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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 29, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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area moving forward finding solutions. this abc 7 news. we have to have an extra tool to save our the lives of officers and the lives of people these are not the robocops that have been described. i don't think continuing to weaponize our police department is the right direction to go in. san francisco to city officials are reviewing a proposal that would let the police department robots use deadly force good evening. i'm on dates and i'm dan ashley. thanks for joining us supporters say it's a tool needed by police these days but critics argue. it needs more oversight abc 7 news reporter loose peña has been covering today's debate and joins us live from the newsroom loose. down and i'mma it was a heated debate at the border supervisors today the san francisco police department has had these robots
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for over a decade, but now the board is asking for clarity on how these robots are being used and the potential of them for deadly force. after a controversial debate, san francisco board of supervisors decided how 17 remote-controlled robots will be used by the police department. a robot simply will not be able to do to make these judgment calls in the same way with full situational awareness that a police officer would even be able to make for 11 years to san francisco police department has been equipped with 17 robots today and potential for using them to kill a suspect was challenged in light of california assembly bill 481 which governor newsome signed into law in september. it requires municipalities to create a policy for how military equipment is being used 12 of them are currently operable. these are not the robocops that have been described.
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these are devices that you know can be sent into a situation where it's unsafe to send a human police officer to assess. the device is not doing the assessment the devices is you know, taking photographs or video of what's going on. multiple supervisors mentioned the mass shooting at the last vegas harvest festival as an example of a situation which these robots could be used for either the chief the assistant chief or deputy chiefs who will make that decision. so it'll be a high command level decision. this is not something that is going to be used willy-nilly nor should be sf said they don't have pre-armed robots. don't plan to arm the one sars said they could deploy robots equipped with explosives. we have it as a tool in the event that we do have time that we don't have to go in and stop the thread immediately. so we have secured the scene and we and we weigh out do we want to risk lives and the public by
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getting ourselves exposed to the suspect or can we send a robot in to deal with it? the electronic frontier foundation is concerned these robots could be used with more frequency. they're remote control by an officer who will have a finger on a button to deploy deadly force. but as we know that's not that much more trustworthy because every day in this country police deploy deadly force when they really didn't need to supervisor dean preston was amongst several other supervisors who voted against the in 2018, our constituents voted 62 to 38 to not entrust police with tasers. if police shouldn't be trusted. with tasers they sure as hell should not be entrusted with killer robots. and just a couple minutes ago the board ultimately amended the policy and the motion failed with five. yes and six notes. however, supervisors are
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currently considering another amendment and could vote on that later this evening in the newsroom news peña abc 7 news. okay lewis. thanks very much a man and a woman face charges for a deadly shooting on a muni bus. both of them are from san francisco the two are accused of the shooting in san francisco, sunnyvale, sunnydale neighborhood on august 3rd 20 year old man died a 62 year old woman was wounded officers arrested the suspects at a daily city hotel. across the country the mayor of new york city announced plans to start hospitalizing homeless people who are deemed too mentally ill to care for themselves the city plans to roll out training immediately to police officers and emergency medical responders. the mayor says the city will ensure hospitals are equipped with enough beds critics. call the plan deeply problematic and argue that deploying police as auxiliary social workers may do more harm than good. a bay area man is one of president biden's new nominees to as a us attorney the president tapped ismail ramsey to serve as the top federal
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prosecutor in the northern district of california ramsey is a berkeley defense attorney and adjunct professor at uc berkeley. he represented former san francisco public works director muhammad nuru who you may remember pleaded guilty to federal fraud charges. he also represented anthony leveadowski the former waymo employee who pleaded guilty to theft of trade secrets ramsey's nomination will need to be confirmed by the senate which likely will not happen until after the new year. now to the world cup at a huge victory for the us national team this goal by christian pulisic pulisic propelled the us to a one to nothing victory over iran helping the team advance to the next round president biden gleefully broke the news to attendees at an event today in michigan. the usa usa. a big game, man. well, i spoke to the coach of the players. i said you can do this. they when i they're gonna they did it god love them. but today's match though between the us and iran it did go beyond
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the pitch abc 7 news. anchor liz kroitz is here with the political cloud hanging over the two teams and their countries. yes, amma today's game between the us and iran did serve as a spotlight as well on the human rights protest movement that swept through iran many were watching to see if the two teams would do anything to show solidarity. we also spoke to some iranian americans from here in the bay area who are at the world cup hoping to bring awareness to the issue. as the world watched the matchup between the us and iran san jose residents meti mira, beyond and karina mann hoped to draw attention for what's happening off the field not just on it today. the game was extremely political many is an iranian american activist who traveled from the bay area to the world cup in qatar with the hopes of bringing awareness to the human rights issues in iran. he's been among many in the stands who have worn free iran shirts weigh flags saying women life freedom and held up images of masa amini the 22 year old who allegedly died in police
