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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  August 19, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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late details tonight on what might be the biggest drug bust. i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm heather holmes. the bust took place today at a
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single story home at new avenue. ktvu heather holmes is live with more. >> reporter: you can see they still remain here. this is a huge operation that was uncovered, in fact, authorities are calling in a major drug manufacturing and distribution center. now these are just a few pictures of the hundreds of pounds of crystal meth and raw meth agents seized today. there was also a sizable amount of cocaine inside the home. a stunning $100 million just after 7:00 this morning, authorities moved in nestled
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between sprawling homes. it was a lucrative drug operation run by mexican cartels. >> we didn't know about them. we didn't know them. >> reporter: officials were not aware of them until a year ago. that prompted a lengthy investigation. sheriff's deputies soon identified major players. then this morning, the pay off to their year of work. >> this is the biggest see sure that i have ever seen. i've been with the sheriff's department for 23 years, aye been in the narcotics year -- i've been in the narcotics year in one way or another, and i've never soon anything like this.
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>> reporter: six men were taken into custody and are now facing a slew amount of charges. >> this is a lucrative place for drug manufacturers to live in, so this is not unusual. >> reporter: now raids linked to this operation were also carried out today in sacramento and modesto. reporting live tonight here in gilroy, i'm heather holmes. the investigation is under way tonight following a security incident at san francisco airport. all of this because of a threatening phone call targeting a specific american airlines flight. tonight the fbi is saying that threat is not credible, so far authorities have made no
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arrests. ktvu's jana katsuyama begins our coverage. >> reporter: the 757 sat for two hours surrounded by federal agents. flight 24 was diverted and redirected to t of the tarmac. >> there was a direct threat and it involved a threat of hijacking. >> reporter: a threaten call was placed. there were 163 passengers and 11 crew members on flight 24 headed to new york's jfk then to barcelona. >> when the pilot announced that air traffic controlled said we had to turn around and they didn't say why. >> reporter: passengers say eventually police removed two
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people from the back of the plane. >> somebody came in through the back of the plane, and saw a couple of people standing up and they took them away, i think they were a couple. >> took out two people, a young guy, young girl. we had actually seen them, they were right in front of us checking in. >> reporter: police finally allowed passengers to leave, six at a time. one passengers took these photos from the tarmac. the passengers were then searched. >> they then had a series of officers that asked you questions and went through your carry on bag. >> reporter: passengers then had additional security checks. >> i'm very happy to be in the terminal now. i want to make it to new york.
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>> reporter: reporting from sfo, jana katsuyama. we are learning more tonight about that phone call that triggered the sfo alert. if officials say that i officials say they had to take the threat serious because a specific flight was mentioned. amber lee is live to tell us what she found out. >> the front desk clerk here says he received the phone threat around 9:00 this morning. the hotel general manager told us the call lasted less than a minute. the front desk clerk described the caller as a man who spoke with a foreign accent. >> the man was going on with a rant. >> reporter: at first the clerk couldn't understand what the caller was saying. >> the first 15 seconds were just all mumble. gibberish, couldn't understand.
