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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  September 30, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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meg whitman aproduces the brown campaign of dirty tricks
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after the controversy over her housekeeper hits a peak. >> did she or did she not know she was an illegal? >> i heard this morning that randy shandobil that the brown campaign had been bringing this up a week ago. >> reporter: our political editor randy shandobil reports. >> reporter: gloria alred the attorney for whitman's former housekeeping showed off a letter today that proves that dr. griffin hart h, knew that
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they were employing an illegal immigrant. >> meg whitman and her husband deny getting the letter. but harsh has written, nikki, please check this. thanks. >> reporter: whitman insisted that neither she nor her husband ever saw such a letter and that maybe her housekeeper nikki may have intercepted the letter to keep that she was illegal. i don't moe know the full story but i think nikki had a gun to her head. >> reporter: the brown campaign
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ted denied having anything to do with whitman and gloria alred. >> meg whitman should be afraid, embarrassed. but i am so proud of nikki. she is the courageous rosa parks of the movement to win for latinos. >> reporter: late today, meg whitman changed her story. now she says it's possible that her husband saw that social security letter after all. didn't understand the implications and forgot about it because it was seven years ago. randy shandobil. you can see that letter for yourself at ktvu come. . com. just look for the election 2010 campaign. the
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we're asking how the allegations could harm whitman. pay area drug agents say an anonymous tip led them to a large marijuana grow area. 14,000 pot plants were in that corn field on orewood road. they said they also found an encampment where at least four squatters had been staying. a major sweep has resulted in 32 arrests. they seized five firearms, more than a ton of processed pot.
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and plans are brewing on a plan. ktvu's debra villalon are from testers gathered. >> reporter: ducks not trucks has been the message from a whetland mark visited by school children. >> instead of having green hills and clean air you're going to have diesel exhaust and heavy metals are. >> reporter: this forum blended experts recruit from both sides
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to talk about the health risks. whether the plant can minimize those components. >> reporter: in petaluma it says it will make their plant state of the art. >> i think this is the right place. it's only a stone throw from where our plant operated for ú
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record opposing to plan. >> that will all change when county supervisors hold their final hearing before taking the vote. debra villalon. we're getting a new look at that raptured pipeline. a 27-foot long section of pipe is now being examined. the explosion and fire happened three weeks ago today killing eight people and destroying 37 homes. and the clean up in san bruno
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continues tonight. crews are trying to remove the brea debris before the rain moves in. imagine returning home to find a note from police saying that police killed your dog. that's exactly what happened to one oakland family this week. >> reporter: when mary kate arrived on tuesday, she said she knew something was wrong. >> the officer wrote, opd responded to your residence to investigate a burglary alarm. >> reporter: the halex burglary alarm went off around 11:30. when he went to respond, he saw an open door an a yellow lab
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charged at him. >> he charged the officers in a threatening manner before being shot. >> i'm just really upset and sad it didn't really need to happen, i think. but it did. >> these are pictures over the years. >> reporter: matthew and elizabeth halox says that gloria has been a -- >> i'm a preschool teacher, this dog has come with me to work. we keep going back to why shoot the dog? shoot and kill the dog. >> reporter: the family says
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that the police protocall should be examined. the family hopes that in the future police will consider using a taser or pepper spray instead of a gun. a postal worker that was biten by a dog is rekoáfing to recovering tonight. the attack happened yesterday. doctors decided to let his wounds heal naturally. the dog's could be put down if officials deem them dangerous. the san francisco giants need just one more win this weekend against the san diego padres to look up their first play off appearance since 2003. an enthusiastic crowd showed up to this evening's game. the 35,000 in attendance saw the team complete a sweep and
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inch one step closer to a division closer. mark will sort it all out for you coming up a bit later in sports. a layer of fog tonight over san francisco. tomorrow's forecast is coming up in about 10 minutes. we are just hours away from a significant new chapter from the nummi plant. and it's something many kids have to
