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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  October 20, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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music comes to a halt for these bandmates. dozens of people were displaced by a apartment file -- apartment fire. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is wednesday, october 20. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. bay area families are looking for answers tonight after a police cruiser struck a pedestrian leaving him hospitalized and fighting for his life. jana katsuyama is live in san jose. >> reporter: we learned that the victim is unconscious and is in critical condition right now. we talked to his family because
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they cannot understand how it is that the cruiser hit him and we also obtained some surveillance video that shows the crash. the san jose police cruiser hit the men here on east santa clara street around 7:20 p.m. monday night and it was dark but we obtained video today from a surveillance camera that caught a glimpse of the cruiser hitting him who fell to the ground. about 15 seconds releasing officer in emerged from the car and later the flashing lights about the police, fire, and ambulance crews arriving. >> he was struck. he was hit by his head. >> reporter: he said the 63- year-old man is a husband and father of three. he was working for abc security as a car that night but he started the job last week and had become a u.s. citizen three
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weeks ago. >> very happy with his citizenship. everything was looking very good. >> reporter: they say the officer was driving the cruiser. he has been with san jose police for 17 years. police say they are still investigating the cause of the crash and whether the man was in a crosswalk or whether the officer may have been distracted. residents say jahal is cautious. >> he is very careful walking as he is crossing the streets or anything. >> reporter: we saw many people crossing the road near the accident site there is no crosswalk here. >> as i was thinking about it, we have parking it is really good. >> reporter: the family hopes they can get some answers and
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hope that he is able to recover from his injuries. oakland police are trying to determine if two home invasions were carried about the same -- carried out by the same two men. the first was an east 26th street and the second happened less than a mile away on east 20th street. in that robbery two armed men approached family members and forced their way into the home. they took cash and electronic equipment. no one was hurt -- was her in a the incident. >> berkeley police arrested two men for a series of armed robberies pkc for robberies involving five victims took place in berkeley and oakland. robbers used a pistol and shotgun one of the suspects is from berkeley and the remaining four are from richmond. a judge approved an injunction to close the
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fisherman's wharf nightclub. it was negotiated by city attorney dennis herrera and the club owners. the club were shut down in february and four others were wounded the city points to other incidents involving firearms and knives as well as brawls and after our drinking. they only $20,000 payment to the city stomach up to 100 people are displaced fire following a fire in downtown san francisco. it started before dawn on hyde street. many got out with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. >> fire destroyed this building and the belongings of the people who lived in its. >> i am looking at my building. it looks like somebody else's nightmare, not mine. >> reporter: this woman escaped a fire that happened in her building this morning. >> you go to bed and you wake
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up and are claiming out the window with no shoes on. >> reporter: it may have started out small but quickly swallowed the eight unit complex and the adjacent building. >> the stairwell collapsed. maybe decision to pull everybody out and go defensive on it. >> reporter: three people were transported to st. francis hospital. no one was seriously hurt. at least not physically. >> these bandmates are among the 50 people evacuated pbc the instruments were destroyed along with the rest of their famous. >> i spend my money to get this. working and everything is gone. everything is burned down and i have nothing. >> reporter: many are renters reaching from college professors to art students. many of whom do not have insurance and are reliant on the red cross for help. in the meantime this stretch of
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hyde street could stay blocked off past 8:00 tonight with security to be posted here until this building comes down safely. in san francisco, patty lee, ktvu channel 2 news. is the change of plans for the president's visit tomorrow. thursday's event has been removed from san francisco to the peninsula. he will attend a $30,000 a plate fundraising dinner at the google executive marissa mayer and state comptroller steve westley. neither event is open to the public. currently feeling -- carly fiorina mobbed her opponent barbara boxer. >> she's going to lose and the president and vice president are here on in rescue efforts. >> today we are more than 50% higher. >> in addition, the president
