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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  October 6, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. a warning tonight for anyone using a bank of america atm. a simple memory laps can cost you plenty. good evening i'm julie haener. and i'm frank somerville. berkeley police say they have caught to these. but more are out there waiting for atms in case you forget to retrieve your cards. the thieves are operating outside the bank of america at
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telegraph and grant and the north shadik. but the other atms are also susceptible. ken wayne is live with our report. >> reporter: frank, berkeley police say it has happened 27 times at two bank of america locations. a simple forgetful act that is costing people hundreds possibly thousands of collars dollars. >> reporter: you put the card in and nearby thieves are ready and watching for to you take it out. moments later they are withdrawing money from your account and have your atm card. >> word has gotten out on the street, so to speak. there are more suspects that have become aware of how, in a lot of these cases, easy it is. >> reporter: police have arrested two men who they say lunch mere bank of america atms. these men are both being held without bail. >> they are only responsible for a handful, about six cases.
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so we know that there are other suspects out there that are committing this crime. >> reporter: police say part of the problem is the design of the atm. the bank of america machines take your card, give you your money and then sound a chime reminding you to remove your card. >> i have forgotten for sure, absolutely. >> reporter: really? >> so i guess that's something to work on. >> reporter: some banks have swipe atms so the card never leaves your hands. >> i would rather have it that way. instead of leaving it in there, i would rather sweep -- swipe it and take it out. >> reporter: local bank of america managers wouldn't talk to us but the bank has increased the volume of the chime to remind customers to take their cards. some machines seem louder. (beep beep beep). >> reporter: but others didn't. ( [ bleep ] bleep) >> reporter: bank of america has added more security to keep potential thieves at bay. >> that type of stuff always happens. and if you are caught slipping
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someone will get you. >> reporter: police are warning bank customers, particularly bank of america customers to be more aware of their surroundings, including people loitering nearby. >> i didn't know anything about it. it is definitely concerning to know that that's happening in this area. >> reporter: and of course police have a more simple warning, don't forget to take your card out of the atm. live in berkeley, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. the state of california says it has obtained a new supply of the drug needed for lethal injection. the state delayed an execution last week because it was unable to respond to legal challenges for the supply of sodium biopental reached its exploration date. they postponed plans to execute albert greenwood brown. the first execution at san quentin in almost five years. it is not clear where the new supply came from, but the new expiration date is 2014. about 100 protestors marched in downtown san francisco this evening to mark
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the 9th anniversary of the start of the u.s. war in afghanistan. that wasn't the only purpose of this protest march. ktvu's amber lee joins us now live in san francisco to explain. amber? >> reporter: julie, this was an anti war protest with a twist. on this 9th anniversary of the war in afghanistan, protestors came here to the hilton union square to show their solidarity with hotel workers. as they marched up powell street to the hilton hotel, protestors carried signs promoting various causes, from stopping the war in afghanistan, to demanding a fair contract for san francisco hotel workers. protest organizers say the u.s. government should use the money it expends on war to help working americans, such as hotel employees who have been without a contract for 14 months. >> they lit this fire and they will do whatever they want. they have got to help us.
