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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  December 24, 2010 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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. complete bay area news could have raj starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> tens of thousands gathered as the pope celebrates christmas eve amid security fears. good evening i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. >> and i'm julie haener. pop benedict the 16th presided over mid into -- midnight mass
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in rome. the ceremonies went on without incident. the pope urged the crowd to live as if they were brothers and sisters in the same family. here at home the race to get that perfect christmas present is all but over. christmas morning is less than two hours away. and some frantic shoppers used every last second to try to finish up their shopping list. alli rasmussen is in san francisco with more. >> reporter: the christmas tree here in union square is all aglow. and 6796 much of the crowd has gravitated over to union square. the ice skating rink. and some are watching some of these street performers still out here this morning singing some christmas carols. a much different scene from what we saw out here a few hours ago. a less crowded throng of shoppers pouring out of stores to tackle their shopping list. >> what motivates a last-minute shopper? for some it's a rush. >> i always wait for the last minute, love the excitement of
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christmas eve. i just love it. >> others love the rewards. >> i saved 200% off, you know, it's a good deal. >> reporter: at 4:00 the best buy parking lot in emeryville was a sea of brake lights. shoppers were looking for bargains. >> i got some ads of last- minute deals and decided i would come down to see what i could grab. >> reporter: for some last- minute grabs is a necessity. >> we just got here today because we have been working. >> reporter: the corner drugstore gift cards and plenty gifts on the shelves. some shoppers say while the selection isn't like a department store, it is about keeping things in perspective. >> sometimes i think my grandkids needs to take lessons on this. it is not what the amount is, it's just the thought that counts, okay? >> shoppers in downtown san francisco say the glittering store fronts and decorations make it tough to stay focused.
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>> i get distracted because i'm nervous. i have to really try to buy last-minute gifts. >> you like to cram everything last men. that's my mom for you. >> yeah. >> jerry devonset up his shop righteous macy's main entrance. he found some of the last- minute shoppers amusing. >> i think some of those are slightly drunk. tis the season, right? [ laughter ] >> reporter: and all of that last-minute shopping is expected to pay off for retailers. according to the associated press, this is supposed to be the best holiday shopping season when it comes to spending since 2007. live in san francisco, allie rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. air quality officials are asking everyone to think twice about using their fireplaces this weekend. although no spare the air alert is in effect, the bay area air quality management district wants people to refrain from burning wood in their fireplaces. they say burning wood can lead to unhealthy air inside and outside homes. if a spare the air alert is
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called, residents who have fireplaces as their only source of heat are exempted. some people are spending their holidays helping those in need. that giving spirit is alive and well in richmond tonight where the last-minute push is on at this hour to make sure the less fortunate have a bright christmas tomorrow. ktvu's amber lee joins us now. she is in richmond where the volunteers are still hard at work. amber. >> julie, we are at a small church in richmond where this mother and daughter team and a few volunteers are preparing for tomorrow's giveaway program. they told us they will be up all night sorting and wrapping to try to make sure those less fortunate will have a joyful christmas. the group of volunteers is small but their hearts are big. they say their holiday joy will come tomorrow when these gifts will be distributed among hundreds of struggling families. >> yes, just seeing the people's faces just filled with
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joy and happiness. >> reporter: 26-year-old burgundy spears came up with this annual holiday program called christmas in richmond 5 years ago when her own family was losing their home to foreclosure. >> there is something that's so powerful about taking the focus off yourself. and it's almost a reminder that even if you are going through something, there is always somebody that's in a worse spatial than you. >> reporter: spears now lives in houston, texas. but richmond will always be home. she comes back each year to head up the giveaway program. >> something about richmond needs a little bit more attention. since i am able to do it i will keep doing it as long as i can. >> reporter: this year spears told us the program is short on volunteers and donations but says she remains hopeful. just earlier today she said she received truckloads of unexpected donations through word of mouth. spears' mother is scrambling to cook all of the fixings for a traditional holiday meal for
