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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  January 15, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> a bank robbery, police chase and shoot-out leaves one person dead and another in custody in the east bay. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm janna katsuyama. heather holmes is off tonight. a bank robbery turned into a deadly shoot-out tonight in union city. police say a customer called while the robbery was in progress. a short time later officers chased what they say was the getaway car. a shoot-out followed leaving the officer's car riddled with
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bullets. patty lee is at the scene with the latest. patty? >> reporter: one suspect is dead and another taken into custody. you can see the getaway that brown lincoln town car across the street being processed by fbi and union city police officers. around the corner is a police car riddled by bullet holes. sustained as the suspect started firing as he tried to escape into this neighborhood. now, police say this bank highest started this afternoon. police received a 911 call from a customer around 12:45 reporting a masked man trying to rob the bank of the west on niles road. a second call from the alarm company warned police that the suspect was armed. a union city officer in the neighborhood spotted the suspects in the getaway car and gave chase. during which this passenger the man police say entered the bank started shooting. and during that chase and even after as he exited the car he was shooting at the officer and his police car. the officer returned the fire. >> the shooter, the one that
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got out of the vehicle, fled, ran into the backyard of a home. the officers responding set up a perimeter. at the same time the driver of the vehicle was taken into custody. while the perimeter was being set up, a shot was heard in the area, at which time they locked down the position where they last saw the suspect. >> now, whether the suspect shot himself or was hit by police fire is still under investigation tonight. and there are other unknowns, including details about the robbery and the suspect's history. as you can see there is a lot of work going on here tonight. police say they can't even tell us how long these streets are going to stay blocked off tonight. reporting live in union city, patty lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. the search is underway tonight for a group of men who shot and killed a young man atop twin peaks in san francisco. police say 23-year-old of san mateo died shortly after 3 a.m. they say he was at a look-out
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point with friends when an argument broke out between them and another group of people. a witness tells ktvu three gunshots were fired from inside a white honda odyssey minivan that was driven away. he died at the scene. so far no arrests have been made. >> in contra costa county investigators are trying to figure out what led to a shooting in a bay point neighborhood last night that killed a teenage boy and wounded two others. sheriff's deputies arrived in the 200 block of riverside drive shortly after 11 p.m. they found the unidentified 17- year-old boy laying outside a house. he was already dead from a gunshot wound. two other shooting victims turned up at local hospitals with minor injuries. investigators don't know what their role was in the shooting. >> a man was struck and killed after running across i-880 in oakland this morning. investigators say it appears that the vehicle that hit him left the scene. it happened on southbound 880 at hagerburger road at 4:30 this morning.
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the male driver of a 1995 mazda and the female passenger got into a physical fight. the couple's car crashed into the center divider. and officers say that's when the man got out of the car. >> the party that was fatally injured exited the vehicle and was struck by another vehicle. we haven't identified that vehicle at this time. >> the man was pronounced dead at the scene. his name has not been released. >> four families were left homeless early this morning after a fire raged through their san jose apartment building. the two alarm fire broke out just before 4:00 on north 7th street. 8 people got out safely. the silicone valley chapter of the red cross is helping them with lodging. fire investigators say the fire likely started outside before spreading to the interior of the building. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. an east bay city may be cracking down on barroom brawls. walnut creek officials are considering stricter rules and harsher punishments for bars and restaurants where patrons cause trouble.