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reported his 62nd radio ad praising boxer and senator boxer has a slim reed. most are close enough to be within the margin of error stomach the ninth circuit court of appeals issued a report allowing the military to keep its speed by policy in place. earlier a judge tossed out the band but yesterday the scene judge refused to suspend her ruling that the obama administration appealed. the ninth circuit granted a justice department request to freeze the ruling saying the ban on gays in the military should remain in place during the appeal process. after years of debate the controversial project of connecting parts to the airport is getting started officials gathered near the oakland coliseum to announce the kickoff of the $484 million
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project. the elevated railway will carry travelers between bart and the oakland airport. electric trains will replace buses. the elevated connector is more efficient and provide screen traveled to the airport. >> i travel a lot. to be able to come here and get to the oakland international airport, it's going to be great. people in this region will see oakland international airport as there point of departure and return. >> construction on the connector will begin next year and will be completed by 2014. san francisco police are accusing transients were spiking crime around the city could groups of homeless have moved to areas such as fisherman's wharf, chinatown and justin herman plaza. they say aggravated assaults are up 26%. the mayor's office says it is working with the police and sheriff's department to
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strengthen charges against chronic transients. construction of a landmark on the bay bridge has been briefly delayed. caltrans has a central piece of equipment must be repaired before the self anchored a tower can be lifted into place. work was supposed to begin this morning and a new plan will start on sunday. according to caltrans the $6 billion project is on schedule to be complete by 2013 and. steve jobs announced a new line of macbook computers and they say the new macbook air is powerful and has a long battery life. the laptop tapers from two thirds of an inch to just a 10th of an inch. they come with either a 13.3- inch screen or 11.5-inch screen. >> this is an exquisite product. it is also 2.3 pounds which is just a little bit more than an ipod. >> the price book ranges from $1,000 to $1,600.
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businesses moving -- is booming for netflix. they owned $38 million in their third quarter. it is almost $30 million more than last year and gained close to $2 million customers -- close to 2 million customers. they will wrap up the year with another 2 million subscribers. stock prices rebounded today. the dow surged 129 points. nasdaq added 20 points. airline stocks did well after delta reported strong holiday bookings. starbucks is teaming up with yahoo to bring free digital content. people can use free wifi and free movies and music downloads are included. it is being called the starbucks digital network and the partnership is part of their strategic plan to provide unique web content stomach up
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next, one -- why junior-college may not be the best route to obtaining a bachelor is a great. >> as we approach the sentencing day for johannes mehserle we will tell you about the thousands of letters and postcards now on their way to the court. >> students wear the color purple today at bay area schools and around the nation in order to take a stand. >> get your umbrellas out. it looks like we have some rain in the forecast. ocooer feoel cort eeit t totr r
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>> position 19 may face action -- proposition 19 80s action against the obama
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administration. the number of people in treatment for marijuana in california is the highest in the nation in passing prop 19 will do more harm than good. kerlikowske says the justice department is looking at all options including going to court if prop 19 passes for. workers say they will not be on-the-job and will be outside city hall. the union workers say they want to show their support for oscar grant, the man killed by former bart police officer johannes mehserle p he is sentenced to be -- sentence for involuntary manslaughter. they were galvanized to do so after two members were killed by san francisco police in 1934. emotions are running high. mehserle could be sentenced to as many as 14 years in prison
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to as little as probation. people are stepping up efforts to influence the judge as claudine wong reports. >> it has been more than three months since protests erupted in the johannes mehserle trial and as the approach sentencings both sides are hoping to sway the judge when he is trying to determine if mehserle should spend time behind bars. >> please show this young man and family some justice. >> reporter: this man read from more than the 1,000 letters and postcards that he is packing them up today to send them to the court. >> a lot of students and community individuals, church groups, church members and community groups. all of them have expressed an interest. >> reporter: there are dozens of letters in the hands of judge robert perry. according to the latest numbers
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given to ktvu by the los angeles county court there have been 76,000 letters and postcards. the court says it appears that most of the grant mailings so far have been part of a coordinated effort on behalf of of oscar grant family and a majority of mehserle mailings have been individual letters. >> most of the letters i have seen are from people who say they do not believe their should be further jail sentence. that this is a case where probation should be given. >> reporter: police told me today they had no indication that there is some large organized protests but as we saw on verdicts day a lot of the demonstrations are spontaneous. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. and need a hill says she will not apologize to clarence thomas' wife and she's not talking to reporters outside her home. >> i need for you to get out of my street. i do not have any comments right now. >> she accused thomas of having
