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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  October 20, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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country folk? now that's us. spend over 2500 dollars on a new kitchen and save 40 percent on custom countertops until november 28th at ikea. the life improvement store. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. >> this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. >> a huge win tonight at at&t park as the giants come from behind to beat the phillies in the bottom of the 9th. welcome back to our continuing coverage. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. one more win is all they need. the san francisco giants rally for an exciting 6-5 victory tonight at at&t park and now have a commanding 3-1 lead over philadelphia in the national championship series. they need just one more win for
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the pennant. ktvu's mike mibach is outside the ballpark with wins. we start, though, inside the ballpark on the diamond with our sports director mark ibanez. mark? >> yes, you mentioned one more win. you can say so close but yet so far away. because to get there, they have got to beat the guys probably going to win this year's cy young award and that would be roy halliday. but the giants as they have proven time and time again, never count them out. they always seem to come through. take a look at how this ball game progressed. probably the key hit aside from the game winner pablo sandoval a big 5th inning two run double into left center-field. the much aligned pablo coming through in a big way and putting the giants in front, although briefly. because in the 8th inning sergio romo comes out of the bullpen and gives up a shot down the left field line off the bat of the phillies right- fielder jason werth brings in the tying run for ryan howard. go to the bottom of the 9th
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inning aubrey huff with a single backed up with buster posey and juan uribe the fly- ball to left. you knew from the moment it left his bat it was deep enough to catch up with what was the game winning run and set off absolute bedlam here at at&t park as the giants win in the 9th 6-5. and bruce boche talked afterward about the game winning homerun. >> we said he was available. and felt comfortable putting juan out there. we had the right guy at the plate there. and he has come through so many times for us. and he had a ball he can handle to get deep enough into the outfield. >> reporter: you know, as a giant fan you get put the wringer in these ball games as the giants in the post season have won only one game not
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decided by one run. and the great thing is in less than 24 hours, we will do it all over again. but that one could mean the national league pennant for the san francisco giants! 6-5 winners over the favorite philadelphia phillylys. back to you julie and frank. >> mark, thanks. and from sports director mark ibanez inside the park we turn now to ktvu's mike mibach outside the park with fans tonight. mike? >> julie early at night down here at the ballpark. an absolute classic. not just one hero. although buster posey had a night. a lot of heroes. that's what this 2010 giants baseball team has been built on. a team effort behind me. some fans are still lingering outside waiting for a few of the players to take off. giants baseball really the type of baseball bringing the city of san francisco, bringing giants' fans all across north california together in this push to get back to the world
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series. >> tonight magic was in the air. this was game four of the nlcs. [ applause ] >> bring it. go giants, number one. >> the giants entered the game two wins away from the pennant. and on this night, the giants struck early. [ applause ] >> buster posey getting an rbi in the bottom of the 1st and another in the 3rd. the rookie catcher, his fans were everywhere. >> absolutely huge. it's great. our man buster. >> i think buster posey needs to get two more hits. >> buster is the man, come on, bring it, buster, we want some more of that. >> reporter: the energy in the ballpark building all day long. the orange rally were waiting. fans and former players were hoping to shed some tears and get the san francisco giants one game closer to their fourth nl pennant. >> you know i'm fired up. >> reporter: 1989mvp will clark
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knows what it takes. >> pitching in defense and some timely offense. i hope it pushes them all the way through. >> and a fly-ball into right. >> reporter: and tonight timely offense was the key. and in the bottom of the 9th the juan uribe walkoff was the clincher in this classic. >> giants win it. >> uribe comes up ready to start the game. he hits it and makes a diving stop. we are fired up. [ applause ] >> go giants. >> reporter: it was the hero situation 100%. and to see sandoval come back was great. we are all rooting for him to get hot again and start hitting again. >> reporter: a lot of fans are still celebrating outside many of the local pubs outside of the ballpark. and a lot of them can't believe that the giants are one win away from winning the pennant but that is the fact. live tonight here in san francisco mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. let's go giants. let's go giants. >> away from san francisco
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giants fans gathered around televisions tuned to channel 2 including here at the walnut creek restaurant named after willy mccoffeey. spirits were high among the youngest and oldest fans even some who followed the team years ago when the giants were in new york. well, game five is tomorrow. tim lincecum for the giants roy halliday for the phillies. the only place to see it right here on ktvu. coverage starts at 4:30 following a special early edition of ktvu, channel 2 news at 4. the giants would love to win the pennant at home. follow the battle for the pennant at find all of our coverage including photos, video and more right on the front page. the military's don't ask don't tell policy is now back in place at least for the time being. late today the 9th circuit court of appeals in san francisco ordered the policy to remain in place while the government pursues a legal challenge. earlier this month, the federal judge in riverside ruled the ban on gays serving openly in the military is unconstitutional. and ordered it suspended.
