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tv   ABC7 News 800PM  ABC  November 25, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> anish: 10:35 to go in the first quarter. anish shroff, brock osweiler, taylor mcgregor with you friday night for florida and florida state. the gators won three straight in the series. mike norvell looking for his first win against florida. billy napier, first-year gators' head coach getting his first taste of the rivalry and the seminoles will bring it out to the 25 yard line. time for tonight's capital one rewarding performance. jordan travis has done it with his arm and his feet for florida state. >> brock: jordan travis has been super exciting to watch tonight. he has done it all. he made big plays down the field with his arm. it really has been his legs, being able to avoid the rush and being able to make big time plays down the field with his
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legs. jordan travis has been a lot of fun to watch tonight under the lights. benson, ambushed. and it just gets back to the line of scrimmage. keep closing in on jordan travis and do not get frustrated. travis has time and floats one over the head of toafili. >> brock: it is very understandable yet gators' defense is so frustrated. you give jordan travis an inch
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of open space, and as fast and kick as he is, he is gone. florida, they need extra emphasis on being gap sound and disciplined. if jordan travis has any space at all he is gone. that is six straight games now where he has accounted for at least three tds. gators bring pressure. travis is hit and down he goes. the ball came out. antwaun powell-ryland. >> anish: florida state did recover. the seminoles now have to punt. pearsall the return man for
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florida and momentum swinging back to the gators. >> brock: what a play by powell-ryland chopping down the arm of the tackle. >> anish: toafili able to cover up the football. pearsall has some room to run. zig-zags his way to midfield. rivalry week continues tomorrow on abc. usc trying to keep their playoff hopes alive. they face notre dame and would play in the pac-12 title game.
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the only loss was on the road against a great utah team. >> anish: from midfield, the handoff to etienne. he is dropped by jones after a pick up of 5. florida in florida state territory. you have to assume it will be the run game here. anthony richardson, 0 for his last 11 and there is an injured seminole now. we will step aside. gator ball. 8:38 to go in the fourth. football, housewives, football,
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truly has been the definition of hot and cold tonight. early in the game he couldn't miss. three touchdowns in the first half. since then his last completion came with a little over 11 minutes to go in the second quarter. trying to will his team to victory right now with his legs. etienne, no gain on the play. >> brock: talking about richardson's struggles, not all of it is on him.
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you need to give credit to the florida state secondary for being there, great timing and breaking up the passes. richardson did miss a few early in the third quarter he will want back tomorrow. >> anish: they run it. big hole for etienne. etienne in the end zone, the gators a point after from tying it up. >> brock: don't give trevor etienne any space. you give him an inch, he will take it the distance behind the big strong offensive line. a couple of double-teams on the line of scrimmage. trevor etienne, finding the hole
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and bursting through it for the big time touchdown. >> anish: mihalek on for the tie. the extra point is good and with 7:41 to go, a brand-new ballgame in tallahassee. >> brock: you see late communication, trying to get lined up. a mack truck could have gone through the initial hole. trevor etienne with the after burners getting into the end zone. >> anish: how about this, brock. trevor etienne, 17 carries for 129 and a touchdown run.
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his brother, travis, in travis' final game against florida state in 2019 almost an identical line. 17 carries for 127 yards. the other just getting started with his college career. >> anish squibber out of bounds. florida state will have it with 7:41 to go. let's check out this week's college football rankings brought to you by capital one. number two versus number three. is the loser of the game out?
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>> brock: how close is the loss. we will have to see what tcu does down the stretch. >> anish: that is ward with a nice run on first down. a gain of eight. treshaun ward, benson, toafili, the legs of travis. a rushing game that accounted for 192 on the ground. >> brock: jordan travis, cool, calm, collected. >> anish: back to ward. he got away from one. and then wrapped up for a big loss. it is third down.