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some of the new proposals like alcohol cut-off times and bans on new music. it comes after several violent incidents that stretched the police department's resources. city council is set to discuss the proposal on tuesday. a sanbruno family has become the first to file papers to rebuild their home after the deadly pipeline explosion. the house was one of 38 destroyed in the disaster last september. sanbruno's community development director says construction in the new home could start in the spring. another family says they also plan to rebuild and will file papers in a few weeks. sanbruno's mayor says the new homes mark a key step in the recovery of the neighborhood. and for all of the latest on the sanbruno pipeline disaster and the aftermath, log on to and click on the sanbruno fire tab on the front page. doctors for congresswoman gabrielle giffords today removed her breathing tube and will know soon if she can speak. it's just thorare calling an
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encouraging recovery. yesterday gabrielle giffords opened again her un bandaged eye. doctors say she is now able to move her limbs and follow more commands. she remains in critical condition. sothe mass shooting was released from the hospital while two others remain in good condition. the safeway store where the deadly massacre unfolded held an emotional ceremony before reopening today. a group of about 50 people gathered outside the store observing a moment of silence at 10:11 a.m., the moment gunfire broke out a week ago. a memorial to the victims complete with bouquets of flowers and greeting cards still stands outside the stores. the safeway employees had their own memorial service last night. also word the fbi has taken surveillance video from the safeway that may show the shooting as it happened. >> a former gabrielle giffords campaign volunteer who was a victim in last week's shooting is in custody tonight after he allegedly made a death threat to a tea party activist. >> could you slow down a little bit? not in any hurry, are you?
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>> not. >> 63-year-old james eric fuller was shot in the knee and the back during the shooting rampage. sheriff's deputies say today fuller yelled "you're dead" to trent humphreys during a town hall meeting. last thursday fuller linked the shooting to conservative leaders associated with the tea party telling democracy now they "got their first target." fuller was arrested for disorderly conduct and making threats. he is now being held for a psychiatric evaluation. a gun show at the cow call pace this weekend is operated by the same group that is also holding a gun show in tucson at the same time. a bay area state senator is renewing his call for such events to be banned at the state-owned property in daly city. ktvu's christian kafton reports. >> reporter: firearms enthusiasts lined up at the cow palace today for the crossroads of the gun show. but this is a show mark leno
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tried to keep this from returning was vetoed by arnold schwarzenegger. they are considering reviving the bile with a new governor. >> we are looking at whether we will introduce it this year. we haven't made that determination yet. but sooner or later we are going to let the people's will and voice be heard. >> reporter: leno told me today he crafted his previous legislation specifically for gun shows here at the cow palace because he says people living in this area have told him that guns sold legally here at the cow palace wind up here in the neighborhood's around the cow palace. >> if people want to have a gun show go to a community which welcomes you. but don't impose it upon a neighborhood which in fact, at times. , is a war zone. >> visitors to the gun show say the resurrection of a proposed ban on open carry and the news that a gun show ban may be revived are assaults on their second amendment privileges. >> if you take away the guns of people that own them legally, the criminals will be the only ones that have guns, the criminals and the police. and where does that leave you?
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>> reporter: leno says so far he hasn't discussed the issue with governor jerry brown. but he is hoping if he does re- introduce the bill this time it will get the governor's signature. this is ktvu, channel 2 news. still ahead, new video emerged today taken from suspected gunman jared loughner. why it led school officials to suspend him. the video plus a video with his ex-girlfriend is coming up at 10:30. >> well, there is a celebration going on right here in the bay area after a resolution across the globe. what took place tonight in san francisco. also. a celebration on the hudson river two years ago to the day. but tonight the captain and bay area residents skullly skullinburger tells us why it may not be safe to fly for you in the coming years. oakland's new mayor takes to the streets today. we will tell you what she hopes to accomplish by reaching out to the residents of east oakland. >> and see how one bay area
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. >> two years ago today the can't landed his crippled airliner in the chilly waters of new york's hudson river. today the bay area pilot talked about that water landing that rivetted the nation and the challenges still facing airlines. ktvu's mike mibach joins us live with details. mike? >> reporter: ken, the link between economics and aviation safety. today skullly told us that that
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link actually exists. and tonight a passenger tonight here at sfo says she sees the impacts of airlines working to stay out of the red. >> the plane itself and how it looks, i said i hadn't seen a flight that bad since i was in india. >> reporter: tonight at sfo the out bound and in bound were on time and most passengers seemed pleased and at ease with the commercial aviation industry. >> i fly all the time and never had any doubts and any hesitations. >> i travel quite a bit and haven't had any trouble. >> we have been hit and we are turning back to laguardia. >> two years ago today there was a problem a bird strike the flight 1549 and lasted about six minutes and was captained by skullly who spoke with us today in oakland. >> i think this was a reminder of what's really at stake when we fly. we are taking this tube filled with people through the upper reaches of the earth's atmosphere at 80% of the speed of sound. >> reporter: skullly says it is
