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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 20, 2022 7:00am-8:59am PST

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and watch it, just type in patti labelle, "this christmas," and good morning, america. arctic christmas? the dangerous holiday storm on the move bringing blizzard conditions and life-threatening bitter cold. this morning we are tracking the major winter blast, how it could impact your holiday travel plans and when it's all heading to the east coast. the january 6th committee urging the justice department to prosecute donald trump for multiple crimes related to the attack on the u.s. capitol. the new evidence in the final hour. overnight, the supreme court stepping in on the situation at the border preventing thousands of migrants from entering the country as texas sends hundreds of national guard members to el paso. we're there live. stockpiling crackdown. with the tripledemic of flu,
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covid and rsv bearing down on children's hospitals across the country, now the unprecedented demand for popular children's medicines and how some major retailers are responding. plus, what we know about the tripledemic test before gathering for your holiday. sounding the alarm for parents. an explosion in sextortion cases. could your child be a target? record-breaking fortnite settlement. after the wildly popular game and christmas go-to was accused of violating child privacy and tricking players. guilty. a verdict in harvey weinstein's los angeles trial. once hollywood's most powerful man now could spend the rest of his life behind bars. the newly elected new york congressman under fire accused of making up large parts of his resume from his education to his employment, to claims of founding an animal rescue nonprofit. the big holiday rush. with five days to go, an early present, the best gas prices since july 2021 and last-minute
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tips and tricks to get your gifts under the tree in time. ♪ run, run, rudolph ♪ and cruising into christmas. tom does it again. the superstar taking fans behind the scenes of the biggest stunt in movie history. no frills, all the thrills, giving us the chills. ♪ like a merry go round ♪ i got one more. tom cruise paying all the bills there too. >> that life insurance policy must be something he has. >> good morning, america. 13,000 motocross jumps, 500 skydiving attempts just to pull that off. what an incredible feat this is. amazing. >> amazing, incredible, 500 times, you couldn't get me to do one of them. also ahead, we're tracking the latest on the breaking news out of california. a powerful earthquake striking early this morning. we'll have the very latest on that coming up. we begin with the bill chill.
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the major winter storm set to sweep the country as we count down to christmas. some parts of the nation bracing for the coldest air in more than a decade. will carr starts us off in snowy everett, washington, where a winter storm warning is in effect. will, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. this storm system is pounding this area. we have seen snow blanket the streets here and it's leading to dangerous conditions. you have the snow, the black ice. we've seen wrecks. there's also the temperatures plunging across this region leading to the real concern that residents could be left without heat. adding to the travel nightmares, the seattle airport has seen nearly 600 cancellations or delays and there are supposed to be even more throughout the course of the day. so, add it all up, there are dangerous conditions that are going to continue to move east heading into christmas. so this is going to impact a large part of the country in the next couple days. whit? >> it sure will.
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all right, will carr for us, thank you. let's bring in cheryl scott in for ginger from our chicago station wls with the timing of this storm. cheryl, good morning. >> reporter: yes, good morning, whit. more than half the country under winter alerts this morning stretching from the pacific northwest all the way into the midwest and you can see winter storm warnings back there close to the seattle area. this storm is going to get going over the next 24 to 48 hours racing to the east through the northern plains and then into the midwest and we are talking periods of heavy snow and blizzard-like conditions with snowfall totals upwards of a foot for cities like chicago with very heavy rain impacting the north and east and dangerous cold behind this storm system. we're talking life-threatening cold with windchills anywhere from 25 to 50 below across the northern tier of the country and all of this plummeting so far south to the gulf where we're looking at some of the coldest air in decades for some major cities and this cold air is going to stay in place through the christmas holiday and move east here to the mid-atlantic and the northeast.
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cecelia? >> that 74 in miami is looking really nice right about now. cheryl, thank you so much. we turn to washington and the fallout after that historic move by the january 6th committee to refer criminal charges against former president donald trump. the bipartisan group of lawmakers calling on the justice department to bring those charges. chief washington correspondent jonathan karl has more on this. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. the dramatic final act of the january 6th committee comes after one of the most sweeping investigations of a president by congress ever. it was a moment for history. >> those in favor say aye. >> all: aye. >> reporter: the january 6th committee wrapping up its 18-month investigation in dramatic fashion urging the justice department to prosecute donald trump for multiple crimes related to the attack on the u.s. capitol. the committee brought forward new evidence even in its final hour, never-before-seen testimony from hope hicks, one of trump's longest serving and most loyal aides, who testified she told him she didn't see any evidence of voter fraud in the
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2020 election. >> he said something along the lines of, you know, nobody will care about my legacy if i lose. so that won't matter. the only thing that matters is winning. >> reporter: the committee also referred to the justice department evidence of witness tampering, saying a lawyer who was being paid by a pro-trump group told one witness she could claim she didn't recall certain facts even if she did and even suggested she could get a well-paid job from a pro-trump organization. >> we are concerned that these efforts may have been a strategy to prevent the committee from finding the truth. >> reporter: the committee summarized the most damning evidence against trump, arguing that he knowingly lied about voter fraud, pressured state level officials to manipulate election results, worked with allies to submit fake electors, and when all of that failed to overturn his election loss,
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whipped up his supporters into a frenzy to disrupt the transfer of power. as the mob ransacked the capitol, some of them even chanting "hang mike pence," the committee says trump stood by and did nothing. >> no man who would behave that way at that moment in time can ever serve in any position of authority in our nation again. he is unfit for any office. >> reporter: the committee concluded the president committed at least four crimes including obstructing an official proceeding, conspiring to defraud the united states, conspiring to make a false statement and insurrection against the u.s. government. donald trump responded to this with a written statement once again attacking the january 6th committee and insisting that all the investigations he has faced have only made him stronger. as for the justice department,
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no comment there yet. of course, they will make their own decision about whether or not to prosecute trump. their veinvestigation is well under way. cecelia? >> yeah, it is, jon. we'll pick up there. thank you. let's bring in abc news chief legal analyst dan abrams. jon just said this. this is the committee urging the justice department to charge trump. ultimately it is up to the doj. so does this move by the committee recommending these charges matter? what does it amount to? >> it doesn't matter. in terms of their conclusions, in fact, i would argue that the department of justice may not even want this. it gives the scent of politicization which is the last thing that the doj wants but what is significant is the testimony. the evidence that the january 6th committee has gathered. all of that becomes available to the doj to use in a possible prosecution and i think that's the key distinction there. the evidence versus the conclusions that they drew. >> no former president has ever been charged with a crime. the doj, merrick garland knows they need an airtight case if they go forward.
