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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  August 30, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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the most powerful half-ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles.
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chevy silverado half-ton a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,800. protesters against big oil shut down traffic in downtown san fransisco this afternoon at the intersection of new montgomery and mission streets. the main focus was the bp offices. organizers says people along the gulf coast has asked
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everyone to stage similar protests. san fransisco police arrested 15 of the protesters. they were cited and released at the scene. there are reports that dutch authorities have arrested two passengers traveling from the u.s. on terrorism charges. security officials say one of the men were carrying a cell phone taped to a box cutter along with $7000 in cash in his checked luggage. it's unclear what the other man did or where they're from. one of the men flew into chicago, checked his luggage, then changed his own ticket to amsterdam. officials say it could have been a test of security procedures or a dry run for some sort of terrorist attack. gillroy police say they've arrested a man on charges of assault and robbery in connection with an incident in april.
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investigators say baldenegro was charged for a purse snatching. he remains in custody in lieu of $200,000 bail. a bill that would force tankers to take an extra step cleared the state assembly today. would require tankers to deploy booms before transporting oil. the floating barriers would help contain accidental spills. governor schwarzenegger has not taken a policy on this bill. the bill would make it a crime to operate motorcycles that violate emission standards. the law would apply to motorcycles manufactured at january 1, 2013. he owns several motorcycles but there is no word on whether he will sign the bill. there's word tonight about
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what steve jobs will announce on wednesday at the next apple event. itunes customers will get more time to sample songs. the way it is now, it's only 30 seconds. also apple is not going to launch a service allowing users to store their music on apple servers and then access it on iphones. myspace today made a change. it is going to cross with facebook and twitters. this will apply to bands and celebrities. not just individual users. it comes as myspace is losing out to facebook. why are buildings in the square sitting empty? that is tonight's special report. also forcing cars off
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and temperatures have been warming the last couple days. it was a cool weekend. it was a little warmer today. today 76 degrees at lunchtime. clouds clear rapidly. downtown walnut creek 86 degrees tomorrow. we have a warming trend. it is going to get hot. the justice department confirms hewlett-packard will pay to settle kickbacks. hp announced it had reached a tentative settlement. today's announcement finalizing that deal. they allegedly paid kickbacks to other companies that
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recommended hp products. they say they did nothing illegal but settled the case because it's in the best interest of hp shareholders. people were in the square over the weekend. thousands showed up for a food festival. tonight the square is all but deserted again. >> reporter: oakland calls it a water front jewel. jack london square near downtown oakland, a superb view of the san fransisco skyline. so why does this prime real estate sit mostly vacant? not just the old buildings, the bookstore barnes and noble is gone. but new buildings too. and vacant for more than a year and a half now, the new jack london market building designed to house restaurants and a fresh food market place similar
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to san fransisco's ferry building. >> i'm astonished. this is empty. this is empty. >> reporter: tourists from washington, d.c. booked a hotel near the square because travel websites described it as the east bay place to be. >> they say the jack london square had a lot of shops and restaurants. >> and what do you see? >> not a lot. >> reporter: the bartender at the first and last chance saloon has a lot of time on his hands these days. the author jack london drank at this bar but now -- >> it seems like a ghost town down here. >> reporter: some charge ellis structures. they built bigger structures before locking in tenants. the owner of the el piscatore says his business started suffering two years ago.
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>> they took my parking away. >> reporter: ellis partners chose not to be interviewed by ktvu but in a statement blamed the quote, unprecedented economic climate for the vacancy. certainly the economy is a major factor, but not the only factor. other bay area developers who didn't want to appear on camera told us that ellis partners made a bunch of mistakes. not securing tenants before building, erecting too big a structure, planning a market place where there's little foot traffic. their role model: san fransisco's ferry building, it's part of the financial district. but jack london square is cut off by the rest of oakland by freight trains, cars and pedestrians sometimes have to wait 15 minutes. there are signs of hope here. the owner of one no restaurant says business is thriving and defends ellis partners for
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keeping the market place closed until a mass commits. >> whatever they do, they do well. and they're not going to do it until they're prepared to open with a splash. >> reporter: and just a few days ago, a big law firm broke the ice. moved from downtown into one of the new vacant buildings. >> this is about the nicest office i think i've ever seen in oakland. >> reporter: so why, then, is it empty? >> i think they finished just as the market went into the toilet. >> reporter: bad timing or poor planning, whatever the cause the business planners and the city of oakland hope things turn around soon. lost tax revenue for the city. ktvu channel 2 news. palo alto police are stepping up patrols after a string of autoburglaries. they have investigated 28 break
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ins in the last week. thieves have been taking laptop computers, gps units, cell phones and other electronics. so police are warning drivers not to leave any valuables visible in their vehicles. making employees pay for parking is not a case of pay back. the drivers recently refused to give up their pay raises. and in december they will now have to start paying $80 a month for the parking. the fees are not pay back but a way to improve customer service. back in june mayor newsom warned drivers they could face consequences. forces sleeks off of market street at 10th and at 6th street. it's been going for a year now. and the sea agency is reporting a 46% decline.