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safe to play but he does have concerns about the future. the u.s. aviation industry has been hit financially the last decade. he says during this time the airline employees have also taken a financial hit, pensions, pay checks and working longer hours. his worry is that the airline is is under extreme cost pressure will stop investing in the best of the best, possibly forcing pilots and crew into other industries. >> we need to not just rely on investments we made in the past. we need to renew the investments with new ones. and not just in technology but also in people. >> passenger diane clark agrees. >> i can understand how the airlines are fighting to remain in the black. however, we are suffering. >> reporter: as for flight 1549 he says that with the passage of time he has actually been able to appreciate what he and his crew accomplished two years ago. live tonight at sfo mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. more than 100tunisian americans marched today to celebrate the change of power
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in their homeland. they gathered at san francisco's civic center today to cheer for pro democracy protestors thousands of miles away and to support the ouster of the country's ruling strong man. some went to a nearby restaurant to discuss the day's developments. >> i kind of gave up on the whole idea that i would ever see the day where tunisian people would rise up and claim what's theirs in. >> mean tile when he took a lull in the violence to clean up and absorb all of the political changes. the new interim president called for elections within 60 days and a unity government. yesterday the country's leader abruptly fled for saudi arabia following mass protests. >> the new mayor jean kwan was on the march promoting cleanliness as a way to fight crime. the mayor walked through neighborhoods and explained her ideas for making oakland a safer place. >> reporter: 12 days into offer mayor jean kwan was leading a
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cleanup effort in cleaning up the neighbor. >> if you focus on tough neighborhoods and help the neighborhood organize you will turn the neighborhood around and we will move on to another beat. >> the unemployment rate the mayor here says is nearly 40%. high school graduation rates among african american males are less than 30%. so stopped to talk to residents about their plans, asking them to come to next week's meeting to reorganize the neighborhood crime council on beat 33. the mayor introduced a new beat cop, too. >> this is the guy people can talk to, all right? >> how are you doing? >> while her volunteers picked up litter in this liquor store parking lot, she was not shy about lecturing the clerk on keeping it clean. >> there is a lot of garbage out there. we would really like you guys to clean it yourselves. >> the first positive sign the mayor says, besides getting a cleaner neighborhood today, is the turnout, 150 people, a lot more than she had counted on. but when she met business owner
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rahid whose nephew was killed around the corner a few years back it was clear that really cleaning up this neighborhood is long term. >> i would like to see something be more proactive with our police department and a gradual level between the community that they serve. >> so exactly what i believe in. >> reporter: the mayor says she will know she it is succeeded from the graduation rates rise, crime rates fall and the neighborhood takes care of itself. victim vargeorgia, ktvu, channel 2 news. calling himself the city's top dog new san francisco mayor ed lee vowed to make sure everyone left homeless by a recent fire get all of the help possible. today lee and other city officials toured the mobgoal are you street apartment building damaged during the new year's eve fire. 45 people are living in temporary housing provided by the red cross in the city. many of the residents are immigrants. >> we don't leave people in stressful situations untouched by help from the city. >> lee called on the insurance
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company and landlord to quickly settle in order to get the rebuilding process moving along. lee says the cause of the fire still hasn't been determined. newly elected mayors jean kwan and ed lee are heading to the white house. oakland's mayor and ed lee have been hosted to a state dinner for visiting chinese president. they have become the first chinese american leaders of large cities in the u.s. the state dinner is scheduled for wednesday. in observance of monday's martin luther king holiday, a san francisco non-profit group today honored volunteers who serve their communities. the one break organization recognized four leaders who have worked hard to enact positive social change. organizers say today also was about helping volunteers and staff meet each other and build relationships. >> we are all about people and partners with people. and we work with over 600 different non-profits across the country. and today we are going to be spending a little time creating
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a moment for our volunteers where they can actually meet some of the people that lead some of these non-profits they have been helping over the years. >> so one break organization was launched in 2001. since then it has donated $340,000 volunteer hours and opened eight chapters around the country. volunteers will honor the legacy of martin luther king jr. with a community workday in richmond on monday. local non-profit groups are asking volunteers to join them at 9:00 monday morning at three locations. richmond greenway at 6th street. carlson boulevard and ohio avenue. and at the schamada friendship park. everyone is invited to participate. bart will be on a saturday schedule for the martin luther king holiday. service will start at 6 a.m. and end around midnight. the holiday also means parking is free and permit requirements will not be enforced.
