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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 4, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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n ! e ysexdo llev wt emo? . >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. the tactics change in cairo but not the message as protestors demand that egypt's president step down. good evening everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm jewel -- i'm julie haener. the obama administration is pushing for a swift transition of power in egypt. right now it is 8:00 saturday morning in cairo. day twelve of the protest there. while the egyptian president remains in power, there is word of discussions now underway
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behind the scenes for the long- time leader to turn over control of the government. ktvu's rita williams reports. >> reporter: more than 100,000 strong, protestors seemed re- charged and more determined. they chant and they pray. soldiers finally got involved checking ids at entrances to keep out trouble makers with weapons. it seemed to work. leaving a largely peaceful protest in the square. but the walking wounded, hurt in clashes the passed two days, were reminders of how quickly the situation can change. and indeed outside the checkpoints there still were confrontations between the pro and anti groups. what was billed as the day of departure for egyptian president didn't live up to its name. he stayed. but the united states stepped up the pressure. >> we want to see this moment
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of turmoil turn into a moment of opportunity. >> reporter: but there is concern that can't be done overnight. >> the trust is gone. >> reporter: nobody he will peace laureate mohamad baradai said it would take a year for the transitional government to lay the groundwork for a pre- party election. >> before elections can truly be allowed, you know, a representative body to emerge, they have to build democratic institutions. >> reporter: a lot is at stake. the unrest that happened first in tunisia and then in egypt is spreading now. rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> vodaphone says egyptian authorities forced it to send pro-government messages. the text messages called on egyptians to stand up against traitors and criminals. they said the messages were written by egyptian authorities and started ten days ago. it is unclear why vodaphone
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waited until today to reveal this information. >> at stanford university a rally in support of egypt's anti-government movement. they voiced concern about the google executive who still hasn't been seen or heard from since the early days of the protests. that's when he sent twitter messages that he was joining the protestors. >> what he said is, i am not fighting for my own right for democracy. i am fighting for the rights of the person who scant stand for himself, the egyptian making less than $2 a day. and the egyptian who stood up and then thrown in prison. they are doing what they can to find him. there are unconfirmed reports he has been detained by the egyptian government. a sonoma county student found himself rights in the history making events in cairo. he is there right now and become a bit of a journalist sharing his experience. deborah villalon is there where his parents are watching it unfold. >> reporter: well, windsor is a
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world away from egypt's turmoil. but in the national paper there is reporting from a local guy in the middle of it. >> he is right there. >> reporter: he stands out six feet tall and red haired. 21-year-old tim stewart is telling people in cairo he is canadian to skirt hostility. not so easy dodging the teargas. >> he said that it is like ten onions chopped up in a bowl and putting your face right into it. >> reporter: tim's parents call him daily and read about his experiences in the local newspaper. tim has been filing stories and photos since the uprising began. >> he has shown a great amount of courage. at the same time we have been hearing reports about people fleeing egypt. he seems to be very comfortable getting out on the streets and taking photos and interviewing people. he likes to be where the action is. and this is his time. >> reporter: all from a young man just a few years out of high school. he is majoring in middle east
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history at the american university. but never expected to see history up close. >> he did thank us early on for mott being hysterical. so then we started worrying after that. >> reporter: his parents say their scariest moment came when a police van drove into the crowd. they know tim's savvy. he has been in egypt a while. but every shot he takes reveals how close he is to danger. and tim admits he is exhausted and living on instant noodles. his last message a few hours ago: i'm done. i'm going to bed. nowhere interviews tonight. no more news articles. just sweet, sweet sleep. >> reporter: as proud as they are of tim, his parents say they, like him, want to keep the focus on the struggles of the egyptian people. reporting live in windsor, deborah villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. and right now we are posting more of tim stewart's photos at just look for the slide shows tab. san francisco police are on the scene of a house fire
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tonight that involves a marijuana growing operation. the fire broke out at about 6:00 this evening in the 2100 block of bay shore boulevard and visitation valley. a few minutes ago, police told ktvu news that they were called in after firefighters found about 300 immature marijuana plants. police also say the house was empty except for those plants. and that they do not have any suspects at this time. in about ten minutes, the latest on a series of suspicious fires in san francisco's castro neighborhood. and why the firefighters are telling nervous neighbors they need help. it is official tonight dna confirms that the child's bid found in a canal on tuesday was 4-year-old juliani. authorities say his mother has been notified. so far no word on the funeral arrangements. police say he was kidnapped by jose rodriguez. his mother's ex-boyfriend. rodriguez's car was pulled out of the canal a week ago. his body has not been
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recovered. ktvu news has learned that attorneys for barry bonds filed a flurry of legal motions late today trying to exclude some of the government's medicine from bonds upcoming trial. in one filing bonds' attorneys asked the judge to throw out a tape-recording between bonds' trainer greg anderson and bond's childhood friend steve hoskins. he allegedly says he injected bonds with steroids. anderson spent more than a year behind bars for refusing to testify. bonds' attorneys say the government shouldn't be allowed to call anderson to testify just to hear him refuse again. new at 10 tonight, it is being called takeback antioch, a grassroots effort to make the city safer started by a young volunteer concerned about crime. ktvu's amber lee is live in antioch where she attended a community meeting tonight and also has been talking to residents there. amber? >> reporter: frank, we are here in downtown antioch a restaurant and bar. take a look over here where a live band is playing.
