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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 29, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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kristen: tonight, two major breaking headlines. bracing for a dangerous night ahead. potential tornadoes across multiple states. the system then moving into the east. also tonight, the verdict just in for the leader of the oath keepers. guilty of seditious conspiracy. stewart rhodes and another member found guilty of seditious conspiracy in the january 6th attack on the capitol. for the first time, a jury finding a conspiracy led to the mob attack on the capitol. the oath keepers had been accused of discussing possible civil war following the 2020 election. the plan to keep donald trump in power. the stash of weapons found in a hotel room just outside washington. pierre thomas with the breaking news. also at this hour, the tornado watch in effect for multiple states. severe storms expected tonight. and where they're now bracing
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for potential long track tornadoes on the ground for a long time. and this system then moves right into the east. alerts in more than two kdozen rob marciano timing this out. the race tonight to avert a crippling rail strike in this country just before christmas. and, of course, the potential impact on the economy as a whole. president biden with top leaders from both parties at the white house. can congress force the workers to accept the deal reached several weeks back? mary bruce tonight. the major new clues this evening in the murders of two teenage girls in delphi, indiana. for the first time, what an unsealed court document now reveals. the new images coming in. the world's largest volcano in hawaii, tonight, the lava shooting 200 feet into the air. residents now being told to be prepared for the worst. mow la len give and our team there. team usa wins. the showdown between the u.s. and iran. and news tonight on the star player for the whous scored that winning goal, now in the hospital.
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will reeve at the world cup. actor will smith and the interview tonight. what he now reveals about that slap at the oscars. and america strong tonight. a team we've been reporting on for months here. and what they've now done tonight. believe me, you'll be celebrating, too. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. >> and we begin with two breaking headlines. possible long track tornadoes across several states. then this all moves east. but we do start with the verdict tonight. the leader of the oath keeps guilty of seditious conspiracy. stewart rhodes, along with one of his followers, found guilty to use force to keep donald trump in power. a victory for the justice department tonight and the first time a jury has found the capitol violence was, in fact,
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the product of an organized conspiracy. prosecutors saying it started at the end of the 2020 election. our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas leading us off tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a d.c. jury convicting top leaders of the oath keepers militia of seditious conspiracy for plotting to stop joe biden from becoming president. stewart rhodes, the leader of the oath keepers, and one of this key lieutenants, kelly meggs, are now facing up to decades in prison for their roles in the january 6th insurrection. meggs, along with other members of the group, can be seen marching in lock-step in tactical gear heading up the steps towards the capitol. prosecutors pointing to rhodes in a video from november 2020 predicting what would happen. >> we have men already stationed outside d.c. as a nuclear option in case they attempt to remove the president illegally. we will step in and stop it. >> reporter: this is the first time a jury has decided that the january 6th violence was a product of organized conspiracy.
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the jury apparently buying the prosecutor's claim that the oath keepers were prepared to use force, that these guns, including assault weapons stored at a virginia hotel, were to be used to wage war if former president trump had given the word. rhodes, meggs, and three other defendants were also found guilty of obstructing an official proceeding, specifically congress' certification of joe biden as president on january 6th. critical evidence in the case appears 2s to be text messages m rhodes and other members of the group. rhodes writing, "we aren't getting through this without a civil war." in another he wrote, "it will be a bloody and desperate fight. we are going to have a fight. that can't be avoided." rhodes and a number of the oath keepers had testified in their trial, suggesting not to take their incendiary language seriously, and that they were not planning to commit violence. the jury clearly didn't buy it, convicting rhodes and meggs of seditious conspiracy, a charge rarely brought and prosecuted. among the last prominent cases
