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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  August 31, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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breaking news tonight, officers open fire on a wanted homicide suspect after a high speed pursuit in the east bay. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we begin tonight with that breaking news just about an hour ago, officers shot and killed a man wanted in hercules. that after a chase that ended
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on pearl street. >> reporter: this is where the pursuit of that wanted homicide suspect in hercules came to a violent end. here at this business on 90. you have lots of investigators here from multiple jurisdiction. you can see that mazda, that was driven by the homicide suspect efren valtemoro. he was identified in the killing of a 73-year-old man inside his home. pleasanthill police spotted the suspect, they gave chase and then they called the chp for back up once that chase entered
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the highway. to tell us more about how this chase insued and the chp's role in all of this we're joined by sergeant ross and sergeant can you walk us through exactly what happened. >> this evening we received a call from pleasant hill to chase a suspect. he came into a shopping center where he ran inside. two hpd officers confronted the suspect. he was given multiple requests to drop his weapon which he did not. we did have air support, public
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safety is always our concern. unfortunately there was also a deceased female we found inside the car. this is definitely a very complicated i incident. >> reporter: it certainly is. we have two people dead, efren valderoro and another woman who's body remains inside that acura now waiting for the coroner to remove that body. we also are learning that there are two missing women out of vallejo that may be connected to this suspected. we're looking through all of this. a lot to goat through here today. but the big headline, a wanted homicide suspect shot and killed by chp officers after a high speed chase. i'm heather holmes, ktvu
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channel 2 news. alameda county's district attorney filed formal charges against andrew barreentos in the shooting of officer todd young. investigators say barrientos admitted shooting young but insists he did not know young was a police officer. barrientos is scheduled to appear in court next tuesday. the officer had another surgery today and it was called a success. he faces many more surgery later this week. the freemont officer was shot twice hit in the pelvis and in the groin and lost a lot of blood. president obama tonight officially declared combat operations in iraq are over. this comes after the deaths of some 4,400 u.s. troops with
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another 31,000 wounded. the president addressed the nation from the white house. >> reporter: no banners, no celebrating but the president did make it clear. the war is over. >> tonight i'm announcing that the american combat mission in iraq is ending. operation iraqi freedom is over. tonight i encourage iraq's leaders to move forward with a sense of urgency. >> reporter: in a surprise, the president said he called former president bush today and offered kind words for his former political adversary. >> it's kind words that he and
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i disagreed the war in its offset. >> reporter: while u.s. troops leave iraq, the president says more attention will shift to afghanistan. because of our draw down in iraq, we are now able to apply the resources necessary to prepare our offense. >> it's good that the war is over. it's got to bet the troops home. >> there's still some clean up and support, just trying to help the iraqi government take control themselves. >> reporter: while the speech was primarily about iraq. the president said his focus is putting americans back to work. the president's speech tonight had special meaning for military families and most of all for those who have lost sons or tkaugtsers --
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daughters in the iraq war. rita williams was with parents today. >> reporter: one of the mothers who watched the speech in walnut creek this evening underall too well what the president meant. that the united states has paid a high price for the iraq war. her blue star turned gold when her son was killed in iraq. killed in the last day of 2008, a husband, son and new father. >> i tell his son that that we are all very proud of his daddy. >> he died doing what he loved. >> reporter: now mr. obama has ended combat operations in a war he says would have not have started if he wasn't president. take a look here. these are pictures of just some of the other men and women from
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northern california we know through their military service and their deaths. there are many many more. remember marane michael williams from concord killed just four days after the u.s. invasion began 7.5 years ago. >> it was pretty rough. >> reporter: from livingston 24- year-old karina lau, the first california woman lived in iraq, her participants youngest child. we watched some families grieve their losses. >> i knew my son was one of them. >> reporter: then turn their grief into action for peace. the defense department puts the number of u.s. troops killed in iraq as of today 4,416. >> there's nothing the states we can't cry in uniforms. >> reporter: plus over 32,000 wounded servicemen and women still alive but their lives forever changed.