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patrons tell us this is one of the few places they can go to on a friday night and feel safe. >> all kinds of crime. murders, rapes, burglaries. every kinds of crime there is we now have. >> a few doors down we found this ballet school owner. >> i came in saturday morning to teach class and this was here. >> reporter: sharon says she is constantly trying to clean up graffiti. in the past three and a half years she says her school has been vandalized half a dozen times. she says she has managed to increase the number of students enrolled but that safety is a concern. >> once the dancers come here everyone is pretty much on lockdown. you know we are keeping our eye on the front door. our phones are always near us. i have the police on speed dial. >> 8-year-old mother told us she moved her family to antioch to escape crime. and now she is considering moving out. >> it is scary, it is. it is frustrating as a mother.
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>> we need your help and your eyes and your ears in our community to turn this city around. >> 150 residents packed into a community meeting as part of a grassroots effort to "take back antioch" a movement started by this 23-year-old. she told us a homicide in december took place right by her home. she is recruiting volunteers to help the police at crime scenes and clean up graffiti. >> i could see a crime scene out of one window. and in a middle school out of the other window in my home. i said we have got to do something about this. >> reporter: back here live at bases loaded antioch rarely made headlines for crime years ago. now they are fighting to get back what they once had. this is amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. the suspense is over. police chief anthony bass is staying put. he was a finalist for the top job in the san jose police department. but he wasn't selected. and then bats hinted he might leave anyway. he says what made up his mind
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to stay was an out pouring of support from the community. >> i can't tell you how many e- mails, how many phone calls, how many letters, elementary schools, pre-schools, sent me letters, cards, pictures. >> chief bats says fixing the radios in the patrol cars is high on his agenda. the communication system apparently failed twice. he is now sending out two officers in each patrol car. >> the sight of san jose police officers patrolling the airport could be a relic of the past. the airport sent out requests today for proposals from private companies to take over police and fire operations. an airport spokesman told us the airport pays the city of san jose $16 million annually for those services. the airport hopes to save $10 million by making the switch to a private company. the city of san jose would need to approve the change. [ music ] a beautiful bay area sunset an a great weekend ahead. bill martin will be here in eight minutes to tell us where
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the temperatures will reach the 70s. >> the san jose state hockey team is in the penalty box. what caused a university to suspend the team's season? >> and three attempted kidnappings as teens walk to
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. new at 10, a hockey program on ice in the south bay. san jose state has suspend
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suspended its hockey team amid questions about drinking and haze. lloyd lacuesta is live in san jose with more on this. >> reporter: frank, i'm at the ice center where the sam bony is refreshing the ice after a san diego state and texas a&m club hockey game. san diego was supposed to have played the spartans tonight. but the season of the 25 members spartan hockey team has been suspended. university officials have started an investigation. >> we received a telephone call from a parent who was very concerned about behavior amongst some of the team members. and we understand that this behavior involved drinking. >> reporter: while the school would not comment, a source told me tonight that there is a video of a rookie underaged player drinking alcohol out of a skating boot. and in another incident some team members drank alcohol on a flight from an out of town game. >> can we talk to you about this? >> not. >> reporter: madam, can we talk to you? >> the team and parents had a closed-door meeting tonight.
