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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  August 26, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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an emotional vigil tonight for a homicide victim just 13 years old. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. now instead of starting high school, the family is planning a funeral. >> reporter: the oakland police department calling this a high priority case while close friends of jamin clark are
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calling it an emotional loss like no other. candles were lit, tears were shed and messages written. these are a group of young cases memorializing a young friend. >> i knew him from a program called real lights, so he was a good friend. >> i'm going to miss him, i always saw him at the ymca and he made me laugh. >> reporter: friends and family think that clark may have been set up. he said someone called him just moments before he died telling him to go fill a gas tank. >> even if we knew who did it, we wouldn't tell y'all, because it's not in the game.
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but if police catch him. if not, you live by the gun, you die by the gun. >> you have to get what you deserve. >> reporter: clark's uncle walter says that he was all about sports. >> he was going to be good because he went beyond the call of duty. if i said two laps, he would do three laps. >> reporter: a young boy headed to skyline high that today is remembered by the ones he loved. >> the people out here, they don't care about who is it, what age they are, what culture they is or nothing. they just killing people for no reason. >> reporter: a spokesman for the police department said tonight that the motive is
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under investigation and that jamon clark did not have a police record. there is a $13,000 reward in this case. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. we have new information tonight about a decomposed body that was discovered today in niles canyon in freemont. the body is of an east palo alto man. acts on a tip, police found a body. sheriff's investigators told the boy friend of frankie lopez that it was him. the 27-year-old father of two disappeared after an altercation at a marijuana growing house in near hayward. a tip from a person now under arrest is what led them to lopez body. it took a court order but today, stanilaus released sarah palin's contract.
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the secrecy over how much palin was paid to appear at the event generated an outcry and a lawsuit was filed to make the contract public. the contract confirms that she was paid $75,000. the contract also shows she had an option for two first class plane tickets from anchorage to california or the use of a private jet. palin's agreement also called for a suite and two single rooms at a deluxe hotel. and during the speech, her elector fielded to include two unopen water bottles and bendable straws. we've posted the full contract on our website, you can look at it on our website. one passenger said their plane came to an abrupt stop,
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then flight attendants started yelling for them to evacuate. they escaped off the emergency chute. >> i dropped off my stuff, i was the second person off the second chute. i turned around and you could see the tires in flames. >> reporter: four passengers were taken to the hospital. the jet blue plane was on a flight from long beach. the national transportation safety board is investigating. two men are facing felony charges in the south bay tonight after being arrested for shining a laser pin at a sheriff's deputies. it's a crime that's happening more and more often, especially at two bay area airports. >> reporter: it isn't just wind and weather that pilots have to navigate these days. federal officials say there's another problem with lights, laser lights that have pilots seeing green. >> they can go from two probably up to 10-miles-an-
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hour. they are hitting aircrafts now on approach to landing it like san jose airport. >> reporter: santa clara sheriff's deputies say these lasers are commonly used by astronomers to point at stars. but at night, the high powered light can still the cockpit, distracting or temporarily blinding the pilot. >> you can't see anything but the light. >> when they hit us with the laser, particularly the green laser you don't only just see the dot, you see the light. >> reporter: luckily gonzalez had night goggles. and gonzalez and the co-pilot spotted the light.
