j. holmes to talk about her new music and why she considers it the best album of her career. good morning, t.j. >> pink says this new album will want to make us all take our clothes off and dance. that's clarification. not just dance. take your clothes off and dance which is a separate thing. we hung out in l.a. this week for a little bit and she was her usual fun, raw, unabashed and she's also happy and she's useless as an artist when she's happy because so much of her music comes from a place of difficulty and pain. even the first song never going
8:18 am
to not dance she wants us to remember not to miss out, have memories and have a good time. >> your 20-year-old self that put out that first album, here you are with a ninth album coming. >> i'm a little calmer. i used to think that you had to scream to be heard and in some ways in my life that was true, but i've always been interested in what quiet power looks like and when you have self-respect and you figure out how to love yourself and why you should love yourself, you don't always have to scream. >> what was going on for you to be able to put this upcoming album together? >> this album is the best album i've ever made. i had the time, and i had a lot of really devastating things happen. it takes your kids getting sick to be, like, okay. none of this matters. i want to see my kids grow up. that's what i want. i want to only put truth into the world. i want to only be authentic and
8:19 am
is a reminder that, all right. i have i certain amount of time left, right? none of us will live forever so how do i want to spend this time? ♪ i'm never going to not dance again ♪ ♪ >> her first single out next year, "never going to not dance again ♪ a '70s dance hit with a personal meaning. >> all of the time we waste and the memories we give up on because we live in our heads. >> you're saying stuff to me is -- what we know of you is to be honest and the to be raw. >> thank you. i appreciate that. >> i think when people think about me it's this man-eating, loud, snarly, pinkerbelle flying through the air screaming, but there's the deep cuts and there's the other stuff going on. >> you talked about the past and the panic attacks that you used what is your focus now? >> i am working on my delivery.
8:20 am
i have very sensitive children, and i was not raised that way. i was raised with a military family, and a dad that was abused terribly, and it's a different generation, too. we didn't talk about our feelings. my kids don't need that. i'm the tough parent for sure. i need to be softer. i've always had this machete and it serves me in what i do in the world because i'm going to blaze that path, and i'm going to motivate and inspire and get people to their feelings, but it doesn't work at home. >> how are the babies doing? >> they're amazing and they're the loves of my life. we're super co-dependent. i love being a mama. >> no, you look up co dependent in the dictionary it's me and my children cheek to cheek. they still sleep in may bed. >> celebrities that i talk to, their kids aren't necessarily impressed by what they do. >> jameson did tell his friend, did you know mama was the best
8:21 am
singer in the whole world. she said i do. do you know that she performs in front of a hundred people. my best friend says i do. we're going to work on that math. >> more than a hundred people fit into the garden. tickets for her summer carnival tour which she'll be flying around stays in once again and they go on sale on monday and then you can catch pink sunday american music awards at 8:00 eastern on abc. >> you're right. saw her at the garden. fantastic show. go watch her and you can watch more of t.j.'s interview with pink on "nightline" and tomorrow on "gma saturday." >> i would love to be one of the 100. wherever that's happening, i'm there. >> oklahoma, we've been talking so much about new york, michigan, wisconsin and oklahoma had snow up to eight inches of it and this video that you can see here is showing you west of oklahoma city and they picked up quite a bit and freeze alerts that go from texas, port arthur is in it and baton rouge and the
8:22 am
freeze warnings will stay all through north carolina and south carolina, but by early next week, things start to warm up and look at ♪ that's our cue. lori bergamato, the best buys. we're getting into the holiday spirit with the hottest holiday
8:23 am
cards. to shop these brands you can shop the qr code in the bottom of the screen. i am so glad you're doing this because it's that time of season. oh, shoot, we didn't do that yet. >> we have figured it all out for you today. >> i love it. i love it. >> top question, how to take the perfect family photo. what's important there. >> we have these questions and we went to a family forever owner of ten little blue birds studio in chicago and she gave us a very critical key tip which is all about the lighting, lara, you've always known this. >> of course. of course. >> that's number one. if you have to take a photo indoors. outdoors is always better and the natural light and you want the sun to be lower in the sky. make sure you shut off all of the overheadlighting and face the window. i feel like that's what i've been doing wrong. >> the natural lighting is best.
