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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  August 22, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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sweet n' sour filled twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. . complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. it's an unusually cool summer around the bay area. but in just a few hours you will notice a big difference. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm maureen naylor. >> and i'm mike mibach. ken and heather are off tonight. the hot weather is coming, absent for the majority of this summer, temperatures are set to spike within the next 24 hours. today a grass fire sparked up in the north bay. and tomorrow marks a first for the summer season. we have team coverage for you tonight. mark tamayo has the forecast.
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but we begin with ktvu's deborah villalon live tonight in pleasantton. deborah? >> reporter: mike, pleasantton always beautiful. yes, tomorrow something we haven't seen in the area all day a spare the air day. where heat and pollution mix and asked to avoid driving, telecommute and use transit instead. remember this, smog. a familiar part of most summer is. but if there is a silver lining in the fog and the chill we've had, it's been great air quality. >> by this time last year we had already had ten spare the air alerts. >> reporter: tomorrow been our firs. late afternoon on the marina green and not a goosebump insight. no fog barreling through the golden gate. by tomorrow afternoon, heat will be trapping air pollution. >> we always ask people to reduce their driving and by carwill pooing or taking transit. so when we have hot days that we don't see that unhealthy air
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quality. >> everybody is rejoicing we get to see smog tomorrow. [ laughter ] >> reporter: well, maybe not rejoicing, but on baker beach today folks were more than ready to trade air quality for some long awaited warmth. even the dolphins were jumping up and down about it. >> it's a beautiful day today. and there hasn't been a whole lot of beautiful days this summer. >> this year has just been really gloomy. so it's great to actually end >> i a nice day. and hopefully it continues. >> wearing dresses finally, swimming, tanning. and just finally pulling out the summer clothes. >> reporter: the warmup has already been felt inland. and downtown pleasantton tonight was alive with outdoor dining. everyone is soaking up the night air. but lamenting the fact that as vacations end and school starts, the heat finally comes on. >> but today is spare the clothes day. >> reporter: one of the more spontaneous responses we found, a group of self-described urban nudists strolling the city
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waterfront, amazing the tourists. warm weather to this group is an invitation to take it all off. >> you need 2 or 3 hours usually every day. >> reporter: walking around nude? >> if it doesn't bare off you captain do it. >> with all of the fog lately you can't have a good tan but today was the day. >> reporter: and no tan lines? >> that's right, no tan lines. >> reporter: no buts about it, it was a beautiful day. a summer day that actually felt like summer. for more on the warmup, let's check in now with mark tamayo. >> deborah, we start to warm up today but the real warmup is for tomorrow. the high pressure is strengthening and notice a change by 10 or 11:00 tomorrow morning. major warming for the monday. temperatures on average 15 degrees higher than today. the inland spots in the upper 90s approaching triple digit territory for the monday afternoon. here is a look at the temperature forecast model first thing tomorrow morning. off to a mild start at 6:00. 50s and 60s.
