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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  October 22, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> the first significant storm of the season moves ashore setting the stage for a wet weekend in the bay area. good evening. >> i'm frank summerville, the rain is back, the seasons are changing, for the first time in a lodge time we're back on storm watch of the the rain is just a taste of what the forecast has in store for us this weekend. we start with mike who's live
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tonight in the marine headlands, mike? >> reporter: there is a storm coming to town. right now as you can see the north and south towers are hidden in fog. for the next 48 hours they will likely be dripping from the rain. >> it's romantic, feels like fall. >> reporter: tonight it was jackets, sweatshirts, and scarves on what is the first chilly night of the season. the cold settled in after a light rain fell across a majority of the bay area. weather caused some waves where some inbound and outbound flights were delayed 1-2 hours. the wet weather also meant wet roads. >> we have the left lane blocked. >> reporter: that in turn meant for a longer than usual friday commute. >> the oil slicks come up, and people aren't used to driving in the rain because it's been dry for so long.
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>> reporter: highway patrol officers say it's almost like clockwork every year during the first big storm of the season, many drivers tend to forget how to navigate roads. the solution, slow down and inspect your vehicle tomorrow. >> check your tires for air and tread depth, check your lights and your windshield wipers to make sure they are all working properly. >> reporter: tonight folks we spoke to sounded a bit excited for not only the cold, but the coming storm. >> rain, rain, rain. rain is better for us. we need it. i mean, god, desperately need water in this area also in the valley and we desperately need water. >> reporter: we need it and we will get it. chief meteorologist bill martin joining us now. bill, you were telling me earlier today that in some places in the bay area they could be getting an inch of rain. >> that's right, mike.
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easily an inch to two inches. we're looking at the remnants of a typhoon that's wrapped itself in the flow. now that's occurred, the computer models have picked up on that. as you go into tomorrow morning, scattered showers, saturday, a wet day, but not the wettest. saturday afternoon, the rain picks up. sunday morning, bang, we have heavy rain on the north coast. they could see 2-4 inches of rain, maybe more north of santa rosa. sunday afternoon, it's still raining. we're going to see advisories go up in the mountains as well. when i come back i'll show you the rainfall estimates. >> you can also find live storm tracker 2 updates by going to when you're in, click on the weather tab. a refinery flare up is sending flame and smoke into the air. the incident prompted a health advisory in the vicinity of the
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plant. tonight, gases are still flaring as operation shut down. ktvu's debra is live with the latest. debra? >> reporter: julie, county officials say this is the most serious incident they've had in 3-4 years. take a look at the flare continuing to burn as it has for almost 12 hours. at its peak, very unsettling for neighbors. >> it's huge. it looks dangerous. >> reporter: for many living on the hills around the refinery, the smoke and flames were scary. >> i thought it's going to blow up, on fire, or they are just releasing some kind of poison. >> reporter: not poison, what was burning was light hydrocarbon burned intentionally to relieve pressure whenever a malfunction forces the plant to shut down. first, hydrogen equipment, later, steam tower.
