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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  October 7, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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tim lincecum is the star. show finishing a victory as the giants win the first game of the play off. good evening everyone i'm frank
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somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. and it's a magical evening. the giants finish a two game complete shut out. and we start our live coverage with mike hellgren outside at & t park. >> hey julie, what a night as you said. fans continue to pour out of the ballpark and gather here at willie mays plaza. this game is hopping pregame and hopping postgame. they're feeling alive, especially after this five game series got off to a thunderous roar. welcome to play off baseball in san francisco. >> this is amazing. >> we're going to win the world series. we're due. >> reporter: a rush of e electrifying emotion flowed
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through the ballpark. the giants took the field for its first play off series in seven years. >> reporter: tim lincicum took the mound and went through the line up. >> we have the right players in the right places right now, i'm excited. >> reporter: today the national spotlight is on tim lincicum. a complete shut out. >> how did you feel about lincicum's performance tonight? >> unbelievable, complete
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freak. >> two hitter, forget halladay. >> it's a long way to the world series. >> reporter: still fans having a great time. homefully these folks are go out and get some sleep because guess what, we're doing it all over again, game two right here tomorrow night. live outside at the ballpark, mike mibach. >> the excitement is not contained at the ballpark. patti lee found fans all over the city. >> reporter: the impact of a win on the city is no secret. and as the giants are winning, we are witnessing a transformation. call it just a game, but for fans this emotionally invested there's nothing best than winning >> people are excited. oh my god, i'm going to cry. >> reporter: the city is a glow
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with team spirit. >> you could just feel the viable, it was awesome. >> reporter: collected moral seemed to get fed by wins as the fans bask in the teams glory. >> people have teams on their mind, this is a distraction that's pleasant. it's something to be happy about. >> reporter: restaurant owner gigi fiorichi says that the giants following also is a help for the economy. and if the giants keep winning, he says he'll be giving back too. >> free lunches, easy. i've done that before. >> i got this street vendor downtown, selling it for 10 bucks. >> reporter: guerrero and his brother have been rooting for
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the giants since they were 10. >> i've been one of the biggest giants fans out there. i wear this giants fan year round. >> reporter: for the guerrero and others watching the ball game is time to spend with friends and family and connect with thousands of other fans. all of them strangers, but joined by their love of the orange and black. >> mark ibanez is here now. his first play off game ever, what a job by tim lincicum. >> it's a school night, he wanted to put everybody to bet over including the jays and he did. they call him the freak, and tim lincicum is a freak. psyching the crowd up, tim
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lincicum fired off the batter. the braves went down quickly and the giants scored the only run of the game. buster posey singled stole second and rides home al cody ross single, the only run of the game. after that the night belongs to tim lincicum. and the final out, what better way, a strike out giants win it 1-0 go up in the series 1-0 over the braves. afterwards, in the clubhouse lincicum was asked if this was the best gave he had ever pitched. >> i don't know, i think you would have to guess. if you come out on top, i guess you would have to say yes. this is one of my better ones if i had to rate it. >> nobody has struck out more
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than 10 in a postleague, you struck out 14, is that hard to believe? >> yeah, especially in this organization. i'm just happy about it and i'm happy with what i did today. >> and a short five game series winning this one at home. huge, and matt cane tomorrow for the giants. fred ingils will have more postgame interviews in a while. >> if tim lincicum had nerves, she didn't show it. >> he looked a little amped at the first, he calmed down after that. gave out two hits all night. >> in the zone. >> and here we have some pictures sent to us from the fans. you will find fan photos on
11:38 pm you can also submit your own photos by e-mailing them to photos @ on sixth avenue near colmen street, a bicyclists was pronounced dead at the scene. officers say when they arrived they were underneath the bus. it's unclear how it happened and so far no word on the victim's identify. the bus driver will be placed on leave pending an investigation into the accident. an impromptu memorial service took place in san bruno for the victims of last month's fire. the fire following the blast
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killed eight people injuring dozens of others and destroying 35 homes. during tonight's ceremony white roses were placed at the location where the people died. the memorial also included the crews doing work. >> my hearts go out to people who lost everything. it's just time to rebuild. >> reporter: crews still have to clear the rubble of nine more homes. they expect to complete their work on monday. governor arnold schwarzenegger is appealing the government's decision to deny disaster funds to san bruno. the governor sent a letter to president obama asking that fema reverse their decision.