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look what happens as we put this into motion, the eventual temperature range for the 70s. mid-70s for the coast. temperatures in land. there is that red contour could be around 98 to 99 degrees. one spot will be concord for tomorrow morning you can't see it 62 degrees. by 12:00 already approaching 90. by 3:00 an afternoon high of 99 degrees. we still have hotter temperatures in the five day. the full forecast is coming up in just a few minutes. and you can find the forecast where you live along with any weather alerts by just going to and clicking on the weather tab another the top of the page. >> more than a dozen south bay residents have to find somewhere else to sleep tonight after a three alarm fire tore through a san jose condo complex early this morning. thankfully, everyone got out safely but not before the fire caused more than $1 million in property damage. ktvu's diane garotski reports. >> i heard the am dog crying so
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i woke up. >> reporter: she was in the deep sleep of jet lag at 10:00 this morning when fire broke out at these condos in south san jose. the biology student returned from home from india friday to get ready for san jose state. >> i looked towards my curtains and i saw the shadow of the fire. i got up to look and i saw the fire coming towards my windows. >> reporter: waters ran downstairs and over to the neighbor's house where the fire appeared to be coming from. she banged on their door but they weren't home. a neighbor who lives on the other side of the burning townhouse took these pictures and had also just been woken up. >> basically my sister woke me up from sleep and said that the fire next door is catching on fire. >> reporter: mike said the flames appeared to be coming another the barbecue. the propane tank is charred but remains up right tonight. >> i go into the backyard and peeked through the backyard and the barbecue from the propane started catching on fire. i am calling the fire department two minutes later the whole backyard was just dowsed in flames. >> reporter: the utility was
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damaged, waters was destroyed along with the unit with the barbecue. a fourth unit is closed during the investigation. investigators have not released the cause but they confirm the fire was accidental. it is one of the first big tests since two stations and three other companies were eliminated august 1st. >> this area directly has not had any stations that were closed. but it affects everything when you eliminate rigs and companies. >> reporter: firefighters responded within only six minutes because they were training at nearby lake cunningham pardon me. the response time may have been lucky but the fire left waters with only her wallet and a few things she had packed in her suitcases. >> i'm just shocked. eat just scary. i'm just glad that i got out safely before -- i'm glad i woke up. >> reporter: the red cross will be offering help to waters and all 20 people who were displaced. waters will be staying with friends until her parents return from india. in san jose, diane garotski, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> several homes in marin
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county were threatened this afternoon by a grass fire another highway 101. the six acre fire was reported at 3:what this afternoon. it was contained shortly before 5:00. the fire came within yards of a few homes. california fire crews are dealing with rugged terrain as they battle two wildfires tonight. the first is burning in san diego county another lakeside. it began yesterday and has been moving quickly through vegetation that's grown in. and then san diego's massive cedar fire back in 2003. light winds helped firefighters contain about 10% of the fire. but already more than 1,000- acres have burned. full containment is expected sometime tomorrow. and a 1500-acre fire another santa margarita lake has been burning since yesterday afternoon. crews say it's a frustrating fight as multiple spot fires have sparked up. several campgrounds have been evacuated. the fire is now five percent contained. police today said they have
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identified the man accused of stabbing a dog at a popular dog park in san francisco. however, they say they are not releasing his name. the attack happened thursday afternoon at fort funson. investigators say a woman was walking her dog when she was approached by the man walking his own dog. when the woman asked if his dog was neutered, the man responded by stabbing her dog four times. police say the man is 33-year- old and he has not been arrested. the woman's dog was released today from the veterinarian hospital. police are investigating a bizarre burglary that happened earlier this morning in danceville and tonight the criminal remains on the run. officers say the burglar used a pick-up truck to break into a bike shop. and part of the crime was captured on video. ktvu's allie rasmussen reports. >> reporter: this is what he found at his danville bike shop at 6:00 this morning. a pick-up truck straddling the parking lot and his store window. >> when i pulled up the truck was still running and the wheels were smoking and
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spinning. >> reporter: he rushed over to his store after his security alarm warmed him of a break-in. >> this is the first time i have had my store broken into like this. >> reporter: all you can really see are the lights as the truck plows through the glass. >> so now he is in and up and slams. and goes in the windows. >> reporter: police told him the truck was reported stolen from an east bay landscaping company last week. while the burglar used it to break in the truck was not the getaway vehicle. it got stuck in the window. >> he reversed the truck in the store, threw it into drive to back out and he realized it was am stuck. he came in and grabbed one bike and left. >> reporter: the burglar did get away with a bike worth $7,000 but wasn't able to ride it. >> the bike had no pedals so he had to run with the bike. >> experienced cyclists know how valuables these bikes can be. robert powell has a bike similar to the one stolen from the shop this morning.