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tomorrow's giveaway. >> the feeling, i just can't explain it. i find myself doing a lot of crying on christmas. and they are tears of joy just watching other people, just serving and making other people happy. >> reporter: all of the gifts and foods will be distributed tomorrow at the nevan community center and the north richmond senior's center from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. back here live at the church you can see there is a lot of work still to be done. and we know that the volunteers will be here for hours to come. reporting live here in richmond, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. the bay bridge's new eastern span has a holiday glow this christmas eve. crews say the span's number of the truss sections with red lights and green lights. since they are triangular they look like a christmas tree. they are visible from the current span and from treasure island. and much more on the
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christmas festivities including the preparations at glide memorial church in san francisco. that's where they are preparing for the biggest turnout ever for the church's holiday dinner. police are asking for your help to find whoever stoled a fedex truck at 3:00 yesterday afternoon near brookdale and camp street. oakland police got a call an hour later that someone was unloading packages out of a fedex truck near 21st and east 26th street. the thieves left seven packages behind on the street and left the truck in a driveway. anyone with any information about the case is asked to contact the authorities. oakland city council man was arrested last night on suspicion of drunk driving. the highway patrol says he was alone when an officer pulled him over around 7:30 p.m. officers say the councilman was speeding and making unsafe lane changes on eastbound i-580 near
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fruitvale. the councilman remained tight- lipped today about his arrest. >> there is an investigation going on. and then a report will be issued. and that's when i will really probably make a comment based on that. i have been advised by my attorney not to say anything else. the patrol says he later submit today a blood test and become on suspicion of misdemeanor driving under the influence. he has been a city leader for 18 years. the authorities in the east bay are searching for answers tonight after a bird watcher made a gruesome discovery today. a badly decomposed body washed ashore at point isabel regional shoreline in richmond. ktvu's patty lee is in richmond now with the latest on the investigation. patty? >> reporter: well, julie, down this popular trail at around noon today, police tell us a bird watcher noticed a small flock circling what she thought was a dead seal. when she realized it was a human carcass, she called for help. at point isabel, a break in the
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rain enticed dog lovers, hikers and bikers out on to the trails to stretch their legs and enjoy the view. which looked a little like a crime scene off this path along baxter creek. at least according to shawn humphreys who stopped to find out what was going on. >> i was like oh, maybe it's animal control or something like that. and then as they were pulling, you know, taking the shovel and kind of pulling it up, you could see, like, hands, i guess, you know, something that was creepy. >> if you look out this jetty right here, you will see a log about 200 feet out. >> reporter: officers from the east by regional park district are investigating how the body of an adult person ended up in this protected area in the park. so badly decomposed from water exposure its gender and ethnicity is currently undetermined. >> well, this is a protected wild land resource area. but it all drains out into the
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bay and the tides will bring bodies back and forth or any object. and so right now that's a theory that we are working on. >> reporter: the disturbing discovery shocked many passersby. who frequent these trails regularly. >> it's a beautiful place. i walk here all the time. it's wonderful. it's just tragic. it's just a tragic thing. >> reporter: but park police are allaying public concerns saying there is no indication of foul play at the park. >> if they are concerned about their safety and hiking or riding through the park, that's not an issue as far as this case is concerned. we don't believe it happened here. >> reporter: investigators say until they get an id and cause of death, they can't be sure if they are dealing with a homicide, a suicide or an accident. and they won't get those answers until the autopsy, scheduled for monday, is completed. reporting live at point isabel, patty lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. a north bay man had to run
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for his life today after waking up in a burning home. it happened about 8:00 this morning on lombarredi avenue. by the time firefighters arrived the smoky fire had spread throughout the house. emergency workers say the man and his two dogs managed to escape without injury. still no word on what started the fire. not so friendly skies. a pilot films is he court in action at sfo and possible lapses. how does the tsa respond to his claim? >> san francisco city hall is in the christmas spirit tonight. but it could lack a lot more gloomy tomorrow. the forecast in less than 10 minutes. >> people flock to a popular lightning fast. lightning strong.
