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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 28, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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and livermore, not far behind with a low of 34. a live look at conditions outside, sandhya patel is here with a look at the cold snap and when rain is going to arrive. >> we will start with the chill, then we will bring on the rain. the wind will be a big factor, the winds are gusty out of the northwest. over higher terrain, 47 on mount diablo. once the winds drop off overnight, you will see temperatures plunging. 7:00 tonight, you are ok, 40's and 50's. turn up the heat tonight, put a blanket on the bed because by 6:00 a.m., down to freezing in santa rosa. where the numbers bought them out. a colder air mass is moving in
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with a dry cold front. this brings the chill, but we do have rain, multiple days in the next seven. they are level ones on our abc7news storm impact scale. i will tell you more coming up. liz: efforts are underway to make sure these frigid temperatures don't catch anyone off guard. cornell barnard has a look at how they are helping a population that is at risk. >> this is a two man tent. >> sandy is helping the un-housed and their dogs get ready for the elements. cold weather is coming. >> do you need a jacket? ask sandy as a volunteer in san rafael with a nonprofit working to end homelessness. >> i was on housed myself. i noted feels like to be out here in the cold.
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you need something to keep you safe and warm, because this weather will kill you. >> she estimates there are 1200 on housed people living in marin county. >> we get out the, ponchos to people, tents to help people stay out of the elements. >> a series of storms is in the forecast later this week. last year, an atmospheric river left parts of downtown san rafael underwater. >> many in california are praying for rain, but it is difficult for the people who are unsheltered. >> this will get us through the spring and summer. >> officials hope the storms improve the drought. lake sonoma, a prime source of drinking water, at its lowest level in history. just 40% capacity. >> it is pretty low and with a
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lot of conservation efforts, we can make the water last for the next year, but it is uncomfortable. >> the agency asks customers to turn off outdoor irrigation and run the dishwasher only when it is full. outreach efforts continue to help those living on the streets stay protected from the elements. liz: you can follow along with cold temperatures with live doppler 7, which shows you the conditions down to the neighborhood. take a look by downloading the abc 7 bay area news app. dan: the wintry weather reminds us it is flu season. we turn now to the increase in flu cases as we turn to the health. flu cases are climbing across the country. luz pena spoke with specialist about why winds a is leading -- influenza is leading -- >> officials highlight how fast
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influenza cases are increasing. 16 states, including california, are reporting high levels of flulike activity. as covid, rsp and flu cases surge through the country, the infectious disease specialist says influenza cases have reached a concerning point. >> working in the hospital, very little severe covid but the flu is coming up and it is raging. >> through the pandemic, this doctor tracked data to get a head start about what the u.s. could see. she is doing the same with this surge. >> in australia, we saw this happen over our summer, there winter. they had high rates of influenza. in the u.k., and harold for what happens here, there are higher rates of influenza in the icu,
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higher rates of influenza mortality than covid. >> we went to emergency rooms to see what they are seeing. at this hospital, this doctor says cases are fluctuating. >> there are days when we see more flu than anything else, then we might see more covid. we are always seeing rsp particularly in kids. we are at capacity in the sense that we are full and we are having to hold some patients in the emergency department to wait to get admitted upstairs, but we have additional capacity. >> they are at capacity at this hospital, but not overwhelmed. they had more covid cases today. >> we are seeing some flu that is increasing. we will see as the trends continue, if we will see a huge spike in the flu versus a huge spike in covid and hopefully not both. >> the cdc reports more
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influenza cases early this season then they have had in the last five seasons. what is leading this? >> probably viral interference happened. as covid comes down and immunity comes up to covid, other viruses come in to fill the vacuum. we are seeing a lot of been lens and -- influenza and rsv. >> the doctors say influenza normally peaks in january and february but we are seeing an increase in november. they encourage the public to get a flu shot now. luz pena, abc 7 news. dan: getting a flu shot four weeks before christmas, will that give people time to be protected? >> i asked the doctor because according to her, she says this is the perfect time to get a flu shot. normally the antibodies take a week or two to build up so you will have an extra layer of protection for family gatherings.
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immunity could last through february and march. dan: excellent. liz: the holiday shopping season is in full gear and with it comes security concerns at public parking garages. the i team uncovered that the city cut security contracts at half of city-owned garages. the question is, what has changed? stephanie sierra is digging into it then joins us live in the studio. >> before the cap -- the pandemic, security officers were present 24-7 inside half the city per but -- parking facilities. but the city cut the contracts. uniformed guards aren't always there. tis the season for shopping. that means san francisco's public parking garages will be in high demand. the question is, will they be secure? >> i'm worried about that. >> rob and his family drove from san jose.
