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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  October 26, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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thousands of people are parry in san francisco tonight on the eve of game one of the world series. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. a big party under way right now as the world series returns to the bay care. 3,000 people showed up for tonight's galla hosted by your
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san francisco giants. and tom vacar is in golden gate park tonight with our report -- mike. >> reporter: a beautiful evening in golden gate park, what a night it is for a world series galla and the city by if bay. california academy of science right now is lit in orange, a welcome site for the thousands of invited giant fans. many of whom say they are feeling cool, they are feeling confident on this the eve of the world series. >> everyone is going nuts right now. it's cool that everybody is getting to celebrate something. >> hi fiving if you're going down the street if you're wearing giants gears. it's fun. >> reporter: tonight a classic san francisco kick off to the fall classic. >> i have to tell you, the way this city has embraced this team, has been absolutely fabulous. >> we're very eager to see the first pitch. we want to see how this is all going to come out. we think it's all going to
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happen the way we think it's going to happen. we think there's going to be a parade in san francisco. >> reporter: elsewhere in san francisco, it's easy to find people wearing giants gear. >> everybody is happy, everybody is yelling go giants. >> reporter: also outside giant flags, they are everywhere. outside city hall, high above embarcadero, a dentists office, and giant and pennant food specials are easy to find. >> let's bring it home. >> reporter: we met giovanni, where even with fans wrapped around the door, fans were not going any where. the giant faithful are feeling relaxed and right at home.
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>> at a giant fan i'm superhopable right now. everybody looking real promising. we're playing good baseball and we have a fall classic right here in our backyard, you can't ask for anything better than that. >> reporter: the giants fans here were treated to a fireworks show that wrapped up just about five minutes ago. the san francisco giants, they need four wins to bring home that first world championship for fans here in the city. reporting live now, mike mibach. not all fans in san francisco are giants fans. yeah, there are some potentially misguided texas ranger fans here. we spotted some of them arriving today at the westin san francis hotel. one newlywed couple says they looked at national league contenders to determine their honey moon vacation.
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>> san francisco was the prettiest place so we decided to just buy our tickets here and hope that they made it to the world series and they did. at&t is a fan friendly right field along the boardwalk. it's a modern day version of the nut hole. don't plan to watch the entire game. there's a 3 inning limit and you'll have to take turns with other fans. on saturday, fans will gather to watch game three of the series. and you can also watch the entire world series right here on ktvu channel 2. our coverage of game one tomorrow begins at 4:30 p.m. following a 4:00 edition of ktvu channel 2 news.
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ktvu news is getting a first glimpse of the sentence that will be called for mehserle. he faces up to four years in prison for that gun, but a gun enhancemented could add another 10 years. in court papers filed today, prosecutors argued that mehserle deserves a gun sentence. the prosecution wants the gun charge tossed out, but beside that they are asking for probation. rita williams spoke to mehserle this week inside the jail. for the first time, you will hear about the shooting and what he thinks will happen at the the sentencing.