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the number of bicyclists is up 53% and pedestrian traffic up by 24%. it has the agency also says traffic is moving more quickly. some store owners say this move is hurting their business. the company that makes blackberries seems to have caved in to give security officials access to encrypted data in india. they threatened to ban unless they got through the encrypted data. india today said research in motion had agreed to give the government quote, lawful access. it appears that they're brand new. tonight, what was found at local recycling center and why they're asking for the public's help. a new group of stores and restaurants take aim at people
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concord police are asking for the public's help identifying items that might be stolen. the brass fixtures were recovered at a local recycling center. police say they seem to be new and look as if they have never been installed. they appear to be brass water or irrigation fittings. if you recognize them, call police. the man convicted of killing matt garcia was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison. henry don williams apologized to garcia's family and talked about missing his own son. he shot and killed garcia in a case of mistaken identity two years ago this coming wednesday. gene combs is scheduled to be sentenced on september 27. one of baseball's greatest
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pitchers roger clemens faces trial next spring. clemens did not comment today after pleading not guilty in washington, d.c. he's accused of lying to congress when we swore he never used human growth hormone. clemens almost dared prosecutors to try him with his arrogance. >> clemens is going to be in big trouble. the door isn't going to close until their back with the guilty verdict. >> the trial of home run king barry bonds is also scheduled next spring for lying to a grand jury about performance enhancing drugs. in afghanistan, seven american troops were killed today. five of them died when a bomb hit their humvee in kandahar. it was targeted because it has less armor than the other vehicles in the convoy.
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this month's total of americans killed is now 49. in iraq, joe biden arrived in baghdad today. on wednesday he'll take part in a military ceremony marking the end of u.s. combat operations more than seven years after the war began. biden is also trying to convince iraqi leaders to form a new government. and in china, another monster traffic jam formed north of beijing. it was 18 miles long. and some of the drivers were actually stranded for the entire day. this comes just four days after a 60-mile traffic jam was cleared. chinese officials did that by sending motorists on a detour. a 180-mile long detour. organizers of an association launched a probusiness effort tonight.
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therichmond business -- leaders said they formed the group in reaction to what they call efforts by some who live in the area to restrict or drive away businesses. >> facing considerable opposition from neighborhood groups, neighbors, etc. that don't see the full picture that don't understand that a healthy community center is what's most valuable for a neighborhood and a community. >> the enrichment association says other neighborhood groups have made complaints that limited hours at some restaurants and drove others from the neighborhood. those groups could not be reached for comment. they were plastered in dozens of locations. san fransisco's letter of demand in a case of
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in sacramento the senate defeated a bill that would have made it illegal to carry unloaded weapons in public. the bill would have made it a misdemeanor to carry weapons in public even if unloaded. some senators pointed to the second amendment saying the state bill was unconstitutional. the senate is expected to vote again tomorrow. the san fransisco city attorney's office wanted to talk to the ad company that plastered sidewalks. to the advertising company in la says the company broke its promise to remove the stickers which are illegal. a letter said the city is considering a lawsuit to recover the cost of getting the stickers off the payment. evolving technology has made it easier to -- now the system is trying to keep up
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with social networking. using to spread the news about trials and in some cases that can have troubling consequences. maureen naylor has the report. >> reporter: facebook asked what's on your mind. the judge warned jurors the answer should be nothing. but in a suburb of detroit, a judge removed a woman from a trial after saying in her facebook case that it's going to be fun to tell the defendant their guilty. >> that's a blatant violation not to have contact with the outside world about a case. if they do that, it could be a contempt sanction or a mistrial at a minimum. >> reporter: steven clark says courts are trying to catch up with technology. >> courts frequently will admonish jurors at the beginning of the trial that there is to be no texting, facebooking, and no tweeting
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about a trial while it's going on. >> reporter: presiding judge jamie jacobs may says the warnings has been updated to include social networking. >> when you said don't talk, i didn't mean don't facebook. that's why we changed instruction that that includes all kinds of electronic communication. >> reporter: provide a paper trail of evidence. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. there are deals to be had for dining out. the internet is full of offers for discounting. if you subscribe to the site, whether you're the restaurant owner or the diner. >> it's great because usually you save up to 50% off and there's just really no catch.
