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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  October 15, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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what they're promising to do to violators. a string of robberies targets san francisco churches leaving leaders on edge. and one gas owner says he will not replace his pumps. >> goodevening. it's friday october 15th, i'm gasia mikaelian. this is bay area news at 7:00. facebook officials say they're taking action to prevent cyber bullying. the new move comes after a facebook page honoring five gay teens was overrun by anti-gay photos and messages. jana katsuyama live in san francisco to explain. >> well gasia, i spoke to a facebook spokesman and gay rights activist here in san francisco about the controversy. it started around this facebook
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page calling for a day of action in october around the deaths of gay teens. as the gay straight alliance network in san francisco, she saw the call to action on the facebook page. >> we heard about it online like everyone else, got invites. >> it says in memory of the recent suicides where purple on october 20th, and within weeks it attracted half million supports. the string of suicides by five gay teens of anti-gay bullying has created a nation-wide outcry. >> they have been devastated and impacted. >> but that page attracted violate anti-gay messages. today the gay andless bean alliance against defamation sent us a link of some messages that included death threats. some comments read, i'm the [bleep] are killing themselves. having a great time in
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purgatory and another one had a nats uric concentration camp with a caption, this is an acceptable gay rights parade. they said the postings violate company rule. >> we were able to remove the comments from the page, but if this activity persists, these individuals will be removed from facebook entire slshg. >> they say the issue shows that bullying can have serious consequence. >> this is a message talking about youth suicide and everyone including change starts with you, everyone has the power to prevent youth suicide. >> facebook's proactive approach should be a model for other companies. >> they have an obligation to their users to make sure it's a safe environment for everyone. >> as for the event, purple is a color in the rainbow flag that stands for spirit, and the day of purple on october 20th is meant to honor the spirits of the five teens that died. reporting from san francisco, jana katsuyama ktvu channel 2
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news. >> a city council man made a tearful plea to gay teens urging them to resist suicidal thoughts. >> i want to tell any teen that might see this, give yourself a chance to see just how much life, how much better life will get. >> councilman joe burns is gay and he was bullied as a teen, and called for an end to harassments in schools. two teenage boys appeared in a courtroom today, and were arraigned on charges of aggravated arson in connection of last summer's devastated fire. prosecutors are charging 16- year-old and 17-year-old as adults which means they could face up to life in prison if convicted. fire back in july caused estimated $10 million in damage to the san jose school.
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authorities say neither teen attended and not commented on a potential motive. they are due back in court next week. for the second time in the past three weeks there's been a fatal accident on a stretch on the peninsula. it happened at 6:15 this morning. police say the victim was a 65- year-old transient walking. the driver that hit the man did stop and cooperated with police. on september 30th a 62-year-old bicyclist was hit and killed a few hundred feet away from today's accident. talk about bad karma. thieves have ransacked half a dozen churches in san francisco district in recent weeks. >> they broke the glass over here, and then reached in and opened the lock. >> ransacked by thieves almost every weekend for more than a month. >> it was relentless. it was like being under attack.
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>> st. france sis church is installing a high-tech security system complete with cameras, censors and lights. >> it's alarming to people to come to a place they've known to be safe all their lives and have this going on. >> even more alarming, st. francis is just one of six churches targeted in and around this district between mid- august and mid-september, and the string of burglaries might not be over. >> i noticed like, it is as it is right now. this microphone is missing. >> the new life church located in a secluded neighborhood first hit in august was burgaled again earlier this week. >> i think it's people in need. that's what i would like to think. >> i wonder if someone knows what's going on or they've been in the church before. no one knows. >> san francisco police tell us the string of break ins are most likely crimes of convenience and not connected. still some church leaders are uneasy.