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after that, what he could gather with 45 second conversation, he said a lot of it was hard to comprehend. but he said he was going to hijack plane 24. >> we are very proud of them today. this needed to be reported because even jokes like this can not be taken lightly in this day and age. >> reporter: the hotel general manager told us the caller did not say why he phoned in the threat to this hotel, nor would he say why he wanted to hijack
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flight 24. air airport security breech in texas shortly stopped take offs. dallas officials say they were prepared to use deadly force but that wasn't necessary. police used a maneuver to stop the truck and arrested the driver. the entire chase lasted about an hour. there's new evidence tonight that the u.s. economy remains in a fragile state after new applications for unemployment benefits rose unexpectedly hitting their highest level since late last year. 500,000 people filed for unemployment. the jobs report prompted president obama to act on a job spill for small business. >> they create two out of every three jobs in this country. while a lot of new business and big banks have started recovering from this recession,
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small business and community banks that loan to small business have been lagging behind. they need help. >> the legislation would provide tax breaks and $30 billion in loans for small businesses. economists say part of the unemployment spike may be due to temporary census jobs coming to an end and congress extending unemployment benefits. those unemployment benefits quickly brought doom to the stock market. intel announced today it is buying internet security firm mcfee for $7.5 million. intel hopes to increase
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firewalls to their software. mcfee shares soared 57%. today the port commission did hear from the owner of jelly's and her attorney insist ág i ng that a pair of fatal shootings were not the club's responsibility. that's because they say the shootings has beened outside the club. but the brother of a man killed outside the club disputes that. >> my understanding is the incident happened inside the club and it happened over a girl, from best i could gather. and that club should be gone. >> the shootings happened in san francisco but jelly's should not be punished for that. >> the club has installed $40,000 of in new security equipment and has hired new
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richmond police are looking for two suspects tonight after a teenage boy was shot and killed today at a bus stop. investigators say 16-year-old akeem rouse was shot down. rouse had just finished an orientation and was waiting for a ride. two males walked up to rouse began shooting and fled away. police found a gun blocks away and are trying to determine if it was used in the shooting. 54-year-old david lewis was gunned down in broad daylight at hillsday male and hillsdale mall and there's been no arrest. >> reporter: ken, these posters have been out since june publicizing lewis's murder and a $50,000 reward toward catching his killer. usually that kind of money
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shakes loose some information, but not this time. >> could you confirm whether david said a person's name when she was shot. >> reporter: david lewis two daughters and son brought their grief to this session with police chiefs. from palo alto and from san mateo where he was shot in the back near his car. >> we have 100 theories, we have one now theories and we have no theories. it could as easily been at this point a random act. >> reporter: davis emerged from a background of drug use and prison. >> why? do you have anything. >> reporter: there has been rumors that lewis told police who shot him before he lost consciousness. police confirm he was talking but -- >> he was saying lots of
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things. he initially say he didn't know who did it. and then there were other names but they weren't names that identified actual people that we could ever find. >> reporter: police admit they thought lewis would survive. for more questions later. he died at the nearest trauma center at stanford. >> he was 10 minutes away from the general hospital. why take him to stanford. that's a long drivings he was pleading out. >> reporter: lewis's death leaves a hole in many lives and haunting questions. >> there's a primary focus on this investigation and who killed david lewis and if not, what can we do to help y'all get to that. >> reporter: more than 100 people interviewed. more than 25 search warrants served and the police chiefs are renewing their pleas for the public's help. they do vow they will solve this case no matter how long it takes. reporting live in east palo alto. ktvu news has learned
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former san francisco crime lab technician debra madden may not face criminal charges. a source told us the state general is unlikely to spend money to investigate madden. the police investigation centered on a single piece of evidence. a type of paper used that the lab uses to wrap narcotics that sources say was found in madden's house. madden's attorney says it would be difficult to prove the paper came from that lab. san francisco's police chief is set to hold a news conference about it tomorrow. san francisco's amber alert system may be expanded to what they are called blue alerts. amber alerts are used to notify the public about a missing child. blue alerts would be used when a police officer is shot and
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killed and the suspect escaped. a senate passed a bill today and sent it to the governor's desk. parents who ignore the law could face a $25 fine. the bills sporters say it will save lives. >> the state capital was a buzz today with activity. but very little had to do with passing a state budget. that budget is now more than seven weeks overdue and a gap still lingers. ken pritchett has our budget update from sacramento. >> reporter: the california assembly voted today on a laundry amount of bills that are racing to a looming dad line. and the lawmakers vowed to crack down on salaries like those in the city of bell.
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but a state budget, it's 50 days over due. >> mind boggling and ridiculous. >> not if they are dealing with a municipality rather than a state government. >> reporter: assembly speaker john perez defended a crack down on city officials. >> i don't think that we should hold out creating these reforms that are essential. just because we haven't resolved all the elements of the budget yet are. >> we think that what has happened in bell is absurd, it's outrageous and fixed but it's just a drop in the bucket of what's going on. >> reporter: the if they would spend as much time on that as they are grand standing on bell, we would save hundreds of billions of the dollars in this state.