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. a san francisco based airline pilot has raised the ire of federal agents after posting video on youtube of what he says are gaps in security at sfo. the pilot has now resigned from his position as a federal flight deck officer which allowed him to carry a gun in the cockpit. ktvu's ken prichett report. >> he has kept both the airline he works for and his identity a secret. this is a video he post today youtube in november. >> you can see the airport security is kind of a farce. it's only smoke and mirrors. >> reporter: the pilot contends
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flight crews, like passengers, are screened by the tsa, but not the crews that fuel, clean and re-supply the aircraft. >> how effective is security when everybody onboard is screened and everybody on the ground isn't? >> his video shows ground crews coming and going from a secured area by swiping a card. >> slide id through reader. well, i will try personnel. >> the videos were removed from youtube. the pilot who was authorized by the tsa to carry a gun onboard shows this video shows federal agents at his home confiscating his gun after he exposed what he calls a security lapse. passengers we talked to were mixed about the pilot's actions. >> i don't think he should be in trouble. he should expose it. >> i just don't think he knows the whole system and talk to the security people at the airport. because if he did, i think he would have more confidence. >> the tsa released a written statement saying only that it
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was confident in the security here at sfo. it did not address the pilot's concern about security. that pilot is still employed. at sfo ktvu, channel 2 news. it is a silent night at bay area airport as some travelers catch last-minute flights just in time for christmas. there were no significant delays for passengers flying out of oakland, san jose or san francisco, even though many were expecting the worst. >> screaming children, aggravated seniors. >> and what did you find? >> nothing. we have breezed right through. got our boarding passes. >> airport officials say this is the calm before the storm as more weather related problems are expected on the 26th and 27th. one million people are travelling by air or train this holiday weekend. and aaa says 10. 5 million californians are travelling by car this year. but many drivers said today it was easygoing on bay area
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roadways. this holiday weekend aaa says gas prices have reached their highest point in more than two years. the automobile club says a gallon of regular unleaded costs $3.30 in oakland. and aaa says gas is usually cheaper occurring during this time of year but the prices rose as the economy shows a rise. a woman is under arrest in the death of a windsor man whose body was found on highway 101. 32-year-old ruby ann martinez was arrested yesterday on charges of felony hit and run and felony dui. she allowed the man to ride in the open bed of her pick-up truck. they say it appears he fell out and was hit by another vehicle. the investigators say martinez knew what happened did you -- but didn't stop and tried to
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cover it up. >> this christmas eve san mateo is celebrating a success story in its fight for homelessness. they hosted a dinner for the vanveld project. they were able to get 16 of chronically homeless men and women off the street by moving into the old holes. it is now a shelter network between the city. they are happy to see so many people turn their lives around. >> we would rather see them safe and sound and being taken care of than out on the streets. everyone's heart breaks when you walk by a homeless person laying in the gutter. >> the girl scouts sang christmas carols while the police officers, volunteers and residents feasted on a traditional ham dinner. 25 people now live there. >> glide memorial church in san francisco is preparing to serve christmas dinner to at least 5,000 people tomorrow. ktvu's rob roth tells us why organizers are worried now they won't be able to help everyone who comes through their doors. >> reporter: here in the large
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kitchen at glide church this afternoon the volunteers were getting ready. getting ready for what may be the largest turnout for christmas dinner in glide's history. glide will have 300 turkeys and 100 hams ready to serve. but williams says they are preparing 5,000 meals but worries if the food will run out if more people show up. >> we are running a tight rope and trying to make sure that we make it. and maybe, maybe we will and maybe we won't. >> reporter: among the 5,000 will be this 58-year-old man who lives in a nearby shelter. >> it is nice to have something to come to for christmas. you know, they give us need food, you know. so it's sweet. >> this woman has a five week old baby. they, too, live in the shelter. >> we don't have, you know, friends or family to go to for dinner. so this is the place where coming to. >> williams says donations are down 15% this year while the number of people needing help rose by 30%. a few blocks away st. anthony's