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today's order freezes that ruling while the justice department appeals. the president has said he wants the policy repealed but only after a review and an act of congress. there has been a change of plans for president obama's visit to the bay area tomorrow. instead of campaigning in san francisco, the president is going to the peninsula. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is live now in palo alto where the president is having dinner tomorrow. lloyd? >> reporter: julie, i'm in the palo alto neighborhood where president barack will be attended a fundraiser tomorrow night. throughout the area there are these signs warning there will be no parking on the streets from 10:00 in the morning until midnight. neighbors know exactly which house the president will be going to. >> i thought it was humorous that all of these guys are standing out in front of her out there for the halloween decor. >> the house is the home of
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google executive marissa mayor. she is throwing a $30,000 hit dinner for 50 democratic big wigs. eventually it was going to be at her four seasons hotel apartment in san francisco. but for whatever reason, the president is coming to the south bay instead. san francisco is already going to be crowded with the giants playoffs baseball game. neighbors here in palo alto are excited with the prospect of possibly seeing the president in person. >> we can hang out, cameras, video cameras, whatever we can get. >> reporter: mr. obama will be going to the african home of former state controller steve wesley for a fundraiser for kamala harris. word is people can take a picture with the president for $6500. a task force of 100 police from six different south bay enforcement agencies will aid the secret service. >> this is a heightened sense of alert. i mean, our job here is to protect the president.
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and also, you know, to protect the citizens. >> police say they have received word that demonstrators may show up. a special area will be designated for them. we found mostly obama supporters tonight. >> i think that, you know, out of all of the presidents, you know, he has a really difficult task. >> i would say i think he is doing a great job despite the hard time everybody is giving him. >> reporter: the president is expected to land at sfo at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. he will be here at dinner in palo alto at 7:00. he will overnight in san francisco. live in palo alto, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2. >> there is encouraging news tonight for jerry brown it comes from one of california's most respected polls. the new poll was released just one hour ago and shows the democrat has now opened up an eight point lead over republican meg whitman in the race for governor. but the u.s. senate race appears to be tightening.
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political editor randy shandobil has the report. >> reporter: 13 days until election day and things are looking up for democrat jerry brown. [ applause ] >> reporter: last month public policy institute of california poll showed brown in a virtual tie with republican meg whitman. but now brown has an eight point lead. 44% for him, 36 for meg whitman. >> thank you. >> despite being the gops first female candidate for governor and despite someone in brown's campaign calling meg whitman a whore, brown has opened up a 15 point lead among women. while the trend is obviously encouraging for jerry brown, many california democrats are still worried. why? the so-called enthusiasm gap. a small sampling of bay area democrats. >> i do care. but i don't feel -- it is not like i feel like i did two years ago. >> were you more involved two years ago? >> definitely, yes. >> reporter: what's the difference? >> i don't know. some kind of apathy has set in.
