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tv   SJSU Update News  KICU  October 10, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PST

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i'm kristen live on campus to tell you how some students' sleepless nights are turning into hopeful days. we will show you people with a lot at stake. parking garages are not the only thing rises for commuters. the price put on some driver's indiscretions. one giant rv that pushes
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into a cross country -- that turns into a cross country development. hello and welcome to update news. i'm bria washington. >> and i'm morgan trihio. thank you for joining us. as students are learning in and out of class, they are raising money this semester to help thousands of children who are seriously ill. they will pull an all nighter that has nothing to do with their studies. kristen is live. >> reporter: they will stay up late next month to raise money for the children's hospital in memphis, tennessee. they will encounter one sleepless night for all those who have many sleepless nights. >> i'm a big advocate with
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helping children, especially those children are cancer. >> reporter: gore mora gone is organizing up until done a student planned, student ram organization to raise notations for child st. jude's childhood research center. >> 5 cents of every dollar received goes to research and treatment. >> reporter: nearly 6,000 patients are seen although st. jude, and it operates primarily on donations no. san jose state is offering time and letters. up until dawn this shows the hours that parents patients, and doctors spend it requires nothing of the student the but addresses of the friends and
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family. great way to help the children with organizations. >> reporter: they are try raise awareness and get children involved. it's said to be very rewarding. >> it gives you a positive life to know that the world does not resolve around you who may or may not be a worse situation than ourself. >> reporter: if students would like get involved therest plenty of time before the event on november '9. there's going to be a barbecue and a kids will be kids day. kristen hofton. yahoo was on campus on reaching out to graduates. they need to fill 150 positions
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by spring 2011. college graduates are at the top of theless. they thrive on the fresh minds and prospective that the younger generations. >> we have professors professors professors who are teaching students here they note technologies they are looking for it makes it easier to come to yahoo or to the state. >> reporter: yahoo visits dozens of anniversaries every year, but they are ranked fourth among how employees. be be careful how you park your car. driving into the a campus parking lot could be an
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expensive. night. joshua valdez noticed prices chi roming. >> it's ridiculous. teem are low on cash. >> reporter: the university said they were losing money. if hard parking -- leaving a parking citation of over $100. communications jr., jordan saying that the higher costs may a good thing for the students who park in the garages. >> it will big make people who have been not so considered an the rules more cautious and maybe make them not want to drive here so much. >> reporter: parking regulations are strictly in force, leaving students to park at their own risk. john law says the violation increases will not affect everyone who lays here. unfortunately it only
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affects those students who drive and park illegally. iffy don't violate think any of -- violate any of them, it be will not affect you at all. $500, you will have to attempt to cough it up if you tyke a good off yourself. campus university with many religious alaska backgrounds. any students held a religious event. that. there's -- event. there's a might on tuesdays and thursdays with that has fellowship for anyone who is interested. >> it's definitely open for anyone who is looking to seek how what christianity is about. >> rely use organizations on campus are open for anyone explore. the students need not belong a
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certain religion. students see college as a training ground and also a social ground. the campus center is trying to help, offering pap smears to all female students to make sure they don't get the human pappalona virus. ashley has more. >> reporter: the health center has prevent -- prevention for the virus. if it's left untreated, it be could fatal. students are turning to their doctors for a test that can change tear they're lives. a pap smear. it's recommended that women get pap smears at the age of 71 or when they become sexually active. >> by far the best benefit is
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we i did tect changes in the cervix. they are completely treatable. >> reporter: erica leon, getting the pap committee done regularly. she says student students who are having sex must be a smart about it. >> i think you're going to have if. be protective. be safe. make sure you really know the lie. a lot of guys like it hit it and quit it. >> reporter: where-- dr. brubaker has one piece of advice. >> safe sex. even using con donees, -- condoms, and it the virus is else. where. >> reporter: this junior who does not want to be diagnosed
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was diagnosed -- does not want to be identified but was diagnosed nine years ago with hpv. to get a pap smear, there's a $22 fear f you're interested, call to make a an appointment. ashley burnell, update news. many students have no idea what they want to do after graduation. a big rv helped students figure it out. road trip foundation has had the con september started started started when three students hit the road in search of their calling. what started a as road trip turned into a movement. now it's a pbs movement. studentsstudentsstudents can ride interview people. >> it's a chance to explore
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different passions and just hearing people's advise. if you think you can, you can do it. it's motivational to do what you love and not be stuck in the the to -- in the 9 to 5 office job. >> they hope by helping others discover their path that will be positive change throughout the world. much more ahead on update news. a hip hop artist is provoting voter registration with his music. what bump kin zoo -- pumpkins and petting zoos have in common. first the students sunday off on the secret around the city of san owe say. -- the students sound off about the secret around the city of san jose.
