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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  December 12, 2010 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. attacked while they slept in their own home. the very latest tonight on two stills stabbed multiple times, allegedly by a 14-year-old boy. >> good evening everyone, i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. a 14-year-old boy is behind bars tonight accused of a crime that has stunned both the police and the neighbors. investigators say he entered a home and sexually assaulted and stabbed a teenage girl. and stabbed an 18-month-old
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toddler. ktvu reports. >> reporter: people who live in this neighborhood are sickened by what happened to two innocent children inside this home on balsam way on vacaville. >> i am horrified. i mean you can't imagine a child being stabbed 20 times. >> reporter: just before 3 a.m. a 13-year-old girl sleeping in bed next to her 18 monthold brother was awakened by an intruder who was stabbing her in the back. >> unfortunately, the 13-year- old was also sexually assaulted during the course of this. and when the 18-month-old woke up, he was also assaulted and stabbed. >> reporter: the 13-year-old girl managed to run from the house with her baby brother and got help from a neighbor. their mother had gone out for the night. police surrounded the home for more than two hours waiting for the suspect to come out. >> and they were all deployed like this on the side of their cars. >> reporter: the swat team finally broke into the house at 6 a.m. and found the attacker sleeping inside. police say it was a 14-year-old
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boy. he was arrested and taken to juvenile hall for attempted homicide and sexual assault. >> a 14-year-old. that's insane. >> reporter: investigators spent the day at the home gathering evidence. it is unknown how the suspect was able to get into the house or why he attacked the stillings. police say the 14-year-old has a criminal history. >> the only connection that we have is that the suspect does know the victim's older brother. >> reporter: police say the 13- year-old girl was stabbed more than 30 times and the 18-month- old was stabbed more than ten times in the torso area. >> it's absolutely horrendous how he victimized this 13-year- old and 18-month-old child for no apparent reason. >> reporter: the mother came home at 9:00 this morning and she had no idea what had happened until she arrived back here. both of her children are in critical condition at uc davis medical center in sacramento.
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they are expected to survive. reporting from vacaville, ktvu, channel 2 news. virginia officials today thanked those who spotted a missing girl in san francisco. as we report tonight, virginia investigators spent another day in the city building their case against the girl's alleged abductor. >> we spoke with both of them today. are. >> reporter: at the san francisco hall of justice this afternoon detectives from virginia held a news conference but said very little about the 12-year-old girl and her accused abductor found in san francisco. >> now that she has been found she will be headed back to virginia soon, the county police department's focus has shifted to the murder investigation. >> reporter: the girl's mother, 41-year-old tina smith, a nurse, was found dead in her virginia home monday. her dodge neon was located in a parking lot near sfo. suspected killer 32-year-old jeffrey scott easely was recorded with smith's daughter on this wal-mart surveillance tape december 3rd, the same day
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the police say they suspect she was killed. police have said tina smith met easely on the internet over the summer. he moved in with her and the girl in october. >> we don't want anything to jeopardize the case and the investigation. it is very important that we get justice for tina smith's family. >> reporter: since arriving in san francisco they visited the area on the outskirts of ocean beach where the girl and easely were staying prior to their discovery. the two were spotted friday pan handling out a richmond district safeway recognized from their photos on a national crime show. >> without your help, this case could have ended much differently. >> reporter: easely is being held in the psychiatric unit of san francisco county jail on warrants for abduction, credit card theft and credit card fraud. the girl is in protective custody. she spoke with her father over the phone last night. police have not said when the two will go back to virginia. an extradition hearing for easely has not yet been set.
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this is ktvu, channel 2 news. the redding teenager who was also found recently in san francisco was reunited with her family this morning. a cousin in the city just happened to spot 15-year-old jean marie burlinghoff and called the police yesterday. she was with her uncle 34-year- old charles burlinghoff. he was arrested and two other men who may have been involved in the teen's alleged abduction were detained pending an investigation. burlinghoff was reported missing from her home a month ago. >> redwood police were investigating now an officer was apparently knocked unconscious this morning. around 2 a.m. the officers stopped a vehicle in a parking lot on walnut boulevard near oak street. the driver ran off and the officer caught the driver in an alley where they scuffled. the officer hurt his head. when he didn't respond to his police radio, police agencies scrambled to try to find him. >> several agency, pittsburgh, antioch, oakly, the sheriff's department, chp responded.
