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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  December 7, 2022 1:41am-2:01am PST

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away with murder.
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this thick smoke could be seen miles away above a junkyard fire in south florida. flames broke out tuesday afternoon in hialeah 100. firefighters responded to the scene there. and thankfully no one was hurt, but the cause is still under investigation. the man once called america's dad faces a new sex assault lawsuit. five women say bill cosby abused them decades ago to appeared on his sitcom the cosby show. all five say he drugged and assaulted them similar to the case, which led to his 2018 conviction that was later overturned. cosby attorney claims the new accusations are all about money. kirstie alley's death is putting a spotlight on more than just her career. the cheers actress lost her life to a form of cancer that is the second leading cause of death among americans battling the disease. here's a b cs matt gutman. there is shock and sadness for so many fans and colleagues after the sudden loss
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of actress kirstie alley, who passed away at 71 after a brief but private battle with colon cancer. nobody knew other than her, you know, close friends and family, which is surprising because she was an open book about so much in her life. we've known each other only seconds and i'm already tired of you. kirstie alley won two emmys and starting the long running sitcom cheers as the tough but lovable bar manager. rebecca how down she spent four decades acting in movies from 1989 look who's talking to reality shows like dancing with the stars. ali's children revealing her cancer was only recently discovered and she was being treated, doctors say when it comes to colon cancer. early detection is key. the most common screening tool remains a colonoscopy, which is now recommended at age 45, possibly earlier. if you're at higher risk is a colonoscopy still considered the gold standard. for screening. yes i
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wanted to make sure that people understand a colonoscopy is not done to find cancer. it is the only test a man or woman can have that actually prevents cancer. the procedure can remove polyps that could later turned cancerous. colon cancer kills more than 51,000 americans every year about 15 cases are diagnosed after the cancer has spread. the disease is more commonamong men and african americans. colon cancer claimed the life of actor chadwick boseman, the star of black panther at just 43. and doctors are seeing more cases in younger people are doctors hope that kirstie alley's death will help bring more awareness to colorectal cancer, and her former co star and friend, john travolta, saying that kirsty was one of the most special relationships i ever had and her family, saying that is an accomplished as an actress as she was. she wasn't even more amazing mother. and grandmother. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles such an important story , matt thank you. wal mart ceo says inflation is easing on some
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items just in time for the holidays. those items include toys, sporting goods and apparel , doug mcmillon says. while the prices are still up, the increases are below the overall inflation rate, mcmillan says that is because of excess inventory. he also says shoplifting is a growing problem at stores and that could lead to higher prices and even store closures. well, it's not beach season in new england but stretches of sin on nantucket or in the news this morning, and that's because more people maybe going topless on the island's beaches next summer. it's all thanks to a measure entitled gender equality on beaches that's been given final approval by the state's attorney general . so that means men and women will be allowed to go topless. on the beach. previously topless women faced up to three years in prison and by the way of fine for being public on nantucket. coming up next. it is an author's biggest fear, holding a book signing for your new novel and pretty much no one shows up. how some of the
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biggest names in publishing came to this writer's escue and later how you can live like a hobbit spending the night in one of hollywood's most iconic set, you're watching world news now. mom: you ready for a surprise? daughter: yeah! what?!
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♪ wake up with catherine zeta jones live plus her and backstreets back, all right. with a special holiday performance from the backstreet boys. love it live on. good morning america. true. rest. the biggest names in publishing came to the emotional rescue of a brand new novelist who suffered a professional embarrassment. yes so she showed up at the book signing for her newly published book, only to run face first into a rude awakening will is back with more. hey good morning, you guys
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chelsea banning has been working on her fantasy book for 20 years. but what happened after she published it has more real life plot twists than the king arthur tales that inspired it. of crowns and legends is an epic fantasy novel about the children of king arthur from the magical mind of debut novelist chelsea banning. i started working on this. i think my sophomore or junior year of high school, so and i'm 33 now, so it's been a while so chelsea was expecting an equally epic turnout for her first ever book signing at a bookstore outside of cleveland, ohio. instead only two people showed up. my therapist always gave me the advice of, you know, let yourself feel those feelings. i couldn't find my journal, so i was like, well, you know, nobody's on my twitter. no one's going to see this. so on sunday morning, chelsea posted this. only two people came to my author signing yesterday, so i was pretty bummed about it, especially as 37 people responded going to the
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event. kind of upset honestly and a little embarrassed that tweet taking off even stephen king, replying at my first salem's lot signing, i had one customer, a fat kid who said, hey, bud, do you know where there's some books? and margaret atwood, author of the handmaid's tale, saying to chelsea joined the club. i did assigning to which nobody came except the guy who wanted to buy some scotch tape and thought i was the help. my favorite book in the world is the great believers by rebecca mckay. was one of the authors who responded. you mean seeing these titans of the industry way in and give you some support? what does that make you feel like incredible. i amazing this wielder of words left speechless favorite one so far, who replied today was flavor flav. i know i know yohe to hype up your next signing. meanwhile of crowns and
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legends is the number one best seller in a genre on amazon and in this new chapter of overnight success. chelsea who works as a librarian for her day, job says it's really about the power of reading. your book touches one person, then that's enough. you know, even if that person is a sibling or a family member or some someone random across the country, and if that person happens to be margaret atwood that right, right, right. chelsea tells us that of crowns and legends is only part one of a trilogy and the library that she works at is planning a book signing of its own tbd. if flavor flav is going to be there to hype up the crowd, though, the clock and everything i mean , you never know who your book is gonna reach, and i mean, in this case, it's flavor flav. it hurt her feelings that no one came. but this is the best thing that could have happened to her everywhere. it's incredible. henry winkler was also one of the people who responded. it's like every different facets of
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choice. it's never too late to see lord of the rings. yeah i got homework. write down movie number three of the ring. start there, all right, next to living like a hobbit. what fans of the lord of the rings and the hobbit can live out their fantasies by spending the night in the movies actual set in new zealand. the original habitants village has just enlisted on airbnb and honor of the 10th anniversary of the hobbit, an unexpected journey. up to four guests can stay in the millhouse, a two bedroom hobbit inspired home and listen. 32 nights days will be offered for next march for just $6 a night booking start next tuesday. there you go, rhiannon . i'm there. i've always wanted to go to new zealand. i feel like a hobbit houses perfectly sized for me. i'll bring you some. i guess you said it, not me. next to a whale giving out high five. wait. what? vladimir pull up. i think i'm saying his name right most famous beluga
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whale in the world is known for his friendly interactions, and now he's showing off some high fiving skills raising offenders he passed by a group of voters off the coast of norway, vladimir was actually branded a russian spy after he appeared off of norway's coast wearing a russian harness back in 2019. but so far he's not said anything about it one way or the other is keeping quiet. he's keeping quiet that i also don't mind mispronouncing his name because he's not going to say anything about that, either to us, and finally, to the tiniest santa of them all. what this% adorable guinea pig named bon bon is getting into the holiday spirit dressed up as santa claus bonbons human mom, lillian says she rescued bonbons mom last september and quickly discovered she was pregnant. okay what lost thickens. the guinea pig, not lillian. by the way, she gave birth to bond bond and his brother the following month, and lillian says they really brightened up her life, calling them my therapy babies. oh trying to figure out where she
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buys guinea pig clothing were thinking, etc
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>> deja: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, stand-up comedian sebastian maniscalco. and from the hit series, "abbott elementary," janelle james! plus, a good news story of the day. also singing superstar josh groban takes a seat at "live" desk. and now, here are kelly josh groban! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> kelly:
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