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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 28, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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ssing out. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7news. >> our message to peaceful protesters around the world is the same and consistent. people should be allowed to be right to peacefully protest laws or dictates they take issue with. >> the white house offering support for the people protesting china's coronavirus containment strategy. i am liz freud. >> i am dan as free. there is growing anger over china's strict covid zero policy. thousands of people are in the streets protesting the policies. protesters blame the severe restrictions in china for slowing down the response time
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of first responders to an apartment fire that killed 10 people, including a three-year-old child, some calling for china's president and communist party to step down. >> instead of listening to the people's protest, the chinese government is chosen to crack down further, including by assaulting a bbc journalist. the media and our parliamentarians must be able to highlight these issues without sanction. >> on twitter, searches for the covid-related protests is coming back with a flood of gibberish and pouring the. it appears to be a deliberate attempt by the chinese government to drown out images of the demonstrations. >> business owners in the bay area are being impacted. suzanne funk shows us how the dumbest rations across the world are resonating locally. suzanne: the protests are said to be the largest china has seen
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in decades, people angry about china's covid zero policy, demanding an end to the restrictions which have been underway for three years. >> three years. suzanne: edward is the owner of a tourist agency in chinatown. >> tiananmen square is major. suzanne: he says the policies impacted his business. china suspended access to neighborhoods for weeks at a time and can find millions of people to their homes for up to four months. before the pandemic, he would take tourist groups to china. >> right now, there are no tourists, period. the reason everything is back to normal and we can bring the tour back. suzanne: he hears about the covid case numbers and sees the protests on the news. >> everyone has their own right
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to freedom of speech. suzanne: edward and his family have owned their tourism company for over four decades. >> you can see a big slowdown of imported items coming from china, and the price is way high because of the lockdown, because of shipping costs. suzanne: he said shipments were delayed for four to five months at a time. in the bay area and around the world, people are paying attention to the protests and waiting to see what china's government will do next. as a show of demonstrators -- solidarity with demonstrators, there will be a candlelit vigil at portsmouth square starting at 7:00 p.m.. suzanne fong, abc7news. dan: concerns about protests in china sent the dow tumbling.
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the nasdaq plunged nearly 1.6%, and the s&p 500 lost 1.5%. on the positive side, april and every estimate from adobe analytics said cyber monday sales could hit $11.6 billion this year. black sales topped a record $9.1 billion, despite the strain on household budgets. liz: this cyber monday, local leaders are highlighting a problem that is continuing to grow, cyber bullying. zach fuentes was there as they made their call to action. zach: school leaders and law enforcement called for more action to combat the growing threat of cyber bullying across the state and country. >> social media has made it impossible to escape bullying. zach: students at east palo alto
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were hit especially hard when a burned book circulated. the district made multiple attempts to take the page down, but new ones kept popping up. >> eight times we were terrorized. eight times someone's child was not allowed to come to school because they felt unsafe. zach: the district doesn't know who was behind the page, but they've called on local leaders to help them. >> we are working to hold social media companies accountable and mandate that they have tools that allow parents and school leaders to have cyber bullying removed. zach: we reached out to tiktok, twitter and metta. metta said they could not comment on the legislation but directed us to a background on how they prevented bullying on their platforms. school leaders say it is important to act quickly. >> the longer this material is
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up, the more damage is done, and what we heard is that social media companies can respond more quickly. zach: other tech companies have proven they can moderate their platforms in real time. >> if doordash has a problem, they have someone on the chat with me right away because they don't want to lose a customer. we are the customers. >> they will listen and work with us on a solution where maybe we don't need legislation. dan: pop superstar rihanna's lingerie company will have to pay more than $1 million in fines to settle a lawsuit by santa clara county and four local governments. they claim the company savage by
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fenty deceived consumers by enrolling them in a vip program with recurring credit card charges. savage by fenty told customers that store credit accrued by membership could be used at any time, which turned out to be not true. liz: three suspects for wanting to use a vehicle popular at soccer games -- officers arrested the trio, dubbed the honesty burglary crew, named for the honda minivans they used in burglaries starting last munch. -- march. [no audio] >> if there was cash in the register, televisions, electronic equipment, those were taken oftentimes in stolen
