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tv   SJSU Update News  KICU  October 24, 2010 1:00am-1:30am PST

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i'm melissa hyer live on campus to tell you how one social networking site is invading users' privacy without their consent i'm melissa hire live on campus to tell you how one social networking site is invading user's privacy without their consent. how to detect violent situations, and a former president comes to campus to encourage students to vote. a popular rodeo returns to the area. the event that roped in a lot of spectators. update news starts now. from the school of journalism and mass communication at san jose state university, your fresh prospective on today's issues, you're watching update news. . hello and welcome to update
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news i'm kristen haufstead. >> and i'm katie kauffman. for many students social networking is a way of life. facebook is at the center of a new controversy, affecting tens of millions of users, even those who have their profiles set to private. melissa hire has more. melissa. >> reporter: katie, almost every student here probably has a facebook. we see them logging on 9/11 class. this week the social networking site said they unwittingly gave out third party ids to users. this is farmville. here is how your information may be shared while you're playing. you may be harvesting your animated farm and the popup says you need a cow. a company sends you an advertisement for milk.
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hypothetical scenario, but facebook admitted they are sharing information. >> every site is trying to capture information on their users, where their users go, and what their users do when they come to the website. that's all very, very important information. >> reporter: popular games associated with the website including mafia wars, texas hold em are among the fenders. velencia spends 1 to 2 hours on games a day and she has her blackberry on her so she is always connected to the site. >> i think my privacy is my privacy. they don't have the right to do it. anything for a buck, right? >> reporter: base took -- facebook says the names and ids given out have not been misused at this point. they said that it's getting
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people's attention. >> i have never really thought about it. but now that i have closed them all, i will close the farm and the pet too. i don't want to deal with it. i don't want spam. >> reporter: facebook didn't commit any crimes but the integrity was compromised. >> they have turned off the capability. that doesn't mean the capability is not there. >> reporter: media professor peter young says the users should ask themselves what they are allowing to put online but that the issue -- >> is not just going to be a facebook issue anymore. i think facebackbook is merely the large -- facebook is merely the largest entity out there. >> reporter: if people continue to be as connected to their computers and phones, they may have to put up with the extra advertising or log off. live on campus, melissa hire,
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update news. the cessar chavez leadership group is having a leadership workshop for wednesday. it's not only open to the students but the community members as well. >> so if any students or even community members want to learn how to get grants or apply for the corporate sponsorships, it's just a little information on how to get in to the process. >> the workshop is october 27 october 27th 6:30 to 7:00 p.m. the meeting is offered as part of legacy week. pure health educatorred held a workshop to show that love should not hurt and healthy relationship the do exist. love the way you lie, a song by eminem and rei that -- rihanna
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was broken down. this teacher teaches violence prevention because she and friends have gone in similar situations. >> violence is a learned behavior. it's not something we are born with, and those who are victims do have options to get help, and they are not alone. >> reporter: pure health educators say it's unwillingly promoted through the media with images. rape is a type of war in africa. was there a hearing held this week. the woman born in the dominican republic of kongo and raised in california said she wants the world to know that rape and torture are being committedded in the name of commerce. the greatest silence is a documentary describing the
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wounds of 200,000 women from girl who are 4 to women in their 80s. >> they have been raped by rebel forces and just people trying to secure the area in order to have access to the area. >> the most sought after resource is a mineral called coltain that ends up in electronics that most of us use every day. it's not as popular as diamonds but they are paying a heavy price for the industrial nations to have it. there's a drive to send 10,000 postcards to hillary clinton. if you are interested in sending one go to the student union in the mosaic center. the democrats are going to college campuses to appeal to the jung voters in san jose this week, one of the most powerful people in the
