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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  November 1, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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pure jubilation in san francisco as a home run propelling the san francisco giants to a world series championship. >> 2-0, it's hit high in the air to left center field, back
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is murphy on the run. 3-run home run renteria. >> reporter: it was a three run homer by edgar renteria that made the difference. one swing of the bat that giant fans will remember for a long time. >> long haired kid with the fast ball, a masterpiece tonight. no torture, not tonight. >> and here's how world champs celebrate. the traditional champane shower after defeating the texas rangers 4-1. good evening everyone i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. never before has san francisco celebrated like it has celebrated tonight and why not, this is a night to remember. the first ever victory for your san francisco giants. we go to ken wayne who's live
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at civic center. >> reporter: hope you guys can hear me, but we have a group of very happy giant fans behind me. this party started early this afternoon when thousands of fans flooded city plaza to watch the jumbo tron. but the celebration couldn't begin until the final out. the celebration than began, champane bottles were popped at the civic center. >> reporter: one police captain estimated the crowd at 8,000 to 10,000. that's before more giant fans streamed into the plaza to watch the game in a giant 14 by 13-foot screen. the mood shifted in the 7th
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inning after a 3-run homer brought momentum to the fans. earlier, fans were tense. giant fans said they were convinced their team would provail. >> i have a magical feeling inside. i feel we're going to take it and we're going to be world champions, baby. that's how i feel. >> reporter: there were some arrests, mostly for public drunkenness. later someone set a flag or fire, police quickly put the fire out. fans can finally say, their team are the the champions. you can see everybody having a good time. you can see a lot of people here so far everything has been very peaceful.
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people are screaming and yelling and having fun. we've had some bands out here playing music, no problems up to now. but i want to point out, i don't know if my photographer can see me, but right over here we are seeing our first police officers show up with helmets on and face masks. so it looks like police are getting ready to get serious and move some of the crowds. at least keep them off the street off of larson here outside of city hall. live in san francisco, ken wayne ktvu news. seems like the whole city is celebrating. this was the scene at delaney's at the marina tonight. one enthusiastic fall called this hands down the best day of
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her life. we check in on the partying coming up at 9:30. it's been a long time coming. mark ibanez has been reporting on the giants longer than anyone else on television, it's the first for mark, it's a first for all of us. >> i've endures a lot of lows. and this erases all the lows for the giant fans in 2002 when the giants failed to get the world series. when at one time they were within two outs of a world series. all of that, put it in the shredder. and this is more fun than you can have for a school night.
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and there's tim lincicum bow tie and all, copying the team owner. and he lit it up once he put his uniform on. ron washington elected not to walk renteria, instead pitched to him with aaron rowan on deck and a 3-run homer. lincicum gives way to nelson. nelson school on strike to end it and let the pandemonium begin and the ceremony commenced in the giant's clubhouse. that was big nuc um accepting the world series trophy. in case you hasn't heard, edgar renteria, who played so sensationally is named the series mvp. edgar renteria who had the game winning, game deciding rbi in the 1997 world series for the
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marlins as they beat the cleveland indians is the san francisco giants mvp. but every night a different hero and lets have a look and a listen to some more of the postgame. >> it's going to be a group of guys, we have contributions for everybody. the pitching whenever we got. baumgartners job. here edgar getting a chance to play renteria and gets mvp. >> world champions, how does that sound? >> sounds ridiculous and i love every minute of it. >> how does it feel? >> pretty excited, other than dealing with you guys. pretty exciting, this is a tremendous feet for us guys. >> what a way to end it. somebody told buster posey not every season is like this, and buster said why not. his rookie season, what a way