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our special report airs tomorrow night. and carly fiorina is in the hospital recovering from an infection. but it won't deter her from her candidate. >> reporter: boxer spent the day talking to workers of cisco while her opponent fiorina was hospitalized. boxer did not speak about fiorina's hospitalization but she did say. >> my opponent has never served in office. but has voted against every position i've had. >> barbara boxer loves to complain about companies that
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shift job overseasseas. so why is she giving a speech at cisco where they shift jobs to asian. and later boxer asked fiorina a fast recovery. >> she'll be back from the campaign trail very soon. >> reporter: so she's healthy as far as you know. >> she's healthy as a horse. >> reporter: san jose political analyst jackson says fiorina's health could be back of the voters mind and she needs to show stamina when she's campaigning. >> they might think it's an issue that might affect the job. >> reporter: barbara boxer's people will probably be watching closely. because who knows, there might be a retaliation ad fiorina sam
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you believes. -- fiorina stumbles. billionaire george sorros said he is giving $1 million toward passage of proposition 19. in part saying our drug laws have not worked. prop 19 is also getting support from some people looking to cash in to sell marijuana. hennessey said first he would want the federal government to allow it, and then get the approval of his neighbors. but after that -- >> i would say san franciscans would come out of the closet sort to speak and say, gosh now i don't have to hide my purchases of marijuana. >> reporter: others disagree saying that the sale of
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marijuana shouldn't be left to just anybody. they say that it takes expertise to tell the different grades. the duomajor candidates for governor of california were challenged today to accept a truce on negative advertising. it happened at a rare political event where jerry brown and meg whitman shared the stage with the man they both home to replace. >> reporter: an awkward moment all on the same stage at the same time. >> i'm going to stay neutral. >> reporter: brown and whitman have both repeatedly called governor arnold schwarzenegger a failure. the governor has held his fire and refuses to endorse. >> both of them are great candidates. >> reporter: the long beach
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women's conference hosted by maria shriver, the governor's wife. pass the butter or pass the knife? >> i have a great ad. it starts off with meg whitman saying i moved to california 30 years ago because it's a great place to live. and then the ad says, and who was governor? >> jerry brown left this state in worse shape in which he inherented. >> would either of you or both of you be willing to make a pledge that you would end the negativity? >> reporter: but then a challenge. skr-z first you have to remember, sometimes negativity is in the eye of the beholder. >> reporter: whitman said her ads aren't negative they just point out jerry brown's long term record. >> i'm not doing it in a bad
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spirited way. >> if she takes her ads as defiant i will take my, no question. >> i don't think i can take down the ads of where jerry brown stands on the issues. i just don't think i can do that. >> reporter: why is whitman so reluctant? she trails in the polls and needs to catch up. randy shandobil, ktvu news. we have posted more video of the candidates remarks today on you will find it right under the front page under the election 2010 tab. tonight is going to be the comest night of the year believe it or not. we have frost advisories in the north bay tonight. some temperatures near freezing and there's rain in your forecast. i'll tell you which day. i'm never fordpi those guys -- forgive those guys, never. today the trial verdict
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that led to an emotional outbreak. >> and
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this evening rent control activists protested what they called a flood of corporate
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money that pours into races for supervisor in san francisco. coach reportedly has donated more than $200,000 to help candidates he'd like to see on the board of supervisors. the donations are legal under city law. when oakland residents go to the polls next week, they will make a decision about police staffing. some voters may find measure bb a little confusing. that's because both -- supporters and opponents hope to boaster a police presence. >> reporter: both sides say they want to see more police officers not fewer wearing the badge. but they split on whether a modified parcell tax is the way to do it. >> you know the bb? >> reporter: oakland's council president described measure bb as a fix. >> it's good, it doesn't have
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have to lay off another 100 officers. >> reporter: bb modified measure y passed six years ago. a parcel tax averages $90 a year for oakland to grow its police force and fund programs like community policing. but the measure also requires the ranks be maintained at 789 officers. fewer cops means no tax unless bb removes the minimum number. opponents say voters already paid for but didn't get what they were promised so shouldn't continue paying without guarantee. >> i think it's a scare tactic, i don't see how the city can make the decision to lay off 100 more police officers. >> we had 80 officers that were laid off. that wasn't a scare tactic, that was reality. >> reporter: the police union is backing bb.
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even recruiting officers recently let go to pass fliers. >> never thought i would be in this position, but it happened and you just have to deal with it and make the best out of it. >> reporter: this measure is not going to protect your life. >> no. >> but it might protect others. >> exactly. >> reporter: another way to pay revenue is by police to pay into their pension. they are the only city office that don't. the son of a well known anti drug counselor was shot today in berkeley. ferguson's father was president of peer support.
