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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  December 26, 2010 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the ktvu, channel 2 news at 10:00. >> the mike single it terry was over tonight. they decided not to wait to partways with their head coach. i'm maureen naylor in for heer holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. before the last game of the season the 49ers have fired head coach mike singletarry. fred inglis was here and many
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are saying it was a weird time. >> but his ear are a started with his brash statement i want winners. he was able to win just 18 times as the 49ers head coach and went from being a great motivator to a man who lost his team and ultimately his job. they fired him today after the 49ers lost a day early. which officially eliminated san francisco from the playoffs for the seventh straight year. he still has two more years and $5 million left on his contract. but york said money is no object to turning this team around. mike is an nfl hall of fame linebacker but was never a head coach at any level until he took that position with the 49ers in the middle of the 2008 season. often criticized for his lack of offensive schemes and putting too much faith in alex smith and the coordinators. he named john tomsulla for the next week's final game of the season against arizona. he is in his fourth season as
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the 49ers defensive line coach but once a head coach in the old nfl europe league. he said he will also begin a thorough search for a general manager. and will probably hire that gm before hiring a full-time head coach. york and topplesulla will issue a statement tomorrow. thank you, fred. >> yes, indeed. >> winter is in full force on the east coast tonight bringing dangerous blizzard conditions across the region and halting post-christmas travel. in new york city heavy snow made travelling in queens a slow and precarious adventure. the northeast region was a sea of white as the blizzard came barreling in today. at least a foot of snow is expected to fall before the storm passes through late tomorrow. the same system also hit philadelphia. it is one of several cities to declare a snow emergency. philadelphia's mayor is urging people to stay indoors and off the roads. that snow is having a ripple effect on traffic --
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travel across the country. hundreds of flights have been cancelled and that has left airline travelers stranded at the bay area's busiest airport. deborah villalon is at sfo with a live report of what is happening out there right new. >> reporter: ken, the airport is pretty right now all decorated. but this situation is not pretty. at least 15 flights tonight scrapped between here and boston and new york shifting the holiday mood from festive to frustrated. >> it is what it is. and i guess that's the saying to use right now. >> reporter: phillip needs to be back at work tomorrow in new york. but his virgin airlines flight was cancelled. so he will fly to washington, d.c. tonight and take a two- hour train hoping to hit the office by noon. aggravated he says because his cancellation never showed on virgin's website. >> i would have informed my manager at work to tell him that i won't be there on time on monday. and now i have to tell him unexpectedly that this is going
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to happen. >> reporter: heavy snow forced the cancellation of more than 1400 flights out of new york's three major airport alone. with more disruption expected monday. and at sfo destination was everything. counters were busy and customers waiting at philippine airlines, while a few steps away jet blue's ticket windows were all but deserted, agents with no one to wait on. >> the plan was to fly this evening to boston to see a friend. >> the lewis' drove three hours from lake port so dad could drop daughter at the airport. >> when we got to santa rosa we knew we had a problem. when we couldn't get through on the phone we decided we would just drive down and hopefully find a solution. >> she ended up re-booked on jet blue for tomorrow and looking for an airport hotel room tonight. >> it would have been a bigger glitch if we hadn't been able to get like a flight and things had been complicated. but it turned out okay. >> travelling the day after