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third down back at the 39 yard line. >> brock: antwaun powell-ryland making big plays in the fourth quarter. caused the fumble and coming back with a big play there. playing with a lot of emotion and passion right now. >> anish: travis wants johnny wilson who brings it in! inbounds at the 40 yard line, a gain of 21. >> brock: feed the big man. johnny wilson working on marshall jr. a perfect back shoulder pass by jordan travis with the defensive back's head turned the back
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shoulder was the perfect decision. >> anish: travis, long mesh point. moves the pocket and slides down. they mark him down where he started the slide. a gain of four. second and six. >> brock: and that is just rush lane discipline by the florida gators or a lack of. i am sure they talked about it at halftime. listen, we need to keep jordan travis in the pocket. you do that at defensive end by rushing to the quarterback depth. you can't run around him. you need to squeeze him. >> anish: 81 yards on the ground for travis. he will get more. stays on his feet.
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travis close to the 10 yard line. a pick up of 25. he is north of the century mark. and it is first and goal for florida state right at the 10 yard line. >> brock: i tell you what, jordan travis is not going to be denied tonight. >> anish: did he go down . >> anish: that right knee is the question. it appeared the right knee went down and bounced up. the hand is allowed to hit the ground. >> brock: how many close calls have we had tonight. >> anish: looks like he is down.
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it looks like the right knee is down. makes contact with the turf. nevertheless, credits jordan travis. this kid is playing his tail off. this great rivalry back to tallahassee. >> anish: tonight the highest scoring game between florida and florida state. so it looks like he went down at about the 33. and if the call is overturned it is not going to be a first down. you are looking at third and short. brock, if you are florida state you look at the clock and florida only has one time-out. do you slow down just a touch?
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>> brock: well, you are definitely getting close to the 4:50 on the clock. i think if you need to be smart. if a touchdown presents itself because you see something the florida gators defense is presenting you take advantage of it. muddle huddle, everyone gets close. you verbal some things. >> referee: the runner's right knee was down at the 33 yard line. ball is dead at that spot. it will be third down. >> you don't want to give the florida gators too much time on that clock. >> anish: what a fun way to cap
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this triple-header on abc. tulane and cincinnati earlier down to the wire. nc state and unc and the gators and noles tied with 4:50 in regulation. seminoles on offense. benson, finding the edge. runs out of bounds at about the 17 yard line. a red zone opportunity coming for florida state. >> brock: florida state catching the florida gators not set. really that has been the story for the florida state seminoles. get their skill guys and ball carriers outside where they can
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make yards. >> anish: 200-yard run streak continues. they will add on with benson. steel hammer stiff-arm and a touchdown. the extra point good. florida state retakes the lead.
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45-38. >> brock: big jazz turnetine at right tackle, 6'7", 330 pounds leading the way on the counter play here. he does a tremendous job. you see the kick out, turnetine leading up. that is textbook run game play. mike norvell has his offense hitting on all cylinders tonight. >> anish: highest scoring game in series history which was true before the benson touchdown. three tds for trey benson. couple of years ago they didn't think he would play football again after a devastating knee injury. he was at oregon then.
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transferred to florida state. rehabbed his way. he got through the spring. seminoles were careful early. he has been one of the best backs, not just in the acc but nationally given how few carries that he had. >> brock: it is so fun to watch a football player making the most of his opportunity. he started the season as the third string running back. eventually takes over the starting spot. he hasn't looked back. always fun to watch the most of a guy make the most of his opportunities. >> anish: 4:06 to go in the fourth. the gators already used two time-outs. and their quarterback, anthony richardson hasn't completed a pass since early in if the second quarter. 250 rush yards for the gators tonight.