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dining hall was serving lunch to 3,000 people. that's 1,000 people a day more than came through these doors in the year 2000. those who run st. anthony's see more families and people they never thought would come here. people like her. >> i came from a rich community and a nice house. family and all of that. and now here i am in shelters. >> no one can say for sure what next christmas here will be like. but folks at glide say the last people that benefit from the economic recovery are usually the people who will be coming through these doors on christmas day. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. [ music ] and we're tracking this next weather system. here it comes right on schedule. it will hit you up on christmas day. it will be wet all day on saturday. at times it will be heavy. right now showers are north of the area up towards humble county but the showers will
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drift south. so our forecast basically calls for fog tonight, patchy in the inland bay valley. kind of nasty up there. if you go up to the black point fog will get scoured out as the inversion lifts and the rain starts to move in. showers in your forecast throughout the day tomorrow as this system is already depositing rain up north deals with this whole area slips out. cold air. snow levels are coming down. a wind advisory tomorrow. and a winter storm watch which easily get upgrade today a winter storm warning tomorrow afternoon. all of the specifics and out latest computer model. we will break out hour-by-hour your saturday. >> acting governor declared state of emergency in two more counsels following destructive weather in southern california. san diego joined nine other counties including la with emergency declarations. the proclamations make the counties eligible for federal disaster assistance.
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in another development today, transportation officials announced the reopening of state route 133, the major road into the town of laguna beach. i am paul chambers in oakland. in the spirit of the true holiday season people are banding together to give back to those in the community. and a new development with an east bay city manager broiled in controversy over his
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. many bay residents helped those less fortunate in their communities. paul came we ares shows us what's driving some people to lend a holiday hand this time of season. >> reporter: it is that time of year where people want to give back. food and clothing can make the difference in some people's life. >> for most people today that show up at our facility it may
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just be their christmas. >> reporter: in oakland volunteers are serving 700 meals and handing out 500 toys. seven members of the duffy family, mom dad and their five children. this year they started a holiday tradition of volunteering. that way they all know what to be truly thankful for. >> and i just want my kids to understand and appreciate what's going on out there and just know. because we tend to get in that selfish mode. it's all about us. it is not about us. it's about them. >> across the by at st. anthony's church in san francisco, members of the bay airsick community are doing their part by handing out hundreds of blankets. >> sometimes the blankets could mean the difference between life and death. actually sleeping on the steps or in a doorway can be pretty harrowing without a blanket. >> timothy thornton is homeless. he says the recent weather has been hard on those without a place to sleep and without this blanket giveaway his nights would be unbearable. >> i would probably walk all night just to keep the blood flowing. >> but this has been a tough
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year also on those who are giving. betty with the bay area sikh community was laid off from muni in april but it won't stop here or the sikh community from fremont for paying it forward. in richmond, hundreds of meals were served at the 10th annual christmas dinner under the big top. this event means a lot to those whose families are not with them. >> this is all i've got right here. god gave them to me. my husband is incarcerated. my mom is not in the picture. and i just need my family and they are not here. there are people that, you know, don't really have anything. and that's very hard. >> whether they have a lot or nothing at all, the people i spoke with say they will do the best they can 0 to make sure that everybody has a happy holiday season n oakland, paul chambers, ktvu, channel 2 news. a holiday tradition is in full swing tonight at o'dool's restaurant. here is a live picture at the
