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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 23, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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[ music ] complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on kk chapel to. >> a buried body is discovered in a back yard. >> the body discovered just two hours ago had been buried in marin county and almost certainly that of a missing 70- year-old man. the authorities made the discovery behind a home that the missing man shared with his
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wife. k's ken wayne is out the house right now with this developing news. ken? >> reporter: julie, the police are posted in front of the home. they will be here all night long. crime scene tape was put up 90 minutes ago. just over that fence is where the police and an fbi evidence recovery team discovered the body just after 8:00. there are tarps and tents covering the backyard of this home in a quiet cul-de-sac off olive avenue. evidence technicians dressed in white jump suits are trying to answer the question what happened to 74-year-old dale smith? the police say a neighbor reported him missing two weeks ago after the man hadn't been seen for several months. yesterday cadaver dogs were brought here and tonight the police say they found a bid where they suspected it might be buried. >> and there was a brick patio that was lifted up and the remains were found underneath the brick patio. >> police say the missing man's
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wife evelyn did not report him missing. she hired an attorney after police started asking questions. this man described smith as his wife as quirky who often kept to themselves. he says another neighbor became concerned. >> she said when was the last time you saw dale? at least two months ago now that you mentioned it. she said i am a little bit concerned to the point that evelyn was talking in the past tense. >> reporter: police say this has moved from a missing persons case to a criminal investigation. evelyn smith's attorney says her husband had serious health ailments. police now want to hear more from her about what happened to her husband. >> is she now a suspect? >> she is a person that we would want to speak to, yes. >> we've been speculating for two days about the whole thing. i don't know. i'm just hoping that dale is okay and evelyn didn't do anything that was, you know, absolutely crazy. [ inaudible ] >> we apologize there we lost our signal with ken wayne. but continuing on here a two-
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sided labor protest took place late this afternoon outside the hyatt regency hotel. some at the rally want to form a union. others don't. dozens of members of the unite here union picketed the hotel. they are calling for a boycott of hyatt. they say the hotel was not allowing many of the workers to join a union. >> this is a multimillion dollars company is not giving their workers their rights to choose if they want to be union or not. >> across the street another group rallied against the idea of joining the union. they said they are happy with their jobs and the way they are treated. they said most of the pro-union people were not hyatt workers. >> hundreds of people gathered in walnut creek for a solemn tribute to two teenage boys who drowned in a rain swollen creek last weekend. k's amber lee shows us how family and friends honored matt miller and gavin powell. amber? >> reporter: julie, there is a
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memorial along this fence for the two teenage boys near the spot where they launched their ill-fated rafting trip this passed weekend. at shellridge open space, hundreds turned out for a gathering to pay tribute to gavin powell and matt miller. students, parents and faculty, with candles in hand, remembered the two high school students as they walked a trail that the two friends often biked and hiked. >> really sad, heartbreaking. >> i just want to keep the memories with me forever and never forget about them. >> reporter: one teacher told a 16-year-old matthew miller was brilliant and would have celebrated his 17th birthday tomorrow. when we asked what he was aspiring to be, her answer, he could have done anything he wanted. she said the student organized vigil is helping this community heal. >> it is important for them to be able to do something, to express their grief in some way. >> reporter: 17-year-old gavin powell's mother was too distraught to speak on camera but told us her son was
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adventure some but responsible and this weekend's accident was not the normal. the associate principal says he hopes other teens learn from this incident. >> to realize how important every day is. you know, you never know when the last day is. >> reporter: during the vigil, several parents told us they didn't know how dangerous the creek is. >> when i first heard what happened, i thought i probably would have let my kids go if they would have asked. i wouldn't have realized where they were. sure, go have fun not knowing. >> reporter: in response to the accident, an engineer with the contra costa flood control district told us he is working on a public awareness campaign to let us know that the creek is never safe for recreational use. reporting live in walnut creek, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. an investigation is underway tonight after a man was killed in a crash while driving on highway 92 in san mateo county. the accident happened at 2:15 this afternoon near where 92 crosses skyline boulevard. the officers say the man killed
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was driving a white chevy blazer that crashed into a big rig. the road was closed for a life flight helicopter. but the man died before he could be airlifted from the scene. the victim is a 68-year-old redwood city man. the coroner has not yet released his name. >> new information tonight about that massive earthquake in new zealand. just about an hour ago police officials announced that the death toll has now gone up to 98. it is now a race against time to find the estimated 200 people who are still missing. some of the missing may have been inside a seven story t.v. station that collapsed. police say they suspect that between 60-120 bodies are in the rubble. earlier officials said no one could have survived. but even so, many families in christ church are refusing to give up. >> i have been trying to take my daughters finds just because i thought the rescuers might hear the ring and dig down and find her. >> while chris church was three
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miles the towns of red cliff are practically right on top of it. the damage in those communities is quite extensive. >> she was over the edge. here in the bay area, a training exercise took place today at a simulated disaster site in the park that rescue teams from new zealand have used for training in the past. today california firefighters practiced repelling down a six story building. teams are also being trained in how to search through rubble to determine what debris can be moved safely and what could cause a further collapse. the park provides training for teams from all over the world. [ music ] we are back on storm watch tonight as another winter storm takes aim at northern california. and this one might bring record low temperatures. ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking it for us tonight. bill? >> julie, this could be the coldest weather we have seen.