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democratic party took to the stage to support jerry brown. >> reporter: the crowd at the san jose event center was fired up and ready to go as bill clinton rallied for jerry brown and gavin newsom start night. >> i have watched the assault on the american dream for 30 years, and i'm sick and tired of it. >> reporter: clinton and brown have been fierce political rivals in the past but stand together as democrats looking toward the future. newsom inspired optimism that the clean energy could lead to job growth. >> don't listen to the nay sayers, and don't let them tell you we cannot lead the way in the new green economy. >> reporter: the economy, education, and environment were among the most well received scenes of the evening. and when gubernatorial candidate brown took the stage, he also took the shots at the
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lavish campaign budget of meg whitman, accusing her of trying to buy california. >> no one has ever spent so much money to run for governor in the history of america, since the revolution. no one ever thought they could spend $170 million. that's what she is spending. >> reporter: all three of the rallies who spoke new their audience was primarily college students. clinton told the young crowd the country is depending on them to use their social media skills to get involved in democracy. >> in 2008 we had a huge outpouring in america. the people who voted looked like america, and america's future. . >> reporter: the threat of rain was not enough to keep thousands of boosters from lining up to see the former president make the last of his three weekend stops in california. >> i have always supported bill clinton, and i have never met him or seen him before, so i
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wanted to see him again. >> reporter: inside the phone bank room, almost 200 volunteers let their fingers do the talking inspiring others to cast a ballot. the turnout is typically lower than it is during a presidential election. but with several states that have critical votes it's important for everyone to have their say this november 2nd. jean walker. the golden gate bridge and san francisco square is what california is known for. from the jack packed -- jam packed streets, that's life in the big city. but this week, cowboys are roping pedestrians downtown to kick off the show held at the cow palace this weekend. >> reporter: the grand national rodeo is nothing new to the cow
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palace. this year marks the 59th anniversary that the rodeo has been coming to san francisco. cowboys and cowgirls from around the nation travel to compete for prize money by riding some of the most bucking stock and roping the fastest times possible, but what helps the most sometimes goes unnoticed. rodeos can not happen without the livestock. 90 horses, 60 bulls, and hundreds of cattle are brought in to make the rodeo a success. there. flying youth arena says the animals are not just their pets. they are investments. >> animals are not any different from people. if they are not treated well, that will not perform well. these are top-rated athletes. >> reporter: the animal's genetic makeup is crucial for breeding for athleticism. >> it's our interest that they
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are the best because we are hired for the production of our somehow. >> reporter: it's not only the home to rodeo, it has had circuses, concerts and housed troops after world war ii was over. >> livestock has been an important part of the tradition. the grand national has been place to showcase, not just the rodeos but livestock and horse shows for many, many years. >> reporter: the rodeo would not be complete without royalty. shannon walker, miss grand national 2009 has traveled as far as colorado to educate americans on rodeo and the sport. >> this showcases what the cowboys had to do until the 1800s on the ranch trying to
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get the livestock in. it showcases what they had to do to make a living and now it's an event to compete against each other. >> reporter: more than 600 rodeos are held across the united states. rodeos are watched nationwide. the grand national rodeo is one of those, and once a year spectators across the bay area can pull on their cowboy boots and straw hat to be part of the action. it's breast cancer awareness month. we will show you how early detection can be for women of all ages. starbucks is serving more than just coffee with breakfast. what adulthood beverage is coming to the menu. the martin luther king library has a colorful prospective on life after death. but first students sound off on the privacy issues and the social networking sites. >> i feel like people should
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just keep their privacy thoughts to themselves, meaning where they are at or how they are feeling. >> too much information is like what happened last night, what they did last night, or their personal problems like relationships. >> anything like i'm going to go drink with my friends, and you post it and you're underage, that's too much. basically what he said what you did last night. >> hey, i know what is safe to post and what is not safe to post. some people have their phone numbers and address. that's too much. just the basic information. >> personally, i don't really find a use for facebook, and that's honestly my biggest privacy, not using it at all. >> since you could adjust it to how private you want it, i think it's fine. like if you want to put on all the information, you could. if you want it as private, you can. i don't think it really matters. >> scary old guys messaging you and stuff. that's what i'm concerned
