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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  September 22, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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at 7:00 a san jose police officers alleged attempt to scare his daughters boyfriend backfires. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is wednesday, september 22. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. we begin with developing news right now along the pacific coast just north of santa cruz about 4:30 p.m. on the cliffs between santa cruz and davenport. park rangers say two men fell about 25 feet down a cliff and were identified only as 23-year-
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old and 25-year-old man from patterson california. rescuers carried the first victim to awaiting helicopters and then airlifted him to a hospital. minutes later the second victim was airlifted out as well. there is no word yet on how the false happened. a battle is brewing over a burger restaurant in the east bay that involves plans for a new in and out burger at that one city wants in and some neighbors would keep out. it is in pleasant hill and allie rasmus is alive at a speech while not far there -- at a in-n-out not far from there. >> reporter: if you take a look at the drive-through it's packed to the line of cars goes all the way out to be middle of the street and this is what one group of neighbors is worrying about. >> the beginning of the drive- through is over here. >> reporter: this anti-lott
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has rallied a neighborhood. >> we are very organized, we have petitions, attending meetings, we have a facebook we are fighting this until the end. >> reporter: what the groups want to scrap is a plan to build a in-n-out in the slot and. >> it equates to thousands of people every day and we are worried about them cutting through our neighborhood. >> reporter: traffic leaving the drive-through would only have one way to go. >> either of the exits from north main street right here must turn right and the second they go right it is a problem for the police department. >> reporter: the restaurant would be in pleasant hill's city limits and the neighborhood affected next stories in walnut creek's. >> what's unusual about this situation is the fact that it's on the boundary of two cities. >> reporter: it's up to the planning commission whether to
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approve the in-n-out and the mayor said he sympathizes with concerns and staff from both cities will meet and talk about alternatives to. >> you can move the entrances and exits around pretty you could put the drive on one side of the building. it has to do with the layout of the site. >> reporter: and representative made a similar suggestion in a statement he said this is still a work in progress. i anticipate more discussions and more adjustments to our plans. we are looking at changes like a hyper solid wall and different drive-through stacking but the neighborhood group in walnut creek would like is for the in-n-out broker to build the restaurant someplace else. >> alley just spoke with the outgoing city manager who leads in december and today the city announced his replacement. his replacement will take over
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december 1st and the walnut creek city council approved the higher. he was the san rafael city manager for the past 10 years. transit directors are meeting at this hour to make drastic cuts to the bus service and cutting it by half could save about $11.5 million this year and outsourcing trend to sort could save an additional three quarters of a million dollars b. they will do away with 90 union jobs operate and transfer another 65 workers to other transit providers. ac transit managers say they are facing a $56 million budget shortfall. some firefighters say a firehouse closure will create a safety risk for the public good they are limiting -- the
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leading station 52 that hosts thousands of visitors each year and the closure is part of a plan to expand a neighboring fire departments. they will provide fire service on a contract basis. station 52 firefighters say that the closure ugly for emergency help could be substantial. the death toll for the san bruno exclusion increased today to seven. three more people died when a natural gas line rupture. in san bruno today preparations begin for the cleanup of what remains of the 37 homes destroyed. workers more protective gear and hose down the area's. >> potential is best is, all sorts of other chemicals could we want to make sure that it's
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not going to blow off the property and become a public health concern and. >> homeowners were given one last chance to sift through the rubble and cleanup is set to begin at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. concerned about at risk pipelines have been running high. to get a better idea about repair crews have to do resent consumer editor tom vacar out into the field for a firsthand look. >> reporter: this high- pressure natural gas transmission line runs under this neighborhood near the east bridge shopping mall and many others for miles and miles. when it was built 60 years ago this was far in an orchard land not a densely populated urban area. pg&e says what it's looking for is not on its top 100 list could in fact, it's much more important. >> whenever we find something that needs to be addressed we are not going to wait. we are going to take immediate action and take care of it right away.