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oakland police say an attempted carjacking tonight ended with a victim crash as car through a fence and ending up in an enbankment. the incident happened at a gas station on seminary avenues. as the victim tried to drive off, the carjacker opened fire. at least one bullet hit the rear window, the victim was slightly injured and taken to the hospital. it's not clear if the victim was shot. police believe that suspected carjacker then escaped on foot. the former nummi auto plant in freemont is about to get new life. tesla motors takes over the
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factory tonight. maureen naylor joins us live. >> reporter: tesla tonight says it's still aggressively hirer. and hints that several other models may roll down the production line here. unlike that april day when toyota's last car rolled off the production line, there will be no fanfare tomorrow when tesla takes over the nummi plant. a lot of hope riding on this new factor. tesla will occupy a small portion of the plant and plans to build their new car here. >> clearly tesla won't replace all the jobs that were lost at
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the nummi plant, but we are very excited to see the new cars rolling off the line. >> reporter: there's hope tesla sedan won't be the only plant made here. >> we're hoping that toyota might become -- do a joint venture and do some manufacturing there, that would be a great thing but we don't know if that will happen. >> reporter: tesla says the factory will be a big factor. but channels are the owner of this liquor store down the street won't be here. he's selling his business saying since nummi's closure his sales have gone down. >> i hope that they will be better. but god knows. >> tesla officials tonight told us they're getting their equipment and are planning an
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official vailing later in october. maureen naylor. what a month it's been on wall street, the dow and the nasdaq lost a bit of ground today but it wasn't enough to prevent the dow from finishing off it's best since since 1939. blue chips gained 7.7% today. hp says it has gained a new man. his name is leo apethaker. he says he will start off by taking the feel for the company. the stock market gave the new ceo a chilly reception today. hp's stock fell to close a little below $42 a share. vice president joe biden is in the bay area tonight getting
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ready to do some exam paining. biden is scheduled to appear tomorrow at a fundraiser in oakland. mcnurm, en is running for governor. the bill is getting a will the of attention in the wake of a series of recent suicide by teenagers who were tormented because they were gay. patti lee takes us to an anti bullying class. >> reporter: sixth graders learned today about the difference between bullying and teasing. >> if you're going through school you might know exactly what we're talking about. >> ideal is bullying on a
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regular basis. ideal is molestation on a the regular basis. >> reporter: i think in many occasions kids don't mean it to be seem. >> reporter: sometimes what can pass as harmless can prove fatal. also last week, an 18-year-old college freshman tyler clementi committed suicide by jumping off a bridge after he learned that his roommates spied on him. the roommate an his friend face
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charges. the incident is prompting gay rights activists to work harder. >> i think it's immoral. i don't think it's even right. why are you going to tease people about their sexuality. >> reporter: these freshmen say they know about bullying but don't why people bully on each other. >> reporter: the faceless nature of the tormenters. patti lee. a teacher was stabbed today after she was trying to take a particular from taking a computer. school police say the first grade teachers walked into a classroom and found a man stealing a laptop computer. they say when she confronted him the man hit her and knocked her to the groin.
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the robber is described as 5 feet, weighs about 140 pounds with tattoos on his chest. the school board heard from people about a number of operations it's facing. one would be to close a 4508 and four elementary school. another option would be to eliminate the entire adult education. the school district wants to save $5 million in the following years. and temperatures continue to cool today. but it was still hot in livermore and antioch despite being as much as 10 to 15 to 16 degrees cooler today. 82 in napa. plenty of fog at the coast. a cooler weekend in store. here's what's happening out there. a low pressure center coming
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from the south line has been trimming thundershowers. what that means is it's going to keep the cool weather coming. more fog. for tomorrow the koes tat areas, inland areas just in the low # zeros. that's our forecast. former president jimmy carter is in washington, d.c. tonight after spending two days at a hospital in cleveland recovering from a stomach ailment. doctors say he probably had a stomach virus when he got sick on a plane on tuesday. carter turns 86 on friday and is on a book tour to prevent a diary of his day. what police say
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ah, focus group. so what are we testing here?