8:24 am
how do you find the mix and match -- >> yeah. >> i think that's great. i think that's -- sometimes that's what you've got. so let's get to -- we've got the picture. let's kick things off with the best all in one card. what do you mean by all in one? >> from soup to nuts it's all about minted. >> i use them. >> great. >> you can take a picture, we can text it to them and someone would respond to us with five choices. you know you can drown in indecisions sometimes. they have 16,000 artists in their global community, such great ideas. beautiful, non-photo photo. they'll even address them for you with your recipient's address. they do the recipient address for free. >> how do you get them to do it for you. >> do it on the minted app. >> $1.49 for a hundred cards. >> yes. yes. yes. >> i love that, by the way. we told viewers -- we told viewers how to take the perfect photo. what's the best photo card option to add a personalized
8:25 am
touch? >> okay. so when you're taking that photo. remember, if you have to take a selfie, hold it a little bit above your face. don't do it head-on, right? they were an early pioneer in photo sharing and their site. they have high quality and over 700 designs to choose from. what i love is you can do it on a holiday card and get a christmas gift or hanukkah gift, as well. >> they make a great book. sorry. they have everything that you need there and these are $1.49 with you order 75 cards. >> let's talk best, best, best value. >> best value, we found it at walmart, lara, under 56 cents custom photo card. get them 4 x 8 or 5 x 9 and pick them up at your local walmart. couldn't be more affordable. >> digital cards? >> this is the second most
8:26 am
googled holiday card on that people are searching for. this is from greenvelope. it's eco-friendly and great for procrastinators and it's super, super high-end designe cureated. scan the qr code or go to our website good morning right now while supplies last. really helpful. i have to get on it. coming up, we have pie to eat, everybody. it's the grand finale of our united states of pie. oh, it's going to be sweet! $10 thous $10,000 on the line. we will get tasting right now!
8:27 am
bill. a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc. seven news. good morning . i'm reggie aqui from abc seven mornings. dubina has looked at your traffic this friday morning. thank you, reggie. good morning, everyone. so you want to start here with the live looking at oakland showing you are 80 other colosseum camera because we do have a crash reported right now on northbound 80 just before jackson so heads up to you that you will run into some minor delays there. also at the bay bridge toll plaza. beautiful spot right now. no traffic issues, even though the metering lights are on. it's a true friday out there for your commute, and the drive times reflected as well. reggie thank
8:28 am
ho. ho. ho. it's santa. we got a problem. ♪
8:29 am
♪ wooooooo! ♪ ♪ ho! ho! ho! ♪ the area. good morning. live with kelly and ryan is coming up. we're gonna chat with michelle williams from the fabled ones, plus tituss burgess is here. nine o'clock, abc seven. see you soon. happy friday to you starting out with a lot of sunshine here. exploratorium camera 48 downtown , as well as san jose. good recovery from this morning. where are other panel here shows cooler temperatures getting out of the upper thirties in the north bay. but you spent valleys you're in the low forties. now upper level winds quite gusty from 30 to 40 miles an hour, so the relative humidity dropping in the hills wind advisory to the east of us warmer today, upper sixties to seventies,
8:30 am
breezy in some spots. lisa thank you. another abc seven news update. and about 30 minutes. you can always find us on our news, app and abc welcome back to "gma" live from times square. >> welcome back to "gma," pies everywhere. it is our united states of pie grand finale. it's going down this morning right here in times square. there is everybody there. >> there are the winners. they came from tampa, denver, boston, chicago. they're all prepping getting ready with their pies. i cannot wait. >> patti labelle is there as well. >> david archuleta is opening up about his decision to come out and his faith crisis and steve osunsami spoke to him. good morning, steve. >> the day we sat down with david archuleta the mormon
8:31 am
church came out supporting the right to codify a same-sex marriage. he said that's a good step, and the church leaders need to stop telling queer people like him that they need to change. ♪ whenever you're feeling lonely ♪ >> more than 14 years have flown by since singer david archuleta first became an "american idol." ♪ ♪ >> on tp television and in the mormon church where he was raised and celebrated, but when he admitted to himself and the world, that he was attracted to men the leaders of the church failed to accept him as god made him to be. >> >> i stepped away. i've had a faith cries this year. so i've had to deconstruct everything. >> the church of latter-day saints is the fourth largest christian church in america with leaders they call apostles, and
8:32 am
after meeting with one of them last fall, archuleta decided that he was done with what he says are contradictions in the faith. >> i think three times in that conversation he said we just need to find you a good girl. maybe you can find a good girl and -- i'm, like, that's not the solution. i said can you see why i'm thinking so much? because i'm trying everything i can to find a way to still belong here because this has meant so much to me. >> we talked with him outside of one of the majestic temples at the church's headquarters in salt lake city where they would often ask him to sing and in seconds it was clear why he said the apostles were trying so hard to change him and keep him in the church. even as an out, queer man, the faithful visiting from around the world kept stopping to share their thanks. >> i would say it's the church structure more than the people because the people have been amazing. >> since we've first talked with
8:33 am
him a year ago he met a boyfriend, said good-bye to that boyfriend and is dating again and sees himself marrying a minute some day. he says he's such a far cry from the young guy who almost married three different women and once considered ending his life. >> you are trying to decide what's worse? is it worse for this feeling of being desiring men to finally explode where i can't control it anymore and you look at it as that's satan trying to take over my soul or is it better for me to end my life, and that way i'm free from that temptation? it got to a point when i realized there's something in me telling me that my value, if there's value to me still living. >> yeah. >> even if i was queer and that was really hard for me to accept because my church wasn't outright aggressive towards gay people, but it's a very passive aggressive, stern stance they have about it.
