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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  August 16, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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a federal appeals court puts same-sex weddings on hold in california indefinitely. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> late this afternoon a three- judge panel expanded a stay on same-sex marriage in california while it considers the constitutionality of proposition 8. the lawyers for the two couples challenging the
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ban say they'll not appeal the decision. we have reaction on each side of the issue, ktvu in san francisco, but we begin with patty in danville. >> reporter: supporters applaud the decision but say it's too soon to celebrate and unwise to read too much into this extended stay. for many in danville, the traditional family is widely believe to start with marriage between a man and woman. >> i think everyone should have the same rights to do as they please and be with whom they want to. probably the division around it is calling it marriage. >> reporter: it's clear by today's reaction that the debate over prop 8 is becoming more emotionally charged with each development. >> there have been so many ups and downs on this case that,
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flip a coin. >> reporter: a cochair of the prop 8 initiative says the panel's decision to extend the stay was the right decision. >> delighted that the appeal's court has decided to uphold the votes of californians and allow this to be argued at the appeal's court level in december. >> reporter: this statement was released invalidating the people's vote based on just the judge's opinion would have shaken the people's confidence in our elections and the right to vote itself. >> hard to say what's in store for it, but i don't know -- >> reporter: around town, many said the issue of same-sex marriage should be settled by state, not by the courts and a lengthy appeals process. >> is this something the government should be involved with?
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>> reporter: the 9th circuit is set to hear arguments the week of december 6, and anything is possible. joining us live with reaction from supporters of same-sex marriage is live in san francisco. >> reporter: patty, good evening. about 100 people volunteered to start marrying same-sex couples here at city hall. however, now it looks like this building won't see same-sex marriages until the beginning of next year if the court allows them at all. >> everyone should have the same rights. everyone loves the same. >> reporter: in san francisco, jay white was one of several frustrated. >> how would you feel if you couldn't go in and see your husband if he was in hospital under intensive care? >> i don't see there's any point in not allowing gay
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marriage. >> he's disappointed for another delay after already fighting for the past six years to make same-sex marriage legal. >> from my experience justice delayed is justice denied. >> he's pleased the court will hear the appeal quickly. >> it shows of their need to aware to expedite. >> the mayor also said he was cheered but called the decision bittersweet. >> a lot of hearts are broken, and a lot of families are disappointed. the city family is disappointed. we were ready to go. >> jerry brown who supports gay marriage took the long view. >> this is a big decision. i don't think there's anything like it anywhere in the country, so when you break new ground, the higher court will keep things status quo until they've had a chance to hear the arguments and render their
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own opinion. >> reporter: even if the circuit court agrees such marriages should be legal, gay marriage may not start up right away as both sides are prepared to argue to the u.s. supreme court. in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> if you want more information about today's ruling, log on to our website,, and click the gay marriage tab. a man drowns this afternoon while swimming in a pond in american canyon. the pond is off south napa junction road. the 27 year old was swimming with a group of friends before 2:00 p.m. the group jumped off a ledge and was swimming when richard disappeared under water. a dive team recovered his body. one of his friends told them he had been drinking alcohol. the woman suspected of starting 5 courthouse fire has died. the sheriff says it was a suicide. she was one of two people
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arrested for arson after a fire badly damaged court records. the 40 year old woman was found dead in her jail cell yesterday. officials said she used gauze to hang herself. she was not on suicide watch. walton and benjamin tickle pleaded not guilty. a family is mourning the death of a 19 year old man killed after he made what police call a last-minute bad decision. justin was standing at the intersection in danville last night shortly before midnight. a group of his friends pulled up to talk to him. when the vehicle began to pull away, he tried to jump on to the vehicle to drive along, but fell. it's not clear yet if the fall killed him or if he was struck by a car following the suv. >> i came out to my car and heard screams, stop, stop, stop, please, stop. >> police say the distraught