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>> reporter: but unlike the bells bills, the bipartisan for a budget is not there. >> the there has not been a big five budget meeting between the governor and top leaders since mid-june. without a budget, state officials say furloughs will continue for state workers and ious are coming. ken pritchett, ktvu news. the city of watsonville has been fined for not fluorinading their water. while most of the bay area warmed up today, we had the fog regrouping offshore, some dense fog earlier right around ocean beach and golden gate park.
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the key overnight, we have been increased, as a result the fog will be on the increase at least in the short term. for tomorrow, low to mid-50s to start out the day. partly sunny sky, still patchy coastal fog. then for the afternoon forecast, more sunshine inland, coastal fog still partly sunny skies right around the bay. temperatures, they will be cooling off compared to today. the cooling trend that begins tomorrow will impact your weekend forecast, i'll have that for you in the five day in just a few minutes. a 33-year-old man was killed this morning. it happened around 10:00 a.m. on land owned by humbled redwood county. the logger was killed while cutting timber, his name has not been released. county officials did not
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release details. humble county sheriff's deputies say cal osha has been notified. firefighters quickly put out the flames but not before books and computers burned. the principal says someone broke a window and tossed something flammable into the room. investigators are looking at surveillance video for clues. there is hardly anything left. coming up next, how a coastal truck burned to the ground and what happened to its driver. when she so my mercury moment happened during our family camping trip.
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i grabbed my son a juice box...and left the cooler lid open. twenty minutes later, all our hot dogs were gone. and so was most of the car. my mercury agent, steve, told me the car was covered. i switched to mercury because i saved hundreds of dollars on my car insurance, but it was the service that really made me a happy camper... er...ex-camper. call 888-4-mercury or visit to get a fast, free quote and start saving today. a mail truck burst into flames during a freak accident
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this afternoon in los altos hill. the it happened this afternoon at about 3:00 this afternoon and called pg & e. at about the same time, the mail truck rolled up it happened to pass over the broken line. firefighters say as the truck pulled away, it caught fire. the mail carrier escaped uninjured but the flames destroyed the truck and the mail inside. oakland police are asking for help tonight to find a man who they say sexually assaulted a woman in a downtown parking garage. investigators say it happened last thursday at about 12:30 p.m. in the 1400 block of clay street. the victim says she saw the man four days later near lake merit walking on 14th street. anyone with information about the case is asked to call oakland police. a man who claims he was molested by a priest when he was nine years years old sued the diocese of santa rosa.
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his lawsuit claims the bishop of santa rosa committed fraud by not telling the congregation that the priest had been accused of sexual abuse. clemens faces six counts. the sy young winner denied under oath of using steroids of hdh. but his former trainer claimed he injected clemens from 1999 to 2001. a sacramento judge issued a tentative ruling today denying a request from the cities of
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aferton. the city's want planners to re- examine the train route and explore taking the train through the east bay instead of the peninsula. a police chase ended today at the zoo. it started when two thieves stole a vehicle and one of the vehicles crashed. the people in the vehicle that crashed then got into another one, a silver suv. they drove past the sa sacramento police department then they took chase. the chase led to the back of the zoo. >> two dudes were running by, a lot of people are running in the zoo. then you hear sirens, i think a dude ran into where the monkeys were at. >> reporter: they found two men
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outside an exhibit. tonight a young woman is now fulfilling a dream to be the next american idol. i'm rita williams in petaluma, th [ male announcer when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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quantum. only from finish. the diamond standard. well the fog is currently on the increase, it will be a part of the our forecast near the coast and near the bay first thing tomorrow morning. for san mateo 54 degrees by 7:00. by lunchtime 61. thousands of aspiring pop stars descended on san francisco today vying for a chance of stardom on the
