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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 29, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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with at&t fiber, now with speeds up to 5 gigs. limited availability. >> i was just calling his name and standing there at the doorway, standing in front of him, calling his name. dan: reliving the heartbreak of a robbery that spiraled into murder at in antioch gas station. ama: that woman describing the moment the man she cared about some much was shot and killed this past weekend. they were chevron gas station clerks. dan: j.r. stone has the interview you will see only on seven and you should know that parts of her description may be hard to hear. >> he said, somebody is trying to rob us. stay here. reporter: annette is describing
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the moments before the man she was dating was gunned down and killed. that man was also her coworker at this chevron gas station in antioch. >> i went in the bathroom. i heard the gunshots. i was running to the front door. he ran in. he stumbled in the door. he fell right there. on the ground. reporter: police believe this was a botched robbery that happened around 2:00 a.m. last saturday at the chevron. >> i knew there was something bad. there was blood everywhere. it was coming out of his mouth and all over the floor. reporter: williams did not survive. officers say surveillance video shows the incident and shows two
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male suspects wearing dark clothing driving away from the gas station. as of late tuesday night, no arrests have been made in the case. >> it shouldn't be hard to find. he was shot in the back of the head. reporter: she doesn't know what happened outside the store but is hopeful someone comes forward to help police solve this case, saying williams was a father and a good person. >> he cared about if i ate, if i slept. he made sure i was at work. that kind of person. reporter: she's struggling after what happened. >> i don't know what to do. i just know i'm not ok. why should they walk around freely? he can't. reporter: abc7news. ama: we turn to new developments
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now. robots with the san francisco police department can now use lethal force. supervisors approved the plan today, allowing police to deploy robots to kill in extremely rare cases, when there is an imminent risk of death to civilians or officers. supervisors added an amendment to require one of two high-ranking police leaders to authorize use of a deadly robot. the sfpd currently has 12 function robots. the department says it doesn't plan to provide the robots with guns. they could use explosives. dan: let's turn your attention to the weather. i'm live look from our east bay hills camera tonight. a week of frigid temperatures, rain, snow potentially on the way. sandhya patel is here with the timeline. sandhya: we are fast forwarding to winter a few weeks early. let me show you what the temperatures look like right now . down to freezing in fairfield. we are on our way to a cold night compared to 24 hours ago.
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14 degrees drop in novato. we don't have the wind which is helping. 10 degrees cooler in oakland. hour-by-hour. tomorrow morning, below freezing and some of our inland valleys by 7:00. light level 1 storm comes in from western canada. it's pushing moisture into the pacific northwest. eventually it gets here. weak to moderate atmospheric river, bringing storm concerns, ponding on the roadways with heavy rain. there is a moderate risk of that. i will be back with a closer look at the timeline, coming up. ama: a man's body found tonight and signed a burned apartment in oakland. fire crews say they put out a small fire at a building on foothill boulevard and 20 3rd avenue. a man who lives in the apartment suffered burns and was found dead inside. a dog was safely removed. no word yet on what sparks of fire.
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developing news. solidarity vigils being held around the world tonight including in the bay following days of protests in china. major chinese cities have been seeing clashes between government police and demonstrators over the country strict zero covid lockdown policies. it's a policy that's been in place for almost three years now. tim johns's live in the newsroom following these unfolding events for us. reporter: this zero covid policy from the chinese government means they could lockdown neighborhoods and even an entire city for even just one covid case. this has caused a massive hit to the chinese economy and the livelihoods of many people in the country. the anger finally boiled over last week after a deadly apartment fire. tonight in the bay area, a show of solidarity amid rear signs of defiance across china. thousands came out in chinese major cities to protest the government zero covid policy. a rule that many in the country are blaming for the deaths of 10 people in a fire in the nation's
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west. emergency crews unable to respond quickly to the blaze as a result of the barricades put up to keep the building and lockdown. those protests as demonstrators condemn the chinese government and demand the nation's stepped down. potentially dangerous move in a country that operates as a totalitarian dictatorship. the demonstration have sparked solidarity marches around the world. people in san jose and san francisco held vigils to remember the lives lost in support those in china. >> this tragedy motivated us, many people to brave their lives to go on the street to protest. some of them are already being arrested. reporter: many lit candles, some made signs, l -- others held pieces of paper. it's extremely unlikely the chinese regime would ever step down voluntarily. some here say they hope the message will spread. >> i hope more people, not only
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american people but people around the world who love freedom and democracy. i hope you can support the people in china. reporter: they will continue to support them anyway they can. >> always remember, we are with you guys. we will continue fighting with you guys. reporter: over the last few days, the protests have died down a little bit. chinese authorities have increased police presence and are a topping -- attempting to stop images from being spread on social media. president biden has said he supports the right of chinese people to peacefully protest. dan: thank you. president biden says he will promptly and proudly sign the so-called respect for marriage act. the senate voted 61-36 to pass the bill protecting same-sex and interracial marriage under federal law. it doesn't for states to legalize same-sex marriage but rather requires them to