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they have issued winter weather advisories for north bay starting tomorrow afternoon and the south bay including the santa cruz mountains. snow levels will get down tomorrow night into friday morning. and then again on saturday. on top of that we've got rain in the forecast. a cold rain that will impact your commute tomorrow. have all of the details and the latest computer model solutions back here in just a minute. snow at sea level has happened before. take a look at this san francisco chronicle picture of the marin headlands from february 1976. at the time there were reports of five inches of snow on san francisco's twin peaks. president obama today called the suffering and bloodshed in libya outrageous and unacceptable. as ktvu's rita williams reports, more and more of that north african region is now in the hands of protestors. >> reporter: if you want to see what protestors east of tripoli think of their leader, look at this. the tomming of a replica -- toppling of a replica of momar
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gadaffi's manifest owe. and in a city to the west his picture was set afire. >> we will continue even if we have to confront you with our bare hands. >> reporter: most pictures we are seeing now are shot by cell phones. so pro gadaffi forces at check points are reportedly stopping people with cell phones and seizing and destroying the data cards inside to try to limit the violent i am a.m.s getting out -- images getting out of libya. protestors say armored jeeps where gadaffi is and they are firing automatic weapons. >> right now he does seem to be showing a willingness to slaughter anybody he needs to. >> reporter: uc berkeley political science professor stephen fish, a regime change specialist says the world hasn't seen anything like this since post-communist transitions two decades ago. and he says the outcomes in
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arab countries could be just as varied from democracies to civil wars to new dictators. what should the u.n., nato and others do about libya now? >> trade sanctions are not enough. you are not going to stem the flow of blood just by slapping some trade sanctions on him. >> reporter: he says immediately enforce no fly zones, welcome defections of pilots, offer him a way out of libya or expect more violence, more bloodshed. rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. the uncertainty in libya hammered stocks for a second day. the dow fell 107 points making for two-day loss of 285 points. the nasdaq was off 33 today. driving the pull-back on wall street is the rising cost of oil. today oil futures hit their highest level in more than two years. the cost of a barrel briefly traded above $100. but eventually settled at $98.10. that's the highest finish since october 2008. >> and gas prices are on the
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rise as well. in the bay area the price for regular gasoline hasn't reached $4 but at some stations drivers are paying $4 or more for premium. according to aaa a gallon of regular costs $3.63 in san francisco. that's up from $3.44 a month ago. and $3 a year ago. [ music ] palo alto has become a hunting ground for people intent on no good. thieves who smash and grab. >> gay and lesbian rights advocates grab their glasses. the about-face that they are celebrating tonight. >> oh, my goodness. >> what we found online. how safe is your
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bree: sis, help me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden?
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bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister. . >> three men are in the hospital tonight after a triple shooting in oakland's fruitvale district. it happened at 7:30 this evening on the 3200 block. film reports indicate that two of the men were shot in the arm. a third man was shot in the leg. all are expected to survive. no word on what led to the shooting. and there are no reports of any arrests. i don't -- in palo alto so many cars are being broken into these days we actually found one driver these days who has given up and doesn't bother locking her car anymore. the common threat involving most of these break-ins. lloyd? >> reporter: frank, we are all guilty of this. we park our cars and by the way
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this is my car, and on the seat in full view are items of value. briefcases, even laptop computers. it's an open invitation for robbers. and it is happening with too much regularity here in palo alto. >> it happened to my friend actually. >> what happened? >> someone broke into her car and took her ipod charger. >> reporter: it has happened in downtown palo alto and in the neighborhoods, in city parking lots and at shopping centres. the stanford mall had three in broad daylight on saturday. four others a few days earlier. there have been 34 auto break- ins in palo alto in the passed month. >> smashing the window. just boldly breaking into them and then going right in and taking them. they don't seem to be too worried about the consequences. >> reporter: but it's not all smash and grab. police say thieves have used tools to unlock cars. one resident found a burglar sitting in his car in his driveway. the suspect ran when
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confronted. this evening we found cars in a parking lot with items clearly visible. and in one case we found a car unlocked and with the window down. the owner told me she leaves her car open by design. after suffering several break- ins. >> i got tired of having the car at the repair shop, having the windows fixed. so i just figure if they are going to open it up and take something, i would rather not have to put it into the repair shop. >> reporter: police don't believe all of the car break- ins are connected and not sure exactly what tactics are being used to stop this rash of smash and grab but motorists can help out by locking their cars and taking valuables out when they leave. live in palo alto, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. oakland police are asking for help in tracking down a person of interest in a sexual assault case. police sent thus video of the man they want to find. he may be a suspect in a sexual assault and beating of a woman in her 50s two weeks ago.