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>> it is so important that all of those here today talk about this 9th anniversary. >> reporter: one person told us life there has not stabilized despite the ongoing war and that the american military has not been successful in stopping the taliban's violent attacks. >> afghanistan the second day after we arrived there was a rocket attack on radio station that killed over 20 people. so you know the violence definitely has not gone away. >> after the march, protestors picketed outside the hilton for about a half an hour. hotel guests told us they are confused by the demonstration. >> it just seems a bit strange protesting against hotel worker's rights and afghanistan. they are quite different issues, aren't they? we asked protest organizers if their message was dilute the since demonstrators were touting different causes. their reply is that there is one unifying theme, stop spending money on war and help working class americans first. reporting live here in san
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francisco, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> and in afghanistan, there are reports that president hamid karzai is holding secret meetings with members of the taliban in an effort to seek reconciliation. it's not clear if the talks are with top taliban leaders. and it must be noted the taliban is not a single unified force but, in fact, many groups of fighters with shifting allegiances. >> now that the man wanted for severely injuring a fremont motorcycle officer is behind bars, fremont police are hoping to bring him back from la as soon as possible. officers arrested diaz just before dawn as he was leaving the home in la that police had under surveillance. police say he stoled a van filled with flat screen t.v.s on monday and then intentionally ran down fremont motorcycle officer patrick brow who suffered a broken leg and foot and undergone reconstruct active surgery. dia was already on parole for
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theft. he is now facing many more charges including the attempted murder of a police officer. plus along with immigration agencies announced the arrest of 31 people. they confiscated cocaine and heroin and cash and ten weapons. the five-month investigation was called "operation southern exposure." a man overboard in a runaway boat has the makings of a disaster on san francisco bay today. but it all ended well. a fisherman fell overboard near the richmond san raphael bridge and his motorboat still running, crossed the bay and wound up at pier 70 in san francisco. the boat finally struck a dry dock. but there was no damage to the dock and little damage to the boat. the coastguard said the fisherman was wearing a life jacket. and while he may have been cold, he was not hurt. they say he was taken to his boat and motored off again. another water rescue sent emergency crews racing to san francisco's ocean beach this
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afternoon. several coastguard boats, a helicopter, park rangers and city fire department crews responded to the foot of balboa near the cliff house. a lifeguard told ktvu a woman about 30-year-old apparently dep responsible dent had taken off her clothing and swam out passedthe breakers. surfers grabbed her and held on to her until the coastguard arrived and pulled her from the chilly water. >> state lawmakers are ready to finally cast their votes tomorrow on a new budget plan. what's more we finally know the details about how they plan to end california's $19 billion budget deficit. ktvu's rob roth reports now from the state capitol. >> reporter: outside the governor's office the clock is ticking as of today the budget is 98 days late, a dubious record. the am budget conference committee met to discuss the final details of the proposal agreed to by the so-called big five. and legislatures got their first look at the budget
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proposal. it would close the $19 billion gap without raising taxes. the question is will two-thirds of the assembly and the state senate vote for it? >> i would imagine we will have two-thirds. >> i am not sure i will vote for this, i don't like the way it looks. >> reporter: the proposal calls for a delay of almost $2 million of payments to public schools. schools will be funded approximately the same level as last year, which many view as essentially a cut. >> schools didn't get the increases that we thought were appropriate. but, you know, unless people are willing to extend existing taxes or acknowledge that single sales factor should be adjusted in different ways, then there wasn't the resources to do that. >> reporter: many social service programs would be cut but not as severely as first proposed by governor arnold schwarzenegger. >> our cal works program which is nationally renowned program to transition folks from welfare to work, social states unit for over one million children, all of that has been spared. >> reporter: some lawmakers say the budget forecast for revenue
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from the legislative analyst's office is too rosy and too much creative accounting. >> too many gimmicks and overestimation of revenues that will never come in. >> reporter: state lawmakers will vote on the $87 million budget proposal tomorrow, on the 99th day passed the deadline set in california's constitution. in sacramento rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. san francisco based wells fargo has agreed to offer $772 million in loan modifications to thousands of customers in eight states outside california. the bank announced the agreement today with state attorneys general who had accused wachovia and golden west bank of decrepit active marketing of mortgages. wells fargo became responsible for the loans when it acquired those banks. the loan modifications will be offered to customers in nevada, arizona, florida, colorado, new jersey, washington, texas and illinois. [ music ] everything from rain showers to sunny skies. how the unsettled weather will
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affect tomorrow's forecast in about ten minutes. here at facebook headquarters the company unveiled several new changes today. what the company says about the timing and the new questions about privacy concerns. and at&t park is ready for giants playoffs action. how you
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. the two major candidates for lieutenant governor had a
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turf battle of sorts today. one of them paid a visit to san francisco, where he stood and with whom was calculated to get his opponent's attention. ktvu's mike mibach reports. >> the next elected lieutenant governor able moldanado. >> reporter: classic california politics, a month from the election able is on the front steps of san francisco city hall, gavin newsome's home base. >> this is the people of california's house. everybody has the right to come here and to tell californians what they will do in the future. >> reporter: democrats surrounded him. among them joe nation and former san francisco supervisor tony hall. today both announced they were crossing the political aisles and endorsing the republican candidate. >> some of my friends may be surprised to see me here today supporting able for lieutenant governor. >> i can speak on behalf of many san franciscoans, we are so tired of those who use
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politics to advance their own political careers. >> reporter: san francisco mayor and democratic lieutenant governor candidate gavin newsome. >> to do it on the steps of city hall is rather curious considering everything that san francisco city hall has been about he has fought against. >> reporter: according to the latest field pole newsom dwindled late last month. >> they agree on a lot so you want to do something that differentiates and yes, you leave no stone un turned. >> reporter: patrick murphy is the professor at the political science. >> if it is a close race you don't want to give up anything. you want to go across the state and give them your best shot. he had some democrats on the steps with him. >> reporter: mayor newsom told me today with a smile on his face, hey, he can campaign wherever he wants. as he said, i will do just the same. newsom is slated to attend a rally in southern california later this week.