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the officer was located, suffered a head injury. >> a helicopter took the officer to the medical center where he was treated and released after a four-hour search, police arrested that driver. they expect several charges to be filed against him, including assault. in washington, republicans are hanging tough. democrats are relenting a bit over the tax cut deal brokeered by president obama. the senate is expected to pass the bill this week. pressuring house liberals who want to see changes at least to the bill's generous estate tax provisions. adam shapiro has the latest. >> reporter: top obama administration officials predict the tax deal with the republicans will pass by the end of this year preventing a tax increase for all americans on january 1st. >> the nature of compromise is that you have to accept things that you don't like. >> reporter: but it will be a tough sell to some house liberals still angry at the president's compromise. they are angry at a provision to extend tax cuts for
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individuals making more than $200,000 a year and $250,000 per couple. >> there are some house democrats who will refuse to go along with any deal. most of us understand we have got to make some tough compromises. >> reporter: republican paul ryan of wisconsin will chair the house budget committee when the new congress will take its place says if democrats try to block the proposal, the new gop will make it priority number one. >> no, we are not in changing this deal. we are interested in passing this through. >> reporter: one thing lawmakers on both said of the aisles are agreed on if the tax cuts are allowed to expire the average american will see their taxes go up by roughly $3,000. the senate has a test vote on this issue monday. in new york, adam shapiro, fox business. >> you will find more on the controversial -- controversial deal by going to our website and click the tax cut tab on our home page.
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>> berkeley is expected to take up a resolution next month asking federal lawmakers to remove barriers for guantanamo bay detain knees cleared of any wrongdoing. a fellowship was to draw up support for the resolution. berkeley would be the first city to pass a resolution calling on congress to help certain guantanamo detainees re settle in the u.s. if that resolution also invites some of those detainees to relocate to berkeley. >> these are people whose lives have been destroyed, who are sitting in prison not because they did anything, but because no one wants to take them. and i want to take them. i that i that every community should follow suit and welcome them. as. >> reporter: organizers say many of the guantanamo detainees cannot return to their homelands bus of the fear of persecution. the berkeley fellowship co- sponsored today's event. >> one man is dead five people wounded after a violent night in oakland. police are investigating three
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separate shootings saturday night. the latest happened around 11:30 15 last night near 12th street and broadway. police say it involved rival gangs. a 19-year-old richmond man and a 14-year-old girl were wounded. one suspected gunman was arrested. the fatal shooting happened at around 7:00 in the 9100 block of international boulevard. police say 19-year-old dome mick carter -- dominic carter was killed. a woman waiting for a bus was injured by gunfire. police do not yet have a motive or suspect in that shooting. a man was also injured in a shooting at 3 p.m. on harman avenue. san francisco police are investigating a home invasion style robbery where shots were fired. one man suffered injuries from a pistol whipping. it happened at 9:30 last night at golden gate and parker areas. four men forced their way into a home demanded money and beat the 21-year-old victim with a handgun. they fled after taking electronics and a cell phone. the robbery victim followed the suspects who opened fire.
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the robbery victim then pulled a gun and shot back. no one was hit by the gunfire. police say the suspects got away in a newer model jaguar. two former students of a high school in pleasant ton died friday in southern california in an apparent murder/suicide. [ music ] >> friends and family remembered 22-year-old michelle david last night in san diego. police say the young man was shot multiple times by her ex- boyfriend 21-year-old daniel shoemaky. he was dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound in a truck nearby. those who knew him are still in shock. >> i wished and prayed and hoped it was a nightmare. >> she saw goodness in everyone. and i have thought about her a lot. >> david graduated from amadore valley in 2006.