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recognize legal marriages from other states. chuck schumer spoke during floor debate. >> no matter who you are or who you love, you deserve dignity and equal treatment under the law. dan: senate democrats pushed the vote after the supreme court overturned federal protections on abortion. the bill heads to the house where it's expected to pass and then heads to president biden for signature. exciting new development in the fight to treat alzheimer's. a drug is showing promise in a clinical trial. research shows a reduced alzheimer's symptoms by 27%. patients with early signs of the disease showed less cognitive and functional decline. that's according to the new england journal of medicine which published the results just today. drugmakers say they will apply for fda approval by march. this drug is different than the controversial one the fda approved last year. ama: still to come, marking
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their memory. the meaning behind these messages being painted in the south bay. a royal visit abroad. prince william and princess kate's plans for their trip to the u.s. tomorrow. the world cup business boom. see the kind of patriotic passion flowing to local bars and restaurants. dan: here's a look at what's ahead tonight on jimmy kimmel live right after abc7news. >> thanks. on this giving tuesday, i'm giving you a show. bicarb, you mean chop beyond recognition. >> a civil war surgeon in those movies. that leg is going to have to come off kid. ♪
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90% of members have received financial help and every plan offered is comprehensive, covering preventive care, doctor visits, emergency care, and more. regardless of your income, check today to see how covered california can help you. and if you have questions, there's free assistance every step of the way. covered california, this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at ama: a man spent three decades
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in prison for murder he didn't commit. he is suing san francisco. he was given a life sentence in 1991. he was exonerated thist worked n proving his innocence and a witness came forward. he has now filed a civil rights lawsuit. the city attorney's office says it hasn't yet been served with the suit. dan: a striking scene in the south bay. makeshift tombstones memorializing un-housed residents who have died on santa clara county streets this year. they will soon be put out on display in san jose. amanda del castillo you met with volunteers and has the story of their personal connections. reporter: with a bit of spray paint and several strokes of the paintbrush, volunteers and san jose are memorializing on house residents across santa clara county who have died since
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december 2021. >> when you don't have the money, you do things like this. i think it is more memorable. reporter: they have dedicated days to completing this tombstone project. the team is made up of currently and formerly on house people, their loved ones and homeless advocates. >> that matters a lot. you could bring in anybody to paint. they are all telling their stories. reporter: sean says for most, these tombstones serve as the only visual markers honoring those who have died on our streets. she says it's a source of closure for many in the on house community. >> it is so hard when people are un-housed. you see like, did you hear about bob? it's like, yeah. you just move on because there isn't time to take time to mourn. you have to find food and water and get swept. reporter: last year, they made 250 tombstones. this year, at least 240 unhoused people are being remembered.
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for fleming, painting this year is even more personal. her longtime friend brenda lee crews died in october. >> my boyfriend and i saw her before she died. we stopped on rogers avenue where they turn in the recycling. she had her little dog on her driver-side window. so cute. i can't say anymore. reporter: it's emotional. >> very. very. reporter: tombstones will be on display at the annual homeless persons interfaith memorial service on december 21. >> >> we put in our love. somehow, i know she will know. reporter: abc 7 i -- abc7news. dan: new york city, the mayor is planning to start hop -- hospitalizing any unhoused person who is deemed to mentally ill to care for themselves. the city will train police officers and medical responders
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immediately. the mayor says the city will make sure hospitals have enough beds. critics call the plan problematic. they argue deploying police as supplemental social workers may do more harm than good. ama: parts of the southeast are on alert after a tornado outbreak. at least nine twisters have touchdown across mississippi and louisiana. the national weather service calls it a particularly dangerous situation. one tornado damage multiple homes in the louisiana, 100 50 miles north of baton rouge. another dropped hail the size of ping-pong balls. the tornado watch has been extended into the early morning hours. dan: the prince and princess of wales are coming to america. prince william and kate middleton will spend three days in boston. this will be their first trip to the u.s. in eight years. their itinerary includes meeting caroline kennedy and visiting harvard young diversity. they will attend the second annual award ceremony for the
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earth shot prize, an initiative will you launched in 20 to create solutions for environmental problems. ama:'tis the season to give, especially on giving tuesday. there is time to help a north bay nonprofit make the holidays sparkle. the sparkle foundation received over 150 nominations for their single mothers holiday gift drive, the most nominations ever received. the nonprofit is on a deadline to collect gifts for the drive in which 58 bay area families will benefit. the founder and executive director tells us what they look for when selecting families. >> we seek to assist the woman who is working, has a roof over her head, but there's no extra for christmas. we can come in and plug that hole. ama: the foundation is asking for donations and money or volunteer time. wrapping gifts and delivering them to families will happen december 9 and 10th. when i spoke to her earlier today, they still needed about $7,000 to make all those christmas dreams come true.
