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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  August 5, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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player from the bay area. concerned residents bring up potential roadblocks for california's high speed rail project. . it is thursday, august 5th hello again, everyone i'm healthy holmes welcome to bay area news at 7:00. we begin with a bold home invasion robbery. investigators say two gunman, resembling police officers, stormed a residence in a quiet east bay neighborhood. it happened late last night in pleasant hill. our paul chambers is live now at the pleasant hill police department with new details, paul? >> reporter: heather, the gunman impersonated police officers by having jackets with police insignia.
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>> my brother called me told me to lock the doors. >> reporter: that is because his neighbor was held up at gunpoint. officers say a man was waiting in a get away car while the other two tropical stormed away in the apartment on the patio. the man were armed with handguns and a stun gun and claim to be police officers. >> we believe they were targetd and that the victims or one of the victims was sought out or looked for by the suspects. >> reporter: pleasant hill police say they were familiar with the lay out of the apartment and the home invasion may have been drug-related. >> they hit a guy on his head right here and made a big garb and then they taeuzed another guy. >> reporter: some residents, that did not want to go on camera, told us they were moving out of the complex because of last night's incident. >> reporter: the gunman made it out with cash and looks according to the police. the police are working with a vague disdescription, three white men -- dedescription,
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description, three white men, left in a chevy suv with license plate four eztz90. if you know anying about this case you are asked to call pleasant hill police. paul chambers ktvu channel 2 news. 8 agencies launched a coordinated crack down on gang violence. they fanned out across alameda county to check on paroleees. the sweep is called operation gangbusters. the department of correction took the lead. it is the first major sweep of gang paroleees this year. >> we act as a detour to not engage in this activity and also it oftentimes leads to other crimes being committed. the benefits are two-fold.
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>> reporter: agents are using gps ankle bracelets to track paroleees. 1,000 were punched after a state law passed in january allowing parole agents to focus on high risk paroleees. an oakland jury convicted the alleged leader of the acorn gang and one of his associates with multiple felonies. mark anthony candler and elijah thomas were both found guilty of attempted murder and being an exfelon with a gun. the gang was responsible for a deadly crime spree that terrorized oakland in late 2002 and early 2003. the police describe them as one of the most quote dangerous men ever to walk the streets of oakland. he is now said to get a mandatory minimum sentence of 40 years to life in prison. well, a concord man charged in the dog mauling death of his 2-year-old step grandson pled not guilty today.
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he faces several charges stemming from last month's deadly attack by three of his pit bulls. prosecutors added a new charge today. child abuse resulting in death. they say that if he is convicted on all of the charges he could face as long as 10 years in prison. one day after the historic federal ruling overturning california's ban on same sex marriage, backers of proposition 8 filed an appeal with the 9th circuit court of appeals in san francisco. both sides of the same sex marriage battle filed briefs with justices over his decision to delay enforcing yesterday's ruling. prop 8 supporters say resuming same-sex marriages during the appeal's process would cause chaos. but prop 8 opponents want those marriages to resume now. >> we will be prepared to argue why a stay is not required pending an appeal. we feel we are confident on that. we want to do this as quickly as possible to make sure everyone's rights are
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protected. >> both sides say they expect a judge to rule in two weeks to extend the stay. as for the 9th circuit court it has no deadline to hear the case. mexico's courts allowing same-sex marriages. the opponents say it violated mexico's constitution, it has a section on the protection of the family. the court ruled the constitution does not define what a family is. the law only applies to gay and lesbian couples in mexico city. it was the first law allowing same sex marriage in latin america. one of the three uc berkeley graduates, imprisoned for more than a year now in iran, has unexpectedly phoned home. her mother says her daughter called her a few minutes earlier this week. what the young woman said about her health was worry some. >> reporter: the three uc berkeley graduates sara shored, shane bower and josh batal are no closer to release.