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about. you think it may be private, but they reveal things that isn't it worries me what they can see and what they can't see. more-thousnd women ar to di more than 39,000 women are expected to die because of breast caber is this year. one in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. many college students and people in their0s think just because they -- in their 20s think just because they are young they cannot get any of these illnesses but women as young as 20 are being diagnosissed with breast cancer. >> reporter: students can come to the health center or their private physician for a life- changing exam. breast exams are often overlooked but are important for diagnosissing cancer early. symptoms do not always occur, so breast exams are important. they also say that breast cancer --
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>> changes her physically, and it's not just like any other part of the body because it's part of a woman's image. >> reporter: occupational therapy so much mother, chelsea triburg who has never done a self-exam said breast cancer recently hit home. her aunt was just diagnosed. >> it's more of a reality than being some statistic out in the world. it's a reality check that it happens and it's really prevalent for a lot of women. >> reporter: dr. cutler says young women do not know how important the self-exams can be. >> they tend not to know they can get breast cancer, and a lump is something they need to have examined and follow up on. >> reporter: kiser permenete
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worker, susan demanded further tests by her doctor. >> my first mammogram picked it up instead of me finding the lump. >> reporter: gillmor says the earlier the better to do self- breast exams. to decrease the risk in men and women do, not smoke, reduce alcoholic intake, exercise regularly, and maintain a low body weight. to get an exam here at the center, call to make an appointment. ashley renoux update news. starbucks is in the news again. last week they announced they would tell the baristas to slow down when making cough pee fee. -- coffee. this week in seattle they began to serve coffee in the morning
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and wine and cheese in the evening. >> that's a great idea. i like how the companies innovate and think of great ideas. i would take a girl on a date there it would be pretty good for myself, you know. . >> there's no word yet when the changes will come to the bay area. when food is certified organic, that means it's produced without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and other means. but is buying organic worth your health? >> organic apples what a special 5 for $1. >> reporter: the battle of organic versus nonorganic could be never ending. the pesticides and fertilizers can have an effect on the environment accident but your -- environment, but your health, it could be your belief. >> by the time you're eating
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the food, there's not much left. quite frankly if you rinse off your food, there's not much left. >> reporter: why go organic? katherine is working on growing roots of wellness. she says to choose organic
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the club... called "akbayan" will participate in the 2010 friendship games at the southern california campus. the games feature relay-type races... that combine fun and skill. this event you see here... is known as "ground hog"... where students crawl to reach the finish line. the games are a pride event with filipino organizations from all the c-s-u and u-c campuses... as well as universities in nevada and hawaii. this year the friendship games turn 25 and san jose state has plans of winning the "spirit pride unity" trophy. -- the plans were of winning the spirit pride committee trophy. this year, although we came up short last year, we have new players, people who want to win, a lot of speed and heart
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on the team. thatst our game plan, a lot of pressure with dedication to san jose state. >> opening ceremony will saturday morning at 6:00 a.m. president barack obama is making another tv appearance. this time on the discovery show myth busters helping to crack a 200-year mystery. shows like this help affect his image. political figures are making tv appearances to attract the younger generation. there's a risk but the bayoff is reaching out to those who do not normally participate. >> the episode will be aired on november 8th. the day of the dead occurs on november 2nd in connection with the catholic holiday all saints day. an exhibit of traditional and
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contemporary authors are on display in the martin luther king holiday. the life after death is celebrated with sugar and decorative skeletons. the tradition takes a sadness that people associate with death and turns it in to something beautiful. >> it seems like a colorful, lively celebration, something positive. something that is looking back and reflecting on your loved one's life as a whole. the enjoyment and fulfillment of the life. >> some of the authors displayed favorite foods. they were also given the chance to add personal messages. the art work will be displayed until october 25th. -- november 5th. >> thank you, margarita. still to come, we will check with the sports desk.