8:34 am
>> a rejection. >> yeah. >> the apostles say they want to keep meeting with him, and in fact, they met with him yesterday, but he says he's not going to keep trying to become something he's not and that sometimes the healthiest thing you can do is walk away. he's got a new tour, new music and a new outlook on life and we should underline for anyone who is considering suicidal thoughts, please call for help. there is a national hot line that you can call or text by dialing the numbers
8:35 am
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and we're back now with the super cool stars of >> and we are back now with the super cool stars of "disenchanted." it's been 15 years since the film "enchanted" and the long-anticipated sequel is here and we'll talk to them in a hot second, but first, let's take a look at the clip. >> what are you doing here? >> we had to build a partal to your new home! a girl! hi! >> hey! wow! >> robert! oh! congratulations on the increasing size of your project. >> thank you. thank you. >> your dwelling -- are you poor now? >> edward! >> no. >> it's what they call a fixer upper. >> amy adams, patrick dempsey and idina menzel, good morning to you all. i love seeing you in tiaras and
8:38 am
the get up, but first let's talk with amy. there's been so much excitement if we can. there are some super fans here in the "gma" staff and now the sequel is out. a lot has happened in 15 years and in real life, amy, you've become a mom. what's it like having your daughter watch you in the first "enchanted." >> oh, she's so funny. i didn't show her the move owe purpose. we stumbled upon it in the hotel room and she was confused why i was behaving like that and wearing the dress and watched it for a little while and then was, like, can we turn the channel? i want to watch mickey mouse clubhouse. she was off it pretty quickly and since then she's watched it several times and she's a big admirer of the "enchanted" universe. >> patrick, you are prince charming. we see you sing and dance and in
8:39 am
ways we never have before. what's it like becoming the full-on disney prince? >> it was fun. i think it all really, the moment you put on your costume for the first time you sort of have your belts and your boots and the jacket and everything, and it's, like, oh, this is so much fun. i remember taking all these selfies in my trailer and sending them back home to the kids to see it. it was just a lot of fun to actually get a chance to sing and to dance and to just let go and not worry what people think, just have fun. the environment was really safe. my first scene was a big dance number for you and i and morgan, and i kept thinking in the process of what it feels like to be a singer. the vibration is incredible. >> oh, yeah. >> and it gives you a kind of -- >> the adrenaline and the busz buzz of that and it's nice to be in your world. >> yeah. you did an amazing job. >> i had a great time and it was an honor to be a part of that.