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where could they end up going? >> they could go in the direction that the committee is suggesting, any of those four crimes could be on the table. but remember, this doesn't even address the document case. it doesn't even address the ignored subpoena which many would argue may be the airtightest of all of the potential charges against the former president. >> and we still don't know at this point what special counsel jack smith could be considering. that is the huge factor going forward. >> right, and we're not going to know. that's the one thing i'm willing to bet on is that we're not going to know exactly what he's up to until we hear a decision from jack smith. and, look, that's the potential danger here for a former president. to some degree merrick garland was a protection against trump in the sense that he didn't want, i think, the potential political fallout of prosecuting a former president. jack smith isn't bound by that. >> well, we'll be watching. thanks, dan. rebecca? cecilia, we turn now to the border. overnight, the supreme court
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ordering the pandemic-era policy restricting immigration will stay in place temporarily as texas sends hundreds of national guard members to el paso expecting a surge of migrants. mireya villarreal is at the border in el good morning to you, mireya. >> reporter: hey, good morning, rebecca. that temporary pause is meant to give both sides the time to file briefs, also the court time to review everything, but with hundreds of migrants still coming over every day, many of them sleeping on the street right behind me. right now that temporary pause is just time to prepare for the inevitable. overnight, a temporary reprieve for title 42, the trump-era health policy keeping asylum seekers from entering the country was set to expire wednesday, but an administrative order coming from u.s. supreme court chief justice john roberts pauses the case. >> we're going to continue to proceed as if it was being lifted. we want to make sure we're prepared. >> reporter: this year border
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patrol made a record 2.2 million apprehensions with more than half of those people being removed from the country by using title 42 and another immigration policy. video provided to abc news by texas congressman tony gonzalez appears to show overcrowding at a border patrol-run processing center in el paso just a few days ago. this most recent surge overwhelming shelters like the annunciation house. >> we've had very significant numbers of refugees that have been spending the night out on the street. >> reporter: this 23-year-old traveling here from venezuela by herself and pregnant. she says there is a lot of violence in the country. there's no place for them to work. she had no other choice but to come here. and just a few minutes ago we saw the national guard rolling
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into town. the red cross is expected to set up what some people are calling a megashelter that can hold up to 10,000 people. >> mireya, the national guard is there. how is the white house responding to this crisis? >> reporter: you know, so the white house says that they are surging resources to the border, they'll have about 2,300 agents helping out. they are also asking congress for about $3.5 billion in additional funding to respond to this border crisis but that's just a stopgap. neither the money nor comprehensive immigration reform is expected any time soon. rebecca? >> all right, mireya, thank you. whit? rebecca, now to the latest on that so-called "tripledemic" threat, rsv, flu and covid hitting kids hard. this morning some major pharmacy chains are putting restrictions on some popular medicines for children. erielle reshef joins us with more. erielle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. as you know, for weeks in some places those medicines have been difficult to find, and though the fda says there's no nationwide shortage, some companies are now taking action. this morning, with a tripledemic
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of flu, covid and rsv bearing down, driving unprecedented demand for children's pain relievers and fever reducers in some places, major retailers like cvs and walgreens now limiting the amount of pediatric ibuprofen and acetaminophen customers can buy to prevent stockpiling. cvs telling abc news to ensure equitable access they are limiting purchases to two of those pain relief products in stores and online. >> we don't necessarily know when all these viruses are goin we're going d will tch supp you need.thing ppledatnsha >> reporter: and manufacturers agree, insisting there is no widespread shortage saying sales are up 65% compared to this time last year and they're working around the clock to try to keep up with demand. it comes as some children's hospitals across the country are packed with patients battling respiratory illnesses. 74% of the nation's estimated 40,000 pediatric hospital beds
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are occupied. and manufacturers acknowledge that the added stress and anxiety for these families running around looking for these medicines they're asking people to not purchase more than you need while we're seeing all this high demand. whit? >> so frustrating for parents. erielle, thank you. coming up later, more on the new test for all three viruses in one. cecelia? we turn to the verdict in the case against harvey weinstein. once considered the most powerful man in hollywood, he could now spend the rest of his life behind bars following this latest conviction. kayna whitworth is in l.a. with more. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: cecilia, good morning. so after nine days of deliberations a jury here in los angeles found the disgraced movie producer guilty on three of seven counts, including one count of rape. it was four women that came forward accusing weinstein of assaulting them in los angeles hotel rooms between 2004 and 2013. he was convict from california governor gavin
7:15 am
newsom's wife jennifer. now, he was acquitted on another count as well. weinstein pleading not guilty, claiming all of the encounters were consensual. the 70-year-old now faces an additional 24 years in prison on top of the 23 years he's already serving for his conviction in new york. these accusations against weinstein kicked off the me too movement in 2017 eventually bringing down a host of hollywood and media figures who abused their power. now, the jury will hear arguments on special findings today and, rebecca, that could really change the outcome of the sentencing. >> the important story, kayna, thank you so much for joining us. we turn now to the latest on disgraced crypto founder sam bankman-fried, now apparently willing to waive extradition back to the u.s. to face fraud charges for the collapse of ftx after a chaotic court appearance in the bahamas. aaron katersky is here with the latest. good morning, aaron. >> good morning to you, rebecca. sam bankman-isreretot tonited al arges.he due to appear fcourtro
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waive extradition. son be flown here to new york where federal prosecutors have accused him of stealing billions from customers and investors who invested in a rather confusing hearing on monday did not go as planned when a defense lawyer made some new demands and bankman-fried was sent back to prison where he's been since his arrest last week. prosecutors have accused the once heralded advocate for transparency in crypto of being a fraud from the start. an eight-count indictment charges bankman-fried with stealing $8 billion and using it to finance a hedge fund he controlled to buy lavish real estate and to make tens of millions of dollars in political donations. bankman-fried has denied committing any fraud. once he's back here in the united states we're told he'll try to be let out on bail. a conviction on the criminal charges carries a potential sentence of 115 years in prison. whit? >> definitely something to watch. aaron, thank you.
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we want to turn and check monday night football. cecilia, borrowing your sports . brutal temperatures here in wisconsin and tough results for the defending super bowl champs. the l.a. rams, officially eliminated from playoff contention after last night's loss to aaron rodgers. the green bay packers who have new hope to continue their season. here's the turning point here if we can get a moment. aj dylan fighting through that bitter cold and the defense not giving up until he finally gets that touchdown. after the game, rodgers said things are looking up for the packers. so we will see. >> i would be in trouble with the hanson family, my husband's family if i didn't say, go, pack, go, they are huge packers fans. go, pack, go. they are huge packers fans. >> there you go. coming up, breaking news we are tracking right now, an earthquake rocking northern california. at least 12 aftershocks reported so far in the wake of this powerful 6.4 tremor. we'll tell you more about that. and the record-breaking settlement for the wildly popular game and christmas go-to, fortnite, after it was
7:18 am
accused of violating child privacy and tricking players. but first, let's go back to station wls in for ginger this morning. >> we are tracking a powerful storm system that will impact so many here before the christmas holiday and really when it comes to that travel. take a look at the snowfall forecast. we're talking anywhere from 6 to 12 inches and looking at cities like chicago, upwards of a f of snow not out of the question. especially into michiana. not only rain and snow, very strong gusty winds, whiteout blizzard conditions expected and here along the east coast wind gusts upwards of 50 to 60 miles per hour, major travel impacts. you may want to think about revising travel for the christmas holiday. now, a check of your local weather in 30 seconds. al weather in 30 seconds.
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>> this is your accuweather forecast. it's a blend of sun and clouds on your tuesday. temperatures in the mid and upper 50's. this afternoon, there is the chance of some drizzle around santa rosa and points to the north, but most of us do remain dry today. overnight tonight, we'll have partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures generally in the low to mid 40's. here's the accuweather up-day forecast. winter arrives tomorrow. it will bring warmer weather with it. saturday and sunday, christmas eve and and coming up we go from football to soccer. cecilia, i know you're happy about this one. the celebration still rolling in argentina and the most liked picture on instagram.