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union square. see a lot of firefighters on hand. they were the ones who are collecting toys for those in need. drivers have opened their hearts and rolled down their windows today to drop off thousands of toys. the donations are part of the san francisco fire department's annual toy drive. the goal is to collect last- minute toys for needy kids. >> we wanted to start a new family tradition in our house and teach our son to give and to be grateful for what we have. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: so far, 15,000 toys were collected just today. their goal was 10,000. even so, toys can still be dropped off at the restaurant until 1 a.m. or at any san francisco fire department station through new year's eve. >> christmas arrived early for dozens of oakland families. oakland police officers took the job of elves and distributed presents to more than 75 families. all part of the officer's association's christmas basket program that's been going on now for more than 30 years. officers help collect the
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families that they meet out on patrol. one mother told us the gifts represent a new beginning on life. santa's reindeer got a break today as police provided an escort for the toy delivery caravan. the police cadets helped santa hand out more than 1,000 toys this afternoon. and a lot of smiling children surrounded santa during his stops. the police firm said many of the toys went to children who live in hotels. local charities and churches helped the department select the families in need. you can help out families in need. go to our website and scroll down to the holiday charity on herb monez whose high salary came under fire will be retiring next year. city officials say he is set to retire when his contract is up on march 10th. controversy erupted in year over the highest salary which is among the highest in the state for similar positions. he earned more than $359,000
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last year. supporters say he was instrumental in obtaining parks, building a healthy budget and planning the city center downtown project. city officials plan to start looking for his replacement in january. a sewage bill in marin county is causing a stink in the county. how the effort is creating roadblocks for some residents. and the holidays are thought of as family time for some the
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. >> some marin county residents are growing frustrated with the state of their aging sewage system. not only did millions of gallons of raw sewage spill but the temporary fix is causing headaches as well.
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ktvu's jim vargas reports. >> reporter: there is a bit of consternation in larks spur because the above ground bypass lines are blocking streets and driveways and just not easy to get around. 2-3 entrances to the hardware store are blocked. >> this is a little tricky. >> reporter: and some businesses are suffering. >> i just hope, just hope that this isn't up here for very long. >> reporter: down magnolia avenue a smaller line runs down the middle of the street. >> okay. we got water over here. >> reporter: they are trying to keep the traffic moving and safe. this is the result of several of 3-breaks in the raw sewage system. the pipes are old and the system has a multimillion dollars pipe replacement program going on. this is in addition to the pipe over the weekend which officials say was the work of vandals. but after 3 million-gallons of waste water was let go in the creek in multiple incidents,
12:02 am
locals are a bit more than tired of the situation. >> i am, you know, devastated by the current state of affairs. and i have had people concerned about their drinking water for their children. i had someone ask me that yesterday. and i really don't know what to think. >> there is no indication that any drinking water in the area is affected by any of the spills. and the district general manager brent richards told us yesterday this is little health danger about the spill. they issued a critical report of the san maintenance and update five years ago. since then the board of managers has changed and they are playing catch-up. this is ktvu, channel 2 news. oakland has a present for parking violators. the city is waiting until after the holidays to tack on a new $3 per ticket surcharge. the state implemented the fee on december 7th. and in order to accommodate the holiday shoppers, the city says it won't start imposing the new fee until january 3rd.
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city officials estimate their delay will cost them $75,000. the surcharge will fund the state's trial court trust fund. in the south bay police tell ktvu news they have some useful leads in their investigation of multiple attempted robberies at san jose's valley fair mall. the san jose police say a man walked into the clothing store club monaco and pulled out a rifle from underneath his trench coat but wasn't able to finish the robbery. it happened last night. after he left the store, the man unsuccessfully tried to carjack two vehicles in the parking lot. the police say he then went across the street and robbed the men's warehouse store of an undisclosed amount of cash. >> we are taking this extremely serious. this could have turned out to be a very dangerous situation. >> reporter: police describe the robber as a white man in his 30s and say he was driving a white car with a license plate number 6nda586. >> an east bay non-profit has organized christmas coat giveaway just in time for today's chilly weather.