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driver of the suv tested negative for alcohol. they emphasize the accident was not a result of a dangerous stunt such as car surfing. residents are doing more than locking their car doors tonight after a string of burglaries, they are not leaving anything of value visible in their vehicles. ktvu is in walnut creek with details. >> reporter: latest spree of crimes happened this morning, 6 cars were burglarized. from 7-10:00 a.m., these were more than just crimes of opportunity. >> as opposed to seeing stuff flying in the vehicles, they are breaking the vehicles and searching for items. >> reporter: victims lost personal belongings and have to fix broken windows. the crimes were related and two suspects worked in concert. >> two white male suspects in
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their early 30s. associated with two separate vehicles, one was a dark colored passat, the other was a gray sedan. >> reporter: similar crimes happen at sun valley mall over the weekend. police confirmed at least two vehicle break ins. the bad guys got away with an itouch in one case and cash and credit cards in the other. several involved criminals cutting through the roofs of convertibles. >> they shattered the whole passenger -- or driver's window. it was like they used some kind of device because it shattered into millions of pieces and, you know, they went in, grabbed it, i don't think they opened the door. >> everyone told us they do what they can to protect themselves. >> keep your car locked,
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laptops, you know, your video stuff put up, cell phones, oh, absolutely, yeah. i think those are the ones that the cars get broken into is people that leave bags everywhere. >> reporter: police say this is a common crime and while this morning's were not crime of opportunity, usually they are. live, i'm john, ktvu channel 2 news. fairfield police tonight are searching for two men who attempted to hold up a cell phone store only to flee when an employee pulled a gun. they entered the store on north texas street around 3:15 friday afternoon. one of the would be robbers jumped over the counter and demanded money, but an employee pulled a gun and the two ran out of the store. the armed employee followed them and fired several shots. it's not clear if the men were hit. no employees were injured. the highway patrol said today there are no plans to charge the driver who crashed his pickup trick, killing 8 people during an offroad race.
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the driver, breath sloppy was going about 40 45-50 miles an hour saturday night when his truck went out of control and flipped. since the race was on federal land, state vehicle codes don't apply. fans drived the track, but the fans are supposed to stay 100 feet back. >> maybe 15 feet from the trucks driving by them. that's too close for comfort. my brother and i slow down in that area and try to be safer, but it is racing. >> the 8 fatalities, another dozen were injured. promoters say they'll do what it takes to make the next race safer. the clarity of lake tahoe's blue water has not suffered in recent years. researchers at uc davis say the waters are clear to an average depth of 68 feet. no better or worse than a decade ago, however, when the
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survey was first conducted in 1968, the waters were clear to an average depth of 102 feet. planners credit lake-side restoration products with stabilizing water clarity be preventing clouding particles from washing into the lake. pilot convicted in the oil spill was released from custody today. what's changed the past three years, still ahead. the start of a new school year has special significance in the south bay as students return weeks after a devastating fire. will the bay area shed its
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the pilot who served prison time for his role in the oil spill is a free man tonight after being released from custody. officials wouldn't say where. john's job was to safely guide the ship in san francisco bay, but it struck part of the bay bridge. ktvu's rita williams reports. >> reporter: he was the first ship's pilot in u.s. history to be sentenced to prison. >> stunned. stunned. that's it. >> reporter: stunned back then. today, after spending the past 10 months behind bars, john was freed. >> i'm glad he's getting out of jail. i think the accident was a
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really unfortunate confluence of factors. >> reporter: that was on november 7, 2007 when he piloted the ship into a bay bridge tower. the fog was so heavy, 300-foot visibility, he couldn't see the ship. it spilled more than 53,000 gallons of bunker fuel. investigators found many causes for the crash, including his use of prescription drugs that impaired his judgment. today, the coast guard records at least a half mile visibility before a bar pilot can take a ship or tanker near one of the bay's three main bridges. >> one of the biggest areas of risk we have is a lot of single ships going out of the bay. >> reporter: deb says container
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ships don't have double hulls, but they have to report within ten days changes for prescriptions for drugs. we talked today to the director of occupational health services at uc san francisco, dr. robert koznic says he's midway through a study and at the end he suspects to make further recommendations for health screenings for pilots. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. the state assembly passed a bill intended to prevent another controversy like earlier this year when sarah palin talked. it would force organizations links to universities and colleges to comply with california's public records act. they would have to disclose how much they paid to speakers. the foundation refused to say how much it paid palin in june.