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the attack occurred in the woman's apartment in oakland's chinatown. police say this case is a high priority. oakland police also tell ktvu they are looking for three people following the vicious beating of a man early this morning. it happened at 2:30 a.m. at 81st avenue and holly street. ktvu has exclusive video of one of the suspects being arrested. police say a total of four suspects beat the victim who was hospitalized with critical injuries. there is no word on what motivated the attack. >> gay rights activists are celebrating what some say is a watershed moment. the justice department revealed today it will no longer support the federal defense of marriage act. supporters of same-sex marriage toasted the decision. the act known as doma defines marriage as only between a man and a woman. but u.s. attorney general eric holder released a letter today saying the 1996 law is unconstitutional. and local activists say they are ecstatic. >> we are hopeful that soon our marriages will be recognize emptied all 50 states from sea
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to shining sea that equality will be the law of the land. >> legal analysts say today's announcement means legally married same sex couples could soon share a federal, social security benefits as well as insurance and inheritance rights. also today an attorney representing same sex couples in california's proposition 8 battle asked a federal court to allow same-sex marriage to take place while the courts review the constitutionality of the ban. the request comes after the california supreme court said it needs the remainder of the year to consider whether or not the group arguing in favor of proposition 8 actually has legal standing. there were tears of joy in hawaii today as governor neil ambercrombie allowed same sex unions in the aloha state. the law gives gay and lesbian couples the same rights as married heterosexuals. the law is scheduled to take effect january 1st of next
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year. has the developments on same-sex marriage on the first page. a meeting in san francisco on whether police should be allowed to use tasers. heather holmes is live in city hall where they are debating this issue. >> reporter: five hours after the taser debate began tonight they are still at it on the 4th floor. law enforcement officials and residents all of them are making their case before and against the controversial devices. >> get in the house. get in the house. put the knife down. put the knife down. >> reporter: san francisco police respond to a knife wielding suspect. this was a reenactment. but the chief says this is the real-life scenario officers face daily. >> that officer standing here today would have had no other option but to shoot that man. it's as simple as that. >> put the knife down. >> get out of my house.
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>> i am asking for one additional tool in the tool box to keep that from happening. >> reporter: but not everyone agrees tasers are the answer. new commissioner angela chan has concerns about safety and effectiveness. and at least one commissioner who voted against tasers last year sill has reservations. >> this is a weapon, if used the way it is designed, can cause death. >> reporter: but in the wake of at least three recent officer- related shootings in san francisco, including the recorded shooting of a man in a wheelchair armed with a knife, some argue it is time to arm officers with another weapon. >> i believe firmly that there is a gap between what our officers have between a baton and a firearm. >> reporter: it was about the same time last year when the police commission rejected the use of tasers. there are now though three new commissioners that as of about ten minutes ago there still had not been a vote yet. as soon as there is one we will let you know. in san francisco i'm heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news.