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>> i use this as well as a master lock to lock the bike. >> reporter: powell says the type of bike that was stolen is highly specialized and typically used for bike racing time trials. he thinks it will be tough for the thief to re-sell it. >> if somebody did see it out there for sale it would be pretty obvious what bike it is. a pretty good chance of where it came from. >> reporter: the contra costa county sheriff's office is investigating this incident but not able to give us more on camera or tell us more about the suspect. he has already contacted the bick and pawnshop owners in the area to alert them about this theft in case anyone tries to re-sell that stolen bike. in danville, allie rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. oakland police detectives are working to find them new clues to the people who shot into a car. it happened at east 10th street. 26-year-old walter harris and
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another man were both shot while in the car. harris was killed. the other man remains in critical condition. investigators say the gunman was on foot. a unique halloween interested significance moving from the cow palace to east bay. the 31st annual exotic erotic ball will be held at the craneway pavilion on the richmond waterfront. the event has drawn as many as 20,000 people to the adults- only celebration. but this year's ball will be scaled back with room for just 14,000 party goers. >> an investigation today revealed the two iowa egg farms at the center of the egg recall share a supplier with a checkered past. the food and drug administration is investigating wright county egg and hillingdale farms in connection to the salmonella outbreak. they have ties to an iowa business that has been cited numerous times for violating state and federal law. the company has been identified
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as quality egg. the fda said it could take months to determine the cause of the outbreak. so far more than 550 million eggs have been recalled. for more information on this massive egg recall go to ktvu, ktvu, channel 2 and scroll down to the right now section where you will find the link. it is back to school for uc berkeley students. for some the state budget woes are going to have an impact on the upcoming school year. and a new law is targeted at keeping some east bay students in their classrooms. the penalties they will face if they are t [ man i was deciding what to do
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>> this has been an exciting weekend for some new college students in the bay area as they prepare to start school. but their parents are finding new challenges beyond having simply their children leave home. ktvu's john sasaki reports. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my gosh. >> hey, how are you doing? [ laughter ] >> the most important thing of all, getting there. >> reporter: it's move-in week for new students at uc berkeley, a time when freshmen are meeting their roommates and saying good-bye to their families. >> i am excited. i am sad to leave home at the same time. i think more excited. it's all new.
11:45 pm
>> reporter: family and friends help chelsea crookshank of san jose. >> it feels like winning the lottery i think. i've never won the lottery but i think that's how we all feel like we really, you know, hit a great school and still close to home because we are a close family so that feels really good. >> reporter: they got to meet chelsea's roommates from san francisco. >> i just want to get involved. such an exciting place to go to school. i just want to be involved in it all and not really be in the background of it. >> reporter: returning junior kemp moved in today and has been hit hard by the bad economy. >> budget cuts and everything it is harder to get into classes. had to pull out a few more loans. get extra money from other family members, borrow some extra money. >> reporter: doing all of it. >> yes. >> reporter: kevin's mother is a school counsellor in la. >> in a way it's kind of like a double whammy for me because not just for the school itself, but how the economy has changed and the furlough days with certain jobs, too.
11:46 pm
so i've had furlough days at my job. >> reporter: despite a tough time in the economy for students, parents and the school, parents say there is absolutely nothing more important than making sure that their children get their education. >> i feel blessed that she got into uc berkeley, quite honestly, compared to all of the private schools. yes, it is tough. >> reporter: parents may feel blessed but this day is not easy for many of them. these parents are, as they said, passing their twin daughters off to uc berkeley at the same time. >> i'm sort of reticent about the whole thing. we will see how it goes. i don't know how it will play out. i am going to miss them a lot. i am really used to the chaos. i'm not really all that thrilled about not having that. but i'm so proud of them. >> reporter: there are orientation activities until mid-week and classes start on thursday. in berkeley, i'm john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. students caught cutting school in richmond may find themselves in juvenile court with their parents starting this fall. under a new city law students would first be sent to a