12:04 am
the oakland based group imagine that distributed the coats this afternoon at 98th avenue and international boulevard. there were toys for the youngsters, too. imagine that volunteers said they would do their best to make sure everyone who turned out had a happy holiday season. a restaurant in san jose was busy today as families lined up for a south of the border christmas tradition. the line outside lucy's tamale factory stretched out the door and around the building. the restaurant estimates it sold more than 15,000tamales today. some customers place their orders days or a week in advance. many of the restaurants' customers are latino and it is a tradition to serve them every christmas for dinner. >> tonight as people bundle up for midnight mass or spend time with family many are reflecting on the year gone by and the spirit of this holiday. ktvu's janna katsuyama caught up with folks at san francisco's race cathedral where she heard people speak about what they cherish most
12:05 am
this christmas. [ music ] >> the sun was shining like a christmas star today, atop one of san francisco's highest hills. and at grace cathedral people came to walk in circles. >> well, it gives you time to think and stuff. >> what i like about it most. >> reporter: at the prayer people slowed their steps for a walking meditation. >> the part that we were going around in circles and we were being really quiet, i like being quiet. it's fun. >> reporter: and on this day, many prayers and thought went to friends and family. >> i was thinking about my friends and what they say to me sometimes, which makes me feel a bit bad. >> reporter: really? >> and i was thinking about trying to be a better friend to them. >> reporter: some thoughts today are with loved ones who have passed on. >> i started coming here last year when my mom was in the hospital over at st. francis. today is her birthday. and she didn't make it. and so i thought i would come over here and honor her memory. >> reporter: one family here from santa cruz just lost a
12:06 am
son. >> you know, that's why we live life in the moment. and, you know, it's not the days that you remember, it's the moments. so we are enjoying the moment right now. [ music ] >> reporter: in churches, homes and community centers people are gathering together, some to pray, others to find a little peace, bute eye tin fellowship. and while the economy has hit some families hard, with this couple losing jobs and income, they still count their blessings. >> i'm just grateful for my family for this little guy over here and this new person in here. and i am just happy. >> reporter: strangers today passing along the same winding path reflecting on the deeper meanings of the spirit which the season brings. in san francisco, janna katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. vice-president joe biden speaks out about things such as marriage, what he thinks about
12:07 am
the future of the controversial issue and how the repeal of don't ask, don't tell plays a role. and the latest computer model right here behind me, i have got your complete christmas day hour-by-hour. show you when the rain gets here and when it gets. see you back here. >> no santa, no stress. why one sold out san francisco why one sold out san francisco restaurant was serving up the next, you start one feeling a bit the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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. vice-president joe biden says today he believes the same change in attitudes that will allow gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military will pave the way for them to marry. he told good morning america he believes the country is evolving and there will soon be a national consensus on same-
12:10 am
sex marriage. also after signing the repeal of don't ask, don't tell president obama said this week his feelings in gay marriage are in a state of transition. in news of the world tonight, in bethlehem today bagpipes echoed down the street celebrating the day before christmas. as many as a million and a half crowded the west bank town for christmas celebrations. ceremonies inside the church of the nativity marks the place where jesus christ is believed to have been worn. in france today, hundreds of flights were cancelled or delayed in paris because of snow. french airport officials say they plan to hand out gifts to children who are forced to sleep at charles de gaulle airport tonight. the severe weather has clogged the roads, delayed trains and caused flight problems. in thailand today school children got a treat at an annual event that featured elephants in santa costumes. the majority are buddhist but that didn't make a difference as they distributed candy and
12:11 am
good cheer. elephants are an endangered species and a national symbol in tie hand. >> christmas carols and eggnog took a backseat temperature kosher show. this is the 18th year jewish comedians found the lighter side of not celebrating christmas and the world comes to a halt at the end of december. >> i love when people say happy holidays during the 20 something of december. holidays, now which holidays could they be referring to? organizers joke that chinese restaurants are perfect setting because they are always open on christmas. shows run through sunday. some of the proceeds will go to the food pantries operated by the jewish family and childrens' services. organizers say their services are needed now more than ever before. [ music ] this holiday is a special one for one bay area family who shows love knows no boundaries. and the miraculous story of a boy named jack. and it looks like a rainy
12:12 am
christmas. how wet weather could affect your .
