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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  October 29, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. >> new concerns about terrorism tonight after packages containing explosives are found onboard planes heading for the united states. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. president obama calls it a incredible and co-ordinated attack. tonight airport security is being tightened after authorities overseas intercepted two packages containing explosives addressed
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to synagogues in chicago. the president says the packages were sent from yemen. one was found on a chargeo plane in duabai and another one in england. ktvu's amber lee is at sfo. but we begin with mike mibach who is in temple beth abraham in oakland. mike? >> reporter: these acts are unfolding in four days before the election. where terrorism did not play a big role but it did in targeting the synagogues in america. high alert in the skies above the eastern seaboard. >> i only saw anything on the way down but on the way down we had officers. >> reporter: they escorted this plane down to jfk. >> we thought they were looking for somebody on our flight. >> reporter: not people but
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cargo. who packages containing manipulated toner cartridges were found with wires and one in england and the other on a fedex plane in dubai. both were addressed to synagogues in chicago. >> an initial examination of those packages has determined that they do apparently contain explosive material. >> reporter: homeland security officials say they are increasingly confident al qaeda's yemen branch is responsible. the terror cell is behind the detroit airliner bombing last christmas. the powerful and industrial explosive use that had day was also detected according to preliminary tests and the two toner cartridges. >> al qaeda in the peninsula has been rather open in its venom towards the united states, towards western interests. >> i don't think we are overreacting. sort of a post 2001 world. >> reporter: he went to college in chicago and has spoken with friends at the synagogues. >> i obviously know most of the
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rabbis and the jewish community. they were on high alert and scared because they were targeted for whatever reason. >> reporter: the president was scheduled to fly to chicago tomorrow for a campaign event. the white house says mr. obama's travel plans will not change. reporting live right here in oakland mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. in reaction to today's events, ups has suspended its flights out of yemen. while fedex doesn't have operations there it will enforce an embargo on shipments from yemen. ktvu's amber lee has more now on how security procedures are being ramped up now. she is live at sfo. amber? >> reporter: frank, we spoke with officials here at sfo. everyone we spoke with was tight lipped but do say they stepped up security. airport police told us more passengers are getting patted down as they go through the security check points. several canine units have been patrolling the terminals. and it appears that psa workers
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are taking a closer look at items in carry-on luggage. passengers told us they are prepared to wait in longer lines if necessary. how do you feel about flying tonight? >> it is a little bit scary. but i mean we have flown before. we have had problems with security before. so try not to think about it, i suppose. >> reporter: the department of homeland security says it has also heightened cargo screening. tonight we spoke with federal express and ups. both carriers declined to say what security measures are in place but say they constantly look to improve safety. karen cole of ups spoke to us by phone at ups headquarters in atlanta, georgia. >> we are accepting packages every single day. this is an extremely rare occurrence. . >> reporter: airline passengers told us they do have faith in the existing security measures. they say although the suspicious packages were found in other countries, they applaud the u.s. government nor
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responding promptly. >> but when it comes over to our shores we have to deal with what we have to deal with. but it is just part of life, the life that we are living in right now. we just have faith, that's it. >> reporter: airport police say coincidentally they have just started using what's called a vehicle identification recognition system mounted on patrol cars that enables officers to instantly find out if the vehicle is stolen and who the registered owner is. another tool police say in trying to keep the public safe. live here at sfo, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. police from three east bay cities and the alameda sheriff's department are searching for suspects following an armed robbery in union city. police say the mission youth food and liquor store in the 33,000 block of mission boulevard was robbed shortly after 2:00 this afternoon. investigators say three armed suspects wearing masks ordered people inside to the ground. a short time later, fremont police stopped a vehicle that
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might be linked to the robbery. at least three people ran from the car. one was captured. the police say officers also recovered several weapons. a san francisco man is free on bail tonight after being accused of beating up a catholic priest at a retirement home in the south bay. the suspect blames that priest for molesting him when he was a boy 35 years ago. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta joins us now. he is live in san jose with this story. lloyd? >> reporter: julie, this is a story receiving national attention. when the suspect bailed out of the santa clara county jail tonight, reporters were here to meet him. >> we will plead him not guilty and let the justice system take its course. >> reporter: with that attorney pat harris led his client away without taking any questions. will lynch had self-surrendered to authorities this afternoon. he is facing charges of assault for allegedly attacking a 65- year-old jesuit priest in may. a priest lynch says molested him when he was 7-year-old.