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that's our new pastrami grilled sandwich. oh, great. hey, are they happy we got rid of the rye bread? totally. they love our grilled artisan bread. they say it's the perfect compliment to the classic hot pastrami, melting cheese, deli mustard and pickles. awesome. hey, um what are we testing in that room? oh! nothing we were just hazin' the intern.
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vallejo police say a homicide suspect has surrendered and his missing 4- year-old daughter has been found dead. jonas peacock and the girl naoris peacock. peacock is suspected of shooting to death the girl's mother last night and then leaving with the little girl. the man accused of shooting and wounding an officer entered a not guilty plea tonight. cameras were not allowed in the courtroom. freemont police says young underwent another surgery this morning. he has been hospitalized since that august shooting. a judge today granted the
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city of san francisco an injunction against two street gangs creating a safe zone. this is the third anti gang injunction. this one sales off an area around the -- those named in the injunction are prohibited from associated with known gang members loitering on engaging in any other gang related activity any that area. a jury -- the prosecution acknowledges whinburg has condition but was well aware
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that setting fires was a crime. a 19-year-old south san francisco woman is out of jail tonights she was arrested because her 8-year-old daughter ate a marijuana brownie. they say barraza called it no big deal and said marijuana should be legalized. barraza pled guilty to an endangerment charge. tony curtis died today at his home. he was probably best known for his gender bending role in some like it hot. curtis began his career in the 1950s with such films as spaticus and the reliant one. tony curtis also was an accomplished ar thetist and was
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married six times. a wheelchair ramp that cost half a million dollars. >> just doesn't make sense to me that a ramp should cost so much. >> waoá going to break down the cost and hear how the city is defending it. the megawithman ú
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it is now four preponderate five weeks until election day and the full show california race for governor is a dead heat. now an illegal immigrant has been thrust into the campaign. will the the a housekeeper saga
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tote the election one way or another? mike mibach joins us now with the story. >> reporter: latinos are indeed a major voting block and for example here in marin county. the majority of the residents are white and democratic. but look at this, this is a meg whitman/republican campaign office here in the heart of marin. the city of san jose, the city where the latino population happens to be the large ers in the county. >> reporter: tonight republicans in maren dialing for critical votes. >> there's a lot of lovely latino people but there's going to have an impact. >> there's not surprise that there's dirty politics involved. it's part of the political scheme of things.
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but i think a lot of brown supporters are disappointed. >> reporter: today one of the state's largest unions launched an ad campaign against whitman in spanish. part of the ad talks about how whitman attacked undocumented people taking work, but an undocumented housekeeper worked at her home. >> we only have a few weeks left before voting. but i don't think that would hurt her with the latino
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community. >> a debate in in fresno. that will air on spanish television. and governor arnold schwarzenegger has already signed several health care bills. one creates a web based insurance exchange so consumers can comparison shop. two other bills promote competition. the additional bills bar insurance from covering children -l and allows young adults to stay on their pardon's plans until they are 26. another bill the governor signed could keep many four years out of kindergarten. this will save the state about
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# $00 million a year. but the state will also set up a fund for two 2-year-olds who are not eligible for preschool again. california's budget is now 92 days overdue. it appears that an agreement was imminent has faded. >> hoping, hoping, hoping and working, working, working to finish this. >> reporter: one issue is the governor's p push for pension reform. republicans also are seeking corporate tax breaks while democrats want to maintain social service programs and school funding. new claims for unemployment dropped last week for the third time in almost a month. it's an indication that el employers are cutting fewer jobs. but tell that to all the people who stood in a long line today in oakland hoping for a chance
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to find work. rob roth has our report. >> reporter: these people came here to downtown oakland this morning looking for a sign of economic recovery that keeps eluding them. among those waiting was this civil engineer with two children that now just want as job. >> i'm flexible. >> eastbound though you're a trained en -- even though you're a trained engineer you will take just about anything? >> pretty much. >> i lost my apartment first of september, as a result of that i'm now homeless. and it's just a whole new world for me right now. >> reporter: oakland's private industry sponsored the fair. target has openings so does
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waste management. >> tell me about your experience -- >> reporter: union bank needs tellers and managers. with the anemic academy, the quality of job candidates is extremely high. >> it's astonishing how people are here today. >> reporter: economists say such news discourages many employers and it's vicious. a woman says all she can do is drop off a resume, go home and wait for a phone call she is
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sure will never come. rob roth, ktvu news. what should happen to the old radar trial in the south bay. it was a radio station in 1980. another possibility is to tear it down. mount omenum is being converted into a state park. a mother says she's heartbroken and angry. how thieves put her autistic son in the middle of a scam. and i'll let you know if nothing
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ah, focus group. so what are we testing here?