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lawmakers in san sacramento are signing a budget. amber lee is live at the state capital tonight in sacramento with our report. >> reporter: frank, they've been here all day and looks look lawmakers still have a long night ahead of them. right now the they are still going over the bills that make up the $47.8 billion budget plan. the senate passed a bill with just enough votes to reach the threshold needed. >> i think it'll get done tonight. >> this is a budget that is a product of the most severe economic crisis that california has faced in many decades. >> reporter: lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say this is not the budget anybody wanted but that it is a compromise.
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it counts on the state's receiving $5.3 billion. far more than the 1.3 billion the state has approved so far. also in the bill, payments to k- 12 schools will be delayed till the next year. >> it's a tough position for me to be in, but unfortunately that's what i have to do to stand up for kids. >> the challenge that we have for the over all budget bill is that we create still needs a lot of deficit out next year. doesn't really get us back into a spending pattern to make sure that we're spending within the revenues that we're taking in. >> despite criticism, state senate president steinburg says the senate bill will pass. i asked him when that would happen and he said before the
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sun goes up. patti lee. and will the forecast cooperate for tomorrow's giants
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at knots berry farm two people were taken to the hospital because of a roller coaster accident. nine people on board and one person who was waiting were injured. most complained of neck and back pain. none of the injuries is considered serious. students, professors and workers at uc berkeley are saying enough is enough. hundreds protested today against cuts, tuition increases and lay offs and at one point they even took over part of a building. lloyd lacuesta is live with our report. >> reporter: everything is back to normal or what one would consider normal at berkeley tonight. students protesting cuts in higher education took over two rooms in cal's library. but by 7:30, most left on their own. campus police described no
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arrests, no problems, but students said they made their point. >> i think it shows the movement is still strong. >> funding public education for everyone. that means especially students who are undocumented. >> what happened at cal was part of a nationwide action for legislation. the state budget now under consideration in sacramento calls for restoring $200 million each to the uc and state college systems. but the demonstrators say this is more than just about them. >> it's unacceptable that we're going to get more money but k- 12 are going to be cut. we won't accept that. >> reporter: the majority of students in cal went to classes instead of the rally. this is midterms week. >> this is more like what happened in the 50s, kind of
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building up to what happened with a movement, and so you know it's getting students aware. it's getting workers aware. >> reporter: this evening we saw a smaller counter demonstration. there were more students playing frisbi or relaxing in the sun. caltrain approved higher fares today and other changes to close a $2.3 billion budget cut. to start the cost of a ticket will jump from $7 will jump to $7.50. caltrain plans to increase service by the beginning of next year but there's concern that cuts may be on the way.
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>> beginning on january 1st, we're predicting a increase in fares. retailers are crediting discounts for a rise in sales. the positive figures may signal that shoppers may be willing to spend in the upcoming season. stocks dropped as investors turned away awaiting tomorrow's numbers. falling marriage rates hit a new low today.
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roughly 4.27%. that's the lowest they began following trends. consumer editor tom vacar reports. >> compare it to the peak. home prices are a bargain just about everywhere. and mortgage rates are at rock bottom. home sales remain anemic. tara nicole nelson, says fear rules. >> so people are really being deliberate and not entering into homeownership and the commitment of a mortgage unless they have a job and a job they know is going to be stable over time. >> reporter: consumers know that lenders are off the market. >> they believe there's better jobs out there hold by the banks. >> they're worried whether or not home prices are going to
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drop again. >> reporter: add to that, super loan measures. >> i think it's good to have stricter regulations but there has to be give and take. >> if you make it too strict, and you get this effect banks are not going to give out any money. >> reporter: low interest rates and prices not with standing. many potential buyers are seeing renting. >> no commitment, they don't have job stability still, that's what i think. >> in the context of all of that inexpensive night rental housing is really tough to get people to feel a sense of urgency about buying. >> finally, increasingly popular 15 year fixed rate mortgages are just at 3.72%.