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>> it was another day in which a million things have to go right and something didn't. >> i think the rain and drizzle helped us. >> reporter: most of the smoke rose high and over the bay, still, hazardous materials teams scattered to check air quality. >> the zones to do a telephone zone notification. >> reporter: it wasn't necessary to warn people to stay inside. >> this one there maybe especially for some people who have sensitivity to chemicals or pre-existing conditions. >> i was indoors but had the windows open. >> reporter: this resident on oxygen says she felt the effects immediately, becoming more short of breath. >> just a simple thing like getting up from the chair to go to the other room, it was very difficult. more difficult than usual. >> i would like to apologize to
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the community. what an inconvenience. just the mere sight of seeing a flare can cause alarm. we're truly sorry for that. >> reporter: as pressure eases and processing operations shut down, we don't expect the flare to surge to this size again. it has shrunk dramatically and maybe out in an hour or two, but the investigation is just beginning. reporting live, ktvu. three beaches on the central california coast are offlimits tonight following a shark attack that claimed the life of a 19 year old man. the attack happened around 9 this morning at surf beach in santa barbara county. authorities say the shark bit the teen's leg and pulled him under water. the victim is identified from riverside county and was a student at uc santa barbara. authorities say a friend pulled
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ran some to shore, but he bled to death. here's a picture of his board after the attack. the shark was about 18 feet long. it's not clear if it was a great white. 12 fatal shark attacks in california since 1950. the young man accused of setting fire to a mall near sacramento says he did it because no one cared for him and he wanted to hurt himself. the fire spread unchecked in roseville causing more than $6 million in damage. at least 20 stores inside the mall were extensively damaged. 23 year old alexander piggy is being held without jail. he says he tried to get mental health treatment but was refused. officials hope to have the mall opened by the end of next month. the giants are back in philadelphia tonight getting ready for game 6 of the nlcs tomorrow evening. practice today was canceled
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after the team's flight was delayed because president obama happened to be leaving san francisco at about the same time as the a running feud with
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the people across the street? >> not at all. we're not friends, friends, but we're not enemies, you know what i mean? everybody is competition. face it. never let your right hand know
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what your left hand is doing. >> reporter: when you think of san francisco what do you think of? >> rice-a-roni. >> reporter: i can't tell you which one was better. they were distinctively different. i found those people very kind. i hope they'll be that nice tomorrow when the giants try to end this thing and go on into the world series. of course, we'll have it live on ktvu channel 2 tomorrow. reporting live tonight at citizen's bank park in philly, ktvu channel 2 news. the giants maybe in philadelphia, but giants fever is still running high in the bay area. many people were sporting orange and black and business was brisk at the giant's dug out store. managers say they have seen a jump in sales since they made
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the playoffs. fans seem optimistic. >> my husband was very angry, screaming and yelling at the tv. i said honey, they can't hear you. >> stick with them. stick with them. stay supportive. they need that, especially going on the road. >> reporter: other san francisco businesses say they are also seeing an uptake in business. because the texas rangers closed out their series with the new york yankees tonight, the giant's game will be played late tomorrow afternoon instead of earlier in the day. ktvu's coverage will start at 4:30:00 p.m. a strange and gruesome discovery, what was found at a bay area cemetery and the possible reason behind it. the city of san jose is taking a close look at cops who use police vehicles for their commute to work. startling ne
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[ female announcer keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. ♪ keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. [ female announcer so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. ♪ because it is. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. the budget-cutting effort could cost some city workers their ride home. san jose conducted an audit of city employees driving city vehicles home at night. most of the vehicles are assigned to the police department. ktvu's lloyd laquesta is live with the story. >> reporter: this is the
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report. the conclusion is some city employees who take city vehicles home are driving more miles commuting than on official city business. >> i'm going to have my own equipment bag over here, rifles and sometimes firearms. >> reporter: sergeant ronnie lopez is a san jose information officer. he's assigned a car to take home. this week he drove straight from home to the scene of an armed man barricaded in his car. he said other officers also came straight from home in city vehicles. he says it's a matter of response time. >> if our special operations needed to come to the police department first to pick up their vehicles, you could see where the response time would be drastically increased. >> reporter: but a report said the bigger problem is the high cost of city employees taking vehicles home. last year 1.5 million miles
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were commute miles and of the 166 city vehicles taken home, 144 were police vehicles at a cost of $900,000. >> that's enough to pay for the average police officer, which costs an average of $180,000 a year. we have to make that choice. >> reporter: a fire captain tonight showed me gear kept in 8 vehicles that firefighters take home. >> we're trying to reduce cost and provide a high level of service. >> reporter: the city audit identifies 90 police vehicles that should not be taken home. >> response times on emergency calls are given to officers on patrol, in the city, on the beat, not those at home. >> reporter: another criticism is that some of the police and fire vehicles taken home go as far away as moneray and
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modesto. police are investigating a bizarre discovery in a cemetery. two jars, each containing a human heart, police say about ten days ago a maintenance worker found the jars buried side by side. investigators are trying to determine the identifies of the people in the photos. >> the pictures are of two different couples of latin decent. it's a casual picture. >> the county coroner's office concluded the hearts have been removed from dead bodies and the jars may have something to do with a religious issue. . the number of americans who have it is on the rise. it is diabetes. in a new analysis it could afflict one out of every 3
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americans down the road. the consequences would be devastating. our health and science editor reports. >> it's a startling prediction, a tripling of diabetes in a generation. 95% of it, type 2 diabetes, linked to obesity. >> we are eating ourselves to death. we're eating the wrong kinds of foods, too much of the wrong kinds of food too frequently. >> the topics at this naacp conference in oakland. many of the attendies are diabetic. it's often in families. she shares the disease with her sister. >> she stopped taking her medicine, she dropped dead. i have no clue there was a tie between diabetes and heart disease. >> one street over, a farmer's
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market, unheard of in most neighborhoods. >> it's tough. i mean everything that's good is bad for you, everything that tastes bad is good for you. >> doctors say one part of beating diabetes is eating 3-5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. >> eating differently and exercising. exercising is going to get you more bang for your buck in determines of diabetes and obesity. >> it's estimated the cost of diabetes will soar to more than $5 billion a year. lawmakers urge restoring activity programs in schools. >> it brings relief to the budget by taking care of early health problems. >> i believe we can turn it around if everyone would teach one, we could turn it around.