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that's our new pastrami grilled sandwich. oh, great. hey, are they happy we got rid of the rye bread? totally. they love our grilled artisan bread. they say it's the perfect compliment to the classic hot pastrami, melting cheese, deli mustard and pickles. awesome. hey, um what are we testing in that room? oh! nothing we were just hazin' the intern.
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averton police say a car struck and killed a bicyclists. it happened at around 8:30 this morning on el camino real. the bicyclists was in the crosswalk when the driver of a toyota hit him. they say the driver shopped and cooperated with investigator, the victim is from near by redwood city, his name has not yet been released. the mother of a young boy with autism is struggling to find out why someone would use him to scam money out of kindhearted people. police have confiscated one of the boxes with the boy's picture on it. a letter goes on to say the
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family needs money to bury the boy. >> who has access to my son's photo. what else do they have access to? why would they do this to a boy? a little boy? >> police have surveillance visit you of a man in a white t- shirt picking up one of the poxes at a market last monday. the box had been at the store for a few weeks. in news of the world, police was there as people rioted. police are upset about a law that takes away their benefits. and the official media published the first images of
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kim's youngest sons. kim's son is expected to become his father's successor. the younger kim was ordered a four star general earlier this week. little is known about him other than he studied in switzerland. u.s. navy jet has joined the search. several balloonist took part in a race that began in england. their flight director says it would not be possible that they are still flying. 10 million toys are being recalled for various reasons. some pose choking hazards while other can cut young babies. click on the recalled tabs near the top of the page. the cost of mailing a letter will not be going up at
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least in the immediate future. the u.s. postal service's effort to raise the cost by # cents was rejected today. the rate increase required the commission's approval because it was greaten than the inflation rate. the postal service lost $3.8 billion last year. it is still considering whether to close offices and cut service to five days a week. a controversial new movie that paints a not so pretty color of facebook and its founder zuckerburg. >> taebging the entire social experience of college and putting it online. it starts in a harvard dorm room, in the movie he comes through as callus and insensitive.
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facebook issued a statement today saying that the movie is fiction. and we'll show you why a new project will cost the price of a home. and cooler temperatures again tomorrow or today rather,
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it seems to be a staggering amount to pay. this week san francisco supervisors approved construction of a wheelchair ramp for their board chambers with a price tag of $450,000. why so much? ktvu's amber lee is live with the story. >> reporter: julie, there's no denying that san francisco's city hall is a beautifully restored building. up on the second floor you will
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find the chambers. it is set to modernization that will cost $200,000. now the board of supervisors has approved a plan to build a ramp for the disabled that will enable wheelchair access for the program. >> we're taking this desk and moves it down so that with a relatively small ramp we can make it wheelchair accessible. >> reporter: the >> reporter: the director of pub lek works showed us a map and tell us why it is set to cost $130,000. the rest will be the cost of skilled labor to work in this his toricroom. >> any work that's going the happen in that environment is not going to be inexpensive.
