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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  October 8, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news. >> a bay area man finds tracking devices attached to the underside of his car. who he says is spying on him and why. >> a college student from santa clara is questioning whether the fbi violated his rights after he discovered electronic surveillance devices attached to his car. the 20 year old says he first heard from the fbi six months
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ago when an agent called and said they received a tip that he's a threat to national security. >> reporter: he says it all started sunday when he took his car in for an oil change. >> they lifted it up, i was doing an oil change, i saw a glimmering piece of a black device under my car with a wire hanging out. >> reporter: under the car he found these two devices. he and a friend did a web search and posted photos online. someone replied saying it's a g masoud shafiei tracking unit sold only to the army and law enforcement. today, he sat down and told us a few days after pulling the devices off the car he had a visit from two fbi agents. >> i shook his hand, he showed me his badge. >> reporter: the agents told him they had put the device on his car and asked why he removed it. they also questioned him.
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>> have you been to yemen for any training, have you been overseas. >> reporter: he says he's a 20 year old mission college student and native. >> it was scary. this looked really serious to me. i'm not doing anything wrong. now i have two fbi agents speaking to him. >> reporter: now the council on american-islamic relations is investigating whether his rights were violated. this incident does raise questions about the constitution's 4th amendment. >> if they don't have a search warrant or warrant to permit the gps, then you have to ask if they can do this without a warrant. >> reporter: the law on this point is unclear, but the #th circuit court and federal court in dc divided about tracking devices and privacy. he says it's very likely the
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supreme court will have to make a ruling. "ktvu channel 2 news." the man accused of running over a free mountain police officer is back in the bay area. he's been held at the alameda county jail in dublin. he's accused of attempted murder. police say he was driving a stolen van when he plowed into the motorcycle officer. he is supposed to be arraigned next week. . firefighters are calling a 3-alarm fire that destroyed an oakland water front restaurant suspicious. crews arrived and the building was engulfed in flames. firefighters had to call for back-up and crews relied on a fire boat seldom used now because of budget cuts.
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>> there were several attempts to distinguish the fire from the bridge and the chief felt the best call would be for the fire boat. >> a fiberglass boat tied to a dock outside the restaurant was also destroyed. tiki toms was closed last night, the cause is still under investigation. state investigators are looking into the death of a construction worker this morning. police say 23 year old of sacramento fell from a construction bam. the incident happened about 9:30 this morning at the wood lakes shopping center. cal-osha has taken over that investigation. there was a surprising discovery today as construction workers found a car at the bottom of the giant sink hole. the owner says her car disappeared months ago and until now some doubted her claim that the ground swallowed
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up her honda. debra? >> reporter: julie, it's quite a lost and found saga. first, let me show you the view from news chopper 2. this is a construction site that started as a sink hole last april. when it opened up, two cars fell in. you're looking at the second one, crushed metal hardly recognizable. >> i was like all right. great. now people will actually believe that, you know, when we told them the car was in the hole that it was in the hole. >> reporter: it's been a running joke, but she gets the last laugh. she's already sent photos of her recovered car to her insurance company and put them on facebook along with the picture of the sink hole cake she made months ago with two toy cars inside. >> i want them to get my car out of there so i can get on with life. >> reporter: that's her six months ago when her neighbor's
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car was found in no time, but her honda, not at all. she knew it was down there, and it was down there, finally, her insurance paid. >> they thought they were getting a car, they are getting a bunch of plastic and metal. >> we were digging, and i saw the red reflector. >> the worker who pulled the bumper up today found as much excitement as an archaeological dig. >> it was interesting, a lot of people looking. people were taking pictures. >> it was emotional when we saw the condition of the car. >> reporter: found 35 feet down. she realizes if she was in the car when it happened, she wouldn't be talking or chuckling about it today. are you ready for the jokes to die now? >> no, this will probably go on for a couple of weeks before it dies down. it's just another chapter. we move on from here.