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we will show you highlights coming up. plus, the women's volley ball team looks to continue their winning ways as update news returns. but first students write letters home about the democratic rally on campus. and president clinton were all on our campus." >> dear mom and dad, last week was a big week at sjsu, the dalai lama, michael moore and president clinton were all on campus. >> it was important to see so many important people here. i'm now reenergized to vote. >> i went to the bill clinton rally last week. it was interesting but i didn't enjoy the protesters outside. the use of hitler mustaches is really unnecessary. it just ain't right. >> so bill clinton came to campus the other day. i didn't go. let's just say i know who i
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will vote for november 2. >> dear mom and dad, please don't forget to vote on november 2nd. and now russell mikols joins us with the happenings in s week and now russell michael is here with sports. russ what do you for us? >> thank you ladies. first up, spartan football. the spartans had another hard task on their hands on saturday night. the boise state broncos. sjsu was looking for the first win of october and the second win of the season. the spartans had high hopes going in to saturday night's game, stopping the winning streak at 19. boise state's crowd traveled strong. the game was dominated by biosee -- boise state all night long, not allowing the spartans to score. the spartans hope to do better. >> saturday night against boise state was not all that much
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fun. i wish it would have been better. that i have a -- better. they are a heck of a football team. >> the spartans hope to do better against fresno state this weekend. already half way through the football season, eline aliapo focuses on his future after he graduates. >> reporter: it's your senior year, you have been through two different coaching staffs. have you seen the team change at all? >> i guess a lot of things that went in to last year's coaching staff, we had to do more with less in terms of the academic probation. there was less time of practice. this year's coaching staff tried to make a difference to build not just a team but a program. >> reporter: now that you have played five ranked teams, how important is it for you to be a leader the entire season? >> i mean personally for
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myself, i feel like it's not only for myself, but just to get the guys around me to be leaders amongst themselves. all 120 guys on the team, including the scout team, the guys who are injured and the captains and seniors, everybody plays a leader. everyone has a role. you know any day is giving us the football, any time anything can happen, so you have to step up and be prepared at all times. >> reporter: so it's your senior year, and what do you plan to do in your future? >> i mean football is never promised. that's one thing i took in. a lot of guys are preaching to us, academics. football is never promised. you're a student before you're an athlete. i plan to be a probation officer, take my criminal justice degree and make something out of it. >> he says he wants to stay close to his hometown of south san francisco. mid-way through the season,
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the sjsu volleyball team is struggling to stay inned mutuel -- in the middle of the pack. they faced the nonconference opponent on tuesday night. a slightly larger crowd than usual on hand tuesday night hoping to see the spartans get their 9th overall win of the season. visiting pacific had other ideas. san jose hung tough from the strong place behind kaitlyn andrade. after tieing the set at 19, the spartans failed to take the lead as pacific went on to win 25-23. the second set was neck & neck -- neck and neck, but then they hammered home key points to finish the match with a game high 18 kills. after eleven ties and three lead changes. they fell. the third set would be the final one. pacific never gave up the lead after jumping out early.
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coach oscar krespo had his hands full on the sidelines trying to deal with pacific's consistent attack. sjsu fell in straight sets, dropping the overall record to 8-14 on the year. >> it was a hard fought match. we did a nice job of staying with them. it's a nice balanced team, good sohitters. >> back to league play now for the spartans. their next games will all be against conference opponents, giving them a chance to climb in the standings. they will return to the gym thursday night to take on wyoming state. the fall intramurals are underway. there's an opportunity for students on campus to stay in shape and get their competitive juices flowing. men's soccer played their first team in the complex. milan took on fc.
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many students play intramurals for the opportunity to interact with other students. >> it come me to meet a bunch of people. this is my second year playing. i'm really in to it. >> the men's teams are tuesday and friday nights and women and coeds are throughout the week. that's it for sports. ladies. >> that does it for this week's edition of update news. thanks for staying up late with us. >> get some rest, and we will see you next week.
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