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christmas probably seemed lake a good -- like a good bet avoiding crowds and long lines leading up to the holiday. but the weather had other ideas. and now husband am -- hustle bustle is just hassle for those delayed. >> i want to go see my mother. it's a bummer. >> this man planned to wait in the bar for a flight to new york and then on to ireland. >> i don't know. good and drunk by the time we leave. [ laughter ] >> looking at this hour at the morning flights, the schedules do seem to be intact. but of course we know from experience that could change so the best advice, as always, call ahead or check online. although i have to tell you, based on the conversations we have had with travelers here, the phone lines were jammed today. and no one would pick up. and then they checked their itinerary online and they had not been updated. for a lot of people the way to really know is to show up here at the airport. reporting live at the airport
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deborah villalon ktvu. news they don't want to hear the snow continues to fall from virginia to rhode island tonight creating near zero visibility in some locations. new york is getting hit especially hard. more severe weather is head that had way. heather childers reports. >> reporter: a monster winter storm is pounding the northeast. up to 20 inches of snow is expected in some areas including philadelphia. that's where the eagles and vikings nfl game was cancelled. a blizzard warning has been issued for new york city. the storm is expected to dump 11-16 inches of snow on the big apple. strong linds will reduce visibility to near zero at times. >> the visibility is a real issue. so if you have to go out today please leave the cars at home and take mass transit. >> and of course many air travelers are having trouble. about 1,000 flights have been cancelled in the new york city area airport alone today. and more are expected. a blizzard warning is also in effect for parts of new england. >> the snow will be wet and
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heavy. the temperatures will be at or below freezing. and winds will be high. >> reporter: amtrak has cancelled some trains in the area, including its service between boston and new york city. the mid-atlantic region also gets heavy snow. states of emergency have been declared in most of the areas. up to 18 inches of snow is expected in delaware. and more than 6 inches in the nation's capitol. the same weather system already laid a thick snow blanket in the southeast. >> it's absolutely beautiful at christmas. this is a real treat. >> reporter: it brought atlanta the first white christmas since 1882 yesterday. the storm also knocked out power to more than 100,000 homes and businesses in the carolinas. forecasters predict that the snow will exit new england by tuesday morning. but the gusting winds could remain for the next couple of days, producing some harsh weather conditions. in new york, heather childers, fox news. the storm is still pounding the east coast right now. for the very latest on where it
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is snowing we turn to ktvu meter olympic mark tamayo. any relief in sight? >> for tonight not really maureen. that storm is showing up nicely on live stormtracker ii radar. the coverage here from washington, d.c. up towards boston and portland maine, new york city shows you the moderate to heavy snowfall. as far as the forecast this is the current pattern. this is the forecast as this takes us into late tonight into tomorrow morning. you can't pick up the circulation so tomorrow morning still showing heavy snow. once again most areas easily within this range of 10-15 inches. look at what happens into the late early morning and afternoon hours the snow moving out into the atlantic. we should have improving conditions out in the day out in the northeast. back here in the bay area we are tracking another storm as well. coming up, i will let you know when the heavy rain clouds move back into the bay area. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> also present -- plenty of snow in the sierra thanks 0 our christmas storm.
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some areas reported up to a foot of snow fell overnight. scattered showers are expected tonight as the area braces for the next storm. chains are required along i-80 and highway 50. find the latest weather conditions in the sierra as well as right here in the bay area by going to and clicking on the weather tab near the top of the page. >> in other news tonight a fire broke out today inside a san francisco marijuana den are you. it happened at the norcal herbal relief in the city's district. details are limited but the firefighters responded to reports of smoke in the building. and quickly put the fire out. there were no reports of any injuries and no word how the fire may have started. the highway patrol is reporting a sharp drop in traffic deaths this holiday week as the anti-drunk driving campaign continues tonight. from 6 a.m. friday night to 6 a.m. this morning 85 drivers were arrested here in the bay area with no fatal crashes reported.
