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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  January 17, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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run driver. oakland's police chief may be heading south and questions arise about apple's stock price as steve jobs announces another leave of absence. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is monday, january 17 the. i am maureen naylor and gasia is off tonight. our top story tonight at 7:00, jana katsuyama is live in concord with the story. >> reporter: right here where the accident happened last night i want to show you that
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spewed there is a memorial that people put up for sherree lindborg, the victim and her dog saying rest in peace. the remembrance of emergency flairs and orange paint are the only thing that remains. it happened about 5:40 p.m. sunday. 53-year-old sherree lindborg checked on her dog who had run into the street and hit by a car. a 17-year-old boy hit her and her pet peeve when the team stopped to check on lindborg, another vehicle struck her. officers say it appears that driver stopped briefly and then drove away before police arrived. a homeless advocate knew the victim did he said lindborg was homeless and had been going to nearby hillcrest park to receive free lunches.
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>> quite weatherworn. she was worn out. she lived a hard life. >> reporter: many say solano way is a dangerous road. >> the speed limit is 30, but it's not always followed. plus it was foggy yesterday. >> reporter: police are looking for the driver who left the scene. a white male in his '20s with brown hair and lots tips and a female passenger had long dark hair and they were in a four- door sedan, possibly a hatchback. reporting live, jana katsuyama. now to developing news in east oakland. shots rang out at about 4:00 this afternoon on international boulevard near 80th avenue. when officers arrived they found a man lying dead in the
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street. they are now searching for the gunman. there is no word on the victim's identity or what led to the shooting. anthony batts spoke publicly today about being one of two finalists at the san jose police department. he appeared with oakland mayor jean quan for a celebration honoring martin luther king jr. >> there is no guarantee that i will be selected. i do have a job right now, and my focus is on the city. >> i have a very good working relationship with him. i would like to continue, but i want a chief that is committed for two or three years. >> batts came from oakland to long beach and since he took over crime has decreased and so has the number of police officers. the san jose the manager
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will not make a decision until next month but whoever it is, they will face many challenges. >> reporter: so far there have been five homicides in the span of 15 days. >> sometimes there are spikes in any given point in the year. this happens to be at the beginning of this year. >> reporter: for the past 2.5 months, he has been heading the department and a big challenge for whoever is the next chief will be having to cut 30 million out of the department's budget this year. that means layoffs, possibly more than 200 sworn personnel and emotions'. >> i do think we can manage it. we will not be doing business the way we used to. >> reporter: speakeasy 29 year police veteran and he would not talk about what he wants to be the next chief. anthony batts is the other man
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up for the job. he would not comment about why he wanted to go to san jose. >> many times people recruit you, much like when i was in the city of long beach, the city of oakland came and recruited me happily. >> we are looking at the very best department to lead the department. >> reporter: various community groups have been critical of the police department citing use of force and racial profiling as a concern's dewe want to achieve that could change relationship and bring -- change relationship and bring back trust. >> reporter: reporting from san jose, and jeanine de la vega. there are no worries about the stability of some multimillion dollar homes. the home stood on a bluff in rio del march and the homeowners are concerned about
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you oceanview they want permission to build a trench that could prevent a block from giving way. so far county officials say the situation does not warrant an emergency preparation. oakland made it official earlier today, announcing he jackson as their head coach. he joined the raiders a year ago as their offense of court nader. jackson is the raiders sixth head coach since 2003. two weeks ago the team announced it was parting ways with tom cable after an 8-8 season. investors are watching closely to see how wall street reacts to news that apple ceo steve jobs is taking a medical leave of absence. the stock market was closed today. jobs has had trouble with his help since being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 20004. experts say more than other ceos, jobs is seen as