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>> reporter: a small sampling of republicans. >> i am very excited about this election. >> reporter: you are going to vote for meg whitman. >> you had better believe it. >> reporter: so even though brown leads, do pollsters will actually vote. uc berkeley's bradley brady. >> most voters know who they will vote for. they use past practice. are you registered to vote and have you voted in the past so and and so forth. it is hard to figure out who is actually going to walk to the polls on polling day. >> reporter: the race for the u.s. senate has tightened. barbara boxer's lead over carly fiorina was seven points. it is now five. 43% for boxer, 38 for fiorina. >> they have one rallying cry for the republicans which is let's win this senate race in california because we might then be able to take the senate for the whole country. >> reporter: which perhaps explains the enthusiasm gap.
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for republicans this year it's just about california. political editor randy shandobil, ktvu, channel 2 news. we caught up with meg whitman this evening in pleasant ton to get her reaction to the latest poll. she said she is not concerned. and explained why. >> jerry brown is stuck at about 45% of voters. he has not been able to get much more than that in virtually all of the polls. so the big undecideds is who is going to decide this race. and i'm working very hard to communicate my message to those undecided voters. >> this stop at a pizza restaurant with some one-on-one campaigning appeared to have been added to meg whitman's schedule at the last minute. tonight's ppic poll reveals a possible shift on how voters feel about legalizing marijuana in california. and there are new numbers on california's battle over rolling back climate regulations. plus proposed budget reform in sacramento. those new poll numbers are coming up around 10:30 tonight. [ music ]
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>> a clear view across the bay this evening. but there is some rain on the way. when it will get here and how it will affect your day. tomorrow's forecast in just about ten minutes. legitimate business or illegal gambling operation? we take a peek behind the curtain coming up. >> he is strong, very, very wrong. >> family members
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. >> more evidence tonight that illegal gambling is taking place on store fronts in some bay area strip fronts. we showed you that this week. ktvu's ken wayne talked to a woman who lost $7,000 at one of those computer gaming halls. ken joins us live in vallejo with the details. ken? >> reporter: julie, we have been told there are illegal gambling operations in antioch, concord oakland and behind this strip mall on sonoma boulevard here in vallejo. if you look over the drapes and butcher paper you see tables filled with computer monitors. when we stopped by the lights and computers were on but the doors were locked and no one was inside. the sign says lucky business services provides e-mail fax and copies. but some say these operations
11:46 pm
aren't set up for those services at all. >> they are lying, yes. they are lying. >> reporter: this woman doesn't want us to reveal her identity but says she was a regular customer at a similar storefront gambling operation at durant square in oakland. >> yes, the gambling shack that's what everyone would call it the gambling shack. >> reporter: the manager said they provided internet services. this woman says no one used the computers for internet access. >> simply gambling and i went all of the time. people in wheelchairs. and most of the people that entered this establishment was low income people. >> reporter: she showed us this debit card she used to swipe in the computer terminal and her check book with several $100 withdrawals in one day. she says it's what she spent gambling. >> reporter: so tell me in grand total how much you lost? >> about $7,000 to $8,000. i got ripped off. >> reporter: the woman says the
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computer games called scatter, eve and balloon could be confusing. >> i said if somebody can tell me how this machine pays, i will give you $20. and nobody could tell me because the machine basically did what it wanted to do. >> reporter: the woman says she was also told the money went to catholic charities. but now doubts that. >> i want my money back. >> reporter: can we talk to you? >> no. >> reporter: all right, thanks. the security asked us to leave the durant property. the sign in the window says the business will open as a place called hurricane bingo. by the way while we were here tonight one gentleman came up and tried to open the door. it was locked. i asked him if he was here to gamble and he said yes. live in vallejo, ken wayne ktvu, channel 2 news. >> the doors of swing in february a man was shot outside that club and four others were
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wounded. the final straw after several incidents in that club. today a superior court judge approved an injunction prohibiting the club's owners from opening at the fisherman's wharf location. the sum includes a $20,000 payment to the city. the owners had voluntarily closed the club months ago. berkeley police say today they arrested four teenaged in a string with armed robberies. they identified the teens. they are all 18 or 19-year-old. police say they robbed five different victims last week. as the victims were out for walks. and that the suspects used a shotgun to threaten their victims. two other men are also in custody in connection with another armed robbery in berkeley on october 5th. they are identified as marco and damian green both of richmond. caught using the victim's credit cards and the robbery was caught under surveillance camera. >> we have new information and
11:49 pm