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it was back to school today for thousands of students in the bay area, including students of the san jose school, forever changed over a summer break. a fire that may have been started deliberately ripped through the campus destroying a dozen classrooms and bringing major changes for returning students and teachers. >> reporter: families arrived this morning and spent the first few minutes looking around. many had been worried there would be no first day at this campus. the surprise was understandable. this was a seen on july 3 5 when a fire ripped through the building that housed the first and second grade classrooms. >> really surprised it has only been i think 4 weeks. >> reporter: today classes were held in portable buildings on top of a baseball field. not ideal, but everyone we talked to said much better than having students and teachers separated and sent to other
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schools. john said his daughter seemed rejuvenated. >> they were happy, our school is back, school is back. she was ready to go. >> reporter: for teachers, feelings were mixed. >> no one died. fire teachers went through stages of grief. >> entire community, not just in san jose, but throughout the bay area have come through and rallied for the rescue of this school. >> reporter: that seemed to be the consensus. >> with 30 kids in a class, i think it's a nice size we have here in the portables. >> it was a little chaotic, but all in all, the move was positive. >> it pulled together very, way better than i would have expected considering the tragedy. >> easier to put that tragedy behind you? >> yes, it is, absolutely. >> reporter: the arson investigation continues and the district has formed a task force to oversee the rebuilding, which is expected to take two years. in san jose, robert honda, ktvu
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channel 2 news. california's department of education released scores from the latest public school star test this afternoon. in spite of drastic budget cuts, california students improved by 2 points in verbal skills and 2 points in math. school officials say it's the 8th consecutive year of improvement. it measures performance from the second grade to 11th in language, math, science, and history. if you're interested in the test results for your area. go to our website,, control down to the middle of our home page and find the right now section. the oakland school district says their students scored improvement at all levels, elementary, middle school, and high school and calls itself california's most improved school district. the first day of school in san francisco came with extra lessons today about a growing epidemic of whooping cough.
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the schools are educating parents about vaccinations. there are some children who have not been vaccinated. they pose a risk, particularly in classrooms. >> especially younger children who don't wash their hands or cover their mouths when they cough. those children are at risk of transmitting to other children. >> reporter: doctors at the general hospital say they've seen a fair number of cases recently, the ones that get the sickest are age 1 and under. one size fits all transit car got a test run today. san francisco transportation officials demonstrated the clipper card and the fair machines at the civic center stations. the clipper cards will replace bus passes. on upgrades, $11 million came from the federal government. the fog right now currently pushing back into the bay.
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in fact, the coverage up in the north bay, san francisco covered here, extending out towards oakland and hayward and down towards mountain view reporting mostly cloudy skies. san jose, right now partly cloudy conditions. current numbers ranging from 54 in san francisco to the lower 60s in don card and livermore. san jose in the upper 50s, and we have a bit of a breeze out there. current winds around 23 miles an hour. those onshore winds will have an impact on temperatures in the next 24 hours. the third time seems to have been the charm for the crew of the international space station. everything went smoothly today for two space walking astronauts. the first tests show it's working, but there are more checks to do. the failure of the pump required one of the toughest repairs for the space station. astronauts ran into problems
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during the first two but today's went well. upnext, hearing from the husband of a woman accused of husband of a woman accused of having sex with teenage sweet n' sour filled twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
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we have developing news out of san francisco where police are looking for a man who stabbed a passenger. the stabbing happened on a 29 bus just before 8:00 p.m. police stopped the bus to look for the assailant but couldn't find him. he was taken to san francisco general hospital. his condition was not known. the injuries are not life- threatening. investigators say bus video cameras were working and hope surveillance video will provide clues.
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the mother accused of having sex with teenage boys made her second court appearance today. she did not enter a plea. she faces 67 counts of having sexual relations with the boys. her husband was in court to show his support, and he spoke briefly outside court about their three children. >> my kids are hanging tough. i'm telling you that. >> how are you doing, sir? >> i'm doing okay. >> reporter: she remains behind bars on bail. the man accused of sexually assaulting three women near walnut creek made his first court appearance. 22 year old did not enter a plea. he is charged with rain, attempted rain and attempted burglary. he turned himself in last week after police contacted him and said he was the main suspect in the attacks. investigators say dna links him
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to at least one of the attacks. he's expected to enter a plea next week. san francisco fire officials say a fire this past weekend in the mission district did more than one and a half million dollars damage. the fire was reported saturday night at 66 rondell place. the flames ended up damaging several buildings, three firefighters suffered minor injuries, and two residents were also injured. about 20 people were displaced. investigators have not determined the cause of the fire. fire officials say an electrical or mechanical problem sparked a fire that heavily damaged a post office on saturday. the fire started in the attic and did at least 1 and a half million in that building. officials are still figuring out the damage to the content. mail dropped off the building that day had been already taken 20 a larger post office annex.