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richardson hits pearce. he gets a block. and that springs him loose but we have a flag behind the play. might get a block in the back here on dante zanders. >> referee: during the run, illegal block in the back, offense number 18. ten-yard penalty. remains first down. >> anish: a big issue for florida a season ago, penalties. really up until last week they had been pretty clean in that department. that is just bad timing. >> brock: certainly. that is one zanders does not need to do. one of the things you learn in pop warner football. i remember my dad said if you can read the guy's name on the back of the jersey, don't push
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him. be smart. no need for that block in the back. >> anish: out of a two tight end set. johnson burroughs forward for a couple of yards. second down and eight to go. >> brock: how about that move by johnson jr. showing his athleticism. tatum bethune has a clear run through. he is in the backfield. johnson side-steps him and finds a way to get positive yards. >> anish: not a lot of hurry from this gators' offense with one time-out and 3:00 to go. on the ground, johnson stood up. no gain. it is third down.
8:24 pm
deloach and bethune at the point of attack. >> referee: first time-out of the half. florida state. three-and-out. >> anish: noles want to talk it over defensively, knowing full well that you get a stop here and if you get the ball back the game is probably over.
8:25 pm
>> brock: certainly the most critical third down of the game for the florida gators. mike norvell wanted to see what florida would present offensively. right in the middle of the chess game. >> anish: a reminder that it could be four-down territory for the gators given time and score. >> brock: absolutely b to draw,screen quick game, rpo. hard to pick up third and longs in doak campbell stadium. >> anish: you have to think it is four-down territory with one time-out. empty.
8:26 pm
richardson in the pocket. now runs. a flag is down as richardson takes it to midfield. the penalty marker back at the 23 yard line. >> brock: coming back. offensive holding. >> referee: holding, offense number 65. ten-yard penalty from the previous spot. third down. >> kingsly eguakun, the center. >> brock: you don't know if he is going to stay in the pocket or take off and runs. kingsley does not know it and gets caught holding. >> anish: there is no urgency right now. third and 18. 2:00 to go. clock running.
8:27 pm
richardson incomplete for pearsall. no flag. greedy vance in coverage. it is fourth down. >> brock: tremendous coverage by greedy vance. textbook defensive back play. i like the decision by anthony richardson going back to his go-to guy, ricky pearsall. he had a big night. two touchdowns but not able to connect there. >> anish: richardson, 1 for 13 after starting 5 of 7. richardson. incomplete. florida state football. hang on there's a flag.
8:28 pm
c mcclelland in coverage. >> referee: pass interference, defense. >> anish: and florida gets a first down on the penalty. >> brock: florida got an early christmas present. that was textbook coverage there. nothing about that is pass interference. that is exactly how a defensive back needs to play. good technique. >> anish: richardson has his man in the flat, it's odom. he is in to seminole territory. a gain of 23.
8:29 pm
out of bounds which stops the clock with 1:24. >> brock: you hate to see the officials getting involved with a game of this magnitude. >> anish: especially when they are letting them play all night. >> brock: unless it is a clear-cut penalty, let the guys play. >> anish: richardson to the outside. odom again, out of bounds. only four seconds elapsed. jonathan odom, two catches on the season entering tonight.
8:30 pm
>> brock: two starting receivers down. couple of backups for the gators. daejon reynolds, ricky pearsall stepping up tonight. jonathan odom. >> anish: florida state brings pressure. richardson, incomplete for reynolds or rather zanders. it will bring up third down and four. 1:15 to go. >> brock: florida state trying to get to anthony richardson. not sitting back in coverage. if florida state is going to continue to play man defense against richardson, he needs to find his best matchup, ricky pearsall and you need to feed
8:31 pm
ricky. >> anish: pearsall in motion. richardson keeps. runs to the outside. sheds a tackler. runs out of bounds after picking up the first down. 1:09 in regulation. florida still has one time-out. >> brock: what have i said all night? both of the quarterbacks doing everything in their power. a lot of credit to the two young signal callers. >> anish: seminoles load up the box to the outside. that is caught. that is zanders. he gets out of bounds. florida right now moving the ball. >> brock: they are doing a
8:32 pm
tremendous job. sometimes with a two minute drive, that is the most difficult thing. once you get the first first down. now you are in rhythm and are having positive plays and get in sync with your offense. >> anish: a drive extended on fourth down on a questionable pass interference call. johnson goes wide. richardson, quarterback run. drags a man with him forward. 1:00 to go and we get a time-out by florida. so the gators are out of time-outs. 24 yards to go. 21 yards to go. let's go back to the p.i. call. fourth and long. brock, you thought it was very questionable? >> brock: i thought mcclelland played this good.