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with quick dissolving nurtec i can get back to normal fast and prevent my next attack. treat & prevent - all in one. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions . this is abc. seven news. good morning, everyone i'm kumasi aaron from abc seven mornings. we are continuing to follow breaking news out of humboldt county. a 6.4 magnitude earthquake shook the area around 2 30 this morning. it was centered in ferndale, which is south of eureka. there are two confirmed injuries, but that number is likely to go up. there is widespread damage to local roads, including the fern bridge, which is the main entrance to ferndale. we've also seen nearly three dozen smaller aftershocks. this did not trigger though a tsunami warning. good morning, everyone a couple of issues to talk about. right now. we have a major delay on the berryessa line. that means over 20 minutes behind schedule due to an equipment problem and limited
7:24 am
service on the green line. this is also going to severely impact people that are traveling between the fruitvale and colosseum stations due to those issues. also we have a six car crash reported right now in milpitas. blocking at least one lane right now on westbound to 37 past zanker, kamasi. thank you. joe pena
7:25 am
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look alive doppler seven this morning. it's invisibility mode. you're looking at miles of visibility on your screen at 2.5 miles in santa rosa, half moon bay, just one of those mornings where it's a great start to our day temperatures a little bit warmer compared to this time yesterday, most of us waking up the low and mid forties as you go about your day live look outside or east bay hills camera. fair amount of cloud cover will have that blend of sun and clouds throughout the day. some drizzle the north bay this afternoon possible to also a spare the air day from
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moderate to poor air quality guys. thank you drew. if you're streaming on the abc seventh area at abc, seven at seven is next for everyone else. it's g m a
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it's more than a gift. ♪ i get to see what santa left for me ♪ 14. >> 14. >> 14. >> welcome back to "gma." that's rocco from the broken antler saving 14 ducks caught in a drain. we are celebrating some real heroes who come to the rescue of wildlife in distress, and lara is out there with them this morning. >> reporter: hey. i am with rocco and jackie. they are the founders of the broken antler. joe says it's a calling to help any animal from a baby bird to a giant buck who are in distress. they are like a 911 emt service on call 24/7 saving and rehabbing some of these animals. this guy, by the way, this is
7:31 am
alan mcbutterpants. he is a groundhog who loves to have his ears scratched. he could not be released back intoth wd,e stheildlifreer. we're going to meet butterpants and we're going to meet archie the owl and some of the other animals that have been saved and celebrate the incredible work that rocco and jackie do out here on long island. whit? >> all right, well, alan mcbutterpants gets the award for the best name. we can't wait to see more. we have a big surprise for rocco and jackie this morning in "gma" gives back, much more coming up. we turn to this breaking news we're following out of california. a powerful earthquake striking early this morning, so let's go back to kayna whitworth, who is tracking the very latest again on this breaking story. good morning, again, kayna. >> reporter: good morning. residents in northern california really jolted awake this morning when a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit at 2:34 this morning causing
7:32 am
widespread damage, downed power lines, power outages, fires and structural damage as right now authorities are going city by city in the area and they're hearing reports of injuries, but they haven't been in touch with everybody in hum bolt county just this happened about 200 miles north of san francisco. there's t tsunami, but more than 75,000 people don't have power. pg&e say they've initiated their emergency response to help deal with that. cecelia, we still don't know the extent of this
7:33 am
>> kayna, we're thinking of everyone there. kayna whitworth, thank you. whit? cecilia, now to the record-setting settlement between the maker of the hit game fortnite and the ftc. the company agreeing to pay half a billion dollars to settle two lawsuits including one claiming it violated children's privacy. trevor ault is here with more on that. trevor, good morning. >> good morning, whit. so everybody knows fortnite is gigantic, 400 million player accounts here. it is probably almost certainly the most popular game in the entire world but the ftc says the company that founded this game is not playing fair and now it's time for them to pay up. this morning, the ftc reaching record-breaking settlement agreements with the creator of fortnite. epic games agreeing to pair a fines of $520 million. >> this is a big deal for the ftc and the public. >> reporter: the first settled civil complaint filed against the company alleges epic games violated the federal children's online privacy protection act by collecting personal information from fortnite players under the
7:34 am
age of 13 without notifying their parents or obtaining verifiable parental consent. that lawsuit also accused the company of automatically and illegally enabling realtime voice and text chat communications for children and teens playing the game. >> and the result was children were exposed to online bullying, blackmail and harassment which led to significant trauma. >> reporter: the second settled civil complaint centers around in-game purchases alleging the company used confusing and inconsistent button configurations to trick players into unwanted payments. >> we found that even when a user was just looking to wake the game back up after it had gone into sleep mode, they could be charged with all sorts of fees that they didn't intend to make. >> reporter: epic games says we accepted this agreement because we want epic to be at the forefront of consumer protection and provide the best experience for our player. we share the underlying principles of fairness, transparency and privacy that the ftc enforces.
7:35 am
epic has to make several changes like establishing a privacy program. they made some privacy changes back in september and they also have to get independent audits too. the company, of course, took in more than $5.5 billion in revenue last year so that softens the blow, cecilia, of the half a billion dollar fine. >> wow, just incredible. trevor, thank you so much. we turn now to an incoming congressman under fire. new york republican george santos accused of making up major parts of his resume from a charity he claimed to find to the school he claimed to attend. congressional correspondent rachel scott has more from washington. all this, rachel, just a few weeks before this new congress is sworn in. >> reporter: hey, cecilia, good morning. yes, and george santos is set to be sworn into that new congress, but now he's being accused of running a scam against voters. what he told them about his education, his employment, even a nonprofit for rescue animals, well, it is not adding up. this morning, explosive allegations against newly elected congressman george
7:36 am
santos. "the new york times" reporting the republican representing long island appears to have misrepresented substantial parts of his resume from his education to his employment. >> i hope i can earn your vote on november 8th. >> reporter: he ran on the american dream. his campaign website claiming he's the son of immigrants, a wall street financier and investor who worked at goldman sachs and citigroup graduating from baruch college. but when we reached out to baruch, they checked the records for george santos with his birthday graduating in 2010 and could not find a match. goldman sachs saying they can find no record he worked there and citigroup can't either. on his website he claims to have founded an animal rescue nonprofit that saved thousands of dogs and cats but abc could find no irs record of a nonprofit with that name and this morning, an attorney for santos insisting reporters are trying to, quote, smear his good name with these defamatory allegations.
7:37 am
so the big question, what happens now? republicans in new york say that this report raises serious concerns, but republicans here on capitol hill, including leader kevin mccarthy, have been notably silent. santos did help republicans clinch a narrow majority in the house and mccarthy is working to get the votes that he needs to become the next speaker. rebecca? >> all right, rachel, thank you. now we turn to new details on the severe turbulence that sent more than a dozen people to the hospital after a flight from phoenix to honolulu. an investigation is now under way as millions get ready to fly for the holiday and gio benitez has the latest. gio, good morning. >> rebecca, good morning. yeah, the airline says it knew the storms were ahead and even flight attendants were walking around. so there are big questions this morning about how this even happened. this morning, an investigation under way after a flight from phoenix to hawaii hit severe turbulence. >> do we have any doctors, nurses? >> reporter: dramatic new videos capturing the chaos. passengers and flight attendants tossed around.
