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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  August 18, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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furlough fridays are back on track tonight for tens of thousands of california state workers. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> i'm mike mike mibach in for frank somerville. the california supreme court has issued its ruling. furlough fridays can resume. and with no budget agreement in sight, governor schwarzenegger says it's the responsible thing to do. as it stands now, furloughs can start immediately. the governor's plan calls for three furloughs a month, almost
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150,000 state workers are involved and in the meantime -- no audio ] -- >> amber lee is live in oakland tonight with reaction from unhappy workers. amber? >> reporter: mike, we're at the dmv office in the claremont district. workers said they still haven't received official word but the furlough news spread quickly amongst themselves. dmv workers say they've already suffered through a year and a half of furlough fridays and they are paying the price. >> i have coworkers who have lost their homes. >> reporter: foreclosures. >> that's correct. >> reporter: what about you? >> i'm filing for bankruptcy. i have no choice. i can't pay my bills. >> reporter: workers told us lines here are long. tempers are short and furlough fridays will mean things only get worse for workers and the
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public as well. >> we've had customers who are crying because they cannot get their registrations cleared because there are no workers in sacramento who can did all of this work. >> reporter: the governor's office says furloughs are expected to save the state about $150 million a month. >> we understand furloughs are creating hardships. we have a budget. -- when we have a budget, the furloughs will go away. >> reporter: this is not an indicator of what the final decision will be. back in oakland, workers said the -- they are learning to work one day at a time. they say the furloughs amount to a 15% pay cut. >> i think about -- that's $500 a month i'm used to having that i don't have. >> the money we've kept in reserves is drind dwindling.
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so our emergency funds are next to nothing. >> reporter: scary? >> oh, sure. just gotta keep marching forward. >> i've been with the state a long time. it's the game they play. >> reporter: are you upset? >> oh, sure. you know, i would like to -- i would rather be paid. >> reporter: state officials plan three furlough days before the end of august -- this friday, next friday and one other day. the state supreme court is scheduled to hear arguments on september 8th about whether the governor has the authority to order furloughs. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and has more details on furlough fridays and which departments are affected. look for the state budget tab. >> california has been without a budget for 49 days. it appears the state is weeks away from running out of money. the state controller, john john
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chiang, says the state is facing a $19 billion shortfall. if the state controller issues ious, it would be the second year he's done so. they bo be repaid -- they would be repaid once the budget is passed. police arrested 22 dwreauters over a demonstration of budget cuts that spilled into the streets. demonstrators blocked a major intersection for to downtown for years. they carried an eppy ji of governor schwarzenegger saying "cuts kill." most of the protesters arrested were cited and released. several law enforcement officers ordered a raid. the activity appeared to be centered near bon tempe lake
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near mount tamalpais. helicopter after helicopter lifted out huge bales of marijuana. the operation is expected to continue tomorrow. drug april gents won't say exactly how much marijuana they've confiscated. the federal government has expanded a multi-skate recall of fresh eggs. the cdc says the eggs are responsible for a salmonella outbreak. the recall includes 32 million egg cartons. that's roughly 380 million eggs. all of the eggs come from one egg producer in iowa. however, the eggs were sold here in california and in seven other states. health officials say no deaths have been reported but hundreds of people nationwide have been sickened in the outbreak. california has reported 266 illnesses since june. >> fever, diarrhea, vomiting.