8:33 pm
you can say there was a little early contact or maybe the right hand possibly hooked him early. but it did not restrict the wide receiver from making a play on the ball. yes, a little bit of contact. fourth down, rivalry game. the way you have been calling the game all night. you have been letting the skill guys get after it and play. i did not like that play. >> anish: the closest official ruled it incomplete right away. the flag came in from behind the play. that is usually an automatic indicator for pass interference. >> anish: gators out of time-outs. down by seven. >> brock: keep an eye out for
8:34 pm
ricky pearsall in the slot. >> anish: richardson to the air. downfield. caught by douglas. oh, it came out at the end. the true freshman caleb douglas couldn't bring it in. had it in his grasp for a moment. >> keeping his eyes down the field. getting ready to hit him. delivers a perfect football for his playmaker but douglas was not able to real it in. >> brock: need to be smart here. plenty of time. any completion is a good completion. >> anish: richardson throws it away. there is a flag down.
8:35 pm
>> referee: false start, offense. five-yard penalty. remains third down. >> anish: i will throw this out at you early. if florida happens to score here, do you go for two? >> brock: i had a feeling you would ask that one. my personality, absolutely. you are on the road. if you have a chance to win the football game with all of the injuries on your roster you take the chance and you go for two. >> anish: richardson to the sideline, airmails odom. fourth in the ballgame. >> brock: richardson had what he wanted. richardson let it go with great
8:36 pm
anticipation. ball got away from him a little high. >> anish: edge pressure, richardson trying to get away. chucks it downfield and incomplete.
8:37 pm
>> brock: how about all-out blitz, no safety help saying that hey, we are going to be the aggressor on fourth and 12, however florida state got away with one. that certainly should have been a 15-yard facemask penalty. >> anish: every seminole fan in the building knows it but feels florida caught a break earlier in the drive on the pass interference call. >> brock: how about that. neither one of the team wanted to lose. they laid it all on the line a lot of heart. a lot of passion in this one. >> anish: a kneel down for florida state, and the seminoles end a three-game losing streak against florida. nine wins for mike norvell and a chance to get to double digits
8:38 pm
in bowl season and tonight we witnessed the highest scoring game in series history. down to the field and taor. hows i different? you had a you >> it is special for all of the things the guys have been through. the way they worked and believed. knee knew it would be a 60-minute game. it was a battle. they have unbelievable hearts and character. i love coaching them. >> taylor: you said everything builds to the florida game at the end of the year. what was it this year that worked? >> they never quit. they did a remarkable job. we coach our guys hard and challenge them and you can see
8:39 pm
that toughness that is put on display. for the game to finish like it pdid so proud of our guys. >> taylor: what impressed you the most about jordan travis? >> he is one of the best quarterbacks and players in all of college football. he makes it happen. the way he carried the football team is special. i am so proud of that young man and grateful for him to have this experience. >> taylor: you were able to get anthony richardson completely out of his game in the second half. >> players did a remarkable job. adam and coach and staff did a wonderful job trying to mix up looks and keep him off balance. >> taylor: how are you celebrating this one? >> just be with these guys. that is what makes it so special. we have a wonderful university and group i get to hurt. we will celebrate this together. >> taylor: congratulations. anish. >> anish: for mike norvell in his third season at the helm in
8:40 pm
tallahassee and his first win against florida. brock, this one reverberates until these two meet again. >> brock: certainly does. what a ballgame we were able to witness tonight. for florida state, it is safe to say that you found your man and head coach in mike norvell between the explosive plays, putting up points on the board, getting a stop on defense when you needed it. what a performance by the seminoles. >> anish: noles win it 35-48. thanks for watching this presentation of college football on abc and so long from tallahassee. g this presentati