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also in san francisco, police say they are developing a report that a woman was beaten and robbed by a cap driver. the incident apparently happened on sunday morning in the lower area. the woman says the driver was trying to overcharge her. when she went in the house to get more money he got out of the house, pushed her to the ground and beat her up and took her wallet and keys. the woman described the cab as blue and white. no arrests have been made as of yet. [ music ] grab the umbrellas heading for some rain tomorrow. it should be here as early as the early afternoon. tomorrow will be a cool one with showers developing. your afternoon commute is wet. as we head into the friday period we will see low snow levels. here is how it goes overnight. this is your forecast overnight lows. not freezing but they are cool. after this though temperatures will really plummet on friday morning, saturday morning and then again on sunday morning. we could see record highs. computer model starts off the morning with a chance of a few
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sprinkles. your morning commute for thursday. by about lunchtime more scattered sprinkles in the area. you see the afternoon commute is downright wet. the cold stuff is coming our way. when i come back i will extend this model and zoom in and take it out another 48 hours and show you what this event will do over the course of your bay area weekend. i will see you back here. >> the state of california is trying a new experimental approach to keep chinook salmon out of dangerous waters. the department of water resources says it plans to signal a so-called bubble barrier this week in a side channel of the sacramento river. the hope is that the use of air bubbles, strobe lights and loud noise will keep them from heading into the slew where the fish are often killed by the pumping equipment. it is a massive project to remake memorial stadium in cal and the work is well underway. and that's the problem. why neighbors say something has got to be done. >> and big news from apple is
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wi cke sp rwd yr arho, . a major renovation project at uc berkeley's memorial stadium is becoming a major source of frustration for neighbors. today news chopper 2 gave us this view from above at all of the work that is being done there. it is a 321 million project. the complaints include noise, dust and health problems. and as ktvu's rob roth found out today, for some people it's become a neighborhood nuisance. >> reporter: this is the sound neighbors near the memorial restoration project hear from morning until evening seven days a week. today they say it wasn't as noisy as usual. the jackhammers weren't blasting away. >> it's really been trying on
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one's nerves. and people are really agitated. it gets to you. it kind of gets right into your body. >> reporter: this man who lives across the street from the construction tells us the noise usually begins at 7 a.m. with the sound of construction vehicles backing up. >> it drives me crazy. my wife can't take it. she has to leave the house. she can't stay here during the day. >> reporter: but the noise isn't the only problem. at sherman hall, a few feet from the project many of the students have complained about respiratory problems the passed few weeks. they believe it is caused by the dust from the project. >> woke up and coughing and my test was like tight. it took me a while to get my day started. >> reporter: the university is aware of the complaints and plans to address them. >> we want to get the football team back home by the 2012 season. but there is room here for discussion. >> reporter: a public hearing on the project is scheduled for tomorrow night. they want to hold a community
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meeting for next month to try to make the project less intrusive. rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. there was a surge in sales of u.s. homes last month. but home prices moved in the opposite direction. the national association of realtors say demand for existing homes increased while prices dropped. nationwide, the median home price in january was just shy of $159,000. that is the lowest level in nine years. the subject of who will succeed's apple's ceo steve jobs came up today at the annual meeting. some shareholders wanted apple to disclose a succession plan but the idea was voted down. it's an issue because jobs is and an indefinite medical leave. he has had cancer and a liver transplant in the past. apple is expected to unveil the newest version of the ipad next wednesday. it sent out invitations today that hinted at a second generation tablet. the speculation is the new ipad will have a bigger screen and
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be more lightweight. apple has already sold more than $-- 15 million ipads. your personal information available with the click of a mouse. in tonight's special report, how it only takes a name and a little money to learn someone's life story.
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. an appeals court ruling over who came up with the idea for facebook is expected in the coming weeks. the wimp will voss twins are waiting for a federal judge? san francisco to rule. they claim mark zuckerburg stoled their idea. they reached a settlement for $160 million but now they want more and could potentially wind up with $600 million based on facebook's estimated value now.
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>> you may have no idea how much of your life story and personal information is available online. one bay area woman who considered herself cautious was shocked at what we found. ktvu's maureen naylor has tonight's special report. >> reporter: what this behave area marketing coordinator doesn't know is this complete stranger in the next two hours is going to learn her life story with only a few clicks of the mouse. >> the mission was to see what i could dig up. >> reporter: tim king teaches a social media at uc berkeley. from his laptop in his living- room it didn't take long using only her name and $85. >> these are screen grabs of all of her address information. >> reporter: king had intimate photos of anderson with her husband, friends and much more. >> oh, my goodness, i mean it even has, you know, my husband's distant family members on here and their ages. >> reporter: we showed anderson the results, which included her current cell phone number and a