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they found parking in this garage, which is city-owned. you will see several city ambassadors dressed in blue, walking around. you will see cameras. today, no uniformed guards were present. >> we are trying to plan what we will do with parking with our luggage in our cars. >> all downtown garages are monitored with a combination of on-site staff, remote hd camera needs and police. >> i feel safe with the cameras, but if i see security, i feel better. >> they eliminated some security contracts last year. the i team learned unit armed security guards are not present at most garages. they wrote, staffing is based on garage by garage basis and based on security trends observed that each garage. we are focused on tracking the metrics of vehicle break-ins on a daily and weekly basis and
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have the ability to add additional uniformed security guards on short notice if warranted. >> there have been efforts made to improve security around the parking garages. >> alex is the president of the hotel council of san francisco. >> have you had your car broken into? >> i have. >> according to our crime and safety tracker, vehicle thefts are up 14% over the past three years citywide. that includes union square. 470 nine vehicle thefts have been reported in the last year and visitors say the presence of city-owned bettis -- ambassadors patrolling the area is helping deter crime. >> the city feels a lot safer. >> the sf mta tells the i team car break-ins remain low at city-owned garages but they are adding security gates at two downtown garages. that won't help with daytime robberies. for that, we are told park
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rangers will join the understaffed police department to patrol some of the garages. stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. dan: a sliver of peace of mind for shoppers. many people in the bay area feel like it has become less safe recently but has it really? you can find out with the abc 7 neighborhood safety tracker. karina nova explains. >> crime and safety is a concern for all of us in the bay area. you can get a closer look at exactly what is happening in your neighborhood with abc 7 neighborhood safety tracker. from property theft to violent crimes, it is all here. you can track trends and compare crime activity around the bay area and across the country. seeing how we compare to other cities. the data is updated daily. it is easy to understand and you can access it 24-7. it is part of abc 7's commitment
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to building a better bay area. you can get involved and be better informed. you can find it on our free neighborhood safety tracker on our abc 7 app or on our website, liz: a call to action to keep kids safe online. a look at an effort out of the south bay to get social media companies to do better. dan: expecting sales records to shattered this cyber monday. a look at some of the best deals online right now. liz: this piece of land is the center of a controversial project. project. a crucial round coming up in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine.
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dan: a new -- a new effort is underway to stop cyber bullying. it focuses on getting social media companies to do more. zach fuentes explains how these companies and school leaders would be involved. >> present law enforcement came together calling for more action to combat cyber bullying across the state and country. >> social media has made it impossible to escape bullying. >> students at this school were hit hard last year when a burn book circulated, a forum for others to say cruel things about others. the district made attempts to take the page down but new ones kept popping up. >> eight times, we were terrorized. eight times, someone's child was not allowed to come to school because they felt unsafe. >> the district doesn't know who was behind the page but they
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called on local leaders to help. >> working on legislation to hold social media companies accountable, to develop tools to allow parents and school leaders to have cyber bullying removed. >> we reached out to tiktok, twitter and meta. meta directed us to a background on how they prevent bullying and harassment on platforms, saying it removes that kind of contact when -- content when it finds it. it is important to act weekly. >> the longer the material is outcome, the more damage is done . we heard when the companies were small, the company -- the material would come down quickly. now it could be days or weeks. >> this experts has other tech companies have proven they can moderate their platforms in real time. >> doordash have me on chat with someone right away.