8:40 am
>> idina, what was it like -- >> i can't believe you didn't sing. >> it's my life and one of the milestones of my career. >> i'm glad i could be that for you. >> understand the cast couldn't get enough of you singing and they were asking you to burst into song off camera? >> um, amy and jim like to ask me to burst into song and they just burst in without me and they just start singing and amy and i will do wicked together one day. >> it's really fun to watch it all unfold. amy, spoiler alert. you get to turn into a bit of a fairytale, evil stepmom, where did you get your inspiration from and is it besmore fun to p the villainess as opposed to the princess? >> i had a lot of inspiration to
8:41 am
pull from that encyclopedia of disney villains. i have fun playing both. playing wicked good is fun and seeing how gisele explores that side of her personality with a lot of fun to dive into. i enjoyed both of them and it was fun to sort of be wicked. >> i realize you always had a glimmer of delight in your eyes and you didn't play it mean scary and you played it joyful. joyful scary. >> i think it was a new sensation. >> joyful scary. >> it was fun to watch. the transitions were so fast, it's great. >> that's amazing. i love that all three of you get to be triple threats, acting, dancing, singing and we will be sure to tune in. "disenchanted" is available to stream on disney+. >> thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> have a great day. >> let's go now to ginger. i know what we'll be watching this weekend know and a lot of people will be watching espn. ng p of game d in
8:42 am
mo this is bigky nextee andad five feet, a good start. this morning the windchills are 14 below. imagine the crew setting all of that up. 5, the windchill in 10er have a denver and we've extended ♪ ♪ >> oh, hi, everybody. we're talking pie. i was just trying to figure out how we'll decide who wins this thing, but someone has to go home with the trophy and $10,000 in our huge pie extravaganza. patty, we've got work to do.
8:43 am
we have tha
8:44 am
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♪ ♪ welcome back. we're counting down to thanksgiving. i hope you saved some room for pie. time for the finale of the united states of pie competition. michael, you get to do the honors. >> george, i get to talk while you get to eat. that's fair. we went all across the country to find the best pies and these four bakeries each won the golden pie plate trophy and our and $10,000. [ cheers and applause ] that's ! >> so they've all got their game faces on. they are ready to go. let's introduce our winners. from tampa, we've got mike's pies with key lime k.o.'ed the
8:46 am
competition. knockout! and from denver it's 3.14 pie bar whose bourbon black bottom pecan pie ran circles around the competition! [ cheers and applause ] so good it took three them to make. that's right! and from boston, we've got the mississippi mud pie who took down the competition. look at that. ooh! and from chicago, spinning jade bakery and soda fountain whose cranberry yuzu meringue buried the competition. are you all ready to go? are you all read ed for this? let's meet our judges. they are hungry and they are ready to go. from the new york mets outfielder and foodie! mark brought a special guest om. >> mark, we know you have a busy
8:47 am
day because you're celebrating metsgiving and you and the team will hand out 5500 turkeys to new yorkers in need. so thank you for doing that. we really appreciate that. there you go, mr. met. >> and someone who knows about pie. miss patti! [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> and we've got our very own lara spencer! [ applause ] >> i was looking forward to that apron again, but i guess you left that out. >> and finally, celebrity chef, my guy, richard blaine. [ applause ] >> so, judges, miss labelle, are you ready for pie? are you ready to go? >> oh, yeah. >> let's get this thing going. what are you looking for in a winning pie? >> oh, i'm looking for the contrast of textures and then also the balance of sweetness.
8:48 am
>> texture and sweetness. >> all right. it's time to do this. so let's get started with our tampa winners, mike and luke martin from mike's pies with their key lime pie. judges, you go ahead and you taste of that one and while you're doing that, mike, tell us what makes the key lime so key. >> first of all, the republic would be proud of what we would be presenting this. this is say true island style key lime pie and we start with the gluten-free graham cracker crust and the filling. it's nice, light and refreshing. i can eat it every single day. >> your instagram handle is big league foodie? you've got to know a lot about food and pie to get that handle. so what do you think of the key lime pie? >> yeah. it's amazing. i'm a sucker for key lime pie. i love citrus. i like a nice citrus punch and
8:49 am
this is delivering for me. >> all right. i like that. great answer. >> miss patti, you know about pies. what do you think about the key lime? >> i think it's awesome. like he said. the lemon zest. i love lemon, and i love lime and i love this whipped cream on top. it's a good one. it'se. >> we're off to a good start here. >> let's move on to our winners from denver, becca, don and makenzie from 3.14 pie bar, and you're competing with the bourbon black bottom pecan pie. >> yes! >> judges, dig in and while they're digging in, becca, tell us what makes your pie so special. >> we start with a layer of chocolate ganache on the bottom and we freeze it so it stays settled when we bake the pie. we get toasted pecans and raw pecans so you get a new texture mixture and we use a little bit of bourbon in our filling and we believe in supporting local and we use a colorado distilled