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they said it was not a random attacked. a road rage incident sparked a shooting that led to a lock down of a school earlier today. the shooting happened around 9:30 this morning in the 200th block of main street. two people were involved in the road rage injury, both were wounded but drove themselves to the hospital. no word on their condition or any arrests. three defendants, the same verdict for each of them. physical today. in a case that involved jealousy, money and murder. >> reporter: inside the courthouse on the fifth floor, a judge found three guilty. minutes after a verdict, aquilles' family hugged the lead prosecutor after the
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trial. >> this is not a day to celebrate. we just celebrate that justice was done. >> reporter: he had owned martin charlie's saloon but sol it to -- but sold it to garcia. the prosecution said garcia paid $9,500 to have aquilles killed. >> it's a somber day, and i'm pleased with the jury's verdict but it's not happy day because mike aquilles family still miss him. >> reporter: aquilles says it's not a happy day for her. >> i'm never going to forgive those guys, i never will. i will never forgive him for taking him away. >> reporter: garcia attorney
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says his client is distrout. >> he's going to to face a lifetime in prison. i told him family there is a good chance for an appeal. >> reporter: chairez faces two years to life. aquilles family wants the maximum penalty. >> maximum that they can get because i want them to sit in jail every day and rot. >> reporter: here is where the remainder of the men remain tonight awaiting sentencing. the 74-year-old aziz has 78 days to appeal, no date was set for his hanging. some iraqis see the death sentence simply as revenge against the regime which was
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dominated by minority sunnis. tonightable will be the coldest night of the season, this morning was cold, tomorrow morning much cooler. we have a frost advisory in the north bay valleys. we have rain headed back into the bay area just in time for game two of the world series. frost advisory tomorrow. mainly the north bay valley, mainly because there's not a will the of wind in these sheltered valleys. the north bay, fog a real possibility and overnight lows in napa, 32 degrees. not fog, pardon me frost. these are cold temperatures for this time of year. forecast tomorrow morning it's cold throughout the bay area. daytime highs tomorrow not that much warmer. there are big changes headed our way. there's a system out in the pacific, i'm tracking right now. i'll show you the latest computer models and what they are saying about game two of the world series. one woman is dead and a nursing supervisor tells ktvu
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news tonight that her friend is in stable condition. angela jewel is seen on the right side of this calfire photo before being picked up by rescue crews. the other woman anne hoffey a tourist from london died before rescue crews could reach her. they were both standing on the sand at caramel beach when a wave swept them away. the new lawsuit caltrans phases over the bay bridge
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work on the signature tower of the bay bridge is under way as we speak and continues
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around the clock. the second of four steel columns for a mid-level of the tour was lifted into place today -- of the tower was lifted into place today. caltrans plans to have all four by friday. in the coming months more sections will be stacked on top. despite caltrans warnings, a lot of drivers are slowing down on the bridge taking a look. the family of the truck driver killed in an accident on the bay bridge s curve filed a lawsuit today against caltrans and several companies. last november, fakar of hayward died when his big rig flipped over the side of the s curve and landed about 6 feet below on yerba buena island. the family is seeking damages, saying the truck was dangerly overloaded. the lawsuit says the s curve served as a concealed trap for drivers crossing the bay bridge. pg & e crews took five
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hours to cap a gas leak today. crews using a backhoe accidentally punctured a gas line. it took time to cap the leak because pg & e found several other pipes when they began digging out the hole. the pipe was finally capped at about 3:30 this morning. the same thing happened in san leandro. crews there punctured a 3-foot pipeline. students at jefferson school were sent home early. investors evacuated mixed economic numbers. the nasdaq gained about 6.5. ford today reported a huge jump in its net income of 68%. i was ford's best third quarter in its 107 year history.
