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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  February 3, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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in san francisco. what the evidence is saying about a connection and the bay area company is betting big that a big time star will stand out this super bowl sunday. . good evening, it is thursday february 3rd i'm gasia mikaelian this is bay area news at 7:00. more than 100 students at berkeley are planning a sleep- out following a ralliy on campus today. rob roth reports. >> reporter: along the plaza today dozens of students spoke out against the egyptian government. some laid down on the stone ground. they said it was a tribute of the protestors that lost their lives in the streets of egypt.
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but for this graduate one of the deaths is personal. her friend, a 22-year-old, egyptian resident, was killed while protesting. her skull was crushed by local police. >> she was always really happy. really always joking with me when i was running arabic. she died -- she wanted human rights and to be able to have a voice and a vote that counted. >> reporter: many here are foreign exchange students worried about their relatives. this father stands guard in front of his family's apartment building at night. >> my dad is going around in shifts with a gun. the police are not helping us. it is not safe at all. >> reporter: many egyptians that lived under the president want him to step down. >> knowing that i have to bribe this person to get this permit just to build this house t. say system that he has created and as a result you feel like you are living like a second class
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citizen. >> reporter: protestors are organizing another sleep-out next week. at uc berkeley, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. it is just after 5:00 a.m. on what is called the friday of departure. thousands of egyptians are ready to turn out for protests and demand the president to step down immediately. protestors gathered today but this time egyptian soldiers that stood by before, attempted to support them. five people were killd and 800 were injured -- killed and 800 injured. several journalists are among those roughed up. others were harassed by security forces and the police. hillary clinton is condeeming the attacks and encouraging a peaceful resolution. >> there is a clear responsibility by the egyptian government, including the army to protect those threatened and hold accountable those
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responsible for the attacks. >> president mubarak says he is tired of this and ready to go but he is a fist he leaves there will be more chaos. a high-tech company is funneling information out of egypt. the red dots provide mapping data from a number of countries including egypt. a stanford professor says one of his former students is is studying in cairo. he is in contact with her. she is considering evacuating to jordan. on our web site you click on the tab at the top of our home page for more. traffic is getting back to normal this hour after a monster traffic jam on the bay bridge. we have pictures to show you from news chopper 2 showing you gridlock in downtown san francisco after two lanes of the lower deck were closed to traffic just as rush hour was getting underway. the crews were cleaning up a trail of sand that spilled from a big rig in a tunnel. the lanes closed at 2:00 and
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did not reopen until 5:00. one of our crews just crossed that bridge. they report to us now traffic is moving smoothly. >> new at 7:00. the police in oakland called off their search for a bank robber who led the officers on a chase from livermore. at 3:00 this afternoon livermore officers notified oakland police their pursuit into oakland city limits. officers swarmed the area at 41st and terrace street. a technical high school and grade school were locked bun bow there was no -- lockdown but this was no sign of the suspect. three early morning fires were located a few blocks apart in the castro. each is believed to be set intentionally. the question is tonight is if the same person is to blame. >> reporter: firefighters fought the fire, residents were on the hawk. this man kapt -- sidewalk. this man captured the flames on the sidewalk. he got himself out after
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neighbors started yelling. >> i heard someplace stomping and yelling "fire." >> it is under investigation. the majority of the fire is on the outside right up here. >> reporter: 16 people in those two buildings now have to find a place to live. but as an estimated 50 firefighters battle this fire another call came in calling for 50 more. this time to fight a fire just two blocks away at this historic building under renovation. this is video of that firefight. watch as this firefighter falls off of the ladder. that firefighter was okay but the crews say resources were very thin. >> the danger is there, you know, the city built up city t. -- it is close construction. we sent a lot of resources to a first alarm fire. >> the owner says renovation of this building was a labor of love and suspects arson. >> no power going to this build something. >> no. no power to the building. and this is no power in that corner of the building. so, it is clear that somebody
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did this. >> reporter: arson investigators are now looking at those two fires and a much smaller trash can fire that happened just down the street. all three fires started within a few blocks of each other between 4:00 and 5:15 this morning. >> fire investigators believe this fire and the other two were interb nally set. what they can't say is if they were set by the same person. -- intentionally set. what they can't say is if they were set by the same person. they hope surveillance will help them find that out. kidnapping suspect, gerido is one step closer to standing trial for the abduction of jayce dugard. he sat three seats away from his wife, nancy in the courtroom today. she is charged in the 1991 kidnapping. she pled not guilty. gorido is scheduled to enter a play at the end of february. the janitor accused of