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also the lowest since recordkeeping began. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. the plant would be built between highway 101 in the petaluma river near a plant. a sonoma county said the impact would be less than significant. but many petal uma residents are against it. county supervisors are expected to take a strong vote on tuesday. temperatures today were cooler in some places, still a nice day. mid-# mid-70s in the warm spots. tomorrow's highs are coming up a few degrees. mostly sunny and warmer. the clouds are in the forecast. a warming trend for the big bay area weekend. overnight lows are going to be cool tonight. 48 in santa rosa. 46 in napa. 52 in napa. and santa rosa very cool when
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you start off tomorrow morning. we go to freemont for your friday afternoon. lunchtime is 69 degrees. 74degrees for a daytime high in freemont. when we come back we have a four day forecast for the busy weekend ahead. we'll show you which days will be the warmest as we roll into the weekend. dura flame fire logs are not exempt from the bay area's burn ban. the issue is the ban on wood fires during spare the air night. dura flame says its fire logs should be exempt pause it burns cleaner than fire logs. it was built to remember the victims of the east bay hills fire storm. the pattern of vandalism police are now investigating. and giants fans celebrate tonight's play off win over
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who will protect california's environment? steve cooley shut down his entire environmental crimes unit after he found out they were investigating a developer who's given steve cooley thousands of dollars in campaign money. now he won't stop texas oil companies who want to roll back california's air pollution standards. i'm kamala harris, and i'm proud of having one of the toughest environmental crime units in california. as attorney general, i'll fight offshore oil drilling, and no polluter will get off easy.
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a memorial treated for the 45 victims of the east bay hills fire storm. a member of the urban landscape economy says he first noticed the vandalism when some of the branches were bent. the next morning, eight branches were cut off. four were missing. >> just stepping like people were dancing on the grave very disrespectable. >> reporter: piper also says it appears the culprits used some sort of heavy machinery to saw off the branches and may want
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to sell the cooper branches. the police chief says the department launched an internal affairs investigation but so far has come up with nothing. >> at this point in time, through this investigation over the last two weeks we have no reason to believe the allegations were true but we will continue our investigation. >> reporter: chief bats would not say what the allegations was or which employees were being investigated. but there was word that a police officer was using drugs. it's criticizing how inmates are released. this comes one day after a parolee accused of running down a police officer was arrested. alexander diaz was taken into custody yesterday. he's accused of stealing a van on monday then running down a motorcycle police officer.
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police say diaz should not be labeled as nonviolent when being released. patrick brower was severely hurt. the attorneys of nancy chi ni have requested a mental evaluation. she's accused of vandalizing 14 luxury cars and police believe there may be more. the nobel peace price is to be awarmed yesterday. there is a website dedicated to supporting gao shisher. she says she hasn't heard from her husband since april and is increasingly worried about his safety. governor arnold schwarzenegger honored a man who helped free an 8-year-old
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girl who police say had been kidnapped. >> he had no idea if this person has a gun or what, how or how this is going to end up. if your car runs off the road. >> reporter: the governor called victor perez a hero. perez tried to block gonzalez' truck and then confronted him. that's when the girl managed to escape. gonzalez was arrested a short time later accused of kidnapping and sexual assault. two candidates face to face in the race for lieutenant governor. the two subjects today that drew the strongest responses. she's a paraplegic who can stand and walk
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you might say october is more like orangetober tonight. giant fans wearing orange and black celebrating the win in what some are calling the best postseason performance in a long time for the giants. tonight all the talk is about tim lincicum he's about as good as it gets and doing it when it counted the most. fred inglis is live tonight on the field there with our postgame coverage. >> reporter: hi frank, it's still a gorgeous night out here at at&t park. the 43,496 43,496 fans that were out here had something to be excited about.
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and it's all because of the guy you just talked about, tim lincicum. he gave up a double in the 7th inning, those were the only two hits by atlanta. add one walk and that was the only guys on base against tim lincicum who set a san francisco play off record with 14 strike outs. of course five of those were in a row in the middle of the game. a complete game shut out victory for tim lincicum. >> i was just hoping to be in the situation to give me team a chance to win. i'm working off that. everything else has just kind of been a cherry on top. so take it as a comes. >> we got lucky to score a run. i faced quite some time in my career and never seen his sinker do what it did tonight. the way timmy was looking, once we got that one run, man. i've seen some good performances in my career but that was one of the top ones
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for me. >> surprise to see pablo being intentionally rocked? >> i wasn't surprised. that's what you have to do as a manager, you have to try to get a better match up. they felt he was a better match up with me. that's something early in my career i would have took it to heart and tried to do more than i could. >> best game in your career? >> without a question. doesn't even compare. >> reporter: yeah cody ross another one of those players the giants picked off waivers. nobody thought that cody ross would be a star in the play offs. buster posey had two of the hits. some people say it wasn't a stolen base but he ended up scoring the only one of this game. buster posey another key if i
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can your. the future is now for the giant -- buster posey another key to the game. game two is tomorrow night in san francisco, game three scheduled for sunday in atlanta. games four and five will be played only if necessary. big changes are in store for next year's tour of california bike race. the sponsors announced that south lake tahoe will be a starting point. a first for the tour. then the route will take the riders over donner pass. santa cruz is out. but san jose is the end of the race, that should be big. a research survey show as bit of a shift in american's opinions of same-sex marriage.