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reporting here in san francisco, mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2. voters are increasingly casting their ballots long before election day. six million people in 13 states, including california, mailed in their vote or took advantage of early voting during this year's primary elections. that's up 50% from the 2006 mid- term primaries. a record 30% of voters cast their ballots before election day in 2008. but analysts say the upcoming mid-terms are unlikely to top that. voters in oakland will be selecting a new mayor in next month's election. and tonight residents packed allan temple baptist church to hear from and question some of the candidates. a total of ten women and men are running for mayor. the candidates in the public also discussed some of the ballot issues and oakland's new ranked choice voting system. don parada is spending a record amount of money to be the next mayor of oakland. his quarterly campaign finance report shows that he has spent
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more than $593,000 on the race so far. and the coalition force to save for california has spent another $137,000 on his behalf. in less than 24 hours, the san francisco giants will play their first post season game in seven years. the ballpark is ready complete with bunting for the big game against the atlanta braves. the first pitch is set for 6:37 tomorrow night. and one giants fan who lives close to the ballpark feels especially lucky. so many people get jealous of the stadium when they say, so i am driving back to fremont and going here. i got a block and a half home. so i feel like the luckiest guy in the world. and giants fans are showing the team's colors around san francisco. the weather beacon on one of the city's talls condo complexes is now orange. and it will remain orange throughout the team's post season run. games tomorrow and friday at at&t park are sold out. but fans with deep pockets can purchase seats by going through
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ticket brokers. the ticket prices are anywhere between $87 and $2500 obviously depending on the location of the seat. if they make it passed the first round of the playoffs some people are asking almost $10,000 for a single seat. we've been posting your fan photos at ktvu, look for the giants special section to include yours in an orange october slide show e-mail to photosat and coming up in sports we are learning why the highest paid player on the giants won't be on the roster. facebook security has been a problem. they don't want everybody that can look see everything on their post. facebook may change that. maureen naylor reports. >> reporter: at facebook's palo
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alto headquarters they talked about privacy. >> until today we've made it pretty easy to share with everyone on the site publicly or to share with just your friends. but the reality is that for a lot of people, just your friends isn't actually private. >> it was his first public appearance since the movie chronicling the creation of facebook opened number one at the box office. no mention of the film today, which the company has called fiction. as for why the announcement came now? >> because it's ready to launch. we've been building this for a while. >> reporter: what they have built is an option called group. they will make it easier to limit which friends see what. until now, the only way to do that was through a complicated process that created friend lists. >> you know, there is some people that you are friends with who you are not really friends with, you know. or you don't want mom to know that you are drinking heavily on friday night or something. >> reporter: the new option comes with three levels of privacy. >> the default is closed which
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means people can see the members but not what's in there kinds of like a soccer team. there is a secret setting which means that nobody can see the members or what's in there. there is an open setting which means people can see both. >> reporter: this facebook user says she was fired last week because of what she wrote about her boss. >> i would definitely take advantage of groups of friends and who could see what. i think that's a really good idea. it's a long time in coming. there likely will be users not understanding how to control this. so there will be some negative experiences. but on the whole it looks like a positive step. >> reporter: facebook announced users can download their history of posts and photos into a zip file. the company unveiled the changes today it will take another day and a half before all users have access because the company wants to make sure it is a smooth roll-out. in palo alto, maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. some wells fargo customers who paid their bills online got