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wikipedia celebrates its 10th year in operation. the online allows users to write and edit entries. now that caused early controversy over the reliability of the website's information. but according to wikipedia three and a half million articles have been written in the last decade. the website says it is available in 276 languages. coming up in brazil, the death toll from the widespread mudslides climbs. the unusual measures being taken to hold the bodies of those killed. why one local democratic congress woman says president obama's new cuba travel policy is a good step forward but stops short of real change. temperatures warm nicely across most of the bay area. but right now i am tracking but right now i am tracking some patchy dense shift your weight forward onto the left foot. take the right leg up, holding the inner arch of the foot... introducing instant action alerts, only from chase.
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. >> the pakistani taliban say they are responsible -- responsible for this attack burning fuel supplies. 14 tankers caught on fire when they started shooting in southwest pakistan. the pakistani driver was injured in the attack. the u.s. military says three american soldiers were killed today in iraq. two of the soldiers were killed when an iraqi trainee opened fire on his american trainers during military exercises. the training was meant to be conducted with non-lethal fire. but according to an unnamed iraqi army officer, the gunman stoled live ammunition for his ak-47. one other american soldier was injured in that attack. no details were given on the circumstances of the third american soldier's death. in news of the world tonight, in brazil meat packing trucks are now being used to hold the bodies of those killed in this week's deadly mud slide s officials say there just
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isn't enough room in the mortuaries to handle all of the bodies recovered so far. the death toll currently stands at 598. brazilian soldiers have been deployed to the region but there are few signs of governmental help and many flood victims are fending for themselves. in india more than 100 people were killed overnight in a stampede as thousands of hindu worshipers made a pilgrimage. they were walking on a narrow path in a heavily wooded area when a jeep swerved towards the worshipers touching off the stampede. they are viewing to the temple to view a sake decreed star. >> and polls are now closed in a week of voting on a historic referendum to determine whether southern sudan should an independent country. it is the centerpiece of a 2005 peace deal that ended 21 years of civil war. if the referendum is approved as expected, it remains to be seen how the country will share its oil wealth and what will happen to the contested border regions. a long-time critic of u.s.
11:54 pm
cuban policy tells ktvu news she is pleased with president obama's decision to loosen travel restrictions to the communist nation. congresswoman barbara lee says new rules could help local charters. >> americans have a right to travel wherever they want to travel. their government should not prevent them from travelling. >> lee added that it is time to end the embargo of cuba because after decades, that same policy is not achieved its goal. >> the man in charge of keeping track of the country's debt says it is just a matter of weeks before the u.s. hits its newly imposed debt ceiling. according to treasury secretary tim geithner the u.s. dead will hit 14.3 trillion sometime between the end of march and mid-may. for those who can't quite comprehend how much money that is it comes down to $45,300 for every person in the country. it is now up to congress to decide what to do about the debt ceiling. tim geithner says failure to
11:55 pm
raise the ceiling would be catastrophic. republican leaders are asking for dramatic cuts. a crash with ten vehicles which collided and set off a chain reaction. the crash was so violent they could not identify the genders of three victims. a motorcyclist was also critically injured. the west coast highway will remain closed until the morning. >> police across new jersey are looking for the many-who gunned down a police officer yesterday. an ocean county judge granted prosecutors an arrest warrant today for 19-year-old jamal crockham. lakewood police officer christopher matsloff was shot at point blank range in the head. investigators say the shooter ran into the snow-covered woods. an elephant at the knotsville zoo in tennessee is out of public view after it killed its keeper.