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uncoming season of american idol. >> ♪ >> the large crowd started lining up at midnight for auditions starting at 9:00 p.m. 9,200 people auditions. host ryan seacrest showed up but there's no official word who was sitting at the judge's table. one of the american idol hopefuls is already a survivor. her name is saucedo. >> reporter: carmina was telling us that one of the greatest gifts ever given to her was her voice. the same voice that her father did try to silence 21 years ago. this is carmina saucedo as a
12:01 am
little girl, this is carlina sauceda today. her thoughts she says are not of her past but of her future to become the next american idol. >> this is to show other people, don't let anything hold you back. >> reporter: the 24-year-old lives in sonoma the same county where she was left for dead. the day carmina saucedo's father killed her mom and six others. she was the sole survivor. >> i'm not living my life for myself, but i'm living my life in representation of the six family members that aren't here today. >> reporter: growing up, carmina was musical by nature. she played piano and she liked to sing. on this day as she auditioned with thousands of others and with her family on her find,
12:02 am
her song of choice, ave maria. >> i chose that because it's something that i've always sung since i was a little girl. since i was three, so that's a song that i know really, really well it comes from my heart, from my soul. >> reporter: and it appears she nailed it. leaving the audition, her arms were in the air then around a friend. the same smile that so graciously can still be seen today. >> you need to go and pursue your dreams and use your talents no matter what happened to you in the past. don't be ashame of that. go out there, use your voice, don't try to hide those scars, don't try to be ashamed of what happened to you. >> reporter: carmina says she does not speak to her father who is in san quentin's death row. the producers of american idol would not let carmina sing for us but we do know that she is moving on to the next round. mike mibach, ktvu.
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we have a developing story in the south bay involving a possible fatality at a concert. the accident happened in saratoga. someone plungeed from the top of a building and landed on the stage. we want to show you a photo from the scene. you can' the building in the background, the person was person was critically injured and cpr was performed. authorities are now clearing concertgoers from the area and are asking witnesses to come forward. and more developing news right now, late word from arizona that an escaped prison inmate and his fiance have been captured following a nationwide man hunt. authorities say the duowere captured in north eastern arizona in a national forest campground. they found the two with handguns at the camp site. in addition to the charges,
12:04 am
they are suspected in the killings of a couple who's burned bodies were found in a trailer. the livermore pleasantton fire station 10 on airway boulevard closed last month. it's three firefighters have been reassigned to another river more station. fire officials have described the closures as temporary and say they are working toward another solution. they say station 10 had the fewest number of calls among all the fire houses. the on again, off again oakland city complex appears to be headed toward completion. the condominium complex is scheduled to be finished in the middle of next year. developers have decided to rent the units instead of selling them as condos. in yet another sign the economy is struggling. a top real estate tracking firm
12:05 am
reported today that california home sales have fallen sharply this summer. home sales were down 22% from july 2009. bay area sales were down about 20%. consumer editor tom vacar explains now why houses just aren't moving. >> even in this recently completed pricey alameda development, there are several once occupied but once empty homes for sale. prices are way down from the peak, golden gate university business school says, there's no need to wait. >> people are expecting morning rates to go lower and they are probably right. >> reporter: generally what it takes to -- >> generally what it takes people to pull the trigger is to do it now. i think consumer don't see the
12:06 am
reason to do it now. i think they feel interest rates will stay low. >> reporter: one of the drive is that many people were able to take the equity they've owned in their current homes and use that to trade up to a better home. but with so many homes under water these days, that market is pretty much gone. leaving the market primarily to folks first time buyers who can manage to get a loan, or those with enough cash to buy a home outright. many homes were purchased and many trade ups happened because both spouses were working. >> you have obvious problems when the only bred winner is unemployed. but there's a more subtle problem when one of the two is unemployed. it changes the calculations dramatically. >> i think consumers are really just exhausted with all of the bad news. that makes them risk adverse.
12:07 am
and housing is just the riskiest area possible. >> meaning sales could continue to fall and that's bad news for the over all economy. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. workers say they can't escape the stench. up next what officials are telling us about a smelly problem they can be the seem to get rid of. also ahead, a terrifying scene at a bullfight when an angry bull breaks through a barrier and runs through ú droiiiid.