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they don't want to lose me as a customer. to look at social media platforms, we are the product. we are not the customer. >> the hope is that better partnership can be fostered easily and effectively. >> they will listen and work with us on a solution that maybe we don't need legislation. dan: now to cyber monday. after a long buildup of holiday season deals, today is one of the last days of deals for the year. despite record high inflation, americans opened up their wallets and a big way black friday this year. cyber monday spending is accepted -- expected to top that. cyber monday sales may reach up to $11.6 billion. >> cyber monday is a huge day for tech gadgets, videogame consoles, smart watches, phones, things in those categories. expect to see that. dan: adobe predicts laptop discounts will average around
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27% off, like this one, 199 dollars at walmart, $100 off, or the back -- the macbook air for 79 -- for $200 off on amazon. smaller appliances are going quickly, like this coffee maker, marked down by $80. >> a big vote set for tomorrow on whether a developer can build a senior living facility. the site is a 30 acre plot of land near heather farm park. supervisors are set to take up the issue tomorrow. the development would include 354 housing units and an 85,000 square-foot medical center. building the project would require knocking down 350 trees on the site. opponents have gathered about 4000 signatures to try to block the project. they are expected to attend the vote. dan: the department of water resources has a report
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summarizing the needs of water suppliers. among the issues, they say the state is addressing dry wells across california. a state grant is helping rural communities expand water distribution systems and provide relief for dry well owners. >> the funding is supposed to go towards immediate and temporary measures that include hauled water, temporary water tanks in homes. dan: the report also shows californians are on the right track and getting closer to meet got -- governor newsom's goals. liz: in the north, concerns about water quality at the seashore. a report shows high levels of bacteria downstream from the farms that dot the area. it found cow manure in lagoons and beaches that are popular to
6:19 pm
visitors. the park will do more testing this winter to determine how bad the pollution is. farmers say they have done a lot of work to reduce the risk to visitors. dan: let's turn to the weather. a chill in the air and getting colder with some rain. liz: that is some good news. sandhya: perfect timing. we got the holiday out of the way i now we will track some rain. it is much needed. a life picture from our east bay hills camera, as we look across the bay. the camera has been bouncing around, as it is gusty out there. hour-by-hour, 7:00 tonight, still gusty, especially the coast at higher elevations, up to 38 mile-per-hour winds. 10:00 tonight, northwesterly gusty winds as we head into tomorrow morning. winds will ease and that will allow temperatures to plunge as the skies clear. tomorrow morning, talking 28 at
6:20 pm
lakeport, down to 33 in napa, 30 in santa rosa, concord, livermore mid-30's. 39 in san jose. bundle up. the colder air mass is courtesy of a dry cold front that came in that has started to bring us cooler air. you probably noticed a change if you stepped out tonight. a couple clouds coming through right now. skies are clear other than that. our roof camera looking at great visibility, low 50's from oakland to palo alto, san jose, san francisco and half moon bay. a narrow range of temperatures. oakland airport camera, beautiful towards san francisco from the airport. 49 in fairfield, low 50's elsewhere. a live picture from the golden gate bridge, don't have to worry about fog. cold tuesday, wednesday morning, storm arrives late wednesday into thursday and we have a weaker system coming in this weekend.
6:21 pm
tomorrow afternoon, cooler and breezy, mid 50's to low 60's. mix of sun and let -- high clouds. we rank the storms from one to five and this is a light level storm thursday. late tomorrow -- moderate rain, up to two inches or more in the wettest locations. snow levels will be lower ring, the highest peaks could get a little snow mixing in with showers so stay tuned. wednesday night, light showers begin to develop in the north bay at 10:00. by thursday morning, moderate to brief heavy rain in the north way -- and the north bay. at 10:00 a.m., widespread rain, downpours continue into the latter part of the morning and early afternoon. thursday evening, still scattered showers and the pink indicating mixed precipitation over mount hamilton thursday night. the higher elevations could see snow so be aware of that especially if you have travel
6:22 pm
plans. rainfall totals by friday, anywhere from 0.75 to over two inches of rain. the seven-day forecast, morning chill and frost tuesday and wednesday. this will be followed by cooler days. you will notice the level 1 storm, wet and windy thursday. saturday, sunday, rain is back but it is the second half of saturday into sunday, not a come lead washout. much rated -- needed rain over the weekend. not as much rain but good to see storms coming in. liz: we will take what we can get. special delivery. the holiday rush is on at your local post office. dan: the dates to know to make (vo) it's a fact! two out of three americans who qualify for medicare do not receive all the benefits they deserve. you could be missing out! now anthem blue cross introduces a free medicare plan checkup to make sure you receive all the benefits you qualify for in 2023.