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>> no change in behavior, one thing we can change, health and science editor, ktvu channel 2 news. governor schwarzenegger cut a popular children's program from the budget. three disability groups filed suit today. the governor saved $133 million when he terminated the program two weeks ago. it's provided about 20,000 special education students with counseling and placement in foster homes. the legal challenge says the law mandates the program. and we've been talking about it all week. we've got rain showers out there. you can see the showers showing up north of our area right now. those rain showers will spread south tomorrow. we're looking for scattered, light showers tonight. more showers on saturday, and
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then sunday, that is the main event. overnight lows in the 50s. it is a warm system. warm air holds a lot of water, that's why we're expecting a lot of rain. as we go through your bay area weekend, here's how it breaks down tomorrow, the first in a series moves onshore. the first well-organized one. that's not two inches, that's .2 to a half of an inch of rain at the most. sundays is much, much bigger. when i come back, i'll show you where the rain is now and when it's going to be in your neighborhood. see you back here. haiti is facing a new crisis, cholera as it struggles to recover from january's earthquake. hospitals are so overwhelmed they are turning sick people away. cholera causes severe diarrhea and vomiting. victims can die within hours. one missionary rushed one sick man from hospital to hospital, but it was too late. >> they are forcing everybody
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to come up here. i raced this guy up here, he died. came to the gate, they said no. >> so far, 150 dead, the number could rise dramatically if the disease spreads to the capitol. more than a million people living there. u.s. postal service is ready to fight for a rate hike. a increase was rejected last month, now the post office plans to ask a federal court to overrule that decision. it says it needs a rate hike. first class stamps currently cost 44 cents. the commander in chief has left town, now the first lady plans to visit. alarming numbers about marijuana arrests in
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about a dozen people from a group called home defenders league faced a protest in san jose today. they claim the bank deliberately makes it difficult for home owners to avoid foreclosure. one man says his bank didn't give him a chance even though he had the money. attorneys generals have begun looking into foreclosure practices. the latest job numbers are up. they show little change last month. at least 2.3 million californians were out of work. its report today puts the jobless rate for september at 12.4%. that's unchanged from august. in the bay area, unemployment remains below the state
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average, highest in the bay area, the lowest is 8.4%. wall street extended its string of weekly gains even though stocks closed mixed today. the dow lost 14 points but has posted gains for three weeks in a row. nasdaq was up 19 as technology companies continue to beat earnings predictions. president obama has made two more stops in his cross- country campaign trip for democrats. he left san francisco about 10:30 this morning. the president flew to los angeles today, he attended a rally at usc for barbara boxer and jerry brown. then president obama headed to nevada to do last-minute campaigning for senate majority leader harry reed. first lady michelle obama will be following in the footsteps of the president next week. she is attending a fundraiser in san francisco monday night. the first lady and house
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speaker nancy pelosi will be supporting senator barbara boxer in her bid for reelection. president obama has joined the voice. video of the president has been posted on youtube and the white house website. the president encourages to reach out to loved ones for help. antigay bullying has been in the spotlight since several teenagers took their own lives. >> you are not alone. he didn't do anything wrong. he didn't do anything to deserve being bullied. there's a whole world waiting for you filled with possibilities. >> the video is part of the project intended to reduce suicides. others include hillary clinton and comedian kathy griffin. a victim of the san bruno waits to rebuild.