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to go. >> something else i heard him say, this is the ultimate high in baseball and i got to experience it my first year here. >> doesn't happen too often like that. >> love those ski goggles that guy was wearing. >> good stuff. >> police estimated that at least 4,000 people gravitated to at&t park tonight to celebrate this world series victory in the shadows of the giants home field. are more and more people continuing do show up amber? >> you can see i'm surrounded by these die-hard giant fans. -- they are everywhere. and from news chopper 2 you can see the fireworks going. and it doesn't look like the crowd is going to leave any time soon, even though there's a -- tomorrow. the crowd watched the game
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while police watched the crowd. >> here it is. with a final out, fans went crazy. >> come on giants. >> finally, it's taken a long time. since i was a kid i've been waiting for this moment. giants finally win the world series. >> i am a native san franciscan, go giants. >> i was here since 2:00 because i knew it was time. >> reporter: every available officer is on the street tonight. police are keeping an eye on
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traditional neighborhoods where crowds have showed up after championships. near the ballpark, the manager told us h he doubled the staff to deal with the crowds. when closing time will be depends on crowd behavior. >> the bar will keep open as long as it's safe and as long as everybody is having a good time. >> reporter: starting in the 7th inning, the police closed off 15th street because they didn't want more people to come into the area. the police captain told us those streets will remain closed until -- >> okay, well now that the giants are world series champions. the fans need to show their pride and they're doing a lot of that tonight. and workers are doing two sided printing on about 9,000 shirts which should take about 12 to
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15 hours. the t-shirts are licensed by mayor league baseball. they should be available at the giant dug out stores by tomorrow. the giants are still in texas along with fans that made the trip and got to see the game live in arlington, texas. ken wayne is live. >> here at the ballpark the arlington it feels like the season is over. about the only sound you hear at the ballpark now is the sounds of cans and bottles. fans stayed as long as they could to take enjoy the celebration. let's hear from them now. >> 54 years of torture. >> i can't believe the pitching
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tonight, when wilson came in i knew he would shut it down and it was amazing. >> oh my god, amazing experience. i'm so happy. overwhelming. >> tonight i'm going to celebrate and i'm going to try to crash one of the players parties. >> we've been waiting for this for a long long time. san francisco deserves it. >> we can soak it in for the last 30 minutes. we've been there all three days. my buddies and i, we came and we've had a ball. we got a world class theme from a world class city, that's all i can tell you. >> giant fans obviously have reason to be happy and celebrate. even before the victory they had reason to be happy. i talked to many of them, they all shared the same thing. they said the ranger fans here showed them hospitality during these three games. and that's something i imagine many of them will not forget. in arlington, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. giant fans who were fortunate enough to attend play off games have a new way to
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show everyone they witnessed history. high resolution panoramic photos of the crowd are now posted on major league baseball's website. fans may find themselves cheering, drinking or even looking away. fans are also able to tag that photo to their facebook page. we posted the link on our website, just go to another first for san francisco is coming later this week for the first time, market street will be the scene of a world series championship parade. the victory parade is scheduled for wednesday morning at 11:00 a.m. the ticker tick parade will begin at montgomery. then proceed up market then turn to civic center. the same parade route that the giants took when they moved to san francisco. if you can't watch it live, you can watch it right here on ktvu. you will also find video, your photos and an entire section dedicated to the san francisco giants. there's still much more to come on tonight's 10:00 news.
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polls open in a little less than nine hours, the campaign's final push tonight in some tight state races. you can see hundreds if not thousands of fans blocking the street.
