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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  January 11, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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money donated from around the world to help those affected by the san bruno pipeline explosion. tonight it is finally headed to the people who need it the most. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. there were complaints from that neighborhood that the city was taking too long to distribute
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the money. but tonight, the city council released their three week plan. lloyd lacuesta has the story. >> to distribute the money given by the world in general, it really gets to your heart that people really care. >> reporter: one of 38 homes that no longer exist in the neighborhood of san bruno. the explosion and fire that took the life of eight people is still emotion for the people that went through it. one woman's who's home of 42 years was damaged, did not want her face showed because she's still upset. >> you wouldn't have to stand
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in a room full of people to ask or beg. it's fair, if people donated it for them and it should be given for them. >> reporter: san bruno is taking a three step plan to deliver the money. owner of homes destroyed will receive $16,000 each. 17 homes with moderate damage will receive $4,000. and 45 homes with minor damage will receive $1,000. the the city is also setting aside $58,000 of the fund to be distributed on the basis of extreme and unexpected needs. >> we are expecting that if people donated funds they'll give them back. we're not holding anyone to any standards. the money is going out to the people and we're hoping that the people who are needing it are getting it. >> reporter: the money will be ready for distribution by the end of next week. some homeowners say they hope they can start rebuilding their homes and lives as soon as
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possible. live in san bruno, lloyd lacuesta. a man sat on a railing and threatened to jump. minlow police managed to talk him out of of jumping. as of now the man's name has not been released. as you might imagine, the closure caused massive traffic delays at the start of the evening commute. san jose police today released the name of a suspect in last weekend's deadly shooting. hector milla and an unidentified man is still at large. two men milla was waiting for was hurt in the shoot out. another man inside the bar was
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also killed in the melee. milla and two other men were targeting the club owner. he is hospitalized with gunshot wounds but is expected to survive. there's reward to find a man who killed a man in his apartment. demartino was found killed in his apartment. but police believe he was killed on friday. former city administrator ed lee took the oath at interim mayor and became the city's first chinese american to do so. ktvu's amber lee is in san francisco now with a live report, amber. >> reporter: julie many people are calling it a new day here at san francisco's city hall. hundreds came through these doors this afternoon to see ed
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lee make history as he became san francisco's first chinese american mayor. >> supervisor elsburn. the board of supervisors voted unanimously to select the 58-year-old lee to become the city's interim mayor. the swearing in ceremony took steps in the steps of the rotunda, with hundreds of citizens filling every step to watch the swearing in. the new mayor told us he plans to hit the ground running tomorrow. and start tackling the deficit and hire a new police chief. he says he is proud to be the first asian american mayor but that he is a mayor of for all people. >> i promise to make the
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communities that you live a great city. >> reporter: community leaders say there's a sense of pride. >> this has been a milestone for the asian community, a long time in coming. >> reporter: after the ceremony, lee greeted supporters. lee called himself once being anti accomplishment when he started his career. now he says he's working with the accomplishment to open doors for everyone. >> i love this city. and we're not going back ward. >> reporter: lee says he plans to meet with each supervisor and looks forward to working well with the entire board. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. it was san francisco's newly configured board of
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supervisors that decided to elect lee. political observers say this board may will less bogged down by progressives and moderates than in years past. we're learning more of notes found in the assassination suspect. one note read die, and had a derogatory word for a woman. the other said die cops. authorities say loughner turned up a short time later at the shopping center, the scene of saturday's shooting rampage. a controversial kansas church says it plans to picket the funeral of the 9-year-old funeral victim christina greene
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' s funeral. the church says the killings were god's punishment for america's wrongs. many residents say they plan to set up a human shield to protect the mourners from the picketers. the family of the suspect says it is devastated by what happened. adam housner is live in arizona with that story. >> reporter: the first memorial tonight, the first public memorial brought about 400 to 500 people for the joint service of catholic and methodist faith. we heard from the family for the first time as they spoke to their community. 24-year-old's loughner's family released a statement it says in part, we care very much for the
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victims and their families. arizona governor brewer visited the wounded today at the hospital after speaking about the tragedy during a second state of the state address in tucson. >> a gunman stepped from out of nowhere, in a minute he took away six loved one and took away our sense of well being. >> reporter: the university of arizona is putting together arrangements where president obama will speak. >> how do you heal? you bring all of these constituents together. >> reporter: congresswoman giffords suffered a gunshot wound to the head during saturday's rampage. >> she's going to take her recovery at her e own pace. i'm very encouraged by the fact she's done so well. >> reporter: we're getting more
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definition about what's going to happen tomorrow night when the president comes here. 6:00 local time. 5:00 on the west coast. he will speak of course. he will be there with first responder, friends and other victims. they're trying to figure out in this investigation how this man, how this shooter slipped through mental health facilities here without being noticed. reporting live in tucson, adam housley. and a memorial is set for tomorrow night in downtown oakland. the vigil is scheduled from five o 5:00 to 6:00. this vigil is a nonpartisan event and everyone is welcome. and coming up, a fight over
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a parking meter. >> reporter: why would an elderly woman get carted away
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resistance to pg & e meters
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is growing. today a grandmother went to jail after spending several hours blocking a truck carrying the devices to ronner park. >> reporter: julie, not an activist, never arrested before until now. tonight we spotted this huge banner in a field west of arizona, this is her message too. >> i can't be quiet with the information i now know. >> reporter: she is not an activist but a land developer. and now a grandma with a misdemeanor arrest record. 61-year-old debra pav era s and a second woman from nevarro were arrested this morning. >> i'm an american citizen. i have four grandchildren. they are getting killed with this radiation. >> reporter: they and other protesters blocked this truck. >> it's danger on a stick. and it's stealth, it's deceptive and folks don't know and we're losing our freedoms.