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custody in iran for allegedly violating the country's hijab laws. this is video from today's us iran game a group held up signs spelling out her name karina say this was one of only a few public signs of solidarity at the game, but not for a lack of trying they've done. good job with making sure that if someone were to try and say anything other than iran their voice would be lost. they've got really big drums and people running up and down the aisles trying to chance certain words. so it's definitely a challenge today to do anything ahead of the game cnn reported that families of iran's world cup soccer team had been threatened with imprisonment and torture if the players fail to behave at the match at their open. game last week iranian players stood silent and refused to sing
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the iranian republic's national anthem today. the players did not protest and sing along it is unacceptable that they didn't do anything cameron. amantahiri is an iranian american activist who lives in the bay area. he was disappointed the team did not take any public stance still he understands the dangers and hopes the matchup sends a message worldwide awareness and to know that iranians are fighting this course abc 7 news. and team usa also did not appear to make any solidarity gesture at the game today. however, as we've reported a few days ago the us soccer federation did post that image of an iranian flag without the emblem of the islamic republic as for medi and karina. they are now heading home to here in the bay area. they say during their time at the world cup. they have had their signs flags and t-shirts confiscated by security. they've been followed harassed and recorded by supporters of the islamic republican. okay, please thanks very much in the south bay a big opportunity
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is coming to one san jose neighborhood abc 7 news reporter. zach fuentes shows you how a nonprofit plans to give residents the gift of safety. the seven trees neighborhood in san jose is a place its residents are proud to call home. it was raised here and i live here now. i'm raising my family here. i also worked in this neighborhood. so to me it is it's not just home. it's a place of work and it's a community but life in the neighborhood hasn't been without its challenges. this is a neighborhood that has a lot of gang activity drug activity a lot of theft valerie mitsumori also grew up in the neighborhood and now works with the south bay nonprofit rebuilding together silicon valley as an americorps member for some time now, she's been back in her neighborhood attending community meetings to see what she could do to make it an even better place to live being that i grew up there. it just kind of made me feel like wow, what can i do or what is it that you know we can do as an organization to help this community that i once grew up in after attending those meetings.
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she noticed one concern was being brought up more than the rest neighbors saying they're concerned for their safety now. it's morian rebuilding together silicon valley say they they found a way they hope can those neighbors some sense of security would be providing ring doorbells and installing them by a rebuilding together technician. they'll be getting sensor lights. so lighting for their homes and just letting up their porches and the neighborhood more to kind of, you know, feel secure in their areas. the technology will be available to the first 87 trees residents who sign up the cameras and lights were provided to rebuilding together by sponsors. and now the seven trees neighborhood association is working to get the out as it's going along we're getting more and more feedback people asking questions contacting valerie at rebuilding together. and so we're excited though right now. the pilot program is specifically for residents in the seven trees neighborhood the hope is that the program can expand we can tell already there's a lot of energy coming from the community a lot of excitement and so our goal is to be able to replicate this
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throughout the year in other neighborhoods and well into the future in san jose zach fuentes abc 7 news. last placitas college students in the automotive technology department are volunteering to help serialize catalytic converters to decrease thefts their etching catalytic converters with the car's license plate number and the livermore police department's badge lpd hopes. this will deter people from stealing and serve as a tracking tool for them. makes it a little more identifiable for us so that if we do stop somebody in a vehicle or having kind of converter, we can actually track to the rightful owner. according to the california bureau of automotive repair about 1600 catalytic converters are stolen across the state every month students on this project will receive extra credit. the end of the semester for their work this serializing is free of charge. still ahead here making higher education more accessible will tell you about the new california program and the event being held tonight to help
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or high blood potassium. in the massive strike by university of california workers union leaders have tentative agreements on new contracts for two bargaining units representing 12,000 post-doctoral and academic researchers. the union says the five-year deal includes wage increases parental and family leave and anti-bullying protections as well. now the units will stay on strike though until the contract is ratified bargaining continues for the unit that includes 36,000 student researchers and academic student employees a few months ago, california launched the college savings accounts program for low-income students starting with $500 up to 1500 this evening. alameda county will host the first in-person town hall to help families apply for the savings program abc 7 news