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>> reporter: the problem here was bound by a pipeline inspection gauge that inspects pipes from the inside is. >> it's reading every wild and looking for signs of imperfection like corrosion or event. it picked up what appears to be at the end. >> reporter: the 10th was found during routine maintenance. >> we got the results back last wednesday and making in the repairs of necessary. >> reporter: soils will be analyzed to project the useful life of the overall pipe and is also slightly electrified. the same way the hose up ships are protected. >> if we find evidence of a dent weevils sandblasted and wrap it and make repairs. >> reporter: pg&e has 6,000 miles of pipelines running from
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bakersfield to the oregon border. i am consumer editor, tom vacar. >> to see a list of the high risk pipelines, click the tab on our homepage at the first day of classes had some extra excitement today -- first day of classes had some extra statement today when a natural gas leak was reported on campus but it appeared that construction crews hit a gas line with a backhoe and emergency officials said they were not worried about an explosion. >> the university does contain 13,000 students and they were self evacuated from the dorms. they were upwind away from the situation but most of the students had made it to campus disable the. >> they were safe. nobody was hurt and they should have all been able to attend their classes. >> pacific gas and electric crews capped the week at 10:30
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a.m. the race for governor is now a dead heat and it shows the democrat jerry brown and meg whitman are in a tie. the poll also shows a number of undecided voters has increased to 18%. whitman and brown have been the center buckle type of the last six months. the battle is heating. the teachers were out today distributing literature and state will have a negative impact on families and supporters say it's necessary to relieve the city of tension. it won't require them to pick up more of the health care costs for their attendant. president obama addressed a
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conference on poverty today and announced a new approach to diplomacy, trade, and investment policy. >> it outlines a new approach and new thinking that will guide our overall development including a plan that i promised last year that my administration has delivered to pursue the millennium development goals. >> he went on to explain that the u.s. is focused on hoping at helping poorer countries and his strategy is the product of a year-long effort by the white house that will include anticorruption measures and calls for greater accountability. he spoke at the end of the three-day u.n. conference. eight of california's largest cities have roads that are among the worst in the nation. the national transportation research group conducted the study and found that 64% of roads in the san jose area were in poor condition. the concord area came in fourth with 50%. that is the same percentage as the san francisco oakland area that came in as the fifth worst
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road of nationwide. >> i was driving down here on the road where they fixed it, okay? i went into a hole through there was a was a home in the street pmi front end was smashed in the end i needed to get an alignment -- and my friend and was smashed in and i needed to get an alignment. >> urban drivers spend $700 a year because of potholes and poor pavement. there is a new recall tonight involving a widely used baby formula plus how a san jose police officer tried to scare his stepdaughters boyfriend created a company is moving workers out of the city and nearby merchants are bracing for an attack. mother nature is turning up the heat. i will tell you which cities will be the hottest. u owi stgoth n csechkint al?ye cckhiou
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>> in other water main break in pleasant hill has kept crews busy today that started at 7:30 p.m. last night and affected 40 water customers. the contra costa water district spokeswoman says the crews fix the leaks at about 2:00 this afternoon and then went to work fixing the damaged roadway. investigators in the east they are trying to figure how and why a woman drove her car through a store window. it happened about 10:00 last night at the auto parts store at mission boulevard. the driver was hospitalized and the extent of her injuries have not been released. they say that the window is repaired and opened up today for business. a san jose police officer took family matters into his
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own hands. he tried to handcuff his stepdaughters boyfriend and conduct a firsthand arrests. as robert handa reports there's a lot of talk about police and parental conduct. >> reporter: san jose police are conducting an investigation on a police officer for attending to arrest a teenage boy who had with the officers for 2-year-old stepdaughter. they are by all accounts boyfriend and girlfriend. according to police the officer went to the boys home to confront him and acknowledges handcuffing the boy while telling him a cop's daughter is not someone you mess with. later the police detective cited both teenagers for unlawful sexual intercourse. they conducted a watchdog group to put the family in contact with the san jose mercury newspaper and the police department internal affairs unit. >> i can understand about there being upset but for him to use his uniform and badge and especially the handcuffs. >> reporter: if that happens that is felony false imprisonment. >> the game changer is putting the handcuffs on the young man.
