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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  August 11, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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fear their only child care option may be taken away more than a dozen of south bay creeks are polluted with trash and they break ground on what could be the crown jewel of bay area transportation. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> it is wednesday, august 11. hello again everyone, i am heather holmes and welcome to bay area news at 7:00. a murder suspect was taken into custody after a high-speed chase and standoff. officers arrested the man near pa ten avenue not far from a low pass road. the man had been holed up in his car with the gun of to a
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said after leading police on a chase. before he turned around and headed back to a point. the man was wanted for a homicide earlier today. no word of his identity. we will have much more on this story unto night at 10:00 news. two oakland where parents are protesting at this our the pending closure of preschools. seven development centers are set to close and jana katsuyama has a live report. >> reporter: they went in to the board of education meeting. in one state lawmakers and education officials to keep these preschools and after school programs open. >> at the jefferson tell the development center is not all -- told the development center does not all playpen it's also
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about helping children goal. they have 31 centers that offer after-school programs in preschool to 2500 children of. >> reporter: the days are numbered because the budgets just are not adding up. under the governor's latest proposal state funding for the centers would plunged nearly $18 million a year. >> he proposed drastically cutting funding for childhood development centers thoreau california. >> reporter: that means lane of 76,000 teachers and staff -- lead off some 6,000 teachers and staff. >> the majority are low income families and cannot afford daycare. >> reporter: a group of parents and children protested appeared without a place to leave their children they might have to reduce their work hours or even quit their jobs.
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>> one of us will not be able to work because we will have to spend full-time taking care of our kids at home which affects our income and living situation. >> reporter: the parents are contacting state lawmakers and hope to bought the budget cuts -- block the budget cuts. >> they cannot keep cutting the budget on the most honorable members of society. >> reporter: many parents are desperate and say they might even consider having parent volunteers try and continue these actors and preschool programs for as long as possible -- these after-school and preschool programs reporting live in oakland, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. about two hours ago the deadline passed in the oakland's mayor's race. the city council member submitted hurt paper is as if
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did former state senator don parata there are about a dozen candidates and a full list of the candidates is not yet available but along with them the slate includes city councilwoman rebecca kaplan, a real-estate agent larry jr. and an educator. it was a dismal day on wall street. a widening trade deficit and slow down of industrial growth in china and renewed pessimism about how much they can bolster the economy. the doubt dow dropped 265 points and beat nasdaq fell 68- point. following the closing bell, the company posted quarterly
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corn at the met earnings but revenues fell short -- quarterly earnings but revenues fell short. they will provide $3 billion of aid to homeowners facing foreclosure helping the unemployed stay in their home and another 1 billion pesetas and four mortgage loans. the autoworkers left jobless got an invitation to the job fair today and we report from the fairgrounds in pleasanton. >> the lines spilled out the door, a hot ticket items, eighth chance to talk with representatives from telsa motors. >> we are ready to get back to work. >> reporter: when the nummi plant closed marking the end of an era, 4700 people lost their
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jobs. >> i was sad, very depressed. >> reporter: this woman worked at nummi for many years priscian along with 3,000 others are attending it this job fair held exclusively for x nummi employees. tesla is ramping up. >> reporter: a. just acquired the old nummi plant. >> we will try to find a home for most of them. >> reporter: for those willing to switch careers, dr pepper, safeway, and other companies were on hand. >> i am going to change my career. >> reporter: if the car maker succeeds it could be expanding employment to civil war thousand. most folks say they were told
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to apply -- several more thousand in most books a they were told to apply online. at the enemy a county fair grounds, ktvu channel 2 news. a series of burglaries has residents concerned. at least nine burglaries have occurred in the past four months. it is not just material items robert cassidy said the youths also made off with a family dog lulu. if the dog does not get medicine but it could die and police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. residents are high alert after a female resident was attacked yesterday and said her own apartment. it is the third incident in six weeks that the park regency apartments, the latest victim says she woke up in bed to find a man covering her mouth pin she struggled and then the intruder fled. investigators say the same
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suspect may have committed a rape and attended rape at that complex. for the first time the state of california has determined which bay area waterways are the most glittering with trash and plastic. the control board released a list of polluted waterways. including san jose's guadalupe river. six other waterways also made the list. the county water officials say they are tackling the problem bank to a voter approved a ballot measure to allocate more money for cleanup and restoration. >> we are doing the best we can. the voters have funded our trash cleanup. they do appreciate it and we will continue to do. >> you can see a full list on our website, an agreement announced
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today in sacramento could make a baseball diamond saber. the assemblyman wanted to ban metal baseball bat after a pitcher was struck in the head by a line drive is spring green he agreed to withdraw the bill after the high school say they will adopt new guidelines and encourage schools to provide protective head gear. a woman filed a lawsuit today saying that she was molested when she was 15 years old. the suit claims usa swimming was negligent in not protecting her from her swim coach. they adopted new rules this week and a similar lawsuit was filed in march by an olympic gold medalist who says she was molested by a different coach. alameda county officials are taking steps to send a
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former catholic priest back to ireland. residents of a quiet cul-de-sac say they were stunned to learn that their neighbor, a 74-year- old man is wanted for abusing boys in ireland in the 1970's. he has worked at churches and in eureka and sacramento. irish authorities say that he committed indecent assault on six boys aged 11 to 14. >> that surprised me. he does not seem to be that kind of person. he seemed to be pretty much to himself. he has a lien friend. >> he's been held at the jail and his lawyer would try to get him released on bill. now to a related story on the fate of the same set x marriage. the u.s. district judge announced that he will leave nearby -- will reveal by noon
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tomorrow whether same-sex marriages can succeed. whatever happens tomorrow, prop 8 supporters -- i'm sorry, the proposition that and same-sex marriage say they will pursue that appeal possibly all the way to the u.s. supreme court. san francisco parking meters will remain free on sundays. officials with the transportation agency are dropping plans that would require drivers to feed the meter on sundays. state sunday parking meters could have raised $8.8 million a year but opposition from major new some and business owners say that is a bad idea. the end of the line is coming to one of america's most beloved competent that comic strips and why state workers
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may boycott the box office. a warning to nag about the potential health hazard -- warning tonight about the potential health hazard of a popular recreation item for children. >> i will have a foggy forecast that does include some warming.