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senior education reporter liam melendez explains how you can apply california hopes to make higher education more accessible to low-income families. that's why the cal kids program was created the alameda county office of education is one of the first to host an information and registration session for families this evening so far 500 families have signed up. no one thinks that $500 is going to be nearly enough. so what it does is start family's off on a footing that says this is the first step to you investing in your child's future a team of cal kids representatives will be available in person to help families register. so who qualifies only low income public school youth are eligible for this program using a funding formula mandated by the state the free college savings account starts out with a $500 deposit 1,000 if the child is in foster care and 1500 if they are
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homeless families are encouraged to contribute more. later on, the money is available to families with children starting in first grade through high school what we do have are critical jobs that are sitting vacant and often must be filled by those out of state and sometimes out of country and what we want is to make sure our children are well prepared for those jobs students who end up attending trade school will also have access to the funds in hayward leanne melendez abc 7 news. all right after the break the roads and the sierra are clear for now, but that is expected to change very soon. we'll tell you what the storm has in store for us that's on the way. sandia will be here with a forecast for the sierra and forecast for the sierra and dancing is everything. soccer is the best. but her moderate to severe eczema could make it hard for her. my skin was so itchy. and my outfit was uncomfortable. now, my skin's not as itchy.
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ask your child's eczema specialist sierra today, but that is all expected to change soon caltrans and the national weather service day. travelers should take advantage of the clear roadways now
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because conditions are forecast to deteriorate they say travel through the mountains is highly discouraged starting tomorrow night through sunday and drivers should be prepared for chain controls delays even possible closures or white out conditions, which we really do welcome actually need it. so what can we expect in the sierra as well as here at home? abc 7 news meteorologist andy patel is here with the detail sandia. yeah hefty snow in the sierra denonama and we're gonna get some downpours here in the bay area. let's start out. the winter storm warning first it is going up tomorrow night at 10 o'clock. it runs until 10 am friday. we are talking about one to three feet of snow wind gusts 55 to 65. it's definitely going to be difficult to impossible travel so i would hold off the backcountry of the central sierra going under an avalanche watch is so because heavy snow is expected on top of a weak snowpack. there is a high likelihood of high avalanche danger may occur. so keep that in mind as we check out the snowfall totals. i mean, this is taking you through sunday, which is two
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storms 50 inches at donner tahoe city 31 inches 47 inches at kirkwood. this is obviously a welcome site. here's the storm that is going to bring us all the changes certainly already starting to bring the precip rain and snow in the pacific northwest a live view from our golden gate bridge camera, seeing a few whiskey clouds passing through the bay area 50s right now low 50s, san francisco oakland palo alto 54, san jose 50 and half moon bay and look at this lovely shot from our exploratorium camera clear skies here in san francisco as we look this way 46 in novato 52 santa rosa. you're in the low to mid 50s from napa to concord by the way, 34 degrees and half moon bay tide. it's previous record setback in 2006. look at the stunning pose sunset view from our east bay hills camera. it's gonna look different cold again tonight areas of morning morning frost stormy thursday morning commute. other system arrives this weekend. so we're going to show you what to expect first thing tomorrow morning. definitely the heavier coats and jackets. it's going to be sub freezing
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for places like napa santa rosa lakeport ukiah down to 30 in fairfield there 33 in livermore some of our coldest spots tomorrow afternoon clouds first begin to increase in the north bay and then eventually in the south bay, but you're looking at mid 50s to low 60s. today's highs were a couple of degrees below average to average and we're going to continue to see those temperatures sliding exclusive to abc 7 news. we have a level one storm coming your way on thursday brief downpours gusty winds half an inch to two inches for most areas and snow levels will be between 2500 and 3,000 feet. so first comes the wind it's going to be gusting at 5 am close to 40 miles an hour along the coast topping that as we head towards nine, am strong winds obviously will make it tough on the roadways. you could see some tree limbs going down. so be careful for the morning commute tomorrow night not out of the question to see a few showers developing in the north bay, but the main event the storminess begins five am thursday just as the commute
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begins and it's downpours at 10 am in the east and south bay as we head into the afternoon still the rain will be focused down in the south and east bay. it's a week atmospheric river could see some snow over mount hamilton, which obviously is more of a wintry mix rainfall totals as i mentioned anywhere from about a half an inch to an inch and a half the hills could pick up up to two. is accuweather 7-day forecast the cold frosty start again level one storm. thursday is going to be a stormy one for the start of the day and then sunshine and other chilly one friday in the morning and then rain is back this weekend, but that's going to be a weaker system. certainly saturday afternoon into sunday. we'll be looking at more welcome rain almond again. yeah, nice to get anything. yes. thanks, sandia. all right in hawaii. the world's largest active volcano continues to erupt right now. all the active lava flow is on the northeast. side of mauna loa and just last night lava flowed across a private road blocking access to a noaa observatory, which is a key global climate monitoring station by the way so far.