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usually they are sick a few days and then they will recover. the disease is more severe in susceptible people. >> health officials are recommending people throw away or return return the eggs. to find out if your eggs are on the recall, go to look in the "right now" section. you will find information about the brands, product numbers about the eggs that have been recalled. one city will annex acres east of highway 17 and north of camden avenue. but will it be san jose or campbell? tonight, emotional residents let their voices be heard. ktvu's maureen naylor is live in san jose with this story. maureen? >> reporter: mike, the meeting wrapped up just a little over
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an hour ago and residents from the county pocket -- pocket made it clear. tonight's meeting was filled with heated exchanges between frustrated residents of the cambria area and san jose city officials. san jose is under court order. >> we're looking at whether it's a better boundary of where city services stop. we think with this boundary it makes it much cleaner. >> reporter: before the meeting about 60 people rallied to become part of campbell fighting concerns about san jose's public safety services. >> they are already letting firemen go and they are not for safety. they aren't gonna help us. >> to prepare for this, my husband and i have actually taken cpr classes so, if, in fact, city services can't get
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to us in time, we can save ourselves. >> by taking on more, this is gonna hurt me as a citizen of san jose. we're really opposed to it. >> reporter: those at the cam bem cigar shop are against the idea. the store's been here for 15 years and if annexed, its address would become san jose. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the san jose's planning collision will take up the abe exation issue before the city council this -- abe an exation issue before the city council this fall. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. the port of san francisco plans to evict an embattled waterfront nightclub when the lease expires in two hours. right now the club owners are vowing to stay put.
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the port issued an evacuation notice to jelly's dance cafe on pier 50 following two shootings outside the club. now the owners are refusing to leave and with both sides threatening legal action, the dispute is likely to end up in court. jelly's owners claim the court terminated their lease only after club owners discovered pipes belonging to the port were leaking in the bay. taxpayers in alameda may wonder if they are getting ripped off after learning their fire chief has been filling up his personal car with gas. we caught up with him and asked him why he's entitled to free gasoline at taxpayer expense. >> reporter: the photo shows the fire chief last saturday as he filled up his personal car with city gas. several males of the alameda
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firefighters' union say it isn't the first time he has filled up his car or even an all-terrain vehicle. today, we showed the photo to the chief and asked if that's true. >> yes. >> the bmw? >> yes. yes. >> the atv? >> no, no. >> reporter: the chief says the free gas is a benefit this was negotiated when he was hired back in 2007 because he's oncall around the clock. >> there was no wrongdoing. i didn't do anything illegal or anything against my contract. i've been acting according to the benefits in my contract. >> reporter: the contract does state in lieu of a city take- home vehicle, the chief could use his private vehicle and obtain a $250 monthly allowance. but nowhere in the contract is the mention of free gas. the chief said it was a verbal
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agreement. >> they've had to close fire stations. they've had to lay off firefighters and eliminate positions and now you have a department head that is able to use city fuel for all of his personal activities. >> reporter: the union says the chief's honda truck was outfitted with lights for official use. not the bmw. alameda city attorney says she believes the chief but she says the contract was not handled according to proper procedures. >> i would normally be looking at any contract, including an offer letter and in this case this one was not submitted to the city attorney's office. >> reporter: today the chief told me he's willing to renegotiate his total compensation package with the city that's estimated at more than $200,000 a year. reporting from alameda, ktvu channel 2 news. the united states reached a milestone today in its seven- year, five-month-long war in
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iraq. the last contingent of u.s. combat troops left iraq and crossed into kuwait. they are members of the 4th stryker brigade second infantry division. during their time there, they saw a lot of combat and death but said they feel good about the state of iraq now. >> i came here during the invasion, came here during the surge. it's nice to see things are going, you know, good with iraq. >> you look at the iraqi military and police and they are fully capable of doing their job. >> the departure came ahead of president obama's deadline of august 31st for ending combat operations. the state department will now replace the military and manage u.s. operations in iraq, some 56,000 non-combat troops remain to help train iraqi security forces. the u.s. invasion of iraq began on march 20th, 2003, with the shock and awe bombing of