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statewide, police arrested 507 drivers during the same period about the same as last year. but there were only three traffic deaths across california, down from last year's deadly crash toll of 12. the bid of a 28-year-old santa rosa man was recovered this weekend from the waters of rich andson bay. casey speed went missing on december 10th. his wife says he fell overboard from their 32-foot sailboat that was anchored near tiberon. she says he was not wearing a life jacket. a bird watcher spotted speed's body near the community of strawberry. the coastguard says that it appears speed's death was an accident. a recent federal report says the failures leading up to the deadly sanbruno explosion are tied to pg&e and sit regulators. the san francisco chronicle reports investigators were exploring the quality of so- called seam welds along the pipe. the chronicle says that two- thirds of pg&e's natural gas
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lines were built before 1970. they were older models that the federal government issued a warning about. california has been conducting the fewest pipeline safety inspections of any state. retailers say this christmas shopping season was the best since 2007. now they want the momentum to continue by offering more discounts. ktvu's diane hit the mall for this report. >> reporter: jacob, who is about to turn 11-year-old, trolled for bargains with his uncle this afternoon at west field valley fair. the mall was lined with signs promising 50 to 60 percent off. >> jacob mentioned that he didn't get a nerf gun for christmas. i said i would get him one for his birthday which is new years eve. >> it may turn out to be a happy christmas for store owners as they look back on the holidays. they predict the sales will
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pump 33.3% following weak holiday sales the passed two years. >> 2007 was your big year? >> that was the best, that is correct. >> reporter: he owns franko womo an upscale men's store. longs for the glory days of 2007, nationally the largest holiday retail sales here ever. $482.8billion. the prediction for this year is $451.5 billion. >> still a decline, of course. but we are doing fairly well. i cannot complain. you know, we are profitable. i just hired three more people for my other locations. >> reporter: business was brisk today at the soak target store on coleman avenue where colleen had a cart full of christmas items. >> 50% off so those bows are $1. it is a good price when you want to store stuff away. >> on the day after christmas there are always returns. >> returning guitar hero. i just didn't like it as much
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as the first one. >> reporter: but more than returning, people were boying, especially dvds and video games. big sellers this season. >> it's looking go ahead. i mean, we still have the gift card shoppers coming in. and visa gift cards and target gift cards so still get some of the shoppers in. >> the retail sales could help speed the economic recovery. with companies producing more items, raising capital and ultimately hiring more people. this is ktvu, channel 2 news. >> this beautiful old church held its final mass for a special class of people today. now they don't know where they are going to turn for the services they need. a housing boom, which part of the bay area is seeing a surge in new building. but are the numbers a bit misleading. >> a friend for the homeless. how face
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. today marked a sad milestone for parishioners in one bay area church which celebrated its final sunday service. the facility is closing its doors because it is not fit to serve some of the very people it is supposed to help. ktvu's john sasaki reports. >> reporter: sunday morning out union city's holy family catholic ethnic mission. it is quiet with no sounds of mass coming from inside. that's because this celebration is for the hearing impaired. >> it is very important for me.
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i have to go here. i have to listen. it makes me happy. it makes me understand. >> reporter: but today was her last day worshiping here. holy family is closing down this week because it is in need of a major overhaul which is too costly for the diocese to pursue. less than our is devastated. >> i have been looking around and it's hard. i have spent a lot of time looking for a church. and this is the only church that helps us deaf people. >> reporter: but the building and its parish hall need a great deal of work including repairing stained glass windows and adding a new roof. the buildings also need to be brought up to current standards for earthquakes, fire and disabled people. parishioners say one of the biggest problems this church is facing is something you cannot see with the naked eye. termite damage inside the walls. >> i understand why they closed it. the dice sees can't really afford the extra. i think right now the quoted cost was half a million to repair everything. they just can't afford that,
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especially with four other churches nearby. >> while this church also serves the polish and the asian communities the hearing impaired will have the toughest time finding another home. what is it like going to a non- sign language church and going to mass there? >> there is no interpretation. there is nothing there. it is just prayer. >> reporter: how do you feel? >> it is kind of like i am just looking around feeling like i am missing a big chunk of it. >> reporter: she is worshipers come from around a the east bay. until they can find another church they will have services at st. joseph's center in heyward which is not a church. i'm john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. wall street journal has named apple's ipad as the best digital product of 2010. columnist walt mossburg credits the huge selection of apps for keeping it ahead of the competition. but the journal has also found privacy leaks caused by some apps on the ipad and ipod.