new surveillance video about an accident involving a san jose police officer and a pedestrian who was badly injured. ktvu's january katsuyama talked janna katsuyama talked to the victim's family told and has our report. >> reporter: the san jose police cruiser hit him near 14th street around 7:20 monday night t was dark. but we obtained video today from a surveillance camera across the street that caught a shadowy glims of the cruiser hitting him who fell to the ground. 15 seconds later you see an officer emerge from the car and lean over the victim. and later the flashing lights of police and ambulance and police cars arriving. >> we feel very sad. >> reporter: today his cousin told us the 63-year-old fremont man is a husband and father of three. the cousin says he was working for abc security as a guard that night. he had started the job that
11:50 pm
week and had just become a u.s. citizen three weeks ago. >> a very happy time he got the citizenship. he got a new job. and everything was looking very good. >> reporter: san jose police say officer chan was driving the cruiser that hit him. he has been with the san jose police for 17 years. police say they are still investigating the cause of the crash, whether he was in a crosswalk or whether the officer might have been distracted while driving. relatives say he is cautious and they don't understand how this happened. >> he would never walk fast. he is very careful for walking, especially crossing the streets or something. >> reporter: today we found many people crossing the road near the accident site. there is no crosswalk at 14th and east santa clara streets. >> yes, we need that. i was thinking about it if they have a crosswalk it is good, it is really good. >> reporter: here at the hospital tonight the victim's family says they just hope they
11:51 pm
get some answers and that he is able to recover from his injuries. reporting from san jose, janna katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. [ music ] and we have got day five tomorrow out at at&t park. 62 degrees around the time of the first pitch. a big difference though. more clouds than we have in the last couple of days. increasing clouds. chilly out there by the 5th and 6th inning tomorrow night. forecast for us tomorrow. clouds when you wake up. increasing clouds tomorrow. everything changes. today was nice. tomorrow temperatures cooler. and more clouds. and by tomorrow night the sprinkles in the bay area forecast. overnight lows tonight upper 40s. foggy around the bay. low clouds for a lot of us. it's going to feel a lot more like late fall and early winter than early fall, if you will. so the forecast then for tomorrow. temperatures mostly in the 60s around the bay. day-time highs tomorrow cooler than they have been.
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rain and umbrellas in your future. i will have the details coming up. the organizers have an effort to revitalize a playground in richmond found out they didn't win $25,000 in new equipment. the play lot at 38th and salano came in fourth in that incident national contest. more than 600 parks in the united states and canada participated in the competition. organizers were notified today about the outcome. they say they will continue to work to raise the money needed to rebuild that playground. they were forced from their homes. an update on a spectacular fire and where dozens of people are staying tonight. politics and barbecue mix at a
11:53 pm
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? a teenager on a bicycle
11:55 pm
struck and injured in oakland. a man driving a ford ranger hit the bicyclist in a crosswalk at 14th avenue and east 16th street at 7:30 p.m. they say the teen was taken too highland hospital and his injuries do not appear to be life threatening. the driver stayed at the scene. so far there is no word on whether he will be charged. a shelter opened early tonight is taking in people displaced by a four alarm fire in san francisco. the fire drove 75 people from their apartments. it destroyed one building and damaged two others. the pre-dawn fire began at 8:24 hyde street between sutter and bush and brought into control two hours later at 7:00 a.m. the academy of art told ktvu at least 12 of its students lived in the destroyed apartment complex. three people were treated for smoke inhalation. that shelter is in the city's south market area. the american red cross opened the doors at 3:00 this afternoon. by 5 p.m. ten displaced residents had
11:56 pm
checked in. cots are up for people to spend the night. toilet are yous were handed out as well, including toothbrushes and toothpaste. a mother accused of killing her twin daughters made a court appearance this morning in fairfield. 28-year-old monica mccareus was brought into court in a wheelchair. the judge set a hearing for november 18th. she pled not guilty last week from her hospital bed. police say she stabbed her 3- year-old daughters with a sam rye sword before trying to take her own life and setting their apartment on fire. she is charged with two counts of murder. flames are turning into big profits for the nation's airlines. delta, u.s. air and american airlines parent company amr all posted better than expected third quarter earnings today. boeing the world's second largest aircraft maker beat expectations despite a drop in military business. those airline earnings reports helped wall street rebound today. bank stocks also fueled the ral
11:57 pm
lip. the -- rally. the dow finished above 11,000. the nasdaq was up 20 points at the closing bell. san jose based ebay reported a short increase in its third quarter profits up 22% compared to last year's third quarter. ebay is making more money on pay pal business, even though it's online marketplace is slowing. earnings of $432 million beat analyst's expectations. and netflix is reporting a 23 percent increase in its third quarter earnings compared to the same period last year. the company has received a boost from its internet streaming service and a growing number of subscribers. it expects to have at least $-- 19 million subscribers by the end of the year. students often don't realize what they are saying hurts. >> bay area students taking a stand as part of a national campaign. how they showed their support today.