12:13 am
12:14 am
the holiday season is what you make of it. it is a reflection of one's desires, values and traditions. ktvu photojournalist bill ericson introduces to us a hayward family who shows us how love binds people together and the story of jack. [ music ] >> christmas is going to be really special because we have jack. [ laughter ] >> this year jack is not going to be in the hospital. jack is not going to be sick. and jack is going to be able to open some gifts. that's his first candy cane. >> yes? >> it started with my foster
12:15 am
daughter, carmen. i had seen her that sunday evening. i had met her in a parking lot at a grocery store. because she is addicted to drugs. and i wouldn't give her money, but i would buy things that i knew she needed t was funny because i had put my hand on her stomach and i had said, you know, you are almost six months pregnant. you need to -- what are you going to do about this baby? you know, don't you want to go into treatment or do something? and she was like, no, mom, i'm all right. i'm okay. and she laughed. >> got breaking news coming out of oakland right now. three women were rushed to the hospital after being stabbed in the 1200 block of 97th avenue. >> i just knew. i had a feeling that it was my daughter. i just knew. a social worker calling to tell me that my daughter had been stabbed four times. the baby had been sliced.
12:16 am
they had had to deliver the baby at 23 and a half weeks. >> this is jack probably a couple of weeks old. you can look at my hand and see in relation to how little he is. they really didn't think the baby would live much longer because it was so young. >> the first time i seen him, i really didn't know what to do. i was just -- i was in shock, actually. his skin wasn't even formed yet. the first time i got to touch him is when, i don't know what, he just grabbed my hand. and i'm talking this baby wasn't even four pounds yet. and i stuck my hand in there to touch him and he grabbed my hand. and he squeezed my hand so hard and just looked me straight in the eye. and i was like that moment right there just told me that he was a fighter. >> this is how he grabbed my finger, just like that.
12:17 am
>> nobody wanted to look at adopting jack because of his health problems. his heart would stop. and he was on a monitor and everything else. >> it was a lot of work. >> it's a lot of work. but by the time jack was ready to leave the nick you, we knew. we would have killed everybody that would have said we could have just taken him home. >> welcome to our adoption day. >> will the adoptive parents and the child please come up? [ laughter ] >> you are now engaged in the parent/child relationship under the law with all of the rights and duties of a parent/child relationship. and congratulations. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> it's done. [ applause ] >> jack is here for a reason. and for a purpose. and for whatever reason. >> hey, you want a candy cane. >> we were chosen to be part of
12:18 am
jack's storyand part of jack's life. [ laughter ] >> that was a million dollars smile. you can catch this story as well as all of the other pieces put together by ktvu's photojournalist tomorrow night in our holiday in focus special. it airs at 6:30. [ music ] >> we are tracking weather into your saturday. and of course we have had a really wet period here. we will get real wet tomorrow. a good system but it is a fast mover. we go outside and show you the flow now. it is digging out. kind of bottoming out, working its way down the coast. as it does it is working its way, all happening at once dropping and even moving east. so what's going to happen here as we roll into your tomorrow, the clouds increase. and somewhere around 4 or 5, 6 in the morning we will see some sprinkles up around heelsburg and up toward fort brag. it will all move on to 9:30,
12:19 am
10:00. hangs on until 9 or 2 but it will be showery tomorrow. sunday will be the day with breaks. you will see it here. so here it comes, the system. tonight what we have got is some valley fog showing up in napa. it's pretty bad. i mean, this valley fog is tough to see out there by davis even. be prepared for that. the system goes through tomorrow between say 10:00 in the morning and 2:00 in the afternoon. we can get a half an inch to an inch and a half of rain. some wind with this as well. a wind advisory goes into effect tomorrow morning. all of the wet ground with gusts you can lose a limb or maybe a tree comes down. saturday and sunday ktvu mark tamayo will be in and talking about the news. ken will be here, too. the forecast then as we go into tomorrow, the computer model lays out like this. the 24-hour period there is the system. that's 9 a.m. starting to show up rain. and watch this, there it is at