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announcement comes today whether pg&e will rebuild the broken gas line through thissed neighborhood. we'll explain. the ride is [ female announcer keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. it's the way to individually brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew, hon. [ female announcer choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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from 15 leading brands, including tully's. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. woman: way to brew. [ female announcer choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. pg&e is promising the people of san bruno it will try to relocate the natural gas pipeline that exploded last month and reroute it away from the devastating neighborhood. >> reporter: yellow paint marking the underground pg&e gas line makes people nervous. kathy was home when the gas line exploded on september 9, just a few blocks from her house. she says if pg&e rebuilds the transmission line.
12:00 am
>> i will leave. if the pipe goes back in, i'm out of here. definitely. >> reporter: today san bruno mayor and state senator met with pg&e and say the ceo is committed to relocating the line. >> mr. john has made the commitment to me on behalf of pg&e that they did not -- he did not want that pipeline reconnected through the glenview neighborhood. >> reporter: it won't be easy finding a route that can avoid other neighborhoods in this densely-populated area. >> pg&e staff, they are, in fact, right now going through different modeling possibilities of where might you put that particular pipe. >> reporter: today we learned pg&e has turned off the gas in a mile and a half stretch of the pipeline seen here in red between crestwood drive and skyline. but one problem is winter is approaching, when gas demand is higher throughout the san francisco peninsula. >> they can't break the line,
12:01 am
change the line, or install automatic valves right now. that will stop that pressure in the segment of the line, they don't have the second segment any longer to pick up the gas demand. >> reporter: that doesn't help tina and her family, whose house was destroyed. they don't want to rebuild their home if the pipeline is rebuilt. >> it's hard, and when you don't know what your next move is, you don't feel you're in control of your life. >> reporter: another meeting is expected in the next few weeks to discuss the pipeline relocation. "ktvu channel 2 news." in oakland and across the country today there were demonstrations demanding an end to police brutality. >> all these people were human beings. they did not deserve to die. >> organizers of the national day of protest showed the faces and names of people who they
12:02 am
say were wrongly killed by police. organizers say tomorrow's event will demand justice for a maximum prison sentence for 14 years and the man who killed him. a former sex crimes prosecutor pleaded not guilty today of charges he rained a coworker. he faces 13 felony counts. he's accused of raining another attorney during a lunch break in 2008. that was a deputy district attorney at the time. he was later fired. he says he'll file a motion to have the judge removed because of a possible conflict of interest. a chemist pleaded no contest today for the illegal possession of explosives. charles will be on probation for three years. authorities cleared him of any involvement in the killings.
12:03 am
later a high-speed chase ended in the prime suspect of that case. the naacp says it happens way too often. african americans being arrested for the possession of marijuana, particularly in three bay area cities. the naacp says voters can change things bypassing one of the most haven't verbal propositions on the upcoming ballot. allie rasmus has our report. >> reporter: the arrest reports in 25 california cities drew one conclusion. >> young african americans and young latinos are routinely arrested in extremely high numbers. far out of proportion to the percentage of population. >> reporter: according to the report, blacks are 22% of the population, yet made up 60% of the marijuana arrests. in fairfield, 40% of marijuana
12:04 am
arrests. in san jose, blacks are less than 5% of the population but made up 15% of marijuana possession arrests. one man told us he agrees with the study's conclusion based on his own personal experience. >> i know myself i've been stopped with marijuana and the cops just let me go. >> reporter: they say they timed the release of this study with the final release of the prop 19 campaign. in their view, the only way to eliminate this racial gap is to make marijuana legal. they brought out some big names to help them make that case, including danny glove. >> i'm not a marijuana smoker. i have smoked marijuana in the past. i don't want to stand in the way for those who want to use and smoke marijuana for recreational use. >> reporter: john level disagrees. he says the report and prop 19
12:05 am