11:47 pm
community center for counselling. repeat offenders, as well as their parents, will be sent to court and possibly face fines up to $500. school security systems have been upgraded to help make sure students are still inside those classrooms. >> we don't want to see students doing irresponsible behavior. and we want to make sure that kids are in class because we need them to be there so that they will be able to learn. >> classes at west contra costa county school district starts on tuesday. the district lost almost $4 million last year in state funding because of un excused absences. >> hayward schools open tomorrow with budget turmoil at the top of their agenda. the district there faces a threat of a state takeover if they cannot submit a balanced budget by september 8ing. in june the district was $6 million short and negotiations with teachers this month did not get the results. officials say that in spite of larger class sizes, tomorrow should go more smoothly than last year when a scheduling
11:48 pm
mistake left many students without seats. vintage cars were on display in the south bay as part of a fundraiser for an eclectic south bay radio station. all volunteer kkup in san jose relies on its listeners for all of its funding. today the station hosted a car show in the parking lot and played oldies music which is one of the many musical genres played by the station. >> the programmers who work here are people who are all really specific. they have an expertise in 50s music or an expertise in the blues or reggae music. they like that stuff and they know about it. and they want to put it out there for the people. >> the board chairman says kkup runs on about $100,000 a year and hopes to raise between $12,000 and $13,000 this week. >> a church court will take up the issue of same sex this tuesday in napa. retired minister james spar will be tried for marrying 16
11:49 pm
gay marriages in 2008 when gay marriage was legal before proposition 8. he had been acquitted by the church for performing same-sex marriages in 2006 because those marriages were not legally binding. in july, the general assembly voted in favor of allowing sexually active gays to serve in the clergy but shelfed a plan to allow church sanctioned same-sex marriage. >> two rallies went head to head in new york city. with the rain pouring down thousands of people gathered to protest construction of a mosque blocks from ground zero. protestors also showed up pushing religious freedom. peter doocy has more on the two sides. >> reporter: standing in the rain for hours hundreds protested against the planned mosque in an islamic community center another ground zero. including this very angry construction worker founder of hardhat pledge which says it will not help build the proposed center and calling on
11:50 pm
others not to as well. >> can you hear me, obama? this is andy from brooklyn. forget about it. >> we say no to racism. no weapons here. >> reporter: on a nearby corner supporters say those against the location of the islamic center are spreading misinformation. two groups with opposing ideas, each flying the american flag. >> what about way to bring peace to this country and to this neighborhood than to be able to bridge the skim between people. the muslims who are here did not attack us on 9/11. >> the wife of the mosque leader says the opposition has moved beyond religious intolerance of muslims and is spouting bigotry. >> $not even just racism of muslims, it is hate. and we are deeply concerned. >> the proposed space would house the auditorium, gym and meeting place, as well as a place to play.
11:51 pm
but for some who lost relatives, the idea is too painful. >> i just don't feel it is morally right and ethically right to put a mosque here where my brother was killed. >> reporter: the iman's wife is open-minded about possibly selecting another location but nothing is set in stone. in new york, peter doocy, fox news. a new facility set to open tomorrow to help process damage claims against bp from the gulf oil spill. the claims will be filed with the independent body for the buy bp and the independent government. called the gulf coast claims facility. people who have already filed claims with the oil giant won't have to re-file. instead their documentation will be automatically transferred over. the facility will handle claims from businesses and individuals who were harmed by the massive oil spill. more than 150 firefighters last night battled a massive warehouse fire in boston's neighborhood. no one was hurt in the fire which firefighters described as one of the biggest they have
11:52 pm
seen in decades. the fire was reported at 10:30 last night and prompted nine alarms. it caused some of the walls to collapse and firefighters had to be pulled back for their own safety. the warehouse was a long abandoned complex. straight ahead, a young girl is being hailed as a hero at sea. see how the 3-year-old from the central valley managed to save her father's life after he collapsed. and an interesting event with a world record in mexico. find out if they were successful. talking so much about
11:53 pm
11:54 pm
. a little girl in the central valley has become a hero at 3-year-old. >> you show me because i don't know which way you went. >> i went that way. >> that way. >> yesterday she showed her dad the route she took to the fire station only a day earlier.