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shoemaker graduated a year later. she was a student at san diego state university while he graduated from the school this year. the preliminary hearing for the suspect's accused in a brutal gang rape of a 16-year- old richmond girl could end this week. prosecutors say the seven suspects took part in the rape and beating of the girl outside a richmond high school homecoming dance last year. the lead police investigator is expected to take the witness stand along with dna expert. attorneys for the suspects may ask for the indicates to be separated if they do go to trial. >> a bay area spare the air alert ends at midnight but until then no burning is allowed. the ban on burning includes all fireplaces and wood burning stoves unless that is your only source of heat. wood smoke contributes to air pollution. when the winds are light the pollution hangs over the region instead of getting swept away. air pollution is linked to asthma and other diseases. [ music ] an anonymous holiday gift is helping one hard-hit community. coming up, how much this coin
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is worth and which northern california community will benefit because of it. it was open house day at san francisco city hall which included a lot of wintery fun for the kids. gentleman and coming up a little bit later, the collapse of a football
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. we are closing in on the end of the crucial holiday bay
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area for charities. reporting less money coming in this year at least one has struck gold. marijuana naylor joins us now in san jose with the story. maureen? >> reporter: well, the salvation army recorded a record amount of donations up 7%. as of tonight the charity says it's numbers are down. and that makes one anonymous gift this weekend that much more meaningful. this major with the salvation army got a call yesterday morning from someone planning to make a rare donation at this walgreens store in watsonville. a short time later a man and woman drove up. >> the man went to the kettle and dropped in a folded $1 bill. >> there was this pure gold canadian coin. it is estimated to be worth $1400 which is about what it takes eight women wringers to earn in one day. the same couple donated one last year to this community where the unemployment rate hovers around 22%. >> this is the hardest kettle
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territory i have ever worked. yes, this is e worst. and having one day worth of kettling in one coin is very exciting. >> statewide the salvation army says its kettle revenue is down 4.5% compared to last year. the san francisco office says it is the only bay area office bucking that trend with a 5% increase compared to this time of year last year. the greater bay area reported drops in food, toy and money donations but volunteer time is up. >> there are a lot of people that are hurting and that need to be supported. and i think this is a hard time of year for them. >> and when you donate it is loving your neighbor. and thus loving god. and i think that's the best part of it. >> reporter: the wan sonville branch of the salvation arm says in addition to the gold coin it received four $1,000 checks this weekend which they say that's rare and very much appreciated. reporting live in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2
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news. families in santa clara county received some much needed holiday cheer today. the friends outside program gave presents, gift cards and food baskets to families this afternoon outside a warehouse. the program helps children who have a parent in jail. one mom says she just wants to have christmas for her 2-year- old son. >> it means a lot because i know there is, like, other kids out there that don't have or can't get presents from their dads or anybody, parents or anything. so i am really appreciating getting gifts and presents from us. >> donors receive the name and age of the child along with their christmas wishes when they pick out the gift. this year friends outside is helping more than 250 families. san francisco police and the 49ers are teaming up this holiday season to help children. officers regretted fans and collected toys and cash at the 49ers game today at candlestick park. their annual operation toy drive. the toys will be given to children and families in need.
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san francisco police hope to collect enough donations to give toys to thousands of san francisco children. if you would like to help out during the holidays go to and scroll down to the holiday charity section. there you will find a link to the local charities who could use some help. a fight is brought in san francisco over whether muni will give bonuses this year to bus drivers and other operators. the chronicle reports that muni management is refusing the payments, which could save $3.5 million in the cash strapped budget. the union has threatened a legal fight over the issue, saying the agency has a legal obligation. mayor gavin newsom says the city can't afford the payment, which can give drivers as much as $3,000 each. >> reality is starting to break in that enough is enough. we want to compensate you among the best in the nation, but you can't get everything when everyone gave back, you guys said no. >> in november, voters approved a ballot initiative to end the
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automatic payments forcing both sides to negotiate each year instead. the fremont city council tuesday is expected to discuss what to do with hundreds of acres of land surrounding the former nummi auto plant. fremont has begun a series of studies to determine how best to develop the nearly 500- acres. one idea being discussed calls for industrial uses and includes no housing. the other two options include a mix of industrial uses and more than 2500 homes. a little of the sierra came to the bay area today. san francisco's civic center plaza turned into a winter wonderland for kids of all ages to play in the snow. ktvu's john sasaki was there. >> reporter: one after another the kids jumped on plastic sleds and hit a mound of snow in san francisco's civic center plaza. some of them had never seen snow, much less ridden a sled. >> i was playing on the little hill and it is very slippery and very wet. and it's really fun, even
11:49 pm
though it is a little hard. >> the sledding and the snowy play area were set up outside city hall hosted by gavin newsom. >> a little nos allege yeah. my first day in office we opened up city hall. the last few days in office i will open it up again and this time celebrate with families. >> newsom gave towers of city hall telling people what being mayor has been the last seven years. visitors told me they were impressed. >> well, i think he is reaching out to all sorts of people today. the think i am struck by is how sincere and real he is. his responses aren't just ham. [ music ] >> reporter: inside the city hall hundreds of people enjoyed classical music, the impressive architecture and visits with santa. >> it's just a really novel opportunity to be able to come in and come in a very social capacity to see how wonderful it is.