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ford cars and trucks now are taking a bigger share of the american market as general motors loses market shares, chrysler remains in bankruptcy. mount malapi on the island of java one of the world's most dangerous volcano is erupting for the second time in two days. ash spews from the 10,000-foot peak. so far 18 people are confirmed dead with dozens more injured or missing. 800 miles to the west. a quake triggered a tsunami today. >> it brought a white water wave, fortunately most of us
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had something to hold on to. >> reporter: rescue crews are now searching for more than 500 people who are missing. a somber vigil for a state hospital workers who authorities say were killed by an indate. what we're learning about new security measures in response to that attack. in san
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we are learning more tonight about a 55-year-old nurse who was strangled to death in napa. a patient there is under arrest. tonight patients and the nurse's family gathered for a vigil. jana katsuyama have the story. >> reporter: each placing a prayer stone into a box enremembering their friend and coworker. friends say dana works was a special person. >> she's a very likable person, and it's so sad. it's so sad that you know we lost somebody just so dedicated. you know so dedicated. >> reporter: denise quintana went to school with gross and was a good friend. >> she had these big blue eyes and every day she would come to work with a smile. everybody if she was tired she would have a big smile. >> reporter: gross had worked with the mentally ill for about
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14 years. but sunday she was found dead at a courtyard. the patient, appeared in court today. jess massey tried to rob gross before he killed her. massey was declared insane after slitting a woman's throat in a parking lot and he's been in the mental hospital since then. now the state hospital had prior problems with patient discipline and a lack of security cameras. >> we have had violence from individual to individual on a regular basis and it's frankly, in places in the hospital out of control. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for the state mental health department told me today they are taking new security measures by increasing the police presence in the hospital, starting a shuttle service between buildings and the parking lot for staff and restricting the access to the
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hospital grounds for the patients. reporting from napa, jana katsuyama. another bay area nurse who authorities say was attacked by an inmate in martinez remains in the hospital tonight. the contra costa sheriff's department tells ktvu the inmate aaron nigard is also hospitalized after being taserd. te pewty -- deputies say he faked a seizure then struck the nurse with a lamp. the hospital is now reviewing safety procedures. a new hospital complex for children, women and cancer patients will be built. right now the san francisco location at 16th street and fourth street is a giant construction site. but in four years, ucsf plans to have the facility open. members of the teamsters union demonstrated for a new contract
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seeking pay raises. some good news tonight when it comes to bay area restaurants. there is now a second restaurant in the bay area that has been awarded the top ranking of three stars. >> reporter: before i get to the winners and losers, i had to bring you here to doce. this is one of my favorite restaurants many san francisco and it's one of 75 that mitchellin calls a -- >> i think the value is great. the food is really good. everything on the menu is excellent.
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>> reporter: restaurant owner says being in the mitchellin guide is helpful. >> i think most of us are doing what we believe is right. it's recognized, absolutely. >> reporter: the gliteroti of the food world were out tonight for the release of the food guide. if -r years, french laundry has -- for years, french laundry has been the only restaurant to earn three stars. but it has company this year. -- >> he's american, so he's the second american born chef to have three stars. i was by myself, and now to have a colleague representing america with a three staff chef is an extraordinary day. >> reporter: chae panisse lost one star. the guide has expended east bay coverage with new restaurants mentioned in walnut creek, and lafayette.
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>> as a restaurant getting recognized for the first time could see 20 to 80% increase. so it's a very good economic stimulus. >> reporter: for a more inexpensive meal, the guide tells you where to find a great meal for less than $25. the little red book goes on sale tomorrow. and we've posted a full list of the bay area's mitchellin star winners, just lock for the right now section on our website. apple might buy sony. a blogger suggested sony would be a good acquisition for apple. but that blogger later removed his own speculation and stocks were back up. apple fans that were just tired of that black iphone will have to wait a little longer for the release of the white
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iphone. the company apologized and said that the white version will not be available until may of next year. it's what they've been waiting for, the big plans tomorrow for testla motors. what the company will be unveiling. right now i'm tracking a weather system out in the pacific. this weather system could impact the world series ú
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welcome home, man. game one of the world series tomorrow promises to be the biggest event of the day