11:55 pm
frank had mixed his medications and collapsed at therapy home. his daughter ran to the local firehouse and told the captain there that her dad was frozen and would not wake up. >> she walked us down to the house. and, you know, her dad was sitting in the living-room needing medical care. >> doctors say that without the prompt response, frank probably would have died. as for the mom, she is grateful her daughter was listening when the parents told her that the firehouse was a safe place to go. in news of the world tonight, in iran today officials showed off what they say is that country's first unmanned bomber. and ran january say the drone called the striker can carry up to four cruise missiles with a range of just 600 miles. almost far enough to hit parts of israel. the iranian prisoner called it
11:56 pm
a omen of death. >> 17 miners are still alive seven days after a cave-in. a hole dug 1700 feet connected with a safety shelter. it took seven tries to hit the shelter and cameras beamed back pictures of some of the men inside. authorities say they will send food, water and air down to the miners. the mine managers say it could take as long as four months to dig out the men. >> and in mexico city this weekend, almost 2500 people gathered to set a new world record for simultaneous geysers. it is one of the candy dropped into a bottle of soda. the record is now officially 2443 geysers. we would like to urge you not to try this at home. >> insurgent attacks killed four u.s. troops today in afghanistan. despite the ongoing violence there hamid karzai said today the car on terrorism is winnable. >> the road map is clear.
11:57 pm
the indications for peace would be that afghanistan will be ready to talk to those taliban followers who belong to afghanistan and who are not part of al qaeda. president karzai also defended his decision to dissband afghan and international security companies by january. u.s. officials say they are concerned the short deadline may endanger american development projects that private guards protect. [ music ] >> technology has changed election campaigns from on-air to online. is he how california is trying to keep tabs on political races and candidate messages. plus body art is on display this weekend in the
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. >> politicians are keeping up with the times and getting out their campaign messages using social media on the internet. but an expected ruling on its way from the california regulatory agency could mean candidates and supporters will have to reveal just who is behind the messages. >> well, you can't always listen to what the people say. >> reporter: when you watch political ads on t.v., it can be hard to tell who is paying for them. >> 40 years in politics and failure has followed him everywhere. >> reporter: but campaigns and interest groups are required by law to disclose their identity when they spend more than $1,000 on t.v. and radio ads. even if it's only a brief mention at the end. now, california wants to extend those rules to web videos, texts and even tweets for all statewide elections. >> when you watch a television commercial, or listen to a radio ad, you have a right to know who is sponsors it.
12:01 am
and by the same token it is becoming increasingly clear to us that voters needed to know but weren't getting the necessary information about who is sponsoring online communication. >> reporter: the new rules, expected to pass the state commission this fall, aren't sitting well with free speech advocates. a tweet, for instance, can only be 145 characters, adding an identifier means less room for the actual message. >> it's the forced speech problem. it is the fact that, you know, you've got a limited space to say something and the government is telling you that you have to use some of that for what the government thinks you ought to be saying. >> reporter: in spite of objections, california's fair political practices commission will likely prevail as the supreme court has already upheld political disclosure laws. >> if the disclosure requirement occupies 80% of the ad they may say it is more burden. one group not covered by
12:02 am
the proposals are bloggers, paid by campaigns to put out a political message. officials say they may address that issue in the future. the california republican convention wrapped up today in san diego. the convention featured speeches by key party members, including u.s. senate candidate carly fiorino and candidate meg whit man. among topics discussed at the gathering was san francisco mayor gavin newsome and the city itself. both were mocked for their stances. more than 1,000 people attended the three day convention. the california high speed rail authority is defending its ridership rejections for the train line designed to run from san francisco to la. according to its website, the most recent ridership forecast for the project estimate 88- 1,170,000,000 passengers every year by the year 2013.
12:03 am
in a revised environmental impact report released friday, the authorities say the numbers are in the near flawed nor inaccurate. several pennsylvania cities and other organizations have included the agency of inflating the numbers. a judge will review the new environmental report. the federal government investigating car dealerships for possible violations of the cash for clunkers program. last year the hugely popular program gave generous rebates on new cars when owners turned in old gas guzzlers. the national traffic safety administration has found ten dealers around the country they say violated the rules such as shipping the clunkers overseas instead of destroying them. the agency is investigating at least ten other dealers. thousands of claims also lack the right paperwork. artists and their living canvasses got a chance to get together this weekend at the annual body art expo in san francisco. thousands turned out at the cal palace for a chance to look at 0 are get a tattoo.