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we are on the eve on an historic election in california. at this late hour it's all by over. but the voting and a few more political ads, by this time tomorrow night we should know if california has elected it's first female governor or it's older governor. and by this time tomorrow night, we should know if republicans have managed to take control of the federal government. we begin with political editor randy shandobil. he's live in oakland where democrats held a final get out the vote rally this evening. randy-- >> reporter: julie, while most political analysts are predicting a terrible election day for democrats on the national level, here in california democrats actually could be just fine, they certainly seemed optimistic in oakland's jack lindon square tonight. democrats feared that attorney general jerry brown was going
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to get squashed by republican meg whitman $160 million campaign. he didn't have the money or the energy to compete democrats feared, but tonight election eve, most polls suggest the former governor will be elected governor once again. >> so you think you got it? >> i never count my chickens before they're hatched but things are looking pretty good. >> reporter: just weeks ago supporters of senator barbara boxer who's running for reelection feared that she along with other congressional democrats would be booted out of office, blamed for the poor economy but the polls now say boxer leads fiorina yet now by a wide margin. a couple hundred supporters most of them labor unions
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rooted at a rally. >> the san francisco giants are on track to beat the texas rangers. and we are on track to beat the texas polluters who back my opponent. it's really exciting. >> did you see that poll where they said that the people over the texas rangers favor meg whitman. and the people for the giants favor me. look on the playing field tonight and we'll see who's the winner and it's california not texas. >> reporter: but that's baseball and elections people still have to work. and to quote yogi bear, it ain't over till it's over. randy shandobil, ktvu news. >> thanks, randy. now for the democrats final push. we go to heather holmes who's been with gop supporters. >> this stretch in walnut creek is lined with signs for meg
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whit man. m a n, this is where for weeks volunteers have been making phone calls and this is where tonight they were making one final push. >> this is the republican party. >> reporter: these volunteers smell an upset. >> and i'm hoping that you will join me in supporting meg whitman. >> reporter: canales believes meg whitman's plan is resinating with california voters and will translate into a victory. >> we're in real trouble and nobody else is offering the kinds of positive things she is. >> reporter: the gubernatorial candidate herself started the day in minlow park at a coffee shop called the sacramento express. in between the handshakes and kisses, meg whit man denied the polls that give brown the win. >> i think we're going to win, i'm really excited about it. >> reporter: whitman says it's
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all going to depend on voter turn out. >> did they choose someone who's been a creator of jobs, do they bring someone who has a fresh and new perspective or do they want a career politician. >> the next senator of california, carly fiorina. >> reporter: also wanting to take down a long time politician, is carly fiorina. >> we need to do something in this state. enough of career politicians who have not put people to work. >> reporter: fiorina took the time to put out four phone calls. a personal touch fiorina hopes wins the race tomorrow. heather holmes. for the first time in state history, a majority of voters
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are expected to cast their ballots by mail. an exclusive ktvu field poll estimates that 55% have mailed in their ballots with 45% voting in the ballot booth. 55% of all registered voters are expected to take part in the election. that is down from 79% in the 2008 presidential election. a divided federal court panel ruled today the don't ask don't tell policy of gays in the military will remain in effect as the case works it's way through the court. last night a trial judge found the policy unconstitutional. the u.s. government appealed the decision and last week the ninth circuit court of appeals placed an emergency stay. today the government ruled to extend that stay nationally. richmond police are investigating a shooting that killed a man on a bike this afternoon. the shooting happened on
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cutting boulevard. audio sensors that pinpoint the location of the shots. witnesses report seeing a white buick sedan driving away from that scene. and it was warmer today, you noticed that, temperatures back into the 70s. beautiful fall day, beautiful fall evening around san francisco. as you've seen, from the top of our newscast, thousands of people out in san francisco this evening. temperature outside probably the reason there's so many out there. temperatures in the 60s out there. it's going to be warmer tomorrow, warmer on thursday. we'll have a high surf advisory. warm weather as we head into your san jose tuesday. 69degrees at lunchtime. 76degrees for a daytime high. it's warmer the forecast calls for more warming. i'm going to have the parade forecast on wednesday. i'll tell you how hot it's
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going to be for that then i have the long range forecast for your city. i'll see you back here. it is a delay they didn't expect. while the trial of three americans charged with spying in iran is now on hold. why are thousands of
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twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. we have more to say. this is very close to at&t ballpark near third and king. you can see now, likes like a bomb fire has been set there. from what we understand, there are at least two fires. you can see one of them there. kind of hoped that this kind of thing doesn't happen. but sometimes this is what happens when folks go out and start celebrating and drinking and what not.