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regardless of your income, check today to see how covered california can help you. and if you have questions, there's free assistance every step of the way. covered california, this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at liz: post offices are already seeing an increase in business and the holiday season hasn't really started. the campbell post office offered news crews a behind-the-scenes look at employees and packages ready for delivery. this branch saw a 20 percent jump over a typical day today. the postmaster says crews are prepared for the rush. >> when we sit and go into a house and a kid is standing there excited for their package, and they get out their hands and
6:26 pm
we handed to them, they have the biggest smile. it brings joy to your heart. liz: the postal service urges customers to get packages out as early as possible. here are the recommended standby dates before christmas. december 17 is the date for retail ground and first class service. december 19 is the deadline for priority mail service. december 23 for priority mail express service. dan: stay with us. political play. a lot on the line tomorrow as the u.s. takes on iran in the world cup. the tension added to the game. >> it was a white color. heavy dust and it was very thick, especially on the windows. liz: a refinery response after it is -- says
6:27 pm
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6:30 pm
thousands are defying chinese authorities to protest in major cities. liz: people demanding to be free from lockdowns and strict censorship's. the protests and restrictions are having an impact worldwide, including the bay area. dan: suzanne shows you how they are resonating locally. >> the protests are said to be the largest china has seen in decades. people angry about the zero covid policy, demanding an end to severe restrictions that have been underway for three years. >> people have spent three years , not only one day, one year. >> edward owns a travel agency in chinatown. he says china's policies to curb covid cases dramatically impacted his business. china suspended access to neighborhoods for weeks and confined millions to their homes for up to four months. before the pandemic, he would
6:31 pm
take tour groups to china a dozen times a year. >> right now there are none, until they have flights going in. the reason everything is back to normal and we can bring people back. >> he sees the protests on the news and hears about covid case numbers. >> i believe everyone has the right to freedom of speech. >> edwards family has owned the business for five decades. his herbal shop was hit hard by china's lockdown. >> you see the big slow down of items coming from china. and the price was going hi because of that lockdown. >> he says shipments of herbs from china were delayed 4-5 months at a time. for now, in the bay area and around the world, people are paying attention to the protests
6:32 pm
and waiting to see what china's government will do. as a show of solidarity, there will be a special candlelight vigil here tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. liz: tensions are rising between the u.s. and iran ahead of the world cup matchup tomorrow. iranian americans say this will be a huge platform to bring awareness to human rights issues and iran. in a tweet heard round the world and causing action at a make or break moment for usa at the world cup, head of the u.s.'s critical game, the soccer federation posted a now deleted tweets that included an image of the iranian flag without the image of the republic. this was meant to be a solidarity sign with protesters. >> i think it was the right move. >> these people are a rainy and
6:33 pm
americans in the bay area who helped local rallies. the demonstrations began after the death of a 22-year-old who died in police custody for allegedly violating the he job laws -- the hijab laws. >> we are working to show solidarity with the people who are fighting for their freedoms on the ground in iran. the u.s. federation did their part showing solidarity with the people. >> the u.s. soccer federation took down the tweets but they say the game between the countries is a chance to raise awareness. with the world watching, they hope team usa will show support. >> we want to see action to support iran. >> he will be watching from home and has friends that are in qatar, where they have been protesting within the world cup stands.
6:34 pm
among them are these people from san jose, who said they have been harassed and followed. >> we are under extreme surveillance. we have had people literally following us. >> they would confiscate anybody's items that they thought had words like woman, life, freedom or a flag that used to be present before the current regime. >> despite tensions, they plan to attend the game tomorrow. they are thinking of forming a human chain to amplify the voices of those silenced in iran. dan: google and i heart media agreed to a deal with california and five states over claims of misleading endorsements. google faced claims it paid djs at i heart media to offer misleading endorsements and radio ads of a cell phone although most had never used the phone. the attorney general calls and misleading and a violation of
6:35 pm
content -- consumer protection laws. the company will pay nearly $9.5 million. liz: a flareup at a refinery on thanksgiving day sent white ash raining down on neighborhoods. today, the refinery is explaining and offering free car washes to those affected by the fallout. >> many martino's residents were happy to get a free car wash, but there was concern about the mysterious white ash that fell from the sky. >> there was an event at the martinez refinery. the air district responded to seven complaints from the public. >> the air quality management district consulted with officials at the company and launched an investigation as the ash fell on people's yards and cars. >> it was a white color. heavy dust.