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and afterwards opal the coach would speak. but he wasn't saying much about allegations of drinking and hazing. >> i am confident the players will be exonerated from any of the allegations. >> reporter: club players tonight watched the game they would have been playing in. they wouldn't talk. we asked fans about the suspension. >> it is kind of unfair to penalize the whole team when there is maybe only a few bad actors. >> if the jury is still out on what happened i don't think you should take it out on all of the players. >> we are expediting the investigation as best we can. but there is no way that we are going to put our students in harm's way. >> reporter: the spartans are currently third this their division and are hosting the national championships next month. live in san jose, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. police have released sketches resembling two men they believe are involved in three attempted kidnappings all within the passed 11 days.
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the incidents all occurred within a two mile raid i can't say of each other. the most recent incident happened yesterday. the man in that case is described as latino, 20-30-year- old with short black hair. police believe another man is behind the two other incidents. he is described as asian in his 30s with straight black hair. in all three incidents the men approached girls either walking to or from school. all three girls managed to get away unharmed. >> it is obviously rare. the city is a very safe place. it is unusual for these types of incidents especially in such a short timeframe. that is why we are putting great efforts into this. >> the school district is advising parents to escort their children to school. police say finding the men responsible is their highest priority. a follower of the now defunct black muslim bakery was sentenced to ten years in prison today in a kidnapping and torture case. in 2007 a mother and daughter
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were taken to an abandoned home in oakland and beaten. they said they thought the women knew where a drug dealer had stashed thousands of dollars. authorities are asking for the public's help tonight after another suspicious fire in san francisco's castro district. it is the fourth recent fire in that same neighborhood. ktvu's david stevenson has been talking about neighbors who say they are getting more concerned. >> sandra bolton has lived in this castro district victorian for seven years. her husband runs a small barber shop in their small parlor. >> i am thinking that i cannot stay here. >> reporter: just before 4 a.m. someone set fire to an ornamental plastic screen on her porch. the latest of four suspicious fires in just 24 hours in this san francisco neighborhood. >> people are just really concerned and fearful that this is just very random and happening in the middle of the night. >> two victorians have been seriously damaged. no one has been injured but at
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least ten people are homeless and nerves are frayed. >> so many houses around here why they just come to our door? >> reporter: fire investigators this afternoon told us they are still looking for a conclusive link between the fires. the castro merchants' association says its members are now on high alert. >> to see this doorway across the street that's been obviously torched, that's pretty sketchy. i don't like that. >> reporter: san francisco police say they are not adding extra officers to the castro, but say patrols that pass through here will be spending more time in this district. and tonight they are asking anyone from early morning joggers to dog walkers to keep an eye out for suspicious behavior before there is another fire. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. the san francisco human services agency said today that confidential information of some m. dical beneficiaries may have been compromised for -- by a former worker. they sent private information
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to 2100 people to a home computer and shared it with two unions and representatives as part of a legal action. today they began notifying the affected individuals. police tonight are searching for those responsible for robbing a bank. it happened just before 1:30 testimony if he first republic bank on brookwood road in the downtown area. police say two people entered the bank and made off with a small amount of cash while two other people waited in a car outside. they say an officer was nearby and chased a vehicle but later found it abandoned. so far no arrests have been made. in texas, unusually bitter cold and snow are causing serious problems in the lead-up to sunday's superbowl. six workers were injured today when sheets of ice fell off cowboys stadium. none of the injuries is considered life threatening. a fire official says ice falling from the roof was something they had never dealt with before. many football fans weren't able to get to texas today because of five inches of snow that fell overnight. that was more than forecasted.