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>> reporter: the ramp issue first surfaced because mckalia otopier uses a wheelchair. >> it doesn't make is sense to me that an extension should cost so much. >> reporter: the podium hasn't been used recreptly and that it should stay that way so many wouldn't need to be sp-pbt to build a wheelchair ramp. >> i said, we don't need it. why spent all that money when there's real needs out there and people's lives at stake. the board of supervisors still has to vote on how to fund the project. it's expected to take seven weeks to complete. amber lee, ktv u channel 2 news. california's proposed high speed rail system is getting almost $200 million. the u.s. transportation department today announced the $194 million grant. the stimulus money will help
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pay for preliminary engineers and envirallal reports. the authority says the grant will cover that are per dollar. play structures at 8nevado men men industry schools are closed. the equipment cost $1.6 million to install and meeting all safety issues. the playground will stay closed at least until next tuesday, a measure that some participants are grateful --
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temperatures cooled down today. they're going to move further as we move into tomorrow, friday and sunday. we have report heat temperatures out there, now you see the cool greens -l moving into the water. you will leap well tonight, i hope you will any way. light couple of nights, temperatures in the santa clara valley have been in the light six 0s. it's not here in the # 50s. napa an -- 50s. i think it's going to stop and die out, fresno south. for us i'm not even a sprinkle. what we note is cooling from
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that system as it koeut zitting close to the area. a deeper inversion allows the cooler to to if further inland. where's the rest? where's the 90s? no very much. tomorrow morning you will see fog. p petaluma, nevado. i don't think it's going to get up to the livermore valley but hayward area. freemont e close to san joe -- >> forecast highs accordingly, 86 in livermore, 85 in tanville. and these temperatures, some are above 90 where they should
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be. we have short weather moments. we had an old instructor of berkeley who's a climbtologist, and maybe this is what i'm into the busy ábs but it is. you forget that it was blazing hot last week. heavy rains caused widespread flooding and fatal crashes today in north carolina. the intense weather was the result of tropical storm nicole. flooded streets and overflowing roads forced some families to receive help. the stage is now set. it's the giants-padres for the
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final three games. and mark tells us how ah, focus group. so what are we testing here?
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that's our new pastrami grilled sandwich. oh, great. hey, are they happy we got rid of the rye bread? totally. they love our grilled artisan bread. they say it's the perfect compliment to the classic hot pastrami, melting cheese, deli mustard and pickles. awesome. hey, um what are we testing in that room? oh! nothing we were just hazin' the intern. the vadaro hotel in las vegas is becoming a hot spot un
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unfortunately for a bad reason. the sun is reflecting off the glass, burning guests and melting plastic cups and plates. bigger umbrellas are going up pool side until a permanent solution is developed. >> ouch, that does not sound good. >> no. mark ibanez joins us now. there could be a lot of celebrating in san francisco come this time tomorrow night. >> yes, as soon as tomorrow night, we might have our own brand of october fest in the city. all of a sudden, they are the old bye bye baby giants. nothing like a home run or three or four. because that's just what they're doing these days. 16 homers in the last seven games. baseball fans are superstitious. baseball in san francisco first is first science since 2003.
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and it's not pablo sandoval anymore he is on the stick. andre torrez unties it with a shot deep to 16th. we have 2-1 and a little padding by buster posej deep into center field. a 4-1 lead. >> it wasn't pretty but it was effective and it got the job done. this one was the same game plan, i was probably a little more relexed from beating excited here at home. i felt i was a little more relaxed tonight than i have been. >> tomorrow waoáe going to keep going out there and play hard. tomorrow we're going to play like it was our last game, that's what we've been doing
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all tile. >> people know that they have good pitching. that's been our strength as well as with ours throughout the year. it's going to be a battle. you go in and try to move guys over. you have to do the little things to beat these guys. >> the padres are reallien a slippery road. the only run of the game slapping it to left. darwin barney scoring. padres now trail the giants. the giants can clench the west with just one more win. the a's playing because the schedule says they have to. but the future a's look like they'll be sewing more much higher stakes. they have great pitching. in evidence tonight and maybe the power bad think needs is already in their myth. chris carter rookie with a big
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bop up at seico in seattle. geo gonzales wins his 15th and # strong for gonzalez to take that and as we say, tomorrow night is what's really happening in san francisco with the giants. that's a sporting life for
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