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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  October 27, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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tonight with bay area news at 7:00. oscar grant's relatives tell us what they plan to say to the judge and johannes mehserle. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is wednesday, october 27. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. student a hayward high school are in shock today after learning about the death of one classmate in the rest of another. as maureen naylor reports the students are twin brothers. >> reporter: the event started unraveling yesterday when one of the twins broke into this home in the fairview district.
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the teenager tried to ignite the house by turning on the gas and came outside armed with knives intimated been shot but was instead tasered. it during the investigation they learned that the boy's twin brother was missing and search crews found his body in this ravine. the boy had stab wounds and was taken to the corner sophistry investigators are looking at two scenarios. >> at this point we are trying to determine whether this was a suicide by the brother and attempted suicide by the other brother or the brother arrested murdered his sibling. >> reporter: the boys are sophomores at hayward high school and counselors were brought in to talk to staff and students. >> i was in pe.
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one girl was crying and i ask what happened? >> they didn't have any problems with anybody. no one expected, you know, what happened to happen. >> a lot of people are taking it hard. it's rough for anybody. >> reporter: the superintendent said no reports were filed at either twin being bullied. the surviving brother is at the hospital surviving from the self-inflicted stab wounds. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. carly fiorina was released from the hospital today paid she was treated for an infection related to rescind constructive surgery for breast cancer. she is resting at home. doctors gave her antibiotics and she will resume her campaign schedule tomorrow. california secretary of state debra bowen is not making
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a particular prediction about voter turnout but it seems that people are talking about the issue. >> they are hot topics on campaigns an excellent time for people to take advantage of rights that they have in a democracy to determine their own futures. >> voter turnout for gubernatorial year is usually around 60%. former bart police officer johannes mehserle will be sentenced one week from friday. he could receive as much as 14 years in prison for killing oscar grant. grant family plans to speak during the hearing and claudine wong sat down with them to learn what they plan to say. >> reporter: the family of oscar grant just finished writing letters to the probation department. now they plan to address the judge. >> there is a host of things we want to tell him. oscar lost his life
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senselessly. it was the reason, it was not necessary for the actions that were taken to be taken. >> i will tell him how oscar and i were connected. we have a really special connection, you know, he was the best man in my wedding. >> grants fiancie said she is nervous about speaking but once johannes mehserle to get the maximum sentence for 14 years. and leaving there little girl without a father. >> i do not think it's enough, but that is what he can get. i would like to see nothing less. >> reporter: almost two years after the shooting of grant was capturing video the family says his lost -- his loss is impossible to put into words. >> you cannot express exactly exactly how you feel.
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and the judge, you know, i am going to try -- this is all i can do -- to tell him that he needs to go to jail. not just for what he did. we need to system, that is how we live. >> no satisfaction was found in that courtroom. i do not want the judge to say oh, go home. i want them to do what they're supposed to do. >> reporter: their statements along with thousands of letters and postcards will be considered by the judge, but he will have the final say in your heinous mehserle state -- in the johannes mehserle's feet -- fate a prison officer was
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arrested yesterday. he was accused of stealing methamphetamine and. the arrest follows a six-month long shifts department investigation and is being held on $130,000 bail. burglars are going to jail. a superior court judge sentenced them to one year in jail today. he and a codefendant pleaded no contest for breaking into the home of john and susan maloney, they were killed in a crash on highway 37 in december. new crime trend statistics were released today. police commanders got their first-ever public meeting. it is a map of crimes so proper strategies can be addressed. it showed a drop a number of homicides at the same time last year there were 89 so far this
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year there have been 65. overall the city has seen a 14% reduction in violent crime. san jose police are releasing surveillance video of a brazen robbery could it shows one oh two suspects using a handgun to about a medical marijuana dispensary. they forced employees to get on the floor and then tied up the workers and took their personal property along with cash and marijuana. they expect the same two men robbed another dispensary on september 18. employees are cleaning up after a fire damaged their business. passersby saw the flames this afternoon and called 911 and grabbed his camera and recorded the video you are watching here. firefighters say it's fortunate that someone noticed the fire.
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>> the fire came around 3:13 a.m. under those circumstances there is no one around to see what is going on to call 911. in this case luckily there was someone walking by that did see some smoke and fire coming from this building. >> at this point investigators say the fire did not appear to be arson and there are no reports of injuries. a group of construction workers protested today in san francisco. >> the protest was that the medical center in mission bay project near third and 15th street. the group claims the project is not doing its part to hire local san francisco residents in need of jobs. california teachers can now find resources on itunes. they announced the california department of education has its old location in the itunes store. . they continue -- can download audio recordings and documents.
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the content is free. leaders gathered today. the fresh and easy store is expected to open next year on the ground level of a 50 unit condominium project. the condos will become home for school teachers and other city workers who cannot afford to live in san francisco. in the meantime people living in that neighborhood are looking forward to having a grocery store. >> they can send their kids to the supermarket to get milk or bread. that is what neighborhoods are about. >> the store says it will be hiring people from the area and be selling healthy foods that contain no preservatives or trans fats. the bay area announced the launch of the nation's first regional bike sharing program and will make bicycles available in san francisco, san
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jose, mountain view, in redwood city. participants can sign up and pay a membership fee. they can check out a bike and ride it to any bike station in the network. the bikes will unlock electronically with a credit card and fees are based on how long the bike is checked out. heavyweights turned out for the reopening of the muni plant. and bay area doctors assisting quake straightened haiti have a fight on her hand and how they plan to stop a killer lurking in the water. >> right now i am talking a weather system that could impact game two of the world series tomorrow. i will have that forecast coming up. ocooer feoel cort eeit t totr r
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>> four gold gym franchises will cut their ties with the fitness change thanks to a donation to karl rove's american crossroads group. they will back away from contracts in 2012. the owner gave $2 million to the group that has supported anti-gay tactics. goldstein members and employees, two gyms are in san francisco, one in oakland's doormat the former newbie plant opened this afternoon and could one day provide thousands of good paying factory jobs. tom vacar has the details. >> california can have a manufacturer. we can have these. >> reporter: tesla, the 7-year- old company paid $43 million
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for the nummi plant. >> brand-new processes. >> reporter: the first to be built is tesla's five seat model s. >> we will benefit up to 20,000 units a year. >> reporter: the model as is essentially half the price of the roadster -- model s is essentially half the price of the roadster. >> with the model s we will use our third-generation car appeared he would try to increase the production and decrease the price of electric vehicles. >> reporter: then all at the factory is unused space would provide a premier location to build less expensive cars that they have signed an agreement with toyota to design a drive system for the rav four suv.