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along with all if families of those military men and women who have given so much. rita williams, ktvu. you can watch more of the president's address at you will also find a survey asking for your reaction, just look for the u.s. news tab. the conservative pacific justice institute wants to force governor arnold schwarzenegger and jerry brown to support proposition eight which both have refused to do. throughout the ban is on appeal to the court of appeals. today the pacific institute asked the court for an order that would tell the governor and attorney general to support that appeal. for several hours now, officials have been trying to
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corner a bob cat, they finally shot the mountain lion. police say they got advice from the federal department of fish aim duane and game on what to do. >> fish and game said because of the behavior of the cat and the location, it was probably best -- it hit just before 6:30, no reports of injuries or damage. a s.w.a.t. team in the east bay closes in on a wanted man. the charge he is facing now. a change in our weather and a spare the air alert. our chief meteorologist bill martin has tomorrow's forecast in less than ten minutes. executions here at san
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quentin have be
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a s.w.a.t. team raid in a richmond neighborhood late today ended with the arrest of a man wanted with a connection to an east bay homicide. the 20-year-old suspect is one of several men accused of killing a man in antioch on july 26th. they spotted him on the balcony
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of an apartment on south hampton court at noon. after a short stand off , he was arrested on a warrant. a marin county judge asked to halt any executions at san quentin prison. those executions might have resumed in june. the judge said they were not properly drafted. ktvu's amber lee is at san quentin prison with the details and reaction. >> reporter: california state prison officials have indicated that executions here at san quentin could resume as early as next month. but a court ruling could put those executions behind these walls on hold indefinitely. >> he is an inmate at san
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quentin airport. >> reporter: mitchell sims has been behind bars for killing a pizza delivery man. his attorney we went before the judge and convinced the judge to put lethal executions on hold. >> if they had followed the rules we wouldn't be here. we wouldn't have this lawsuit and we wouldn't have the additional delays. >> reporter: the criminal justice legal foundation, a sacramento based group which supports the death penalty says this ruling is yet another delay tactic to keep justice from being served for victims
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and their families. >> this is an extralegal meaningless effort to delay the execution of murders. >> reporter: just yesterday california prison officials set an execution date of september 29 for albert greenwood brown. he was convicted of rape and murder of a 12-year-old girl. reporting live at san quentin, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. correctional officers at folsom prison are slowly trying to bring things back to normal since riot. the gunshots hit five inmate, all five were taken to the hospital but tonight all are out of that hospital. the prison remains on lock down. correctional officers are allowing inmates to go to the dining hall in small select groups and they are keeping a
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close eye on the tension. at this point it's not clear what set off the riot. community activisted gathered to protest the closure of a child center. the district initially planned to close seven centers but last week came up with $2 million at the last minute to keep five of them open. officials say the state pays for the centers and that without a state budget it cannot continue to keep all of them open. a deadline is looming at the state legislature nears an end to its session. lawmakers were busy today debating and voting on thousands of bills. california will have the nation's first statewide ban targeting disposable plastic bags in a bill still
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consideration at this hour becomes law. opponents argue the bill is a job killer and they've spent millioning of dollars attacking it. another bill that would allow the release of seriously ill prison inmates has been sent to the governor. support says the bill would save $2 million in costs a year. no word if the governor will sign it. a new bill would require ships to be surrounded by a barrier or boom while transporting oil. as we mentioned a moment ago. another day, still no state budget. most people would agree that passing a budget on time is the primary job of lawmakers.
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once again this year they have failed miserably. today they voted on two plans but there was no way either was going the pass. ken pritchett has our report. >> reporter: there was no drama in the vote, the outcome was expected, republicans offered a budget plan, democrats, a different one. what happened today was nothing but a drill. the governor had nothing to it. >> let's call it cabukee whatever you want to call it but it's not acceptable. >> reporter: republicans put up their no tax plan including the elimination of welfare to work program and other cuts. >> this is a budget that reduces spending to a sustainable level without raising taxes.