11:56 pm
zoo officials say they are still investigating yesterday's events that led up to the elephant pushing keeper stephanie james into metal bars inside the zoo's elephant barn. she died at the hospital from internal injuries. the elephant exhibit was closed today. keepers have been ordered to stay out of the elephant's enclosure. just a day after doctors amputated her right leg actress zhazha gabor is still smiling and talking. she is still heavily sedated and does not know that her leg has been removed. in and out of the hospital several time since due to blood clots. doctors decided to amputate most of her right leg after a persistent infection would not heal. >> york rose to international fame in the film a man for all seasons and tom jones. she starred opposite hollywood legends such as montgomery cliff and elizabeth taylor. her role in the 1969 film they shoot horses don't they earned her an oscar nomination.
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york was 72-year-old. new video from the suspected gunman behind the tucson shooting emerges. a look at the rambling and bizarre video and the accusations he makes against the community college that suspended him. >> a ski lift you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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. >> a youtube video taken by suspected gunman jared lee loughner. he was walking through his school and calling it his again cried school. tonight that video and what loughner's ex-girlfriend says about him. this video never shows the face behind the camera. but the voice, according to pema community college police is jared lee loughner's.
12:00 am
>> we are examining the torture of students. we are looking at students who have been tortured. >> reporter: the video was posted on youtube in september while loughner was a student at pema community college and just 15 weeks before he allegedly opened fire on congresswoman gabrielle giffords and others outside a tucson safeway store. an ex-girlfriend of loughner's spoke out saying that in high school he often had angry outbursts during the four months that they dated. >> it seemed like he built up anger. what towards exactly i am not sure. >> during the nearly four minute youtube video loughner's words have hints of anger. but his voice is calm and he laughs walking through the campus talking about illegal war and mind control. at one point he calls on to a teacher he says gave him a b grade. >> how is it going? >> thanks for the b. i am pissed off. i lost my freedom of speech to this guy. and this is what happens. and i am in a terrible place. it is the school that i go to.
12:01 am
>> pema community college officials say the video was a factor in their decision september 29th to suspend loughner. >> this is my genocide school where i am going to be homeless because of this school. >> the video, yet one more window into the mind of a man now behind bars. >> and that youtube video was obtained by the la times through an open records request. the idea of coming together is gaining traction in washington, d.c. tonight in the aftermath of the tucson shooting. in his weekly address president obama called on democrats and republicans to move forward together as they head back to work following the devastating shooting. republican leaders also said it was time to return to their agenda for change, including repealing healthcare reform. >> and so it is our duty to uphold our oath, to listen and to represent. we will not let this inhumane act callous us into doing otherwise. >> meanwhile a proposal to have
12:02 am
members of each party sit together during the state of the union address this month is growing. several lawmakers have already agreed to that idea. the family of the youngest tucson shooting victim donated the young girl's organs. christina green's father says some of his daughter's organs went to a little girl in boston. john green says he looks forward to meeting that little girl some day. officials did not release any information on the nature of that girl's illness or which organs were involved. with california facing a projected deficit of $25 billion, there are questions about why state assembly members spent $259,000 taxpayer dollars last year on new vehicles for themselves. that's according to an la times report. in all, taxpayer money bought eight vehicles for assembly members in 2010. more than 40 other assembly members drive state purchased cars but they were bought before 2010. a spokesman for assembly man gato asked about using a car from the state's general fleet
12:03 am
but he was told that was not an option. he ended up with a 2010 ford fusion hybrid with the price tag of $42,000. >> schwarzenegger is accused of favouritism for granting clemency for the son of a political apply. he reduced the prison sentence of nunez but the article says the governor reversed the parole board's decision to free at least 29 inmates involved in crimes similar to his. an aide to the former governor would not comment on the report. >> beach goers gathered in san francisco today to give input into the future of ocean beach. san francisco planning and urban research also known as spur organized the public workshop today, the first in a series of three. spur says the goal is to start a conversation about long-term planning, care and maintenance of the beach which stretches from central heights to fort punson. one of the main concerns is erosion such as that seen along the great highway last year. >> if we don't come to some