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this is the fifth laser incident in santa clara county this year and nationwide according to the federal administration, the number of laser lights strikes has risen. the most of those were right here in california. >> reporter: san jose police say anyone caught shining a light at an aircraft could land in prison and face federal charges of up to 10 years and fines. reporting from san jose, jana katsuyama. homeowners set off over extending bart into the bay area. residents along that path say they fear it may cost them their homes. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is in livermore with a live report. >> reporter: these are union pacific railroad tracks but
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they would become the right of bart trains in a plan to extend bart into livermore. needles to say the residents are not going along with the idea. >> what is bart and the city of livermore going to do? >> reporter: at a crowded room, residents are talking about the rout for bart. the plan is to build a 13-mile extension into downtown livermore that will be both underground and using existing tracks. residents tonight were angry saying they were never told trains would be running in their backyards. >> there are houses that are build right here that are less than two or three years old. >> our concern that if they do get this right of way, that's going to lower the value of my home. >> reporter: the value who
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called for tonight's meeting says she fears her home will be condemned to make way for bart trains. >> if they have the environmental impact before, they had 89 homes, the preliminary and an additional 28 that comes to like 119 homes. >> reporter: bart said tonight there are no final plans. >> there's not an imminent domain process, but nor is bart acquiring property, no one is acquiring people's homes at this point. >> reporter: many said tonight they had assumed the bart extension would be along interstate 580 as it is in pleasantton, they said they were never thought to bring it
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into the city. >> reporter: bart says there's no money allocated. lloyd lacuesta. bart riders are going to get a six month break before the next scheduled fare increase. bart directors decided today to delay the fare hike from january 2012 to july 2012. bart raises fares every two years based on a formula that takes the rate of inflation into account. new figures tonight indicate a deep problem in real estate. 33% of properties have mortgages that are under water. that means the properties are worth less than what the owners owe on them. the outstanding mortgage debt on them is about $2 trillion. a better than expected jobs
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report today couldn't lift wall street. the dow dropped 74,000 to close under 10,000. while the nasdaq was down 22. investors seemed to hold back today saying that it might show a slowing economy. university of california police and berkeley police are teaming up tonight, we'll tell you what they're looking for, coming up. also a dramatic shift in temperatures across the bay, chief meteorologist bill martin will ♪ keep feeling fascination
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♪ passion burning ♪ love is so strong ♪
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school is back in session at uc berkeley and starting tonight police are trying something new. three nights a week there will be extra patrols out with officers targeting everything from violent crime to irresponsible drinking to loud parties. christien kafton is live tonight with our report. >> reporter: california police and berkeley police launched a coordinated effort to crack on crime on campus. you can see there's still a significant amount of activity out on the streets right now, on party night, team of officers will patrol the streets looking for trouble. today was the first day of classes for undergrads at the university of california campus. berkeley's population has swelled with return to have the students and this weekend will
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likely see a lot of celebrating. that's why uc police and berkeley police are joining forces. one officer from each agency and a pair of patrol cars looking to crack down on crime and streamline their response. >> we won't waste any call to get our call out there. because one of two will be getting the call. >> reporter: officers are looking out for quality of life complaints. >> our goal is to approach and target violent crime. target those kinds of behaviors that lead to crime. irresponsible drinking, loud parties. >> reporter: we talked to nonstudents near the campus who say the weekend partying starts wednesday night and say it frequently gets out of hand. they welcome the joint police enforcement but some students say they don't think patrols will have much of an impact.
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>> they can't control it. there were three police officers but over a thousand students. >> reporter: students say increased patrol will lead to shorter response times. >> i think it's a good idea because that way no one falls through the crack. >> reporter: the officers will patrol thursday, friday and saturday nights and a special joint patrols will run through the fall semester. there will also be additional officers on saturday night following football games. we're live in berkeley, christien kafton. sanitation workers in san mateo county are set to go back to -- to work tomorrow. the labor dispute involves the oxmountain landfill near half- moon bay. trash collection is set to resume tomorrow and continue
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through the weekend. the strike has affected about 360 customers. crews have spent the day cleaning up a sewage spill. the sewage leaked into several garages and the near by lagoon. residents have been warned to not come in contact with the water until further notice. officers say the sewage has stopped spewing but it's not clear when the repairs will be complete. three fires this morning putt firefighters to the at the time after recent lay offs. the first started at 4:00 a.m. about an hour later, firefighters responded to a fire on rockdale drive. the residents made it okay unfortunately their house was destroyed. a third call came in for yet another house fire. that home is on delmonte place.
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firefighters say it took at least two minutes longer than usual to get there. the home was engulfed when they arrived so they focused on keeping the flames from spreading to other homes. two dogs died in that fire. san jose mayor chuck reed reassured residents today that they are well protected despite budget cuts and he said the delay in response time was due to too many fires in the same area at the same time. bay area muslims say they are worried that a coincidence may be working against them. that's not the only current event that has muslims concerned. >> reporter: for muslims it's the wholly month of ramadan a time of prayer, of peace. but thanks to the moon, it's celebratory end may fall on the
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september 11 attacks. >> this year coincidentally it's going to fall on september 10th. in some cases some mosques may be doing it on the 11th. this is not of choice, we don't control the moon. >> reporter: hate, rhetoric and violence against muslims is already on an up tick. >> i don't think any where in the united states is immune from any kind of racist activity. >> reporter: she's talking about an alleged hate crime tuesday at a mad era county mosque, a brick thrown at a mosque. >> there's so much anger and hate. >> reporter: the same day in new york, an intoxicated student is accused of stabbing a cab driver after asking if he
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was muslim. san jose graduate student musmore moonlights as a cab driver, but he says he is not afraid. >> there's concern and fear but it is tied with hope because we are fortunate to have faith leaders that have been supportive. >> reporter: to try to foster more tolerance, most mosques are opening their doors to nonmuslims for special events on weekends throughout the rest of ramadam. rita williams, ktvu news. a big cool down today, temperatures as much as 30 degrees cooler today than yesterday. so the cooling has begun, the fall is back at the coast. more clouds as we head toward your bay area weekend. the forecast for the daytime highs tomorrow, you'll find your heat in the central valley. but around the bay, a look at
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your forecast highs, very cool around the bay. that's lots of 70s and low 80s in the lowest locations. san francisco's ocean beach had seen temperatures in the 70s and 80s fast few days. we're going to see drizzle at the coast and temperatures just in the 50s. hewelett packered today increased it's bid to purchase -- the company is offering $1.7 billion. that tops bell's bid. three par is based in freemont and is a data and software maker. they've been locked up for months. a noisy protest outside an east bay
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a lock out of some workers at castle wood country club is now in its sixth month. thousands of demonstrators called attention to their cause. a union representative says the main sticking point is health care. the workers say they are willing to pay some of the cost but castle wood is demanding they pay 40% of their salaries. >> we want to let the people know in the community that the castlewood workers we don't want to be on unemployment, we don't want to be receiving help from other unions or the community, we want to work. >> reporter: the union members are primarily cook, dish washers and janitors. we tried to reach castlewood but no one was available to comment. talks are ongoing between castle wood and the union.