11:50 pm
and just fellowship with the west of the san franciscoans. >> reporter: mayor newsom is winding down his time in office where he spent a better part of the last two decades. >> i love this job. i don't like this job. i love it. i love the city. it's in my soul. it's in my dna. i am not giving up on the city. i will be representing the city as lieutenant governor. >> he did some sledding and his daughter montana said there would be another big crowd here on wednesday. when the trophy would be on display here inside city hall. in san francisco i'm john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. well, sarah palin makes a trip to haiti. her message to americans, plus who paid for the trip and why she wasn't answering any questions from certain reporters. >> security breach, which popular website was hacked and what the company is now telling users to do in response. >> still tracking clouds and fog across the ba
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. days before a white house review of the afghan war six american sole yeses and two afghans were killed today in a suicide attack. the taliban claimed responsibility saying it was in retaliation for attacks on its fighters. a mini bus packed with explosives blew up at the entrance to a base in the southern part of the country. the troops were heading out on morning patrol. more than 680 international troops have been killed so far this year. special envoy for afghanistan richard holbrook remains in critical condition at a hospital in washington, d.c. he suffered a torn aorta, the artery that removes blood from the heart. after a 20-hour surgery, he underwent another surgery today. afghan president hamid karzai has called about his position. holbrook is also a special envoy for pakistan and its
11:54 pm
president also called. in iraq, a suicide bomber returned to a very familiar target today. the government offices in ramadi. at least 17 people were killed. many of them were women and elderly people who were lined up to collect welfare payments. at least 23 others were wounded. insurgents have attacked the government compound several times in the past. officials say the traffic tram prevented the bomber from getting closer to the compound. the group al qaeda in iraq claimed responsibility. in other news of the world tonight, in sweden intelligence officials are developing yesterday's bombings in stockholm as a terrorist attack. the suicide bomber died and two people suffered minor injuries. sweden has never experience add suicide attack. the prime minister appealed for calm today. a newspaper suggested the attack was related to the afghan war and anti islamic cartoons. >> and sarah palin called on the world not to forget haitians who are struggles from
11:55 pm
an outbreak of cholera. reverend franklin graham's charity sponsored her trip. palin was accompanied by a fox news crew but avoided questions from other reporters. and in china, a new laboratory opened today deep underground at a hydroelectric power station. it's located about a mile and a half below the earth's surface. it's the deepest lab covered by rocks. scientists plan to conduct a wide range of research, including dark matter and cosmic rays. testimony china says many countries have underground labs but none as deep as this one. one of the web's largest publishers has been hack. and tonight is urging users to paining chair passwords. the passwords were encrypted but that simple ones may be vulnerable to hacker attacks. they suggest passwords be changed on other websites where the same password is being used. they run a series of blogs on
11:56 pm
media, technology and other issues and has 1.3 million users. some amazing pictures ahead. the inside look of a collapse of a domed stadium after a foot and a half of snow fell in the upper midwest. >> san francisco mayor gavin you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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. some pretty amazing pictures that you are looking at right now. there is no word tonight on just when the minneapolis metro dome will be repaired after heavy snow collapsed a portion of the roof this morning. check it out. the collapse came after a storm covered the minneapolis, st. paul area with more than 17 inches of snow. the vikings were scheduled to play the new york giants there today. but, well, that game will now
11:59 pm
be played tomorrow night in detroit. that same massive storm forced people to spend today digging out. the winter-like weather wreaked havoc on both air and road travel with dozens of crashes reported in minnesota alone. julia manderas has the details. >> reporter: the storm closing roads throughout minnesota. white-out conditions making it impossible for drivers to get anywhere. but that didn't stop people from trying. reports of more than 75 crashes state wide. more than 300 vehicles sliding off the road are stuck in snow drifts. >> we have been down this ramp three or four times a day just dragging people out. >> reporter: people now trying to dig out. either the old-fashioned way with shovels or by putting snow blowers to use. the storm also grounding hundreds of flights saturday. but today under clear skies, the minneapolis, st. paul international airport got back to business. travelers that had been tanned -- stranded re-booking flights. one thing the blizzard cannot