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a little sparkle for those families. dan: samantha points out that donations to the sparkle foundation are 100% in and out. all the money goes to where it's intended. that's really exciting. disney is hosting the disney ultimate toy drive to help make those holiday wishes come true for children in need. you can buy a toy to donate online at shop disney. you can donate new, unwrapped toys at a disney store or disney store outlet or drop off your toy at a local collection site. for more information, go online. it's a great way to help make christmas special for some children. ama: so many ways to give. dan: giving tuesday. let's focus on the weather forecast. ama: let's hope mother nature gives us a lot of rain. sandhya: we will get a healthy dose on thursday.
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right now, chill settling in. i want to show you those temperatures, already down to 30 degrees in fairfield at this hour. you know it's going to be cold when it's below freezing at 11:19. 73 right now in santa rosa. 36 in napa. 37 in livermore. tomorrow morning, subfreezing around the north bay, from santa rosa to napa to fairfield. 30 in livermore. bundle up. heavy rain is coming at times. ponding on the roadways. dusty wind on thursday as this comes in. already tracking rain and snow across the pacific northwest. we will get our share. a stunning view right now of downtown san francisco from our camera. cold again tonight. areas of morning frost. another system comes in this weekend. not quite as strong but we will deliver some rain. afternoon highs tomorrow. low 50's to low 60's.
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on our storm impacts scale, this is a level 1 for thursday. brief downpours. the snow level will be between 2500 and 3000 feet. don't be surprised if mount hamilton gets a mix of rain and snow. the wind is going to pick up out of the south, gusting to 38 miles per hour along the coastline. it will be gusting around the region at 8:00. over 45 mile-per-hour winds at the coast. in the afternoon, remaining on the windy side before it switches over to lighter wind and showers come in. showers develop in the north bay tomorrow night. really late. could see some showers as we head toward thursday morning. this is where the stormy part comes in. the main action. 5:00 commute time.
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moderate to heavy rain going into 9:00 across the south bay. it's going to continue at noon time before we switch over to perhaps the frozen precip over mount hamilton and quick clearing behind it. rainfall totals with this system , anywhere from a half an inch to an inch. some spots could pick up a third of an inch or less. tomorrow is a good day to go to tahoe. forget about it thursday. winter storm warning. 10:00 tomorrow until 10:00 friday. difficult to impossible travel with the gusting wind. the backcountry under an avalanche warning. definitely something that's an unstable situation. this is great to see. by sunday, 47 to 50 inches of snow for some of the mountains. cold, frost a morning. level 1 storm. stormy conditions thursday and scattered showers. the weekend will bring more rain with a light level 1 system.
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click, call or visit a store today. dan: the bay area was watching as team usa won a thriller of the match against iran today. fans have been parking -- packing bars and restaurants.
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even on weekday mornings, they've been doing this. san pedro square will host another watch party on saturday for the usa netherlands match. you will have to be an earlybird if you want to catch that. kick off at 7:00 a.m. looking live right now at our camera, sf city hall lit up because of the world cup. we will be back with sometimes a cough isn't just a cough so it's better to be prepared.
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oh ms flores. you're the leader of many and pet wrangler, too. so becoming a student again might seem impossible. national university is here to support all of you. national university. supporting the whole you. larry: it doesn't get better than steph curry against luka doncic. 73 points tonightith the warriors in dallas. this was a hair-raising affair
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in big d. we are tied at 45. curry driving up and under. what hand i court nation. 31 per game. 32 tonight. to the third we go. luca with the steel. takes a coast-to-coast. did he travel? i don't know. didn't get it. 96-96. jordan poole drives. 14 points. loving it. the maps started over. he looked like he passed to himself. andre fired up. final minute. unstoppable. the fade away. knocked down curry before the step back dagger. 41 for luca. three point game. klay thompson gets a good look. no. mavs hold on. world cup stress. team usa with a must win game.
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37th minute. the header to christian pulisic. needed the abdomen. may be lower than that. gave up his body for the cause. the only goal of the match. he says he will be ok for the knockout round. iran gets the ball past usa keeper matt turner. have no fear. walker zimmerman is here to save the day. 1-0, advancing to the knockout round of 16. sharks in montreal. team teal scoring early. alexander barr of on-off. no. 1-0 sharks in the first two minutes. logan couture on the breakaway. sharks victorious 4-0. arik armstead, a special guest in santa clara. reading to the kids on this giving tuesday. arm said read the book. the names are focuses on the importance of diversity and inclusion.
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jimmy garoppolo drawn every day until he gets traded. today was day 300. a takeoff on the movie 300. sports on abc seven sponsored by river
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ama: you can watch our newscast on the bay area connected tv news app. download now and start streaming. thank you so much for watching. dan: for all of us here, we appreciate your time. hope you have a nice rest of your evening.
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stay tuned for jimmy kimmel. dan: ama: have a one. >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- billy crystal. kate berlant. and music from camilo. with cleto and the cletones. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: well, that's very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. i want to welcome you. thank you for joining us in


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