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hundreds of flights into two airport, dallas, fort worth and love field were cancelled. some fans said they have just given up trying to get there. the snow has also cancelled many of the pre superbowl events in dallas. watch the superbowl right here on channel 2. fox coverage begins at 9 a.m. right after mornings on 2. >> a rare occurrence today at an army recruiting station in hayward. >> the constitution of the united states. >> the constitution of the united states. >> against all enemies. >> those are identical twin sisters melissa and maline. they took the army enlistment oath today. the 18-year-olds born in peru will become u.s. citizens by serving. their mother gave them her blessing shortly before she died from cancer. the recruiting station says this is the first time they heard of twin sisters enlisting in the state of california. [ music ] we are heading for one of the nicest weekends we have
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seen, well, since fall. since october, november time. mostly clear. it's cool tonight. tomorrow will be warmer. so is sunday. mid-70s. potential record highs. i think we will see a number of records tomorrow. not 80s or 90s. in the 60s and 70s. the overnight lows will be cool. 42 in napa. a little bit of patchy fog that's gone early. the temperatures will warm rapidly. what's going on tomorrow afternoon. these are the highs from today. highs tomorrow warmer than these. and if, in fact, you are going over to the san francisco giants fan fest, it is going to be outstanding weather. about 40,000 people are expected out of the park. 67 degrees. 70 degrees out at fan fest. see you back here with the five day forecast. >> it is a mixed bag. >> there is a very strong evidence that the economy is expanding. >> an expanding economy. but are people going back to work? the surprising figure in today's ne
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. the federal government says unemployment fell last month dropping to 9%. it is the second consecutive month the national rate has dropped is sharply. take a look at a chart we made. unemployment was 9.8% in november. then 9.4 in december. and 9% in the january report released today. that drop of 8/10ths of a percent is the steeps two month decline in more than 50 years. but is it a sign of an improving economy? ktvu's jan janna katsuyama joins us with a live report. >> reporter: those january unemployment number are kind of a mixed bags. it was by unexpected mediocre job creation. what is surprising what some experts say is the reason.
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stormy weather paralyzed much of the nation last month. and that snow and ice appears to have packed a punch on january job numbers. the nation had a mediocre net gain of just 36,000 jobs last month. experts say harsh winter weather disrupted transportation, warehousing and other work and forced a freeze on the construction which lost 32,000 jobs alone. some people who ordinarily would have been hired probably were not. >> reporter: analyst ed weller says overall economy is improving with increased manufacturing and six months of rising retail sales. >> there is very strong evidence that the economy is expanding, that consumer spending is getting pretty good. pretty firm if not robust. >> and he says that's likely why january saw lower unemployment numbers. today job seekers at the employment development department in san francisco said they are feeling more optimistic. >> i am getting leads from my contacts in the hotel. in both of my fields, customer service, fashion, and guest
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services hospitality work. it is increasing. >> increasing but still not enough. data shows about 44% of job seekers have been unemployed six months or more. >> basically at this stage of the game, serve looking for anything that they can get their hands on. preferably i am looking for full-time work, you know. but i mean i will take part- time. i will take whatever comes, you know, that pays. >> experts including analysts ed weller says they expect unemployment rates to stay steady or decrease in the next six months. >> reporting live janna katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> wall street shrugged off the mixed jobs report and closed the week with another rally. the dow industrials rose 29 points. it has posted gains now in nine out of the last ten weeks. the nasdaq picked up 15. the word is out that google is hiring. over the last week, the mountain view based company has received 75,000 applications. that is the most it has ever received in a week. google is planning on adding about 6,000 jobs this year.
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and there are more indications tonight that facebook could be moving its headquarters to menlow park. today the palo alto based company announced it will be holding a news conference next tuesday at menlow park city hall. facebock says it will discuss a campus that fits its long-term needs. we have reported that facebook is eyeing the old sun campus on the bayshore expressway. >> we are following some developing news right now where the search for a shooting suspect is asking residents to stay in their home. >> also chinese new year brings thousands
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. we are following developing news. police are searching in the area of the 600 block of
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victoria avenue right now for a man wanted in a shooting. they are asking residents inside a two block perimeter to stay inside their homes. the area includes from canalworth to bank i don't want and doweling to broadmoore boulevard. police say the man is wanted for a shooting in oakland but not releasing any other specifics. >> today ktvu's john sasaki caught up with dozens of children as they marched in an effort to keep their school open. >> keep our class open. >> reporter: 7, 78 graders are marched today. >> what's great about this school is they have a lot of different programs that other schools don't have. the after school programs. some special ed programs that
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others don't have. >> they are looking at shutting down different schools to close a $1.5 million budget shortfall. >> we look at different criteria, you know the conditions of the facilities. at the end the committee came up with some conditions for the trustees. glenbrook was one of the schools. >> the details of why glenbrook might be shut down don't make a difference to the students who proudly call it home. >> i think that's stupid. >> why? >> because they are trying to close down an awsome school. >> it really is a good school. like if you stepped into it now, you would actually see a lot of these board members i bet they have not stepped into our school. >> their parents are trying to convince district officials to try to choose another option to close the budget gap. >> education is the answer to all of our problems. there is no doubt no one can argue with that. >> the school board is set to vote on a closure plan tuesday night. but officials say next year's budget shortfall could be significantly worse, maybe even topping $10 million. in concord, i'm john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news.