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>> it seemed intentional that people were targeting churches they felt were venerable. >> it's a shame to see people doing that. people give to the church not to steel from it. >> residence denlts living in the southwestern part of the city says in tough times, nothing, not even a church, is considered sacred. in san francisco patty lee. >> the south bay police officer is facing serious charges of his own tonight. 36-year-old clay rohost provided private information to the hell's angel. investigators say he sent private information once in late august and again in early september. he was released on $250,000 bail and scheduled to be back in court at the end of the month. the town of tiberon is on the verge of implementing four controversy surveillance plan. the cameras take pictures of
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licence plate and cross reference them in a state data base. they say it has a big brother aspect and consider it a violation of privacy. the program is expecteded to be up and running next week. pacific gas and electric crews started a project in hillsborough aimed at making sure the peninsula has enough natural gas. they ordered the utilitiy to reduce the amount of pressure in several gas lines following the deadly explosion in san bruna. that means less -- san bruno and that means less gas is available. >> i think it would just be less is available to them, and there might be cases where they wouldn't have gas, but we would communicate with those customers if that's the plan we decided to use this winter. >> the work involves rerouting natural gas supply lines by combining several pipelines. they hope to finish the job tomorrow. the nation's top cop is speaking out against
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california's proposition 19 saying they will enforce marijuana laws even if kaflss votes to legalize it. the justice department's strong opposition to prop 19. it would legalize recreational use of marijuana. they plan to vigorously enforce federal laws in california. under prop 19 adults can legally po ses up to an ounce of marijuana. only three days left to register to vote and they were promoting voter registration in san francisco mission's district. they are becoming important as the population grows. according to the state immigration policy center, california is home to more than 4 million adults that are eligible to vote. latino vote has skyrocketed to just under 3 million in 2008 presidential election. we have an update on the lane closure. they won't have the westbound
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lane reopened. crews will add reinforcement plates to the underside of the bridge. all the other lanes are open but still drivers may face some delays. the closure began wednesday after a crack was discovered in the steel beam. it is designed to let the road way sway during an quake. the head of aviation agency in ground breaking ceremony for a new control center of cost of $33 million. expected 650 employed during the construction phase which is expected to take 3 years. >> obviously it has an economic stimulus benefit, but for the fa in particular, allows us to accelerate projects and we gain the efficiencies quickly. >> it is being designed with
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green technology in mind solar panels, and thermal heating and cooling. ground breaking is set to begin before halloween on a connector line linking bart and calls for a 10-mile long e-bart line from antioch to pittsburgh bay point situation. e-bart would run on normal train tracks with rail cars and a diesel engine. they expect it to be up and running on 2015. passengers transfer between e- bart and bart at the bits purg station. they are launching a new rider campaign. they're calling it try bart week. they're offering prizes including a year's worth of bart tickets. platform signs will display a new word of the day. they can text that word to bart for a chance to win one of the prizes. hundreds of california gas stations face a midnight
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deadline to replace pump nozzles. one owner says shell defy that order. -- shell defy that order.
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>> teams of law enforcement
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officers are ready to take part in antiterrorist training program. it is hosted by the sheriff's department. among the activities set for this weekend are oakland airport, former nummi plant in freement. parts of the south bay felt an earthquake this morning. the 3.0 quake hit about 9:15 this morning. there were no reports of injuries or damage. well it's a show down at the gas pump: the deadline is today for hundreds of california gas stations to change their nozzles. they call it a safety issue, and john fouler found at least one dealer that's refusing. >> gas nozzles made by vapor system technology have a hold open latch they call defective and that stations must remove or face saukss. >> if they shut me down they shut me down.
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i have to make a stand. >> gena's station one of 34 in san francisco is equipped with these nozzles and her surveillance video shows gasoline spraying customers. she alerted officials. >> they potentially catch on fire. so it's a hazard. >> firefighters hand delivered this warning to stations six weeks ago it was to be signed and returned by today. some stations including this one also on ocean avenue have complied. the station has to hire a certified technician, and customers must hold the nozzle open manually. she said her hand ached after 4 minutes. she liked the old way. >> not anymore. >> well the thing is, i guess if it's for something good, why not. >> state officials last year approved the nozzles part of
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$70,000 required upgrade. after the leaks they did replace her old nozzles of no charge, but the new ones also have latches. daily tests show they work fine and won't inconvenience customers for the company's problems. >> it's unfair. we will lose our customers. recall the nozzles. >> a spokesman failed to return our repeated telephone calls. stations that do comply, this fine is going up. warning drivers not to wedge objects into the nozzle to keep the gas flowing. ktvu channel 2 news. >> the former ceo of country wide financial today agreed to pay $67.5 million in penalties. they agreed to pay total of $6 million, the agreements allowed them to avoid federal prosecution. bank of america that brought country wide, said they will pay $5 million of the fine. it was a tail of two