7:38 am
some hitting their heads on the overhead compartments. 13 sent to the hospital, 7 with serious injuries. >> we started free-falling for like five to ten seconds. during that freefall i was really scared. i thought it was the end. >> the kind of turbulence that causes these injuries is when air is moving vertically so that the airplane moves up and down and people become actually weightless and bounce off the ceiling which causes these terrible injuries. >> reporter: now the national transportation safety board is investigating speaking with "gma" overnight. >> we have our meteorologists who are looking at the weather event itself, which is really focused on how do you prevent these type of injuries from occurring. >> reporter: one of the injured, a 14-month-old child. while we don't know how the child was injured, the ntsb reminds passengers holding children in your lap on a plane is not safe. >> the safest place your child can be is in their own seat which would be a booster or carseat. >> reporter: the hawaiian flight
7:39 am
wasn't the only incident. a united airlines flight from rio to houston also hit turbulence. two passengers and three crew members ending up with minor injuries. and you've got to remember modern planes have technology to detect certain turbulent conditions. so the ntsb will almost certainly be looking at why flight attendants on that hawaiian flight were out of their seats and why all passengers weren't strapped in. it's a good reminder, rebecca, to keep that seat belt on no matter what. >> a great reminder, gio, and we're obviously looking for answers in all this. gio, if you don't want to fly this holiday, there is that early christmas present. gas prices. >> yeah, that is right. the national average right now is sitting at $3.12 a gallon. and it's falling quickly by the day. some experts say it may drop to under $3 a gallon by christmas on sunday. look, whether it happens or not, about a dozen states, they're alady seeingrices at low, stunts, you know who i'mal
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♪ i'm getting shredded! ♪ make the smart choice. land o'frost premium meat. ho. ho. ho. it's santa. we got a problem. ♪ ho! ho! ho! we are back now with an eye-popping, high-flying, behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming "mission: impossible" with tom cruise. look at this video. espn's kelley carter joins us with more. good morning to you. he's still doing this crazy stuff. >> good morning. yes, he's still flying high
7:44 am
after the billion-dollar smash of "top gun: maverick," but tom cruise is giving us more. he recently released a nine-minute video that gives fans a look at how hollywood's biggest stars pulls off some of the most impressive stunts to ever be captured on film. >> you need to pick a side. >> reporter: tom cruise fans are hotly anticipating the next installment of the blockbuster "mission: impossible" franchise. "dead reckoning part one" not set to hit theaters until next july but the superstar actor is giving fans an early christmas present. >> this is far and away the most dangerous thing we've ever attempted. there will be a motorcycle jump off a cliff into a b.a.s.e. jump. >> reporter: the 60-year-old providing an extended behind-the-scenes look at some of the hair-raising action that will be in the seventh "mission: impossible" film, this stunt years in the making and involved cruise skydiving over 500 times and attempting 13,000 motocross jumps over countless takes being called the biggest stunt in cinema history. >> how do we involve the audience? i just want to give them that
7:45 am
thrill. >> reporter: this latest adventure raising the stakes even further or should we say higher. >> i don't know what tom cruise won't do at this point in his career. he's 60 years old. he's, you know, running about like anyone in their 20s which is so great to watch unfold. >> good morning, aviators. >> reporter: despite hollywood's pandemic-era box office blues this year's "top gun: maverick" became the leading man's first film to hit the billion-dollar mark at the box office. this week cruise thanking his fans in typical cruise fashion. >> thank you for allowing us to entertain you. it truly is the honor of a lifetime. >> reporter: cruise's action-packed films makes his campaign to bring fans flocking
7:46 am
back consistently to theaters seem like a mission possible. >> he wants to give the audience and the viewer an experience and a lot of people believe in that message that tom cruise is sending, you know, save the movie theater. be there for the movie theaters like they've been there for us. >> you know, i was there for the cannes film festival this past summer and i witnessed the fighter jets flying overhead and tom cruise arriving via a helicopter. after seeing that stunt video i cannot wait to see what he does in the summer of 2023. guys? >> i am so right there with you. thank you. >> i get nervous just watching that. >> the most death defying. "play of the day" coming up, one word for you, messi.
7:47 am
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♪ we are back now with our "play of the day." we are all still in full world cup mode. argentina is in full party mode. it is a national holiday there. look at this, the team's world cup victory. the party is under way. it was also 4:00 a.m. when they got off the plane. trophy in hand, lionel messi right there, all of his teammates. this is a party from the moment they got off the plane and then look at this. the streets of buenos aires, they are in full party mode. packed with people in the middle of the night. take a look at this too. but, wait, there's more. this photo of messi is the most
7:51 am
liked picture on all of instagram of all time with 59.4 million likes. it was just 58 a few minutes ago, still going and it's this post, look at this, getting our attention saying messi proving he's got that trophy there. he finally also got a nap. so good for him. we will be right back. congratulations. melt into your holiday moments with lindor. ♪ ♪ irresistibly smooth chocolate. from the lindt master chocolatier. get low prices and great deals on last minute gifts at target. hurry to save on the last minute gifts on your list. get low prices and great deals, so you can holiday your way only at target.
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building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions . this is abc. seven news. good morning, everyone. i'm kumasi aaron from abc seven morning we're going to check in knowledge of being a fortune for a look at traffic. hijo bina. marcie thank you. we are following that six car crash that we mentioned earlier in milpitas, blocking at least one lane right now that the speeds have improved around 25 mph. this is on westbound to 37 past zanker. also moving to another issue. where following in san francisco southbound one before 2 80. crash there. we will wrap up with a look at our equipment problems on bart. major delays impacting the barriers aligned this morning. hi, drew. hydro bina. we're looking at visibility right now. we're live doppler seven showing you petaluma is less than two miles . so we do have gray skies out there to start our morning, but it is helping heap temperatures little warmer than the past few mornings loaded forties out
7:57 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. arctic christmas? the dangerous holiday storm on the move bringing blizzard conditions and life-threatening bitter cold. this morning, we are tracking the major winter blast. how it could impact your holiday travel plans and when it's all heading to the east coast. "tripledemic" test? what we know about the new tool before gathering for your holiday. plus, with the flu, covid and rsv, bearing down on children's hospitals across the country, now the stockpiling crackdown on children's popular medicines. new fbi warning. sounding the alarm for parents, an explosion in sextortion cases. could your child be a target?
8:01 am
postpartum struggle. "dancing with the stars" pro sharna burgess sharing what she called super dark thoughts after her son with brian austin green was born. her message to new moms. ♪ rocking around the christmas tree ♪ just five days to go. this morning, the beautiful deals for those last-minute gifts. why you might want to shop this store. ♪ you're gonna hear me roar ♪ it's "gma" gives back. meet the couple on a mission to protect wildlife rescuing thousands of animals from baby ducklings to raccoons to a flock of sheep. this morning, lara is celebrating all their work and delivering an incredible surprise as we say, good morning, america. ♪ you're gonna hear me roar ♪ good morning, america. that was lara at the evelyn alexander wildlife -- there she is -- rescue center can her closest friends including alan
8:02 am
mcbutterpants. we hope he's still there. got a big surprise. >> we love that name. also, it's my turn in the kitchen, folks. >> uh-oh. >> i heard my wife laugh out loud from home. no fear, that is chef dan pelosi. he is here. he will help us all. he will help me bake my favorite cookies this morning, the 12 days of christmas cookies with his own special twist. >> any chance to eat and we'll take it. our ugly christmas sweater search rolls on, will ganss doing arabesques looking just fabulous in that sweater in san diego with something big up his sleeve. >> leaping. >> a 10. >> yes, first, we are going to begin with the major winter storm set to sweep so much of the country as we count down to christmas. some parts of the nation bracing for the coldest air in more than a decade. let's go back to will carr in everett, washington, where a winter storm warning is already in effect. good morning, again. >> reporter: we've been out here for a couple of hours, and the temperature has dropped.
8:03 am
it has gotten cold out here, and you can see snow has blanketed the roads. a couple of inches on this car. we could see up to eight throughout the course of the day and this is leading to dangerous driving conditions. there's the snow, black ice, we've seen wrecks on the road, and with the temperatures plummeting, there is the real concern that residents could be left without power. adding to the travel nightmare, the seattle airport has seen nearly 600 cancellations and delays and that's going to continue throughout the course of the day. add it all up, this is a dangerous storm system that will continue to move east heading into christmas. >> so chilly out there. let's bring back cheryl scott in for ginger from wls with the timing of the storm. when is it going to hit? >> reporter: major travel disruptions expected into the christmas holiday tracking this hitting the pacific northwest right now. it gets going and will continue pto slide across the northern plains and then into the midwest. a very high gusty wind, heavy snow, and blizzard-like conditions for cities like chicago and heavy
8:04 am
rain moving into the north and east. take a look at these snow totals expected. 6 to 12 inches for many, up to a foot for cities like chicago, even higher than a foot for michiana. very cold brutal arctic air looking at windchills, dangerous cold, anywhere from 25 to 50 below across the northern tier of the country, and all of that cold air sinking south with high gusty winds that will impact major airport hubs from philadelphia up into boston on friday. rebecca. >> one word for all that, cheryl, oofda. giving away my midwestern roots. thank you so much, cheryl. we want to turn to the so-called "tripledemic" threat, rsv, covid and the flu hitting kids hard. how some pharmacy chains are putting restrictions on popular medicines for children. nice to see you, erielle. >> reporter: for weeks in some places those medicines have been difficult to find and though the fda says there's no nationwide
8:05 am
shortage some companies are now taking action. this morning, with the tripledemic of flu, covid and rsv bearing down driving unprecedented demand for children's pain relievers and fever reducers in some places, major retailers like cvs and walgreens now limiting the amount of pediatric ibuprofen customers can buy to prevent stockpiling. cvs telling abc news, to ensure equitable access they are limiting purchases to two of those pain relief products in stores and online. >> the best thing that people can do is onlybuy the medications that you need. >> reporter: and manufacturers agree, insisting there is no widespread shortage saying sales are p 65% compared to this time last year and they're working around the clock to try to keep up with demand. it comes as some children's hospitals across the country are packed with patients battling respiratory illnesses. and experts say if you can't find medications you're looking for talk to your pharmacist about alternatives like generic.