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investigators say lynch identified himself as eric when he called the jesuit sacred heart retirement center. authorities say he wanted to speak to father gerald litner about a death in his family. when the father met lynch in a parlor room he was attacked. >> he was punching him in the face and all over the body. and after the father goes down to the ground, the suspect takes off on foot. >> reporter: lynch's attorney says his client and brother were molested by father litner more than 30 years ago during a camping trip in the mountains. >> he took the two of them out in the woods. he sexually abused both of them. forced them to also have sexual acts with each other and then physically tortured them as well. that's the history here. >> reporter: the father still lives at the retirement center. he was never criminally charged. but there was a settlement of $625,000 with the brothers. >> we do everything that we can to reach out to those who have allegedly been harmed by any of
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our members. we do everything we can to bring about reconciliation and healing. >> if will lynch is found guilty of assault he could get four years in prison. live in san jose, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. the latest phase of work on a huge tower for the new eastern span of the bay bridge wrapped up at -- wrapped up about five hours early today. crews finished the placement of four huge steel columns for a middle tier of the tower at 4:00 this afternoon. each leg weighed 600-tons and placed on another set of legs put in place last july. cal trans says the next major phase will begin in the next couple of weeks. >> the next set in december. place four more legs. by february of 2011 we will have completed the tower for the new bridge. >> so as of today the tower is halfway up. when it is done it will stand 520 feet high. they hope to open the new span
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to traffic by the end of the year 2013. by this time tomorrow night, game three of the world series should be in the books. this morning san francisco giants' players, their families and members of the giants' organization boarded buses at at&t park. and then they headed to the airport where they boarded a flight to texas. it is the first time the rangers have hosted a world series. coming up at 10:45 tonight we will go live to texas where fred has more on the team's arrival and the giants fans who have made the trip as well. games 1 and 2 of the world series provided a significant boost in business for san francisco. bars and restaurants are reporting huge increases in sales as fans enjoys adult beverages and meals. two bars situated near the ballpark said they sold more than 5,000 beers in the past two days. plus 700 margaritas. and the giants dugout store told a ktvu staffer it is
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seeing more than $1,000 a day in sales. the game is on at 3:30 here on ktvu. >> a quiet day on wall street. the dow gained four points while the nasdaq remained essentially flat. but october does go on the becomes as the best month for the market so far this year. this month is also the strongest october for the dow since 2006. it picked up 330 points or a gain of 3%. the s & p had similar results posting the best october since 2003. other economic news, the number of people filing new unemployment claims fell sharply last week. new figures released by the labor department showed 430,000 filed for first-time job benefits. the lotion number since july. another healthy indicator, consumer spending rose last month by 2.6%, the best reading in four years. [ music ] >> people who just cannot understand how you can mistake
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a heavier gun for a lighter weight bright yellow taser. >> a former bart police officer convicted of shooting and killing an unarmed man. tonight mehserle's explanation in part two of our exclusive interview. and right now i'm oozing live storm
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. >> a jury decided it was involuntary. so how did it happen? why did a bart police officer fire his gun instead of his taser. it may have been unintentional but it is the reason why oscar grant is dead. and the interview before he was charged with manslaughter rita williams sat down with the former bart police officer and asked him how he could have mistaken his gun for his taser. >> he says it was a mistake, both that he is behind bars and what he did that sent him here. almost four months ago a jury convicted mehserle of involuntary manslaughter and use of a gun. and he has been in the la county jail ever since awaiting sentencing. >> do you think you should go to prison all the? >> no. it was an accident. >> the jury found it was
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involuntary, not murder, but a crime nonetheless when the former bart police officer fired his gun instead of his taser killing oscar grant. >> are you prepared to go to prison for up to 14 years? >> i'll do whatever i need to do. i'll do whatever i need to do. but i know i am not going to stop. i am not going to give up. >> what i hear more than anything are people who just cannot understand how you can mistake a heavier gun for a lighter weight bright yellow taser. >> m'hm. >> what do you they will them? >> unless you've been there, you know, for me it's one of those things that i really didn't understand it until it happened. >> okay. >> mehserle, now 28 acknowledges drawing and holstering his taser twice in the two and a half minutes he was on the bart platform before the shooting. >> and you didn't have any