8:50 am
bourbon in our filling. >> miss patti, what do you think about the pecan pie? >> think it's very, very sweet and i love the nuts and i do love the crust. i'm a crust lady. i'm a crust girl. >> i love it! i've got to ask george, juju, you're over there just digging into this pie? what do you think so far? >> like every single one of them and this is the most interesting. >> george, we're not asking you which one you like the best. i asked what do you think of the pie so far? >> you asked me, and i td you! o it'sy let's move on to our winn from boston. go rembi from pizzi pies with
8:51 am
the mississippi pie. we have to go to boston to get a mississippi mud pie. while the judges dig into the pie, tell us what is so special. mississippi is a chocolate lover's pie. not messing around. chocolate crumbs and chocolate bourbon and we have oohy, gooey brownies and the ganache. >> what do you think? >> it is a chocolate lover's dream. >> i'm a chocolate lover. now we're going to move on because we have to speed it up to the final finalist from chi chicago dina grossman. go ahead and tell us what makes your pie special. >> well, it's got a brown butter shortbread crust, really crunchy. the filling is two kinds of
8:52 am
fr curd, yuzu and jelly and you want to give it a shot? >> richard, while i do this, what do you think? >> i didn't realize how my hair is meringue-inspired. >> ahh! [ laughter ] >> i mean, this is a work of art. >> meringue-inspired hair and all. >> yes! >> it is time to find out who wins the title of "gma's" ultimate pie and goes home with $10,000 from libby's pumpkin the number one brand of canned pumpkin from the united states. judges, i know you are ready. drum roll, please and mark, i'll start with you, get those paddles ready. mike, who is your pick for the ultimate pie? >> i'm going pie bar. >> okay! all right. >> miss patti, who do you like? who is your favorite? >> lara, who do you like?
8:53 am
>> all right, richard blaze, a little pressure on you, who do you like, my friend? >> they're all delicious and it came down to the textures and the art of everything and it is close, but to me the winner is -- come on! bring out the check! come on over here. come on over here. here is your trophy. here is your check for $10,000. how do you feel? >> amazin! so excited. thank you. >> you feel good and this project and it's a lot of work to make happen. you put all of these incredible things together. they loved it and richard is eating the whole thing and eating the whole thing and congratulations to all of you. what makes the train so magical? it's not just the enchanting call of the whistle or the adventurous spirit in every bend of the track. it's about where it goes.
8:54 am
to places. and faces. and the warmest of memories. the magic of the train is more than how it takes us away. it's how it brings us together. ♪♪ last week i stepped in a bear trap. it's how it brings us i should really get rid of it. but... i'll make do. just like i make do without home internet. besides, my phone gets the job done. sometimes. it's not that bad. it is that bad. don't settle. get xfinity home internet for just $24.99 a month for 2 years with no annual contract and a free streaming box.
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8:56 am
big thanks to our competitors and our judges. ♪ ♪ big thanks to our competitors and our judges. have a great weekend, everyone. ♪ ♪
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
forw fng solio. thiseaov is abc. seven news. good morning . i'm reggie aqui from abc. seven mornings. obina has liquor traffic. thank you, reggie. good morning, everyone, so i just wanted to point out the residual delays that we're seeing in oakland right now. north bong 80 right at jackson is where we had an earlier crash and you can see how everyone just essentially stops right when you pass the coliseum, so prepare for delays . as you travel northbound where you won't run into a problem is that the bay bridge toll plaza so good news for your friday. hi, lisa. okay that is good news. good morning to you job in and we have clouds lingering in the south bay. but right now i'm a sunny san francisco. it's 50 and oakland, san jose. and you can see right here looks pretty quiet are the winds are not quiet upper elevations. they are gusting to almost 50. miles an hour. st helena. diablo very gusty so dry in the hills breezy and spots but warmer day today near 70 in the north bay, reggie
9:00 am
time now for live with kelly and ryan, we see you again at 11 am for midday live. you can always find us at abc seven news ♪ ♪ >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" from the new "the fabelmans" michelle fay woman. plus tituss burgess and thanksgiving entertaining tips to keep the kids busy while you set a beautiful table. also live announcer deja vu, that's me, comes up and serves that my family favorite stuffing. all next on "live" and now here are kelly ripa and ryan s ryan seacrest! >> ryan: good morning, daja. >> kelly: why


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