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>> reporter: democrats want different cuts to save social service. >> the other side likes to argue that we're starting from a clean slate. we're not. we made cuts last year that have made a real impact. 4billion would push the stalemate into record territory. the latest budget ever passed in california was on september 23rd in 2008. lawmakers will blow past the second and third longest overdue budgets by next week. >> i feel the urgency. but not an urgency at any cost. >> reporter: without a vote in about two weeks, the record for the longest overdue budget could fall. in sacramento, ken pritchett, ktvu news. the obama administration
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today asked a federal judge to lift his restraining order blocking the use of funds for embryonic stem cell research. the decision stopped dozens of experiments related to parkinson's disease and final injuries. there's no word on when the judge will vote on that request. things are heating up here. fog at the coast all day. it was cool then at this hour there's clearing. temperatures right now in most bay area locations five to 10 to 15 degrees warmer from this time last night. tonight the fog is away from the coast. temperatures are in the mid- 50s. the afternoon with more of an
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offshore push. air sinking, sunny and hot, especially inland. a spare the air day tomorrow with temperatures going easily into the 90s in many inlands bay locations. those are the reds, i'll have more weather coming for you. the air quality imaginers have declared tomorrow another spare the air day. the previous two were monday and tuesday. residents are urged to avoid unnecessary driving and to use car pools or mass transit if possible. how did the pilot of a jumbo jet that had taken off from san francisco react when one of the plane's engines exploded in mid-flight. tonight you'll hear what he said
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there were some frightening moments today aboard a quantas plane. within minutes after take off, an engine exploded and it had to make an emergency landing. the pilot dumped about 100-tons of fuel over the pacific before landing safely at sfo. passengers on board the flight we spoke to seeped to take the incident in stride. >> uncomfortable vibration, a bit of a push. >> there were some flames coming out of the back of the plane. >> reporter: the damage was obvious on the outside of the
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number four engine. no one was injured. catastrophic engine blow outs are rare. ac transit says cutting lines is the only way it can eliminate a looming budget deficit. the bus line tried to impose a contract on union drivers but a court ruled that was illegal and the matter is headed toward a mediator. in the meantime, the court will vote on the proposal. there is better transit news across the bay in san francisco, nummi says starting saturday it will restore most of the budget cuts it made back may. nummi says increased efficiency and extra money from the san
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francisco county transportation and the transportation commission is making the restored service possible. a former doctor who practiced in san francisco was sentenced today for sexually assaulting three patients. jose rosas was arrested in 2005. three women testified that he touched them inappropriately. his medical license has been suspended. a petaluma woman who's daughter was found wandering shoeless received a break today. the court failed to show that rendon put the toddler in a situation that could have caused her physical crime. rendon was arrested when he daughter was found a mile from
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home at night. a former curator who made the finding that some glass negatives now says he made a mistake. and we have
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mountain view for a wednesday as i mentioned, it's going to be warm out there. we have a spare the air day tomorrow. 88-degree daytime high in mountain view is much warmer. that's your mountain view forecast. we want to take you back to the scene of breaking news where a homicide suspect was shot and killed last night after a high speed chase. heather holmes is where that chase ended in richmond, heather. >> reporter: in the past half hour we have found out new information about the homicide suspect shot and killed tonight by chp officers in this shopping center parking lot. as you can see here live now, a lot of officers remain here on the scene. this is because this is an investigation that stretches through multiple cities. the chase actually began about two hours ago in pleasanthill and as you said it ended a short time ago here in richmond. now this all began, this whole investigation began with the death of a 73-year-old hercules
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man inside his home and the disappearance of his 35-year- old son. the victim, 73-year-old ricardo salas. his missing son 35-year-old fredrick salas. to tell us more about the hercules side of the investigation we're joined now by michelle herrifgton. this has been a very busy night for you guys. traupbg talk to us now about the status of fredrick salas, do we know anything about this time. >> reporter: at this point we do not know the location of fredrick salas. something that comes into play is the connection to vallejo and the two missing women to vallejo. they have not been seen in five days. five days ago is when ricardo salas was found dead in his
12:02 am
home. >> reporter: the last time that they saw the suspect, mr. valdemaras he was seen in a white cadillac escalade. that vehicle is registered to one of the missing vallejo women. >> reporter: so that's how we think they are connected by the missing women. >> exactly, they are connected by the vehicle. >> reporter: the latest here is that there is a woman's body that is still in that acura that you see here behind me. that acura is the one driven by the missing person. tonight we have three people dead. the homicide victim and a woman. she has not been identified, we are still waiting for the coroner to arrive. chp officers shooting and killing a wanted homicide suspect out of hercules here in
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the shopping center parking lot in richmond. i'm heather holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. a yearlong law enforcement investigation culminated today with more arrests of gang leaders. jerry brown announced the arrest following a big gang busting raid in salinas and other cities. many of those arrested managed individual territories including santa cruz, san jose and the east bay. he said three top leaders controlled it all from inside pelican bay state prison. brown said he is now working with prison officials to shut down those lines of communications. in mexico, drug cartel violence has erupted again causing concern for potential travelers here in the bay area. the latest incident, troopers battled gunmen for 12 hour. when it was over, seven people were dead.