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trouble distinguishing between the gun and the taser? >> that wasn't -- it wasn't -- that wasn't a split-second decision there, no. i had time to look and pull out and warn him with it. >> bart officers had just started carrying tasers three weeks before this shooting. that day. >> my taser was right just to the left of the center line of my belt buckle. and my gun was to the right on my -- on my right hip. >> so you used your right hand? >> yes, madam. >> bart has now required more taser training and requires that officers wear tasers on their belt so they can't be drawn with the same hand used to draw their guns. >> do you blame your training? >> you know, i don't know if i can point fingers. do i think that it could have been better now that i've heard
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everything, yeah. >> he does fault bart's boards and other officials for flaming the flames, being too quick to call it murder. >> why didn't you tell people it was a mistake? >> i can tell you in the first -- the first few days trust started dissipating real fast. it felt like i was being thrown under the bus, so to speak. >> mehserle wrote a public letter right before his conviction apologizing to oscar grant's family. family members called itself- serving, an attempt at sympathy. >> what do you say to them? >> there is nothing i can say or do that will ever bring him back. i understand that. you know, i value human life and i value life. i never wanted any of this to happen. and i hope that -- i hope that
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they can understand that. and i'll forever be sorry for what happened. >> he says he understands their anger, but hopes some day they can talk face-to-face. >> it doesn't matter if 20 years goes down the road, i will always be there. >> do you hope they can forgive you some day? >> absolutely. >> but mehserle says he is still trying to forgive himself. rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> rita's exclusive interview with mehserle lasted for about an hour. and you will now find the interview in its entirety online at we have just post today within the past few minutes. go to the mehserle tab on our home page. a note is shedding new light tonight on a strange case involving the death of a hayward teenager and the arrest of his twin brother. the alameda county sheriff's department said the 15-year-old
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boy died of as fixation with a rope. authorities say his twin brother broke into a home and tried to stab himself the night before. authorities tasered the boy to subdue him. they said the surviving brother reportedly signed a note saying they were both unhappy. >> there is no real reason why. there is no -- there is nothing specifically pointed at. there is no traumatic incident that's pointed at. it is just basically says that they are unhappy and they have been unhappy. >> the sheriff's department says it will decide whether to rule the by's death a suicide once they speak to the surviving twin. police in reno say a man about to be fired shot three co- workers at a wal-mart store today. the incident began at 8:30 this morning and came to an end six hours later. reno police say the man went into the store and wounded three people before negotiators were finally able to talk him into surrendering. a wal-mart spokesperson says all three of the wounded co-
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workers are expected to survive. they assume that that shooting was motivated by the man's impending termination. residents of an apartment complex in daly city are back home after a hazardous material scare earlier today. the west village apartments was evacuated after someone complained of an odour. when fire crews got inside they also noticed the bad smell. but by the time hazmat teams arrived the odour had dissipated and the all clear was given. thousands of people were pouring out of the citizens center today might have looked alarming but it was just a drill. the city organized a multiagency joint evacuation exercise this afternoon to test the responses and then see what could be done better in the event of a real emergency. [ music ] >> it's been raining all day on the north bay. nearly an inch of rain. the rest of us have been dry
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until now. live storm tracker 2 shows heavy rain now around richmond, oakland, south towards hayward. scattered out in the livermore, pacifica and half moon bay. come in a little closer here you have some heavy rain out near walnut creek. the showers thicken around. what does that mean? well, the morning showers tomorrow. kind of like this morning. wet ground as you move around. dry in the extended forecast. so as we go into tomorrow, this weather is moving off to the east very slowly. as it moves off, the clouds will begin to clear. into tomorrow, look for high pressure to build in. and things to begin to dry out. now, when i come back we will talk about halloween. is it going to be dry or cold? the rest of your weekend. i will see you back here. >> alameda county judge issued a temporary ordered to that will allow state-funded child care for thousands of low- income parents to remain in operation for at least another week. governor schwarzenegger used a
11:51 pm
line item veto to cut the stage 3 child care program from the state budget to save $256 million. and it was scheduled to end on monday. four oakland parents are suing the state to keep the program running. and a hearing on their lawsuit is scheduled for next thursday. a water main break in the east bay. what crews on the scene told us tonight about fixing the problem. >> plus chairs carried away moments before a campaign rally. is it an ominous
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. a water main in east oakland has left dozens of residents without much water pressure. the break is a six inch line that occurred at foothill at about 8:00 tonight. east bay mud tells us it is moving crews and equipment into place to dig up the street.