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no other nearby communities are affected for native hawaiians. the timing of the eruption is a special because it happened just hours before the 28th, which is hawaiian independence day stay with us. with us. we'll be sometimes a cough isn't just a cough so it's better to be prepared. keeping binaxnow handy makes it easy to test. and self test kits may be reimbursable with no copay through your health plan. with binaxnow, you'll have reliable results in 15 minutes with the self test that features the same technology doctors use. and detects multiple variants, including omicron ba.5 so you can always be prepared with binaxnow. the #1 covid-19 self test in the us last week i stepped in a bear trap.
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especially today on giving tuesday and a northbay nonprofit needs your help to make the holidays sparkle for some bay area families. so we've got gentlemen's clubs. ladies clothes home goods felts purses we have a lot of community partnerships that are great that help us make this all happen making things happen. that is samantha trudelius's specialty the founder and executive director of the sparkle foundation is on deadline for novato. nonprofit is busy shopping and collecting items for this year's holiday gift drive. that's a little different than most. it's like a farm's table experience when it comes to gift giving so we seek out members of the community to give us nominations of single moms that could use a little bit of sparkle and what we really seek to assist is you know, the woman who's working. she's got a roof over her head. she could put food on the table, but then there's no extra for christmas we can come in and plug that hole as the sparkle
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foundation 58 bay area families will benefit from the drive a lot of people ask for things that you and i totally for granted like, you know, socks and bicycles and you know, we're not talking. and tvs although we do gift those. it's a lot of just essential stuff that you know women need. lots and pans are always a fan favorite. what made you decide on helping single moms or a lot of different groups out there who you could help? but you decided on single moms. where did that come from? my grandma? she was a single mom in the 50s. so gigi is our north star. she raised my dad my aunt my uncle in the 50s alone, which was like totally unheard of in the 50s here. you are a woman with three children worked several jobs just to be able to make ends meet and samantha says so many women now are struggling saying it feels harder than a covid year possibly because of the economy. so, how can you add a little sparkle to the holidays? you can donate money or volunteer time sort rap deliver. just go to sparkle now. dot org and click on these
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links. i wish that more people were doing more to help others and this this holiday season, whether it's sparkle, whether it's food banks, whether it's you know, adopt a family or any organization like just do something good for somebody else and guarantee. it's like the best feeling that really is and they are working hard. samantha tells me today that they are about $7,000 shy of what they need to buy all those gifts so you can definitely help out and donations are 100% in 100% out. so, you know, your money is going to that great cause that's fantastic. let's get them to that threshold. all right. well, there are other ways to participate in giving tuesday. of course, you can donate to a nonprofit like ama just told you about or pay it forward, but that's not all it's not all about money. you can also give time and volunteer that makes a difference. you can also give your voice by posting about a cause on social media help amplify the message and you can always give kindness even a nice word or a smile is something we can all give for free makes a big difference. all right world news tonight with david morris next.
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i'm on a date and i'm dan ashley for sandy patel all of us here. we appreciate your time. we'll see you again at six. that's right.
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tonight, two major breaking headlines. bracing for a dangerous night ahead. potential tornadoes across multiple states. the system then moving into the east. also tonight, the verdict just in for the leader of the oath keepers. guilty of seditious conspiracy. stewart rhodes and another member found guilty of seditious conspiracy in the january 6th attack on the capitol. for the first time, a jury finding a conspiracy led to the mob attack on the capitol. the oath keepers had been accused of discussing possible civil war following the 2020 election. the plan to keep donald trump in power. the stash of weapons found in a hotel room just outside washington. pierre thomas with the breaking news. also at this hour, the tornado watch in effect for multiple states. severe storms expected tonight. and where they're now bracing for potential long-track tornadoes on the ground for a
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long time.


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