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was one involving the blind sheikh omar abdel-rahman, accused of plotting to wage urban terror war against the united states. >> of course that was some time ago. pierre, we know the leader of the oath keepers, members of the oath keepers not the only group charged? >> reporter: david, we have another major trial involving seditious conspiracy coming up with the proud boys, who first knocked down the barriers on january 6th. seditious conspiracy the most serious charge the government has brought, and tonight, prosecutors are very happy. that hope this sends the message that anyone who actively plots to overthrow the government will pay a price, david. >> pierre thomas, thank you. we are also following at this hour, the severe weather threat as we're on the air tonight. the potential for these long-track tornados on the ground for a long time. the potential across several statn tnur tysmes ioheeast at this hour, more than two dozen states on alert for heavy snow, high, potentially dangerous winds. images as the storm moves across the country. these pictures from utah,
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already slammed with heavy snow from this. then the snow emergency declared in minneapolis. multiple accidents, dangerous driving on the roads there. blinding rain in the south today. interstate 55 right here in mississippi, this is right near the tennessee border. and of course, the real concern, the potential tornadoes as we head intoing the night time hours. let's get right to rob marciano, live from jackson, mississippi. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. we got a late start to this severe weather upbreak, but things are ramping up. we have a lot of potential energy to work through tonight. they've expanded the tornado watch, it now goes into alabama and all those tornado warnings, there are several of them, that one near hattiesburg, that's a tornado on the ground. they are being pushed along at 55 miles an hour. this, as night falls, very dangerous. speaking of winter, we still have the snows going on in minnesota and wisconsin. the northeast will get it, too. but let's time it out across the south here. the next five to six hours will be most dangerous, in through
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mississippi and alabama, pushing into north georgia by around midnight. atlanta, you get it, too. these things do weaken somewhat tomorrow, but it will still be a dicey day. and look how quickly it gets into the northeast. wind and rain for a messy day and evening come mute for new york, d.c., and boss to be. by far the most life threatening weather is here in the south tonight. david? >> we're thinking about millions across the south tonight. please heed the warnings out there. and rob, thank you. we're also monitoring the unfolding situation in hawaii tonight, it continues. new images, in fact, coming in of the world's largest active volcano, main lalo what at night. look at the images. streams of lava flewing right down the hillside. and reports of lava shooting 200 feet into the air. and what authorities are now warning residents of the island. abc's mow la aglen give is ther for us. >> reporter: tonight, scientists reporting fountains of lava, some rising as high as 200 feet, at times, on mauna loa, as two new lava flows opened up on the mountainside.
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gas, ash, and molten rock have been pouring from the world's largest active volcano since it erupted for the first time in nearly 40 years. so far, the lava streams pose no immediate threat to communities, but health officials are warning about the impact of "vog" or volcanic smog on air quality. people with respiratory problems told to take precautions and limit their exposure. >> if you are experiencing any discomfort, go indoors, close the windows. >> reporter: and with residents of hawaii's big island already on edge, a 4.0 earthquake rattled even more nerves early this morning, but did no damage. mauna loa is now part of a rare dual-eruption event joining kilauea just a few miles away, which has been erupting for a year. tonight, emergency officials are on edge watching for what mauna loa may do next. >> although the flows currently aren't threatening lives or property, mauna loa can be very dynamic. >> reporter: officials say air
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quality could deteriorate for as long as this eruption lasts and there's no telling how long that could be. the other potential concern is where the lava will flow. as you can see from this charred lava field i'm currently standing in, several miles away from the volcano, previous eruptions have made it out this far, but it could take days, if not weeks, based on the current conditions, david. >> first time in 38 years we've seen this from this volcano, as well. mola, thank you. now, to the race to avert a crippling rail strike in this country. president biden today inviting leaders from both parties to the white house, and tonight, the question, can congress force the workers to accept the deal reached several weeks back? here's our senior white house correspondent mary bruce now. >> reporter: with a potentially catastrophic shutdown of the nation's railroads just days away, president biden tonight is
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urging congress to step in and pevent a strike. >> congress, i think, has to act to prevent it. it's not an easy call, but i think we have to do it. the economy's at risk. >> reporter: the president telling me he's optimistic. mr. president, are you confident you can avoid a rail strike? >> i am confident. i am confident. >> reporter: under the commerce clause, the constitution grants congress the authority to intervene and prevent a strike, because the railways are so crucial to the national economy. congressional leaders now planning to bring up legislation to impose a tentative deal reached earlier this year between the rail companies and labor unions. >> tomorrow morning we will have a bill on the floor. i don't like going against the ability of unions to strike, but weighing the equities, we must avoid a strike. jobs will be lost. >> reporter: it's a politically dangerous move for a president who prides himself on being a staunch defender of unions, and one he had hoped to avoid. in september, biden helped negotiate a deal, but several unions walked away, insisting