11:54 pm
there is no word yet on what caused the break. >> a man who oakland police say was one of the most dangerous ever to walk the streets was sentenced today to 48 years in prison. in august 35-year-old mark candler was charged with attempted murder. he ran the so-called acorn gang and encouraged violence that amounted to warfare. thomas received 40 years in prison for similar charges. a fairfield man is being held without bail on murder charges in a cold case that dates back 14 years. that is when danadever disappeared. it took them 40 years before they were able to identify her body after her disappearance as hers. her then boyfriend curly was arrested yesterday after new evidence came to light. the owner and manager of a san francisco printing company has pleaded not guilty in the death of a pregnant worker in 2008. both men were charged with
11:55 pm
involuntary manslaughter and labor code violations. 26-year-old margarita was crushed to death by a machine at digital pre-press international. the company has already reached a multimillion dollars settlement with her family. sanbruno residents affected by the pipeline explosion got to hear advice and get some questions answered tonight. congress woman jacky spear organized the meeting at a church. regulators from pg&e and the government were on hand. updates into the investigation and the cause of the explosion and the status of the pipeline were given. >> a teenager took the witness and gave horrific evidence about tortured and starved by adults. the teenager is now 18 and described how he was held for four months by the four including one who was his legal guardian. kyle r escaped the home wearing on boxer shorts in 2008. he was chained and beaten,
11:56 pm
burned and cut. he testified they cut my arm and poured bleach on it. it burned. one of the four defendants, anthony waiters pleaded not guilty and is on trial. the other three struck plea bargains and are each expected to be sentenced to at least 34 years in prison. a number of bay area communities united today and marked a day of remembrance for victims of domestic violence. >> ann harris russell, 57. [ music ] >> in oakland the names of people killed as a result of domestic violence were read aloud followed by the ringing of a bell as part of today's ceremony. relatives laid white roses next to photos of their loved ones. one woman told ktvu after years of being abused by her husband she was able to turn her life around by seeking help. >> you just speak out. that's the way you need to do, women is to speak out and say i need help. the county held a day of
11:57 pm
remembrance ceremony today for the first time in the county's history. similar events also took place in salano and san mateo county. [ music ] halloween weekend is kicking off here in the bay area. we will show you the celebrations and the preparations for grownups and little ones alike. coming up in a live report. [ music ] >> it's dark and it's quiet here at rangers ballpark in arlington, texas. the giants hope to keep it that way all weekend long as the
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
[ music ] >> two prominent san franciscoans are hoping to make the leap to statewide office in
12:00 am
next week's election. in our exclusive new ktvu field poll shows that at least one of them has a pretty good chance of making it. political editor randy shandobil has the report. >> reporter: according to our new ktvu field poll, san francisco mayor gavin newsom's chances of becoming california's next lieutenant governor appear to be brightening. he has a five point lead over the current republican. did you want to hear the numbers? >> i don't care. >> you don't care? >> i really don't. it's irrelevant. >> newsom told us in tight races what matters most is getting his supporters out to vote. and he is concerned. >> if the pundits are right and democrats 13-89 stay home guys like me absolutely lose. >> as if to show his worries moments before he held a rally at uc berkeley today, volunteers frantically removed dozens of chairs so the room wouldn't look empty for our
12:01 am
cameras. it still looked empty, hoping for hundreds but only about 60 people showed up. abel had his own photo open go wrong today. he pulled up to a campaign in a giant bus. big bus, small crowd. a handful. >> go inside. >> we showed him the poll. >> pretty close race. >> it's a dead even race. >> well, five points isn't dead even but it is close. >> a margin within 3-4 points it's a dead even race. >> the other big race involving san franciscoans for attorney general san francisco district attorney harris against the da from la, republican steve coolly. it's essentially a tie. coolly is ahead by a single point. >> there is a huge gender gap as you might suspect. men are voting strongly for coolly. women are voting strongly for harris. >> reporter: in both races the lieutenant governor and attorney general there are still a lot of undecideds.