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>> reporter: crews were not looking for the car. with winter coming, they are hurrying to build new drainage in time for rain, and the worker who did spot it was on his very first day at that job site. reporting live, "ktvu channel 2 news." . the county man who admitted burglarizing a home of a family days after they were killed was sentenced to 8 years in prison. the 27 year old pleaded no contest to first degree resident issue burglary, vehicle theft and vandalism. he and codefendant amber true admitted to breaking into the home. they the family was killed in last november. three defendants accused of torturing a 16 year old boy inside a home in tracy for more than a year have accepted plea
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deals. all pleaded guilty to a number of charges and each is expected to spend 30 years or more behind bars. a fourth defendant, anthony waiters has pleaded not guilty. the teenage victim was emaciated when he finally was able to escape in 2008. governor schwarzenegger signed an 87.5 billion state budget. the move ends the 100-day standoff with lawmakers. he used his one line to -- it relies on aid from the federal government to help close the state's projected $19 billion deficit. who the budget will please or displease is unclear. all the details are not yet a done deal, but what was clear today, one mayor was pleased indeed. robert honda reports.
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>> reporter: mayor chuck reed praised governor schwarzenegger, just two hours after the legislature finally approved a budget. >> we all together, democrats and republicans fought through all the mine fields and obstacles, but we got the job done. >> reporter: the fact the state can't pass a budget is bad for business and bond markets and bad all around. it's good to have that behind us. >> reporter: one reason officials are happy is the government pushed through pension reforms for state employees, something san jose wants for its own public employees. state workers will soon contribute more towards their retirement and the age will be raised to 55, 60 for other employees and no more spiking which aplows employees to base pensions on what they made in their final year. >> pensions have become the silent thief of our treasury and stealing from the parks,
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stealing from education. >> reporter: still, many groups are unhappy, teachers and counselors in san jose's east high junior district says the budget shortchanges them and comes after hundreds of layoffs. >> we've been hit extremely hard. this will mean a lot of cuts for us. this does not help us abstain what we're doing this year. >> reporter: still many details to work out and it will take awhile to figure out winners or losers. in san jose, robert honda, "ktvu channel 2 news." coming up at 10:30 tonight, we sit down with grey davis, he was ousted in part for the state's budget problems. what he's saying now as his successor faces many of the same problems. new numbers show the unemployment rate held steady
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last month. 9.6%, the same as in august. private employers added 64,000 jobs in september but failed to meet expectations. overall, a net loss of 95,000 jobs. layoffs of government employees, including temporary census workers pushed that decline. despite those numbers, stocks moved higher today with the dow closing above 11,000 for the first time in five months. investors are hoping the federal reserve will take more action to boost the economy. nasdaq up more than 18. it was three years ago that the dow reached its high point of 14,093. it bottomed out in the beginning of march of last year during the depth of the recession before it started its bounce back. clear skies today for the blue angels, will fog affect their performance tomorrow? forecast in ten minutes.
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and they are still going strong down here at china base, what a wild and crazy night inside at&t park. we'll have the latest straight ahead. an emotional and
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unexpected drama tonight in game two of the san francisco
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giants playoff run. it appeared to be a done deal. the giants took an early lead over the braves tonight. late in the game, it was 4-1, then, the script changed. atlanta tied the game at 4-4 in the 8th. right now it's in extra innings and the braves just took the lead. the outcome remains uncertain at this hour, mike? >> reporter: that's right, what a wild night it has been. if you want highs, we have the highs, if you want lows, we have the lows. it has been a nail biter. as you said, in the top of the 11th, the braves have a 5-4 lead. people that couldn't get tickets have been outside the ballpark all night long, we knew the goal going into this, that was to head to atlanta two games up, the crowd knew it and the team knew it. what it came down to tonight was execution. friday night in san francisco the house was packed, the pom-
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poms were out. game two had arrived. taking the hill for the start while in the stands. >> very nervous. we're going to do it. i feel strong. >> reporter: nervous excitement set in, but then -- a 3-run blast in the 1st inning and pandemonium set in. >> that sets the tone for right now. 3-0 in the 1st inning. can't get better. >> reporter: it got worse. nothing knew for these fans. >> we needed to get through the 8th. when he couldn't get him out, it was tough. >> reporter: these guys have just been holding together as a real honest to god team. they'll pull through. they are not quitters. and this team has not quit all