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troubled auto maker toyota recalled several vehicles. the company says the engines may stall or not start because of a defective control module. three accidents have been reported. for more information go to and click on the toyota recall tab. the nation's second largest carrier calls the penalty unwarranted. the airline has said the faa's concerns are overblown and that passenger safety was never compromised. santa rosa police say they
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arrested a man last night for his suspected 8dui. officers identified the man as 46-year-old hector moran of santa rosa. they say he has seven prior dui convictions stretching back more than seven years. he crashed a car last night, no one was hurt. marin had a blood level four times the legal limit. deunicio molina acknowledged that molino killed a pedestrian. but the question is was it murder or involuntary manslaughter. molina's attorney blames the drug meridian. in sacramento, union members combined a protest
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against republican candidate for government meg whitman with the anniversary of women wining the vote. union workers dressed as separatists, they say they oppose whitman for her stance on unions and that she failed to vote for most of her adult life. the candidate addressed that yet on mornings on 2. >> my voting record was not perfect and i should have fulfilled my civic duty. but this is a distraction against the unions that want to distract the status quo. they know i will change things. >> reporter: whitman is california's first female republican for governor. she is facing attorney general jerry brown in the november election. the political season is really starting to heat up in california's first big debate is now less than a week away. senator barbara boxer and
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fiarina will face off at 7:00 next wednesday night at the college of moraga and you can watch it here live on ktvu channel 2. he had dreams of becoming a firefighter. coming up the tire of a
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as i mentioned, significant cooling today. no more record heat in the bay area. we go right now to san mateo on the peninsula. lunchtime at 66 degrees.
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san mateo you make it to 73 degrees. biologists are blaming the summer weather for a rodent boom. not only do the rodents damage people's yards they also carry disease. for some the roaden invasion is a bonanza. john fowler has our report. >> reporter: in this walnut creek field, the squirrel population has increased. >> we have rats in the back. >> reporter: it's a lot of boles and bunny rabbits, a lot of landscape rodents. >> reporter: pendegraph treated this yard for boles. they damage shrubs. at a near by stable, field mice were all over because it's been
12:01 am
a wet, mild year. >> there was a ton of food for these guy, so it made it so that they could breed. they are in what we would call wild hog heaven. >> reporter: with damage to your landscape, you may want to use a poison like this. but it can cause secondary poisoning. although pendergraph does use a
12:02 am
poison. >> it's called p3 and it's does not cause secondary poisoning. authorities say they seized thousands of marijuana plants in a garden straddling yosemite national park. the two suspects were mexican nationals in the country illegally. the plants had a street value of $15 million: officials say the growing operation caused expensive environmental damage. the killing of a suspected marijuana grower was justified. two drug agents came upon the marijuana growing operation in the hills in june. a confrontation led the agents to shooting one of the suspects. the napa county district attorney determined the agents were justified in using deadly
12:03 am
force. in petaluma tonight the city is rallying around a teenager who was paralyzed in a freak accident. it happened two weeks ago, danny cox dove into lake tahoe, and hit the bottom. >> reporter: posters are all over downtown. he was about to go to school to be a firefighter when everything changed. >> push down, push, good. >> reporter: when danny cox arrived at rehab he wasn't able to do this. it's progress. but for a teenage track star, losing the use of his legs, well -- >> it just sucks. i didn't do anything wrong i just jumped in the water. it just happened. >> reporter: he did a shallow dive but not shallow enough. he hit the bottom. >> when i hit, the water went really warm and my body just
12:04 am
went completely -- just started zinging everywhere. >> reporter: and life turned inside out. one sister practically lives at the hospital. another watches two young brothers while their mom shuttles between danny, home and her restaurant. friends bring meals to their house each day helping out. >> all my friends say, what can we do? how can we help and everything. so it's kind of overwhelming right now. >> you're the man of the house now. >> reporter: throughout danny has shared it all on facebook and you tube. all the ups and downs, everyone managing a mock commercial. >> it was very natural for him to say this is how i can let everyone know what's going on with me, it's his forum. >> reporter: it'll be weeks before danny knows how much mobility he will regain. he uses an i pad now but wants to feed himself and somehow drive his beloved dodge he