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in placerville, students return to school for the first time since their principal was fatally shot wednesday morning. classes resumed at louisiana schnell elementary school. many claim holding flowers to honor their principal. he was shot in his office by the custodian john lubers. a counsellor was in each class and students were asked to express their feelings. the janitor pleaded not guilty to a charge of first degree murder. the police say he shot the principal twice after he was sent home for a personal dispute. they will not seek the death penalty. he is being held without bail. >> in fresno a funeral procession worthy of a military hero. >> a horse drawn buggy carry the casket of general van pow to the city's convention center
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for the first day of services. after the war he helped thousands who immigrated to the united states. hundreds of mung americans attended many in military or traditional dress to pay their respects. he will not be laid to rest alongside american troops at arlington national cemetery. today the army denied the request from two central valley congressmen. they had argued that he earned the honor by fighting alongside u.s. troops. he died last month at the age of 81. target has agreed to pay $22.5 million to settle a state investigation into the alleged dumping of hazardous waste. under the agreement the minneapolis placed retail giant doesn't admit any wrongdoing but it will pay more than $3 million to the california attorney general's office. small sums will go to attorney general's offices in the state. the sum needs a time approval by the judge. >> if you want one of those new iphones on verizon's network
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you have to go to a store to get one. the company stopped taking pre- orders over the internet. yesterday the company allowed existing customers to order the phone. verizon said in two hours it sold more phones than any other first day launch in company history. >> the lunar new year signals the beginning of one of the busiest times of the year in san francisco's chinatown. rob roth also found it keeps the city busy cracking down on illegal dumping. >> at the empress of china restaurant, the year of the rabbit means big dinner crowds, especially on weekends. >> we have many parties for the association for the chinese association. they have big parties, you know, like sometimes about 500 people. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of people are expected to visit chinatown over the next two weeks and spend millions of dollars. some stores tell us they see a
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20-50 percent increase in business. >> these two weeks here we are really busy. especially on weekend we have a couple of fairs coming up. parade weekend just wall to wall people around here. >> before sunrise this morning, ktvu was out with crews from san francisco's public works department as they engaged in a massive effort to clean up chinatown. it is a chance for the community to put its best foot forward. the crews also focused on the many alleys often targets for illegal dumping. they found envelopes with the name of a restaurant on it. >> we are going to cite them. >> in chinese tradition people clean their houses as the new year approaches to prepare to receive good luck. but that practice can sometimes cause problems when trash end up on the street. >> right before chinese new year we see an increase in the amount of items that are put out, especially in the chinatown area. >> if the broadway tunnel looks a little better it is because the city recently steam cleaned it. this is rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news.
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the celebrations of the chinese new year are going on every day around the bay area. [ music ] >> at the state building in san francisco today chinese dancers, singers, musicians all performed for the public. in addition, there were exhibits of martial arts. the loon narcotic new year is considered the most important holiday for the new year's community. in the chinese calendar this is the year 4709. >> they were ordered to the ground at gunpoint. what we are learning about a series of daring crimes and who is being targeted. and record heat is possible for this bay area weekend. i will show you which cities will be the warmest. >> a bay area
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. >> a new crime trend has some businesses asking for more police presence in their neighbor. oakland police said robbers have hit four industrial businesses all within a one mile raid i can't say. the owner described what happened to ktvu. >> the gun was closer and looking at the gun. get on the floor spread out with your arms out. >> he says the robber struck right after the business opened tuesday morning. the man took his wallet along with another employee's and then ransacked the office. oakland police say they have description of the robbers and think the same people are responsible for the other robberies in the same area. a woman drowned today off the sonoma coast after getting swept away into the surf trying to save her dog. cynthia walker was walking along portuguese beach. she was with her boyfriend and their two dogs when one of the dogs went into the water.