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62% of the respondents say they were in support of same-sex marriage. this is also the highest number since pew began their surveys. the survey is a combination of two polls taken over the summer. the first debate between the top two candidates produced sharp exchanges and clear differences today. san francisco mayor gavin newsom and able maldonado went face to face in sunny vale. robert handa reports. >> reporter: intentional or not, the two very different candidates arrived at the debate in different ways. able maldonado formal, surrounded by staff members. gavin newsom, casual, strolling
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in, chatting it up with staff. >> top priority for me and the top priority for the lieutenant's governor's office will be to get the state's economy back where it should be. >> reporter: maldonado said b32 is a job killer, newsom called it a job creator. >> if you believe california's worse days being behind us and not in front of us you believe in carbon energy. >> reporter: newsom said he was tired of race in gender being used to pitch voters.
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and maldonado sited farm workers. after the two will take their disagreements to another debate on saturday. and the state senate has not been able to muster the necessary votes. ktvu's amber lee is live at the capital once again. she just spoke with the legislative insider and joins us now with her report. >> reporter: frank we just checked in with staff inside the capital building behind me. we've learned that the senate took a vote on the main budget bill but was tree votes shy of passing the budget plan so the senates with went out with their individual parties and caucused for a while and now
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returned to the senate floor to try to work things off and hopefully take another vote and try to pass a budget sometime tonight or tomorrow morning. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. it is a massive under taking. the solar project that's expected to create 1,000 jobs. and there's no fog out there, temperatures on the increase today. i'm going to show you which sis cities will be the warmest as we move into friday. and they are back, why organizers are promising this year's fleet week i
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if human achievement can be determined not by speed or strength, but by character, then it's easy to see who the most amazing athletes really are. be a fan of dignity, acceptance, and the human race. volunteer, coach, or compete in special olympics. special olympics.
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there is no mistaking that sound. the blue angels are in town. the hornets jet took sample runs over san francisco today. they will perform during fleet week on saturday and sunday. the flight leader said the event is one of their favorites. >> the crowds we get here for fleet week is incredible. there's few cities that are pretty and beautiful to fly over like san francisco so it's a welcomed challenge. >> reporter: the blue angels knowledged the planes make lots of noise and not everyone likes that. promoters say this year's fleet week will be the biggest in history. you can find information on the event on our website, oakland's bright source
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energy can now move forward with it's solar electric generating system in san bernardino county. the project is expected to generate enough solar power to -- solar energy rather to power 140,000 homes. some environmentists have protested the project because of it's expected impact on desert wildlife. engineers giant vecto has been tabbed to build that plant. it will cover about five square miles and will have three separate thermal plants. in news of the world tonight, in hungry, the toxic red sludge has spread. the watt every is being tested every few hours. there was some good news, the dam seems to be diluting the sludge. that red sludge flowed out
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covering 16 square miles. in chile the minister of mining announced the crews could reach the stranded miners by sunday. engineers need to determine if the rescue captures have to work smoothly. and in greece, dozens of bar owners closed up shop to protest a smoking law. about 80% of greece smokes and have ignored pleas that stop smoking. the state supreme court rejected her appeal this last june and the city moved
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forward. the removal started this past saturday and is expected to take about three weeks. she hasn't walked in 18 years, look at this, the remarkable new device allowing one woman to take new steps and promising hope for many more. and from fleet week to another giants play off game, tomorrow night our chief meteorologist
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the world changed today for 150,000 people in the united states who are paralyzed. there's an absolutely remarkable new device being tested that could allow them to walk again. and it was developed here in the bay area. john fowler reports. >> reporter: paraplegic amanda boxell walked today. a skiing accident had kept her
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in a wheelchair for 18 years. >> and amanda, what is this like for you? >> i'm living any dream. >> it's liberation, it's independs. it's standing up. >> reporter: on e legs, arm movements tell a backpack computer how to move battery- powered legs. it's all developed in berkeley. >> this machine is actually moving amanda. it has its own control, it has its own actuation it has its own technology. >> this is going to mobilize advancement for people on wheelchairs everywhere. >> reporter: chelsie saw e legs for the first time today and wants them. >> i am so excited to be able to walk into a restaurant like they said and be able to walk in like a normal tern. >> chelsie will walk again and that has been her dream since the accident happened. she will walk again. >> reporter: this video shows