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>> the family of a man shot to death outside of a san francisco nightclub plans to sue the club's owners. the 39 year old was killed on july 11 following a fight inside the club. family members accused the club owners of negligent supervision and security. the owners have not yet responded to the allegation. the recession has led to major changes to financial institutions and in lending practices. many people saw their credit ratings plummet and found securing a loan or credit card became much more difficult, but an old tool emerged as a way to rebuild scores. secured cards are being issued by companies. they can get one as compositing money then a card is issued with a line of credit. >> if someone wants to build their credit or use their credit card for certain transactions, it's a good way to get a credit card.
11:57 pm
it shows up as a line of credit on your credit bureau. >> there are steep penalties of payments not made on time and the interest can be around 20%. it was the first day at uc berkeley's law school, but today there were protesters outside. we'll explain. plus the start of shrimp season ú [ man i was deciding what to do
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fog has regrouped. forecast model showing you the coverage. tomorrow morning at 7:00 we could have a few patches inland
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as well. so for tomorrow morning, first thing at 7:00, areas of fog, especially coastside along the bay, temperatures low to mid- 50s, and by lunchtime you can see coastal fog, 58-72 degrees by 3:00, partly to mostly sunny skies. it will be cooler, cool weather pattern stick around? i'll be back with a look at your 5-day. president obama in los angeles this evening, part of a 3-day trip around the country. mr. obama is in los angeles for a fundraising event expected to bring in $1 million for democratic congressional candidates. nancy pelosi was there to introduce him. he's pushing his economic agenda. fishermen return to work today for the start of the shrimp season, but concerns remain about seafood safety, and that could have a big impact on the entire industry.
12:01 am
health and science editor reports from san francisco. >> reporter: here at fisherman's warf we found seafood lovers uneasy about the opening. >> not too happy. i'm sure it's not healthy. >> reporter: many said they wouldn't buy gulf shrimp. >> knowing they are from there, i probably won't. >> i don't believe they would allow it to be sold if it wasn't safe. >> reporter: after returning from the gulf, scientist dr. gina solomon says the gulf spill has uncharted waters unknown. >> those particles are now spread far and wide and starletting to make their way into the food chain. the data on the monitoring from the gulf has not been as publicly available as it should be. little nervous because of that. >> reporter: nervous too are
12:02 am
professional fisherman who say tainted gulf seafood could hurt the industry for years to come. better to wait. >> it's a rush of judgment here. the fact is there's a lot of oil out there. we think there needs to be continuous monitoring. >> reporter: and monitoring of gulf residents who've been exposed for months. >> the scientific literature is threat bare on the health effects of oil spills. >> reporter: tomorrow is the announcement of the first-ever detailed long-term study of health effects of oil spills. they plan to enroll as many as 20,000 gulf fisherman as well as other workers and families. ktvu, channel 2 news. china is now the world east second largest economy behind the u.s., the economy is growing so fast, some expect it to surpass this country within 10-15 years.
12:03 am
its gross domestic product was nearly $1.3 trillion in the last quarter and is forecasted to be above 9% this year. on wall street, little change today. dow average was 1 point lower, nasdaq was up 8, dow has closed lower for 5 trading sessions. gold prices at the highest level in 7 weeks, the contract sold for 1,244 cents an ounce. last timetabled was this high was july 1. the first day of classes at the school of law included a noisy demonstration targeting one professor. the university defends its employment, but protestors say the former member of the bush administration should be prosecuted. >> reporter: at the main entrance on this first day of classes, dozens of antiwar
12:04 am
activists, including some law students waved signs and spoke out against the professor. >> during the coming academic year will be full of protest events calling on the university of california to fire, disbar, and prosecute john yoo. he should be sitting in a prison. >> reporter: he is a constitutional law scholar being criticized for his work in the bush administration at the office of legal council. he wrote memos saying water boarding was not torture and terrorists suspects were not under the geneva convention. the protesters were asked to leave after marching through the halls and standing outside the dean's office. >> he supports protestors but
12:05 am
doesn't support disruption of class. >> reporter: some students say it is important to hear the professor's views. >> i like controversy, so i'm looking forward to hearing his sort of unique interpretation of it even if i don't agree with it. >> reporter: in february, department of justice announced it would file no charges, but he's facing charges and in june the circuit court of appeals heard his request to dismiss the case. >> he's made it clear that unless an outside body of justice has found wrong doing, then he has the right to teach here. >> reporter: today we tried to contact the professor but have not heard back from him. today's protest was not the first time people have spoken out against the professor and won't be the last. reporting from berkeley, ktvu, channel 2 news.