12:04 am
for some travelers, the vie he violence is giving them second thoughts. in cancun, gunmen set off a bomb in a well known bar. he smiled at times as police described his brutal crimes and life of luxury. he's wanted in the u.s. for allegedly smuggling tons of cocaines in the economy and jobs will likely be the focus tomorrow night in a much anticipated debate between senator barbara boxer and her republican opponent fiarina. >> reporter: it will happen
12:05 am
here st. mary's college in moraga. the debate stage is still being set but the stakes are clear, republicans think they have a chance to win back majority control of the senate. but to do so fiorina will certainly have to beat out senator boxer. and tomorrow's debate provides fiorina with her best chance to make her case so far. >> california has lost 244,000 jobs in the last 12 months, more than any other state in the united states. >> reporter: fiorina who is campaigning in the central valley today will most likely as she has been doing accuse democrats and senate boxer of failing to turn the economy around. >> today i ask where are all the jobs barbara that you say you have created. >> reporter: senator boxer spoke to the commonwealth club today in san francisco, is she prepared for the debate.
12:06 am
>> my answer is, i've never been known as someone who doesn't play hardball, so just watch me. >> reporter: boxer said the economy started tanking under president bush and that democrats prevented it from getting even worse. today she urged voters to give her more time. >> i don't want to walk away now that we're in a tough time. i want to get us back on track. >> reporter: analysts say both candidates arguments are legitimate. but with the jobless rate still high, boxer will be on the defensive. >> again and again the democrats rhetorical position is things would have been worse expect for what we did. that's not a good rhetorical position to be in. this is a really tough position to be in because you're fighting against people who say, it's still terrible, it's still awful, i'm feeling pain, do something for me. >> reporter: tomorrow night's debate is the first and so far only debate between boxer and fiorina which puts that much more pressure on both of them.
12:07 am
randy shandobil, ktvu news. again that debate is tomorrow evening right here on you can watch it live at 7:00. what could apple do tomorrow to wow it's fans. we have a preview of what steve jobs may unveil. new charges and counter charges in ú
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i can't believe that guy made it home. nobody drives drunk anymore. [ ring hold on, i got another call coming in. [ ring [ tires screech while drunk driving rates have dropped greatly, negligent driving and speeding fatalities have skyrocketed. someone dies every 13 minutes from negligent driving, so keep your hands on the wheel, your eyes on the road, and your phone put away. two, one, fire. the test firing of a new rocket wentsmoothly tonight,
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now the question is will it ever fly. nasa and the obama administration now want something bigger and more advanced. so far $1 billion has been spent developing the aries rocket. the area dispute between san jose and it's firefighters heated up today. union members say the union showed or rather showed a video tape of how quickly flames can spread. then it showed a video clip where a deputy director spoke about the failure for a quick response. >> we believe this is another critical piece of information in an attempt to provide a false sense of security.
12:11 am
>> the at city wants firefighters to take a 9% pay cut to restore the jobs that were lost. in news of the world tonight in chile, drilling began to today to save the 33 men trapped 33 men trapped under ground. the men will have to remove tonsover rock as it falls down into the mine. those men have been trapped since august 5th. in amsterdam, doubts are being raised tonight about the arrests of two men. officials initially believed they might be on a test run for a terror attack because of the suspicious items found in one man's luggage. american officials now say the men probably won't face charges. the men live in the u.s. and were traveling to yemen. off the coast of finlands, what maybe the oldest champane
12:12 am
has been salvaged from a ship wreck at the bottom of the scene. the bottles seem to be from the 1800s. they might have been a gift from king louis. the dow industrial was up almost five points today. only analysts say that apple will come out with a wifi equipped nano. other i sas that
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in saratoga pet owners are on alert tonight after an alarming coyote sighting. lloyd lacuesta is live with our report. >> reporter: saratoga woods is a neighborhood of some 400 homes it's located in the flat lands not the his. but for the past few months, it's been a hundreding ground for coyote -- a hunting ground for the coyotes. >> he was found right here. >> reporter: he was china attacked by coyotes last month.
12:16 am
>> what is happening the food chain is usually bunny rabbits that have been overpopulating. so they've come to domestic animals. >> reporter: six cats have been killed in saratoga woods so far. >> the head and the hindquarters were there but basically the cat had its internal organs had been eating. >> reporter: saratoga creek runs behind these homes. phil livenhood buried one of the cats that was killed in their backyard. >> vector control people say it's easy hunting. animals will go to the easiest place to get food. they don't necessarily appreciate the fact that the cat is anything other than a meal. >> reporter: vector control has sent out information to residents of this neighbor to
12:17 am
take precaution. >> we're following the vector control guidelines and that is to pick up any fruit, bring in any cat food, any dog food. we have a dog. make sure there's nothing out at night and if we get another cat, where seriously considering it be an indoor cat. so far there no plans to set traps in this neighborhood. last year animal control captured 8coyotes and had them put down. sfo is making it easier to fly to cancun for the winter.