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the e legs devices is simple to slip on. one day it'll be small enough to place under clothes and wear all day long. this concept was developed for the military. >> so build on that platform and take it and introduce to disability community just feels wonderful. >> reporter: researchers say the e legs will soon walk out of the laboratory and into the homes of paraplegic everywhere. perhaps as early as next year. health and science editor john fowler, ktvu news. thousands of kaiser permanente workers have decided not to switch unions. 62% of kaiser's 43,000 voters voted for seiu áeut was the
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nation's biggest private private-sector union since 1941. adobe systems soared today on word of a possible buy out by microsoft. microsoft is quoted in saying, his company and adobe could work together. adobe was up 11.5% closed at $28.61. apple's i pad appears to be a resounding success. the initial success rate is ahead of all consumer electronics, even iphones and dvd players. they may hurt sale of those notebook computers. and it's going to be a cool night tonight. it was in the north bay last night it will be again tonight. how do i know that, let's go to live storm tracker 2. and we
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will come in close. it's already 53 degrees in santa rosa. that means temperatures in the north bay valleys into the 40s tonight. that's chilly. so the kids go off to school being chilly. forecast highs tomorrow, 5 degrees warmer than today. so we're going see lots of 70s tomorrow. mid-70s and even high 70s. rains go north, this is fall. this is october and this is exactly what i expect to see right there. that high pressure, those winds going offshore. temperatures near 80 as we go through the week. saturday and sunday i think temperatures could get into the mid-80s. not a heat wave but warm. and air quality will go down a little bit. just perfect bay area weather. why is it a good weekend like this, you have a million people coming into san francisco for fleet week. the cloud cover shouldn't be a
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problem at all. tomorrow's highs as you move through the microclimates mid- 70s. there's the heat out in the far areas, oakland, brently and buena vista. wouldn't be hard to get an 80 degrees reading tomorrow. there's not much of a fog bank. should be mostly sunny coast side the next two or three days. 74 walnut creek. 74 in concord, 75 in pleasantton as we move toward, getting toward the middle of october. seven # morganhill for a forecast high. along the coast you have 60s where we have had 50s all summer. the five day forecast, fire danger comes up a little bit and i'm worried about that because this is the height of
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fire season. there's not a lot of wind associated with it. we're not sweating the wind a lot. this weekend -- >> so much stuff going on. >> there's so much
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three, two, one fueling tower separates. an american and two russians are on the way to the international space station tonight. they said they should reach the space station in two days and are scheduled to stay there for five months. russia has over hauled the space craft so it be used. and boy, the giants really brought it tonight. >> the way those two guys are going, it could happen. the in the here and now, giants go up in the series and it was
12:25 am
all about the reigning sy young winner, tim lincicum. five consecutive strike outs at one point. but you were wondering, are the giants going to provide him with any offense the way derrick lowell of the braves was going. look at the replay. it appears the tag was called before he reached the plate. and that would cost the braves. lincicum settles down from there. he gets derrick hinskey. and no hesitation about leaving
12:26 am
him in for the 9th inning. a 9-3-2 night. derrick lee takes a strike and three it is. the complete game two hit shut out for lincicum. is 14 strike outs as it was. throw out the win hitter. the regular season, won 16 games along the way. never better in this 1-0 game liner. other than strike outs, not much in the way of highlights but considering the way it turned out, i'm sure the giants just fine with that. fred inglis was in the giants clubhouse to confirm just how right san francisco is feeling tonight. >> on paper it should be a one run close game. and it was tim lincicum 14 strike outs.
12:27 am
that's a san francisco play off record. it's really lincicum who highlighted october play. >> he was on tonight. i had everything working and we need ud it. they pitched well, we pitched well so we needed that effort. it's one of the best efforts i've ever seen and what a great job that kid did. he's tough. if he's on and he had all his pitches working, he's going to be tough. >> i mean from the first-inning on pretty much he kind of had that confidence that you like to see out of him. carried it the whole way through. >> reporter: so this is the fourth consecutive opener victory in a division series for the giants. let's not get ahead of
12:28 am
ourselves, because they've only one one division winner. just quickly, thanks fred. in the mean league, both the yankees and texas go up in their series. that's the sporting life for a thursday night. like fred said, going to do it all day tomorrow with matt cane on the
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