12:06 am
protest against target stores is on track tonight. a national gay rights group had gone after target for its contribution to a minnesota republican who opposes gay marriage. target liked its pro-business policies. gay rights group wanted target to donate to gay rights. opposition to a planned mosque in ground zero in new york. amazing story of survival after an airliner crash, lands, and ?w?wóç
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treasure island is scheduled to be turned over officially to san francisco tomorrow. the federal government will hand over the land during a
12:09 am
signing ceremony at 2:00 on treasure island. the city has an ambitious plan to redevelop the island. officials say some 3,000 permanent jobs will be created by the redevelopment. that's 5 times the number of jobs losed when the navy closed its base there. against plans to build a mosque in manhattan. harry reid of nevada is the highest-ranking official to do so. some suggest placing a mosque near the site of the terrorist attacks is insensitive. it is a political debate of the week. >> we can't pay all of islam with it. we have to bring people together, and what offends me the most is it's being used as a political football. >> on friday president obama said muslims have a right to worship where they choose. on saturday he said he would not comment on the wisdom to
12:10 am
put a mosque near ground zero. >> on a clam i can't island in landed during a thunderstorm and broke apart. only one of the 131 people on board died, and it appears the one death may have been from a heart attack. five people had serious injuries. >> in pakistan, officials say the scale of disaster from flooding seems to get worse each day. people are going hungry, disease is spreading, aid is slow-reaching the 20 million affected by the floods. and much land under water is farmland that's used to feed its citizens and fuel its economy. in russia, a ban on wheat exports went out today. the ban on exports is expected to have a ripple effect around
12:11 am
the world. bread prices rose by 10%, the weather advisor blamed global warning for the heat. highway patrol is investigating the drowning of a woman as she talked on her cell phone. the chp said the 47 year old asked for directions at the resort off highway 160 around midnight saturday and wound up driving off the resort's boat ramp. she called her daughter to say the car was filling with water. conservative commentator known to millions has died. he was 89. he was an in your face conservative who bickered with a liberal commentator during the counter point segment of 60 minutes in the 1970s. he also was a widely-read columnist and author of dozens of books.
12:12 am
he died yesterday from congestive heart failure. officer-involved shooting, we'll tell you about it. plus, new information about the bett of a bicyclist. what police say about the driver of the car and what neighbors say about this intersection. droiiiid.
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we're getting late word of an officer-involved shooting tonight. they are tight lipped about the incident, but we learned a man was shot by an officer near the high school campus, possibly during a robbery. one person on the scene said officers first tried to use a stun gun, then one officer shot the man. he was taken to the hospital where he's said to be in
12:15 am
critical condition. san francisco police say the motorists who struck and killed a bicyclist was driving drunk. now people are speaking out about the dangers of traffic near this area. jim vargus reports. >> reporter: the avenue intersection may not be the worst in the city, but don't tell that to people who live around here. that is especially true after an accident friday night where a suspected drunk driver ran over and killed a bicyclist. people who live in this area say sobers drivers have been getting in accidents for years. >> i've been riding through here about 25 20 years. speed limit is only 25, but cars come up around 45 miles an hour. it's very difficult. >> reporter: speed maybe the biggest problem, but it's not the only one. it's a major north/south thorough fare, especially during rush hourings.
12:16 am
people are often caught by surprise according to local residents. >> can't see these guys coming. it's a terrible corner. >> reporter: the city has been getting complaints for years and is working on possible solutions. they've come up with four alternatives. people we spoke with say bike lanes are needed, better traffic signaling, and speed limit enforcement. >> the city should pay attention to improving the corridor for traffic flow and to make it livable for pedestrians, pick lists, and merchants. >> reporter: that's what the spokesman for the transportation says is the city's goal. >> we're aware of those concerns. we want to move as fast as we can. >> reporter: bike lanes are a guarantee, but officials haven't decided what other actions to take. ktvu channel 2 news. police are investigating a shoot out this evening near downtown.