12:04 am
sort of an approach to these questions about erosion we will lose parts of the beach. especially in the context of sea level rise with climate change. >> spur says the ocean beach master plan will require cooperation between federal, state and outside agencies who will all have jurisdiction over parts of the beach. >> there are some breaking news in san jose at this hour where the police are investigating an apparent murder suicide. a san jose police spokesman is telling us that officers were called to the 1300 block of the area at 9:19 this evening. they found one man dead from a gunshot wound at the pete's coffee at a shopping center there. police say it appears that the shooter then left the area. the body was found a short ways away at saratoga avenue near i- 280. it appears that the man committed suicide. police do not know the motive behind the shooting yet or the relationship between the two men. we will be staying on this. >> well, in other news, authorities are looking into what caused a ski lift to stall
12:05 am
stranding 85 people today. it took fire crews three hours to finish lowering each person more than 30 feet to safety. it happened at ohio's alpine valley ski resort which is outside cleveland. fire officials say no one was injured. crews did throw blankets up to the trapped skiers to help keep them warm. officials are investigating whether a gear broke or if the wind may have caused the break down. >> apple is poised to reach a big milestone this weekend. we want to show you a live look at apple's app countdown to the 10 billionth application download. you can see right now it is at 9.800 million. that's a lot of numbers there. apple is offering a 10,000 gift card to its itune store to the person who downloads that 10th billionth app. they will sell ipads and mac computers. >> get out your phone number.
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>> well, a new place to play. which east bay city has a new dog park built to accommodate both large and smaller
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when we can all breathe easier. we're fighting to make every section a smoke-free section.
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for a day when even vehicles quit smoking. we're fighting for clear skies over every city and healthy lungs throughout the country. the american lung association isn't just fighting for air. we're fighting for all the things that make it worth breathing. join us in the fight at [ music ] >> bay area temperatures soared nicely today. in fact, one neighborhood topped out right around 70 degrees. show you that coming up in a little bit. but the fog right now is forming in the central valley. it will impact our forecast as we do head into your sunday morning. on live stormtracker ii you can see the low cloud cover. around the delta you can pick out closer to antioch and right around fairfield as well. visibilities have been coming
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down to less than a quarter of a mile. as far as highs from today the temperature range from 49 degrees with that persistent fog bank out towards fairfeel. but look at santa rosa topped out at 70 degrees. oakland and san francisco and also san jose. a look at the overall weather story for the bay area. fog will continue to develop. some areas of dense fog. mild conditions into the afternoon. the extended forecast a dry weather pattern. as far as the fog advisory, it isn't placed for san francisco bay and also out towards the delta region out towards salano. visibility down to a quarter of a mile. fairfield under a quarter of a mile like i just said. the main storm track not in the bay area. way up to our north. as a result we will continue with the dry weather pattern. high pressure remains firmly in place over the region. as we head into the afternoon hours there is a system up to our north that could generate a few showers up towards creston
12:10 am
city. this will generate a few high clouds as we do head into the afternoon hours. that will favor the north bay. here is our forecast showing you the fog once again into the bay. and also for the inland valleys. even some patchy coastal fog as well. into the afternoon hours we should have this. partly cloudy skies and more high clouds sweeping into the region. forecast for tomorrow morning 7:00. 43 to 48 degrees. areas of dense fog. by 12:00 patchy valley fog could be a bit stubborn. 48-55. there is the eventual temperature range all the way to the mid-60s. the fog having an impact out forwards fairfield with where it could become patchy. san jose low 66 degrees. and morgan hill 67. a look ahead at the five day forecast. this five day no rain cloud. not one rain cloud as you can see. temperatures in fact still talking about mid to upper 60s once again after the dense morning fog.