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here in the bay area. it's also a big day for tesla motors which is set to officially unveil it's new factory in has taken over the o nummi. it's where tesla plans to build the all electric model s five passenger sedan. general motors appears to be making a big improvement when it comes to reliability. the reliability will be 15% better than in 2010. the magazine says gm has been carefully designing new models such as the cadillac srx cross over. but for over all quality ford and asian auto makers still beat out gm. any where but here, that's the message from the palo alto city council in response for plans to build a mid-peninsula pension. the high speed rail authority has looked at palo alto, redwood city and mountain view
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as a possible site. council members argued a station would be too expensive and not enough space for a parking lot. on how to protect children from bullying and harassing. this comes after several children committing suicide after being bullied. >> there's a strong message that every child, every student is valued and deserves a good education without bullying. >> a new study out today found that half of high school students say they have bullied someone in the past year and nearly half said they were a victim of bullying. in news of the world tonight, in iran the first of 163 fuel rods were loaded into the first nuclear power plant today. iran says the plant is proof of
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its peaceful nuclear ambitions. there are concerns about suspected secret facilities. in france the senate today gave final approval to raising the retirement age from 60 to 62. tomorrow the lower house is expected to approve it. outside parliament young people protested the change. for two weeks, french life has been disrupted by strikes. each day the strike have cost the economy over $500 million. in china, the world's largest hydroelectric damn hit a new high today. the water level reached it's peak of 574 feet. three gorgeous dam cost $23 billion. the project generated controversy but china said it was needed to fuel the country's economic boom. the highly contagious disease known as whopping cough isn't showing any signs of
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slowing down. more than 6,200 californias have contracted whooping cough including 279 in the last week alone. this year 10 infants have died from the disease. >> we haven't been able to win the war against marijuana and we can't win it. it's one of the elections hot button issues. where the police chief stands on legalizing marijuana. and a frost advisory is in effect tonight on parts of the bay area. our chief meteorologist bill
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the next, you start one feeling a bit the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again.
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oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. a vocal opponent and a vocal supporter of proposition 19, the measure that would legalize marijuana for personal use went head to head tonight
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in the south bay. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta joins us now, he has a look at the numbers. >> reporter: a man of the church and a former top cop went at it over the merits of legalizing marijuana in california. >> we're finding out through scientific fact that marijuana is very harmful. >> there's not one single case of a person ever dying of ingesting marijuana. >> reporter: on opposite sides of this was joseph bacnam era. >> we haven't been able to win the war against marijuana and we can't win it but we can save a lot of money, we can tax marijuana. >> reporter: and sacramento bishop alan. >> it does not do anything to
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remove any gang members or violence from the community. >> reporter: under prop 19, people could grow marijuana in their backyards. >> i just think enforcing the current california law wastes resources. >> i think it impairs too much that it can't be legal. >> reporter: the nation is closely watching the results of this proposition. >> it's a matter of when. >> if it passes, it's not over with. >> reporter: 45% of voters support prop 19. 49% are against it. a recent l.a. times poll has it losing by an even wider margin.
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live in san jose, lloyd lacuesta. a supermarket that bay view residents have been waiting for could open late this year. tonight there are signs posted, residents have told ktvu they have to leave the neighborhood to buy fresh food. an incredibly close call in oakland this morning. the driver stopped just in time to avoid a falling 30-foot tall ficus tree that would have crushed his car. the tree came to a rest on the car's hood. it happened on piedmont avenue near broadway at about 6:30 this morning. the driver incredibly was not injured. a massive storm compared to a hurricane swept across the mid-united states today. in its wake, widespread damage. the barometric pressure was similar to a category three hurricane but with weaker winds. one woman said she heard a loud
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noise then saw pieces of the roof flying away. as you can imagine the storm caused major problems for air travel. some 500 flights were cancelled at o'hare airport itself and hundreds were delayed. winds are expected to diminish. we have a lot going on. we have world series games, we have a frost advisory, we have rain in the forecast. let's get right to. here's the system i'm tracking in the pacific. it's not here yesterday but it will be in the next 24 hours. the forecast tonight right off the bat, it's cold. temperatures will be in the mid- 30s near freezing. we are looking for overnight lows to be in the 40s and low 30s. partly sunny as we head into tomorrow and the extented forecast calls for rain in the bay area forecast. we're looking forward to that as well.