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because it is. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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[ music ] >> many but not all of the ten men and women running for mayor of oakland showed up tonight for what could be their final debate. they spoke about what they could do for the city if elected. but did they win over any voters. and she begins us with a live report. >> reporter: julie, the oakland mayoral debates is starting to wind down. it was everett jones the well known bbq stop. near jack london square. not much longer before the voters decide. just two weeks for people to hear from the candidates. the front-runners were here
12:01 am
exception for one big exception. don peratta called 30 minutes before the debate to say he was stuck in sacramento. they weren't surprised. >> this shows a trend don has been showing right along that he takes my vote for granted because i am going to win. not what the voters are going to tell them. the voters are tired of being taken for granted. >> reporter: the most recent polls have him ahead of jean kwan who now claims to be neck and neck with the senator. she spoke passionately on control of school funding. >> the state should not be able to take over our local schools and leave them in worse financial shape than they were when they began. with the interest alone on $100 million would give the teachers about a 4% to 5% raise than we would be looking at a looming strike this year. >> reporter: other topics taking center stage including job creation. >> recycling is growing.
12:02 am
food is growing, entertainment, health, food and trade and logistics these are all growth sectors we have a real ability to harness here in oakland. >> reporter: and the problem of hiring enough police officers. >> do we really have to pay off average $180 or $1880,000 per officer. i think we don't. >> reporter: the crowded field of ten candidates for mayor can make it tough to choose. >> have you made a decision at this point? i came in here thinking i did. now i am not as sure as i was. >> reporter: tonight's event was sponsored by the alameda county democratic lawyer's club which hoped to back one of the candidates. but after they tallied about 40 votes that were cast here tonight they found no one had grabbed enough of the vote to win their endorsement. live in oakland, ktvu, channel 2 news. a survey of likely california voters released tonight shows proposition 19, the ballot measure that would legal arizona marijuana is losing support. the public policy institute of
12:03 am
california poll found 44% in favor of proposition 19. that is down from 52% in september. 49% now say they oppose that proposition. if proposition 19 does pass, it could be regretted with a lawsuit from washington. today the president's drug czar told the associated press that the obama administration is considering all of its options, including suing the state. director of national drug control policy gill kurlacowski says proposition 19 doesn't hold up to scrutiny. that same poll shows that proposition 23 would put the law on hold. but the ppic poll shows 48% of proposition 23. 77 support it. it would stop implementation of the greenhouse gas law until the state's jobless rate falls well below half of what it is now for a full year. the public policy institute
12:04 am
poll also shows californians favoring a proposal to reduce the number of voters needed to pass a state budget. it's proposition 25. and roughly half support it. about a third oppose it. if proposition 25 passes, the legislature could pass a budget with a simple majority vote. currently a two-thirds vote is required. comedians and other entertainers performed tonight in san francisco to honor the life of a teenager killed 13 years ago. the jazz and blues club hosted a fundraiser for the love life foundation. that foundation was created toso the kind of violence that killed 16-year-old lacy. she died after being caught in a cross-fire outside a high school in oakland in 1997. the club's owner says more needs to be done to stop youth violence. >> we need to find a way to come together and to make this go away. [ applause ] >> the foundation will continue fundraising throughout the year. the proceeds will go to the love life arts and media
12:05 am
training academy. people across the country wore purple today in support of gay teenagers who are bullied or harassed because of who they are. the harassment can be so devastating it can lead to suicide. there have been a string of such deaths in recent weeks. on the peninsula today, ktvu's robert handa visited a high school where the color purple was on display. >> reporter: at oregon high in san mateo today instead of scarlet and black many students wore purple to show support of students in apply week designed to raise awareness that bullying contributes to gay teen suicide. >> a major incense is being called aott and being pushed back into a walker. that unfortunately happens at the school. it can be something small as saying oh, that's gay or no homo. small things like that really add up. >> reporter: the gay straight alliance ask students to sign pledges not to bully and take a