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baghdad. since then over 4,000 u.s. servicemen and women have died in combat in iraq. and more than 30,000 have been wounded. there's no confirmed number of iraqi casualties. estimates range from 50,000 to as many as 600,000. coming up next -- a bay area roller coaster strands riders high above the ground. >> i was so scared. i mean, when i got off, i was about ready to pass out. >> what passengers did after the coaster stopped and how the amusement park handled the situation. and we'll tell you what parents are sending for back-to- school supplies and what it says about the economy. and clear skies, a beautiful night for a jog or a
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we're on the first step, everything was okay. it was really scary. >> reporter: these cousins from fremont are not likely to ride
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the boomerang again. it goes forward and races through loops and rolls at about 50 miles an hour and then climbs another peak to do it all again backwards. but it was at this point, about 2:00 this afternoon, the ride closed. >> we got up there and i thought we were stopping for just moments. >> reporter: moments that stretched on for 26 passengers and worried parents below. >> the most they would tell me was the computer was not recognizing the ride. >> reporter: this woman said a mechanic showed up but there wasn't much urgency and no one brought reassurance or water to the stranded waters until she complained and alled the front office. >> i was more concerned about the heat and them being stuck with no water and kids dehydrate pretty quickly. >> he brought us water bottles to keep us hydrated. they were doing stuff to try to keep us active, like they were singing happy birthday and
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stuff. >> like i hear this big clunk noise, like a loud noise. >> reporter: for some kids, the distractions didn't help ease the fear. >> i was so scared. i mean, when i got off, i was about ready to pass out. >> i was nervous. i had to sit down. they had to check my pulse, you know, make sure i was okay. >> reporter: even the ride to rescue, finally, had an unwelcomed thrill. >> they started to slowly bring us down, and without any information, they just stopped us really fast. my heart dropped. it was really scary. >> reporter: this family stayed until closing, they got passes to the front of the lines to make up for all of the time they lost. now, riders say this was boomerang's second mishap today. it was shut down about an hour earlier because they needed to clean up after a passenger got sick on the ride. it's not clear if that played any role in the computer glitch
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later. debradebra via lone, ktvu channel 2 news. ac transit voters went back to court. ac transit imposed a contract on its drivers last month hoping to save money but a judge threw out that contract and ordered both sides to engage in binding arbitration. ac transit says it's already made cuts and the union should agree to work changes to further reduce costs. the u.s. consumer confidence index remains negative, yet one retail area is profiting from a wave of purchasing. back-to-school sales seem to be booming. and with a new economic year upon us, many families are digging deep to prepare for the classroom. patti lee is live with more. patti? >> reporter: take a look at the storefront. the deals are posted and inside, the shelves have been restocked. it's too soon to tell if this robust spend something is a boost of consumer confidence or
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a reaction to deals too good to miss. the back-to-school shopping rush is on. >> i got a computer and some pens and a binder. >> it's a hello kitty backpack. >> reporter: look at how many people are shopping at target tonight. this woman, an xrkt on consumer -- an expert on video behavior. >> there is a school supply area in target and the bins are practically empty. >> reporter: she said the shopping should be closing down by now, instead things are ramping up. >> it's different now because for first time in two years, parents are saying they will spend more. >> reporter: the national retail federation says the average family will spend about $600 on supplies this year, about $60 more than last year, with the bulk towards clothes and computers. >> it's like a moving target. i'm not gonna spend more than $200 and then when you get to $350 you are like huh.
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>> i think it's demand. at a certain point you just need to replenish your supplies. >> reporter: many say they don't feel pressured to buy anything just because it's back- to-school season. given the state of the economy, people can wait. >> i think people are picking and choosing their shopping and doing sales more. >> reporter: the woman says this is the first year of mainstream social media marketing. the two stores that use this the best, j.c. penney's and target. both were awarded on the stock market today. patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. well, here we go again. the fog currently regrouping and also pushing back into the bay. here is the forecast model at 7:00 tomorrow morning with the clouds a factor at coast side. heading around the bay, that will be the case tomorrow morning. possibly drizzle again. temperatures will start out the day in the low to mid-50s.