12:04 am
other forms of body modification were also there will including piercing. one man was having skin removed to make a permanent eyed scar. >> basically there is nothing going into my body as far as ink or as far as a piece of metal. it's the way my body is going to heal that creates the art. >> san francisco has a long history of tattoo from the days of the sailors to the rock and roller are a starting in the 1960s. >> a bay area woman swimming across the bay to raise $50 million swam right into a wall of jelly fish, forcing her to stop. 43-year-old patty borrow of pleasantton was halfway through her 23-mile swim yesterday when her coach said hundreds of jelly fish started to sting her. in accordance with english channel open water rules she could not use a wet suit. only one person has completed the bay swim. >> another teenager is trying
12:05 am
for an around the world sailing record. according to her sailing manager, 14-year-old laura decker of holland shoved off saturday from an undisclosed location in portugal. these pictures were taken earlier. no media cameras were on hand for her departure. the dutch teen is onboard a 38- foot boat named the guppy. if all goes well she will take about a year to circum navigate the globe. she plans to stop along the way unlike australia teenager jessica watson who finished a solo non-stop circumnavigation earlier this year just three days before her 17th birthday. san francisco's streets conclusion this year. this year they visited a popular roadway along the water. >> and we may finally get that taste of summer many of you have been looking for. mark taú
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[ music ] well, just yesterday i was standing right here talking about a major cool down across the bay area. that was for saturday. right now we have a changing weather pattern and a significant warmup in fact as we do head into monday. in fact tomorrow will be the warmest day of the summer across a good portion of the area. one development in the maps you can see, not an exciting map but no cloud cover or fog to report. mostly clear skies over most of the region. fairly warm inland with concord checking in at 71 degrees. the key is the offshore winds that will be strengthening over the next 12-24 hours. a source of a warmup, especially for the coast with the beaches warming back up into the 70s. as far as highs today we started the warm-up. most areas on average 10 degrees warmer than saturday's
12:09 am
highs. actually 20 degrees warmer in santa rosa. san francisco topped out at 68. san jose 81. livermore 86 degrees. the weather story is this, mostly clear skies tomorrow night. major warming for monday, tuesday and wednesday. the extended forecast does feature a warming trend. the temperatures range from the mid-70s to the beaches right around the bay in the 80s. temperatures inland are approaching triple digit territory around 98, 99 degrees. a few stops will be topping 100 degrees. we have been talking about the coast. it seems like for the past couple of months talking about the cool numbers and the fog right another the immediate shoreline. but for tomorrow and tuesday actually have some beach days to talk about. highs in the low to mid-70s. there is that water temperature in the upper 50s, right around 58 degrees. the great weather across the entire bay area coastline across the next few days. this is the overall weather pattern this area of low pressure. cool weather setup over the
12:10 am
past couple months is moving out. high pressure returns. look what happens to the fog. more of an offshore flow so the fog goes away. temperatures on average 10-15 warmer than today's highs. no red flag warnings but something to keep an eye on. tuesday will be the hottest day of the period. here we go temperatures for tomorrow. in fact, the time line throughout the day warming up by 10:00. 73 to 9 degrees. there is the eventual temperature range from the 70s all the way to the upper 90s. fairfield 99 degrees. oakland tops out right around 89. san jose 94. 98 in morgan hill. san francisco is just beautiful in the 80s. going to 84 tomorrow afternoon. and mountain view in the upper 80s. here is a look ahead. the five day forecast notice temperatures still hot on tuesday. we're talking about 102 degrees well inland. minor cooling primarily coastside on wednesday. but still hot inland. the significant cooling maureen and mike that will be thursday and friday as the fog returns.