12:17 am
the occupants of two cars shot at each other around 3:30 this afternoon. witnesses reported an argument followed by as many as five gun shots. police say no one was shut during the shoot out and the descriptions they have of the vehicles involved are limited. they are asking for anyone with information about the incident to give them a call. the campaign to reduce childhood obesity in california is getting mixed results according to to a study. for the first time in more than 30 years, obesity rates for white and asian children are falling. rates for latino children have remained steady. researchers say public health initiatives designed to combat obesity need to do a better job of reaching all communities. well, today temperatures warmed up across most of the bay area, but today, the
12:18 am
warmest day of the week, that implies another cooling trend. there's a picture of the fog snapshot near the coast and into the bay. here's a wider view, this will be the main player in our forecast over the next 24 hours. as far as temperatures today, see the rains from 60, 80s out towards concord. san jose topped out in the 70s. this was the scene towards san francisco out in the distance late this afternoon. fog bank on the increase. forecast for tonight, fog will continue to be on the increase overnight. little cooler for your tuesday. more cooling in the 5-day forecast. as far as temperatures for tomorrow, the rain from the lower 60s then temperatures inland, we're expecting low to mid-80s, around 85-86 degrees. here's that area of low pressure. see the track approaching the
12:19 am
coast land. 2-4 degrees cooling off. wind still a factor in the afternoon, around 15-25 miles an hour, there's the fenchol temperature range. another impact of that moving north will be this. could increase the possibility of some dry lightening and thunderstorms and as a result we have this warning posted for areas to our north and into portions of the northern california and just to our east. back in the bay area for tomorrow morning, areas of fog and drizzle. temperatures low to mid-50s, then sunshine inland, partly cloudy skies around the bay and patchy coastal fog. little cooler for your tuesday, fairfield at 84, right around the rim of the bay, the upper 60s, and low to mid-80s.
12:20 am
san jose 74, san francisco 61, and half-moon bay around 60. here's a look ahead. your 5-day, not much in the way of changes, we warm things up a few degrees by thursday, then cool back down by friday and saturday and that friend will continue through the rest of the weekend. what do you think about august 29? >> good date. >> one of the forecast models putting in rain chances for that day. it's still a way out, but it's a day we'll be watching in the long-range forecast. i don't think it will happen, but something to watch. >> fair banks, alaska today, 78 degrees. >> that's a heat wave for us. >> thank you, mark. . number of baby boomers getting divorced is on the rise. boomers already have a divorce rate triple that of their parents. a recent find says gray divorce. census bureau statistics show
12:21 am
in 2008 a fourth of divorces involved couples married 20 years. more couples wait to split up until their children have grown up and left a circus tradition today. the circus rolled into san jose where spectators young and old got to see quite a sight. they got to see as elephants paraded a mile to the hp pavilion. first show scheduled for wednesday night. the circus is scheduled to be in town
12:22 am
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12:24 am
four talented woman visited the ktvu studios this morning, members of the radio city music hall rockets. for folks who can't fake it to new york city, they have been a part of the christmas show since 1943. we've been talking about a good get for the 49ers today. >> a good get and a good riddance. first of all, they unload
12:25 am
underachieving lineman to seattle today, then brought in one of the best runningbacks still left on the open market. san francisco signs brian westbrook to a one-year contract today. he spent his entire career with philadelphia where he was one of the most productive and versatile backs in the lead. he should be a valuable back-up if he recovers from the series of concussions last year. >> i've been able to rehab and assume my whole offseason preparing for a football season. now that my body is completely healthy i'm ready to perform. at this point in my career, the wisest thing to do is go to a place with a guy to share the load. i completely carried the load for a long time, but now it's best for me to go to a place with a winning tradition and a guy that can share the load as
12:26 am
well. tonight, new york giants quarterback learned the jets play smash mouth football and both the jets anginals will call this -- jets and giants will call this stadium home this year. turns it into a 64-yard touchdown. victor cruise, the undrafted rookie scored 3 touchdowns tonight. giants beat the jets 31-16. right now the a's are not even hitting their bat boys weight. they manage 7 hits in their last three games combined. toronto in oakland tonight. batista against anderson. he leads the major leagues with 37 home runs. watch this ball hit the fair pole. batista settles for an inside the park home run inside. ripping this two-run bat.
12:27 am
toronto leads the major leagues with 143 home runs. oakland reactivated connor jackson. by the way, it's also oakland's only hit of this game. blue jay's pitcher throws a complete game, one-hitter. san francisco giants lost ground to san diego tonight because the padres pound them 9- 5, four hits tonight including this double in the 7th. san diego leads the giants by four games in the west division race. giants are also tied for the phillies for the wild card playoff spot. those teams meet in philadelphia tomorrow night. >> tough series coming up. >> then to st. louis. thanks, fred. >> that's our report tonight. >> coverage continues online at our next newscast is at 5:00
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a.m. thanks for joining us. good night. [ male announcer when meg whitman arrived at ebay, they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results.
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meg whitman. for a new california.


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