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by 12:00 plenty of sunshine. inland, still patchy fog. 54 degrees. by midafternoon, partly to mostly sunny skies. 60 to 87 degrees. i am putting the finishing touches on your five-day forecast. i can tell you temperatures are heading in one direction for this weekend. details are coming up. federal officials said they have rounded up almost 600 wild horses so far in an operation that began a week ago. the bureau of land management routinely conducts roundups saying the range land can't sustain the population. well, after this roundup is completed, the agency plans to leave 450 wild horses and 72 burrows on the 800,000 acre range along the california/nevada border. he came to the bay area for a job interview. coming up next -- family and friends denounce the street violence that kill him. and at 10:30, why some
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oakland's chinatown community held a fund-raiser for the family of a visitor killed last month in downtown. speakers denounced the violence that took the live of 45-year- old jinghong kang. he left behind a wife and three children. he was from virginia and was in the bay area for a job interview at google. two people have been arrested and charged with murder in connection with his death. san francisco police say they arrested an 18-year-old man accused of stabbing a muni passenger on monday night. the incident occurred on a 29 sunset bus. police say kyle clark slapped a woman who was with them and when a passenger tried to intervene, clark stabbed him several times in the torso. the stabbing victim is expected to survive. clark is being held in lieu of
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$90,000 bail. a san francisco judge agreed to lower the bail of a former building permit expe dieder facing more than 200 felony charges. 55-year-old jimny jent is accused of impersonating engineers and creating bogus building documents for almost 20 years. the judge today reduced his bail from $50 million to $10 million but he did not post bail. he also released his codefendant on his own recognizance. jent is expected back in court on friday to enter a plea. san francisco police arrested a walnut creek man on charges operated a ponzi scam that targeted the spanish- speaking community. the 52-year-old man was booked into the santa clara county jail on various fraud-related charges. investigators say he operated a financial business with offices in fairfield, concord, and san jose. they say he took more than $2
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million from 35 victims. police say he closed all of his offices at the end of 2007. merger rumors and a big retailer's positive forecast listed a wishy-washy day on wall street to a positive finish. the dow rose 9 points. the nasdaq picked up 6. target stores rose 2.5%. general motors took the first steps to shut ownership. gm filed with the s.e.c. for a public offering. the proceeds would partially repay the government for its $50 billion bailout of gm. right now the government owns almost 61% of the automaker. pailpalo alto-based facebook revealed a new future on its social networking site today enabling users to know exactly where to find their
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friends. the feature will allow sharing of locations with each other. facebook has said they've updated their privacy controls so users can choose who will can see their locations. he was a bay area priest
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we will be tracking another round of fog for parts of the bay area. for san jose, you can see starting out the day at 56. by lunchtime, 69. an afternoon high, 79 by 3:00.
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two lawsuits filed in alameda county superior court today accuse the catholic diocese of oakland for failing to warn parents about a roman catholic priest who was a convicted child molester. he was defrocked in 1987. a decade before that, he was convicted of molesting two boys. in 2004 he was sentenced to six years in prison for molesting a girl in truckee. the state says the man now lives in walnut creek. in lawsuits filed today, six women and one man claim the priest also mow he lefted them. one of the woman says she's the priest's stepdaughter. >> this monster, this pedophile was in my life for 30 years and he continued his abuse with me and others. >> recently re-released church documents indicate that the bishop of oakland diocese asked
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the vatican to defrock him in 1981 but it took six more years for that to happen. a classic sound of summer, children splashing in swimming pools is getting interrupted in the bay area and not everyone is happy about it. a new law forcing a small but critical change is prompting the shutdown of as many as ten pools a week. >> hi. i'm newton leen with the county health department. >> reporter: he's a mild- mannered swimming pool inspector for the environmental county health department. on this sunny august afternoon, he's checking off items for public safety. >> the main concern are the main drains on the floor. >> reporter: state and federal laws that went into full effect july 1st require all public pools to replace drain covers with new ones. >> older ones tend to be flat. i think one of the problems
