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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  August 27, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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by product of the bottom line and a weekend festival mixing taste sensations with food prep. it's friday, august 27th. this is bay area news at 7:00. we are following developing news in oakland where a man hunt is underway for a drug suspect who shot and wounded a undercover freemont police officer. we have a picture of the man authorities are looking for, he is andrew of union city, described as 5'7", weighing 240 pounds with tatoos on neck and arms. he is driving a stolen 1999 green mazda 626 with license plate 4 mj e548.
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the officers were a part of a task force and serving a warrant near 86 avenue, at 2:30 this afternoon when they say he took off. the suspect was shooting back at the officers as he fled. one officer was hit and partner rushed him to highland hospital where he is in serious condition. the suspect tried to carjack a driver before stealing the mazda near 86th avenue. >> this is very unusual for freemont. i've been a chief there for 19 years. first officer that's been shot since i've been the chief. it's not an event we are acustommed to. >> the officer is in surgery with a leg wound and expected to survive. his family and fellow officers with with him at highland hospital. now to sacramento, lawmakers scheduled to vote on a budget for next tuesday. that doesn't mean an agreement
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has been reached. lawmakers in the assembly and senate will consider two plans democrats which includes the tax increase and republican plan to slash spending and welfare programs. neither is expected to pass. legislative session is scheduled to end tuesday, darryl steinberg says lawmakers will stay in sacramento until a budget is passed. last minute reprieve for oakland parents who thought they were losing their child care. 7 children centers had been slated to close today due to funding problems tied to the budget crisis. they will stay open for a while at least. when parents brought their children to the development centers many worried this would be the last day. the school set to start monday thousands of low income working parents rely on the centers for before and after school care. >> me and my wife thinking about who is going to agree to get our hours cut to be able to pick up our youngest child. >> reporter: parents protested
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the planned closures. but this afternoon district officials said they had been working around the clock to find money from the last school year that had not been spent. they identified $2.5 million enough to keep most of the centers going at least through december. >> we didn't know how much money we have, we do now. we made the decisions. this is a stand we are taking. kids will maintain the same level of service at the same cost through december. >> reporter: the programs staying open a hin tell, jefferson, ped moment, santa fe and is a coyia. golden gate will close. the parents who are scrambling to figure out what to do were relieved most centers are staying open. feel like crying because it's been weighing heavily on me, where my son was going to go. i didn't know if i was going to have to bring him to work. >> either me or my wife would have had to stop working.
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that's less income. we are excited. >> the district is hopeful lawmakers will pass a budget that includes funding for for centers through the entire school year. otherwise come january parents could face the same anxiety all over again. s that state budget crisis crosses in to the school year public colleges and universities are having to make due without millions of dollars from the state. cal state university says expense respects paid out of student fees for now. at the california community college system campuses dipping in to savings because of a shartfall in payments that grown to $300 million. loved ones of 15-year-old boy fatally shot on wednesday are asking the public for help. detectives say they are following up on leads in the slaying of 13-year-old clark as well as sifting through dead ends. today his twin visited the memorial for his brother at the site of the shooting on bank
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croft avenue. he talked about their shared love for track and field. >> he always started running and have a smile on his face. >> the family says funeral plans are being made. crime stoppers is offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. a berkley man pleaded not guilty to rape and attempted rape following a series of attacks at a apartment complex. 22-year-old antonio andre muton entered the plea yesterday. the attacks happened at the park regency apartments in unincorm rated contra costa county between june 30th, and august 10th. he was arrested in the eve over of the third attack. if convicted he could face 25 years to life in prison. travelers book to fly mix cana airlines will have to find another option. the carrier is stopping
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operations. they file for bankruptcy and suspended many of the flights. if you bought tickets, there is a web site to fill out a form for a refund. go to, look under web links mentioned on tv. federal reserve chief ben bernanke key says the u.s. economy weak ped more than expected. coming on the heels of new numbers that show economic growth is slower than expected. he said the outlook is uncertain and the economy remains vulnerable. second quarter economic growth of 1.6%. he says the fed is prepared to take additional steps in the economy deteriorates further. stocks showed signs of life in a other wise dreary weak. nasdaq rosily 34. economy maybe partially to blame for decrease in the
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nation's birthrate. health officials said fewer babies were born during the past two years than in the years before. john fowler reports. >> reporter: 2009 had the lowest bit rate in 20 years. many people said they know why and not surprised. >> the economy is terrible. so no it doesn't surprise me. children are expensive. >> reporter: some said it's career women. waiting longer. >> i don't think about having kids yet. i'm 26. it's less riskier because the health care is better for women older women having babies. >> maybe people are waiting longer, once they wait longer they just decide not to have children. >> or choose to have fewer children. >> i have one child. i'm happy with it. >> reporter: some said it's increasing selfishness. experts say the biggest reason
