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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  October 14, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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riding on it. two south bay teenagers arrested in a school arson case. investigators are stumped about a motive. and the unorthodoxed safety measures take nen the event a south bay dam collapses. good evening, it is thursday october 14th. this is bay area news at 7:00. a stretch in san francisco's highway could soon reown to traffic as soon as tomorrow. the authorities closed the southern end of it at the start of this year after ocean waves undermined the pavement. now, changes have been made. we are live at the beach with this report, jana? >> reporter: well, gasia it has been 10 months since they closed this. and that forced drivers to take a detour down neighborhood streets. well, today, we learned that they are planning to reown the
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road, take down this sign by 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. but, drivers should be aware there are major changes that have taken place on the road. >> reporter: the sunny day drew droves of people to ocean beach to walk, bicycle, catch a few waves ... or do a little drumming in the sun. tents were popping up for sunday's nike women's marathon where the course is set to end along the great highway and construction crews are racing to finish the emergency repairs. the great highway southbound lanes to highway 35 have been closed since last december. that is when unusually large storm surgees ate along the block, creeping inland seven to eight feet. crews put in large rocks to reenforce a 900 foot stretch of the coast and removing the shoreline by removing trash and debris. today, crews put the final paint stripes on the pavement.
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this $2 million repair project involves a major change. reducing the southbound side to a single lane. >> we work with our traffic engineers and the roadway should be able to accommodate the vehicles with one lane for that small portion. northbound from highway 35 is not effected. >> reporter: san francisco residents say they will be glad when the read reopens. >> it is a bane to go around. yeah it is a good thing. >> reporter: the parking lots will reown at the same time providing better access for beach lover >> providing a place for people to park it will be all right, you know what i mean? so, again workers are hoping to take down this sign in time for tomorrow's evening commute. back to you. >> caltrans hopes to own a closed lane on the san mateo bridge tomorrow but not in time for the morning commute.
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one of the lanes were classed when a crack was found on the underside of the bridge. the crews will be working overnight installing steel plates to reenforce it. they suggest drivers consider alternate routes tomorrow in case the lane is not reowned in time. three workers on treasure island were taken to the hospital this afternoon after a stage -- canopy collapsed on the workers. a bolt snapd and one of the beams being erected collapsed. firefighters at treasure island fire station heard the crash and came to the scene. they say the workers jumped about seven feet from a platform and two of them may of suffered broken ankles or foot injuries in the fall. new details about two teenagers accused of starting this summer's devastating fire at trace elementary school. as reported, investigators are confident they have the suspects responsible they are
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unclear on a motive. >> flames barely died down that july morning when chips began flowing into the fire department. those tips -- tips began flowing into the fire department. now, two teenage boys are locked up as the district attorney weighs the charges. >> this is a sad day for the family members of those two individuals. >> reporter: san jose's fire marshall says either boy attended the school and not sure why they would want the school to burn. >> if it is a dare, we don't know if it was random, we don't know if it was some malicious act of retrobution. >> it was a day after 4th of july. >> reporter: many of the teachers and staff suspected teenagers. a prank that got out of control. for kids a lesson. >> kids and teachers are talking about it. our teacher was talking about
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they actually found who did it. >> reporter: swift assembly of portable classrooms allowed school to start on time and normally as possible. still the fire left insecurities and a sense of loss. >> they set up quite nicely here for the kids. but, you know, they still have to look at the charred remains of their school. >> reporter: the district attorney's office says the two arson suspects are in custody and will remain there at least until tomorrow afternoon when they are arraigned. both boys were 16 when the fire happened. one since turned 17. in san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. the justice department today appealed to federal judges injunction stopping enforcement of the immediately military's don't ask don't tell policy. president barack obama is vowing to end the policy but does not want to see it happen abrupt -- abruptley. the justice department says the
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stay would allow for an orderly transition into a policy allowing only gay men and women to serve in the military. sara palin supporters flocked to the performing arts this afternoon. she addressed 1800 during her swing across california. the liberty and freedom foundation hosted her speech in which she blasted president barack obama's health care reforms as quote the mother of all unfunded mandates. >> you ready to take it back and put the government back on the side of the little guy and have government work for you instead of you working for government? [cheers and applause] >> she also took questions from the crowd. supporters say she say positive representative for the right wing. one woman suggested she might not be the raoeuft choice for president because god has bigger things in store for her. to see more for her go to our web site and look for video section on the right hand side