12:20 am
10 a.m. look how narrow the band is. i mentioned this on the early newscast that's why you are going to get the wind because it is really tightly wound. in storms like this, bottom, they hit pretty good and they are gone. so i think it's going to hit pretty good. the thunder and lightning, but some wind, some heavy rain. this is the back edge of the rain here. most of the rain is in front of the front, right? there is the back edge, right? there is your scattered showers at 2:00. mid-morning things will go boom, you will see the win. it is stormy. an hour later this front passes and then we get scattered showers. that is the rest of your saturday. a little bit of a line develops here on friday. and then you get into saturday afternoon and evening. it is pretty much going away. sunday a few scattered showers. but sunday will turn out all right. up in the lake a winter storm watch can easily turn to a, with a. sunday more snow showers than you get. into monday looking for a break. five day forecast looks like this. and a beautiful, no, what am i
12:21 am
saying? it's a nice holiday. a beautiful day tomorrow. but i hope it is a beautiful day. >> a beautiful storm. >> hope it's a beautiful day for you to i am. >> i am glad you clarified the tree limb because i don't want to, like, lose an arm. >> no, just a tree limb, not a limb, limb. you got it. >> thank you, bill. >> well, this christmas there won't be a shortage of snow or skiers in the sierra. according to the latest snow pack resort the lake tahoe basin has already received more than twice the amount of snow than it usually does by this time of year. some ski resorts are reporting more than 20 feet of snow which is about three quarters of what the -- the amount that they usually get in an entire season. and it doesn't appear it is going to let up
12:22 am
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well, fred is in for mark tonight. a quiet night support sports but one bowl to talk about. >> if it is going to be anywhere might as well be in hawaiian. seven down, 28 more bell games to go. they played the hawaiian bowl tonight. had enough time for two or three other games. hawaiian commits six turnovers and tulsa scores two t ds off interceptions. this is arnie taking it back 38 yards. hats off to cornelius, literally. both teams average more than 38 points per game but also received too many gifts tonight. johnson was unstoppable. johnson takes it back 60 to 70 yards for one of his three tds. 62-35 tulsa. the golden hurricanes finish 2- 3. hawaiian closes at 10-4. 49ers are the only local professional sports team on the road for christmas. san francisco is in st. louis
12:26 am
with a must-win or else say good-bye to those playoffs pipe dreams. at least the 49ers settled their $60 million claim against the city. gavin newsom reaches a tentative agreement with the 9ers that ensures they will stay and play at candlestick park throughout the 2013. they will have to clean up maintenance issues. indianapolis monday the game is not sold out but it will be in full force. both teams need to win to keep their playoffs hopes alive. they will face the intimidating raider nation. >> i think they have rabid fans, they are great fans. you know, i think for years any of us who have watched football over the years have always known that that's a place where, you know, that can be intimidating. well, the sharks are home for the holidays and feeling all warm and fuzzy about their four game win streak. they asked santa claus for
12:27 am
consistency. and apparently he gave them what they wanted because sharks beat phoenix last night at the tank. before that they had been off and on most of the season. because the frontline has just not been scoring goals. but patrick marlow scored twice to end his own personal 11 game drought. >> we worked hard to get that reputation and get that pressure. and, you know, we expect to live up to it in this room. >> i believe we are competing a little bit harder. i think the guys are understanding a little bit more on a consistent basis how hard it is to win and how much input there has to be to the game. you can't cut corners or take shortcuts. we have had that the last 3-4 nights. >> now, the warriors will post portland tomorrow night on christmas night. that's sports as we see it for christmas eve. julie and ken. >> christmas eve, all right. fred, thanks very much. be sure to join ktvu ktvu ktvu, channel 2 news at 6:00 tomorrow night. >> our coverage continues
12:28 am
online at thanks for joining us. >> good night and merry christmas. [ music ]
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