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>> reporter: the meetings are part of an international conversion to a grid where power meters can be measured. but critics are unconvinced that the pulses emits from the meters are safe from exposure. they want the right to opt out. >> i know they are suggesting that it's far less than cell phones. there's a will the of studies indicating that's not the case. cell phones you have a choice. this is not by choice. >> reporter: tav era s urges other customers to resist. she knows many people aren't aware that the meters will be followed by smaller outlets and appliances all mandated. >> people have a choice here, they have a right to make a choice, they have a right to decide. >> reporter: for it's part pg
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minnesota -- pg & e continues to insist that smart meters are an improvement from the old ones. francisco hernandez cruz was found dead in a park. temperatures had dropped to near freezing on monday morning. cruz body was found around 8:00 in the morning. two 16-year-olds and a 19- year-old face charges with connection of a shooting of a high school junior from el cerr to the best i to -- el cerrito. today friends remembered him as a very caring boy who was very defensive of his mother. police say about two hours later, they spotted what
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witnesses described as the get away car and arrested the three suspects inside. a small rick victory today for those who object a gang injunction. oakland's city attorney is seeking a second gang injunction now for the fruitvale district. that proposed injunction took center stage tonight in city hall. heather holmes is live tonight with more on what happened, heather. >> a loud crowd these signs were enough to get the public committee to take action. 40 alleged gang members the next target. in man supporting anything to make the streets safer. >> yes, it's a good idea. sure. >> this is an urgent matter.
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>> reporter: but tonight, people called for an end. opponents argue police already have the tools they need that injunctions do not work and are a waste of resources. >> what we need is a reprioritizing of the money that is being spent on the gang injunctions to go into community programs, into saving our education system. >> reporter: the assistant police chief says it has been money well spent. >> there's been a significant reduction of violence in north oakland. >> reporter: that's where an injunction went into effect last june. the 15 people named have not committed any additional crimes in the safety zone. mayor quan has not yet taken a stand on the injunction. >> i have not been briefed on it. >> reporter: the fruitvale anti gang injunction heads back to
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court. i'm heather holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. police are asking for help finding a man who has robbed five banks. authorities have released a surveillance video showing what appears to be a white man in his 30s using a note to rob a bank. the robber has hit banks in santa clara and santa cruz county. in one robbery, the man held a note that said quote, i have a gun. two southern california men pled guilty in connection with skimming credit cards at a gas station pump. the judge sentenced david cartekia to seven years in prison. the two men admitted to stealing more than $90,000 by using an electronic device to record the atm and credit
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information of almost 2,000 customers. and a company has reached a settlement to pay for damages after a -- most of us find rainy weather inconvenient. for those without a home, any weather can be way more than just an inconvenience. in san jose, when the rain started people started lining up in the shelter hoping for a spot to spend the night. but for the kindell family with their young grandson there's another problem. a lot of shelters don't take families with children, mainly because of insurance. >> as soon as they see me and my wife they're like, okay fine. but as soon as they find out we have a 3-year-old grandson they say, we really can't help you. >> reporter: advocates for the
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homeless point out state cuts and dwindling stimulus fund will cut funding. light rain across parts of the bay area for today. as you can see the radar loop. four rainfall totals. just a few .1. right now on storm tracker two radar, a little bit of coverage. a lot of this not reaching the ground. we could have a few sprinkles right around the east bay. tomorrow morning we still have to hold on to the possibility of a few spotty sprinkles with plenty of clouds in place and temperatures in the upper 30s to the mid-40s. san francisco right around 43 degrees. another one developing offshore. coming up we'll take a look at the time line that could soon impact. an arizona shooting victim with ties to the bay area and h-
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r connection to the 9-year-old girl who was killed -- and her connection to the 9-year-old girl who was killed. tonight her condition
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one of the victims of that mass shooting in tucson moved to arizona from marin county and still has close ties to the area. 58-year-old susan howlman is recovering from gunshot wounds in her abdomen and leg. her husband today said that she was holding the hand of their 9- year-old neighbor christina greene when the gunman started shooting. >> susan had a breathing tube removed late saturday evening. the first thing she said, she
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grabbed me hand, looked me in the eye and said, what about christina. >> hineman said he had to tell his wife the truth. that the outing they had with christina to teach her about politics, ended with her death. >> most americans 57% do not believe -- 45% believe the suspect's political views may have been a factor. 47% said gun control laws should be stricter. that is up from 40% last year. there has been a jump in gun sales across the nation in the aftermath of the tucson tragedy. nationwide gun sales rose by 5%. the biggest rise was in arizona where gun sales rose by 6%.