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inseparable from his company's success. >> is it material? gasping you have to be careful -- just like, you have to be careful. >> there are reports that jobs is suffering from immune system problems, common with people who have received a liver transplant. goldman sachs hopes to raise $1 million in stocks or be limited to asia and europe. the exchange commission rules do not allow firms to publicly profess such private funding. virgin america airline says it has 60 new planes and will basically tripled the size of its fleet. they currently have 34 jet speed with the new purchase,
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virgin america is expected to be the first to launch the new airbus a320 o. they say it will cut fuel consumption by 16% and virgin expects to start buying the new jets in 2013. there is still anger and confusion tonight after a murder suicide in the south bay connected to a cold case. the scene of the murder was back opened today. police say, will wayne sanchez shot and killed luis northbay there. he was a suspect in his sister's disappearance but was set free for lack of evidence. france now say they want justice for his murder. the police investigation continues. the corner office is investigating the death of a 15-
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year-old boy hit by a train today. it happened just after 9:00 near the east cypress road crossing. a spokesperson for the railroad says the team saw the train coming and stepped in front of it. in san leandro the search is on for a gunman who shot and killed a 24-year-old man. it happened shortly after 3:00 this afternoon. police say a man walking with the victim was not hurt but a bullet tore a hole through the hood of his sweatshirt and a shooting in san leandro's first homicide of the year and has concerned some neighbors. >> i am going to be alert and look around my surroundings and make sure i keep myself safe. >> the gunman drove off in a dark colored sedan seen heading south on east 14th avenue. it appears the victim was targeted but there is no word on a motive. for members of a family are
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dead after breathing poisonous carbon dioxide fumes. two girls, their grandmother, aunt uncle died. their mother survived after she stepped outside to smoke a cigarette. the victims were overcome by fumes from a gas generator placed in a poorly ventilated call space. the family was using the generator because their power had been cut. there is more encouraging news about the condition of arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords. her husband reports the congresswoman has been able to smile and even gave him a neck rub and doctors upgraded her condition from critical to acc wounding giffords and killing six people at a political event in tucson a little more than one week ago. the father of the 9-year- old girl killed in the tucson shooting said her daughters --
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his doubters corneas have saved the eyesight of two children. they did not hesitate to donate their daughters organs and the transplants were successful. two children can now see because they received his daughter's corneas. the bay area joins the nation in remembering reverend martin luther king jr. one bay area community is taking aim at its big turkey problem. what they are willing to do to make sure these gobblers are gone. fog continues to top our weather headlines. i will let you know if we have any rain clouds on the five-day forecast.
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>> in tunisia the government announced a new cabinet today that include some members of the ousted president's party. demonstrators flooded in the streets shouting the government is still the same even though president ben ali fled to saudi arabia. dozens of protesters had died and dozens more have been injured. president obama and his family celebrated the holiday today by visiting a school in washington where they helped paint fruit characters in the school cafeteria to encourage good eating habits. >> after a painful week or so
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many of us were focused on tragedy it's good to remind yourselves what this country is about. >> the crowd sang happy birthday to michelle obama, who turned 47 to date. the commemorative freedom train ride was followed by a march and rally in san francisco. christien kafton attended the celebration and has this report. >> reporter: the freedom train departed san jose this morning. riders say their journey symbolizes the path to equality. >> civil rights and all the way up to today where we have obama as president. >> the martin luther king junior movement was not just
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for african-americans or one race. >> reporter: marchers made their way to the martin luther king jr. fountain and joined members of the community and reverend brown studied under dr. king and said if he were alive today he would still fight for the rights of all americans. >> given what he taught me in school we must come to grips with this issue of homophobia and realize that every person whether gay or straight is to be respected. >> reporter: nancy pelosi told the crowd that the civil rights leader will be honored with a tribute usually reserved for presidents. >> issued in washington i am proud to say that we will unveiled a monument, a