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killing a principal yesterday was under the impression he had been fired. the police say the suspect, john lubers told him that he shop the principal after being fired yesterday. but at a news conference today the school district said that he had only been sent home to cool off an an argument about hiring another janitor. the school is scheduled to reopen tomorrow and counselors will be there to help students. marin county officials are trying to figure out what caused a virus that sickened 65 students, teachers and sap roepbs to a field trip to a poplar outdoor school t. started at a science camp that is run by the marin office administration. officials were attending a four- day outdoor program. the officials say those sickened had flu-like symptomsism the bomb squad was called in it today to remove six grenades from the garage of a home. the devices believed to be live
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grenades were found after 7:00 this morning at a home between 18th and 19th street. the grenades were inside of a paper bag. a relative discovered them while cleaning out the home after a 92-year-old man passed away. several neighbor homes evacuated while a bomb squad row not removed it. the bag ripped during this procedure and all four of the grenades fell out but did not detonate. >> past military people try to keep them as souvenirs. they are not things you want to keep. they can explode. >> after two hours the grenades were taken away and detonated by the bomb squad outside of the city. new jobless figures release today show the number of people applying for unemployment benefits dropped sharply last week. this were 415,000 new claims, 42,000 fewer than the previous week. analysts say it say sign that the job market is improving. the number of people continuing
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to get jobless benefits drop from 84,000 to 3.9 million. on wall street, positive reports helped the stocks go hire and words from ben bernankey. cocapitol hill today, -- on capitol hill today, a committee told while egypt is not a major oil exporter it could spread elsewhere in the middle east. one analyst predicted gas prices will rise from the average of $3 passport 11 a gallon to $3.17 or higher. a bay area woman is suing safeway saying it did all that it could to prevend her from eating contaminated food. she punched eggs last year from the safeway in san francisco. she claims she did not learn that the eggs were part of a salmonella recall until she read a neighborhood e-mail. she says safeway could of used the club cardin formation to notify them. they post them on their web site and then it sends out press releases and complies
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with all requirements. we have new video to show you tonight from inside of the devil's slide tunnel that the construction crews recently completed digging the bores. they are lining it with a thick layer of plastic to keep water from leaking into it. next, a kaeuplg-like frame to -- cage-like frame to thicken the wall. concrete will be pumped into the frame forming the wall. >> that is a huge accomplishment, of course, the mountains still out of the tunnel the lining is still holding the mountain. >> the tunnels, one for each direction of traffic, each measure 4200 feet long. they are expected to open to traffic in about 18 months. we will take you inside of the decision-making process to buy one of those expensive super bowl ads. a new gorilla marketing campaign hits the streets of san francisco. some say it is outside of the box. others call it a cheap shot. the bay area warming trend
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continues. when neighborhoods approach the middle 70s and how long the dry weather pattern will stick around.
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. las vegas police arrested the son of a judge in connection with a huge robbery. 29-year-old anthony carlao is accused of stealing $1.5 million of chips in december. he is the son of a las vegas judging judge. cameras captured the robbery. as you can see here he walked into the casino with a motorcycle helmet and demand the chips and ran out. he was arrested last night after reportedly trying to sell his chips to undercover
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officers. the airports defrosted after this huge ice storm that led to two days of no flights at all. a ratifial days of visitors -- the arrival days of visitors to the super bowl are expected to be today and tomorrowism the super bowl is three days away. one company is gambling big and buying time. the 100 million viewers they hope to reach with their ads. >> reporter: most fans watch football. but a lot of fans tune into the super bowl to watch the commercials. and they are hoping their big ad buy will mean big business. >> what thing ask s it. >> reporter: is keeping the raps on the commercials but the chief officer confirmed for us this afternoon the spots include black eye pea performers and they are expected to have it before and after halftime. >> this is putting a san
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francisco company and bay area company on a national stage. >> it is selling for an estimated $3 million for a 30 second spot. advertisers say a memorable ad can change a company's profile overnight. >> advertising in the super bowl is a huge investment. i think there is risk associated with it. when you have an amazing product like we do it is about getting people to try that product. >> we are here to pro most godaddy not be part of a crazy stunt. [music] >> reporter: he points to as a company that raised its profile buying ad time for the super bowl. fans agree if their favorite teams are not playing the ads can be the best part of the game. >> oh, yeah, of course, that is what most people look out for, you know. everyone watches it. not everyone is watching it for the football game. the commercials are the best. >> it is part of the fun now. the commercials looking forward to them. >> reporter: and one of the big changes for ads for this super bowl is the push towards social media. audi is driving viewers towards
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twitter and bud lite tied it in with facebook. we are live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. california attorney general, harris, was back in san francisco on official business. she has been at her new job in sacramento for a month now. she attended a conference of reducing the number of woman returning to stphraoeufpb why should we care about that? well, for one main reason because we can care about victims of crime and the future victims of crime. we should do everything that we can to reduce the likelihood they will be a victim of crime. so, the focus is not just about efficiencies in terms of the state budget it is about public safety and protecting victims. >> harris says with the tight budget she is focused on dog more with less. parents are warned tonight about a dangerous crib. the alert is the safetycraft crab, full size and drop side