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it's a situation that we're keeping an eye on. there are police in the area talking about trying to keep crowds from coming into the area. two fires now have been set, two small fires we should say have been set near at&t park. 18 families are suing pg & e over the san mateo pipeline explosion. they are seeking unspecified damages. eight people died, 35 homes were destroyed in that september 9th blast. pg & e says it is committed to helping the community rebuild something iran today postponed the trial of all three american hikers who had been detained
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because shoerd had not been summoned to court. their trial was supposed to begin on saturday. in an interview shourd said they inadvertently crossed into iraq because a guard gestured for them to approach. -- the bomb maker is thought to be al-asiri. and the obama administration's top counter terrorism advisor warned that al-qaida in yemen is very innovative and creative. stocks remained flat tomorrow as the stocks await the reaction at midterm elections. the nasdaq closed with a loss of two points. the dow was up six points. he doesn't like guns, he's
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not into the streets. he's an average kid. the search for answers after a 14-year-old is shot. what police say about a suspect in the case. tomorrow
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this video just in to the ktvu newsroom from at&t park in san francisco. the first load there of giant championship merchandise has just arrived at the ballpark. you can see the boxes heading into the giants dug out store. the team plans to start selling the gear tonight. in san francisco's marina district it's pandemonium as
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fans have been stopping traffic and are now celebrating the giants huge victory. john sasaki is live in the middle of crowd and joins us now with the latest. >> reporter: i want to turn around and ask the crowd one quick question, who won the world series tonight? >> giants. >> and i have to tell you, still thousands of people here on chestnut street blocking up the street, celebrating, throwing champane and beer everywhere. this is still pandemonium. and i want to show you right here, charles has a shirt that he just picked up by the city center, you can see it right here, it says giants world series champions right there. mark, this gentleman right here is from san francisco. you were born the year the giants arrived in san francisco. >> i've been a giant fan all my life. i love the giants.
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>> reporter: what does this mean tonight? >> heaven, heaven, heaven must be like this. >> reporter: heaven, whatever you want to call it. this is the best night of a lot of these people's lives. we will go live to texas coming up in sports. arizona's controversial came to san francisco tonight. supporters say that arizona is doing what the federal law won't do. jan brewer attended the hearing. she said her concern is for the safety of arizona residents. >> we are seeing people still afraid down in the southern border to feel safe in their
12:03 am
homes which is just something that we will not and cannot tolerate. >> reporter: at the hearing, a three judge panel asked several questions about the provision that criminalizes the failure to carry legal papers. there's no word when the court will rule? a teenage boy is fighting for his life in the hospital after he was shoted in heat. >> reporter: larry malique grayson a few years ago. saturday afternoon the 14-year- old boy was brought to highland hospital after being shot, once through the head. >> my baby is just laying up there. >> reporter: malique parents say their son has never been a troublemaker, he's always been kind harded and well loved. >> after school, he went to tutoring, then he went to practice and came home. everybody loved my baby because
12:04 am
they know he's a good kid. everybody loved my child. >> he don't like guns, he's not into the streets. he's the average kid. still like cartoons and he's just a big baby. >> reporter: malique parents say their son had gone to visit a friend. it appears malique was shot inside an apartment about 3:30 saturday afternoon. neighbors say police searched the area for a gun, but did not appear to find one. >> don't nobody know where the guns are even coming from. there's more guns around here than pencils and books. >> reporter: berkeley police say they have a 17-year-old in custody and plan to speak to the district attorney tomorrow. malique's form football coach says he knows both teens and there's lots of questions. >> this is sad. nobody really knows what
12:05 am
happened other than malique and him. >> reporter: malique's family hopes they realize people learn from this. >> this is not like the video games. you're not going to fire the gun and get right back up. malique got shot in the head. the city of oakland is pursuing legal action at sweet's ballroom after several people were shot over the weekend during a halloween party. they may pull the club's cabaret license. if they had issued a permit they might have required extra security. no arrests have been made. a $45,000 reward is being offered for information in the case. a quick programming note, a special report we had hoped to bring you tonight on a search for repeat drunk drivers will not air as planned tonight
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because of our extended coverage of the giants world series game. we plan to bring you that report a little later in the week. a congressman refuses to answer a question. what gary condit would not say about chaundra