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the popular music and gaming applications and they discovered leaks including the twice's id and location and even the own other's gender and other personal details. mark zuckerburg met with china's top executives sparking speculation about expansion into that country. the wall street journal has said that zuckerburg's trip is a way to enter the china mark. facebook is currently banned in china where about 420 million people use the internet. it appears november was a good month for the construction industry in one part of the bay area. the california building industry association reports that construction of multi- family housing in the east bay jumped more than 200% in november compared to the same time last year. but it remained flat compared with october. construction of single family housing plunged by 61% from last year and dropped 37% from october. he doesn't have a home but he
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has 5,000 facebook friends. now a homeless man who advocates for his fellow homeless is using social media to try and give a voice to those who can't speak for themselves. nicole colins has the story from washington, d.c. i am a homeless homeless advocate. >> reporter: eric shiptalk expends his night in a washington, d.c. shelter and his days cyber fighting for the city's homeless. >> i am notorious for my use of the internet. >> reporter: he uses computers in public librairies and at homeless facilities. he has 1600 e-mail contacts, two blogs, 5,000 facebook friends, more than 1200 followers on twitter. all over youtube. and now he has a facebook fan page. >> that raises the question of what to do with all of that support? >> reporter: sheptalk is trying to turn it into a fundraising opportunity to help the city's homeless. >> people have told me i should
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set up a paypal account because they want to donate to me. >> reporter: but sheptalk calls that cyber pan handling. >> you don't want that negative image. >> reporter: some critics say he should get a job and help himself. others say he focuses too much on improving shelter conditions when permanent husbanding should be the goal. >> i am all for permanent housing. but in the meantime, you know, you do have to take care of the buildings the people are. >> reporter: sheptalk got a leak fixed at one shelter and got harassment stopped at one. while he may not have a home to live in he has found a home online. >> he is not earning a salary but will get some of the fundraising proceeds. that ultimately could get him into a real home of his own. in washington, i'm nicole colins. the recession has hit law firms as much as other businesses. and now major firms are seeing a also of diversity. industry surveys show a slight drop among women and minority
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attorneys in major firms along with attorneys who are both female and african american or latino. although the percentage differences are small, it's the first reversal in diversity since the surveys began in the early 1990s. affirmative action advocates are concerned that ultimately lawyers will not reflect their clients and communities. an unexpected wave capsized a 15-foot boat today near the entrance to the bay dumping a man and woman into the frigid ocean waters. the two were on a crabbing trip. both were wearing life jackets and both made it to shore where a passerby called the coast guard and the firefighters. in the near person suffered serious injuries. californians will be able to comparison shop for health insurance more easily under a new law taking effect january 1st. the state is creating an internet based exchange to let consumers compare prices for health insurance. other new laws include a measure allowing parents to be charged with a misdemeanor if their child frequently misses school.
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parents could face fines and even jail time. and poises up to an ounce of marijuana will be treated as an infraction like a he had spaing ticket. offense offenders will no longer face arrest or risk having a criminal record. award documentary film maker bud greenspan has died. he focused on both the summer and winter olympic games and won seven emmy awards for his work. the film maker got his start behind the camera with the london games in 1978 telling the world of these caught up in the world of international competition. greenspan made no apology for concentrating on the positive aspects of the games, calling the events two weeks of love. bud greenspan was 84. coming up, dramatic video out of india. how a plan to force a leopard out of a village backfired and what happened to one man. >> the right place, right time. how a sheriff's deputy saved the lives of a california family on christmas day. we will have a break in the
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rain for tomorrow. but i am tracking another weather system offshore. coming up when w t ileororr li irore
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. a tourist bus accident in egypt today killed eight american tourists. at least four others were critically injured. the bus was one of three vehicles heading for the ancient temples near the addswan dam. the bus hit a damaged truck that was parked by the side of the road. some of the injured are being airlifted 400 miles to cairo. >> we have received 12 cases that have arrived since one hour. there are two cases that need to be admitted into the icu. both cases have been managed. and we are stable. they are totally conscience and no problem for them. they are waiting for us to complete our investigation and
11:56 pm
surgical intervention. a police official said six of the dead were women. the bus deliver and a tour guide were also injured in the crash. >> in other news of the world tonight post christmas shoppers had a wild time in parts of new zealand today during a 4.9 magnitude earthquake. it was centered on christchurch in new zealand's south island. no one was injured but at least 20 buildings sustained damage. experts say the quake was an after-shock of the 7.1 magnitude quake that hit the region in september. in india a plans today byvilleers to drive a leopard from their communicate backfired. it ended up in a grief and when they set fire to a brush the leopard escaped and attacked the man. the man survived. the leopard got away. they believe the leopard came from a nearby forest. in england where the day after christmas is called boxing day drivers for ron -- london's underground trains had a one day strike.