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cribs. the safety commission says hardware on the cribs can fail putting babies at risk strapbgue strangulation. the crib's maker went out of business six years ago. city leaders out of california are calling attention to their plight of education fund. kwan was one of the mayors that went to the capitol last week to make her case to the governor. at a briefing she said redevelopment money is the largest resource oakland has to create jobs. san jose's redevelopment agency says the extension package is in trouble. a former employer is faces charges after the police arrested the man for spray painting a new rival's building. you may remember the coverage rebrought you surrounding this pizza orgasmica that opened two
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weeks ago. the police say the manager called this morning reporting two men spray painting the front of her building. when the officers arrived they found tucker and klineer trying to dump paint cans and gloves. tucker is a manager of extreme pizza. each man faces a vandalism charge. there are messages on the streets tonight. they are not art but part of a gorilla advertising campaign by a local company. that company now wants the messages erased. >> reporter: these small painted messages started appearing on sidewalks a few days ago with a campaign slogan with dockers and a facebook address. this markets is done by smaller groups. >> i think it say cheap shot. i think that -- i think it is a cheap shot. i don't think that dockers or levis or the big corporates should try to game in on that. >> reporter: carlos owns a bike shop near one of the
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signs. he says that he is not a fan. >> i guess i could skip over that stuff on facebook if i want but this is when i walk on the sidewalk. >> reporter: gorilla marketing is not new. last year bay area maker zinka did that. participating fake money on the sidewalks. they paid $45,,to remove 4,000 dekales. levis did not respond to the request of the interview but put this on their page saying the vendor was looking for a surprising way to share the contest to help them get a chance to do what they love. we should not have been doing the city sidewalks to do so. the city attorney says san francisco will not tolerate this kind of advertising. >> it is against the law. the fact of the matter is that oftentimes us to ands and thousands of taxpayer dollars are going into cleaning up what is done by gorilla marketers.
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>> levi's says they instructed them to remove it from the sidewalks immediately. back to you. >> oakland firefighters are raising money to help a 7-year- old girl who survived an apartment fire when it killed her mother, 3-year-old sister and a neighbor. the oakland firefighter random acts program established the allison bee fund to help the girl. they hope it will financially support the child for years to come. an extension cord sparked the fire last month. the little girl is in foster care. california celebrating a milestone birthday for our state flag. 100 years ago today the governor declared the image of the grizzly bear and a single star as the state's official flag. the banner first went over the town of sanoma in 1846 before california was a state. americans had just won the territory from the mexican army and raised their flag together as a symbol of victory. a bay area legend takes a trip home. how johnniy mathes bridged
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cultural connections on display in aue tphaoebgs exhibit -- unique exhibit. >>if there is no tv nearby you can watch bay area news at 7:00 on your computer. we are streaming live on the web at
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. john mathes is in town to speak at the jewish museum. part of the museum's "black sabbath" history. one of his first records was a prayer. our meteorologist mark tamia says any time you say 70s if february our ears perk? >> yes. february we should be talking about winter weather advisories in the bay area and flood advisories. that is not the case this weekend. no raindrops expected. the warming trend will continue. right now on the maps, i can tell you this. if you want the rain it is not in the state. basically up towards the pacific forth west. right now we have mostly clear skies, the storm track heading way up to the forth. we could have patchyy foggy reform late tonight. primarily for the inland valleys. bay area weather story is this.
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for tonight. mostly clear, temperatures on the cool side. once again, expecting 30s first time tomorrow morning. more sunshine for your friday and the weekend, forecast, sunny and warm out there overnight lows, chilly towards santa rosa, napa in the 30s. san francisco at 43 degrees. we could have patchy fog reform. not widespread. it could be a factor in the northbound valleys and right around fairfield as well. high pressure is building in. it will continue to be the source pushing the storm track way to the north. warming trend today. we had a few spots in the middle 60s. tomorrows, approaching upper 60s. saturday, talking about lower 70s and the same deal heading into sunday. this weekend, around 70 to 75 degrees. first thing tomorrow morning, at 7:00, 37 to 45 degrees on the bay area forecast. a patch or two of fog out there. lunchtime, more sunshine. first to 60. we will continue to warm things up by 4:00. there is the temperature range
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around 60 to 70 degrees. quite a few 60s showing up around here in santa rosa. oakland, 65 degrees. these temperatures will check in at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. san skwroes jose -- san jose 66. morgan hill approaching the 70 degree mark. here is a look ahead. five-day forecast, look at what happens into the weekend. we strip away the clouds. saturday, great with the temperatures. mainly in the upper 60s to the 70s. pretty much the same deal for sunday. you get a idea of the temperature direction. cooling things off on monday and kicks in for tuesday anded with. no rain clouds in this five-day forecast. >> mark, thank you. a zoo in iowa ran its own version of the super bowl office pool. zoo keepers taped the logos of the green bay packers and the steelers on the glass wall of a tiger enclosure. then they let the residents choose the winner.
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the tiger picked the packers: that is our report -- packers. that is our report for tonight. keep in mind our coverage continues on tmz is up next right here on tv36.
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