12:06 am
stand against those who do. >> a lot of students make fun of. i just feel bad because they shouldn't be made fun of because of that. >> i was bullied when i was younger. i could see from experience. i didn't like it. i can understand why, you know, they don't like it and i want to help stop it. >> topple students who attended a -- some students who attended a seminar led by bravo says it will go away. >> the people who bully you won't be in your life forever and it really does get better. >> students often don't realize what they are saying hurts. and that their words make a difference. >> reporter: many students here at the high school say they don't tend to be intimidated by these words anymore. in fact, they plan to be even more active for the rest of apply week, replacing words of hate with words of encouragement. in san mateo, robert handa, ktvu, channel 2 news. a vow to shut down the port
12:07 am
of oakland. why the upcoming sentencing of a former bart police officer is triggering action by the dock workers. and i've got updated rain tracker. i will show you which days will be the wettest. we will see
12:08 am
twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
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[ applause ] >> a controversial project to connect bart to the airport got underway with elected applauses. the bart managers and officials announced the kickoff. a three mile elevated airway would carry passengers between the bart coliseum station and the april. some people object to the price
12:10 am
tag though. $480million. but supporters say it will bring more business to the airport and create jobs. tensions are heating up again as former bart police officer mehserle is sentenced on november 5th for killing oscar grant. today supporters of grant, including members of the long shore and warehouse union called on the public to join a rally at oakland city hall on saturday. they are demanding mehserle receive the maximum sentence of 14 years for his involuntary manslaughter conviction. dock workers also plan to shut down the port of oakland in solidarity. >> if workers can stand up for justice for oscar grant, they can stand up for justice for all workers in this country. and it's got to begin to happen. and i hope the hell it happens this saturday. oakland police say they will have plenty of officers on duty this saturday for both rallies. >> the man known as spider dan will have to take the stand for climbing san francisco's
12:11 am
millennium tour tower. dan goodwin seen on the 25 story apartment complex was charged with being a public nuisance. goodwin says he climbed the tower to raise awareness about the vulnerability of sky scrapers to terrorist attacks. in world of the news tonight in britain people turned out to protest the government's deepest cuts in public spending since world war ii. up to a half a million jobs will be lost in the next few years. even queen elizabeth's budget is to be reduced by 14%. the conservative government's plan is designed overall to reduce record debt. in the file open phone philippines u.s. marine helicopters came to the aid of the super typhoon that hit on monday. some 200,000 people were affected. 20 people ended up being killed. vast areas of cropland were destroyed and roads are blocked by downed as trees. the marines are helping survey the damage. the typhoon is stalled over the south china sea and could head
12:12 am
towards southern china. in chile, a billionaire threw a party for the rescued miners today a week after the 33 men were brought to the surface. he also gave each of them $10,000. one of the miners broke down as he spoke about their 69 day ordeal and was comforted by another. and one of the other miners went down on a knee to propose to his girlfriend. and we are happy to report that she accepted. >> some important recalls to tell you about tonight. >> also an analyst is saying that apple's announcement today will take credit for apple's string of success. >> we are tracking rain
12:13 am
12:14 am
. >> it was back to the mac today at apple's headquarters. ceo steve jobs introduced a new line of lightweight ma cbook
12:15 am
computers. our consumer editor reports. [ applause ] >> reporter: apple founder steve jobs invited reporter inside to show off new hardware and software. >> we've got some fun stuff to share with you this morning. >> reporter: the stuff, it's latest easy to use software. plus two new solid state notebook sized computers. the powerful software loaded long battery life ultrathin mac book notebooks taper from a maximum of two-thirds of an inch down to just a 10th of an inch. they have either 13.3-inch or 11.5-inch screens and sell for $1,000 to $1600. it wad the analysts. >> this is just an swiss sit product an swiss it is 2.3 points which is a little bit more than an ipad. >> apple is riding the crest of a techno tidal wave.