11:57 pm
the trouble with the tube didn't affect shoppers who still managed to find their way around to the stores using buses. congress has dealt another blow to president obama's to shut down the prison camp at guantanamo bay, cuba. the phone budget forbids funding for a prison by sending them to the u.s. or to other countries. only three of the 74 detain's have been formally tried and found guilty. dozens of others have been cleared but no other country will accept them. strong american opposition to any being freed here on u.s. soil. an alert san diego county sheriff's deputy is credited with saving a family from a fire. mike cruz was patrolling a neighborhood in spring valley when he saw flames coming from a us 40. he jumped out of his car and pounded on the dow are to wake everyone up. a father and his three children escaped the burning home. >> me and my family all thank
11:58 pm
him and god bless him. we are just very grateful. >> the family was not injured but a dog and several pet birds did not survive the fire. changes at the airport. how security has evolved ever since a man tried to blow up a u.s. bound plane last year on christmas day. >> from the
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. >> homeland security chief janet napolitano today said full body scapers and patdowns at airport made things safer for travelers. napolitano's talk show appearance today was seen by some as an attempt by the obama administration to reassure people travelling this holiday season. also dismissed attempts of
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airport to get contraband on the aircraft. she said the reports were out of date. >> since a man tried to bring a bomb in his underwear last christmas the focus has changed. the latest area of concern. >> reporter: this is the newest target of decreed scrutiny by transportation security officials. the tsa say terrorists may use insulated beverage containers to conceal explosives to get them on planes. >> they haven't banned these insulated beverage containers. what they are saying is they will get additional scrutiny. trained our people to look at them and tell the difference between typical insulation and something that may be an explosive. >> just the latest in a long list of changes to airport security sparked by the christmas day terror attempt one year ago when alleged bomber used an explosive device zone into his underwear to try to bring down this delta flight
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heading to detroit. the president's top counter terrorism adviser john brenan says with heightened concern during the holiday season the president is doing everything possible to make sure it is on guard this time around. >> we want to let the american know that we are on the job. staying vigilant. working with our partners not just the international but with the state and landlady partners as well. we will continue to do so throughout the holiday season and beyond. >> other security measures put in place this year include more intense examination of passenger information, the enhanced and sometimes controversial patdowns. and additional deployment of full body scanners. so with this stepped up security, do travelers feel safer this holiday? >> i don't know that i would say i feel any more or less safer. there are so many things that you can't necessarily prediction. i think people are doing the best that they can with what we've got available. >> i still don't think security measures are in place where they need to be. but i don't feel less safe. i would say about the same.