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> take a look at this. this is the best way to enjoy a fire tonight because burning a
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real one is not allowed right now. good evening. it is a spare the air day. you can barely see across the bay because of the haze. alcatraz could still be spotted from the shoreline in san francisco. in the winter, spare the air alerts are typically issued because of woodsmoke. on spare the air days, wood-burning is banned. we will be looking for extra sources of warmth soon. let's bring in sandhya patel. temperatures are about to drop. sandhya: for the weekend we will see cooler weather. colder next week. let me show you a live picture. visibility is terrific across the bay. moderate air quality for saturday. good to moderate on sunday. with the patches -- the passage of this cold front, it will clear some of the haze in the air from the wood-burning pollution. temperatures 40's and 50's right now. we check out a live picture from
8:45 pm
our san jose camera. numbers tomorrow morning in the 30's and 40's. a few high clouds. brightening up for the afternoon. upper 50's to 60's. cooler saturday and sunday. temperatures dropping more next week. cold tuesday and wednesday morning with frost. a level 1 storm bringing us rain chances friday. ama: it is black friday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year. some amazon workers went on strike, a call for safer work conditions. the campaign is led by a coalition of 70 trade unions and organizations. they have issued a list of demands and are holding protests in more than 30 countries, including 10 u.s. locations. today may be a record-setting black friday. the data firm adobe analytics say we will see our record for sales in online shopping. it expects today's total online spending will top $9 billion for the first time ever. shoppers were out in san francisco's union square.
8:46 pm
it is a visible difference from the past few years of the pandemic. another change, an increased police presence. abc7 news reporter luz pena met up with shoppers to see what they think. luz: the christmas tree is up. the ice rink is open. the holiday cheer is all around san francisco's union square. >> very festive. the lights make it very fun. luz: we met these two as they were walking out of macy's. >> to take santa claus photos at macy's on the sixth floor. luz: from a perfect holiday photo to a perfect christmas village, this is the winter wonderland at the holiday plaza. goers were eager to be part of the program that turned this place across the bart station into a quaint christmas square. these crowns are assigned that tourism is back. a hotel manager for the hilton san francisco is noticing the
8:47 pm
uptick. >> after a couple years of sluggishness, it's nice to see union square back to where it is. luz: the small crowds will also give you a hint of something back here at union square. dogs and cats for adoption here on the windows of macy's. this one here is up for adoption. this family traveled from peru to san francisco. they were on a shopping mission at union square. you guys did go shopping. you do have a lot of things. for some, black deals were hard to find. but what was not hard to notice was a police presence all around the area. a year ago, multiple stores in union square were robbed during this time. earlier in the week, sfpd's chief promised an increased police presence this holiday. >> this is like the crown of the city and we want to treat it as such. people love coming here from all
8:48 pm
over the world. we want to make sure ty od eerience. ay locals are ting a >>o faitas saf>>. luz: in san francisco, luz pena, abc7 news. ama: with thanksgiving over, the focus for many is all on christmas. tonight, the two factors that determine how much you will pay for a
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groceries, and living expenses like cell phone, electric or water bills. all on a single prepaid mastercard you can use at thousands of locations nationwide. call anthem blue cross at 833-797-4179 or visit and get a medicare plan with zero compromises for you and your wallet. ama: this holiday season, the grinch is inflation. it is affecting christmas trees. today we spoke with the director of the real christmas tree board to get on an -- get advice on how to get a good price. >> the height and species of the tree will impact the price. if you are on a budget this year, you don't have to feel funny about it. go into the lot, ask if there is a different price for different species. some are more per foot than others. you can save that way.