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their scheduling concerns were not addressed. republican leader kevin mccarthy -- >> the president told us all that this was solved long before the election. and now we find ourselves in the last moments, in the last hours, asking us to rush a bill to the floor. nobody wants the economy to fail. >> reporter: but even as he took aim at the president, mccarthy tonight supporting congressional action. a shutdown would have a devastating impact on the economy, roiling supply chains, and creating shortages, driving up the cost of everything from gas to groceries. freezing almost 30% of u.s. cargo shipments. according to one estimate, consumers and businesses could lose up to $2 billion just on the first day. a strike would also wreak havoc for the nearly 7 million commuters and travelers that rely on the rails. now you tonight, one of the unions that was holding out hope for a better deal says it is deeply disappointed by and disagrees with the president's
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decision to ask congress to intervene, warning that moving forward without more paid sick time will, quote, worsen supply chain issues and further sicken, infur rate, and disenfranchise rail workers. david? >> this is a rare move. we'll be watching this. mary, while we have you, the other developing story in washington, former president trump now reacting, just moments ago, to republican leaders who today, a week after trump had dinner at mar-a-lago with kanye west and a known white supremacist, republican leaders just now addressing it on camera and mary, i know you pressed the house republican leader kevin mccarthy on this, as well. the republican leader in the senate, mitch mcconnell, also pressed and i wanted to show folks at home what they said. >> reporter: mr. mccarthy, is there a reason you have yet to condemn the former president for having that dinner with a white supremacist? >> i don't think anybody should be spending any time with nick fuentes. he has no place in this republican party. >> anyone meeting with people advocating that point of view, in my judgment, are highly
3:43 pm
unlikely to ever be elected president of the united states. >> anyone meeting, having dinner with a white supremacist. that was really something to hear, mary, from mcconnell, sayinging unlikely to be elected president. >> reporter: yeah, david, it is pretty clear that the republican leader does not think that donald trump should be president again. but he notably did not call him out by name. and neither did kevin mccarthy. he condemned white supresuprema but he did not con contempt donald trump. the former president responded to fox news, taking a shot at mcconnell, saying he wouldn't have been re-e legged without tr trump. applause in the chamber at the vote. the measure gaining support after the supreme court overoverturn ed roe. the bill now goes back to the house.
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it could be on the president's desk to sign as early as next week. in the meantime, we turn next tonight to the major new clues in the case of two teenage girls found murdered on a trial in delphi, indiana. tonight, what an unsealed court document now reveals in this case. alex perez again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, new details in in the chilling murders of two teenagers in delphi, indiana. a judge unsealing a court document laying out the evidence used to arrest richard allen. police say they executed a search warrant at allen's home last month seizing boots, knives, and firearms, including a .40-caliber pistol they say ties allen to the crime scene. investigators say they recovered a .40-caliber unspent round btween the victims bodies that a state lab determined "had been cycled through" allen's gun. another piece of critical evidence, that infamous video captured by 14-year-old libby german on her cell phone. police say libby was rolling as allen walked behind her and 13-year-old friend abby williams on that bridge. according to documents, one of
3:45 pm
the girls is heard mentioning a "gun" as the man approaches, then orders them down the hill in that haunting audio. >> guys, down the hill. guys, down the hill. >> reporter: allen worked at the local cvs and lived just two miles from the crime scene. he was interviewed by police back in 2017 when he admitted being on the trail that day. prosecutors say allen may not have acted alone. >> if any other person had any involvement in these murders in any way, that person or persons will be held accountable. >> reporter: and david, police have not said exactly how the girls died. allen has pleaded not guilty and denies knowing or encountering the girls. david? >> all right, alex perez tonight. thank you, alex. overseas tonight, and millions all over the world watching, including us, as team usa beat iran late today at the world cup. tonight, word coming in that the star player for team usa who scored that winning goal was then taken to the hospital.