8:06 am
brands and if your child's symptoms worsen speak to your pediatrician. >> such valuable information for parents. thank you, erielle. and we'll have more on those new tripledemic tests coming up. now to an urgent alert. the fbi is warning of an explosion of sextortion cases. teens tricked into sending explicit photos and then blackmailed for money. trevor ault is back with more on this alarming trend. >> this is awful but so important we talk about it. the so-called sextortion cases. you have an adult convincing a child to send explicit images, then threaten to expose them to everybody they know if they don't send them money or gift cards and a shocking number of kids are falling victim to this. this morning, the fbi and partner agencies with an alarming alert for parents reporting an explosion of child sextortion cases. >> this is such an overwhelming and a huge problem across the world. and the majority of people who
8:07 am
have kids that are online and interacting online with strangers have no idea this is happening. >> reporter: the fbi says there's been a staggering 67,000 -- 7,000 reports this year resulting in 3,000 victims and more than a dozen suicides. authorities stress any child could be targeted but they're seeing 14-year-old to 17-year-old boys most often victimized. >> boys are online a huge amount and they're in the gaming places. they're in all these places where it might have just been girls before but now boys are online just as much. >> reporter: and the fbi director stresses there's certainly many more victims who haven't come forward out of fear or shame. investigators and child advocates say it's crucial for parents to talk to their kids. >> parents really need to be talking to their children about making safe and smart decisions about identifying risky situations and learning how to avoid them. these issues that face us today are only increasing. >> reporter: so investigators say if your child's been targeted do not pay the blackmailer. you want to report them to authorities right away and block them everywhere.
8:08 am
it's also so important to talk to your child so they feel safe telling you if they've been victimized. that's why a lot of things go unreported. kids are scared they'll get in trouble with their parents. >> trevor, thank you. coming up here on our "gma morning menu," "dancing with the stars" pro sharna burgess sharing her struggle with dark thoughts after having her baby. and the support she found. plus, holiday shopping and shipping hacks. if you still need to get gifts out becky worley will break down what we all need to know. and lori bergamotto is here with the best finds from you ulta beauty for our series "shop this store" and lara is at a rescue center for "gma" gives back where she has a big surprise. hey, lara. >> reporter: hey, i do, indeed, rebecca. i'm here with jackie roche and joe rocco founder of the broken antler. they have been called angels on earth. they say it's their calling and we are so grateful for the work they do. this is vlad.
8:09 am
turkey vulture. we're going to introduce you to him and reintroduce you to mr. mcbutterpants and some other animals who are getting a second chance at life thanks to the amazing work that these two folks do. their story coming up on "good morning america." "gma's morning menu" is sponsored by cirque du soleil. discover the extraordinary. ♪ like i should ♪ from the edge of your seat to the edge of our world our realities turned inside out a kaleidoscope of cultures we are all born from the sun we reach beyond, together beyond the expected beyond the infinite beyond, beyond tis the season for hashtag giving. oh, giving is the best blablablablaaaa. aww and a little something for the deer.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] ere square but our friends still came out to hang out with us. welcome back to "gma." we are so excited to have stanley tucci tomorrow.
8:14 am
michael is talking to him about his new role in the new whitney houston biopic and, of course, can't talk to stanley tucci without talking food so michael will do that including his favorite sandwich shop right here in new york city and i imagine after tomorrow it will be everybody's favorite sandwich shop and impossible to get into. >> definitely looking forward to that. we want to turn to our "gma" cover story. "dancing with the stars" pro and new mom sharna burgess sharing her postpartum struggle, what she calls super dark thoughts after giving birth to her son and erielle reshef is back with more on that. >> sharna was candid in our conversation telling me that early motherhood has been beautiful and joyful but also terrifying, frustrating and confusing at times, those intrusive thoughts creeping in. now she wants other moms to know they are not alone. this morning, "dancing with the stars" pro sharna burgess opening up about battling back against intrusive mom thoughts. >> i'd imagine the worst case scenario and i felt myself having this panic attack which i've never had a panic attack
8:15 am
before. >> reporter: the new mom to 5-month-old baby zane with brian austin green posting on instagram letting fans in on her experience with crippling postpartum fears. >> oh, my gosh, what is that? the worst case scenario when i was with zane so walking downstairs and not just a fall on your butt but full on tumble and me ending up on top of him. driving in the car multiple times, it would become such a very real vision of a car slamming into me and the car rolling and the jaws of life coming to get him out of the car. it's so real that it's paralyzing. >> reporter: studies show at least 70% of new moms report unwanted intrusive thoughts about infant-related harm. >> the most important part through all of this is giving voice to these anxious feelings and making sure that you have the ability to bond with your baby in ways that are healthy and promoting good bonding. >> the more people i spoke to i understood, yes, this is something that happens to moms.
8:16 am
>> reporter: what are some coping mechanisms you have taught yourself? in order to get through this. >> the big thing to understand is how crazy and chaotic those thoughts are. taking a deep breath and really looking at the thought and saying, is this a realistic thought? and recognizing it and saying, no, it's not, and i did start therapy again and i thought i don't want this to get out of control. i can't be having panic attacks and i feel i need some tools to deal with this. >> were you nervous at all to share your experience? >> there was an amount of maybe anxiousness or nervousness in sharing that, but definitely not fear. i think it is powerful for women to know that they aren't alone. when you think your issues, your problems or your thoughts are singular you feel very isolated. and to know that there is a community of people that are like, i feel you, i've been there. >> it is an important message and sharna says she is still a work in progress but those thoughts are now less vivid and after seeking therapy, she has more confidence to handle them. she wants other moms to know
8:17 am
there is no shame in admitting that you are struggling and doctors say if your worries impair your ability to function reach out to your ob/gyn or another trusted physician for help. >> thanks for sharing that with us. we have another really important story to tell you about. our "gma" health alert. this new tool in the battle against what some are calling the tripledemic rsv, the flu and covid as the cdc is now estimating there have been at least 15 million reported flu-like illnesses already this season and listen to this, a 15% increase in total illnesses and people in the hospital since just last week so our "gma" medical contributor dr. darien sutton is here with more on this. so good to have you. so many families have so many questions especially since we're all about to get ready for the holidays. there's a new test that can test for all three viruses in one. what can you tell us? the fda is trying to improve access to pcr testing bringing that to home and they authorized
8:18 am
a new test, a three in one test, test for covid, rsv and the flu with one swab for patients who are trying to get this, the cost is actually it can be free with coverage and if you have symptoms but if you don't have health insurance or health coverage it can cost as much as $169 which can be incredibly expensive for anyone except if someone is trying to help with convenience it might be helpful. trying to get the result, you have to wait one to two day age can take up to thee to five days. >> that is a really big -- it reminds you of the early days of those covid tests. you say sit it out. you should do this if you can afford to basically quarantine, self-isolate. >> exactly. >> so do you recommend as a doctor folks take these tests before getting together for the holidays. >> i think it depends on your risk. if you're high risk and i want to know your result now. you might be a candidate for interventions like paxlovid. if you're lower risk, and if you have mild to no symptoms this is an option to take but,
8:19 am