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they have not had a day in court on acquisitions they illegally crossed into iran from iraq more than a year ago. communication is sparse. the recent call from sara to her mother took place. >> this is what she wanted to tell me in the phone call. mom, they are denying me medical care. >> reporter: sara says she has a lump in her breast among other medical issues. a journalist is familiar with the prison known for the poor conditions. >> that i believe that sara is not in good condition. she will not have good access to medical care. >> reporter: it is against iranian law to keep a prisoner in confinement for extended periods of times, he calls it torture. she told her daughter was a recent conversation she had with the president. >> so, i told her that we got a call from president barack obama and of course she was very excited to hear that. she wanted them to hear it, too. you know, the messagees are
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always -- the phone calls are always not to sarah they are to whoever is listening. >> reporter: the iranian government sees it as a political rather than a political case and has advice for the family >> they should desense themselves from the u.s. government. the humans should get involved in the case. >> reporter: a visit next month from the iranian president to the unitedinations may provide an opportunity for movement in the case if iran desires international goodwill. back to you. >> you can read more background on this story covering the entire year the three have been detained in iran by clicking the uc hiker's tab on our home page a key white house advisory from the bay area announced today she is resigning. christina romer chairs the counsel of economic advisories and often appears in public and on television to promote president barack obama's financial policies. she is coming home to
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california where her son will start high school this fall. heres eugination takes effect on september 3rd. she plans to return to her former job as a uc berkeley professor of economics. her resignation comes a few weeks after budget director peter orzak announced he is leaving. a report shows weekly jobless claims unexpectedly increased. the number of people filing first claims jumped by 19,000 to 479,000. the increase came as a surprise to many who expected new jobless claims to drop slightly. the increase is the highest weekly total since april. continuing claims fell by 34,000 to just over 4 1/2 million. july's unemployment report comes out tomorrow and that weighed on wall street today as stocks retreated slightly. the dow lost 5 points after rebounding from the session lows. the nasdaq dropped 10. the u.s. senate today
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confirmed elana kagan has u.s. supreme court justice. >> the nomination is confirmed. >> kagan will be the court's 112th justice. five republicans voted for kagan who is considered a moderate liberal. one democrat, from nebraska, opposed her. kagan is just the 4th woman ever confirmed to the nation's highest court. >> when the court reconvenes this fall three woman will serve together on it for the first time in history. that milestone, i might say, is long, long overdue. >> kagan is expected to be sworn in on saturday. she replaces john paul steven who's retireddism the state supreme court ruled in favor of a former google employee who is suing the company claiming age
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discrimination. brian reid was 54 when he was fired at google's engineers director in 2004. a ruling says he can take the lawsuit to trial. he claims poor treatment of older employees started with the company's founders and filtered down through management. google, though, denies he was fired because of his age. a judge today gave a man who stabbed two people inside of a san francisco bakery ative sentence. the victim's included a teenaged girl. scott thomas was found guilty last spring of attempted murder in the double stabbing. today sentenced to life of in prison, but with the possibility of parole. the stabbing occurs in may 2007 one day after thomas has h been release friday prison. thomas will have to serve 26 years of the new sentence before he can be granted a parole hearing. a young man, charged in a series of hit and run collisions in danville, faced multiple charges today in
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court. 23-year-old sheerhold is expected to enter a plea on august 19th to one felony couldn't of tkrufrbg driving and four counts of hit and run. the police say he was drunk last sunday when he hit a pedestrian, i bicyclist, a light pole and then two vehicles. four people were injured but are recovering. well, it was a wild scene today in southern california. coming up here on bay area news at 7:00. details on this high-speed chase that partially took place on a sidewalk. and passions ran high today in a high speed rail meeting in san francisco. we will explain why some are opposed to the routes. temperatures normal. outside right now we do have a little bit of haze and quite a bit of fog. will we ever warm up? i will have your forecast, coming up
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. a southern california man is under arrest for driving on the wrong way and several streets and sidewalks near the university of southern california. it began when a man went to a police station and threatened an officer by name and drove off. he hit two vehicles before the officers pinned him between patrol cars. no one was injured. the man appeared to struggle as a dozen officers pulled him out of his car and arrested him. two school buss and two trucks were involved in a deadly crash today near st. louis. they were carrying high school band students on their way to an amusement park. they slam into a free way wreck that happened right in front of them involving a big rig and a pick up truck. one bus was launched on the pick up truck after the other bus hit it from the rear.