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an unwelcome surprise. bills that were supposed to be deducted from their accounts on saturday weren't posted until today creating some confusion about customers' bank ambulances. wells fargo blames a glitch in its computer systems. bank of america and jp morgan chase experienced similar problems in august to question whether banks are spending enough on their computer infrastructure. >> the dow ended up flat after a loss of private sector jobs reported as in september. the dow picked up 23 points today while the nasdaq dropped 19. [ music ] the showers have ended for now. most of us saw nothing. but in fremont or livermore late this afternoon, the showers did fall. temperatures today on the mild side. tomorrow is going to be a nice day. minus the showers tomorrow. not a chance for showers tomorrow. tomorrow will be about mostly sunny conditions and highs in the mid-70s and even upper 70s. just like today the long range
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forecast is for an extended fall pattern right into the bay area weekend. the overnight lows kind of cool in the north bay. low and mid-50s chilly when you wake up. the forecast for tomorrow for san jose and concord temperatures into the mid-70s. that's your forecast for tomorrow on thursday. on the five day forecast i will show you which day will be the warmest. see you back here. severe weather including hail pummeled parts of arizona today. in phoenix, several inches of rain fell in a matter of minutes flooding some roads. a tornado derailed 28 cards of -- cars of a freight train in northern arizona. belmont west of flagstaff was hit. it damaged 30 recreational vehicles and 15 homes. it washed up on a bay area beach. new information tonight on what likely killed a massive blue whale. >> it is the newest edition to pier 27. how this con trappings
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. tomorrow marks four weeks since that pipeline explosion 234 season sanbruno that killed 48 people and destroyed homes. the backhoes have cleared away tons of debris as people prepare to rebuild their homes. the ruptured pipeline is sealed and the crater it left behind is now fenced off. pg&e is using a robotic camera to monitor that pipeline. >> they are releasing detailed maps of gas pipelines and shut- off valves to bay area fire departments. but pg&e have asked that the maps not be released to the general public. the utility is reluctant to publicize detailed gas pipeline maps out of a fear that they
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could be targeted by terrorists since 9/11. in fremont firefighters found a man dead inside a burning truck. it was near sill vester harvey park. police and fire responded to the report of a fire in a pick- up truck just before noon and then came upon the body. the man's identity and cause of death still have not been determined. firefighters quickly extinguished a fire on a rooftop patio in san francisco's western edition neighborhood today. the fire started at 5:15 this evening in the 2400 block of turk street. no reports of injuries. the fire department still has not said what caused the fire. vandals have badly damaged three holes at the golf course in san francisco's golden gate park. that course is a tiny nine hole layout and been hit twice now in the past week. in both cases, someone drove on to the course and did doughnuts on fairways and greens. the damage is estimated at about $100,000 and the head groundskeeper said some of the repairs could take up to a year. we have learned tonight a
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pregnant blue whale that washed up on a bay area beach was likely killed by a ship. investigators from the california academy of sciences, the marine mammal center and uc santa cruz say it appears that the 80-foot long whale and her 17-foot long unborn calf died from blunt force trauma. scientists say while the whale is severely decomposed they hope to take samples to it examine what happen. >> muscle tissue and blubber tissue can be used for toxicology studies. i know there is one researcher working on pregnancy hormone levels so will take a blubber sample for that. >> since the blue whale and her calf were found saturday morning on the beach researchers say they have provided an opportunity to teach children and the general public more about blue whales, the largest animals known toist examine. researcher versus made a new discovery about the complex syndrome threatening the honey
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bees that pollinate much of our food. they have discovered a virus in hives suffering so-called colony collapse disorder. hives with the disorder have long been known to be infected with the fungus but scene cyst scientists believe it may require both the fungicide and the disease to kill the bees. going green on san francisco's waterfront. the new addition that is making cruise travel cleaner.