12:11 am
probably for that timeframe we might be embracing the fog to bring us that cooling relief. >> baker beach looking pretty good at 89. >> looking god across the bay area tomorrow. >> thanks, mark. >> the sun made an appearance above san francisco's ocean beach today as hundreds of people took part in a sunday streets closure along the great highway. golden gate park and highway 1 and slow boulevard were closed to make ways for pedal and foot powered traffic. san francisco says sunday streets is a safeway to enjoy the city on two wheels. >> this is my favorite sunday streets ever because there is really not a lot going on there. and there is two lanes so we don't have to worry about people coming towards us. >> two more sunday street events are scheduled this year in san francisco. one in the west on september 19th and the other one in the tenderloin on october 24th. coming up next, a surprise announcement in baseball. find out which legendary team manager abruptly retired after today's date. >> the 49ers actually kicked
12:12 am
off. i am excited to talk about the 49ers. the highlights mmmm.
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but have yourself a bowl. good speech dad. [ whimper [ male announcer honey nut cheerios tastes great and its whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. [ music ] >> good evening everyone, welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. >> brett favre was the national storyline as the vikings came to candlestick park for a pre- season game. for the 49ers about their own development. favor was in for only four place. the 49ers wanted to establish some offensive consistency without michael crabtree or vernon davis in uniform. same for frank gore. 49ers took the ball 70 yards in
12:15 am
12 plays on the game's first series. this pass from smith to walker a big play on the drive. smith 9-13 while in the game. then it was rookie anthony dixon finishing the drive. dixon from four yards out just gets around the corner and makes contact with the pile on. dixon who rushed for over 100 yards last week had 51 tonight in 20 carries. 7-0 san francisco. brett favre played one series for the vikings after picking up one first down thrown for a ten yard loss. pat rick will is got the sack. minnesota quarterback sacked four times on the night. he gave way to nate davis in the second half. davis' biggest play on the 3-2 throws deep down the field to gun. he goes out of bounds at the vikings 29 that led to a field goal. 49erer improved to 2-0 in the season. alex smith liked getting in a half at game speed.
12:16 am
>> when your ota is in camp and have a black jersey on all the time, it's tough, you sometimes forget you have the ability as the quarterback to move around. i moved better especially in the pocket. >> i thought we started fast. i thought our offense was in good rhythm at the beginning. i thought alex did a good job of coming out and, you know, having the offense get into a good groove. and the biggest thing that i was disappointed in is that we were not able to run the ball. if you can't run the ball you are going to have problems. a pretty good matchup today at the oakland coliseum between a couple of pitchers who threw no hitters earlier in the day. dallas brayden threw a perfect game against tampa bay in may. a nice defensive play behind him today against the rays. cliff pennington gets a smash off the bat of evan longoria who gets to his feet and gets the out. as trailing 1-0 in the 5th
12:17 am
before getting even matt garza made a slight flinch while in the stretch. landon powell allowed to trot home from third. it was 1-1. still tied in the 6th when this time longoria hit a drive no one could get. jason bartlet comes home from third. here comes carl crawford from first. he beats the throw. rays have the 3-1 lead. as got one in the 9th but with the tying run at second the final out there. so rays hang on for the 3-2 win in a four game series that the two teams split. rays stay one game back of the yankees in the east. the rays fall eight behind texas in the west. brandon will always be associated with the rays because of his perfect game in may. didn't think much of the odds of repeating such a thing. >> pretty insurmountable. like i said not a math major but pretty much add that up. and i was definitely not in favor there, to be honest, if you are thinking about that you are really not doing yourself or your team a favor. you might as well be out there
12:18 am
day dreaming. we didn't win so it wasn't good enough period. >> giants are in another stretch where their bats have gone quiet. the latest example, the last two days in st. louis. former john kirk reider lives nearby. needed to make a play today even though he is retired. although it wasn't just the giant hitters having trouble today. barry zito threw a couple of shutout before the cards got to him for a three in the third. one run already in and matt holiday scores john jay after starting the season 5-0 zito has gone 3-8 before then. craig with a shot to left with a runner on. barry zito left trailing 5-0. it got worse as the cardinals got four more off four giants relievers. three hits and a 9-0 shutout. go 2-4 on their 6th game roam tried. giants did acquire cody ross today from the florida marlins
12:19 am
on a waiver claim. the loss hurt san francisco in the standings. the padres bounce back from consecutive losses in milwaukee. ryan ledwhich can with a drive that follows fair down the right-field line. two runs score and the padres win 7-3. they finish a ten game road trip 7-3. they are six games in front of san francisco. the giants are two back now in the wild card. two iconic managers meeting today before the game at wrigley field. the cub's lou pinella and atlanta's bobby cox. they routed the game in what would be his last game as manager. the braves 16-5 win. pinella had earlier announced this would be his last season with the cubs. but he is leaving early to be with his ailing mother. an emotional moment for a guy who has been in uniform since 1962. >> this will be the last time i put on my uniform.