12:02 am
associated with that there might be a possibility of a suction hazard. >> reporter: the federal law requiring rounded covers was passed after a 7-year-old 7- year-old granddaughter of former secretary of state james baker drowned eight years ago, trapped on a flat drain cover sucking water out of a hot tub in virginia. and now there's a california state law as well and some skepticism. the new drain conners, must they be installed immediately and what with about the cost? >> it's hard for regulators and the pool operators. >> reporter: this woman is the heald of the pool safety program for napa county's environmental health department and points out that napa schools, for example, expect to spend up to $34,000 to change all of their drain covers. >> we had a hard time here in napa county believing that on june 30th that a pool was substantially in compliance and was safe for people to use and as of july 1st, it's the subject of imminent health and safety. >> reporter: subssubsequently
12:03 am
napa, like all other counties is warning at this point. alameda county is not waiting. they've been shutting down an average of ten pools a week since july 1st. >> i'm with the county health department. i'm here to check your pool and spa today. >> reporter: going into a trailer park in southern alameda county, inspector leon finds it out of compliance. he tells them they are closing the pool and spa. >> they get pretty upset. sometimes they have choice words for us. >> reporter: on this sunny day, the reaction is muted. >> it's very confusing. i've been here nine years. our pool is inspected on a regular basis. we get our permits as required. this is the first we've ever heard of it. i just don't understand how it can be so different depending upon who is doing the inspecting.
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>> if you have your observe private pool in your backyard, you don't have to change those drain covers just yet. but safety experts point out children are especially vulnerable to getting trapped at the bottom of the pool or spa and say a new, safer drain cover is not difficult to install. you can buy one at most pool supply stores for about $50. san francisco school officials are warning parents that if there is an outbreak of whooping cough some children may be asked to stay home. the communicable disease director says in the event of an outbreak, students who are not vaccinated may be told to stay home for several weeks. the number of whooping cough cases statewide has soared to more than 2,000. that's six times more cases than last year. it's estimated about 9% of san francisco school children have not been vaccinated. the summer's weather is changing the winemaking landscape in napa county. growers say they are having to use some special techniques to keep their grapes viable and
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ensure a decent harvest even though it's gonna be a late one. ken pritchett reports reports from rutherford. >> reporter: the first harvest is still a few weeks away but these workers are lopping off grapes all the same. it's a technique vintners use as they adapt to a growing season about 10 degrees difference. napa valley grape growers association president says many vineyards are about two weeks behind because the growing season has been mild. that's not much of a problem for early harvest white vi fts but could be for the reds. >> the big problem could be if we go too far in the fall, we might hit some bad weather. we might hit some rain. >> reporter: next, they say mold and other consequences after mild growing season have not been a major problem. some vineyards are coping by pruneing. >> what we can control is go on the vineyards or drop some crop
12:06 am
to ensure the grapes are perfectly ripe when we harvest them. >> reporter: he says dropping some of the crop allows what remains to better mature with potentially hot months ahead, he says it's too early to know what the season will bring. he says a longer growing season can ensure the growing. >> 2010, it looks like it will be more reserved. that's not necessarily a bad thing. >> reporter: this year's outlook remains unclear. but last year wine grape field yeeltds were up -- yields were up significantly in this industry. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. an inmate dies at the santa rita jail. coming up, some people are asking if a stun gun had anything to do with it. also -- a horrific crash caught on tape. hear how the pilot survived and what may have caused this úccident.
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welcome home, man.
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an inmate at the santa rita jail in dublin was tased twice on monday and died this morning for unknown reasons. authorities say 50-year-old martin harrison of oakland had been hospital iced since -- hospitalized sins monday night -- since monday night after fighting with deputies at the jail. an autopsy is being determined to see what caused his death. prosecutors charged an oakland man with a victim riding his bicycle on masonic avenue near turk street. a mercedes struck them. the driver of the mercedes was arrested a few blocks away.