6:36 pm
it was very thick. >> some sort of ash. >> it was coding your car? >> yes. it was enough that i tried to get it off and it wouldn't come off. >> martinez refining company says it should wash off with water. they claim it is catalyst dust, composed of alumina silicate and clay and other minimal rules -- other minerals. the company claims it is non-toxic and nonhazardous. contra costa health services say they are unsure of health impact. they ask anyone with respiratory issues as a result of the dust to contact their doctor. >> the guy from the oil refinery came in and bought quite a few carwashes to take care of the community. >> what about my roof were around my back? what are you going to do about that? >> martinez asks people to reach
6:37 pm
out if they are having problems removing the dust. a hazmat team took samples over the weekend and expect to have a full lab analysis on the dust complete by wednesday. >> we haven't issued any violations yet but we anticipate there will be violations issued once the investigation is complete. >> in martinez, leslie brinkley, abc7news. dan: the world's largest active volcano erupted today. it didn't threaten communities but officials warned residents need to be ready. this is thermal imagery from the usgs that shows the lava flow. josh paschal from los angeles has more on mauna loa roaring back to life. >> weeding -- we are getting our first aerial view of lava pouring out of the world's largest active volcano, mauna
6:38 pm
loa on hawaii, which erupted overnight. this video was taken from a safeway supermarket in a town with a population of 23,000. hilo to the east, 40 5000. no evacuations have been ordered although some who live on the kona coast has been evacuated. kilauea has been more active, but hawaiians know mauna loa's wrath, although it has been 40 years since i eruption. >> it has put lava flows over towns before. it is recognized as a hazard and they have plans to deal with it. >> officials warn residents about a possible eruption a month ago after a spike in earthquakes at the volcanoes
6:39 pm
summit. larger than kilauea, mauna loa rises 13,000 feet. a warning is in effect for part of the island. >> forecasting these things is difficult. it is hard to know what will happen before it happens. what we usually do is, we can look to past activity. historically, about half of the eruptions start in the caldera and stay at the summit. it is a 50-50 shot that this will reach populated areas. >> some flights have been canceled, so although there is no current threat to nearby communities, anyone flying to the big island should check with their airline. josh haskell, abc7news. liz: he is a man with heart. chances are you will see his work around san francisco.
6:40 pm
dan: meet a featured artist behind the heart
6:41 pm
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all on a single prepaid mastercard you can use at thousands of locations nationwide. call anthem blue cross at 833-797-4179 or visit and get a medicare plan with zero compromises for you and your wallet. liz: the san francisco heart sculptures have been icons since
6:43 pm
2004. when they are auctioned, the money runs medical programs. this year's art collection gives us a lot of reasons to love it. >> my style is a little bit threeimaginative and colorful. >> he is known for his public art contributions to the mission district and beyond. it came as no surprise that he was selected to create the commemorative heart for the 150th anniversary of zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. >> i wanted to have the viewer walk up to the heart and understand what that meant. i made it simple and did one side 1872 from the original hospital, black-and-white monochromatic, then 2022 full-color modern view of the hospital. >> the hospital has been a lifeline for the city, especially the underserved. >> it has been here for the 1906 earthquake, the aids epidemic
6:44 pm
and the covid pandemic where it took care of 30% of san franciscans. >> the hearts began in 2004. every new -- every year, a new site is unveiled and auctioned. the hospital foundation has raised $36 million that has gone towards innovative pilot programs that would otherwise not be funded. >> if it works it can be integrated into the health care. >> that innovation makes the hospital one of the leading public institutions in the country. >> what they have offered and created, i want them to see how it has evolved through time and is still here supporting us. there is power in that. >> the auction includes mini parts. one was designed and created by these siblings. each painted one side. >> i put flowers on my side so people can feel happy. they can have hope that covid
6:45 pm
will someday be over. >> my side, there is a little bit of part of a tree. i draw the sun and there are leaves on the back. >> it sheds light on something -- some endangered's. hlal on february 9.isplayed ati lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. dan: a families loss inspires a father to create a winter weather land -- a winter wonderland. liz: (fisher investments) in this market, you'll find fisher investments is different than other money managers. (other money manager) different how? aren't we all just looking for the hottest stocks? (fisher investments) nope. we use diversified strategies to position our client's portfolios for their long-term goals. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate high commissions for you, right? (fisher investments) no, we don't sell commission products. we're a fiduciary, obligated to act in our client's best interest. (other money manager) so when do you make more money, only when your clients make more money?
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liz: thousands of houses, iconic buildings and a train, under one roof. it is a beloved attraction on the display again at the hyatt regency. the snow village is a 100 foot long display that features handmade miniature structures. it is the work of a contractor and collector will build the village to honor his son christopher who passed away last year. he agreed to bring the village back after a seven-year break. >> we lost him from myocarditis,
6:49 pm
which is underdiagnosed and that is why we are making people aware of it. it is an infection that gets into the heart from a virus. liz: proceeds will go to the myocarditis foundation. he is very talented. dan: let's turn to the weather forecast and the big chill. liz: certainly feeling like the holidays. sandhya: we are heading into december. let me show you what to expect in the mountains. winter storm watch wednesday night running until friday morning. heavy snow possible, 1-3 feet. gusty winds so travel could be treacherous. difficult to impossible. by sunday night, talking 43 inches at donner. the snow totals, that is one model. they are measuring in feet. freeze warning for the mendocino coast tomorrow morning as they are expecting subfreezing temperatures.