12:20 am
it's been very special to me. i'm going to go home and do the things that i have to do there and enjoy my retirement. >> still to some on sports wrap tonight, we will talk raiders in the wake of their game last night and take you to sonoma where the grand pricks went the way the indy ca our real national pastime?
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saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. . one driver been dominate on the indy car circuit today and that didn't chase at today's grand prix in sonoma. the 12 turn track, the challenge didn't go so well for a couple of drivers before they
12:24 am
ever get started. dan weldman got tangled up just as they were waving the green flag. he goes airborne and spins like a top on his roll bar. take a look at it from his perspective. he was all right but his day was finished before he ever even completed a single lap. now on lap 48 onboard with andretti he runs into jr hilldenbrand. andretti finishes 12th. but this race was all about will power. power started on the pole in control the entire way. the fifth win of the year for power who continues to lead in overall points. it also marked an incredible comeback for a driver who last year at this time was suffering from a broken back and other injuries he received during practice here. >> that was an awsome race, you know. dixon certainly had the pace at the end there. i had to pick up there.
12:25 am
so i was on the wheel a year ago getting taken away from a helicopter watching the race. there and to come back and win the pole is just fantastic. it is still four races. it's going to be tight, believe me. but i am racing like i want to win it. i don't care if it's a road course or oval. i want to win this thing. >> oakland raider coaches have all day to pour over the tapes in chicago. one of the things they might be liking the most is the way they got after the quarterback. six sacks against the bears. four by off-season acquisition cameron wimbly. if he can keep this up at this level of play he would be a bargain. >> he was a surprise to me that i ended up here. but i definitely like it here. i'm looking forward to playing here in the regular seen with this team. i have gelled well with the guys already here. >> he is a guy who understands what you want him to do. plays it the way you ask him to
12:26 am
play it. we are fortunate because he can run and he has good coverage. >> there is always something in your game you can improve. nobody has a perfect game even though you are always shooting for that. i just hope that everybody is that fortunate to be able to live out their dream. and that happened with me in the envelope nfl. >> all about momentum for the bay area's fc gold pride and women's pro soccer. the pride clinched the season championship in chicago. 1-game sets up beautifuler perfectly. beautifuler heads the lead goal into the net. pride took the 2-1 lead to the locker room. the red stars then pulled even in the second half. but the pride won on a penalty kick from marta. she gets the chicago goalie guessing the wrong way. her league leading 15th goal of the season. second of the game. pride wins 3-2 and assures itself of a spot in the championship final on home turf. >> next wave in pro golf is making its mark. drama for david toms in the championship in north carolina.
12:27 am
toms needed to make birdie to finish a round of 64 to earn a share of the lead. it was then up to atwal to win the tournament. off the tee at the par three is 8 -- 16th made the putt and had to hang on for two more holes. he had a tester at par for 18 at the win. knocks it in for his first tour win. the first qualifier to win a pga event. atwal also the first indian born player to win on the tour. and the seniors wrapped up their fourth of five majors a tradition in sun river, oregon. fred funk began the day two strokes behind tom leighman. he closed it out with a par putted 18 question kept him one stroke in front of the bay area's michael allan. the third major on the senior tour for funk. that's it for tonight's sunday sports wrap.
12:28 am
>> thanks, joe. >> thanks. that is our report for tonight i'm mike mibach. >> and ú fiber one chewy bar.
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