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oaks, so there's a restaurant calls piece of chicago. i don't know if anyone has been to it, but there's deep dish pizza, pizza, and it's a block away from market. and it's quiet and really good pizza. >> trevor: a long lake. omagari is the best restaurant i have been to for awhile itst korean restaurant. they have free ice cream. >> it's nice to eat and drink the peanuts. i get the sandwich that is cagun style. frozen fruit whipped itst very, very good. >> i like the poke tender. >> a new secret, five guys coming to town today, an east coast tradition, rivalling in and out, but it's a close tie.
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former president bill clinton along with jerry brown and gavin nussim will have a rally next week itst free for students and the general public. it will be at the smu event center. santa clara county is split. they were chose ton host the people in the bay area. >> the rally is so lost huge that everyone participating in the democratic party means a lot to us. >> although the event is free, students need to register at the california immigration
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website. meg whitman's illegal housekeeper scandal has revealed a lot of those case in the bay area. >> reporter: oscar has been in the u.s. illegally since 19998. 19998 -- 1998. oscar does not see himself as a criminal. wanting to work is not a crime. >> i think it's not fair. everybody to live in piece. >> reporter: sharon is a busy single mom hiring oscar to do work around her house. >> in when it all comes down it, i have tried to work with oscar so we can get something worked out for him, but unfortunately it's a tough way to work the system. if you notify anyone, he's all of a sudden on the radar. >> reporter: such immigration issues are important in california where latino voters
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are not near the polls. terry christianton sond said it's l almost an impossible problem to solve. >> there's divisions on both sides worried about securing the boards, and worry about the impact on social services and the demand for social services and the impact on our schools. >> reporter: might there be an immigration reform any time soon? >> i would be reluctant to under estimate society's willingness to reform zsa's voters said there should be a way for people here now but are unknock. s to be citizens. until the law thank you changes, employers are just waiting it out and hope they
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don't get caught in a meg whitman can stall cal. those student mace not know what roads to take. jeanne snyder a workshop and gave students stiptips on thousand choose a grad school in terms of motivation and education. >> today i'm -- i'm here with the students about the scholarship stunts. >> a committee of judges selects only 15 judges for the program. they must be first generation minority, low income, and have a 3.0 gpa. there's festivals left, can you tell us more? >> yes, morgan. japan town was transformed into fun-filled entertainment last week. the spirit of japan town, and
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updates' katie kauffman was there. >> reporter: as the streets became packed in japan, people were surrounded by the art art and of course great tasting food. the festival has been going on for four years and it continues to the embrace the character and culture of japan. san jose's japan town is one of the oldest in the country. it helps to raise the neighborhood's national visibility. >> like they are part of something, something bigger, part of history, and also kind of the link to japan, the link to the rest of asia. >> reporter: sakamoto said it was not only to recognize the asian cultural but also the
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multiracial culture of case. >> reporter: nokito moved to the united states 15 years ago. she is working with the asian- community involvement to help others in the culture. >> the services to specifically the asian communities. that's where i wanted to work. i wanted to embrace my ethnicity. >> reporter: while some a japanese-americans stick to the culture of japan, some do different sub duhs. this 17-year-old is showing off her quomo to show her personality. >> we believe in the now unstoa sub cull -- we believe in the cub culture. >> reporter: the spirit of
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japan festival reaffirmed to many that the culture was not going the organizers said the point is to feel connected at home and be a little piece of japan. the city is home to one of the last three in the united states. from singing, dancing to great food. the spirit and culture was thriving downtown. katie kauffman j up date news. >> fall is here. 179th annual fall festival took over for the peek end. family took part of the new season at emma's farm park. briellle washington reports. salsa lessons, hay rides, and a woman in the bee costume was all present last saturday. the festival is the first weekend in october. the goal this year to give families in san jose the chance
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to experience a county fair in the heart of the county. >> that pressure apple cider, and they call this is the life cycle of a catpillar. that was nice. >> reporter: gloriana is a regular at the festival. >> it's fun. we meet interesting scheme have fun together. >> reporter: along with the mewsessic call entertain -- musical entertainment, there was also a petting zoo. >> we build up leadership skills, distance skills, and we also work with animals and other life skills as well. >> reporter: vendors set up boosts and sold jars of honey and candles. there's also the option to grow your own food. the hay rides are $1 a person.