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. it's a first for california. and it was unveiled today along san francisco's waterfront. new green technology now allows
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cruise ships to plug into electric power from shore. and in doing so, those big ships can turn off their diesel engines and reduce harmful emissions. ktvu's janna katsuyama reports. >> reporter: san francisco's skyline was graced with white ships on the waterfront today. two of the 41 cruise ships expected to make port calls this year. but each ship requires massive amounts of electricity, powered by the ship's own diesel engines that run non-stop. >> the whole time this is spewing pretty dirty toxic diesel emissions to keep all of the lights on, to keep the fridges on. >> reporter: but today at pier 27 with a massive 3,000 passenger island princess docked city leaders greeted it with new green technology. the port of san francisco unveiled the state's first shoreline power supply allowing cruise ships to turn off their diesel engines and plug into the city's electric grid. >> all of that power is now coming from renewable energy. that water comes to our tap and
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actually goes through a hydro electric dam that creates the power so there is no emissions. >> reporter: the shoreline power hookup will cost each cruise line $16,000 per ten- hour period but less than the $18,000 it would cost in diesel fuel and it will be a breath of fresh air. each ship that shuts off its engines eliminates the equivalent emissions of 54 diesel trucks running non-stop. also make a healthier environment for longshoremen and other port workers. san francisco is only the fourth city in the world to offer shoreline power. with renovations planned for a pier 27 cruise terminal, staff say it could be an added attraction. >> it certainly means that the ships that do come in will have less of an impact. and it's a way for san francisco to sell itself as a green destination. >> what you see here today in san francisco is the way the industry will go around the world, i am sure of it. >> reporter: the new plug-ins can handle 20megawatts of
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electricity. the officials say that shoreline power will become the future standard of the cruise line industry. reporting from san francisco, janna katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. a jury in martinez has found a walnut creek optometries gold optometrist legally sane when he set a fire. the first was at a comcast office and the third at wendy's. he suffers from bi-polar disorder and was off his medication at the time. he was scheduled to be sentenced next month. he could get up to nine years in prison. voters in palo alto have decided the unique voter decision. it would require state approval before a firefighter can be laid off. lloyd lacuesta was at that debate for us and live tonight with our report. lloyd? >> reporter: frank, they require 77% for the ballot.
12:03 am
they are using the word response time in the campaign. >> reporter: about 25 people showed up tonight at the palo alto arts center auditorium to listen to a measure r debate. the measure is as i remember -- simple. it would require the city to hold two public hearings and a city-wide election before it could reduce firefighter staffing levels or close a fire station. >> the citizens know whether or not a station will be closed in their neighborhood or, you know, it will be rotated or roulette. maybe they should have a say in how that affects them. we think they should. >> reporter: opponents say one specific worker group cannot be dictating budgetary decisions. >> one segment of the budget can't separate itself from the whole. and more importantly it's the council's job to weigh all of those pieces, look at them together as a unified whole and make the balancing and the good decisions that go into that. >> reporter: in the near side has released any election polls but the opponents have raised
12:04 am
more campaign money. >> i don't think it's a good idea to take a certain interest group and to exempt them from the budget are you process. >> is there anything that you think you might hear tonight that would sway you one way? >> i'm open to hearing what the arguments are. >> reporter: no other city in california has the type of provisions proposed by measure r. but if it passes in this city, the feeling is others will follow. in palo alto, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. it's been called the largest police corruption investigation in fbi history. in puerto rico today federal agents arrested almost 90 law enforcement officers and 40 other people. those arrested are accused of helping drug trafficers move cocaine and harrow win heroin from south america to the mainland. puerto rico has struggled with police corruption. american airlines said today it plans to re-hire some
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800 employees. of that number, 250 will be pilots, 550 will be flight attendants. the total amounts to about one percent of the airline's workforce. america says as the economy slowly rebounds business and international travel have picked up. another reason for recalling all of those workers they have formed an alliance with british airways and iberia. they are joining for entrance atlantic ventures. the new flights will start next spring. driver's licenses get a makeover. the new features the dnd says will make them more secure and why some will stand upright. earlier today live storm tracker 2 had a lot of green in the area. showers falling through parts of the region. when will you be wet tonight and when will things be warming and when will things be warming up again we will ú