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year long. i have a feeling they are not going to quit tonight even though they are down 5-4 in the 11th. that's kind of how it is this year with giants baseball, it's been a torture. live in san francisco, "ktvu channel 2 news." >> this is a best of 5 series with game 3 in atlanta. if necessary, game four will be played in atlanta on monday and a deciding game 5 would take place on wednesday back at at&t park. the giant's playoff run is turning into big business for the city of san francisco. ktvu found folks from southern california and even fans from georgia spending money in the city today. >> absolutely. my credit card will definitely claim the fact i'm boosting the economy in the san francisco market. >> it's not just the immediate area around at&t park that's doing well, union square says the playoffs are boosting its
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business and a fast food restaurant on market street has reported boosting business. look for this photo and many more in the orange october section: help is on the way now from sacramento for victims of the san bruno gas line explosion and fire. during its all-night session, they approved a bill to give tax relief to the victims. they'll claim a $7,000 property tax exemption and provides aid to local schools. it is recalling more than 400 roadsters because of a possible fire hazard. the recall is for the 2010 models 2.0 and 2.5 with a 12- volt cable. a national highway traffic safety administration says the cable could become exposed and
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result in a fire in the front head lamp area. as part of the recall, tesla will install a protective sleeve for free. the chp is investigating the theft of 200 feet of copper wire near walnut creek. the theft was discovered wednesday morning when officers found a sign wasn't working properly. investigators say the thieves could have been elect cuted. it is expected to cost $5,000 to replace the wiring. copper thefts have been on the rise across the country. the faa issued a warning today to airlines shipping lithium batteries. the crash of a ups cargo jet in dubai last month killed two crew members may have been caused by a fire involving batteries. a study in 2004 warned of the potential danger of fire from
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batteries in high-technology cargo holds. the faa is warning air shippers to treat loads as hazardous materials until new safety guidelines are developed. proposition 19, the measure that would legalize marijuana in california has well to do friends. $2.4 million has been donated in support of prop 19. reporting a $100,000 contribution from shaun parker that played a role in creating facebook and donations have come in from facebook cofounder, but the really big money is from oakland's richard lee, he has chipped in about $1.5 million. an elementary school went on lockdown after gun fire broke out. two students ages 6 and 7 were grazed by bullets but were not seriously hurt. the gun shots were reported in
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carlsbad, police say a 41 year old man opened fire and was eventuallily tackled by construction workers and was arrested. the motive is unclear. we roll into your weekend, it did warm up today. temperatures about 5 degrees warmer than yesterday. these are the numbers, your saturday forecast, warmer still. we're going to see upper 70s and low 80s. temperatures on the increase. forecast tonight, patchy fog right now along the coast. i'm seeing it south towards the bay. it's not a big deal, might be there in the morning. it should be in and out all day, patchy at best at the coast. overnight lows are cool, 46 in santa rosa, 46 in napa. tomorrow, just some computer numbers that pop up, san jose near 73, concord near 83.
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when we come back, i'll show you which cities will be the warmest. blue angels are ready following today's practice run above san francisco. the navy's precision fighter jets are scheduled to perform along the water front tomorrow and sunday at 3:00 p.m. the fleet week celebration also includes more down to earth exercises, marines spent the day on treasure island for a search and rescue seminar taught by civilian firefighters. some drove for hours, others waited
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allen from corona drove to sacramento last night, he was one of 10,000 people from across california and western united states who showed up hoping to save their homes from foreclosure. the save the dream event has brought lenders and home owners together to work out deals to refinance mortgages. the event continues through tuesday. a major development today in the housing market as the nation's largest bank halted foreclosures across the country. bank of america says it needs to review the paperwork of tens of thousands of cases because of possible mistakes. they said they'd stop foreclosures in 23 states where they needed judge's approval. the bank itself was taken back plus homes for which paperwork had been transferred. police are looking for a driver who struck a cyclist this morning and took off. the hit and run happened just after 8:00 this morning.