12:05 am
customized. and a fire fighting career on hold. although everyone who know him, don't doubt danny's spirit. >> it's only been two weeks but it feels like so much more. i'm ready to get up and run around now. >> reporter: a golf tournament and other fundraisers are in the works to help with danny's needs. >> we've posted details about those upcoming fundraisers at, just look for the web link section. the oakland city district's decision to close seven childhood development centers is not sitting well with many community members. >> these kids, everything is being cut from them, took from them. it really breaks my heart that they keep doing it to them. >> the jefferson center on 40th avenue near foothill boulevard is one of the centers set to
12:06 am
close. state money keeps the centers running without a state budget it can know afford to keep them open. the children are being transferred to other center that is will stay open but many parents say they fear those center won't have enough space. arnold schwarzenegger met with senate leaders about the stalemate. this is the 57th day that california has been without a budget. republicans and democrats are at odds on how the deal with the state's $19 million shortfall. republicans want cuts while democrats favor tax increases. the program would create jobs and make use of an
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then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm
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parts of downtown oakland lost power this evening. an under ground equipment failure knocked out electricity to 1,900 customers. one person was stuck in an elevator and had to be rescued. pg & e says it's trying to determine what caused the failure. the power is back on tonight at ucsf mount zion campus after police say thieves cut wires in an under ground vault. the thieves were after the cooper wire. pg & e says there's been 12 such thefts. in some cases such as today the
12:10 am
power has gone out. pg & e says light industrial areas are being targeted and the thefts usually occur overnight. the plant would be located along wilbur avenue. five unused tanks usually sit on that land. the new $800 million plant would replace that one. construction is scheduled to begin in the year 2013. pacifica police say the suspects in a robbery and shooting last friday are all in custody. daniel bustos mendez and another boy, both from minlow park were arrested yesterday. a 30-year-old clerk was shot multiple times last friday night at the shell station on hickey boulevard.
12:11 am
he is expected to survive. investigators are now are looking into whether investigators with involved in any other crimes. 16 people were injured, two lost limbs. police said the five people most seriously injured were responsible for the blast and were arrested. the five were drinking and set off their grenade. and in pakistan, the militants say the presence of foreigners is unacceptable. the task would complicate the massive relief work going on. there is a danger of new flooding in areas that so far have been spared. and in india, a mass was held today to mark the 100th
12:12 am
anniversary of mother teresa. she died in 1997. today her supporters also celebrated with a huge birthday cake. the catholic church has sped up the effort of making mother teresa a saint. ikea says customers could pick up items at the warehouse and that would free up space in the main store. but neighbors say that means more noise and congestion problems for them. and they want the council to say no to ikea. i don't want
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bear sightings and bear encounters are way up this summer at yosemite national park. and rangers are blaming people. they say people who leave food in their vehicles or coolers are just asking for troubles. as robert handa reports, the bears are more than happy to ablidge. >> reporter: we saw this male black bear five to 6 feet long about 250 pounds in this orchard. it was one of many spotted this week. >> reporter: what did it look like? >> a youngster, then about an hour later momma came by. that was exciting. bears have already caused $90,000 of damages. >> this is a bear locker, it's very simple to use. one reason that bears can't
12:16 am
open it, they can't figure out how. the it's got lots of space. >> reporter: some bears like this one are tagged, others have callers all monitored with a radio device. >> this is a helpful tool for us because we know where the bears are. we know when they are entering campgrounds, we can track them. go to that area and chase the bear away before they get any human food. >> reporter: even though bears have startled many visitors, they still rather see the bears first before they get chased away. >> we like the outdoors, we're kind of disappointed if we don't see them. >> i don't want to particularly see them in my camp. i prefer to see them out on the meadow on from the road. >> reporter: drivers do present a problem. 16 bears have been hit by vehicles this year. six of them bears died. rangers say enjoy the bears, but take it slow, keep your distance, and properly store
12:17 am