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more weapons are being sold because people worry the government may take steps to limit gun sales. wayne smith said they were very recollusive and didn't talk to anyone. then last night, he told a reporter about a phone call from their father randy loughner. >> it was a loud, help me. >> did he say anything about the incident. anything about jared? >> no, i said something about jared. do you need to know what's happening to jared. i said he's on the news. he said i know everything and started crying. >> reporter: earlier this evening, the loughners were seen leaving their home. they did not say anything to reporters and it's not known at this point where they went. california voters may have the final stay on a major part of governor brown's budget plan. the newly sworn in governor is proposing a june election on whether to extend taxes that would help plug the state's
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shortfall. voters will be asked to maintain an increase of 1.25 of a% in the state incomes tax. 1% in the sales tax. voters we spoke to today pretty much fell into one of two categories. >> i am not sure there's any option. but i don't really want to but probably yeah. >> i don't agree with raising any more taxes, we're struggling as it is. >> reporter: the taxes were all implemented by the legislature in 2009. the state is kicking off a federally funded programs to help californians facing foreclosure. some homeowners could receive up to $16,000 in help. the program is already taking applications for the keep your
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home california program. for more information on the keep your home california program you can go to our website and click on the economy watch tab. after spending 18 years many prison for a double murder. a san francisco man could go free as soon as tomorrow. the judge said he was wrongly convicted of the crime. ktvu's jana katsuyama has the story. >> this morning inside california's superior court, conley had his moment of justice. >> what's clear is these police were willing to take shortcuts and violate the constitution to
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get convictions. >> reporter: new evidence emerged that sanders provided cayman to polk. cayman talked to ktvu in 2004 about needing money for special protection for polk. last month police testified that saunders received money. >> there are probably other people who are innocent who got sent to prison. >> reporter: saunders is now 27 years old. that will hardly make up for 18 years of freedom lost. in san francisco, jana katsuyama, ktvu news. newly released correspondence between the fda and california's prison system shows the length this state
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went through to acquire a drug used in lethal injection. letters obtained by the aclu shows california used federal hospital for the drugs and even looked into obtaining its from pakistan. california paid a british manufacturing $36,000 for 525- grams of that drug but the shipment has not arrived as of yet. there are currently more than 700 inmates on death row in california. my space takes a hit. what happened at the once popular social networking site. >> also. >> reporter: new numbers are out today. coming up which bay area county leads the nation when it comes
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new federal figures released today the demand for labor fell in november. that means there were fewer job openings than expected making it harder for people to find jobs. >> reporter: cynthia hunter's job is to find others jobs. but until recently, she felt her position could be lost. fewer employeers are fearing losing their job because companies have stopped cutting staff.
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>> we just renewed copier so we're doing our part. >> reporter: consumer confident is doing its part. that confident is also sparking more big purchases. auto sales rebounded 11% last year that was the first increase since 2005. still the federal government today said job openings dipped in november. the director for consumer study of the state of california says the economy is growing but slowly. >> 90% of the confidence is grewing. there are new numbers on wage increases. the numbers are for last year's second quarter. and showed san francisco and san mateo in the top ten. growth at google, facebook and apple are credited.