6:50 pm
as we check out our temperatures, we will be cold enough. upper 20's to low 30's and the coldest spots under clear skies as wounds drop it skies clear -- winds drop. skies clear, a mix of sun and passing clouds. cold, frosty mornings followed by cooler days and a level 1 system for thursday, wet and windy. a weaker storm saturday afternoon into sunday. it will definitely be good whether for the water -- good weather for the water supply. dan: a lot to talk about in sports. chris: looking at the rain schedule for sunday's game at levi, that could change the outcome. 49ers have won several straight. steph curry playing at an
6:51 pm
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>> now, abc 7 sports. chris: after a great run, stanford's head coach resigned after the loss on saturday. they finished 3-9 and last in the pack 12 but the coach leaves as the winningest head coach in program history. gotta love this video if you are a fan. 43 draft picks over that span. the coach and stanford, more
6:54 pm
proud of the 15 academic all americans far, the most in the country. he is 50 years old and certain he is not done, he doesn't know what the next step is. >> i didn't use the word retirement. i have not said the word retirement. this is time for me to step away , time for stanford to find the next person to lead. i said it the other day, this program, the winningest program in school history, i hope the next person beats it. i really do. chris: the 49ers won the game yesterday and shutdown the saints 13-0. the coach says running back elijah mitchell's knee is more serious than expected, most likely out to 6-8 weeks. the order back took a lot of -- quarterback took a lot of big
6:55 pm
hits and that didn't look good. avoid a disaster when he was hit late and low in many by the defenseman. garoppolo in clear pain but stayed in the game. jimmy g knows the season relies on him. >> i was staying in the game. i knew what type of game it was. that was the only hit that was questionable -- was not the only hit that was questionable. but that is football. >> each game is different. you try to adjust during those games. i feel like jimmy had a number done on him. chris: with yesterday's win in minnesota, the warriors pushed over .500. they have won 8-11 thanks to steph curry, who scored 30 or more in 12 games this season, second in scoring and first in three-pointers made
6:56 pm
this season. he helped get the warriors back on track. they are starting to live up to preseason expectations. >> steve told us to play for each other and simplify things and when we do that, we are the best in the world. >> to get everybody playing well at the same time is great. we are starting to put it together, and if we can keep building at this rate, we will be poised for a run pretty soon. chris: back to football. the 49ers face the dolphins sunday. a former running back said the dolphins have, quote, way better talent than the niners and tua tagovailoa can actually sling it. he tried to walk back the comments, but today, deebo samuel tweeted, be real with yourself, with crying laughing emojis. the trash talk is on. it will be great.
6:57 pm
liz: that is it for this edition of abc 7 news. dan: for all of us here, we appreciate your time. have a great evening and we will see you later tonight. you go by lots of titles. veteran, son, dad. -it's time to get up. -no hair stylist and cheerleader. so adding a “student” title might feel overwhelming. but what if a school could be there for all of you? career, family, finances and mental health. it's coming along. well, it can. national university.
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♪♪♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants-- a phd student from new haven, connecticut... a dean of economics from putnam, connecticut... and our returning champion-- a customer success operations manager from ocean city, new jersey... whose 15-day cash winnings total... [applause] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--ken jennings. [applause] thank you. thank you, johnny gilbert. and welcome to "jeopardy!"
7:00 pm
if you're tuning in today hoping to see a great champion on an incredible streak, well, you're in luck. 15-game winner cris pannullo has certainly made his mark very quickly here on the alex trebek stage. in fact, he's already reached our "jeopardy!" all-time top 10, what we call the leaderboard of legends in both consecutive games and money won. and he's racking up some super champion-style stats while he's doing it. listen. he has runaways in 13 of his first 15 games. he's responded correctly to 32 of the 35 daily doubles he's landed on so far. and he's averaging over $35,000 a game. if you've observed the little jaunty thumbs-up that cris gives while johnny introduces him, that's exactly how "jeopardy!" fans are rating his performance so far. today we welcome michael and xanni to join cris. good luck to all three of you. here are your categories in the "jeopardy!" round. first, some... then we have...


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