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construction crews returned to san jose maneta international airport trying to track down the source of a very
12:10 am
bad smell. so far they have not been successful. the strong odor is at the ticket counter. but officials say it's not there all the time. when it is, workers say on a scale from one to 10 it's an eight and smells like a sewer or outhouse. the airport is taking measures to clear the air. >> they have ventilation fans back there and a few doors open to keep ventilation going. we have air-conditioning so it keeps the place cool. >> reporter: the foul smell was first noticed about five months ago. some airlines say they're fed up with the problems they may with hold rent. the occupational safety and health standards board voted unanimously to strengthen laws for workers. advocates for farm workers say  the new rules don't do enough. scientists said today there is still plenty of oil in the
12:11 am
gulf of mexico but it is invisible to the naked eye. they say a 22-mile oil plume consists of tiny droplets and is located half a mile below the surface not far from the now capped broken oil well. scientists capped the well. they worry it might place a risk on fish. new orleans and other gulf coast communities have struggled to rebuild. major rich andrews says it will now take another five years for new orleans to put the hurricane behind it. preliminary numbers indicate tourism in new orleans is down
12:12 am
16% so far this year. in news of the world tonight, in pakistan much needed help is working it's way to the millions of the people affected by disastrous floods. the u.s. and other nations pledged more money today, until now aid has been slow in coming. the u.n. warrant many more billions of the dollars needed to rebuild the homes, business and infrastructure the flooding has destroyed. in mexico, the army opened its private anti drug museum to reporters today to show the government's efforts against drug cartels. inside will many weapons decorated with jewels, gold and silver and there's a lot of jewelry. the army has been collecting the pieces for three years. about 28,000 people have been killed in mexico since the government crack down on the drug cartels began four years ago. and in spain, a bull jumped into the crowded grand stand at a bullfighting ring yesterday leaving 45 people injured. officials said today that three people remained hospitalized
12:13 am
including a 10-year-old boy hurt when the 1,100-pound man fell on him. the bull had twice tried to leap into the stands. the third time police killed it. health officials say the massive recall of tainted eggs will only expand. up [ female announcer jcp cash is on the spot savings. earn ten dollars off on the spot, when you spend fifty! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. earn jcp cash... ten dollars off when you spend fifty who knew shopping could be so rewarding? jcpenney.
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the salmonella outbreak is spreading. 300million eggs are being recalled. the eggs came from iowa. but as ktvu's rita williams reports from petaluma reports, it's giving california egg farmers reason for concern.
12:16 am
>> reporter: williams is a third generation egg farmer and proud of it. no matter his feather are wrestles that one bad egg in the system gives all a bad name. >> consumer are wondering, where are my eggs being produced and how safe are they. >> reporter: so far the salmonella outbreak has been tracked down to one iowa egg producer with a bad past. >> we take a little cotton swabs and we drag them through the manure. because that's where you will find environmental salmonella. >> reporter: that's why none of the eggs in the recall was produced in this state, that the people who got sick here
12:17 am
ate eggs from national food distributors or processers. petaluma used to be known as the egg capital of the world: there were 2,700 egg producers in the north bay, today there are two. from molly stone to safeway, same eggs, different prices, different stores. so how can you tell they are from here? >> these eggs were packed on the 235th day of the year. if you look at this date, they will be 20 days out. the 238 stands for this packing plant. >> reporter: producers won't know how much they've been hurt until they see if sales of all eggs are done. rita williams. has been tracking
12:18 am
all the fast moving changes. look for the right now section. in san joaquin county has expanded a quarantined area. the goal is to stop the spread of the european grapevine moth. the contra costa county vecotor control is said to spread for mosquitoes early tomorrow morning. they are spraying because there's a number of great insects in the area. the spraying is set to begin at 5:00 a.m. and last until 6:30 a.m. the area to be sprayed is near by byron highway and eagle lane. well we have an advertising
12:19 am