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the male bicyclist was taken to the hospital. he is expected to survive. police describe the driver as a white man in his 40s or 50s. police say he was driving an early 1990s van. a san jose man accused of taking his girlfriend from her home early sunday morning is off the hook as far as kidnapping is concerned. however, he was arraigned yesterday on assault with a deadly weapon charge. the 18 year old told police she was scared but left willingly. police say it started when he saw another man inside her house and stabbed him. they left and weren't seen until he turned himself in the following day. the award of this year's noble peace prize is sending shock throughout the world. he was named because of his call for political reform in
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china. the government is suppressing the move there. he is a college professor who's now serving an 11-year prison sentence. he's been in and out of government custody since the days of his activist in 1979. president obama is calling on china to release him. when i was a teenager. couldn't accept it myself. >> some are calling it an epidemic, why hundreds of people hope what they did tonight will save lives. he was thrown out
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hundreds of people took to the street hoping to send a powerful message and save lives. participants said they are taking action in response to a recent string of gay teen suicides. amber lee is in the city with this report. >> reporter: the stand up to youth suicide started at civic center plaza and ended here in the castro. hundreds of people marched up market street to bring awareness to what some are calling an epidemic of teen suicides. in recent weeks, several gay teens in california and across the country have taken their own lives after being subjected to bullying. >> i, yes, when i was a teenager, but because i -- couldn't accept myself. >> reporter: he told us he relived the pain of his teenage years when he heard about the
12:00 am
recent suicide. >> in a bubble, thinking everything will be okay and things like that. stories come out and remind us that things are different outside our bubble. >> reporter: others say the angst of growing up is compounded when forced. >> i was walking behind a frosted glass wall. i could either tell the truth or let anybody know who i was. >> i grew up in the 40s and 50s, i had to find a different way home every day from school. >> reporter: organizers say they hope this event and the use of social media such as youtube will help gay and lesbian teens cope with bullying. many people, including celebrities have posted videos in a new movement called it gets better to show young people life gets better after high school. >> for me, it was really rough
12:01 am
to go around school and to have like kids like walking around and saying all sorts of names, things i can't repeat on tv. >> reporter: a group called affirmation organized this event, they say it's time to stand up to the mormon church and call on schools nationwide to enact policies to protect gay and lesbian students. reporting live in the castro, a.m. beer lee, "ktvu channel 2 news." . jerry brown's campaign issued an apology today to megawhitman after a recording surfaced between brown and his campaign. on the recording a campaign worker called megawhitman a negative name for cutting a deal with a law enforcement movement. the whitman campaign called the comment an appalling and
12:02 am
unforgiven smear. despite the controversy, the california chapter of the national organization for women endorsed brown for governor and said in part actions speak louder than words. with a vote and stroke of a pen california got a new budget, but does it end the financial crisis? a lot of analysts say it will only postpone things. as did the man he replaced, grey davis. our political editor talked to grey davis in los angeles. >> he's an attorney now for a prominent law firm. we met with former governor grey davis. >> i know people have budget- deficit fatigue. we've been in a hole for a long time. >> reporter: voters booted davis from office 7 years ago, the energy crisis, accusations
12:03 am
davis did favors to campaign donors, and, of course, looming budget deficits under his watch. but the deficits under davis' replacement have at times been deeper and the delays in signing them, even longer. >> it's just impossible to make the choices now confronting the governor legislation. when i was there, there was low- hanging fruit, now there are not good and bad choices, just terrible choices. >> reporter: no fat left to cut, just bone. in this economy, no appetite for tax hikes, davis says schwarzenegger is borrowing more and relying on unrealistic assumptions of money he thinks he's getting from the federal government. davis says he takes no pleasure in seeing schwarzenegger struggle and acknowledges if he were still in office he'd probably be overwhelmed too.
12:04 am
>> this is a tough time to be governor no matter who is sitting there they'd be having a heck of a time. >> was it difficult at first to get along with arnold schwarzenegger? >> no question about it, but, you know, traditional for the outgoing governor to take the incoming governor out to dinner before the inauguration, he took us out to dinner afterwards at hissous, you know, you can't help but like the guy. >> reporter: davis has even endorsed schwarzenegger initiatives, including one in the just-passed budget, the mandated rainy day fund. >> that's a real step forwards. assuming it has teeth in it, that will prevent future debacles from happening every time the economy goes into recession, putting money away in good times makes common sense. >> the problems seems so bad now and dissatisfaction with
12:05 am
schwarzenegger run so deep, some polls say if given a choice between davis and schwarzenegger, voters will prefer the old governor. his reply, not running for office again he says, period. political editor, "ktvu channel 2 news." well, it is all over tonight at at&t park. the giants gave one away after taking an early lead, fans witnessed a disheartening 5-4 loss to the braves in extra innings. live at the ball mark where people are filing out, mike? >> reporter: what a difference a game makes, 24 hours ago this place was hopping, right now you have 43,000-plus filing out of at&t moping around, not many people cheering the night. early storyline, pat burrell hitting that 3-run blast in the bottom of the 1st getting the
12:06 am
crowd going nuts, the game was moving along, then the braves got one and the 8th inning came around. they have wilson ready to go, not tonight. braves tied it up in the 8th and it went into extra innings. braves eventually winning it in the 11th, 5-4 final. as the fans take off, we know the giants will be packing their bags, instead of atlanta up 2 games, it will be 1 a piece, but this team never quit, when they take off to atlanta, they are not going to quit out there. we have some excited fans out here, that's good. that's the giant fever we like to see. plenty of highlights and post game wrap coming up later on in sports. for now, reporting live outside of at&t park, "ktvu channel 2 news." thanks, mike. it wasn't the reception organizers were expecting.