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social networking website my space is cutting half of their work force. today the company announced it will cut about 500 positions around the world. the company recently narrowed it's focus to music and celebrity gossip. back in 2009, the company reduced it's work force by about another 9% of employees. gm received $50 billion worth of federal assistance in 2008, seven other auto makers will advertise during the big game. the deal had been the sub subject of reports for months and today it finally happened. verizon announced it will provide service for the iphone. until now, at&t had an
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exclusive contract. >> reporter: verizon, at&t's chief competitor sells many iphones but for verizon this is special. >> iphone is an iconic device. people want it. it's just one more choice that our customers are going to have. >> reporter: not only will many existing verizon customers switch to the iphone. as we learned some of at&t's existing iphone calls customers, at&t has its work cut out for it. >> it's hard work because verizon is a little more expensive than at&t but it has better service. >> i would want to go to verizon if it wasn't in a contract but i'm in a contract and it would cost a lot to close that. >> reporter: larry maget says it's not just a matter of signing up with verizon. >> but they will need a new phone. the technology underlying the radio in the phone are very different. >> reporter: can verizon be
12:06 am
able to handle the influx of new customers. >> they claim they're ready, now we'll find out if they are. >> for iphone customers who want the fastest speed, the ability to talk and use apps at the same time, the only choice is at&t. >> reporter: verizon iphones will be available to their customers on february 3rd. to the public, february 16th. and heirs is accused of molestic six young boys who were his patients. he has maintained he was conducting routine medical examinations. it is the second trial for the 79-year-old heirs. the first ended with a hung jury. in los angeles, a judge ruled this afternoon that
12:07 am
michael jackson's doctor must stand trial for jackson's death. dr.conrad murray will be tried for involuntary manslaughter. he is accused of giving jackson a deadly dose of propophol. murray faces up to four years in prison if convicted. the founder of wikileaks raises concerns that he could be executed by the united states. coming up the forecast track of our next rain event and the last minute change i just made
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i'm going to make a difference. i knew i wanted to go to college, but i had no clue how to pay for it. the u.s. department of education has over $100 billion to help students pay for college. and the free application? you mean the fafsa? i did it online. i'm going to find out how to pay for college. i'm going to
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the names of the 173 prisoners currently being held at guantanamo bay were read outloud. today marks the anniversary of the opening of that facility. president obama pledged to close the facility within a year of taking office. but quickly ran into repatriational problems. and the attorney of asange said sweden could send him to the u.s. the u.s. is exploring charges against asange for the release of classified
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documents. legal experts say execution or guantanamo are extremely unlikely. vice president biden spoke in kabul -- in news of the world tonight, in australia it's been called the inland tsunami. at least 10 people are confirmed dead. 90 missing. now it's moving north and east. the city of brisbaine is now prepearing for floods later this week. hillary clinton made an unannounced stop at the tip of
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arabian peninsula. yemen is the sight of numerous anti american attacks. clinton urged yemen to pick up security there. very little of the debris has been cleared and about a million people are still homeless. a failure to deliver or spend millions of the dollars in promised aid has slowed reconstruction. the white house commission looking into the huge bp oil spill in the gulf of mexico issued it's final report today. the panel unanimously endorsed 15 proposals including increasing the liability cap for the oil spill. last week, the commission said
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management failures at three companies led to the deadly explosion and spill. a central valley family is pleading for the return of their son's olympic medal. thieves stole the gold medal. he was a goal tender on the u.s. polo team. his parents say someone broke into their home while they were on vacation. the thieves also got away with the mother's jewelry. >> it has so much meaning to us and him personally. to anyone else it doesn't at all. the search is on tonight to find a permenant home for a sea lion that was minded when he was shot in the head. silent night was found on a marin county beach last month. vets say he is regaining it's
12:14 am
strength and gaining weight. but he cannot be released back into the ocean because of his injury. vets say they hope the 6-year- old male sea lion will be able to leave the center to a zoo or aquarium in the next few months. about 100 birds were found dead, similar to other mass bird deaths around the country that have received so much attention recently. the birds were spotted on sunday. there's a lot of speculation. some people believe the birds were poisoned, other think it's something more sinister that the government is not revealing. >> the investigation says they ran into a pickup. it's essentially road kill. >> multiple bird deaths have been blamed on fireworks for bird running into themselves