a cooling trend over the last few days. we have some changes in the five day. that will surprise you. the fog it's been increasing over the coast in san francisco. we have mostly cloudy skies over a good portion of the city. moving the maps out to the east. we have partly cloudy skies right around oakland, out near the oakland airport. we'll expand the view and you will see overcast filling the bay. and increasing fog over the next few hours. we had a big warm up inland, fairfield, antioch and livermore. oakland topped out 73 degrees. the fog regrouped and headed to the coast. in fact, this was a look at the fog moving into san francisco bay earlier this afternoon. you will notice a change for
12:20 am
tomorrow, but the extended forecast, we will be warming things up. temperatures will be ranging from the mid-60s at the shoreline. no more 90s, we're expecting some low to mid-80s that's just about it. high pressure warmed up the entire year for tomorrow but it will be on the move over the next 48 hours. you can see what moves in, this cool system from the north and temperatures cooling down on friday. inland neighborhoods, the warmest locations, only in the upper 70s. then a nice rebound. first thing tomorrow morning, areas of fog and drizzle out there. we could have patchy fog even in the interior. low to mid-50s, then into the afternoon hours, clearing skies to near the coast, expect we can still have lower patches up some fog right around san francisco. plenty of sunshine inland, temperatures from 60 to 80
12:21 am
degrees. santa rosa 75. fairfield at 73, oakland 66, a few 80s out toward livermore. san francisco right around 62 degrees. here's a look ahead. a bit cooler as we head into your saturday. slightly warmer on sunday, and julie and ken i have not been able to say this in a long time. but look what happens monday and tuesday. they bump up those temperatures, warmest locations inland in the lower 70s, the coast could be approaching the 60s. that's way in the long range though. >> we'll take it. highway patrol figures today on its zero tolerance cell phone crack down on august 10 then again yesterday. chp and other law enforcement agencies handed out tickets. on day one they issued 900 citations on day two more than 1,600. the highway patrol said several enforcement stops also led to the arrest of drivers who
12:22 am
[ male announcer when meg whitman arrived at ebay, they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california.
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the federal government has suspended future permits for the promoters of that off road race in which eight spectators
12:25 am
were killed last week epd in the mo -- weekend in the mohabe desert. the suspension will remain in effect until they complete the investigation on what happenedded. the promoters were supposed to keep spectators 100 feet from the race course. videos show spectators were standing just a few feet from the course. >> and mark ibanez has good news just when people were about to give up on the giants. >> sweeping the padres has since removed foot from mouth long enough to walk the walk. jonathan sanchez doing more than talking about it. the fans have something to get excitement about the entertainment king. buster posey in the first, buster balloon rbi double into the gap at center field. that will score the first of
12:26 am
the game. and pablo sandoval in the fourth, just his ninth over all. and check this catch by the fan, he has his drink and no spillage. great one handed catch. but he might have been outdone here by aaron rowan in center field helping sanchez the to victory. that's a beautiful catch out there to jason werth. sanchez gave up one run and wins his ninth. dreaming if the giants think they have a chance at the play off, why wouldn't the a's who after stunning the team, finding themselves a mere seven back to the first place rangers in the west. talk about bringing a glove to the ball game. and getting the ball, how about just bring your laptop and a pretty good catch there. and the a's with a pretty good grab right here from cocoa crisp. you look at it again right there. and keeping a deficit at 3-1 turned out to be a huge play
12:27 am
because the a's scored three at the bottom of the fifth. penting down down the line, get a score a pair, he had the game winning hit yesterday afternoon, gets himself a double and a 4-3a's over tampa. still after all these years, no bigger name in the history than mario andretti. than who ever to wake up everyone to the fact the indy car series hits infinon race way. and danica patrick doing a little hawking of products on tv. always careful not to overextend herself. >> i always know that the driving is number one, i guess what's funny is it seems the more busy i am and the more things are going on on my plate, both behind the scenes and on the road, i almost feel like sometimes i have better
12:28 am
years that year. >> she'll be out in sonoma this weekend. that's the sports life. >> mark, thank you. that is our report for tonight. i'ú
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