are two separate issues. >> if there are disparities in arrests, those issues should be addressed by a matter of police discretion. you do not address it by legalizing criminal activity. >> reporter: that's because most bay area cities consider marijuana possession a low- priority crime and in many cases don't even arrest people for it. in oakland, "ktvu channel 2 news." police arrested a 19 year old who they say stole a pg&e pickup truck. she told them she saw the car parked with the keys inside and decided to take it for a cruise. workers noticed the truck was missing when they came up from a manhole within five minutes of it being stolen, an officer said he saw a woman who didn't look like a pg&e worker driving
12:06 am
it so he pulled her over and took her into custody. new documents on the iraq war and new information on if the hikers were in iraq or iran when they were arrested. i'm tracking rain right now. this rain is headed our way. it's going to be a wet weekend. i'll show you where and when. the rain in the bay area is nothing compared to ú
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woman: so here are the keys. congratulations! it's officially yours. i'm sure you'll have many happy years here. except for you. because you'll be gone three years from now. struck down by the same disease that got your father. so you won't be around for them. and sadly, it could have been detected early with a simple test. but you didn't have it. ok! who wants to check out the back yard? announcer: for a list of tests every man should have, go to the wikileaks website released 4,000 documents from the iraq war detailing abuse by u.s. forces. u.s. repeatedly reported
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abuses, but the documents show 104,000 deaths in a 6-year period. far more than in the afghanistan war. >> we're talking about a 5- times greater kill rate in iraq, really comparative blood bath compared to afghanistan. >> the pentagon says the release of the documents puts the lives of u.s. troops at risk. the three american hikers who were detained are also mentioned in some of the leaked documents. sarah shourd has been released. an iraqi report also indicated the three were in iraqi territory. it's not clear if this will have any bearing on their claims they never entered iran. in other news of the world tonight, in pakistan, a bombing
12:10 am
at a mosque killed 9 people at friday prayers. the unrelenting violence comes as the obama administration today announced a $2 billion aid package spread out over five years to help pakistan's military. in italy, a fight over bargain sparked more resistant. the police are angry about uncollected trash and plans to build a new dump in a park. the naples area has seen trash troubles for years. the government promised to solve the situation in 10 days. a powerful typhoon today. solders were able to rescue chinese tourists from one bus but another is buried. 11 people are confirmed dead and 23 others are missing. the typhoon dumped 24 inches of
12:11 am
rain in 12 hours. toyota called a half million vehicles in the u.s. the recall affects the model year accra rl sedans
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heaviest areas, north bay could see 4 inches. heaviest places, near beach, bodega bay, santa cruz mountains. the hills will take that moist, moist air, lift it up, expand, cools. that's why the coastal ranges get so much rain. this pattern is perfect for
12:16 am
this type of event. coastal hills, it is going to rain on sunday. saturday night into sunday. we looked at it once. saturday at lunchtime, you're wet, but not a big deal. watch what goes on sunday. sunday at around lunchtime it's real wet, okay? so both your days, you have a snapshot of them. saturday, showery, clouds, you maybe dodging rain drops and get some stuff done outside. i don't think you'll get a lot done outside on sunday. it will be real wet. football watching weather. sunday night is wet. forecasted highs, this gives you an indication of how warm it is. drizzle and showers tomorrow, 60s, mid-60s. that's very, very warm considering the cloud cover we're going to see. this is going to be warm both days. with that in mind, there's going to be a lot of water coming out, and we could see urban and small stream flood
12:17 am
advisory in places around jenner and bodega bay. mark will be here bright and early watching it. but wet, the fire danger, gone. >> wasn't it 100 degrees a couple of days ago is this >> not that long. >> great weekend to watch baseball and football. it is a week before halloween and around the bay area, families are getting their costumes ready. what if your child doesn't have a costume? >> someone is thinking of them as well. live at stern grove in san francisco with this story. >> reporter: good evening, that was part of tonight's event at stern grove. san francisco is not always known as being the most family- friendly place, but this evening, stern grove turned into scare grove that was definitely a kid-friendly fright fest. magicians, hayrides, the
12:18 am