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of the home page. the police released photographs of a man suspected of stealing a purse from a 98-year-old woman while out grocery upon shopping. they were taken from video and show a man pushing a shopping cart passed an elderly woman and grabbing her purse it. happened last month at the safe way lincoln road west. they are asking anyone with information to contact them. a san bruno man is sent to prison for using the web site craigslist to conpeople. 48-year-old christian shobart stole money from 33 people who thought they bout cheap airline tickets on the web site it. took place between 2007 and 2009. he would send them a check and then they never received a ticket or good evening fake airline reservations. he was sentenced yesterday to four years in prison that including 589 days credit for time already served. health officials are taking steps to prevent tuberculosis
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at east bay high school after someone tested positive for tb. 500 students and staff at the high school will be tested. county health officials identified them as individuals who may have been exposed to the bacterial disease that is spread through close contact. in order to protect the person school and health officials are not saying if the person infected with tb say student or a staff member. >> the patient who was diagnosed with tuberculosis is no longer able to transmit, not present at the school. >> tb testing for those exposed may be early next week. yahoo is not commenting on speculation about a possible buyout offer from aol. yahoo shares have been going higher as rumors were swirling around about making a bid. yahoo surged out of the gate
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today and finished up 4 1/2% $15.93. google soring after lowers following a report that went passed expectations. google reports profits rose 32% with the net income exceed 2 billion. analysts credit a surge in online avenue. goobel shares are higher by 9%. new unemployment figures show the number of people filing for unemployment went up in the first time in three weeks. according to the labor department, first time jobless claims went up to a season alley adjusted 462,000. analysts expected that number to drop. a sign that job growth remains weak but continuing claims went down by 112,000 to 4 1/2 million. those jobless numbers weighed on wall street for much of the day. optimism about the potential for more stimulus spending provided a late lift. the dow went down 6. a call
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went out today for pole workers for next month's statewide election. the county officials say the cities of berkeley and oakland are in need of poll workers. the pay is between $95 and $180 for one day's work. and a pay for attending a mandatory training class before the november 2nd election. san jose mayor chuck reed is jumping into the battle over a pension reform ballot proposition now in south bay but in san francisco. >> we are draining the services from the people of san francisco and the people of san jose as we power money into retirement benefits. the mayor participated in a press conference on the steps of san francisco city hall with prop b. they say it is needed to avoid cuts to services and san jose has two similar measures. v and w on their november
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ballot. pension reform will have a negative impact on the families of city employees. the south bay's largest dam would be prone to a catastrophe collapse. coming up experts say a major quake might trigger a deadly wall of water. what they are doing to improve safety. and critics call it unfair. injunction restricting activities of oakland gang members. see if a judge today agreed with them. another hot day across the bay area. right now amtrak has fog and temperatures cooling off heading into the friday. coming up, the one city that will cool nearly 15 degrees. the full forecast just ahead
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the mansion. the color and pink ribbons have been associated with breast cancer awareness. the pink lights are on for this night only. they had a large pink ribbon. partials say most of the miners arrested yesterday could be released from the hospital by tomorrow. today, the group received a visit from the president. they say the miners are in good health for being trapped for 69 days but some have health issues. one is suffering from pneumonia and others have skin and dental infections. meanwhile we heard from the first rescuer to enter the collapsed mine shaft. [speaking in foreign language] >> reporter: they hugged me. they ran, jumped, one of them was waiting for me. they hugged me, congratulated me for being the first one but more than anything i was very happy to see them. >> the officials say the hole that was drilled will be temporarily sealed while the officials decide to close the mine for good. >> reporter: critics held a rally to go with a key decision
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with the judge. the judge was ruling on the legality on a injunction imposed this summer. we have more on the ruling and the reaction. >> reporter: opponents protested across the street from the courthouse saying it violated the civil rights of oakland resident >> it has been proven across the state. l.a., long beach, it is ineffective strategies to fight crime. >> despite the injunction a judge took no steps to end the gang injunction. it will stay in place for at least another three months. the lawyer for the oakland man fighting the injunction says he will continue the fight. >> our final goal is to have the city and the court comply with constitutional man dates and keep the city safe by good policing and not by violating people's rights. >> just yesterday, the attorney's office applied for the injunction and considering adding three more fames to the injunction covering north oakland. [speaking in foreign language] >> does not solve the crime.