8:51 pm
the biggest tip is don't buy a tree that is too big. a really common mistake, because when you are outside they don't look that big until you bring them into your living room. you go a little too large and you are paying for that. every foot taller is more money. really know what size you want and understand when you put it in the stand, it will bring it up the viewin -- it up a few inches. don't forget the star or angel on top. don't buy a tree that is too big and you will save money. ama: to help the tree last longer, make a fresh cut on the bottom. making another half inch cut will help the tree taken water and last through christmas. there is one place where you can get a free christmas tree this year, the stanislaus national forest. starting today permits are being issued at no cost. that is because removing trees removes wildfire risk. each permit allows you take up to two trees no taller than 20 feet. you can cut pine, fir, or cedar trees,, -- trees, but no aspen
8:52 pm
or oak. we are counting down to the wonderful world of disney magical holiday celebration happening sunday right here on abc7. reporter carl schmidt was in walt disney world in flo up wi s performance who are ready for the holidays. carl: sunday night the wonderful world of disney magical celebration will get us in the spirit. performances from some of the biggest names in music. >> we are going to do rocking around the christmas tree. i don't think i could've had a cooler backdrop. i'm very starstruck by the council. carl: to jordin sparks in disneyland, california. >> i will be performing a medley that i came up with for my christmas album. it is a little bit different than what people are normally used to hearing with these songs. carl: jordin's american idol alumni is taking the stage with her husband, who are getting ready to do some decorating.
8:53 pm
>> i love to, the day after thanksgiving, put christmas music on and go crazy all over the house with decorations. s reverend run from run dmc iovehristmas. michael's -- my whole house is decked out already. carl: the wonderful world of disney magical holiday celebration is on saturday night right here on abc. carl schmidt, abc news. ama: once again you can catch the wonderful world of disney magical holiday celebration this sunday november 27 starting at 8:00 p.m. on abc7.
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♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
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folks, it looks like we're gonna have to land this big old bird like a trip to great wolf lodge. earlier than expected because it's the xfinity black friday sale. stream your heart out with the ultimate streamer setup when you get internet with unlimited data for 55 dollars a month. plus get a free flex 4k streaming box. oh my! and for a limited time, get hbo max included for 1 year. even you in 22c. flight attendants, prepare for streaming. drop everything and get to the xfinity black friday sale. click, call or visit a store today. ama: here on abc7 we have had college football games all day long, but there is a different football drawing attention, soccer. lena howland found bars packed.
8:56 pm
lena: booked out weeks in advance, and on friday, standing room only. >> this is the home for soccer. lena: the athletic club oakland first open for business just 20 minutes before the last world cup in 2018, but this time around as the u.s. took on england they had a line of people wrapping around the bar just waiting to get in. >> we have been opening early for the soccer games for the four years we have been opening and building a soccer community here, also trying to build a community that is diverse and reflective of oakland. lena: bringing out fans of all backgrounds from across the world, like this person, originally from africa. despite england being favored to win against the u.s., the game ended in a no score draw, giving u.s. fans a reason to celebrate. [cheering]
8:57 pm
>> i'm blown away by our team, owuc progressed as a country with soccer, as it is not our main sport. we try and push them so hard that we come out with a tie. that is a win for usa. >> it is fantastic to see these guys compete on international waters. you get to see them on the world stage work together. lena: it is a bit of a different family -- a different feeling fo r fans of england. >> you should be proud, america. us, england, it is not a good look. we lacked a lot of energy. i'm quite disappointed in the performance. lena: even though the game was a draw, both teams moved on to the next match. >> it is anyone's world cup. this is the kind of world cup that soccer fans live for. the best teams are getting beaten. the underdogs are rising up. this is what soccer is for. lena: the u.s. will face off against iran on tuesday at 11:00
8:58 pm
a.m. lena howland, abc7 news. ama: because of college football today, jeopardy and wheel of fortune did not air at their usual times. they will be on tonight. wheel of fortune comes on at 10:00, jeopardy heirs at 10:30, then join us for abc7 news at 11:00. that will do it for this edition of abc7 news. for the entire abc7 news team, we hope you have a great evening. see you again at 11:00.
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