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our will reeve at the world cup tonight. >> reporter: it was win or go home for the u.s. men's national team, and tonight, they delivered against iran. but tonight, u.s. soccer saying superstar christian pulisic, who was injured as he scored the game's only goal, has been taken to the hospital for scans on his abdomen. the young u.s. squad advancing to the world cup round of 16, hoping to keep the attention on the pitch and away from the geopolitical drama, after iran demanded the u.s. be expelled from the tournament for posting the iranian flag with the islamic republic emblem removed on its social media accounts. u.s. soccer saying the image was intended to show solidarity with the months-long human rights protests across iran. the altered flag later taken down. but iranian journalists hitting back at monday's news conference, at one point asking captain tyler adams, who is african american -- >> are you okay to be representing a country that has so much discrimination against black people? >> reporter: adams responding,
3:47 pm
careful not to criticize iran's crackdown on civil rights movements. >> in the u.s., we're continuing to make progress every single day. it's a process. i think as long as you see progress, that's the most important thing. >> reporter: david, the u.s. will play the netherlands on saturday in the knockout stage. and just moments ago, christian pew lissic sharing a message onlining, saying, "i'm be ready saturday, don't worry." david? >> thanks, a great assignment, and looking forward to more. thank you, will. coming up, the 911 call from that pilot, the plane dangling, trapped in the live powerlines. how did he remain this calm? and actor will smith tonight, what he now reveals about that slap. ray's a1c is down with rybelsus®. i'm down with rybelsus®. my a1c is down with rybelsus®. in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c
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tonight, we're hearing the 911 calls from that pie late after that plane crashed into live power lines in maryland. 100 feet above the ground. the operator then asking, is this really the pilot? >> i've flown into a tower to the northwest of gaithersburg airport, it's one of the electrical towers and believe it or not, the aircraft is spinned in the tower. didn't know how long we're going to be able to stay here and i don't know -- >> wait, are you the airplane pilot? >> yeah, i'm the pilot. >> remarkable. it took more than seven hours to get the pilot, passenger, and the plane back on the ground. when we come back, will smith tonight, the actor, and what he now reveals about that
3:50 pm
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to the index and actor will smith tonight on that slap at the oscars. he took responsibility on "the daily show" after the slap after the joke about his wife, but also saying the emotions have been building for some time. >> but at the end of the day, i just -- i lost it, you know? and i guess what i would say -- you just never know what somebody's going through. >> smith resigned from the academy and was banned for ten years. when kwoem back here tonight, some really important news tonight, about a young team you rooted for right here. it's easy to think that all money managers s) are pretty much the same, but at fisher investments we're clearly different. (other money manager) different how? you sell high commission investment products, right? (fisher investments) nope. fisher avoids them. (other money manager) well, you must earn commissions on trades. (fisher investments) never at fisher. (other money manager) ok, then you probably sneak in some hidden and layered fees. (fisher investments) no. we structure our fees so we do better when our clients do better.
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for quite some time now. we always knew they were champions. and tonight, they really are. tonight, they are the young high school football team we've been reporting on for more than a year now. in riverside, california, the california school for the deaf riverside. the cubs. proving yet again tonight they are america strong. for the first time in their school's 6-year history, the varsity team winning state championships. the victory parade. the signs. we're number one. undefeated -- 12-0. division i in california's southern sex. the playerplayers, the coaches, deaf. winning against teams that could hear. warming up, running drills, jumping, rotating, their practices are silent. members of the team signing "hello david." and it's what they signed. ino saying, "deaf people can do anything. we're not this stereotype that's
3:58 pm
out there." running back phillip castaneda, telling us, "we can't hear. that doesn't mean we can't play. we're here to play. and we can." wide receiver, jory valencia, signing, "we're showing the world we can play." and this was jory at the winning game. the moment he helped carry the team to victory. tonight, gio signing "it doesn't make a difference what your dispablts are, we can still work with it." and their coach, keith adams, signing tonight, "it gives them hope. it givings them positivity to know that they can achieve higher things." tonight, we celebrate the cubs, the state champions, america strong. doesn't get any better than that. go cubs. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. good night.
3:59 pm
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> usa, usa. that is a big game. they did as. god love them. >> a hard-fought battle as the u.s. tops iran. >> here in the bay area a sea of red white and blue as fans turned out to support team usa in what turned out to be a successful but stressful match. good afternoon, thank you for joining us. >> today we have team coverage on the game and controversy surrounding the u.s. and iranian teams. there have been protests and even team interviews have been interesting. >> dustin dorsey with fans here in the bay area but we will begin with liz who spoke with bay area iranian americans in qatar who went to the game in
4:00 pm
hopes of sending a message. >> as the world watched the matchup between the u.s. and iran, san jose residents hoped to draw attention to what is happening off the field not just on its. >> today the game was political. >> he traveled from the bay area to the world cup with the hopes of bringing awareness to the human rights issues in iran. he wore free around shirts -- free iran shirts. this is video from today's u.s. iran game. a group held up signs spelling out her name. many and karina say this was one of only a few public signs of solitary -- solidarity at the game but not for a lack of
4:01 pm
trying. >> they have done a good