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she was overcome by a ten foot wave. she ended up dying at the scene. her dog also drowned. salmon are returning to the delta. the department of fish and game says it counted 163,000 salmon last fall. that's the highest total since 2006. the count could be a good sign for the fishermen because the delta provides much of the salmon caught off of northern california's coast. the pacific fishery management council is scheduled to meet next month to determine -- determine the length of the commercial fishing season. >> california and maryland prison officials announced today they have suspended their scared straight program. >> you don't want to come here. it is a jail within the prison. >> the youth offender program were featured on beyond scared straight. it is visited by troubled teens where the inmates give them harsh lectures about life behind bars. the programs were halted after the u.s. justice department warned they may lose federal
12:10 am
funding. in news of the world tonight in peru some 10,000 people are sickened in an outbreak of dengay fever. they have never scene the virus spread so quickly. they have determined the strain came from asia and spread by mosquitoes. workers have been clearing out places are where the mosquitoes tend to breed. in australia thousands who were evacuated because of a devastating cyclone still have not been able to return to their homes to see if they have any homes. some 150,000 customers don't have power and hundreds of boats at one harbor were smashed together by the waves. the government today dispatched 4,000 troops to help with the cleanup. >> and in sr ilanka they announced their independence from prison. he would double the per capita income. there has been a war against
12:11 am
tamil. some prisoners that were released today were fighters. i would rather get tested and know than just live my life not log. >> the first of its kind project. the bay area school where students can
12:12 am
12:13 am
. >> a san francisco high school is set to become the first in the nation to offer hiv testing to its students. our health and science editor john fowler investigates privacy concerns and also the student reaction. >> reporter: the urban school in san francisco's area of ashbury says the history of pioneering will now extend to hiv tests for students. >> you are not going to give it to somebody. and you are probably going to live a normal life. >> reporter: aids pioneer dr.
12:14 am
marcus led a frank lunch-time forum. >> when you actually found out that you had it. >> reporter: 80 seniors being asked to take an hiv test. 17-year-old oliver hamilton's service project. >> i was surprised by how some kids had never even thought about it, about testing. >> reporter: some students acknowledged sexual activity but none expressed fear of hiv. >> in that option i would rather get tested and know than live my life not knowing. >> reporter: testing is voluntary. the school hopes to remove the stigma of testing. >> trying to figure out the best way to educate our students. >> reporter: one way is what to do with the results. teens talk. >> it was amazing how the kids realized that this was really a riot of passage. we are not going to share these results with each other or start rumors. >> reporter: many say this was life saving. >> we get into the habit of
12:15 am
testing and being safe hopefully it will extend beyond our school, too. >> reporter: they will offer these free hiv tests. they have set up a website. for more information go to our website at ktvu, channel 2 news. health and science editor john fowler, ktvu, channel 2 news. am health officials are still trying to pinpoint what caused a flu-like outbreak in west marin. as many as 65 people including students got sick wednesday night. they were staying at the ranch owned by the marin area. water tests came back negative and now awaiting the results of additional tests that are expected on monday. >> mark kelly made it official today he will command the next and final mission of the space shuttle endeavor. kelly said after his wife was shot in the head he thought he couldn't fly. >> things fell into place and very improved very fast.
12:16 am
so the decision became easier over time. >> kelly would not say if gabrielle giffords took part in the decision but said she would be comfortable with it. he said she is busy all day with rehab. kelly has flown in three previous shuttle missions. endeavor is scheduled to launch on april 19th. bay area based company announced they are moving their company out of the state. they are relocating to dallas. the move will take place next year. they provide services to insurers and others selling salvaged vehicles. the company also said it will create three processing centers, one in fairfield, one in texas and a third in hartfield, connecticut. a berkeley fixture for seven decades has suddenly shut its doors. blakes on telegraph has closed after 71 years on business. our cameras got this picture of the popular hangout where the
12:17 am
windows are being blooded up. they have defaulted on their lease. they are located one block south of the uc berkeley campus. [ music ] >> a few high clouds out there tonight. not a lot of fog to speak of and cool temperatures. not as cool as last night but cool. the clouds are kind of keeping things a little bit warmer than last night. even though overnight lows into the mid-30s in the cool spots. heading for one of the nicest weekends we have seen in a while. it's been dry. watch the yellow line. this is how long it stays dry for. so enjoy the weather for this weekend and a bit of next week because it all changes. at least that's the plan. a lot of rain is coming our way as we head into the week of the 13th and 14th. valentine's day week. this is good news. i would hate to see, you know, yellow lines all the way through the month of february. long range models are bringing us a wet pattern. with that in mind, hope that happens let's enjoy the wet weather. what's kinds of nice about this weather if we do get a lot of rain the creeks and the rivers will be able to handle the