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>> enforcement officers say the issue more than 1300 citations during a one day crackdown to enforce california's can resell belote. it focused on drivers talking on their phone -- cell phone law and they wrote 350 tickets to people who was coremac officers stop holding their cell phones and officers across the rest of the bay area handed
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out 550 tickets. the accused interstate 580 shooter pled not guilty yesterday repeated they stopped him for speeding and they say williams then engaged them in a pulp minute gun battle that ended when officers shot him be he has none to previous bank robbery convictions and they say if convicted in the 580 incident he could get life in prison. an all-star cast of politicians was on hand today in san francisco for the ground- breaking $4.2 billion trend the terminal. the construction project includes a state of the art high-speed rail station and as consumer and a turkey for reports it also promises lots of jobs. >> [ applause ] >> the new trans bay terminal project is one of the biggest
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in the nation. it is designated as the first high-speed rail station in the nation and its complex that will serve 11 different transit agencies and will serve 45 million passengers a year. >> we have to be able to start projects a date and put people to work. we will embrace our economic future 25, 35, and 45 years from today. >> reporter: of the $8 million, california got more than a quarter of it. the recent california got the most money? because you all have your act together. you had been working on it for a decade. >> reporter: with a major election will mean, jobs and more jobs this. >> this transfer is center project is quite simply a bullet train for job creation in. the first phase, 48,000 jobs.
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when completed, it will boost the gross regional product by $80 billion increase personal income in the area by $1 billion. >> reporter: with the ceremony over the hard work of building is being begins. it will not be done until 2017. i am consumer entered tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. one of the most influential democratic congressman died today at the age of 82. former chicago representative served 18 terms in the house before losing his seat in 1994. the heat chaired the powerful ways and means committee be needed to eight rewrite of the u.s. tax code. he served 17 months in jail. president bill clinton pardoned him six years later. jurors in the corruption trial of former illinois
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governor rod blagojevich told the judge today after 11 days they have deadlocked on some of the 24 counts against him. blagojevich face and stomach faces criminal charges including trying to sell a senate seat -- faces criminal charges and the judge will meet with jurors tomorrow. california's budget is now 42 days overdue in state workers are taking their battle over wage cuts and furloughs to a theater near you. the governor makes a cameo appearance in the new movie "the expendables" and workers say they will boycott the film but a spokesman says that the governor appeared in the film as a favor and took him just one saturday morning to film
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his part. a popular trend could amusement is under scrutiny tonight. they are called bounce houses and new questions are bouncing around about lead in the material. >> reporter: these children are playing a in an inflatable jump house. >> this is 40 times the legal limit. >> reporter: they filed a lawsuit today against distributors of bounce houses that contains the three levels higher than one state and pembroke regulations allowed -- state and federal regulations allowed. >> when we measured how much lead came off of these bounce houses like a few white treuhand on them, the amounts
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were troubling. >> reporter: the lawsuit seeks to not allow companies to sell bounce houses. officials insist their products are safe but the project stems from overseas companies that sell vinyl to manufacturers. >> those manufacturers of the final are independent from the bounce house manufacturers and we're trying to see how we can address this. >> reporter: they suggest parents make sure their kids watch their hands after leaving the bounce house especially before diving into a birthday cake. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. you can read the lawsuit for yourself. click on the link on our homepage at the end of the story is coming for the comic strip's 'cathy' predicted aker said that the last comic will appear
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in the sunday papers on october 23rd. the creator says the largely by refco comic is great personal their peak -- autobiographical comic is great personal therapy. come in and, you will be able to take the plunge again and our chief meteorologist bill martin will have your forecast.
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>> the historic bridge and plunged is set to open up on saturday morning pit it was the first large indoor pool print it was scheduled for the wrecking ball in 2001 but committee members raced $7 million to save the plunge. >> a little cool with some drizzle this morning. things are changing. it will get warmer for your weekend. we have one more day like today. i'd think it will be more
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sunshine tomorrow. there will be more sunshine puc each fog over here in l.a. media -- fog over here in el anita. some form of cloud cover but as we head towards the weekend, here is the computer model forecast. tomorrow morning at 8:00 or 9:00 you are looking at fog at some point in every county. it burns back to the coast. that is the difference between today and tomorrow. today the fog did not burn back at all. below the average in the '60s or '70s. we will have signed around the bay and a little breezy at times. temperatures in land tomorrow could get into the low 80s and that is good news. that is not the mid 70's so as
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much as 10 degrees warmer the low pressure heads back way and as it moves east, high-pressure builds and. that is pretty good news. we have seen a little bit of height and it will stick around for a couple days. saturday and sunday temperatures will be in the low 90s to mid-90s when you get to sacramento. around the bay we will see some nineties. the forecast highs tomorrow, they art east and we're looking at these cool, mild good air quality conditions and tomorrow morning's fog forecast and it will clear up pretty nicely to the inland areas pin 79 degrees in fairfield. we will go with 83 in antioch and livermore appeared in morgan hill we are looking at a temperature of 80 degrees. john fowler day forecast that
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is definitely a cool one -- the five day forecast is definitely a cool one. >> stick around, it's been 19. we will see tonight with the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2her tv36 pretty good night.
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