12:18 am
the power. hurricane earl could reach the outer banks thursday. year round residents have the option to stay this has earlier today, earl passed by the dominican republic and puerto rico but no deaths are reported. the storm is now headed to toward the turk and caicos island. earl has 135 miles per hour. a north beach constitution is hanging up his apron. frank rosi senior has been serving drinks at gino and carlo in san francisco for 40 years tonight. this appears to be the wrong video. let's head oh to bill in the weather center, bill. -- let's head over to bill in the weather center, bill.
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>> reporter: that hurricane moving offshore, that's good news. the swell is really going to come up. the surfers love that. for us the weather is heating up. the fog has cleared from the coast right now. we have winds that are mainly west northwest. but the next few hours they're going to come right out of the northeast and that is a very warm direction. it's also the direction that gets you your pair the air day, typically and that's what we have tomorrow. your weather forecast goes like this, a little warmer today. tomorrow, warmer still. temperatures in the mid- to upper 90s in the high spots. maybe 98 degrees tomorrow. i actually bumped the numbers up from 5:00. the new computer runs and some of the information leads me to believe, especially with the current temperatures that it's easy going to get to 95, 98 tomorrow. the high pressure settles over the top of us for two days. this is not an extended heat wave. this is just a good warm up that's going to be with us for
12:20 am
a couple of days and about 48 hours. the forecast highs as you move through the microclimates, 80s where there were 60s. 90s where there were 80s. fire danger comes up, tomorrow's warm to hot. thursday is the hottest day of the week. so prepare for that. it was warm today, temperatures did come up into the mid-80s. we saw low 90s in the valley. temperatures on thursday, easily into the low 100s. it's going to be warm. 95 in clear lake, 95 in napa, 95 in vallejo. thursday warmer still, friday temperatures start to come back down. shortly up but think about it, you have the pets up and about. if you're walking the pet out on the concrete and the urban centers in the next couple of days.
12:21 am
that concrete radiates heat, drink plenty of water. temperatures going to heat up. this is not heat advisory weather. at least at this point, we're not seeing any fire concerns or warnings or watching. the spare the air day is under effect. right now just a nice little heat up and then cools down over the weekend. >> thanks bill. a north beach constitution is hanging out his the apron -- a north beach institution is hanging up his apron. today the man known as don of the beach is retiring. newspaper columnists, working class men and women were customers over his long career. but he suffered a stroke a few years ago and he says the he's now ready to take some time off. >> i met a lot of people here,
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the giants bounce back tonight in a good way.
12:25 am
mark is here to tell us about it. >> they are only here for heart syndrome, just come back the next day and win a game. fans giddy tonight bringing out the good luck beannies. at the plate, putting good wood on that one. we've been hearing this guy is a great pitcher, big league double and rbi. giants lead it 2-1. come the eighth his bullpen let him down. every night this guys seems to do a little something. they were not finished in the inning, bases loaded. another guy seems to be showing up in the highlights. buster posey off the brick, two run score and the giants take
12:26 am
it 5-2. down south giants ran and said, who's your padre now. waiting all season for a san diego slump and they are finally getting one. six straight losses here. miguel montero with the bases loaded, on field, to get the diamondbacks rolling. doing the same to the padres. san francisco now only four back of san diego in the west. on paper, it says the a's have the statistically best pitching staff in the american league. i guess you can consider the yankees the league official paper shredder. not quite ready for prime time hit is bacala. chomping down on a hot dog. mark texeria in for the act as
12:27 am
well. three run shot off ben mazaro, his 30th. the a's another no contest defend. how times have changed in the world of sports. something you would never see maybe a decade or so ago. how about this, several members of the miami dolphins crawling around the practice field earlier today. not worn out after a rough work out, no they were town on hands and knees searching all over the place for a 2.5-carat diamond earring that defensive linebacker lost. probably worth 40 grand. that's the sporting life. that's my estimate. >> wearing a diamond during the drills drills. >> something you can see some tough guy going, unbelievable. looking for a diamond ring out there. before we go, one last update on the breaking news we're following in richmond. we've just confirmed from investigators at the scene, that the woman's body found in the car is that of the
12:28 am
suspect's girlfriend not of the two missing women police are looking for. >> ktvu morning news will be following the story as well. you
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