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never suggest today did. but, for the offenders it is having the effect that we wanted. >> reporter: a trial date has been set for the oakland man fighting the current date injunction. a report released today by san francisco police show serious crime is down in the city but there are trouble spots. the police say property crime dropped 9% between july and september compared to 2009 figures. violent crime is down overall. car thefts in the tender loin district jumped 40% from the jeer before and the homicide rate is slightly up over last year. san francisco police tonight detained a holeless woman who is accused of violent acts near the corner of urban street and 7th avenue. they arrested sheila flowers at least 19 times but she keeps returning to the same area. they say flowers is mentally unstable. earlier today the police met with city and county attorneys and the mayor's homeless outreach team to find a
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solution. officers picked her up after that. the city of oakland, kaiser and community groups unveil a new display in an effort to raise awareness about domestic violence. it is called silent witness. created by kaiser and housed in city office buildings and including stories from physicians and employees who dealt with domestic violence. oakland police respond to more than 7,000 reports of domestic violence every year. october is domestic violence awareness month. cv s pharmacy has been hit with a fine for failing to control the sale of a key ingredient. they agreed to pay that fine. the penalty is the largest ever under the controlled substances act. the authorities said they did not provide enough safe guards to monitor how much acudapedamine someone can buy aeufplt report released today
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says the largest reservoir could fail in a major earthquake. anderson reservoir is east of morgan hill, not far from a fault line. as rita williams shows us, if it gives way the result could be devastating. >> reporter: a new study shows worst case scenario in a major earthquake. santa clara county's biggest dam, anderson dam, could collapse. potentially sending billions of gallons of this water into morgan hill and san jose. >> a concern for all of the residents and the neighbors around here. a big concern. a big hazard. >> reporter: folks that live in the potential flooding area are understandably uneasy about what could happen. >> it is a concern. so t does not keep us from buying here, though. >> reporter: the water district says they are taking steps to keep the worse from ever happening here. that worst would be a 7.25 earthquake or higher on the fault within two km of the dam. >> there are materials at the
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base of the dam that would liquefy. >> reporter: if the reservoir was full as it was here in 1997 a fallure of the dam, though remote, could send a wall of water 35 feet high into downtown morgan hill in 14 minutes. within three hours it could reach 8 feet deep along coyote creek in san jose. to keep that from ever happening the district will keep the reservoir no more than 56% full. today, it was 54% full. >> we think that we can manage this the reservoir at a safe level and protect the public. >> to fix the dam the officials say it could cost up to $150 million and take six years. and water district customers would probably have to pick up the tab with higher water rates. in morgan hill, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. the san francisco giants officially began the national chip series journey today. they arrived in philadelphia
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where they will play games one and two against the phillies. wegame 2 is sunday. all of the games will air on ktvu channel 2. and football fans take note. the winning match up has been decided for high school football game of the week. it will be clayton valley high school vs concord. we will have a preview tonight and catch the highlights on ktv 10:00 news -- ktvu 10:00 news. the bay area going to see more balmy weather tomorrow? we will track the temperatures changes in the forecast. and if there is no tv nearby you can watch bay area news at 7:00 on your computer.
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. sap is jose -- san jose park was closed today. it was too dry to allow visitors inside. no public accessory activities are allowed during the closure. the park is expected to reopen tomorrow. and mark is here to talk about
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a cool down, right? >> the weather will change tomorrow. you will notice it with the temperatures coming down five to 10 degrees. a few spots approaching a 15 degree cool down as we head into the friday. right now we are losing daylight. losing the satellite imagery. not as bright. to get an idea the fog is going up the coast here. moving up this direction. moving from the south. that trend will continue at least overnight. as a result the temperatures will be cooling off as we head into your friday. as far as temperatures from today you can see the range from still the upper 70s for the beaches, san francisco, 85 degrees, the 90s for san jose and morgan hill. you can see santa rosa the hot spot. 98 degrees. the weather story is this. coastal fog. increase. cooler for your friday. partly cloudy weekend. more cooling. sunday, warmest locations inland. no 90s, no 80s in the 70s. as far as tomorrows tomorrow, low to middle 60s in the beaches. the temperatures inland to reach 85 to 88 degrees.
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this was the set up for today. the high pressure still in command of the weather. the fog bank we have been watching it all day to our south. you can see what happens beginning tomorrow. especially in the weekend. the weather system moves in from the north. the area of low pressure that will help increase the fog. the temperatures will be cooling off for both saturday and into sunday. there could be enough moisture for the system that we had to introduce the slight chance of a few sprinkles. that would be for sunday. definitely count on cooler temperatures and a few extra clouds for the second half of the weekend. for tomorrow morning, fair skies, some coastal fog. we have a few patches around san francisco. the temperatures low to middle 50s starting out your friday morning into the afternoon hours. warm numbers inland. patchy fog for the beaches there is the temperature range. not much in the way of 90s. in fact, the warmest location, 87 to 88 degrees. oakland tops out at 78. pleasantton87 and san skwroes ark the 90s today we will -- san jose instead of the 90s
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from today we will go into the 85. beaches on the hot side. no longer the case for tomorrow. basically in the middle 60s. here is a look ahead. five-day forecast the cooling trend really kicks in for the weekend. by sunday we bring in a few extra clouds. there is the slight chance of a sprinkle or light shower. but about, the main impact we are cooling off and partly cloudy skies by monday. gasia? >> mark, thank you. michael moore is honored at this hour in the south bay. he is receiving the john steinbeck award from the son of the rekpwoupbed author. it is given to writers and artists who's work embodies the spirit of his values and believes in the powerless and exploited. boiling for columbine and sicko. author miller, bruce springstein, and sean penn have also won this award. that is it for us this evening. tmz is up next right here on
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tv36. good night  p p ocooer feoel cort eeit t totr r
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