12:03 am
>> homeland security officials acknowledge the holiday season is an attractive target for terrorists because of the potential emotional and psychological impact. that's something americans are concerned about as well. in a recent cnn research corporation poll 50% said an act of terrorism in the u.s. this holiday season was likely. a british soldier with severe war injuries is learning to ski the colorado rockies. >> all right. straight down the hill. >> ben park innson hit the slopes today with help from disabled sports usa. the 26-year-old paratrooper lost both legs in afghanistan and suffered a brain injury as well. his trainer says that hadn't slowed him up much. >> it's awsome. ben just completely amazes me every single day, what he comes out with, what he does. and he has been attacking this mountain like he has been skiing for 50 years. >> parkinson hopes to get new
12:04 am
high tech prosthetic legs by springtime. find out more about disabled usa by going to our website and clicking on the tab. >> we have to do a better job for wounded soldiers but those that may not be are informed of the services available to them. >> the military's vice chief of staff said hundreds of veterans need help but programs exist to ease the transition to general life. they blamed repeated deployments endured by iraq and war vets contributing to all kind of problems including divorce and substance abuse. former white house chief of staff emanuel is calling for help on his mayoral race. bill clinton will be there to campaign on behalf of emanuel. he knows emanuel not only from the obama administration but his own administration when he worked as a senior policy
12:05 am
advisor. mr. clinton has been active in democratic causes recently campaigning for president obama's tax deals and for jerry brown in the california governor's race. people in san francisco will soon be able to start recycling their christmas trees. trees will be picked up curbside from january 3rd through january 7th. a second round of pick-up is slated for january 10th through the 14th. the trees need to be clean of decorations and placed next to the trash cart before 6 a.m. on a scheduled pick-up day. the recycled trees are cut into wood chips which go to a biomass energy facility in tracy. >> the weeklong celebration of kwan z kicked off today. the observance lasts seven days. each day represents a different principle such as unity or creativity. the first kwanza was celebrated back in 1966 as a way for african american families to connect with their roots. a non-religious holidays modeled after if i can africa's
12:06 am
harvest. it means first fruits. kwanza runs through january 1st. >> singer tina marie has died. her manager said the 54-year- old died in her sleep last night in her santa monica home. tina marie made musical history in 1979 by becoming the first white singer to be signed by motown records. born mary christine she was nominated for several grammy rewards and had a long musical relationship with funk star rick james. tour dates including one at paramount theater next year. the official cause of death has not yet been established. [ music ] the 49ers playoffs hopes ended today in st. louis. and so did the mike singletarry era. what the now former coach said about being fired today. a bit of a break from the rain today but another
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this is a room where an army vet put his life back together, where a family lived when they were displaced by a flood. but it's more than a room. it's a room at volunteers of america, and the pathway to stronger communities. because when lives are improved,
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communities are, too. to help strengthen your community, visit [ music ] well it has been a very active weather week with one storm after the other. we still have a few light showers right now on live stormtracker ii. a bit of a break for tomorrow. but there is another storm. yes, another storm developing out in the pacific. right now you can't see on the radar some activity primarily up in the northern half of the region. nothing too extreme but a few showers right around in. evado and one closer to napa could be having at least a few light showers in the short term. but the activity will be winding down over the next few hours. your overall weather story is for tonight. we do have this with partly to
12:10 am
mostly cloudy skies. areas of fog developing first thing tomorrow morning. it will be dry for your monday. for tuesday a storm will move in that will pack heavy rain and possibly some gusting winds as well. the satellite and the radar primarily move out to the east of the bay area. a few clouds offshore. high pressure returns tomorrow. as a result we have that dry forecast after the morning fog. a few high clouds will drift into the region especially into the afternoon hours. here is the next storm. heavy rain especially as we do head into late tuesday afternoon into tuesday night with the rainfall rates picking up. the amounts could range from three quarters of an inch to an inch and a half for a good portion of the bay area. coastal hills we could be packing about two inches once again. more significant rainfall especially by late tuesday with heavy rain in the forecast. for tomorrow afternoon at 4:00, just a few scattered high clouds out there. and then into tuesday more clouds. not much to show you in the morning hours. but into the afternoon, by 12:00 and 1:00. and then by late afternoon into
12:11 am
the evening hours of tuesday those rainfall rates really on the increase. and they are still a factor for tuesday night as well. behind the system we have some much cooler air pushing into the region. and by wednesday the afternoon highs only in the mid to upper 40s. for tomorrow morning watch out for patchy valley fog. around the bay 38 to 48 degrees. eventually partly cloudy skies by 3:00. 53-58 degrees. san francisco mid-50s. soak is 59. santa cruz is right around 58 degrees. here is a look ahead. once again the next major deal that will be moving in on tuesday. then after that much cooler air with afternoon highs on wednesday only in the 40s. overnight lows into thursday morning. we were just talking about upper 20s and lower 30s. very chilly across the region. still a chance of a few leftover showers on wednesday. mostly cloudy skies on thursday. maybe some more rain chances on friday for new year's eve.