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>> looking for discounts. they'll come back for dinner. >> some restaurants say they lose money because they have to eat the cost of the meal. group i on says it's to bring in big customers. the environmental protection agency is proposing letter grades for fuel emissions. a hybrid might get an a, the muscle car a d. to give car buyers a better idea about the cause of fuel to the environment. aaa expects a lot of traffic this coming weekend. 11 mrs. increase over last year. that works out to more than 4 million californians traveling 50 miles or more from home. aaa also says more americans will be willing to pay money. and gas prices have started to
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drop from teller highs of the summer. certainly a cool weekend. almost like october or november. lot of fog out there now but the fog will go away rapidly. even though it's foggy down towards the peninsula and all, it should go away quickly. as high pressure starts to build in, the winds will come out of the north-northeast, that's the offshore direction. that's the story. warming trend today. more warming on tuesday and wednesday and thursday will be the warmest of the week. hot as well. you'll find upper 90s by thursday. the extended forecast into the weekend, the temperatures come back down. but not as cool as last weekends. we're going to find temperatures in the 70s and low
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and mid-80s and upper 80s inland tomorrow. you'll see warm temperatures as you go through the bay area. you get into the inland bay, mid-80s. you hop into the big valley, and upper 80s and low 90s. warmer day tomorrow. you'll notice a warmer weather pattern into wednesday and thursday. fog not really a big deal at the coast. the fog is kind of there now but it's going to go away and get a bit of a break especially as this flow kicks up. it blows the fog away. heats the air as well but also gets that fog out of here. with you get the fog away at the coast, and you'll get 70s at the beaches. clearing in oakland rapidly tomorrow. good air quality. 69 degrees at lunchtime. 78 in oakland at the museum for a daytime high.
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and wednesday and thursday, you'll see upper 80s. these forecast highs warmer than they were today by a good five or ten degrees. 85 in livermore. 80 in camel. a nice day. that's our enthuse. wednesday and thursday warmer still. i got to tell you, it was chilly, that was cool for the bay area last weekend. this weekend won't be the same. a little mini heat wave, fire danger pops up a little. this is extrawhat you'd expect this time of year. >> thanks. in concord, two men face charges of defacing a sports field and causing thousands of dollars in damage. steven smith and anthony
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grenelli were arrested saturday morning after they were caught doing do -- donuts in a pickup truck. they caused extensive damage to a field. the two face charges of vandalism and drunk driving. it was supposed to be their last show but tonight we
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fans of san fransisco's clay theater haven't watched their last picture show at the movie house. at least not yet. the fillmore district theater was set to shut down after last night's show. but they reached a deal with the landlord to keep it en a while longer. they hope to find a way to keep the projectors running permanently. losers of four out of their last five, you can boil it any way you want. giants not playing good baseball. lately terrible starting pitching. tonight great starting pitching from jonathan sanchez. no hitting. blown opportunities. messing around before the game
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throwing a football left handed. look out. posey with the beautiful throw at third to get eric young. nice tag by pablo down there too and posey on the offensive side of the game comes through with a nice two out single up the middle to fetch a run. the giants take a 1-0 lead into the 9th inning. he walked the first guy they faced. fly ball to right. cody ross, misjudges the ball, goes to the wall and thicks get worse. the tieing run score of sanchez -- it hits gonzalez and he is awarded home plate because the throw went into the dugout. so 2-1. that's the way it ended. giants led most of the game 1-0 until that play. i thought you might want to see this. definitely the play of the
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game. brewers smashing into the wall and hangs on to the baseball. look at the replay and you see it looks like a car crash right there. he was okay. the brewers made that catch but lost the ball game. rightly so, the a's have been puffing their chests out when it comes to starting pitching. they get to yankees stadium, they say try our lineup on for size. a couple of right handers looking at, bill o'reilly and donald trump. anyway. former a, nick swishier ties into this one. shot into center on cahill and that is going to fetch a pair and it just continued to unwind for the a's pitching staff. the yankees hit three home runs. three-run shot. turns into a blowout. new york a winner. football is a dangerous sport but it seems worse when someone gets seriously hurt in
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a worthless preseason game. raider fans holding their breath when campbell went down. he threw easily at practice today. on saturday he sustained a stinger and was taken off the field after this play in a cart. although he probably will not play in the exhibition finale on thursday, that -- no one seems overly worried about his current condition. >> he threw the ball. did everything we needed to do in practice today. i knew after the game he would be all right. it's just a matter of him coming back to work. >> wow. that's the sporting life for monday night. we were talking about that catch the guy made against the wall. the impact of a car crash really. >> and there's padding on those walls. >> he should have jumped over like that japanese guy. >> that was amazing. thank you, mark. and that is our report for tonight.
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>> our coverage continues online at have a good evening. >> good night.
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