12:00 am
diminish, the spirit of the people who call the midwest home. >> there is a lot of snow but i've got confidence. this is minnesota. we know how to handle snow. san jose officials are considering making a multimillion dollars offer to keep a stadium deal together for the san jose earthquakes. lou wolf who also owns the oakland as and his partners plan to buy city-owned land near coleman avenue near san jose airport. in 2009 they had agreed to buy it for $9 million. but they are now considering backing out because of the real estate plunge. the group's option to purchase the site would be extended for two more years through 2015 and would cost $2 million less over that time period. san francisco mayor gavin newsom says he is confident that the city will be able to come up with a winning bed for the prestigious america's cup yacht race. organizers of the america's cup san francisco committee set a friday deadline for the deal. necks hit a snag because the
12:01 am
city wants to move the regular gat at that regatta to the northern rather than the southern for cost reasons. but the committee backed at the change. but gavin newsom says the deal is nearly done. >> 98% there. we are really coming down to a few little tweaks. i think if we resolve those on monday, get it out of committee on tuesday we will be fine. the america's cup could result in more than $1 billion added to the local economy and thousands of jobs. although many of those jobs would be temporary. a bay area high school is taking a strict stance on cell phones in the classroom. and it is creating controversy. as claudia cowan reports school officials are gramming with how to control electronic communication within the school halls. >> reporter: like most teenagers, these students at this high school near san francisco are glued to their cell phones. recess is often a high tech thing. under a new zero tolerance policy, if they talk or text during class they lose their phone for the week.
12:02 am
>> i got my cell phone taken away. >> it's ridiculous. >> reporter: even longer for repeat offenders up to the whole year. you got busted? >> i did get busted, yeah. >> the first week we took 45 homes. >> reporter: the principal is also fed up with cell phone interference. >> teachers are trying to present a lesson in front of, you know, 30, 35 kids and you've got two or three that are not paying attention. that's a distraction to the educational process. >> reporter: but as his collection of confiscated phones grow so does the penalty leaving teenagers without a way of being reached by their parents or anyone else for a long time. the cell phone industry says that puts kids at risk. >> if you take that phone away the young person doesn't have an opportunity to call 911 to help thwart crimes or also report something if they need to. >> studies have shown cell phone communications routinely save lives and used to relay information from school shootings at columbine, virginia tech and others.
12:03 am
but some maintain confiscating phones from repeat offender it is totally appropriate. >> if the child repeatedly vital the school policy it is an issue between not only the child and the school but the child and their parents. >> reporter: statistics show more divisions are cracking down on texters who don't hang- up like taylor already busted twice. >> going to text any more in class? >> probably. but i will just be more discrete. >> reporter: she could get suspended if caught again and learn a life lesson the hard way. breaking rules has consequences. in california, claudia cowan, fox news. a bizarre crash in southern california leaves a vehicle stuck several feet in the air. i want you to take a look at this right now. police say the driver of this ford fusion lost control early this morning. they say the man then ran a stop sign, hit a curb and then became airborne. the car then blasted through a fence before getting wedged
12:04 am
between two buildings. >> i woke up and i said to my husband wake up. he said oh, that was an earthquake. i said oh, no, that wasn't. so i came downstairs and i opened the door to my living- room. and i saw a car hanging there. >> absolutely incredible. the house sustained the most damage. the unidentified driver and his passenger suffered minor injuries. [ music ] the silver and black leave jacksonville feeling a little blue. what head coach tom cable says cost the team in a game with serious playoffs implications. and rain, well, it is back and rain, well, it is back in the our points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel. we're like forget florida, we're going on a safari. so we're on the serengeti, and seth finds a really big bone. we're talking huge.