12:11 am
a little bit of a cool down into wednesday and thursday. can't do anything about the weather might as well just enjoy it as we head into sunday. >> we will try to do that. >> thank you, mark. >> a good looking forecast. thanks, mark. >> well, oakland's four-legged residents have a new place to play. [ applause ] >> a lease cutting ceremony was held to celebrate the opening of a new dog park on martin luther king jr. boulevard. separate areas for large and small dogs. boulders for the dogs to play on and in-ground waste re septic wills. >> having a park in this particular area is fantastic because it brings people to this area to the community. i think it will help reduce crime and it let's people be a community together. city redevelopment funds helped pay for the park. but there are no maintenance funds. so dog owners will have to pitch in to take care of it. this is the fifth dog park in oakland. another one is slated to open next year at lake merit. coming up the oakland raiders make another move on
12:12 am
their coaching staff. we will tell you who is out. >> and it was
12:13 am
12:14 am
. >> good evening, everyone. welcome to this saturday night edition of sports wrap. ever since the firing of tom cable it has been no secret that hugh jackson was his probable successor as head coach of the raiders. a source tonight tells us jackson will officially be named to that position no later than tuesday. on the agenda will also be the hiring of a new defensive coordinator for oakland.
12:15 am
despite improving his unit john marshall has been told he will not be needed as a defensive coordinator this coming season. well, this is the weekend some nfl fans consider the best of the season. two games each day between the best in the league. it was also a coming out party of sorts for green bay quarterback aaron rogers. the packers in atlanta for a rematch. the two teams played back in week twelve also in georgia a three point win by the falcons. packers had just tied this game at 7 in the second quarter as they kicked off to eric weams. one of the most dangerous return man in the league. he shows why. he is not touch on the way to a 102-yard return. that seems to take some of the steam out of the packers. not many souvenirs for the falcons. they tied it again. he powered into the end-zone. the atlanta offense then back to work before half time. looked like the falcons would get at least a field goal. but matt ryan's pass is picked off the end-zone by williams.
12:16 am
williams the guy who clinched green bay's win over philadelphia last week. with 2:20 to play he took the packers on an 60-yard drive. he threw to san jose state james jones. jones outjumps brent grimes. and 2 1:14 with 22 second left. they had enough time to move to the packer 26. but then disaster on the final play of the half. ryan throws an ill advised pass grabbed by williams. this time he can run 70 yards to the end-zone. they score 14 points in 42 seconds and take the 28-14 lead to the locker-room. it only got worse for the falcons in the second half. midway through the third rogers wants to pass and can't find a receiver so runs it in himself to make it 35-14. a career game for the former cal star who threw for three scores, 366 yards, ran for a score and had a quarterback rating of 136.8. the packers knockout the nfc's number one seed 48-21. two weeks ago the knock on
12:17 am
rogers was that he had never won a playoffs game. now he is headed to the nfc championship on the heals of probably his best game ever. >> yes, this probably was my best performance. i think you know at this stage that we are on and the importance of this game, it was a good night. >> today's afc game was the story of two halves. and yet another example of how turnovers can be the death of a team, especially in the playoffs. ray lewis and the baltimore ravens in pittsburgh. the battle between two teams who see plenty of each other. split their two regular season meetings this year. steelers took the early lead. the ravens tied the game when ray rice got a good run at the end-zone to make it 7-7. it is tied this time jim harbaugh says that's more like it. he got something from his defense. suggests knocks the live ball sitting there on the turf. with 21 players just standing there. the one who doesn't is cory --
12:18 am
redding. he doesn't hear a whistle scoops the ball up going 13 yards to the end-zone. the play was challenged but upheld. it was 14-7 baltimore. it would be 21-7. if joe flacko to todd heap. they headed to the locker-room up by two tds looking like they only had to keep from beating themselves. that's what they did. gave the steelers the short field twice on turnovers. the keith miller lob came after a fumble. and then rothsburger drilled one to heinz ward. that after flacko had been there and stepped into at the 32. two turnovers turned into touchdowns and 21 all tie as they headed into the fourth quarter. two teams traded field goals and still tied. antonio brown and web battled down field as rothsburger. brown goes out of bounds at the four. look at it again you can see that brown maintained possession by holding the ball against his helmet. jim harbaugh not happy with