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is simple aging, boomers children, eco boomers are passing prime child bearing years. >> i think it's a good thing. i think population control is a major issue. >> old people like us, maybe you, with your retirement. >> reporter: the birthrate now is too low to maintain the u.s. population. the number of child bearing age women is declining, so is the birthrate among them suggesting the economy is a factor. california was the largest drop in the nation. health and science editor, john fowler. now to the south bay, san jose firefighters weary from battling a fire are mired in another battle. members of the firefighters union overwhelmingly rejected the latest contract offer. the cities proposal called for concessions including a pay cut
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of 9% in exchange rehiring 49 firefighters. the union rejected the deal saying the city is asking for too much. firefighters say yesterday's 3 fairs are an example of how staffing issues can compromise public safety. >> we had a fire in a small area, it wasn't surprising, we looked at each other and said this is what we are talking about. >> san jose mayor reed con p tends the fire department's response was not affected by the layoffs. in san francisco a hazardous material scare sent workers running from a hunters point recycling plant. has mat crews say 20 people were exposed to the powder. most had eyes washed at the scene, one person was taken to the hospital. tests determine the powder was
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ammonium phosphate. nonhazardous. workers at the chocolate factory were evacuated at 7:45 due to a gas leak. pge says a crew broke a 2-inch gas main outside the building on 139th avenue. it forced employees to relocate to a different part of the plant. it took crews more than an hour to cap the leak. san francisco city attorney announced he is running for mayor. he plans to focus on core issues including crime, housing, and transportation. >> making sure we have safe streets for all of our residents irrespective of where they live to make sure we are doing everything we can to promote familys to be here in the city and county of san francisco and involved in the san francisco unified school district to have a muny that works for everyone and provides affordable safe public transit. >> he served 9 years as city attorney and says accomplishments includes a gang
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injunction and suing contractors to return millions of dollars to san francisco schools. church panel convicted a minister of misconduct for performing same sex weddings back when gay marriage was legal in california. the commission met in napa and ruled he violated doctrine by marrying 16 gay couples in 2008. the presbyterian church defines marriage as between as a man and a women. spar her lawyers are considering whether to appeal the decision. a live report of attempting aromas above jack lone p don square this evening. >> reporter: all about the food tonight. we will tell you about how the eat real festival is helping out local businesses. also miners trapped below ground deliver an emotional message to family members. clouds and fog back in the
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forecast and cooler temperatures for the weekend.
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authorities in chile released this video of the miners trapped in the 600 square foot emergency shelter a half mile underground. most of the men lost weight but healthy and in relatively good spirits. sigh collists say five are showing signs of depression. miners were told it might take four months to bring them to the surface. they have been trapped for more than three weeks but have adequate food and water. crews are set to start drilling a shaft this weekend. iowa um documents i understand kate owner of the egg farm at the center of the huge egg recall was officially
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classified a as habitual violators, documents indicate he got around a band preventing him from building egg farms. he would assume control of them. records indicate one huge venture shared the same address and phone number as his business. farm is part of the right county eggs which is recalled. hundreds of millions of eggs due to sal castaneda contamination. food festival underway at oakland's jack london square. it showcase as wide spectrum of street cuisine. >> reporter: well this is only the second year for this eat real festival, a big crowd here tonight. they have already helped launch businesses as a result of this and given thousands of people a taste of some real street food. as people sauntered past
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samples of the food, vendors taunted them from a wood fired oven baked pizza to local ice cream made from goat's milk. >> it's great. especially to get people to jack london square. >> reporter: the eat real festival drew some 70,000 people last year when it launched. even with a tough economy, organizers expect bigger crowds this year. >> the biggest change is we got a focus on food crafters, people who make food. if you come you can see the demonstrations of people pickling, making jam, taking apart cups of meat. >> delicacy in the asian market. >> reporter: ken kirk land hopes his chicken and egg business will take off after the recent factory farm egg scare. >> i see a niche where we can make a little bit of money and grow awareness. >> everything sold is five
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dollars or less. this festival is hot for business. >> i was looking for an opportunity where i wasn't working for somebody else sp work for myself. >> the long cues today can lead to steady business year around. >> went through 850 pounds of pork. past out 850 business cards. >> festival can be a bright spot for cooks in this tough economy. >> i have a big background in fine dining restaurants, ten are closed. all fine dining in san francisco. >> reporter: although the truck, students showed off skills they learned by cooking thousands of healthy meals for the needy. >> eat better quality food for their bodies, for their communitys and the environment. >> reporter: be warned some of the booths sold out of food last year. get here early. this festival runs through sunday.