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[ music ] you well, we are wrapping up a foggy weekend. the dense fog is keeping the temperatures on the cool side. if we didn't have the overcast we would have temperatures right around the 70-degree mark. a few neighborhood capped into the 50s for most of the weekend. right now on the maps can show you the coverage out there. partly cloudy skies across the north bay out towards st. helena and napa. the east bay and concord and antioch and liver more. even in the south bay as well down towards san jose. the airport right now is reporting at least some scattered clouds. the overall weather story is this. video taking a look at that coming up for you right now. you will notice this at least for tonight more fog on the increase with low visibilities. temperatures tonight are mainly in the 40s to the lower 50s. tomorrow partly to mostly cloudy. the extended forecast, more clouds and a fairly good bet of rain showers. first thing tomorrow morning overnight lows, most areas in
12:08 am
the low to mid-40s. san francisco is 49. and morgan hill is 43 degrees. spot forecast for fremont partly to mostly cloudy. notice the temperature profile throughout the day at 7:00 in the 40s. by 12:00 58 degrees. and afternoon high on track to reach right around 60 degrees by 3 or 4:00. you can see this frontal system out to our north could generate rainfall right around the cape for tomorrow afternoon. at least in the bay area for the most part a dry weather pattern as the high pressure remains in place for tomorrow. we could be talking about some patchy dense morning fog first thing tomorrow morning. then into tuesday that cold front will be approaching our region. as a result we will thicken up the clouds once again. a chance of scattered light showers. most areas will have rainfall amounts to a 10th of an inch to maybe a quarter of an inch as we head into tuesday. break on wednesday. more rain chances beyond that point. our forecast model showing you not only the fog but also some
12:09 am
higher clouds. first bet of clouds tomorrow morning at 7:00. into the afternoon hours still the clouds really not clearing out. still quite a few overcast conditions throughout the amp. that is all reflected in the forecast for tomorrow. 7:00 right around 45-50 degrees. the clouds and fog out there. by 12:00 mostly cloudy. 53 to 58. call it partly cloudy by 3:00. but could still have quite a few cloudy observations as well. temperatures in the upper 50s to the lower 60s. right around 59 degrees. oakland in the lower 60s. san jose is 61. and half moon bay tops out at 59 degrees. here is a look ahead at your five day forecast and the chance of some scattered showers into tuesday. mostly cloudy on wednesday. then we bring in the slight chance of a few sprinkles or a few light showers on thursday. potential does go up for the week on friday. looking at the long range forecast models getting ready for significant rainfall beginning friday possibly and into the weekend. so a busy travel period heading
12:10 am
towards christmas. we could be talking about multiple rain storms moving into the bay area. >> brace for that one. >> just get ready for that. >> thank you, mark. >> legendary 49er joe montana want to build a luxury venue next to the team's hope four stadium. the stadium sent a done deal with the financing still being worked out. montana's plans would include a hotel, sports bar and restaurant. the hall of fame quarterback and his partners, including ex- team owner ed have reportedly been negotiating with city officials about their dream complex and capped it with a letter last week asking for 18 months to work out the final deal. in coming mayor jamie matthews calls the idea a perfect fit. and the 49ers also support it. >> well, coming up next the raiders defensive lineman calls out the jaguars. how he ended up eating his
12:11 am
12:12 am
12:13 am
[ music ] good evening, everyone. thanks for joining our sunday night edition of sports wrap. well, this year mike singleterri may have sealed his fate as the head coach by being just a little too loyal to quarterback alex smith. but on this one december day alex looked like the saviour of the season. after a five-week hiatus or better a benching. alex smith got the started to. fans booed him early but silenced the crowd on the 49ers first possession. vernon davis. he races 32 yards that's a td. 10-7 in the second quarter. when seattle decides to turn on the turnover machine. matt hasslebeck tries to hit
12:14 am