12:02 am
the bottom line both races are still too close to call. political editor randy shandobil. ktvu, channel 2. mayor newsom received a high profile endorsement in his bed for governor. michael bloomberg called him an innovator. he is dedicated to the environment and education and fostering job creation. newsom has been admired for many years. >> the candidate tells ktvu her family has been harassed since their addresses were made public in a campaign mailer. the ad sent here by the association of san jose police and firefighters. it questions where she lives. she told ktvu her mother has been bombarded with threatening calls. she supports measures v and w which if approved by voters would change the pay and the retirement plans for police and firefighters.
12:03 am
the association is against that. san jose's mayor who supports the measures condemned the tactic. >> this effort to strike fear into the hearts of the family cannot be tolerated by people of good conscience. >> the retired police and firefighter association hasn't responded to our request for a comment. bart broke ground to extend power in the east bay. the diesel line will cost $260,000. bart says that is less than half of what it would cost to extend the current bart line. the new line is expected to be in operation by 2015. the extension will run down the median of highway 4. the route will take riders from the pittsburgh bay station to a new station at hillcrest avenue in antioch. >> with halloween falling on a sunday this year plenty of time to celebrate. already tonight we found people out in costumes. but in san francisco, one location is off limits.
12:04 am
ktvu's david clemson is live now in the city with this story. >> reporter: julie these flyers are being handed out to show there is no official halloween event in the castro. the message you can party, just don't do it here. while critical mass bicycles ran through the castro district shoppers were searching for just the right look. >> well, i've got a pirate dress and a pirate shirt. i am trying to decide which sort of pirate i am going to be. >> reporter: she misses the big halloween street in the castro. closed down after a shooting injured 9 people in 2006. >> i think there is ways that the city could do it. it happens in new york. it happens in cities all over the world. i would really like to see more fun happen in the castro and throughout the city. >> one of the problems we had, which you just can't fit a half a million bay area people into the castro. it is not a safe situation.
12:05 am
that has really gone away. >> reporter: across the bay traffic slowed for another halloween tradition in the neighborhood. a childrens' parade that's been going on for more than four decades. >> initially people say it looked a little light. we thought because of the weather it might be. but i would say we have probably got several hundred who passed by. >> what are you dressed up as? >> princess. >> belly dancer. >> spider man. >> i'm a fairy witch. dorothy. >> it's a family affair for three generations of the saunders who have been coming almost since the parade began. >> it's a great community event. everybody comes. as you can see the parents and grandparents all dress up. and it's fun. >> happy halloween. >> reporter: back here in san francisco, even though the city is pushing its home for halloween program, police still spent the afternoon preparing for thousands of revelers to show up here on sunday. live in san francisco, ktvu,
12:06 am
channel 2 news. state college fees poised to go up yet again. how big of an increase is being discussed and when it could become a reality. and live storm tracker 2 picking up rain in richmond, oakland. that rain will visit many bay area neighborhoods tonight and a bit of tomorrow. i will tell you how much you can expect. >> also clouds of hot ash spew ú
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. cal trains are investigating the death of a man struck and killed by a train. the man was hit by a southbound train at the belmont station at 3:10 this afternoon. trains were delayed but service
12:09 am
is back to normal now according to cal train. it is unclear if the death was a suicide for an accident. the man's name has not been released. this is the ninth death on cal train tracks this year. >> four gang members have been ordered to stand trial in a night that he happened in the deaths deaths of three people. the men are charged with three counts of murder. they stem from a may 2009 shooting in berkeley where the men allegedly shot and killed a rival gang member. while driving away from the scene prosecutors say they then crashed into a car and a pedestrian killing two more people. tuition for students in the cal state university system could be going up again when trustees meet in two weeks. the csu chancellor is recommending a mid-year tuition increase of 5% for undergraduates and graduate students. and another 10% increase will be proposed for the fall of next year. if they are both approved, the
12:10 am
annual tuition for undergraduate students would go up by $654 to almost $4900 a year. the two hikes would also be the fifth and sixth tuition increases since 2007. csu officials are blaming the increases on the state's budget crisis. in news of the world tonight in indonesia a volcano on the island of java erupted five more times today sending clouds of hot ash into the sky and down the slopes. it's the -- it first erupted on tuesday killing 35 people. some 47,000 other people have been evacuated from the area. one expert said these relatively smaller eruptions may be lessening the threat of one massive blast. in iran the government today offered to resume negotiations on the nuclear program. this comes four days after it began loading fuel rods into its new nuclear power plant. tehran has insisted the you're rain union earn richment is for the power plant but it could
12:11 am