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folks in some parts of the southeast are trying to recover after snow blanketed the area. snow and ice caused problems for drivers in and around georgia. interstate20 in fact, was closed for six hours. temperatures were only slightly above freezing today and there was little melting of the snow. there was also snow in tennessee and south carolina. just a few light showers across parts of the bay area for today. at least right now we still have lingering clouds and also still possibly a few pop up showers. a will the of snow reaching the ground but we could have a lot
12:18 am
of activity in the south bay. you can see a little bit of action closer to us. santa cruz and right around livermore. forecast for tonight is this of course. we're going to find out to mostly cloudy skies and a few showers. probably just in the form of a few sprinkles. for tomorrow, partly to cloudy skies. and friday and saturday a dry pattern and a little bit of a change as we head into the second part of the weekend. next one developing upstream and this will be a factor as we head into thursday. but tomorrow for the most part will be dry. we have a chance of lingering clouds and a chance of a sprinkle tomorrow morning. as we take this into thursday. here's the track of our next forecast. the next action will be in the bay area. highest chances will be up in the north bay. here's our forecast model showing you the current model, we have light snow being reported up at blue canyon. we could have a few sprinkles
12:19 am
out there. the over all trend into the overnight hours, temperatures remaining cold. look at what happens as we take this into thursday. the rain chances on the increase especially north of the golden gate bridge. bay area forecast for tomorrow mortgage, chance of -- tomorrow morning, chance of a few sprinkles. by the afternoon hours by 3:00 and 4:00 52. santa rosa 54 and antioch 54. more neighborhoods, san jose 56 enmorgan hill right around 57 degrees. your five day forecast. chance of showers on thursday. partly cloudy skies on friday. the one change i made to your weekend forecast, i beefed up the cloud cover mainly for the north bay. and there's a chance for a
12:20 am
sprinkle on sunday. at least the best bet of rainfall will be on thursday. >> at least it won't be quite as cold. >> that's right. a redwood city mother has given birth to quadruplets. >> reporter: not just one, not just two. not just three, but four baby girls. when proud mom samantha win28 held her litter of little ones for the first time just after christmas, they were already two months old. >> we were expecting just one but now we have four. >> reporter: naturally conceived on the first try, no fertility drugs here. >> i was shocked.
12:21 am
just speechless. >> reporter: two of the girls are identical. the odds of that happening, one in a million. but wait, there's a chance all four are identical. the odds of that happening, one in 11 million. >> once they were all born, the party started. >> reporter: born at lucielle packered, each girl weighed less than two pound. now they weigh 4.5 to 5 pounds. dad, wayne win says he won't be too outif outnumbered at home, they have two male dogs. the real work begins when if first baby goes home to redwood city in a week. about the time all four girls were due to born. rita williams, ktvu news. >> can you imagine, four.
12:22 am
>> no. they're cute. congratulations to them. >> n
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say goodbye to arco arena, a new company has won the naming rights and the arena will now be called powepavilion power balance makes those wristbands using what's called holographic technology. the deal may be worth close to a million dollars. sharks, they're having a rough time aren't they. >> frank is getting nervous about his team. there's still lots of time but things are getting a little desperate for the sharks who have now lost five games. tied at one in the third quarter. caberle makes a beauty of a pass. san jose down 2-1. the sharks got even just a 1.5 later. and turned it back one. it's 2-2. but the leaves would score four times in the period. this is the one that made the difference, too much traffic accident in front of the net as
12:26 am
carl gunner gets the put in the net. and the 600th in the career of former san jose coach ron wilson. probably the last thing he's worried about right now but sharks defenman was named to the all star team. the only shark this year so honored. >> it's an honor. to be recognized for the work you put in and do. it's an accomplishment, it's certainly bittersweet. i'm happy but, you know obviously we're still playing some games here. it's always an honor. logan couture named to the rookie skills team. and still plenty of football to be played. but one position was filled today, ron rivera is the new head coach of the carolina panthers. rivera was part of the bears
12:27 am
superwinning team of 2005. by taking the carolina job, rivera inherents the over all pick of the draft. and has the goal shared by all of the other nfl coaches. >> when you become a coach, you strive to be a super bowl winning coach. that's my goal here. feels like we were just celebrating a world series championship. it's now about a month before pitchers and catchers report to camp. the a's are trying to make a final tweak to their roster by acquiring duchscherer. he could be used as either a starter or reliever. and baseball's all time leading saves leader trevor hoffman is calling it quits at
12:28 am
the age of 43. >> baseball only a month away. >> we had such a long season a while ago, now it looks like it's like here like this. it's like here like this. and that is our shift your weight forward onto the left foot. take the right leg up, holding the inner arch of the foot... introducing instant action alerts, only from chase. left arm up... manage your account and help avoid overdrafts with a click of a button. just reply to the alert with how much you want to transfer. inhale, all the way up... so you always stay in balance. crescent pose. chase what matters. just four more times. ♪ this way, everyone will know about all our great discounts. safe driver, online, homeowner's -- more discounts than ever before. and they still get great service. ♪ ow! [ disco music plays ♪ whoa, yeah
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