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magnificent memorial to martin luther king jr. >> christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. someone thousand people gathered in sacramento to honor dr. king. this day is not just a day to remember his lessons about to serve as a reminder to put his ideals into action. he signed into law the bill to create a state holiday back in 1981. in 1983, president reagan signed a similar bill. for more coverage of today's events along with a link to audio clips, click the tab on our homepage at the california advocacy group is urging state lawmakers to ensure children are protected from budget cuts. to that and children have an actual list of 10 items on how to make public education better. they want the state to set
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standards and allow local school districts to determine how to meet those standards and how to finance their schools. new finding suggests that eating a big breakfast will not make you feel less hungry. it appears to do the opposite. a study followed 380 people. they say that people consume different this time calories were likely to be more later in the day. the study found eating a smaller breakfast consumed overall during a 24 hour care goal reduce the number of calories. a new study of 3000 elementary and middle school children in singapore found 10% were video game addicts. researchers say that addiction contributes to mental health problems. although many of the children were more likely to have
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behavior problems to begin with, playing video games seems to increase the instances of depression and anxiety in school. there is a license to kill wild turkeys by the destined for a danville neighborhood. residents say that they are fed up. the homeowners association has secured a permit for a hunter to shoot the birds. >> reporter: wild turkeys will not be able to outrun a rifle. >> a 22 with a silencer? it just seems crazy. >> reporter: some residents are horrified by the idea. >> they are beautiful to watch, they are fun to watch. they do not need to be killed. >> reporter: the homeowners association says it has tried, and the turkey population keeps going. at least 100, often in large groups are oblivious to cars and their human neighbors. the country club says it's not
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gunning for the turkeys. they have the one of the golf course but to a lot less damage than landscaped yards and  fences and porches. still the club here's the complaint. >> when a 20-pound turkey jumps on the roof of your car and images it and you get three or four of them on top of your car, it can do some damage. >> they poop everywhere. they are on their deck and torment you. >> they are on the roof. >> reporter: are you okay with them being shot? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: they planned for this years ago when they trapped and important free range turkeys to establish a wild population here. the warriors and sharks both had matinee games today and for each the ending was the
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same. alice ended a team-high 26 points and the warriors defeated the nets. the warriors also committed six turnovers that is one off below for any team. the san jose sharks faced off against the coyotes in arizona. there was a major shakeup in the world of bay area nonprofits. what a new merger means for the future of to food banks. lots of fog around the bay area this morning. should commuters expect the same thing tomorrow? mark tamayo tell us where the heaviest fog will be.
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>> meteorologist mark tamayo is here to talk about the fog. it stuck around late today and tomorrow what are we expecting? >> pretty much the same story. the blog is still a big part of our forecast tonight and will continue to expand. right now central valley fog is seeping into the region and we have a batch of coastal fog is well pushing into the bay.
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that will be a big part of our forecast for tonight. the dense fog advisory begins at 11:00 tonight. visibility could be approaching zero the first thing tomorrow morning. for tonight we have dense fog that returns tomorrow and hazy sunshine into the afternoon hours. no rain clouds on the five-day forecast. the clouds are up to our north. high pressure, a combination with a weak offshore flow converging on the bay area. that spells are fog forecast for tomorrow morning. wednesday there is a cold fronts that will move in that will lift the inversion and kind of traps the fog. with that we will scale back on some of the fall coverage as we head into wednesday but still somewhat of a factor.
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the forecast tomorrow morning, you will see coverage out there and be extra careful on the roadways. we gradually scaled back and it will be a gradual process. we have a few leftover patches. dense fog and by 12:00, patchy fog. by 3:00 and 4:00 we should have upper 50s to the mid-60s with some hazy sunshine and some leftover patchy fog around fairfield, antioch, and brentwood appeared clearing skies into wednesday and temperatures basically in the more two -- and the low to mid 60s. more help is on the way for hungry families in marin county. there was a merger between the san francisco food bank and the
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struggling marin food bank. today more than 100 volunteers participated in a martin luther king day of service and they say volunteers are needed all year long in san francisco and marin. that will docontinues on kt.cup next right here on tv 36 -- and with the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. "tmz" is up next right here on tv 36. have a great night.
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