12:19 am
that series of developments. mendenhall gets into the end- zone from two yards out 31-24. the ravens weren't finished. moved into steeler territory 4th and 18. flacko puts the ball right on the numbers to tj who drops it. the ball comes back to the steelers with 1:02 to play. there is nothing they could do as will steelers run off the clock. they move on to the afc championship game with a 31-24 win. they were down by 14. >> when you turn the ball over the way we did, a lot of teams usually give up and end up being a blow-out. but we stayed the course. we found a way to win. what better way than to beat baltimore. they keep asking for us. they keep asking for us. sometimes my mom always said be careful what you ask for. >> we didn't put them away. we didn't put them away. so we had nobody to blame but ourselves. it sucks. you can't say the referees took
12:20 am
this one. we have got to take a long look at ourselves. >> the longest stretch of futility in five years finally came to an end tonight for the san jose sharks. the players dads are in the house as the sharks try to end a losing streak against the st. louis blues. san jose started out playing from behind. the blues up 1-0 in the period. the sharks on the powerplay. joe pavel ski to thornton to danny heatly. dan boyle with the shot from the point. at first it looks like heatly is there. but the goal was credited to thornton. the blues later tied the game as they headed to the third. and in the third, heatly gets his second goal as he re direction his shot from mark edward vlasik. sharks in front for good. add a little padding. scott nicol with the shot and jamie mcginn gets his first goal of the year with his dad there to see it. >> the sharks win for the first time at home since the december 23rd, that would be last year. 4-2 is the final.
12:21 am
sharks timely pick up a couple of points but remain in the cellar in the pacific division. still more to come tonight on sports wrap. go to hawaiian where things are tied in the first full pga event of o
12:22 am
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12:25 am
washington state turned it around in the second half. marcus capeers gives the ball up. he gets it back for the jam. dockins doesn't like it. he with a aren't to travel but doesn't get it. stanford has won eight in a row with maples. that streak comes to an end the cougars 68-51 winners. here is the bay area team to watch this year. the one building a young fan base. mickey mcconnell they are on their way to an 18 point 13 assist game. on the assist how about this plays in to walker who jams down the pair. up by 20 at half time. and they coached it in the second half. on the lob for another assist to rob jones. jones had 15. the st. mary's rolls 84-59. the gales are 16-2 overall. usf 2-1 in conference after
12:26 am
a win today over san diego. no such luck for san jose state on the road as the spartans fall to 1-5 after losing to new mexico state. well, two routes in the books and the first full -- two rounds that is in the first full golf tournament of the year the rain delayed sony in honolulu. the beauty of a golf tournament in hawaii is you don't have to be all that serious about the golf. sean is 197 yards away. figures the six iron is the right club. he is on the money. a couple of about how nears in for a hole in one. that's nice. he shot a 68 but didn't make the cut. stewart applebee did. in fact a co-leader applebee in the heavy rough around the 7 hole. a long chip goes for a birdie. he shot a 66. he is ten after par after 36 holes. a pretty nice shot by mariarma coming up on 13. he uses a past he will ball rolled in for birdie. start that had tied for second
12:27 am
but shot a 65. one more time at 18 he finishes his round in style. they are two strokes up on the nearest competitors. lots more golf to go tomorrow as they play 36 holes to get the tournament finished. the afc matchup between the jets and patriots is the afternoon game tomorrow. it is the bears playing in the early game. that game will be here on channel 2. see how much the rhetoric about feet and who hates home carries over on the field. that's it for this saturday night edition of sports wrap. see you again at 5:00. that's seattle at chicago here on channel 2 tomorrow at 10:00. >> a big game. thanks, joe. >> thanks, joe. we have new video into the newsroom on that breaking news in san jose. we want to show you a scene at saratoga avenue near i-280 where san jose police say they found the body of a man suspected in a fatal shooting. police say the man shot and killed another man at a coffee shop at a nearby shopping center. he then left and was found here where police say he turned the gun on himself.
12:28 am
there is no word on a motive. more on this tomorrow night. that is our report for tonight. i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm janna katsuyama. thanks so much. our coverage continues online at thanks for joining us tonight. have a good one. [ music ]
12:29 am
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