also be used for nuclear weapons. talks with tehran have been stalled for about a year. and in afghanistan, american and russian drug agents are working together in an unprecedented joint raid against the heroin trade. today they destroyed $56 million worth of heroin. but that's a small fraction of the heroin production. russian forces have not been in afghanistan since u.s.-backed afghan militia drove the soviet military out in 1989. a mountain view family is offering a $7500 reward for information leading to their missing son. 34-year-old michael hasn't been seen since he walked away from a treatment center in july. us bi-polar has drug problems and displayed symptoms of schizophrenia. he has a sun burst tattoo on his left elbow and a black bird tattoo on his right recall arm. the latest figures on sales
12:12 am
of phones show apples iphones are selling more than blackberries. nokia is rated number one overall. apple is now number four but showing the biggest increase in sales. blackberry is fifth. these numbers are for sales in the third quarter. >> two big wins at home. but how will the giants fair in enemy territory. a report from inside the ballpark in ♪
12:13 am
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as a. >> the san francisco giants are in texas tonight getting ready for game three of their world series against the texas rangers set for tomorrow afternoon. and if you don't know what the antler and the claw are, you will soon enough. because they are a big deal at the rangers ballpark. ktvu sports reporter fred
12:15 am
inglis inside the ballpark with more on that. good evening, fred. >> good evening, frank. he talked to our photographer chip vaughn here. the last time we were in this stadium was in 2007 when they eliminated the mavericks in the playoffs. but they like to say down here everything is bigger in texas. for example this rangers ballpark in arlington sits on 270-acres compared to just 13- acres at at it. and t park. but less charm and really no history here. no statues, very little recognition of the rangers 50 years of playoffs futility. only three numbers retired including the current owner nolan ryan. the strikeout king throws out the first pitch tomorrow night. so having its first ever world series game inside this 4900 seat ballpark is a big deal. >> it doesn't seem real until
12:16 am
we came and saw the signs. >> i sometimes can't wrap my brain around it that that banner is hanging up there. >> reporter: the rangers fans also employed some rally gear like the antlers and the claw. >> a long distance high five and the antlers are running like a deer for speed. >> reporter: but the giants are aware of the numbers. 11 of the last 13 teams to win the first two games of the world series goes on to clinch the championship. but this is a hitters park. and the rangers put up football numbers here. >> you can limit the base hits. >> limit the guys on base. before the base hits come that's basically a good recipe here. >> we will stay the same. go and pretend and act like we are, you know, 0-it keep up the same intensity. keep grinding. keep grinding out at bats. you know, that's what our approach is going to be. >> you know, to be able to take these two at home against a caliber team of the rangers, i mean, definitely we feel good where we are at right now.
12:17 am
>> reporter: rangers ballpark was built in 1994. now, last year the new cowboys stadium moved into town. this weekend at least baseball overshines and outshadows, if you will, the football even in texas. the local talk shows and the newspapers are kind of jumping off the texas rangers band wagon being down 2-0. of course the giants would like to dehorn and declaw them again tomorrow. mark will have more on the 106th world series later up in sports. reporting live in arlington, fred inglis, ktvu, channel 2 news. and if the giants do get a chance to clinch the world series, fans will be able to watch the deciding game in san francisco's civic center plaza. a giant video screen will be set up there where city hall is in all its giants' orange glory. the earliest that could happen would be sunday night if the giants, of course, beat the rangers tomorrow afternoon. >> well, it is hard to escape giants orange here in the bay area. the international terminal at
12:18 am
sfo is also aglow in orange lights welcoming all visitors. that way they know they are entering giants' territory. this week there was a shortage of those cells used to turn the lights orange but no shortage at sfo. the orange october coverage conditions at ktvu, you will find an entire section dedicated to the giants and their world series run. and getting rain in the bay area. a long wait for most of us. raining all day in the north bay. but down here in the central bay not a lot of rain until now. the showers are occurring. we've got rain in san francisco ought over the ballpark. rain at alameda, oakland, emeryville. hayward. the rain is moving through rapidly. let's put the movement on this. there is a lot of direction. a lot of north or south to north. translating at a very slow rate off in that direction, the whole system. so i would say by 2 or 3 in the
12:19 am
morning it should be mostly out of here. but a chance of sprinkles in the morning. that's saturday. there is the system. you saw it moving east a little bit. just right there. it is slow. because most of the speed is going this way. as it goes this way it is going this way. much faster to the north than to the east. but moving through here. the showers will be around tonight. daytime highs tomorrow in the 60s. not bad. most of your day will be mostly sunny and dry. say after 11:00. before that i think widely scattered sprinkles in the forecast. tonight's showers stay around. early tomorrow morning a.m. showers. high pressure builds in. that brings you saturday afternoon. kind of nice at 60. sunday all day looks nice. no rain in the forecast for halloween. the forecast tonight then on the computer model will get you to 6:00 saturday morning. those are the light sprinkles i mentioned. at is light stuff. but lunchtime right it is moving out. might be a little drizzle.