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. anyone going to the dmv today for a driver's license or id card came away with one with a whole new look. from now on, all new cars and licences will include additional security features to make them more difficult to counterfeit. those features include a second smaller driver's photo visible only under ultra violent light. and the outline of a bear visible only when a light is shined behind it. the biggest change is to those id under 21 to arrange it vertically to make it clear that the person is under the legal drinking age. some san francisco residents say the open-air tour buses that show visitors around town are becoming a bit of a nuisance. they are ample reply feed and ths are drafting
12:09 am
a proposal to make the tour s their pa systems with headsets instead. it would affect them ranging from the duck boats to the open- air double decker buses. the tour operators say the idea is bad for their business. in news of the world terrorists tanked trucks destined for nato in this is the second attack on tanker trucks in about a week. it appears to be in retaliation for a nato helicopter attack that killed two pakistani soldiers. today the u.s. issued a formal apology to pakistan. inare trying to clean up toxic sludge now spread to three counties but isthe job done. and now hundreds of people forced from their homes are demanding compensation. authorities also started a criminal investigation after that reservoir burst at an aluminium plant killing four
12:10 am
people and burning 120 others. and in haiti, former president bill clinton checked on the relief work that has gone on since jan's catastrophic earthquake. clinton says his foundation has pledged $500,000 to help some 55,000 haitians living in a tent city. more than one million survivors are still homeless. clinton also said money needs to be spent on restoring the universities. the former city manager at the center of a pay scandal in southern california has made bail and will be released now from jail. the la times reported that a judge is satisfied that $2 million posted for him is not linked to the money that he made as the city manager of bell. he is facing more than 40 years in prison if he is convicted of 53 felony counts, including misappropriation of public funds. california's whooping cough epidemic is still spreading. so far this year state health officials are reporting 5270 cases. there hasn't been anywhere near
12:11 am
that many since 1955 when 4949 cases were reported. the symptoms are similar to the common cold but turn into a lingering cough that can include a whooping sounds. this year in california the bacterial illness has killed nine babies. it turns out that just touching those shrek glasses recalled from mcdonald can be toxic for children. they reportedly found children under 6-year-old could be exposed to hazardous levels by touching the puts-inboots glass in eight days in a day. it could rub off into a child's hands. they recalled 12 million of those glasses in june. [ music ] they have eight legs, eight eyes and they are out there right now. stick around and we will give you an up close look at these creepy creatures. and we saw a few sprinkles today but who will see a
12:12 am
12:13 am
12:14 am
. an unusual wednesday night outing took place at mount diablo state park. 70 people headed down a trail in search of tarantula's. ktvu's heather holmes was wary but came away with a whole new perspective and standing by with a live report. heather? >> reporter: julie, wary, i was scared to death. the idea of a big hairy spider squirming in my hand, well, that sent shivers down my spine. that is until down. i reluctantly went along with a group of people as they deliberately went out searching for tarantulas. >> eight eyes. it does have fans. >> reporter: a close encounter with this captive
12:15 am
tarabsentantula scared some people. >> you are supposed to be afraid of it. >> i am not afraid of it. >> reporter: the real adventure was about to begin as they set out on the black point trial. the best time of year to spot the eight legged creatures when the males crawl from their homes in search of a mate. >> there is a male been out for a while. >> reporter: naturalist kevin lanvin tries to dispel the stories about them which leads to their death. evil villains they are not. their extinction is sting is no worse than a bee sting and they are quite docile and fragile. >> it is kind of poking your hand but it feels sticky. >> i think it's awsome. >> it's really soft. and it's feet are really sticky. >> reporter: a rare glimpse
12:16 am
into a world, one with mark mcdowel captured with his camera. >> i am not big on spiders but these ones aren't as dangerous as people make them out to be so pretty cool to see them. >> reporter: not only saw one but two on our journey today. that is actually less than the typical 10-15 that they normally see. but that could be because it was a bit cooler today. there are two more treks for this weekend. julie and frank, i signed you both up. reporting live here, i'm heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. all righty then. >> cell phone industry trade groups gathered in san francisco today activists concerned about cell phone safety protested outside. how many people will die while you continue the lie. >> deborah davis spoke at the commonwealth club about what believes is solid evidence that long-term exposure to pulse
12:17 am
microwave radiation from cell phones causes cancer. some cancer survivors and those who have lost loved ones also believe it. >> it is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when you will get one of these if you put a cell phone up to your brain long enough. >> people, listen, it's happening. it's happening to you if you are holding that thing up to your head. >> the cell phone industry insists studies show no proof of a cell phone cancer link. some scientists examining the potential danger say protecting yourself may be as simple as using a blue tooth device to keep the cell phone's transmitter away from your body. apple will start mass producing iphones compatible with verizon, sprint and nextel. the network phones could go on sale next year. iphones currently only work on gss and at&t. they also have plans for a fifth generation iphone. >> the ceo of verizon refused
12:18 am