again, if you're going to go to an event or a holiday party, use those rapid tests as close as possible to that event to increase the level of accuracy. if you want to add an extra layer of protection a couple of days before get the pcr test. >> i think what's so complicated about this is that symptoms can all sort of overlap. you could have the flu, covid, rsv. they all feel and sound the same in some cases so what's your best advice for families that are struggling with this? >> over the weekend i was just seeing patients all infected pwith covid, the flu, rsv, many asking how do you tell the difference and to be honest there is no clear way to tell the difference. if you have flu-like symptoms, and i encourage test especially if high risk and that intervention, for example, paxlovid has been shown to reduce the risk of hospitalization up to 44% and so knowing your results early are important depending on your risk. if you're lower risk and have estimates wearing a mask, helping to prevent transmission regardless of your test result. >> i saw on our your instagram
8:20 am
and had your mask on on your flight. >> always. >> thanks so much. now we turn to the last-minute shopping and shipping hacks to get those presents under the tree in time for christmas and becky worley has the secrets. becky, it's great to see you. it is crunch time, just five days left, what do we need to do to get them there in time? >> reporter: rebecca, good morning. the good news is i do have tactical ways to get packages let's start with the tips a tricks. so if you're looki fay shpi sn f t 30-day tr wl abt couple me o sh it, e ing, r that membership in a month. stopnscan fit buy, costco, sephora, lowe's, next buy online, pick up in store. it is a godsend this time of year. especially curbside pickup because you don't pay for shipping and you don't have to brave the store. and with that curbside pickup, remember that uber connect, you can hire them to pick up your package and deliver it for you even in another town so, for
8:21 am
example, you live in philly but you're getting something for your aunt in boston at a target, well, uber can pick it up at target and take it to your aunt's house. that is a serious trick if you're too late for shipping. >> these are great tips, becky. you got to be nice to all the people who are doing all of this. they are working hard behind the scenes to make it happen. yes, that's a key one. how about those hard to find items? >> reporter: yeah, hard to find items, you know, some of the things that people have been trying to track down, gaming consoles and toys, gaming consoles, it's still a little hit or miss but toys, it's really interesting because the prices come down on this countdown to christmas eve. gambling with availability. but this was a good year to make that gamble. the toy supply chain finally caught up like the "star wars" lola droid, it's at target for $18.89 on sale, save $8. that's just 40 cents away from the black friday price we saw. let's switch over to electronics gifts. the bose qc45 noise canceling
8:22 am
headphones, at walmart and amazon $229, $100 off, lower than the black friday price i saw. finally, a norelco wet dry shaver, 35 bucks or half off at best buy. finally, think laterally. especially if it's too late on shipping, you can get creative around local services and thoughtful gifts, so an all access pass to the national parks is 80 bucks. gift certificate to a spa, even a couple sessions with a personal trainer, it's crunch time for sure, rebecca, so creativity is the name of the game. >> and we are all breathing a sigh of relief. thanks to you, becky worley, oh, there we go. okay, we'll turn to cheryl scott from our chicago station wls who is in for ginger. hey, cheryl. >> yeah, big week weatherwise and we're tracking this big storm for the holidays zooming into the north and east talking snow but heavy rain up the i-95 corridor. 40 and 50 miles per hour. it's just not the northeast. back into the midwest, even the northern plains, blizzard-like
8:23 am
warnings for some.prepare. eateni wd chi and >> this is your accuweather forecast. it's a blend of sun and clouds on your tuesday. temperatures in the mid and upper 50's. this afternoon, there is the chance of some drizzle around santa rosa and points to the north, but most of us do remain dry today. overnight tonight, we'll have partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures generally in the low to mid 40's. here's the accuweather up-day forecast. winter arrives tomorrow. it will bring warmer weather with it. saturday and sunday, christmas eve and all right, we are turning now to "gma's" ugly -- ultimate ugly christmas sweater so ultimate ugly christmas sweater search and we dispatched our special correspondent will ganss out into the wild traveling
8:24 am
across america to help us find the best of the ugliest christmas sweaters in the land and this morning he's in san diego staying classy with a sweater fit for the record books. exactly how big is the world's , tue of libeshe coulwear perfeuld 's tl, wide, four city buses size. if you unraveled the whole thing you'd have 0 miles worth of yarn so safe to say this is a very large, in fact, it's the world's largest ugly christmas sweater. >> will, i'm coming in with a hard hitting journalistic question. why does the world's largest ugliest christmas sweater exist? >> well, cecilia, i'm glad you asked.
8:25 am
i have been eating a lot of extra christmas cookies this year so i asked my friends to make an extra big sweater and they overdelivered. they are celebrating the tenth anniversary of their company by making the world's largest ugliest christmas sweater. nick and evan here behind me made a deal on "shark tank" about nine years ago with robert herjavec and it became one of the most successful "shark tank" deals to date and celebrating with the largest ugly christmas sweater and having will ganss crawl around inside your product tt baerinvibeersary, i think. h r >> well, it's interesting you ask. most of us will just put our ugly sweaters in the back of a et at the end of the season but the cool thing that tipsy elves is doing is donating it to the san diego craft collective which means it's going to be repurposed, used for crafts and fabrics for the community, so it will be upcycled and not end up in a landfill which is a win for
8:26 am
everybody. rebecca, by the way, if you need me i'm going to toss it back to the studio but i've always wondered what it felt like to be a wristwatch so i'll be asleep. >> is it comfortable? >> he's gone. >> wow, all right. >> very comfy. very comfy. >> will ganss, ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much. of course, next, will is headed to east providence, rhode island, as our search for the ultimate ugly christmas sweater continues before our final sweater showdown when three families will compete to win the title. much more coming up right here on "gma." >> announcer: tomorrow, christmas comes early with pentatonix performing a ho -- holiday concert for you. it's pentatonix tomorrow on "good morning america's" concert series sponsored by carmax.
8:27 am
bill a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc. seven news. good morning . i'm reggie aqui from abc seven mornings. joe pena has like a traffic this morning. had you been in reggie? thank you. good morning, everyone. so we want to start with the look at bart because they are recovering from an equipment problem right now, which is causing a major delay on the barrier as a line that means more than 20 minutes behind schedule. this will impact trains traveling in the dublin, pleasanton, berryessa, richmond and daly city directions. live looking walnut creek showing you some of that. fog there on 6 88 shouldn't impact your visibility on the roadway, but we have a lot of hazy spots this morning, including on the bay bridge as well. if you're traveling into san francisco great news. it's nice and light there for you, reggie. people are not going to work this week. that
8:28 am
(steven) every time i come to see caremore, they go above and beyond to take care of me. i feel a lot better now. i'm taking medication for what i should have been taking years ago. (vo) caremore health provides advanced primary care wherever you need it, in the hospital, at home, in our clinics, or virtually. (steven) so when i call them over a medical issue, they take care of it instantaneously. i'm not afraid to go to the doctor anymore or put off going to the doctor. (vo) call the number on your screen to learn more about medicare plans in your neighborhood that include caremore.
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looking at live doppler seven invisibility mode and you can see we have reduced visibility. in a lot of areas you can see where less than two miles in some spots, and that means petaluma, nevada right now, you can see you're dealing with some thick fog areas. temperatures in the forties for the most part, so a little bit of a warmer morning compared to previous mornings. outside we go. we have filtered sunshine. you'll find a
8:30 am
spare of the air day and later today, drizzle possible in the north bay in the afternoon, reggie thank you. drew. we have another abc seven news update about 30 minutes. you ♪ all right, we're excited about this one. it is time for "gma" gives back this holiday season. we are meeting heroes who give back in a big way to their communities and lara is there with one special couple and mr. butterpants hopefully still. >> yes, yes, do not worry. we'll get to him in a minute. this morning i'm in hampton bay, new york, with jackie and joe. they call him rocco, the founders of the broken antler wildlife rescue and we first heard about rocco and jackie and the broken antler with the videos that they post on facebook and instagram. they are just incredible.