12:12 am
the latest forecast models have backed off a bit on the friday rainfall potential. keep an eye on that. it just keeps gog and going. >> we might see fireworks on new year's eve. >> we will work on that for you. stay tuned. >> thanks, mark. >> another missed opportunity for the raiders. what the quarterback has to say about the loss. >> and the big sports
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our points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel. we're like forget florida, we're going on a safari. so we're on the serengeti, and seth finds a really big bone. we're talking huge. they dig it up, put it in the natural history museum and we get to name it. sethasauraus. really. your points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel? means better vacations. that's incredible. believe it...with chase sapphire preferred your points are worth 25% more on travel when booked through ultimate rewards.
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[ music ] >> good evening everyone. thanks for joining us on the sunday night edition of sports wrap. not a matter of if but rather when. tonight the 49ers officially announced that mike singletarry
12:15 am
is out as head coach. san francisco won just 18 times in 40 games under his helm. he wasn't able to measure up to what is now his own famous rant. >> i cannot play with them. cannot win with them. cannot coach with them. can't do it. i want winners. >> singletarry was named interim head coach when they fired the last coach. he finished 5-4 that year. york announcing that he was the head coach for 2009. he was a defensive player all his life. never a head coach at any level. often criticized for staying too long with alex smith at quarterback. he lacked offensive creativity. mike lost some players, fired some assistants. but the 49ers were often outcoached. mike was out even before the face-to-face with troy smith. it was a mutual parting. and today mike issued a
12:16 am
statement. >> one of the greatest experiences of my life was having the opportunity to coach the san francisco 49ers. what made it so special were the players. some of the most outstanding men i have ever been around in my life. he went on to wish the team well. and york then named current defensive line coach jim tomsulla to replace mike for sunday's game against arizona. he has been with the 49ers as a defensive line coach. but he was head coach in the new defunct nfl europe league. he will begin a thorough search for a general manager. now that general manager will probably be hired before anybody is named as the new full-time head coach. and today's loss in st. louis means the 49ers will now miss the playoffs for the seventh straight year. now, he has given us more drama than a full season of madmen. in st. louis today 49ers trailed 7-0. that formula for
12:17 am
failure. starting quarterback troy smith gets sacked at the safety. they led 9-0. but the 49ers do get become in the game thanks to ted guinn jr. he races up the gut un up touched for 78 yards. his second return. it is 9-7. troy smith started because he helped beat the rams in november. watch troy just thread the needle to michael crabtree. he hits fifth gear. a 60-yard td for crabtree. 49ers actually led 14-12 in half time. check out the strange who gets hit by tugway. he is engaged to the daughter. it seemed like he was going to replace troy with alex. but what we have here is a failure to communicate. and then after that special teams breaks down. jeff reid attempts the go ahead
12:18 am
field goal. hooked. no good. rams still lead 14-15 in the third quarter. rams won just one game last year. but the rookie quarterback sam bradford has helped bring some punch to the offense. bradford to alexander. the 49ers defenseer spencer gets turned around and alexander gets up and scores a 49-yard touchdown. that's what the referees ruled until they challenged it and see that his foot is out of play. it gives rams the 22-15 lead. 9ers had some time to add some magic. but alex smith has nothing up his sleeve. more agony as alex gets hit, losing the ball. st. louis recovers. rams win 25-17. 49ers missed for the seven straight years and good-bye alex and good-bye mike. he leaves with an 18-22 record. just 5-10 this season. mike's contract is for two more years worth $5,000.