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indexes on wall street. the dow was mired in red and closed down 32 parts in parts of the banking sector. but google earnings pushed the nasdaq higher. it gained 33 points. sarah pay len spoke before a group of business leaders. dean spoke first, and complained the current election is the least civil he's seen. palin accused the obama administration of being anti- business. they were invited to appear at the 16th annual perspective conference hosted by the metro chamber of commerce. in less than 24 hours, the san francisco giants take on the phillies in their push for the national league pennant. they took the field for a tune up before game 1. tim lincecum is facing roy halladay that through a no hitter. you can watch all the games on ktvu channel 2. coverage starts at 4:30 tomorrow. and you can find complete
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coverage of the jienlt's run by clicking the playoff tab when you get to preliminary reports indicate that cal and stanford won't be placed in ucla when the pac 12 launches next year. they're quoting usc staying the new alignment lump cal and stanford with oregon, oregon state, washington, and washington state in one division, the other division will include new comers colorado and utah along with usc, arizona school. the report does not indicate if cal and stanford will automatically lose their football games with the la schools. a final vote is scheduled for next week. well it is friday night, time for our high school football game of the week. featured match up clayton valley against concord. live in concord with the fanfare. hi mark. >> oh yes, gasia, it's a true
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grudge match. there's theyoung quarterback playing for concord high that everyone is hot about and setting passing records and thrown a touchdown and scored one tonight and you'll see highlights at 10. but in the meantime i had a chance to talk about the rivalry with clayton valley cloture. -- coach. here is what they said. >> everyone knows each other and tufrned into a heated rivalry. >> first of all, i want to ask you about a kid in the middle of your defensive line. >> ellison we got him back. he was injured back in the year, but he's an outstanding player. he has a good shot to play on saturday. he's outstanding. >> this is kind of cool tonight you doing this with the pink for breast cancer awareness month. >> absolutely and it's bigger than the game. the game is a fleeting moment, but you know, braes cancer is with us forever, and hopely not forever.
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>> giants or phillies? >> giants! come on all the way! >> there you go. game 1 of course on our sister station channel 2. in the meantime i have to tell you the yankees are taking a licking tonight. 5-0 and the rangers lead in that first game of the series. we'll have full highlights of this rivalry match tonight at 10:00. but in the meantime, from concord, that's the sporting life back to you gasia. >> mark, thank you. now concord and clayton valley high school are in the same district tasing an uphill battle to bring sports programs back for the next school year. they scrapped sports funding, but a non-profit group raised more than $1 million to keep it going. this year's effort is more difficult because the public is less eager to help. >> a south bay school leader receiving a top honor.
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the national recognition she's getting reserved for a select few. and will the fog make a return? meteorologist mark isworking on the forecast. ocooer feoel cort eeit t totr r
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>> for the second straight day, extreme fire daingser kept visitors out of allen park. there has been no let up since. it is expected to reopen tomorrow. pretty much across the bay area our meteorologist is to tell us, we're going to see a cool down. >> that's right. it's not a minor change, it's a noticeable change especially as you head into your sunday. at least for tonight the fog has been increasing approaching the bay area coastline as well. take a look at the maps, and the fog concentrated from the golden gate bridge to the south, and we have that on shore breeze, and that will increase the overcast. i'm watching this system to our north and west, and there's a bunch of cool area, and this will be the source of the bay area cool down as it pressures our shore line by sunday. as far as temperatures today, we cooled off 5 to 15
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degrees to yesterday. san francisco 64 degrees, still some 90s to report from antioch and livermore. weather story, the fog is on the increase overnight, the temperatures cooling off the entire weekend, and the extended forecast, a little bump in the number. temperatures for tomorrow, range from the low 60s on coast side, either side around 70 around the bay. here once again is the weather system impacting our weather tomorrow. 5 or 10 degrees down from today's high. we'll start with fog in the morning, and we'll call it partly cloudy is a breeze out there. and then sunday you can see what happens. this system drops to the south and close enough to bring in some more clouds also it will bring in the coolest air, and there's a possibility of a scatter shower or two as we head into the second half of the weekend. pretty much the same deal
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for your saturday, but then into sunday a little bit of activity. this represents just a chance for sunday morning, also into the afternoon highest chance is south bay and parts of the east bay. as far as tomorrow morning areas of fog for the coast and bay into the afternoon hours partly sunny skies, some coastal fog, and those temperatures ranging from the lower 60s all the way to the lower 80s. as you can see santda rosa 79 fairfield 80, oakland 71, livermore 81 degrees, san jose in the upper 70s and san francisco mainly this the lower 60s at 63. here is your five-day forecast. cooler into the weekend, minor warming for next week. >> a south bay elementary school principal is being honored as one of the top school administrators in the nation. rodriguez is 62 school leaders nationwide to have distinguished principal by the
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national association of elementary principals. that's our reported for tonight. bay area news at 7:00 returns on monday and our coverage continues online at tmz is up next right here on tv 36. have a good night.
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