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the factory could become a model of a new american industrial revolution. >> the objective is to revolutionize the way cars are made and the things they are made out of. >> reporter: the first production model s goes on sale in two years. i am consumer editor tom vacar. nummi announced grants will go to support electric vehicles here in the bay area. there are 13 grants. some of the money will go to a powell also claimed that plans to install for battery charging systems. also four counties will receive grants to purchase luxury vehicles and charging stations. union pacific is doing some trackwork. amtrak is providing bus
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transportation where needed to and from the station's. wells fargo said it is the filing documents in some 55,000 foreclosures. today the san francisco-based bank said it made a mistake by not following required procedures in foreclosure affidavits. the cases are in 23 states where a judge is needed to complete a foreclosure. california is that included. bank of america said the meeting is set for tomorrow with representatives of the attorney general. they are coordinating their investigation into whether the bank cut corners. it will take place in washington dc and will be the first between the two sides. on wall street, defense bond buyback plan lead on investors. the nasdaq lost five. the death toll in indonesia is now believed to be more than
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300. hundreds more are missing. the number of dead rose after the volcano erupted. just one day earlier, an earthquake close to sumatra triggered a deadly tsunami. officials say there was no warning put in place and is broken because a lack of maintenance. bay area doctors and nurses are preparing for a mission to haiti. john fowler alerted one volunteer doctor to troubling development that underscores the need. >> reporter: this river, dr. says to be the source of the cholera outbreak. rumors swarmed back and workers continue the water with sewage. the epidemic worsened today with some 500,000 hospitalized.
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angry people threw stones at this hospital and shut it down. the chief medical officer led a team of a dozen of doctors and nurses from the same hospital hit by today's transportation. >> what is happening there? >> reporter: this was moments after we told him about it and they blame the fear and ignorance about cholera. cholera is preventable but now their water is killing people. >> it is overwhelming pain and suffering. to the extent that it does we need to pitch in. it is a human struggle just to survive. they need a break. >> reporter: lockhart told me he began today to organizing other haiti trip next week and
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will donate plasma and blood fluids now running short. the only saving lives -- to save lives is another infusion of medicine's. ten teenagers from oakland are in washington dc tonight. part of the east oakland youth development center program that helps teens pick out colleges. their first stop today was the white house and plan to visit congress, world bank and some top universities. southwest airlines provided free tickets. tonight for the first time a sitting president will appear on john stuart's comedy central show. this is the motorcade about to leave the studio. he says the appearance is an attempt to reach out to young voters. he defended his record as jon stewart asked them questions about his campaign. up next, legendary athletes are cheating on children who
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are fighting cancer -- are cheering children who are fighting cancer. >> if there is no tv nearby, watch bay area news at 7:00 on your computer. we are streaming live on the web at
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>> high winds, rain, and snow continued to pound the midwest, southeast and eastern seaboard. the worst is stretching from georgia to maryland yesterday these massive storms produced tornadoes. here in the bay area we are seeing rain as well and here's meteorologist mark tamayo to help us out of. >> the rain has increased somewhat over the past few hours. talking about some heavy rain over the next two days. right now on the maps you can see this. the coverage, not always reaching the ground. i will show you once again those yellows and reds that could have some heavier cells
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outside. as a result there might be more on the radar right now. still some moderate downpours. definitely filtered into the region this afternoon. mostly cloudy skies this evening. chances of rain for tomorrow are fairly good for the northern half of the bay area. we are talking about game two of the world series tomorrow. clouds and a very good chance of showers. we are expecting some showers and the amount could possibly be approaching a 10th of an inch for the second half of the game as the system begins to move into the region. you see this cold front just off shore marching towards our coastline and that trend will continue tomorrow. we have a split forecast with heavy rainfall in the north
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bay. the south bay, mostly cloudy skies. a big range in the rainfall totals for tomorrow you can see the painted yellows and reds. here is our forecast model. tomorrow morning, a chance for something san francisco to the north. not much happening in the south bay. five -- 5:00 we increase the probability throughout game two for tomorrow and by 5:00 we could have some rain showers. tomorrow morning temperatures 47 to 52 degrees. you can see antioch is 68. half moon bay tops out around 60 degrees. here's a look ahead at your five-day forecast. a chance of showers on sunday and we will try out for halloween. some patience today
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received a visit from legendary giants greats. it is a program funded in part by major league baseball. they say it was nice to visit the children and be able to put a smile on their faces. chimpanzees at the san francisco ensue are showing their giants fever and meanwhile the head of the zoo has a friendly wager. the giants lose the world series before it words you will get some gear jelly chocolates and wine and if the rangers lose the san francisco ensue will get some texas pralines -- zoo will get some texas pralines. >> you can catch the rest of the game and our post game coverage over on ktvu channel
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two. i am gasia mikaelian. tmz is up next right here on tv36.
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