12:20 am
but i would suspect by lunchtime everybody partly cloudy and sunny and dry. and go into sunday and there is your dry sunday. weather stays north and we stay dry. a good early part to the next week as the rain stays up in oregon. we begin to dry out right into monday and tuesday. go to the world series game three. hopefully only four of these, 67 degrees in arlington. mostly clear fort ball game tomorrow. the temperature on sunday probably about 70 degrees at ball time. or the first pitch time. good weather for the baseball series. 62 in napa tomorrow. these forecast highs are nice. not quite as warm as they were a few days ago, but still warming up. and then warmer still as we roll into your bay area sunday and monday and tuesday. there is your five day forecast. go giants. i think we are going to get out of there in two games
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. >> all right. mark joins us now. local teams winning ways lately. >> maybe it's contagious. >> it might be, yeah. that would be a good thing. >> we all know what's going on with the san francisco giants. giving a little short shrift to the warriors. they deserve a little love. off to a great start we will take it 2-0. against the clippers tonight as they go to work as it is none other than steph currie doing the work. a teardrop bucket. more currie as he goes down with the two hand jam. 16 points for currie. but a newcomer, we probably need to pay attention to. the name is wright who let the scoring against the warriors
12:25 am
with 24. a career night for him. six threes. but the night does have a problem steph currie already injured in the pre-season had to be helped. the warriors win it 91-101. they are 2-0 for the first time in 1991. check on that injury in the next day or so. but it doesn't look that great. >> things look great for the giants. it could be an all time weekend for the city of san francisco and the giants in texas. with the 2-0 lead. as you see them going through their paces getting acquainted with the one piece of news. pablo sandoval alongside rentaria who has seen a lot of action. pablo will get the call as the designated hitter. bruce boche you can see his team is very relaxed right now. >> two wins doesn't get you
12:26 am
anything. and that's the only way to approach it. and tomorrow their focus will be on that game tomorrow night. and it has to stay that way. and that's not going to change with these guys. and i think they understand, you know, we're playing a very good team. and we have baseball left. we have to keep our focus. all right. after scoring a frab choice record 59 points do you think the raiders will do anything with their offense to mess with it? no. you know jason campbell will be the starting quarterback. they have made that official. get his third straight start in place of bruce bradkowski who had actually taken over as the starting quarterback. he has a separated shoulder. could see action as a backup. the raiders are taking on seattle. and they are favoured. in the meantime, our high school game of the week afternoon rivals and the game tied with newman with the one yard td by phil wright. 21-20 as it is rancho trailing. rancho answers back.
12:27 am
three plays later a 52-yard run but their quarterback. he ties the game at 14. and gore had nine rushes tonight and 10-4 yards on the ground. our first overtime. there is the coin flip. rancho, they go to the hot. and gore with the game winning one yard td. rancho wins 27-21 in overtime. the first time since 2002 that they have been able to beat their afternoonrivals cardinal newman. cardinal newman is 5-3. the high school game of the week. and sandy alder are son was officially named the general manager of the new york mets. don't forget, of course, a big weekend for the giants. a little something going on down in texas. >> a little something in big texas, yes. >> could be a parade we are looking for next week. that's the big thing. >> wouldn't that be cool. >> so nice to win it at home. i don't want them to lose but
12:28 am
so nice to win it at home. >> do it on their own lawn, right? >> mark, thank you. be sure to stay with ktvu, channel 2 news. the latest tomorrow on the terror plots.
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