12:18 am
water. it won't be like a typical winter where the water table is really high. water table has come down a little bit. so the creeks and what have you will have an opportunity to handle quite a bit of rain if you will. winds go offshore. wind gusts maybe 20-30 miles per hour in the hills. the computer model shows clouds filtering in and out of the area. there is no rain. the air is sinking and going offshore. that's why you don't see any clouds. the model doesn't say hey, it is not going to rain or will not have clouds. but knowing that the air is sinking that tells me that the high pressure is intensifying. everything stays north. right through the weekend. temperatures easing into the 70s. we will see records tomorrow. probably see records on sunday. they are not out of control records like 80s and 90s. 60s, low 70s. a couple of records will pop into number of places both days most likely. mark tamayo will be in here saturday and sunday night. rosemary will be here with the weather team. she is new. we will have the mornings on 2
12:19 am
new weekend news edition see it right here at 7. rosemary will be talking about the possible records. mostly clear overnight. warming up as we head towards the noontime. 60s and then 70s in the afternoon. really i can't think of a nicer weekend. julie and i were talking on the break what are you doing? she was doing an outdoor party. you could not ask for a better weather pattern as you go into this bay area weekend. maybe it's a good weekend to barbecue. take advantage of it because we talk about it all the time. when it turns boy does it turn. we will be wishing for these days hopefully. >> get weather far the fan fest. >> we are talking maybe 40,000 people out there in the 70s. >> thanks, bill. bay area high school students showed their support today for anti-government protestor is in egypt. students in mission school in fremont asking the drivers to show their support. some students had families
12:20 am
members in egypt and they felt inspired to do something here. >> it appears the conflict in egypt is having a direct impact on prices at the pump. according to aaa as of today the average for gasoline is up by more than two cents in the passed week. analysts expect prices to stay at $3 a gallon or higher until the conflict in egypt is resolved. a berkeley medical marijuana dispensary locked in a battle over sales taxes is preparing to argue its case in sacramento. the berkeley patients group says it has been fighting a $6 million state sales tax bill since 2007. later on this month, the dispensaries set to get a hearing before the state board of equalization. the dispensaries berkeley's largest tells the contra costa times says it shouldn't have to pay because other prescription drugs are not taxed. >> hard to believe it is
12:21 am
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. >> practice is beginning again for college and high school baseball teams around the state. they are using safer bats. metal and composite bats became a controversy after a player was hit by a line-drive and faced a skull fracture injury. it will reduce the speed off the bat. but some players say it will reduce the number of homeruns hit during a game. >> still nothing like the sound of a baseball hit by a wooden bat. they couldn't pick a better day for the fan fest. >> a return to the mecca for the fans, right, for most of the country. it is superbowl sunday. it is around here, too.
12:25 am
but saturday you are in the land of the giants. the annual fan fest, more guy began particular than ever of course because of the title. fans with their first post parade reunion. just to make sure the vibe is extra positive the organization is announcing they exercise the contract options on the managers meaning they will both be with the team at least through 2012. i'm lucky to be in this type of a situation. but very happy to have this happenand honored that you do have the confidence in three to lead this group of miss fits and cast-offs. but hey, i'm a giant. i love it here and the city and the surrounding areas. you know, this has been the greatest year of my life in baseball. another burning issue with the giants as in calorie burning, pablo sandoval looking down right svelte you might
12:26 am
say. he will be at fan fest to talk about his workouts which included batting from barry bonds. >> went tothe mountain throughout. yeah, it is not easy to work out. it is not easy. >> if you are a giants fan you can't re-live last year as well. a great moment sunday all of the highlights from the players and get some new viewers. superbowl sunday follows glee. around 8:30, don't stop believing is the name of the show. can't help but root for the guy because he is always a class act. eric chavez is signing a minor league deal with the new york yankees. he will get a shot to prove he can still play in spring training. six time gold glove winner 33- year-old now. he hasn't been able to stay
12:27 am
healthy for years. but seems like another one of those these finding it hard to know when to say when. and here is a unique and rare highlight. gilbert arenas didn't want to be any part of this. orlando is served with child support papers as he came off the court at half-time last night. a process server gets to him handing over a petition that asks for $109,000 a month in child support for the three children that arenas fathered with his former girlfriend. not much left to be said about the superbowl except to blurt out a foolish prediction. why not once a year. here it is. packers 31, steelers 24. >> that's the sporting life for a friday night. you both can get on my case monday night. >> hey, i agree with you. >> and fans from pittsburgh are all going no. >> love aaron rogers and he should be a 49er. [ laughter ] >> but that's a whole other
12:28 am
story. >> all right. mark,
12:29 am
, sea ro f t t.. ro fn-opooal..ko gr. i'a n !


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