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why protestors interrupted a ú
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the commitment to health from the establishment from the american foundation. >> the dedication to a new building for the center of developing economies, the center works on antipoverty initiatives. constructing such buildings drain moneys from the payroll some say. >> not getting the proper pay and scales and pay rate. >> much of the $18 million
12:10 am
spent on the center comes from dedicated gifts. it's unclear if that money could have been used to pay salaries or pensions. >> the drug conspiracy case is now in the hands of a jury. the late stars boyfriend and two doctors have pleaded not guilty. both sides rested today after nine weeks of testimony and argument. the three defendants are not charged in smith's 2007 accidental overdose death. . in news of the world tonight, off the coast of france, a fuel tanker and ship collided if the english channel. a spokesman for the company who manages the tanker says whatever leakage occurred has been stopped. in hungary, the death rose to 7 today. the lethal sludge came from a reservoir at an aluminum plant.
12:11 am
the river appears to have deluded the sludge significantly and tests show no harm to the water in the danube. in chile, officials say rescuers are expected to reach the 33 men trapped inside a mine in two weeks, a doctor will be lowered to check on their health before they are removed. it could take more than a week before the removals begin. the men have been trapped since the beginning of august. protecting against west nile virus, the area is bordered by sand creek road, and seller's avenue on the eastern edge. officials say they treated the area because of a high number of mosquitoes and the protection of the west nile virus. how is the playoff run
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playing in the bay area's largest city, a city trying to get its own major league baseball team. fr co ofitee tce f rtco tetr cllor
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the team is called the san francisco giants, but the fan base extends far beyond the city limits. the giants ran into a speed bump tonight, optimism runs high down to the south bay. lloyd is live in san jose where some people have a special attachment to this giant's squad. lloyd? >> reporter: julie, the shark tank is down the street, but for now, they have given way to the orange and black of the san francisco giants. >> i feel that the san francisco giants are kind of like our team as well just
12:15 am
because we're 50 miles away, i feel they are still a part of san jose. >> reporter: the giants claim a territory right to the south bay, something san jose is trying to shed in order to build a stadium for the oakland a's here. >> i think having a baseball team in san jose would be awesome, great, support the game, but ultimately i think people will still go to san francisco to watch the giants play. >> reporter: they played at san jose municipal stadium for the minor league, san jose giants. steven and debby are watching the playoffs with special significance, they played as a host family for several players as they pursued their dreams to the big leagues. one of their house guests was san francisco start pitcher, tim lincecum. >> i'm still nervous like he's my kid. >> lincecum has stayed in touch, sending them memorabilia which they proudly display.
12:16 am
>> he was comfortable, we made him feel at home. we fed him well, you know. i kind of think we had a part in it i would hope. >> reporter: all the bay area appears to be jumping opt giant's bandwagon, bringing a much-needed boost to the economy. >> we all recognize that teams are a business and they have to make money. at the end of the day, this is a bay area sports franchise and everybody wants to see them succeed. >> reporter: if the giants make it to the world series, it definitely will be the only game in town. live in san jose, "ktvu channel 2 news." in san francisco all the traffic around at&t park has generated a complaint from a cab company. drivers with luxor cab want city officials to offer a temporary taxi stand. the drivers say the loading zone is too small to deal with the playoff crowds. >> we're the largest ramp taxi
12:17 am
service in the city. if we can't get into the park, can't do it. they'll get a ticket. >> officials said they are considering the request to expand the loading zones. welcome back, we've got a little bit of fog along the coast. not a heck of a lot, but a little bit. let's go outside, i'll show you what we have right now, see the light greens, those are mostly 60s, # 50s showing up now, it's going to be cool overnight, napa, you're going to find numbers in those rep ons into the mid-40s in some places. that's chilly. here's how it breaks down tonight. a little bit of coastal fog to talk about, then the extended forecast continues dry. warmer this weekend, not hot, but warmer, we might see upper
12:18 am
80s and low 90s by sunday. sunday will be the warmest day. big weather system to the north. pacific northwest a big weekend. little fog along the coast, temperatures begin to trend up. big weekend in the bay area. over a million people coming to san francisco for fleet week alone, not to mention the cal game and stanford game, a lot going on, the weather will cooperate. let's take a peak, football, cal, 75 down in the farm, paloalto. might be patchy fog with temperatures in the 70s, sunday's show, temperatures in the low 70s again. oranges are your 80s, that's warmer than today. sunday will be warmer still. next week looks dry. 80 in fairfield, beautiful day tomorrow. friday coming up a bit.