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that's possibly where the crime occurred. >> reporter: the officer came to the boys home as a concerned parent and was potentially invited to use scare straight tactics and the parents had no objections to the lecture or the handcuffing and, in fact, thanked the officer and shook his hand pretty attorney added the officer has corporate with investigators and decided by the parents decision to engage in a blame game. i talked to the boys mother by phone and she said she is very distraught and called the statement from the officers of turning a pack of lies for the family also take part of the incident on a cell phone and turned it over to investigators. in san jose, robert handa. similac is recalling millions of containers of baby formula over concerns about an insect contamination created abbott laboratories that makes the formula says that beagle and larva were found at a
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michigan plant and to consumers reported the problem. the recall affects a balance, 12.4-ounce, and 12.9-ounce containers of powdered formula. the lucrative formula is not affected and has a link to check to see if your formula is safe. the federal government said more than half of troubled homeowners have dropped out of home loss prevention program. a hundred thousand homeowners have stopped participating. that is 51% of participants who were signed up. the percentage increased by 3% since august 1st. reports by critics say that the program has failed to slow the tide of foreclosure. the dow finished well over 21 points and the nasdaq fell
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by 14. >> people gathered outside of the main gate in berkeley today to protest recent laos. the union says that they are laid off 29 million workers and that does not make sense of $10 million in tax breaks. company profits are up 27% this year compared to last. . bayer says the layoffs reflect inefficiencies and when syria to ensure the berkeley plants long-term success. one of oakland's largest companies is branching out in pleasanton as a result, they are resulting in hundreds of workers. now is ken pritchett records there are concerns. >> reporter: clorox headquarters is located in oakland city center and so is this restaurant. >> we have been here a long time so have the majority of my customers. >> reporter: he owns the cafe just a few dozen yards from the
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clorox building. >> obviously some disappointment anytime there is a move to take that number of employees from the city. it's disappointing. >> reporter: chamber of commerce president said it's too early to know the impact that he has reasons for concern and today the clorox employees have reason to celebrate an open house of its new research facility in pleasanton. this is where 500 workers in oakland will be transferred over the next year's. >> the driver for this was innovation and allowing us to get more growth. >> clorox senior vice president says the company will take employees now located in oakland and pleasanton and put them under one roof but the company's long ties and headquarters will remain in oakland. >> more than 60% of our employees will be able to stay in oakland could we are
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committed to that community. >> reporter: in addition to hunter contract employees will be contacted to pleasanton and lease out space in his headquarters building which may wring more people downtown in the long run. a san francisco state cheerleader is facing charges accusing her of embezzling $20,000. she was elected coach of the gators cheerleading club and served as the treasurer. she helped herself to team money and used it to pay her rent, buy food and finance a las vegas vacation. she has pleaded not guilty to 29 felony counts including grand theft and embezzlement. she has been released from custody and will be back in court september 30th. one of california's pristine places will be looking even better. coming up details on a facelift for a national park.
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chief meteorologist bill martin will tell us how toasty we will get.
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>> yosemite national park is getting a makeover. it concludes sunday with a fastball and thousands of years
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in the lepers are expected to volunteer -- lovers are expected to volunteer by picking up trash. here in the bay area we're not talking about warm, we are talking about hot. >> there will be some heat friday into saturday. air quality will not be that great. the winds right now are pulling out of the west, southwest and what will happen here in the next 24 hours the winds should start to clap out of the north and northeast. that is enough to warm things up and drop the humidity and messes with the air quality. fog is going away as well and there is some patchy fog but
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it's minimal. tomorrow if there is any in the morning it's gone by 9:00, 10:00. hot in the forecast that means friday, saturday, sunday, temperatures are back into the 90s. overnight lows tonight are in the 40s and 50s. santa rosa will be 49 degrees. our pressure is back and it takes to fog away from the coast. the low pressure air rises. it warms appeared into the bay area weekend we will be into the 90s. air quality will not be as great. right now i will not see any record heat or anything but this the height of the fire season so this type of pattern could cause us some problems so we will watch it closely. the forecast tomorrow, no-space 7 yards and we see oranges for tomorrow start pushing towards
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the coast -- no reds yet. it was warmer today by fights back and 10 degrees in some places. a nice day tomorrow. the heat will be noticeable as we head into the bay area weekend with numbers on saturday and sunday easily into the mid-90s. a hot one coming. gasia, i will be back tonight at 10:00. with just 10 days left the san francisco giants are playing another cliffhanger tonight with chicago cubs. chicago is reading 2-0 in the top of the eighth inning. starting today the giants lead the padres by a half-game holding onto first place. here are the new mash ups for our high school games of the week. we have antioch versus napa, hayward high against wanted
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vista. to vote logon to click on sports and you can find the poll. we will reveal the winning game of the week on thursday channel 2 news at 6:00. that is our report for tonight. i am gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues with our 10:00 news. tmz is up next right here on tv36.
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