8:31 am
check them out. these two are like a 911 emt service for those in peril. we're talking from a sea gull with a broken wing to a deer caught in a soccer net. if there is an animal in trouble these two brave compassionate people will drop everything and help them. from caring for a newborn fawn. >> she's just a little scared right now but she looks healthy. >> reporter: to rescuing 14 baby ducklings from a sewer and reuniting them with their mom. jackie and rocco from the broken antler wildlife search and rescue love nothing more than helping animals in need. >> confirmation i chose saint francis because i love animals. >> i saw a video that was so cute. it was a raccoon whose head was in something. >> he got his head stuck in this rusted hole of a dumpster. >> jackie, i read that you're like the queen of swan rescues. >> yes, swan wrangler extraordinaire. >> reporter: since starting the
8:32 am
nonprofit three years ago they've rescued thousands of trapped, injured and abandoned animals. >> you guys are amazing. >> i'm going to let him go. >> let him go. >> here we go. >> that made my day. who gets to do that. >> reporter: as cute as they are the animals they're helping are often frightened. >> hi. >> reporter: and not used to interacting with humans like this baby raccoon hooked by a fishing line. >> for deer, the danger is sporting nets. >> it's around his face and he can't get up. >> reporter: and hammocks often left out when the homeowners are away or the season is over. >> they'll sit there for a long time before someone realizes the homeowner isn't there. by the time we get there they're already exhausted. >> right now i have a net that's out right now i'll
8:33 am
bring it in. even fences can pose serious problems for these wild animals. >> certain fences they'll get through but as soon as their hips hit they're stuck. >> reporter: and, of course, there's traffic. this injured deer likely struck by a car. the driver apparently fleeing the scene leaving it helpless for hours until these animal angels got the call. >> this truck is like noah's ark, it really is. >> you're busy because we the people are making some mistakes. we could do better. jackie and rocco are engaged together raising five kids who are often out there helping out on the rescues. do you want to show me the sheep that you rescued? so these gorgeous creatures were next to a highway. >> they were so undernourished that we actually thought they were mini sheep. >> they seem fat and happy now. here you go, gorgeous. [ laughter ] he kissed me. >> i'm glad you're okay thanks to rocco and jackie. >> you only get one life so might as well do something that i love. >> get over here. thank you so much. thanks for all you do. ready, one, two, three. >> all: rescue!
8:34 am
>> well, we are at the evelyn alexander wildlife rescue center and this is one of the places rocco and jackie you bring the animals you rescue to. this is chip, this little rabbit. tell us about this rescue. >> so chip came from a hoarding house situation, about 161 rabbits. so we're just -- >> he's one of the lucky ones. >> yeah. >> thank you for doing what you're doing and, rocco, you said that nothing can keep you from the job, not a thing in the world, and you do it with your own money often and use your own truck and sometimes house the nonwild animals you rescue. what is your dream? >> to have a facility bigger than we have at the house. we just have a house, five kids. >> and you're on call 24/7. guys, when i was with you, we were in this interview we just saw. you got a call about a seagull that had been -- that was down and no life is too small, you
8:35 am
said, you're going to go. you said i have to go. >> it needs -- everything needs to, you know, get treated equal. you know. >> we love that and we're so grateful for what you do. and one of the places is the evelyn alexander center and this is the director. this is adrienne gillespie. thanks for having us and you are tammy flannel. excuse me. i thought we were friends, vlad. i'm going to ask you, adrienne, tell me what you've witnessed with rocco and jackie and the work they do. how important is it? >> it's very important. without them, these animals would be sitting out there waiting for someone to get them. >> or not be so lucky. >> and they come here and get rescued, rehabilitated and hopefully released. if they don't get released we try to find a place for them either a sanctuary or another wildlife rescue center. >> or oftentimes right here. >> or an aquarium. >> whatever it may be. some of the creatures, the
8:36 am
little friends that we met this morning that live here and we're all so in love with back in the studio and hopefully all over america, tammy tell us about vlad, the turkey vulture. >> he is five years old and came four years ago after a serious injury. he was actually released but he started hanging arouop and started feeding him. >> he wanted to come back to you. >> very personable. >> he has really changed the way we look at turkey vultures. they are a beautiful creature and here to educate kids in the neighborhood. we're all in love with the star of the day, alan mcbutterpants. that's the groundhog who was brought here. >> he came with neurological difficulties and he's not strong enough to live in the wild but he's a rock star with little kids, he has a great personality. loves his ears scratched. >> he sure does. i've been doing it all morning. another two owls, beautiful archie, the little screech owl on the end. and then meep is just this beautiful beauty. meep came out of her nest at a very young age. >> fell out of a 65-'nest when she was a couple days years old and she'll be 16 in february.
8:37 am
she's our oldest bird and she is dnstar in her she didn't have parents is the only reason she's here. >> we so love what you do and to that end i'm going to take off my gloves so i can make sure i get this right. we are so moved by what you do here but also by what broken antler does on grassroots donations alone. this morning, we're celebrating with you guys and we want to surprise you a little bit. i know that you're very shy, rocco. >> i was happy about the sign. >> our sponsor netspend loves to help people build a better financial future by delivering a wealth of kindness and they were so inspired by the work that you do, that they would like to contribute $10,000 to you in hopes that you will continue your great work with the broken antler and work towards having that center of your own, so will you please tell us what this means to you, $10,000.
8:38 am
>> it means the world. you know. >> keep helping these animals. >> i know the people at the gas station, their whole family at this point, you know. >> because you're always filling your tank. you never stop. >> we saw you. you're rescuing deer that are left that have been struck. you know, this isn't just a story celebrating you and hopefully helping you build your better future on kindness thanks to netspend but also educating and there are things we can do. i brought in my lacrosse net after meeting you. bring in your hammock. other simple things. see a turtle in a road you say it's okay if you feel safe and comfortable, pick it up going in the direction that it's going because it will otherwise turn around. it's on a mission. there's so many great tips you have. i love your instagram. your facebook. thank you for educating. >> it's all about awareness. >> and just thank you for caring for lives. >> thank you. >> i'm really -- it's been such a pleasure getting to know all of you.
8:39 am
keep up the great work and thank you to netspend. >> thank you, netspend. >> with that i'm going to play with mr. mcbutterpants and send it back to you in the studio. >> that was so, so wonderful. >> i've been fostering puppies all these years. i think we're ready for a groundhog in our house. we got shop this store. lori bergamotto is here to help us find the best finds from ulta beauty. stay with us. "gma" gives back is sponsored by netspend. netspend's all access mobile acou helps you manage your money and build a better financial future. ld sometimes a cough isn't just a cough, so it's better to be prepared. binaxnow™ gives you reliable results in 15 minutes and detects multiple variants including omicron ba.5. binaxnow™ the #1 covid-19 self test in the us now, it's official. the #1 covid-19 self test xfinity has the fastest internet and the fastest mobile service. that's right, xfinity just increased internet speeds... again! and xfinity mobile gives you can't-catch-me speeds. plus, save hundreds on internet for your first two
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♪ rocking around the christmas tree ♪ back now with shop this store where we check out the hottest items at some of our favorite stores, lifestyle contributor lori bergamotto is here with a look at the must buys at ulta beauty. great to see you, lori. >> good morning, rebecca. we are in the final holiday stretch. if you haven't cleared your gift list just yet, don't stress. i went to ulta beauty where there is something truly for somebody at every price point so let's shop this store. ♪ one of the coolest things about ulta beauty is that you can get services here. there's a salon. and they have a benefit brow bar. today while i'm shopping the store, i'm going to elevate my arch.