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people can enjoy the hay ride in the middle of san jose 300 to 400 people. enjoyed the day. the u.s. census borough says today and every day, 23,000 americans turn 18 and become else available to vote. rock the road has been calling on voters to use their voice and use it we combine it with voter registration drive to get young people fired up and involved in the election. thursday night it came to the area. kevin is leading the charge. >> we are bringing the performance on campus to get students to register to vote.
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the candidates will be on the ballot on november 2nd. >> there's no apps on facebook yet. you still have to get out and actually vote. >> the campus is familiar territory for all the arkansastiststiststists who took the -- the artists who took the stage are all familiar with the flair. students registered to make themselves heard. legislatureslegislatures and the people we elect are listening to the people who are voting, and we want them to listen to the young people as well. >> the goal is to register 60 now, young voters across california in the csu tables. the registration deadline is october 18th. >> that's the world of arts and entertainment, back to you guys late lady.
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there's much more ahead. we will check with the sports desk to see why some teams are getting entertainment off the field. and the interaction with the nonstarting players. but first the giants make the playoffs for the first time in seven years. whenever the bay area sports are doing well, it gets everyone excited. >> it will be great for the bay a area, more income for the cities. >> i'm pretty surprised they made it. >> you have to represent where you're from. it's better than someone else. >> for the bay area, it's good for one of the teams to make it. >> the giants never won a world series on the west coast. now i think they have a shot. that's a big deal. >> reporter: what are your
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predictions on how far you think they will go and how well they will do? >> i don't know too much on how all these things work. i'm just hoping they go all the way. go giants! >> i think they will beat the braves, hopefully. >> they match one when it comes to pitching. they have better hitters but as a team, we will go better. >> it may be one round and out thing, but realistically the world is series championship will come from the al. anything can happen in october, that's what is great about october. marissa love is here with sports. what do you have for us morris is march -- marissa. >> reporter: a sports update on
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athletics. the bumps and bruises contributed to injury losses this weekend. they looked to get things back on track taking on uc davis. russell michaels was there to witness the game. >> reporter: it was homecoming week for sjsu as the spartans looked for the second win of the season. things looked promising as they got on the board first. the 36-yard field goal mid-way into the 1st quarter. matt bowkner led them for three passes including this 25-yard touchdown strike as the end of the 1st quarter nears. they continued the scoring. harrison wade put the spartans up 13-0. the spartans defense
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stepped up big. that's from the 1-yard line. at the half, sjsu led 13-0. but things change quickly in the 2nd half. us davis got on the board now trailing 13-7 mid-way through the 3rd. uv davis drove 78 yards to get the 4-yard touchdown at, putting them ahead. the spartans would have one last chance to take the lead, and she said i did it finally among the field goal at they lost their fourth game of the season in heart breaking fashion. the quarterback injured his ribses and replace the by the backup quarterback, matt bowkner. in san jose, russell michaels,
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update news. of two home games a the spartan stadium, some said they are having more fun outside in the parking lot than cheering for their home team. >> reporter: with every football game, there good morning.coms a tailgate. the tailgate is often more important than the game. amanda charge says attending the game is not main have been for going to south campus on saturdays. >> i female like a lot of people don't make it past the tailgate into the game. you can't buy beer anymore. a lot of people don't go in. >> reporter: san jose has discontinued selling alcohol during the game due to a contract that expire with the chancellor's office. it says the tailgating and the consumption of moll kohl must
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stop at the kickoff,, the and. -- and if you do not enter the stadium, you must leave. >> we have a number of people not leaving the stadium. >> reporter: the alum my are -- alumni are finding the experience of the fun games. >> the next home game is saturday, october 16th against number 4, boise state. most of the spartan teams hit the roads this week men's soccer had a record 21 shots on goal. they would finish with the first tie of the season. 6-3-1. women's volleyball lost to idaho monday night in
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connection play. their record is 2-13 losses. men's golf, all players placed in the top 25. they played 5 overall. all for sports. >> thank you. >> and that does it for this week's edition of update news. check us out on facebook. >> find us by searching sjsu and we will see you next week. get some rest.
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