12:19 am
these are not high, high temperatures and winds not that strong. it's not a big, big issue, but as soon as you get that first big rain. 80 in san jose, 89 for saturday, coastside i have patchy fog, that will trend temperatures down. by afternoon, your temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. your 5-day forecast, outstanding weekend. for me, best time of year. tell you what, when you get an october like this, playoff baseball and everybody around the country is looking at our beautiful city on a night like this, it's pretty neat. >> this is a great month. thanks, bill: >> a sea lion is recovering from reconstructive surgery more than 10 months after it was shot by a fisherman. they repaired 5 hole in the sea lion's face. the lion has been named after
12:20 am
the sheriff's deputy who rescued him. he won't be able to return to the wild but will spend the rest of his life at six flags discovery kingdom. >> what a difference from those pictures. seri
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fred is here with sports. i guess you could say momentum ran into reality tonight. >> wow, did we get ahead of ourselves, many of us did do that, get ahead of ourselves, we were so ready to write off the atlanta braves, thinking the momentum was on the side of the hometown team, but this is a season of torture and the braves did not fear the beard.
12:24 am
basking in great weather and the flood of emotions that come with the playoff atmosphere. back to back, burrell picked off in may, he's been a rock. 3-run homer we thought that should be enough runs. kahne pitched and allowed 1 run, then he adds, wait a minute, shortstop forcing huff to first stretch, gonzalez is out. manager bobby cox had enough. he gets the heave hoe, matt cain gave up a run and delivered this single in the second. that scored ross. giants bearded bull pen trying to put this game in the win column, braves score 3 times, sandoval can't make the play. lee scores making it 4-2. brian wilson, 48 saves this year, he
12:25 am
gives up this 2-run double and folks, this game is tied 4-4. brian wilson and the beard didn't get it done tonight. giants have a chance to win it in the bottom of the 10th, posey at the plate, he rears his head again, giants lead in double plays, that one hurt. top of the 11 9, this is not how you spell relief. uncorks the pitch, giants lose 5-4 in 11. looks like a 2-0 series is now tied up 1-1. two of the giant's strengths, relief pitching and defense fails them tonight. game 3 set for sunday in atlanta where the braves have the best home record in the league, 56-25. mark aye beanies was at the work. so many things went wrong, the
12:26 am
torture continues. >> reporter: went from euphoria to bummer, fear the beard didn't work out. romo takes a 4-run lead, no problem, gives up a couple of hits, he goes for the 6-out save. a lot of people question that. the 6-out save kind of a rarity this day and age in baseball. he was questioned about pulling the trigger too quick on his ace reliever. >> he was out of line there, they have good hitters up there. once they got a couple of guys on, we have a day off tomorrow. wilson hasn't pitched in awhile. we've gotten 5 outs from him. at that point, we wanted to stop it. the infield hit hurt us. that kept the rally going, but, you know, held them there and we just couldn't get another run across the board.
12:27 am
>> reporter: they had their foot on the brave's throats and weren't able to push down on it, lost opportunities, lost ball game, going to atlanta tied 1-1 instead of up 2-0. , fred? >> i think the braves have to feel they stole one, philadelphia beat cincinnati in the other division series. they are 2-0 on the reds. in the meanwhile, our friday night football game of the week, the so-called battle of the birds, eagles fly, but the one from washington can also run. that's jeremy jettin, this makes it 35-12 washington after three quarters. eagles also scored twice tonight. there he goes, washington wins this battle of the birds, 31-20 eagles. lowell still working for that victory. that's sports as we see it for this friday night.
12:28 am
series 1-1 just like that. >> that is our report for tonight. i'm julie. >> i'm frank summerville, our coverage continues online at
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