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he's charged with vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. the city of san francisco has joined the attorneys who sued to overturn the state's ban on gay marriage in an attempt to recover legal costs. the papers that were filed yesterday, the city asked the court to extend the deadline for seeking the reimbursement of attorney fees. the city and those suing to overturn proposition 8 say they will seek to recover attorney fees from prop 8 supporters but only if a district court's decision throwing out the ban is upheld. we learned today that just one juror kept former illinois governor rod blagojevich from being convicted yesterday on numerous political corruption charges. blagojevich resumed his normal routine today, sending a daughter off to camp. a jifer convicted him yesterday of one count of lying to federal investigators but deadlocked on 23 other charges. several jurors said they were ready to convict him on most of the accounts but one female
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juror held out. prosecutors say they will retry him and he says he will appeal the single conviction. in news of the world, in pakistan, u.s. helicopters delivered aid. thousands of people are fleeing from the flooding. many with only what they can carry. the united nations says it's received about half the donations it needs. in peru american lori ber ren sen went back to prison today. she was released on parole after serving 15 years of a 20- year sentence. a court now says she has to serve the full sentence. she returned to prison with her 15-month-old son who was born while she was in custody. she says she never was a member of the rebel group. in argentina a stunt pilot walked away unharmed from a
12:12 am
dramatic crash captured on videotape during an airshow. one wing of the plane broke off. as he was descending, the pilot deployed a parachute. that slowed the plane. but when the plane landed, it caught fire. the pilot says metal fatigue probably caused the break and he says he plans to keep flying. it's a heavily traveled road. why it's still the focus of a heated debate between bicycle activists, environmentalists and caltrans. and is another change droiiiid.
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sources are reporting that "american idol" has a new judge. sources say steven tyler from aerosmith reportedly signed a deal late last week with fox
12:15 am
executives. jennifer lopez is also rumored to be joining the show. the two will replace simon cowell and ellen degeneres. kra caltran says one of the bay area's scenic highways is downright dangerous. rob roth explains. >> reporter: beua schoolic, that's how one bay area residents describe this area. niles canyon road is also highway 84. narrow terrain could make it tough for bicycle riders. >> when there's no shoulder, it is tough. >> reporter: some environmental groups are up in arms by a proposal by caltrans to make an
12:16 am
improvement aimed at making the road safer. >> they are gonna make it easier for people to drive. >> reporter: an environmental impact report, caltrans says over a three-year period, there were almost 60 accident the along the stretch, many of them head-on collisions. caltrans is proposing to widen a five-mile stretch of niles canyon road from palomares road to the 680 junction and straighten some curves. that means chopping down hundreds of trees and some folks say that will damage the adjacent alameda creek. >> it might add gravel content to the stream. we don't know about adding bridge and pylons what it will do to the return migratory rate. >> reporter: caltrans did not return our numerous phone calls but has said traffic fatalities are above the state average..
12:17 am
>> it will have a very ster ril, clean highway look -- sterile, clean highway look and it won't be the scenic corridor it was designated years ago. >> reporter: some want caltrans to come back with with a different plan, one they say will keep the area safe and beua schoolic. san francisco airport unveiled some multi-million dollar rescue equipment which officials say can put out airline fires within months. the trucks are each equipped with the device that can pen freight the hole of an -- penetrate the hole of an aircraft.