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the pick up truck was rushed and its driver killed along with one of the students. 42 other students were taken to hospitals most with injuries not considered life- threatening. well, for cash-strapped cities across theination help is closer to reality. the u.s. senate today approved a $26 billion federal aid package to help cities and counties pay for things such as education and emergency services. it could eventually enable the city of oakland to avoid laying off more police officers. our samantha hayes has details on today's vote. >> 75 is agreed to ... >> reporter: the 61 to 39 vote in the senate was partisan. only two republicans, both senators from maine, supported sending $26 billion more in funding to cash-strapped states. it including more than $16 billion in additional funding for medicaid and $10 billion for emergency personnel and teachers. democrats say the money will come just in time for the new
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school year. >> it is a bill for our kids. it is to keep our kids in classes that are not overstuffed, oversized. to make sure they get the proper instructional material, to make sure they don't get cut off of classes because the  teachers are not there. >> reporter: but the measure comes on the heals of other expense. earlier in the -- heels of another one. criticized saying the funding will create a quote permanent need for future state bail outs at a time when we can least afford it. state officials and employee unions have been lobbying congress for more money and about 30 states already included the medicaid dollars in next year's budget. democratic senate majority leader says the money is necessary to save jobs. >> they have always been there for us. the teachers, the civil servants and the police and fire. the least we can do is be there
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for them. >> reporter: it the interrupt the recess that is being called back to vote on tuesday n . washington, back to you. bay area researchers are launching new studies to try to save the state's famous redwood trees from the effects of chime at change. uc berkeley scientists say california's redwoods are threatened with extinction because of global warming. for example they say new data shows summer fog that is critical to the wed roads has been decreasing. they are using instruments to study the trees in a dozen forests out there the state. the san francisco-based group "save the redwoods" is funding the work. homeless veterans across northern california are gathering for an east bay stand down. the group is set up at the alameda fairgrounds. the name of the event referred to an opportunity to retreat to a safe to a place of safety. well, the event assists
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homeless veterans with food, clothing, health care and employment assistance. this year the stand down always is offering help for the veteran's animal companions. they teamed up with try valley animal rescue. they are provides the pets with grooming and shelter. the event runs through sunday and organizers expect to help as many as 500 veterans. well, some heated exchange marked a special meeting today of california's high speed rail authority. with the funding now falling in place. supporters want to start building the 120 mile line connecting northern and southern california some people that live among the routes say not so fast. >> reporter: the high speed rail authority wants to build the line along the corridor that means a segment from san jose to san francisco will come through the peninsula under ground, a trench or high above
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ground. but that route is not sitting well with cities on the peninsula. so, today the rail authority board took its usual sacramento meeting on the road to san francisco to get public feedback directly. the city officials and concerned citizens lined up to express support and objections. some pointed out the board agreed to avoid the town of lagrand and should spend the extra three to four billion to do the same here. >> if you are going to go around lagrand you can go around palo alto by going out on highway 101. >> they are will be to consider one a trench okay. an 80 foot freeway over the top would be very difficult for us to have a discussion about. >> some people were upon skeptical. all options are being considered. >> if you don't have the money to fund the undergrounding of the high speed rail along the peninsula corridor then delay. >> reporter: supporters say it
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could kill federal funding and have a domino effect on cal train. >> cal train is in serious economic trouble. one of the key ways for cal train to survive is to lectifiy the line. the funding for that will not happen unless we link it to high speed rail. >> the supporters say the future may be the key to get both sides on track. the argument will be if you don't want high speed rail how do you feel about no rail service at all? in san jose, robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. >> from hip hop star to head of hate stphe wyclef jean filed -- haiti, he filed to be the president. the singer has been active in the haitian earthquake relief. coming up next here on bay area news at 7:00, a blanket of heat is now sitting over much of the united states and in some case cases -- cases it is
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. extreme heat is being pwhraeupld for more than a dozen deaths across the country not guilty past week as the temperatures sore above 90 degrees and high humidity. at some places it feels like 120 degrees. the officials say sweltering conditions also contributed to the deaths of two police doings and a reupbs on rhino at jackson, mississippi zoo. boy, no heat here. we are talking about cool temperatures. in fact, i am a little tired of it marx, what can you do about it. >> you will continue to be frustrated with me. we still have the cooler pattern in place for today and over the next few days through the five day outlook. now, the source, the fog, already showing up coast side and a few patches into the bay. westerly breeze inports the fog and drizzle once again first thing tomorrow morning. that is the current pattern in san francisco covered out
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towards oakland and also emeryville. a look outside right now, we will show you this looking across the bay san francisco in the distance. currently 59 degrees right around oakland and also the emeryville area. mainly the upper 50s. we are cooling off and the temperatures did not warm up too much today. here is a look at the highs today. pacificca, 58 degrees. oakland, 66. warmest locations in the 80s barely, though, at concord. antioch upper 70s to 80 degrees. so, the fog increases for tonight. still breezy out there. once again we will stick to the plan with the fog in the morning pulling back to the shoreline. pretty much the same pattern for the weekend. this is the same pattern for all of july. the first half of august. the area of low pressure to the west. that coupled with a breeze. keeping us on the cool side, no major changes, morning fog, drizzles, minor changes in the five-day forecast. you might be able to warm
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things up into next week. tomorrow morning, 7:00. the fog, the drizzle, the temperatures bundling up here, low to middle 50s. 50 to 55 degrees. into the afternoon hours. partly to mostly cloudy. the cloud bank goes back. still left over patches for the coast and the bay. the temperatures in the upper 50s to right around 80, possibly 81 degrees out towards antioch. san jose middle 70s. morgan hill, 80. san mateo69 degrees. minor changes. we will warm things up a little more for next week on monday and into tuesday. something to look forward to. >> yes. warm up, i like it. thank you. the anheuser busch brewery has special guests this week. the world famous budweiser collides horses are there.
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photo shoots are available. they are there until side. that sour report for tonight everyone. i'm heather holmes. our report is on-line at tmz is next here on tv36. have a great night and a great thursday.
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