12:16 am
millions of customers are beginning to see the benefits of larger apple computers. whether wittingly or unwittingly, this all began nine years ago this week when apple introduced its very first ipod. that created the halo effect that's bringing millions and millions of people into the mac computing world. >> this isn't like something that happened in the last two years. this is a long process. what you are seeing is kind of the future of portable computing. >> reporter: the proof, apple says last quarter alone it sold almost four million macintosh computers, 14 million for the year. >> that's three times as many that we did just five years earlier. >> reporter: last month 1-5 computers sold in the u.s. was an apple macintosh. i'm consumer editor tom vakar, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> an indian tribe that wants to build a casino report in richmond announced today it reached a key deal with
12:17 am
environmentalists. the hand bands of indians wants to build on the closed naval field depot near the richmond san raphael bridge. it settles a lawsuit brought by a coalition of environmental groups. the tribe will pay to protect and restore the shoreline and preserve 3/4ths of the 110-acre site as open space. the san francisco 49ers said today a year-long delay is likely for the new stadium. the team wants to build in santa clara. plans call for a $900 million near great america. but team president york told the mercury news financing is taking time. he said lenders want the nfl to reach a new labor agreement with players first. the current contract ends after this season. and the negotiations are bogged down. four infants have been killed in strollers when they got trapped in a stroller. the strollers are the models all sold across the united
12:18 am
states between 2,000 and 2007. problems with air bags are causing volvo to recall these models. all are in the 2010 model year. volvo says a wiring problem could prevent the driver airbag from deploying in the event of a crash. [ music ] >> and we have rain to talk about in your bay area forecast. a quick step outside will note the temperatures mostly in the mid and low 50s out there. here is the satellite loop. i want to show you the system i'm tracking, the first of which is pretty darn weak. it is stretched out here. offshore all elongated. doesn't have a lot of energy. this one rolls in tomorrow night. brings us a chance of a sprinkle late tomorrow night into friday morning. no big deal. but it is the first in a series of, well, weak weather systems that will get progressively stronger as we go into the week. sundays will be the strongest. when i say strong a quarter of
12:19 am
an inch of rain maybe on sunday. north bay maybe a little bit more in the hills. high pressure still with us tomorrow. 60s tomorrow. increasing clouds. sprinkles late tomorrow evening. yes, late in the evening, early, you know, 10, 11:00 some drizzle. maybe some wet on the morning roadway. so this system stays out there. spins one in tomorrow night. spins another one in saturday. spins another one in sunday. break that all down and show you on the computer model i am talking about. the latest computer model run. close. the timing will change probably between now and the weekend. but let's just kind of dial it in with what we have. tomorrow at 3:00 the clouds increase we had a slight drizzle. it rolls through here that little light drizzle event. here we are saturday morning. san jose nothing yet. saturday afternoon, there you go. pretty much rain, drizzle, san jose. not a big deal. but if you are in the mountains getting some rain and a little bit of wind up north.