to confirm the deal at an industry trade show in san francisco today but did announce the roll-out of the 4g wireless network by the end of the year. it will initially cover 38 cities and 60 airports including here in the bay area. the high-speed internet connection will first be made available to wireless laptop users and will be expanded to smart phone users sometime next year. [ applause ] [ music ] it was basically a dry day for most of us but activity out towards the south and east bay. take a look at what happened at around 3:00 this afternoon. i will go backwards in time. this is about 2:30. around mount hamilton that big cell is starting to form. pretty powerful. had a report of lightning at this time over the mountain. you can see the rain showers drifting out towards -- towards san jose. and it sort of just died down. that was the activity today. a few sprinkles out of
12:19 am
livermore as well. high temperatures look like these. not a bad day. tomorrow's highs just about the same. might even see a low 80 tomorrow. this low pressure system is leaving now. that's what gave us today's weather. that's what basically set us up for that brief thunderstorm. the showers are heavy for a time in the central valley. that low moves on. the high pressure comes in. the fog tries to come back to the coast. and for the thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday we go to a nice little fall weather pattern with temperatures on the warm side into the 70s and 80s. maybe some low and mid-80s as we get into friday and saturday. the forecast highs tomorrow 80s for the in land for 70s. mid and upper 60s right to the coast. a little patchy fog that will clear off at the beach and out towards half moon bay. another nice day tomorrow beachside. the travel through the bay area micro climate shows you lots of 60s tomorrow. good air quality. certainly less than fire danger
12:20 am
with 72 in concord out over the hill. out towards evergreen you will be in the low 70s. forecast for oakland tomorrow take one city downtown. almost 66 degrees at lunchtime. 70 degrees, nearly 70 degrees at 3:00 in the afternoon. and there is oakland, alameda just a tad cooler than that. maybe 68 degrees for a day-time high. your forecast 74 in napa. 75 in valaho. 75 in danville. 75 in san jose. a nice day tomorrow for thursday. a little warmer on friday and saturday and sunday. so nice weather pattern. friday it will click up a little bit and the fire danger will take a bit of a hit and the air quality. a nice couple of days ahead. good fall weather. >> good stuff happening the next couple of days giants two games. >> a woman has been named pete's coffee's best barista.
12:21 am
michi adams who works at the pete's coffee at the washington square shopping center went up against 4,000 other barist as in a coffee maker's national competition. the four finalists faced off this afternoon in alameda. they had 15 minutes to make 12 drinks and the judges scored their creations on technical quality and taste. [ laughter ] well, coming up, oakland honors an up
12:22 am
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12:24 am
. oakland tonight honored a memorable woman who is well on her way to a great career.
12:25 am
15-year-old trinity wilson was all dressed up for today. she was the youngest track member to compete in singapore. she won a preliminary heat and then finished 6th in the 100- meter hurdle finals. good luck to her, that's great. >> well, giants start the playoffs tomorrow but huge playoffs action happened today. mark is here to tell us all about it. >> yes, a big step back in philly. the man who most likely has the throne. tim lincecum is the cy young winner. historically adding to his resume. they call him doc holiday. remember don larson the only perfect game for the yankees back in the '56 world series. hall day doesn't give the best hitting team in the national league. he can hit a little himself. he drives in a run. the second for the phillies in this one against the reds. his pitching was the show. the second no hitter for him this year. remember he had a perfect game
12:26 am
against tamayo earlier in the year. eight strikeouts along the way. didn't need any great defense as he just flat-out dominates. you will see the final out right here. his catcher is out to make a difficult play look easy. 4-0 philadelphia, a big statement they make in game one against the reds. they are hugely favored. 4-1 is the final. seems like the champagne had barely dried inside the giants' clubhouse before the talks switched from the division championship to the highest paid player. was he even going to be on the playoffs roster. it is kind of a sensitive issue. nobody wants to come flat out and say it. but, come on, there is no way the giants will let barry zito start a playoffs game. might not even make the squad. everyone is dancing around the subject. but barry zito himself seems to have already accepted it. >> the last game was, you know, the tin that sticks out where, you know, the money was on the table. i went out there and didn't attack the zone the way i should have. it was a team effort to get
12:27 am
through to this place. but we've got to go with the guys now. and you know i feel like i can help this team in the playoffs. t,stand behind boch he is the skipper. so i stand erican league playof when he played with the giants and earned the name big money came through with many a clutch hit. he is added with the texas rangers who have a triumphant opening in their series against tamayo. benji 3-4 knocked in a couple of runs and hit the long ball off david price for the winning victorious texas rangers. cliff lee with seven strong innings for the victory. up 1-0. with respect to yogi bara the great yankee who said it is de javu like every year they of it. a hit off but enough for the
12:28 am
victory. and game gains one vick fore for the yankees. a fellow by the name of randy moss is a panther again traded for a wednesday night. he plays when he feels like it randy moss does. >> all right. >> mark, thanks. >> that is our report for this wednesday night. i'
12:29 am
twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.


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