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sexually harassed her. recently thomas' wife left a message on her into machine seeking a apology. ??? says her testimony -- hill says that her testimony is true. and indian tribes says they have reached a major shoreline deal with environmentalist who they want to build a resort and tribal housing. just north of the richmond san rafael bridge and settles a lawsuit under the agreement the tribe will pay to protect and restore the shoreline of the 312 bigger site. a study from sacramento looks at students entering junior colleges and balance 70% did not graduate or transit
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stomach transfer within six years. they hope that the study will lead to progress helping to boost completion. money that went into a self invented trust fund has been revealed. the money was earmarked for affordable housing but was actually used by city officials to give themselves salaries and generous benefits. officials are accused of mismanaging more than $50 million leading millions of dollars in illegal taxes stomach there is a nationwide focus on how physical and verbal harassment can lead to suicide among gay teenagers and led to colorful participation. robert hunter explains how purple took center stage. >> reporter: in san mateo today, many students for purple
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in a show of support for the students during al a week designed to raise awareness on bullying that contributes to 18 suicide. >> an instance would be being called a faggot and shoved against a locker. that has happened before at this school. it can be as small as someone saying, oh, "that's gay." things like that really add up. >> reporter: they are going to take a stand against those who use hate language. >> a lot of kids get made fun of. i feel bad of. >> i was bullied a lot when i was younger and i can speak from experience. i can understand why they do not like it. >> reporter: some students who attended a seminar told us they feel reassured by being true to themselves. >> high school is such a small
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part of your life that things will be different. the people who are pulling you will go away into it does get better. >> students do not realize what they are seeing hurts. their words make a difference. >> reporter: many students say they do not tend -- will not be intimidated any more and plan to be more active for the rest of the week replacing words a page with words of encouragement for. we have a less than 24 hours to vote on our high school football game of the week. you have until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow to vote at our website, the waiting game will be previewed here and will air on the 10:00 news on ktvu channel to. the scene around san francisco's china basin will have a new addition and how
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this tent sets the stage for an upcoming holiday event. brain will make its way to the bay area. bill martin will tell us where we can expect it to be the strongest.
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>> the east bay regional park
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district has been awarded $10 million to upgrade and build bicycle and pedestrian trails and will extend the iron horse trail to the hacienda business park. the pathway from the oakland coliseum to 105th avenue will be built. there will be two additions to the san francisco bay trail. a pretty day you cannot beat. these coming days i think chief meteorologist bill martin made have other advice -- may have other advice. >> let's go to the computer model. if bob has made a pretty strong -- fog is pretty strong and is across most bay area neighborhoods. partly sunny and cooler tomorrow. clouds increase. by tomorrow night may be a
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sprinkle. clouds and as we get into saturday night and sunday sprinkles. sunday looks more significant. you see a big cool down. 60s and '70s along the coast. tomorrow is mostly in the 60s may be some low 70s. high pressure barely hanging on. as it weakens there are a couple components to it the first storms are kind of weak and on saturday not that strong. on saturday and sunday in other comes through. that one looks stronger and maybe a quarter of an inch to mac a half-inch of rain. we will watch it for you. you won't need umbrellas. it's all good.
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we definitely need it. friday morning we may have some wet pavement. friday night and into saturday. saturday morning not huge but some sprinkles. and then, bang, here it comes for sunday morning. that is the latest computer model. this is the five day forecast as we see it for tomorrow. get ready for showers. >> thank you, bill. the san francisco giants are not the only attraction around the china basin but you  may notice a few tents for a performance that will include acrobatics and special fx. it debuts on november 16. speaking of the giants fans are sharing their photos by going to our website you can see that pets are among those included.
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you can submit your own photos by e-mailing them to right now the giants are beating the phillies 5-no bowler in the seventh inning. that's it for for us tonight. i am gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues tonight on and the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. tmz is up next right here on tv36.
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