12:18 am
well, the bay area cleared out nicely today, but our forecast pattern really has not changed too much. the fog is already redeveloping. here is the latest on the satellite and the closer inspection right now with mostly cloudy skies over a good portion of san francisco, move the maps around. hayward at last check reporting partly cloudy skies and still overcast right around millbrae, right around sfo's and the clouds will continue to expand over the next few hours. as far as highs from today, you can see the range from the 60s for pacifica and san francisco. 70s for san rafael and oakland and a few 80s to report out towards fairfield, antioch and livermore. san jose topped out at 74 degrees. this was the scene looking out towards san francisco. in fact, earlier this evening, the big wall of clouds increasing rapidly is a part of our forecast for tonight with increasing fog. breezy for this evening, warning up especially inland for tomorrow. nothing major and we have another cooling trend to talk about. forecast highs ranging from the lower 60s for the beaches
12:19 am
tomorrow and the warmest locations around 85/86, possibly 87, right around the antioch area. around 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. so high pressure briefly rebuilds for yours thursday. as a result, warming up primarily away from the ocean but look what happens as we head into the weekend. in fact, beginning friday, this cooler weather system moves in from the north and you will see the cooling off on friday and by saturday, warmest inland locations in the 70s. barely making it to 80. by sunday, we'll warm up. for tomorrow morning, the same drill, areas of fog and drizzle. the clouds concentrated coast side. possibly a few patches inland and then into the afternoon hours, mostly sunny skies but still partly sunny conditions for san francisco. we could still have patchy coastal fog. temperatures from around 60 to 87. here is a look at the numbers, santa rosa, 80. fairfield, mid-80s. vallejo in the upper 70s.
12:20 am
oakland tops out right around 70. livermore at 85 and there is that 87 showing up in antioch. san jose, 79 degrees. san francisco, 64. keeping it cool for pacifica. here is a look ahead at your five-day forecast -- you will notice temperatures cooling off on friday. saturday, temperatures probably bottoming out. don't mean to tease you but there's a possibility on monday of a significant warmup. that could be a possibility in the distant future. >> more like it should be. >> yes. walmart's plan stokes spand its store in antioch may still have a chance of winning approval. the company is proposing a 33,000-square feet addition and remodel to its existing store. it would be the first supercenter in the area.
12:21 am
the council did vote to take another look at the environmental documents. the council plans to discuss the findings in late september. a long-time san jose rabbi, joseph getten died monday in san francisco. he was 104 years old. s. he arrived in san jose in 1950. at that time he was the city's only rabbi. didn't serve at temple emanuel until 1986 -- getten served at
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one of san francisco's
12:25 am
movie operators will shut down. the clay theater will shut down this month. the last film will be the "rocky horror picture show." it's one of the oldest theaters in the city. the giants were shut down today. mark's gonna tell us what happened. >> well, giant fans were fearing this road trip. as it turns out, they had every reason to be. what looked like a strength now a glaring weakness. talking about the giants' starting pitching. they are now 0-9 with a terrible 5.73 e.r.a. look at tim lincecum signing autographs. give me the ball, and i will sign it. it hits ishikawa in the head. he's all right. but the rest of the night did not go fine. jimmy collins, single, a triple and this three-run shot off
12:26 am
matt cain who dropped to 9 and 0. there's pat burrell to talk about. again, he goes deep against his former -- former classmate. they got the rookie downtown brown, look at that home run. monster shot and the giants find themselves after another loss, six games back from san diego and the west. it all came down to the 9th in oakland. for the as it won't from woe is me to walkoff victory. they take a 4-1 lead in the 9th. it looked like it was all gonna fall apart. lieu wi the former giant, base hit to center field. got himself a two-run rbi single to tie it. all is forgiven. roll to the right. that scores the game-winning run.
12:27 am
the as take a victory over the jays. it might be time to hone in to football. raiders a month into their training up in napa. a very different vibe emanating from the facility. even though the statistics weren't -- well, you would call them not off the chart but jason campbell looks to be a leader. three of his seven went to zach miller. >> you know, he's not a fiery type -- i mean, he is inside. but he's not gonna sit there and give you too many rah-rah type things. you know he's a competitor and he wants to win. and it shows on the field. >> the first glance a journeyman released, san francisco releasing brandon jones. when they signed him last year, it was a five-year, $60.5 million contract. $5.4million of that money was guaranteed. he made just one catch last
12:28 am
year. so in essence, 9ers paid $5.5 million ú
12:29 am
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