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vehicles. liz: 31 cases were forwarded to the das office. formal charges are pending. dan: in oakland, lamar armstrong said he is extending his crime plan through the year. he says the move will mean a higher presence of officers in popular dining areas around the city. the oakland police said since the plan was implemented, homicides and shootings have declined. liz: many people feel it has become less safe in the recent years, but what do the numbers show? you can use the abc 7 safety tracker to find out. karina nova explains how it works. >> crime and safety is a concern for all of us in the bay area. now you can get a closer look at what is happening in your neighborhood with the neighborhood safety tracker. from property theft of violent
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crimes, it is all here. you can compare crime in areas across the country, seeing how we compare to other cities. this app is easy to understand, and you can access it 24/7. now you can get involved and be better informed. find it on our free abc 7 neighborhood safety tracker on our app or website. dan: check it out when you have a moment. a judge has been chosen in the case of a man charged with attacking the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi. judge steven o'neill will take over the case.prosecutors and the attorney for david to pop agreed on this new judge and agreed they are ready for the upcoming preliminary hearing scheduled for december 15. he is charged with breaking into
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the palouse seaholm and attacking paul pelosi with a hammer. liz: the trial is underway in the case of a investigators say the fbi found nude photos on his government issued phone. he is among five prison workers charged at the first to go to trial. garcia has pleaded not guilty. if convicted, he would face 15 years in prison. dan: controversy at the world cup as the u.s. men's team gets ready to take on iran. liz: plus, the winningest football coach in stanford's school history is stepping down. we will look back at his career we will look back at his career as the s first psoriasis, then psoriatic arthritis. even walking was tough. i had to do something. i started cosentyx®. cosentyx can help you move, look, and feel better... by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx.
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liz: we are less than 24 hours away from a critical game for the fifa u.s. team at the world cup. for many right now, the focus is less about soccer and more politics. >> in a tweet heard around the world and causing friction at a make or break moment for team usa at the world cup ahead of the u.s. is critical game against iran, the united states soccer federation posted this now deleted tweet that included an image of the iranian flag without the image of the islamic republic. the move, which led for islamic state media to say the u.s. should be kicked out -- >> i thought it was the right move. >> they are a rainy and americans in the bay area. they've helped to organize protests in support of the protesters in iran.
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>> we are all trying to find ways to show solidarity with the women, the men, the children, the folks that are fighting for their freedoms on the ground in iran. u.s. federation did their part in showing solidarity with the people. >> although the soccer federation took down the tweet, they say the game between the countries is a chance to raise awareness for the situation in iran. they hope team usa will do something to show support. >> we want to see some action, some gesture. >> they will be watching from home, but friends from the bay area are in kotter where they have been protesting the iranian government within the world cup stance. some say they have been harassed and followed and had items confiscated. >> we are under pretty extreme surveillance. we've had people literally
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following us, scary looking people. >> they would confiscate anybody's items they thought they had words like "women," "freedom." >> they plan to attend the u.s.-iran game tomorrow, thinking of forming a human chain, anything to help support the protests in iran. liz: if the u.s. loses this game, they are out of the world cup. if they win, they advance to the knockout round. dan: after 12 years, stanford's head football coach is stepping down. david shaw's unexpected announcement -- as the university's football program looks for a replacement, dustin dorsey takes a look back at the legacy that coach shaw leaves behind. dustin: for the first time in more than a decade, there will be a big change atop the
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stanford football program. david shaw announced it was time for him to step down following the end of the season for the cardinal. dustin: i've been affiliated with stanford university for 25 of my 50 years. our program changed a lot of lives for the better, and we took a lot of people in and turned them into society as men. i am proud of that. dustin: after working on the stanford campus, he spent 16 years as a coach on the farm, the past 12 years as head coach. shaw leaves the program as the winningest head coach in stanford football history, leading the team to two rose bowl victories. he's helped players graduate and become stars off the field. one word comes to mind when he thinks of his journey. >> it's magical.
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i think of standing on that stage three times and holding up the unnecessarily heavy trophy, the rose bowl trophy, two times. dustin: unfortunately the moments are distant memories after stanford struggled as of late, only 14 wins in the last four seasons. i asked coach shaw why leaving was best for the team. he said, simply because it is time. >> i think this next group will have the opportunity to take where we are now and build a winning program. dustin: shaw says he looks forward to spending time with his family and being a stanford fan. >> this place is magical, and i can't wait for stanford to be back on top again. dustin: abc7news. liz: after the break, the world's largest active volcano has been spewing at and lava.