your food. in yosemite, robert handa. >> reporter: plans to show a documentary about some glass negatives that are the work of ansel adams have been thrown on the floor. the opener of the plates cancelled the screening. rick narcigian bought the plates at a garage sale. this past monday, the ansel adams trust sued narcigian. it is trying to stop him from using the adams name to sell prints. the fire was reported just after 2:00 p.m. near curry drive in cotle road. the fire burned 60 acres and
12:18 am
briefly damaged some homes. investigators say day don't know what sparked the fire. meantime a fire burning in the foothills near mown diablo is contained tonight. the curry fire charred 365 acres. crews will stay in the area through saturday to keep the fire from flairing back up. firefighters credit light winds and low humidity in helping them get the high hand. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. and it's cooling off out there, as much as 30 degrees cooler today. we've got fog along the coast, let's take a look at some of the current temperatures out there. mostly in the 50s and 60s. i have fog all along the coast here and it will push through the area tonight. models push the fog to concord and the livermore valley. check out the difference between yesterday and today. concord 81, that's 25 degrees
12:19 am
cooler than yesterday. santa rosa was 30 degrees cooler. so temperatures definitely on the down trend. that's how it continues, july was cool, august was cool. and as we go into this bay area weekend, this same weather pattern that gave us those two cool months comes back into the picture. very familiar, low pressure to the north. could see some sprinkles up north. main impact to us, to you and me will be more fog, cooler days and nights, breezy conditions. forecast tomorrow with more fog pushing inland. burns back rapidly, but then the cool air sort of lingers, that low is going to take the lid off if you will. the inversion goes away, that's why the air quality is so good. temperatures will stay on the cool side. as you travel to san francisco, mid-upper 60s, 70s toward lafayette.
12:20 am
70s to where there should be mid-90s. upper 80s where there were temperatures in the 105, 106 range just a few days ago. that's how it stands. a cooling trend, of course the firefighters like it. i like it too. it's good enough to have high fire danger as you go into the weekend. these are forecast highs for your friday. saturday will be slightly cooler than these. if you need the heat, you get up to the central valley. redding will just be in the mid- 90s. around the bay, temperatures cooler than you would expect for this time of year. fog and breezy conditions, lower fire danger, good air quality. it's appropriate because this is how the whole summer has gone below average. >> back to the same stuff we had a couple of weeks ago. >> we had two months of it. >> thanks bill. health officials say today they found one likely source of
12:21 am
salmonella linked to that egg recall. the fda cautions the feed may not be the only source of the contamination. a brand of frozen fruit bars is being recalled because of tifoid contamination. fruti bars is recalling their mamey bars. the company says the fruit
12:22 am
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levy johnston is apologizing once again. he is the father of sarah palin's grandson. he says he's sorry that he apologized because he's never lied about anything. he filed papers last week to run for office last week in his
12:25 am
hometown. more pitching for the a's but they need more more than that to win a game. >> reporter: all they have to do, score three or four run, you have a definite win. unfortunately you never know what they're going to get from their offense. and this time, a canine at the puppy palooza. beautiful catch, he's been doing it all season long when he's healthy. 1-1 in the sixth, kevin carrying the hot bat of late. deep into the center field. got himself an rbi double and the a's take a short live lead. because mazaro just one pitch. and laporta closes the door on the a's. cleveland hangs on to win it. good things happen to the giants even on an off day.
12:26 am
hard to fathom the giants lost. >> ray holliday honored for his perfect game. helped beat the phillies first time ever. the giants a half game up. in the wild card, leaving out of the wine country leaving napa. the team's offensive coordinator that's been with the team for more than 100 days, finally allowed to speak to the media. he is an energetic influence on the field and says he wants his players to take on that same persona. >> honestly we want to build a bully here. we want to take our football
12:27 am
team and underwhat the raider tradition is. everybody that wears that helmet how old know what we want to build here each and every day. >> i'm a coach with a lot of energy, more than anything i'm after results. result is that i can get our players to compete at a high level because that's what this game is. >> you can call it a simple coincidence. tiger woods divorce, finalized this week, best round of the year. second shot 191 yards out. he sticks that thing, sets himself up for a birdie at 18. another birdie, he's tied for the first round lead with taylor after shooting a year east best 6-under 65. that's the sporting life for a thursday night. back to you frank and julie. >> mark, thank you. that is our report for this thursday night. i'm julie haener.
12:28 am
>> and i'm frank somerville. have a good night everyone. >> good night. # ♪
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