12:20 am
not that windy. saturday night late, this is the bulk of the system. the red represents the heaviest dynamics, if you will, where the low center will be. rain throughout the entire bay area. saturday night is what it looks like right now into sunday. sunday at lunchtime. go into sunday afternoon it starts to clear up. timing will change with this. the severity could change as well. right now it doesn't look like a big deal. but the weekend looks wet. tomorrow not bad. but just changes coming our way. 63 the lunchtime temperature in san mateo tomorrow. forecast highs cooler than they were then. because, heck, today we had and yesterday, too, 70s. today we just had temperatures in the 60s. pardon me tomorrow just had temperatures in the 60s. the five day forecast is one that if we look optimistically we certainly need the rain. not a lot of rain for the reservoirs. but it will do wonder for the fire dangers. if this transpires we can forget about fire danger that would be great. >> a great month when it comes
12:21 am
to that. thanks, bill. >> thanks, bill. [ music ] so close and yet so far. one victory stands between the giants and the 2010 world series. we are coming back with the detail
12:22 am
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to me a great fashion story is about taking what's out there and making it work for my readers.
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at the magazine, i'm all about helping them get the looks for less. that's t.j.maxx. my assistant says, "isn't that all last season's fashions?" no way! t.j.maxx works deals directly with designers. that's how they can do it. this full-time fashionista... is really a maxxinista! t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you! . >> well, the giants and their fans are celebrating tonight after a huge win against the philadelphia phillylys in the bottom of the 9th. mark joins us at at&t park with all of the highlights. >> thanks, julie. about the most fun you can have without breaking any laws at the park i will tell you that. just delirious, ebbs and flows, ups and downs, emotional baseball trauma. it starts early on.
12:25 am
buster posey what a night, four hits and five tries. this is his second hit of the night. an rbi double to the wall at the left and the giants are out to a 2-0 lead. a bit of a rarity for them to have more than a one run cushion. aubrey huff later with the giants trailing 4-2 comes through with a shot to center. andre sorias roars around the score leaving the tag at the freight. 4-3 giants still trail. until the 6th pablo sandoval this atones for the problems he has had in the latter part of the season. the giants take the one run lead again. but in the 8th inning jason werth ropes one off sergio romo down the line just there. and ryan howard doubled ahead of him and we have a 5-5 ball game going into the bottom of the 9th. aubrey huff singles and buster
12:26 am
posey. and juan uribe lifts it to left with the 2-2 count on him. deep enough from the moment it left the bat you knew it would score the game winning run to end the ball game. the giants take with them the 3- 1 lead in the series. aubrey huff comments about this game in the clubhouse afterwards. >> that's got to be an instant classic right there. the crowd was into the whole game. get up early. you know, this series has been matched up as pitcher's duals all the way around. tonight was more of an offensive display, man. got to give them a lot of credit. kept coming back. and we did the same. and, you know, games like that always turn out to be great. >> how does it feel to be one win away from going to the world series? >> oh, this feels good. >> we are in a position a lot of people would like to be in. and realistically our jobs don't change, though. still play a game and respect the team over there because they are going to come out and give us their best as well. so, i mean, we are going to play baseball and let the game
12:27 am
decide it. >> in the meantime, back east, yankees stadium new york finally tires of getting pushed around by the rangers. curtis granderson comes with an rbi single. the yankees have themselves what turned out to be an insurmountable 3-0 lead. but just for the heck of it they do a little mash. nick swisher goes deep left. that ball is gone. as the inning continues, they go back-to-back as the all star second baseman and mvp candidate goes deep. ccsabathia the victory. giants lead their series 3-1. that is the sporting life from at&t. back to you frank and julie. >> mark, thank you. be sure to join ktvu morning news beginning at 5 a.m. tomorrow morning. the very latest on the giants' run for the pennant. leave you right now with one last look at the highlights of
12:28 am
the giants at bat. >> one drive to the left center- field and the giants are back on top. the kung fu panda has delivered for san francisco. 5-4. >> and now juan uribe is at the plate with a chance to win game [ female announcer keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. it's the way to individually brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew, hon. [ female announcer choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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