anticipation of cotton candy, and popcorn. >> keeping this for myself. >> reporter: all for an $8 admission fee. >> it's to celebrate our families and kids and to do something special for the city on the eve of halloween. >> reporter: the week before halloween to avoid competition with baseball's world series, but the slight drizzle dampened the turnout. >> we expect thousands here tonight. >> reporter: kids in costumes tromped from pumpkin displays to amusement rides. carmen sue is collecting costumes for kids in need. >> people who don't have jobs, the costume is probably the last thing on their minds. whatever we can did to help and create a happiness and fun spirit is something we're trying to do. >> she and her daughter plan to
12:19 am
donate some of their gently- used costumes from years past. how much does a typical costume cost you? >> anywhere from $19-$59. >> reporter: after that one time. >> gone, over. >> reporter: last year about 200 costumes were donated and snatched up in just a few hours. tomorrow from noon-4 they'll be donating the costumes and if you arrive early, you can donate costumes as well. "ktvu channel 2 news." and when children in san jose go trick or treating, they should be easy to spot. a group called working partnerships usa is giving away 40,000 glow necklaces. parents can pick them up at safety centers around san jose. 12 years ago they gave out 500. it's clearly growing and glowing. by this time tonight, the
12:20 am
exotic erotic ball should have been in full swing in richmond. earlier today it was canceled and crews tore down stages and booths. venders are worried they've now lost all the time and money they've invested. this by the way is the first time in 31 years the ball has been canceled. the exotic erotic ball is famous for its celebration of flash, fetish, and freedom. the yankees are out, the rangers are going to the world series. we'll show ♪
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[ female announcer keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. ♪ keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. [ female announcer so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. ♪ because it is. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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all right, drinking a sip of my
12:24 am
water. got busted. sports director, it was water. mark is here with sports. tell us about the texas rangers. >> you're blushing a bit. >> i am. >> the new york yankees payroll, $206 million. the rangers, $55 million. a-rod and cc sabathia make more in one year than the entire rangers team. rangers with their clean and sober superstar, josh hamilton, they have dethroned the meek and mild-looking yankees who were outscored 19 run in the 6- game series. for the first time ever, rangers are going to the world series. they walked josh hamilton to get to this guy, booming double, and two runs score including hamilton. 3-run rangers, the rangers weren't done. they have another guy who can
12:25 am
pound it. nelson cruise with a 2-run shot. rangers cruising at this point, 5-1. their right hander with a gem. his second win of this series gives derek jeter one of historic outs. a-rod at the plate, strike out, rangers win it. it is bust out the ginger ale time. they do that because josh hamilton has had sobriety problems and the gatorade bath and nolan ryan. looking great with that trophy. it is primetime tomorrow for the giants late afternoon right here on "ktvu channel 2 news," game 6 from philly, the yankees can watch like everyone else. operation clench begins earlier today with the giants, one job to do, bring back the pennant.
12:26 am
jonathan sanchez will try to pitch the game of his life. never easy in philly. nothing does come easy for the giants. this year's version anyway. >> you know, these guys, they've been battle tested. we know we're playing a club that's loaded with experience. they are too. i like the way my team has handled everything thrown at them. they'll go out there and give it their all. that's all you can ask. >> lots of excitement tomorrow. hey, we have the high school game of the week tonight. quality matchup, clear to see why this was voted as the top dog. valley christian and belleman. have a look at who is no longer flawless. down there, checking it out. valley christian rolling tonight. 6-yard touchdown there. extra point blocked. just before half, still 13-0.
12:27 am
belleman drives for the field goal, kick it blocked by that same man, marshall. then he comes in for a 13-yard touchdown run. valley christian winning 21-17. byron marshall. 3 touchdowns, he does it all. belleman 6-1, valley christian, 7-0. lakers and warriors, very entertaining as shannon brown tied with a 3, overtime, reggie williams with a nice move to get it down. warriors are up 2. ellis had 42 for the warriors. brown again, warriors lose 105- 102. ellis with 14 points. believe it or not, warriors open the season this coming wednesday. that would be the opening night of the world series here in san francisco. talk about burying your opening night, but we have one job left
12:28 am
to do to have that happen, of course. >> our coverage begins
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