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former modesto area
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congressman gary condit took the stand today. ingmar guandique is accusedded of killing chandra levy. when the defense attorney questioned condit if he had an intimate relationship with levy, he answered, i'm not going to respond to those questions. and the attorney did not insue. the remaining part of the suit claimed that michael jackson's rights had been violated under the american's with disabilities act. the judge says he doesn't have the authority to hear the case, it will go before the state court rather a state court instead. in news of the world tonight, in iraq the death toll from yesterday's attack on a baghdad church rose to 58
12:10 am
today. 78 others were injured. the gunman entered the church and took 120 christians hostage. some of the deaths came during a rescue attempt. this was the deadliest attack ever on iraqi christians. an al-qaida group claimed responsibility. and officials raise the alert level at 21 volcanos. they say two are under watch for possible eruptions and 19 are showing signs of increased activity. that's more than double the number of volcanos usually on indonesias watch list. the country has 129 active volcanos. and in china, workers headed out today to begin taking a census of everyone in the country. there are 6 million census workers to count a population that numbers well over a billion. for the first time, the census will count people where they live not where they are officially registered. millions of the chinese have moved to cities from rural
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areas for work. uc berkeley is the first public school that now costs more than $150,000. but this is for out of state students, instead costs much less. for compareson, stanford university website puts tuition, mandatory fees and room and board at just under $50,000. the figures were crunched by the chronicle for higher learning. we're continuing to monitor huge crowds in san francisco. new live footage at at&t park where we've seen a new
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the partying continues all over san francisco, including
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around at&t park. we showed you a picture about the a couple of bomb fires that have been set by crowds that are out there. paul chambers is also out there. >> reporter: i can tell you that there is small little problems going on right here. we can see from here, we're told that toilet paper is being thrown. people are starting small fires. you can see there are fires, little small fires that they are working to put out right now. san francisco police say that it's approximately 4,000 people out here right now. they did detain the one person who may have set the fire. they're hopefully getting everything under control. it's been pretty safe tonight. but san francisco police department is on stand by, they do have a control center right next to it. so if anything happens they're ready to sweep right in. but over all they're letting fans have a good time.
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they did have a small fire, they have arrested the person who started that fire. everything else has been pretty peaceful, pretty rowdy, pretty loud but so far so good. giant fans are out here having a good time, world series champions. now back to you. as sure as trick or treaters ring doorbells on halloween or shopping follows thanksgiving, so can the calls on election eve. tonight on the south bay, democrats pick up the phones and ask voters to join their ranks. lloyd lacuesta is live. >> it is now the voters turn to speak. but up to the last minute, the efforts continue to sway them. >> this is robert and i'm a
12:16 am
volunteer with the california republican party. >> reporter: republican volunteers were calling people and urging them to vote for gubernatorial candidate meg whitman. >> we're not complacent. in the county we're working hard to the very end to turn out the workers. >> i'm with the vote yes on measure eight campaign. >> reporter: while at the south labor -- volunteers were making their pitches for their candidates. >> we don't want anyone to feel complacent. we want them to come out and we want them to vote. >> reporter: santa clara registrar of voters, many turned out to cast their ballots tonight. there are a variety of reasons for the early birds, some wanted their time to -- >> the nos can be no and the yeses can be yes. >> reporter: mail in ballots
12:17 am
are already being counted tonight. there are some 780,000 voters in santa clara county. >> they are going to be probably more voters voting by mail than there will be voters at the polling places. >> reporter: for patrick sans to patrick sans santos this is the election where he voted first. >> reporter: why do you feel this election have very important. >> hopefully they will pass what you wanted them to pass. >> reporter: live in san jose, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. the last day of campaigning brought republican candidate for lieutenant governor able
12:18 am
maldonado to the front steps of the governor's office. the two tried to talk about the different style of leadership. >> i bring a style of leadership that is independent, that works together. doesn't worry about who gets the credit, we just get the job done for the people of california. >> reporter: maldonado just spoke for about two minutes then let his supporters take the stage. and you have seen the pictures from san francisco and around the bay. there's a lot of folks out in the street. obviously because of the world series win. but also it's warm out there. we were talking about that in the studio, there's no reason to go home tonight as they see a lot of friends and family celebrating. what we're going to see tonight is fog formation. alexander valley out toward st. helena. the dewpoints are running in