49er robinson but lawson jams things up. and spikes with the interception. he was picked off four times and the 49ers convert this one into a field goal. alex smith was not electric but efficient. tied his career best with three td passes. smith to josh morgan. 49ers scored 20 points in the second quarter. now with frank gore out for the season running-back ryan westbrook is able to shake off the rust and show why he was so valuable with the eagles. look at westbrook take the short pass and keep away from seattle. san francisco led 30-7 at half- time. hard to believe seattle is still a first-place time but commit five turnovers. he takes it back 39 yards for six. 49ers avenge their first week blow-out loss to seattle with a 40-21 victory today. san francisco scores a season high 40 points. 49ers are 5-8 but sit just one game out of first place in that
12:15 am
weak nfc west. >> you know, we are a young team that today was big for us. but at the same time, today means nothing if we go next week. or next week we don't play well. so it is very important that we have very little room for error. >> i was patient. that sticks out in my mind third down even in tough situations. today they made great decisions. in the past i would feel i would have stretches of that and all of a sudden make a bonehead play. >> so alex gets the start again thursday night when the 49ers visit san diego. the final two games are against nfc st. louis and the arizona cardinals. former jacksonville jaguar and current oakland defensive lineman henderson called out his old team and cared the jags to try to run against the raiders. be careful what you ask for big john. jason campbell and the raiders in jacksonville.
12:16 am
campbell had his best position. tossed it to darren mcfadden. he is gone. look at this great block but lewis murphy. 67 yards. the raiders take the 7-0 lead. mcfadden is simply mcfabulous today. oakland led in the final minute of the first half when campbell hits lewis murphy. raiders led 17-7 at half-time. so far so good. but the jaguars start the second half with this big play. to jason hill. hill was cut by the 49ers just a few weeks ago. a nice catch for the former sacred heart cathedral high school star jason hill. mcfadden does it all with power, vision, speed. raiders led by 10. mcfadden ran for 123 yards today. the jaguars as a team ran for 234 yards. this is where jennings stays in bounds and crosses over to the wide open spaces where jennings with a 74-yard td. one of the game's six tds of 30
12:17 am
yards or more. the raiders didn't make a costly turnover and jacksonville takes advantage. gerard to sims to walker and suddenly raiders trail 21-38. 21-34 when darren mcfadden is daring to be great. he strong arms carey. take that. it is 31-31 with two minutes left in the game. a long kickoff return sets the stage for drew. mjd cuts free for the game winning 30-yard td. jacksonville wins 38-31. lead the a. fc south. maurice ran for the sixth straight game. he came back and finished a fantastic 223 yards two tds and no picks. the raiders still lost for the third time in four games. >> a heck of a game. just too many big plays defensively. gave up too many. able to get some offensively. but i thought the turnover on
12:18 am
the kickoff return was big. so i think just those two things were really the difference in the game. i think we played our tails off but just too many big plays. >> a kick in the teeth. planned all week. a nice plan. the way we prepared we came out and really played our tails off. but to not get it done is very disappointing. >> raiders now host denver next sunday. oakland must run the table against the broncos and the colts. and finally kansas city. for any clans to reach the playoffs for the first time since the 2002 season. the two afc teams that oakland is hissing the chargers and chiefs met in san diego today. phillip rivers threw a pair of td passes to malcom lloyd. chiefs held to a total of 67 yards on offense. san diego shuts out the chiefs 31-0. with three games left the raiders trail san diego by two games. encouraging note oakland is 4-0 against the three other afc west opponents. >> st. louis rams sam bradford didn't have much fun in new
12:19 am
orleans. threw two pitches to malcom jenkins who takes it back 96 yards for the td. saints are alive. win their sixth straight 31-13. the rams fall to 6-7. so how crazy is this, all four nfc west teams under 500. 5-849ers just one game back in the first place. rams and seahawks somebody has to win this division. what's even more nuts is that team will host the wild card playoffs game. nfc philly and dallas met in texas tonight. golden bear jackson was hobbling. but even at three quarters speed jackson can outrun the cowboys. jackson made four catches for 210 yards. this is a 91-yard td to break the 20-20 high. and the coach is grimacing as he sees this dive into the end- zone. the eagles win 38-27. 9-4. dallas is 4-9. new england traveled to chicago. and like santa claus looked very comfortable in the snowy