8:43 am
>> we're going in with my brow pencil and lightly fill it and now we'll go with this. one of the best products. >> it is a holy grail of brow products and get these together. and i feel like your brows really, if they look good, everything looks good, right? if skin care is your number one priority you can't not check out this cult favorite product. this was a viral sensation on tiktok. users were saying after one use, they saw an immediate difference, younger, healthier, glowier skin. it really tingles. it feels fantastic. it's a beauty fact that when your skin looks flawless your makeup looks infinitely better. users have become obsessed with this because it gives them near identical results to foundations that cost ten times the price. if you're looking to splurge you can't do much better than dyson's supersonic air hair
8:44 am
dryer. for a hairstyler that is not as steep it's all about revlon one-step volumizer. this is the 2.0 version which is only available here at ulta beauty but the original, the revlon one-step 1.0 has over 300,000 glowing reviews. that's like the entire population of st. louis. it's easy, it's quick, it's affordable. if you're in a hurry and pressed for time and you know you are, you can always buy online and pick up in store. thank you so much.e. ifa, nviend just lik experience today, beautiful. >> absolutely beautiful. we love the hacks. what else do you have in store for us? >> okay, are you ready for pantone's 2023 color of the year. >> am i ever? >> it's viva magenta. >> love it. >> and one of the great things that you can find at ulta beauty
8:45 am
is a way to participate in the magenta verse, so enter the magenta verse with me, rebecca jarvis. >> please. >> these are all available at ulta beauty we will start with the fenty beauty. i is unlocked. what we love about this color. it says it's a red, a warm red. this one is infused with some hot pink as you can see. would we expect anything different from rihanna? >> perfect. >> what users love about that one is that it's lightweight but long lasting, right? okay, and then next up we have -- are you familiar with this brand? >> love it. >> it is a secret source for a lot of makeup artists. i'm actually wearing this one today, you guys, in a whipped formula which basically means it will smooth out any of those fine lines, it's winter. things are getting chapped or if you're aging, $8 for this and it is beautiful. beautiful color and then finally we have this lip gloss. so if you want a really, really,
8:46 am
really low risk/high reward, see, it's like really sheer but it will give you like your lips but better and viva magenta. >> viva magenta. viva lori bergamotto, thank you so much. scan the qr code on your screen to head over to to score even more deals. now we head to cheryl scott. >> yes, and we are tracking some snow this week. i know we have a lot of snow lovers including our friend whiskey, the st. bernard. picking up over 41 inches of snow. and take a look at this big dog getting buried in that. more of this to come as we go into this week and for those of you dreaming of a white christmas, it's possible for so many across the northern half of the country from denver up towards the montana area as well as chicago and interior new england. not looking at a white christmas for the south. that's a look across the country. now a check of your local
8:47 am
coming up, folks, it's my turn. i'm baking my favorite cookies with chef dan pelosi here for our 12 days of christmas cookies. we'll be back with more coming up in just a bit.
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ rocking around the christmas tree ♪ we are back now with our 12 days of christmas cookies. this morning, it is whit's turn to share his favorite. so we're going to dig in and toss it over to him. whit, what's in the oven? >> wouldn't you like to know? i won't make you wait any longer. check this action out. we've got our sugar cookie cutout sandwiches that we're going to be making today. who doesn't love these during the holidays? and we've got one of our favorite social media influencers, dan pelosi here to walk us through. dan, it's great to see you. >> hi, good to see you too.
8:50 am
>> we have photos here as well. you did these at a cookie party you threw last weekend. >> my annual cookie party. >> this is my annual holiday cookie party. it's the event of the year. >> you don't mess around. >> let's jump in here. you have ways to make these that apparently easier and cool and fun to look at. >> we'll start with all these ingredients you'll find in your pantry, classic sugar cookie recipe, add a little brown sugar into the dough. it deepens the flavor and makes it softer, delicious. the dough comes together so quick, so quick that it's pretty much done right here. but we have one more step to go. i'm going to remove about half of this dough and i'm going to color it. so i'll keep some of it the regular color. >> this is the tie-dye part. >> so we're going to tie-dye the dough. we're embracing the dough. sugar cookies are about the frosting. >> that's where we make a big mess. >> exactly. >> is that a christmas tree?
8:51 am
>> it can be intimidating, so if it'll come together. i've got a nice bit of colored dough over here. let's skip over here. >> the colored dough. >> yep. >> is it chilled? >> no, we'll chill it after we roll it, which is another way to make it easier. normally you chill the ball of dough so what we'll do is we'll take a little bit of red dough, a little bit of base dough and we're going to mix it up and make sort of a multicolored ball, get in there, smoosh it with your hands. we're making a mess today. we'll get it nice and mixed together. now, i have my parchment paper, we're crumpling it because this allows it to play flat. this is my number one baking trick. >> while you're doing this -- rebecca and cecilia, tasting good? >> embracing the cookie. >> embracing the mess. >> yes, so we'll roll this out.
8:52 am
this is a really intense roller. we'll go about -- >> intense roller. roll out is intense here. >> we'll go about a quarter of an inch. >> okay? we'll get it -- it's going to start marbling. >> we're running low on time. >> this is our chilled product. >> in the freezer for 15 minutes, we've got a glass, we don't need fancy cookie cutters. this is confectioners' sugar with cornstarch in it. nowwhat's great. you leave them on the tray and remove the extra dough before you bake so don't worry about that. bring them over, they're fully done and then we've got a nice thick royal icing. i like -- >> the sandwich comes together. frosting in the middle. >> i like to see teeth marks in my cookies so i do love a sandwich so this is nice and thick. we're going to smoosh it together and then we're going to roll sprinkles around the edges. >> sprinkles for the win. >> it's all about the dough this time.
8:53 am
the frosting gets enough attention. there you go. >> look how great this looks. >> so pretty. >> you can't go wrong. the sugar cookies in our house didn't look that good when we were done. dan, thank you. scan the qr code. get this recipe on as well and follow dan on instagram. >> hey. >> @grossypelosi. i love that. we won't ask where it came from. we'll get that in the break.
8:54 am
i have something for you. [whistles] hi. [joyful laughter] i have something for you to. [whistles] ♪ ♪ it's the holiday's, get 2.9% apr and no monthly payments for 90 days on turbo
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high-output engine sierra light duty models. plus, current eligible gmc owners get $2,500 purchase allowance. >> announcer: tomorrow,
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christmas comes early with pentatonix performing a holiday concert for you. ♪ >> announcer: it's pentatonix tomorrow on "good morning america's" concert series sponsored by carmax. ♪ feeling good ♪ what a fun morning. a big thank you to lara and the entire team at the evelyn alexander rescue center on long island. mr. mcbutterpants. >> and vlad the vulture as well. have a great day.
8:57 am
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building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions . this is abc. seven news. good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc. seven mornings. angelina has her eye on traffic. thank you, reggie. good morning, everyone. we are still following delays for bart this morning. it's going to be on the berryessa line, and it's due to an equipment problem that they're recovering for. this will impact trains in the dublin , pleasanton bearing us in richmond and daly city. directions will wrap up here with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights returned off jirgas. it's how what? there's nobody there. here's live doppler seven invisibility mode. we are still seeing some low cloud cover out there in the north bay and in the east bay, giving us a great start to our day with temperatures for the most part in the low to mid forties. right now, we'll go outside, lovely view from santa cruz will see a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day, perhaps a little bit of drizzle and the north bay this
9:00 am
afternoon. most bats remain dry. it is a spare the air day with modern support air quality. thank you drew time now for live thank you drew time now for live with kelly and ryan. we see you deja vu: it's five with kelly and ryan. today, we're celebrating five years of fun together. we'll look back at some of our favorite family moments and our first halloween together. plus, tons of star-studded moments you won't want to miss. all next on live. and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. [audience applauding] what? i've never seen so many balloons. -so many balloons. -this is great. -hello, deja. -hi, deja. good morning. -wow. -wow. -wow. -hold on a second. wait. ryan has a big announcement to make, everyone. i'd like to say, ladies and gentlemen--
9:01 am
-is it a boy? -i don't know.


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