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the big story of course is that forest advisory this evening up in the north bay valley. tomorrow it's a chilly start, temperatures in the mid-60s. a little warmer than it was today. not a bad day but things are changing around rapidly. this is the weather system i'm tracking. this weather system as it rolls in is going to bring rain to the north bay. but the line is literally going to be the golden gate bridge which is usually the case. the same deal, not as much rain but the big rain will be here and from about the golden gate bridge south on thursday into friday, just a light amount of rain. how does that impact the world series? certainly game two. tomorrow's game looks good but game two is going to be a different story. this is the latest computer model run, 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night rains north. so that game looks good. we get into thursday morning, there's rain here, clouds and drizzle. there's the golden gate bridge. watch what happens in the afternoon, there's our at&t park right on the edge that's
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the way it's going to be. if you're going to the ball game thursday night, and i hope you are, take a jacket. there should be some drizzle, shouldn't be enough to rain it out. partly cloudy, temperatures in the mid-60s. chilly. numbers in the low 50s, mid-50s at the ballpark, it's going to be cold again tomorrow night. so look forward to taking jackets. low tomorrow 55 in fairfield, 56 in vallejo. fire danger gone, air quality good. your bay area weather really nice for this time of year then changes. your wednesday looks good, your thursday deteriorates into the evening hours and we put rain in your forecast. you will see that in your five day forecast. most likely thursday night, sprinkles into friday and then more as we head into saturday and maybe a little bit more into supd. an unsettled weather pattern, the big story really is going to be game two of the world series because they're not going to rain it out. it shouldn't be enough rain but there's going to be some drizzle in the area for sure.
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>> you have to have a hurricane to rain that game out. thank you bill. >> thank you, bill. tomorrow
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oakland firefighters today presented a check for $2,000 to friends of faith. an organization dear to all of our hearts here at ktvu. the firefighters sold pink t- shirts to their service members to wear all of the october to recognize breast cancer awareness month. well the giants are going for their sixth world series championship. but the first as a san francisco giant. frank is here to get us started. >> absolutely. good knowledge there. major league baseball, it wanted pair parity and that's exactly what it got. game one of the 106th world series is at 4:30 p.m.
12:25 am
at at&t park. one person that knows this place well is benjie molina who was traded to texas. and he's guaranteed a world series ring no matter who wins. >> i said listen, you're going to be the guy that the giants are going to love. you're going to be the main guy, you have to take care of the pitchers. take care of the buys when i'm gone. i told you, i have no bad feelings with the guys. >> he's a guy that hopefully will remain a friend for the rest of my life. he's a good guy, fun guy to be around. >> talk about bad timing, golden state warriors open their nba season tomorrow night in oakland. right in the shadows of the world series. now tomorrow night's opponent will be houston and tomorrow night, those same rockets watch the lakers hang their 16th
12:26 am
world series channel and all the bling that comes with it. kobe comes through, draws a foul, kb scores 27 points, lakers win. lebron james made his official debut as a member of the miami heat. scores 39 and makes this lay up with 70 seconds left to draw miami within three of the celtics but boston beats the heat. ray alan made five, three pointers. and the 49ers are hiding, i mean practicing in london. today the mayor of london boris johnson greeted the team for a media moment, plus a free jersey for the mayor. the 49ers flew right to london
12:27 am
after last week's loss against denver. and boise state get their elvis on. austin pettit throwing a td pass to the quarterback moore. second ranked broncos go 7-0 for the season. and that is sports as we see it for this tuesday night. game one of the world series, 4:30 light here on ktvu channel -- right here on ktvu channel 2 fox. can't wait. >> the party has already started. >> it's been three weeks of partying already. >> can't say there's been much going on in sports. >> it's going to be great. >> that pitching tomorrow is as good as the lincicum-halliday. >> they've beaten the big pitchers, so we'll see again. >> no matter who wins, history
12:28 am
will be made. >> that's right, absolutely. >> all right, thanks. and be sure to join us tomorrow, they'll have the latest. and game one, you can watch it right here beginning at 4:30 in the afternoon. >> and our covera
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