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for details on the eat real festival along with other weekend ideas, click the weekend tab when you get to the home page, the video rental company block bust ser pray piring to file for bankruptcy to reinvent itself and survive the changing ways people are getting movies hoping to restructure the debt, blockbuster lost ground to netflix and red box. expected to close as many as 800 of 3500 stores. blockbuster plans smaller video kiosks instead. east bay commuters have the option of paying a toll to drive in a fast lane even if they are driving solo. on september 20th they will be able to enter a toll lane from 84, down to highway 237. the toll will vary.
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driver will be paying more when traffic is heavy and charged based on how far they travel in the toll lane. faa marked the completion today of a runway improvement project at san francisco international airport. the improvements included repaving two runways and installing new energy efficient led runway and taxi way lights. 14.5 million dollars in stimulus funds paid for the project. the money helped get the job done two years ahead of schedule. sunday marking five years since katrina slammed in to the gulf coast. the effort is going on. especially true this new orleans lower 9th ward as craig boswell reports. one of the neighborhoods in new orleans hardest hit when katrina slammed in to if gulf coast. some people returned to rebuild but a up hill battle. much is packed with abandoned homes and empty lots and overgrown grass, the people most affected were low income
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familys and telderly. >> low -- the elderly. >> senior citizens, low income families normally did not have insurance, they did not have a savings account to rebuild their home. there are efforts done to redistrict resources to allow individual or family that wants to come back to come back. >> reporter: the population of the city is 78% back from where it was before the storm. in the lower 9th, 22% returned. >> the program that primarily is meant to help homeowners return is called the road home program. unfortunately the formula was set up such that people got reimbursed based on the prestorm value of homes in low income neighborhoods the values were not very high and folks maybe got 20 or $30,000. when you might need 150,000 to rebuild. >> reporter: some organizations busy constructing new homes, some residents say the houses are more than many of the old residents can afford. redevelopment plans are
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actually displacing residents and destroying the social fabric of the city some say. the highway patrol honored a father and son for helping to save the life at another man. rodriguez and his son were driving in san francisco in march when they saw a car burn alongside the highway at the interstate 280, 101 split. anthony was trapped inside. they pulled over used a written touch break the car window and pulled him to safety. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 a unusual sight caught on camera, what caused this spectacular fire tornado. it's feeling more like fall around parts of the bay area, but will it stay that way? bill martin has your weekend forecast. [ man i was deciding what to do
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in hawaii a combination of strong and winds wild fire created a unusual site. a fire tornado in the middle of your screen there. officials took this video of the twister near the state park on the big island. a bush fire charred 1300 acres since sunday. police arrested a man on
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suspicion of starting the fire. here we are kicking off the weekend of the two days they are distinctly different. >> sunday is going to be the nicer day. i was looking a at the video of the fire turnout. that's like the dust devil. so let's go outside. temperatures outside are on the cool side. the winds are up a little bit. temperatures are trending down. look at the highs from today. just note highs tomorrow are coming off five degrees. fog and low clouds, it will break. clearing tomorrow. this is a fall weather pattern this weekend because of the low pressure center. much cooler especially in the valley. sacramento 7el 8 degrees. 75 degrees. red inc. 72 degrees instead of 102. cooler everywhere. the entire northern portion of the state. temperatures in weekend are mostfully the 60s and 70s.
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sundays the warmest day on the weekend. the chance of showers you will see them coming in behind me, not a big deal. this system is got enough ump that it could deposit showers knot of santa rosa. everybody south, maybe sprinkle. drizzle possible. your forecast highs tomorrow then, a far cry from what we saw 36, 48 hours ago. in some cases, some cases those are overnight lows from the record event we had. we have had quite a change in our weather. we talked about it all week. very hot now going to very cool. if you have barbecue plans you will need a jacket. evenings and mornings. sunday could see temperatures around the bay, maybe upper 70s, maybe a low 80s. saturday, tomorrow, will be a cool day. good news for firefighters. good news if you like air quality. the air quality will be jut standing. there is your forecast. winds kick up as well.
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that looks like a fall forecast to me. that is our report, bay area news at 7:00 returnss on monday. coverage continues at tmz is up next here on tv 36. have a great weekend.
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