12:19 am
the low 50s. that means if the temperatures gets down to 50, fog will form. these are the highs from today, certainly warmer than they were yesterday. highs tomorrow that are coming up again. this is the perfect weather pattern for our parade on wednesday. with temperatures on wednesday perhaps into the low 80s with some of the warm spots. mostly sunny and warmer for you tomorrow. fire danger, the winds aren't going to ramp up that much. a dry pattern continues, earlier or late last week i was talking about a chance for showers this week. but the computer models have pulled those out. what we're looking at is cool overnight lows. if you get down to this temperature you're going to have fog formation. 45 in napa, 49 in fairfield. just so you know, if the dewpoint is 45, the temperature can't actually get below that because fog forms, once fog forms it actually warms the atmosphere. the forecast and jet stream to the north, rain stays there,
12:20 am
big weather system in the gulf of alaska. the thing is generating big wind and big swellless. mavericks will break tomorrow, it'll break again on wednesday and maybe thursday as well. wednesday should be the biggest day for us. on land, mostly sunny and a warmer trend, temperatures in the 70s and 80s. beautiful bay area pattern. when you get to the parade, news chopper 2 is going to be out wednesday. lots of oranges out there, great visibility. i hope the rest of the country is watching because this is our city, outstanding weather for the parade. we have plenty of sun for you. i'm not worried about the air quality, maybe a few showers into the weekend. >> look at the weekend. >> outstanding, almost 80. >> fantastic, thank you bill. >> thank you, bill. the coalition for justice for oscar grant held a peaceful demonstration outside the ktvu studios here at jack lindon
12:21 am
squares this evening. the activists say they are upset because we broadcast a jailhouse interview with former bart police officer mehserle. they say they feel the interview created unwarranted sympathy for mehserle who is scheduled to be sentenced on friday for the shooting death of oscar grant. ktvu stands by our coverage of our story which has included interviews with members of the grant family. the community's response to the trial and legal issues surrounding the case. >> history was made right here
12:22 am
sweet n' sour filled twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
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well, what's going on? >> a little something, first ever world series championship for san francisco. not to forget 1989 and the oakland a's. but san francisco hard at it, celebrating party and what a victory it was. they cleaned through the play offs with 11 wins and five losses. the latest one, the one that helped provide it. tim lincecum sporting that bow tie look. he struck out the side in the
12:25 am
third on his way to a beautiful 8th inning performance with 10 strike outs along the way. but it was still against cliff lee, scoreless 7th inning. two out, two on edgar renteria ticket to ride gone to left field. two run shot as ron washington elected to go after rowan. lincecum makes it a little too good. not so fast giant fans, a little edgy. 3-1 but bryan little wilson will be able to come in as lincecum came down. no less than a round for bryan wilson as he comes in and sets the rangers down in order in the bottom of the ninth and there it is. the first ever world series victory for the san francisco giants. done in fine fashion in five
12:26 am
games against the texas rangers. edgar renteria is the mvp and down following the giants throughout the entire postseason, in the texas fred inglis he's still holding up. how are you holding up as a matter of fact fred? >> great, mark. everything is great here. it made me think a little bit about this starting line up tonight. there were four giants who had world series wins. juan uribe, aaron rowan, pat burrell and the world series mvp edgar renteria. but there were other veterans that never tasted the postseason before. guys like aubrey huff. >> you never know what they're thinking. what they're doing. >> what will be the moment that will always ignite the moment of this night and series? >> for this night, i think it's
12:27 am
the performance that timmy went out there. obviously edgar's hit. i was standing out there and as he hit it, we didn't know if we were going to get enough of it. when he found the gap, that was an unbelievable moment for us. >> yeah, an incredible opportunity for the veterans and how about these young guys like 21-year-old pitcher madison baumgartner. they got caught up in the middle of season. they win a world series win. sure sounds easy when you're that young. some veterans will tell them, get used to think but don't get too used to this because there's still a long history for this team. is it too early to talk about a victory next year. >> i think it is way too early. you have to have the parade at least. get on home safety. parade on wednesday and it is
12:28 am
time. there are other things happening. high school game of the week, get on and vote. there are your teams, napa versus vintage and other select games there. and we'll show the highlights on friday for the winning schools. >> all right, mark, thank you. it's so exciting. and be s
12:29 am
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