12:20 am
conditions. pats quarterback tom brady threw for 369 yards. branch is dashing through the snow to a 50-yard td. new england wins their fifth straight 36-7. pats are an afc best 11-2. the packers blew a shot to tie chicago for the north. aaron rogers takes a hard hit in detroit. he left the game with a concussion. second half the lions score the only td of the game. drew and detroit wins 7-3. to snap a 19 game losing streak against fellow nfc north division opponents. >> sloppy conditions at the meadowlands for the jets and the dolphins today. squad henning to brandon marshall. the second td catch of the year for marshall. here is where it gets weird, folks. check out the knee on the guy on the sidelines. that's jets strengthening conditioning coach he sticks his knee out and trips nolan. he takes a spill and actually left the game with an injury. he may have just seen your last game from the sidelines. jets are sore losers as the
12:21 am
dolphins win 10-6. in pittsburgh today ben rothsburger played with a broken nose and played well. the only tds the steelers got came from the defense. palmer gets picked by troy. he had two ints, takes this one back 45 yards for the td. to the fourth quarter where carson palmer tries to flow again. woodly this time makes the interception and turns it back 14 yards. steelers win 23-7. pittsburgh 10-3. bengals lose their 10th straight game. >> more rainy weather in maryland the washington redskins for a td. nine seconds left against the visiting tampa bay bucks. skins need it to force the overtime. the snap goes over the place kicker's head. tampa bay recovers to steal the victory 17-6. that's just not right! what a lousy way to lose a game on the extra point! other games atlanta wins its 11th game. carolina in the nfl worst 1-12. hey, andrew luck the
12:22 am
panthers are online one. denver gets demolished in arizona 43-13. buffalo beet the browns 13-6. we showed you this earlier at the minneapolis metro dome. the plain -- the inflated roof collapsed after snow fell on the area. actually the third time since the metro dome opened in 1982 where the roof collapsed because of heavy snow. as a result the new york giants and vikings game postponed to tomorrow night and change today another venue to detroit's indoor ford field. so actually got two monday night games, the new york giants and the vikings are in detroit. and the ravens visit houston. the two bay area high school football teams are heading to you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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. another season another state championship appearance. the spartans will headed to carson california to defend their high school state championship. they beat a very talented and tough california high school team yesterday to clinch the 19th consecutive coast section title. the spartans will again represent northern california in the top open division. the same division they won last year. california started the state bowl game in 2006. they are the only school to be in on one of the championship games all five years. the spartans are 2-2 in those games all time. they face un devoted sir knight of anaheim saturday night in carson, california. the only other bay area team to get a bid is the 14-0 palo alto vikings meet undefeated centennial for the division one state championship on friday night. and that's sports as we see it for this sunday night edition of sports wrap.
12:27 am
the 49ers blow out seattle. the raiders lose a tough one in jacksonville. >> certainly did. thanks, fred. >> thanks, fred. >> have some developing news out of the south bay. this video just arriving minutes ago into the ktvu, channel 2 news newsroom. information is limited right now but witnesses are telling us that a vta bus struck and killed a man tonight in san jose. the crash occurred around 5:00 on capital expressway between aborn and silver creek roads. officers say the victim was a transient and appeared to be intoxicated when it happened. no other injuries were reported. the bus is still on the scene. much more on this story on the ktvu morning news starting at 5 a.m. tomorrow. >> the coverage also continues any time online at thanks so much for joining us and have a good night, everyone, and a great week. [ music ] ♪
12:28 am
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