12:19 am
but york says money is no object to turning this franchise around. this is the raider's best season since their 2007 superbowl team. but by kickoff time today they knew that playoffs was at least another year away. the colts did not read the warning on ford. he has world class speed. he has one for two kickoffs for touchdowns this year. or did i mean three? because ford takes the opening kickoff and races down 99 yards. and raiders led 7-0. but colts come right back. joseph is back from the first time since mid-november. 7-7 after one quarter. raiders offense but sebastian takes three field goals. he his a 59 yarder to tie the game at 10. that 59 yarder is the second longest of his career. oakland led 13-10 just before half-time. but payton manning hits tammy. the guy is just too big.
12:20 am
tammy scores. indy led 17-13 at half-time. manning threw two more interceptions but also threw three tds to blair white four yards. colts win 21-46. raiders miss the playoffs for the eighth straight season. colts out-rush the raiders 191 yards to 80. oakland must now win in kansas city next sunday to finish 500 for the season. i think we have done some great things this year. but you know as a competitor it is all about winning. you just want to win no matter, you know, how far we have come. we want to get even better. and we have been un devoted in our division. that's a great achievement. but at the same time you want to make the playoffs. you want to be in the battle with some of the lead teams, you know, fighting in january. and that's what it's all about. and we understand the process because you got to finish the season on a strong note. the hardest thing about this season is losing a lot of close games and then winning a lot of big games but not being able to
12:21 am
finish some of those close games. raiders were actually eliminated before half-time in their game when kansas city officially beat tennessee to clinch their first afc division title since 2003. >> even santa claus has jumped on the chief's band wagon. they led 17-0 in the second quarter when quarterback. and bow catches it. kc wins 34-14. chiefs 470 at home. >> san diego won the last four afc titles but faced playoffs elimination in cincinnati. they had no cinco in uniform. the big one to simpson. cincinnati knocks the chargers out of the playoffs 24-15. >> still alive in the playoffs
12:22 am
chase seattle today tampa bay quarterback josh freedom threw five td passes. two to winslow. bucks win 38-15. seattle must beat st. louis next week to win the nfc west. >> bitter cold day in chicago once again today. bears blew a ten point lead to the new york jets. bears don't hibernate. the cutler to johnny knox a cook catch. playoffs bound chicago wins it 38-34. jets lose for the first time in four games but still clinch a wild card spot. >> and rogers missed last week with a concussion but bright i'd and bushy tailed against the new york giants. he threw for 400 yards and four tds. to nelson 80 yards that starts the onslaught. six turnovers 45-17. both teams though still hoping for a wild card berth. the detroit line scored the final 17 points to beat the dolphins in miami there.
12:23 am
best with the catch and the run for 60 yards. he has been bothered by turf toe on both feet all season. that's what they drafted him to do. miami is 1-7 at home. that's the first td since nfl week two. washington wins in overtime. new england beats buffalo for the 15th straight time. baltimore ravens win in their original home city cleveland to clinch a playoffs spot. a good matchup tomorrow night new orleans visiting atlanta. so with just one more day left hopefully those two 6-0 if they can beat kansas city. the 49ers finish up at home against arizona. >> and thanks to the weather the nfl will do something it
12:24 am
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12:27 am
. minnesota quarterback brett favre gets a couple extra days to heal and maybe return for one more start. that's because tonight's vikings and eagles game at philadelphia has been postponed until tuesday. this is lincoln financial field in philadelphia. look at the snow fill that open air stadium. philadelphia mayor michael nuter declared a snow emergency for the city until monday amp. to tonight's vikings and eagles game will be played on tuesday night. the first time that a game would be played on a tuesday. they clinch the afc east. the 49ers and raiders first lose. the 49ers fire their head coach and let the name game begin. i am sure stanford head coach jim harbaugh's name will be
12:28 am
mentioned 100 times tomorrow. >> even if they don't win how do you turn it around in one season. >> it is a full-time task. they got to get a gm first. >> be sure to join us tomorrow. the very latest on the 49er coaching change. >> our coverage
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