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dan: the mauna loa volcano has started he erected for the first time since 1984. -- erupting for the first time since 1984. last month, part of the summit was closed to visitors following several small earthquakes, which is sometimes an indication of volcanic activity. so far, the lava is not threatening any communities, but shelters have been set up just in case. mauna loa is the biggest active volcano on earth and is located on hawaii's big island. liz:liz: in the bay area, we are talking about the opposite as we get ready for snow and rain. dan: sandhya patel is here with the forecast. sandhya: now we are going to
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bring on the chill. the rain is coming. as you will notice, there is some cold, unstable air coming in with this dry system, the cold front coming through the bay area. while we will knockout ran -- not to get rain with this system, rain is coming. with that cold front coming through, the winds have been gusting out of the northwest at 32 at sfo. mount diablo, 41 miles per hour. winds will continue tonight. at 6:00, 30 5, 40 mile-per-hour winds along the coast. those winds will continue late tonight before they begin to die down, but as they died down, the chill is going to settle in. let me show you a picture from our citro tower camera. certainly a shaky camera, 53 in
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the city and palo alto. 54 in oakland. a live look from our san jose camera, and a few clouds there. temperatures in the 50's from santa rosa to concord. our highs today, in the mid 50's to mid 60's. that will be the warmest day of the next seven. look at this gorgeous shot as we look towards the golden gate bridge. the storm arrives late wednesday into thursday, and a weaker storm is through this weekend. tomorrow, subfreezing temperatures around santa rosa. these will be the coldest spots where we are expecting frost. 36 in vallejo, 36 in fremont. low 40's around san francisco and half moon bay. tomorrow afternoon, it will be cooler. certainly a breezy tuesday, the
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level 1 storm coming in for your thursday, friday. gusty winds, rain fall half an inch to two inches or higher in the wettest spots. 3500 to 4000 feet, don't be surprised if we see some frozen precept over the hills. you can see the showers begin to develop in the north bay, but most of that action is coming in until thursday morning. we will see pockets of heavier rain coming in, and rainfall totals as we go into friday morning, many areas will be between that three quarters of an inch to. over two inches of rain it turns to snow in the mountains. heavy snow is possible, 1-3 feet. travel will be difficult, but it is good to see the rain and snow. a cold couple mornings with frost. we are looking at cooler days. possible showers friday, and we
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have another storm coming in this weekend. you will notice those temperatures really just stay in the 50's after the next couple of days, so it will be cool days, cold nights. dan: and rain. sandhya: which is nice. we need it. liz: community leaders are calling for a special election to fill vacant seats on the san jose city council. mayor elect matt may hand joint community groups calling for the replacement of his seat, as well as the seat in district 10. >> this is just simple common sense. the people should choose their elected officials, not politicians. liz: he dismissed claims about the cost of holding a special election, saying the most important priority is empowering the people. according to city rules, empty seats can be filled by decisions
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dan: you can get our live newscasts, breaking news, weather and more with our app on google tv, fire tv, apple tv and roku. just search abc 7 bay area, and download it when you have a moment. liz:liz: the holiday spirit has arrived. dan: videos show that this display looks like last year. the projectors way about 150 pounds each. they are hoisted up for the country's largest holiday projection art festival. >> we have pieces from local artists and content studios from around the globe. it is winter-themed and ready for everybody to be happy and welcome in downtown san francisco. liz: the festival kicks off friday with a ceremony on market street. dan, you are getting in the spirit with the christmas tree. dan: i've got it up already.
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low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. tonight, tracking a new tonight, tracking a new coast to coast storm. snow, heavy winds, a possible severe tornado outbreak across several states. the system from the west all the way to the northeast. 18 states on alert for snow and high winds. moving across the country, bringing with it a dangerous tornado threat. rob marciano standing by to time this out. tonight, the new images just coming in. for the first time in 38 years, the world's largest active volcano erupting on the big island of hawaii. vainning to ow. whaten tre are being warned at thr. pictures coming in now. in buffalo, new york, tonight, the gunman accused of killing ten people at that tops supermarket, because they were black, pleading guilty to murder, attempted murder, and domestic terrorism motivated by hate.
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