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recent satellite photo of her home. >> you know, you can even see the deck that we put in. it's all there. >> reporter: including her college gpa, her prior job at a local radio station, even that she met her husband in high school. >> that definitely makes it a lot scarier. not just a search result turning up public records. it's information that people can easily connect the dots about almost your whole back story. >> although some of her stuff is relatively protected, i have found a lot of information about her going through the side door, basically, going through her husband. >> reporter: including details about anderson's brother and sister-in-law and her two young nephews. >> knowing what you can know about them and their kids, that's very scary. that's very scary. >> reporter: a gallop poll released this month found a majority of facebook and google users surveyed say they are concerned about their privacy. this assistant professor of
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sociology at the university types fast but puts very little online and tells her students a caution are you tale. >> e-mail, social networking, im, i think any time there is an electronic record of everything you just have to assume it's always going to be there. my facebook page is empty and if i don't want the world to see it i don't put it in e- mail. >> i came out of my house and the door on the driver's side was ajar. >> reporter: he says his handgun was stolen out of the trunk of his car and he suspects he was targeted because of these photos posted on facebook. boyd says minutes after he uploaded the images he got an e- mail alerting him that someone did an online search for his personal information. >> i got this alert a hit your name has been searched. oh, no. >> reporter: the next morning he found his car was broken into. >> the trunk was located. but i popped it open. and the gun case that was there with the gun gone. >> reporter: so what can you do to protect yourself when you
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are on here? well, you can request to remove from database sites such as spoke i don't see. but there is no global opt-out for the internet. experts say that would likely require legislation. one major part of anderson's life was nowhere to be found in these six pages of personal information. her mother who is so cautious she refuses to shop online. >> she is so very wary of the internet. and i would always give her a hard time about it. so she is going to love this one. [ laughter ] >> reporter: an eye opening experience that won't keep anderson off line but will keep her on guard. in walnut creek, maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. there is a new call tonight to parole three men convicted in one of the most notorious crimes in california history. the 1976chawchilla school bus kidnapping. some of the investigators now say all three of them should be
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paroled. the men were in their 20s when they highjacked a school bus, buried it in a quarry outside livermore with 26 children and the driver inside. one of the appeals court judges said 35 years behind bars is long enough. >> nobody was physically injured. a huge factor in the case. i think these people should be released now. legally they have a right to it. >> all three men have been denied parole many times. today richard schoenfeld appealed saying the parole board has not properly considered his request. san francisco assemblyman is proposing new legislation to reduce penalty for growing marijuana. current law makes growing pot a felony and imposes a sentence of up to three years in state prison. he has proposed legislation that would set a maximum sentence of one year in county jail. his bill would also allow district attorneys to decide whether to charge growers with a felony or a misdemeanor.
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a southern california lawmaker is suggesting the state turn to online poker to help close the budget gap. democratic state senator is sponsors a bill that would legalize, regulate and tax online poker. the california indian gaming association gave the bill a thumbs up, endorsing online gaming restrictions for the first time. a major project is getting underway on the golden gate bridge. for the first time since the bridge opened more than 70 years ago, the two main cables that pass over the top of the towers will be scraped down and repainted. the paint helps protect the bridge from erosion from the salty air. any other need repairs will be done as well. the work is expected to take three years. bridgeworkers will be doing the job rather than outside contractors. chevron and five other oil companies are being sued over the collection of customer zip codes. many gas stations ask for a zip code when customers pay for gas with a credit card. a driver in la filed a class action suit today.
12:06 am
it says the oil companies violated a law that bars the collection of personal information during a credit card transaction. the suit does not seek specific damages. it is a story we have been following all day. an early morning sweep of oakland is being called a success tonight. who police were targeting and what prompted the round-up. and there is wet weather for the commute tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon i will tell you when the rain will be here specifically, how long it will last and when those snow levels are going to draw. >> just can't seem to
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. oakland police tonight say it was a success. they tell us they have arrested ten suspected criminals including parole violators
12:09 am
during a sweep today. we started following this story on the ktvu morning news. police told us operation sunrise was prompted by community complaints about crime and drug dealing. the sweep targeted an area known as beat 26 bordered by 54th and 81st avenues between international boulevard and san leandro street. there have been more than two dozen robberies and 200 shootings in the area. police in the pacifica area are looking for a mercedes benz that may have been involved in a fatal hit and run. they provided these photos and say it was either a white 2,000c or sl class. the mercedes may have been the second car to hit or to strike 25-year-old scott and may have been the car that killed him. the victim was not in a crosswalk. the driver of the first car stopped and is not being charged with vehicular manslaughter. >> in news of the world tonight in greece they battled police
12:10 am
in riot gear. one motorcycle officer was hit by a molotov cocktail and his uniform caught fire before others came to his rescue. a total of 14 police officers were injured. nine rioters were arrested. they have an enormous debt problem. in yemin at the university there at least two students killed and 1 others wounded during anti-government demonstrations. they ordered the military to keep supporters and opponents apart. at least 11 people have been killed since protests in yemin began earlier this month. in south of america a state of emergency has been declared in peru and bolivia because of flooding on their border. three deaths are being blamed on the floods. vast areas of farmland are also underwater. the floods have also washed out roads and bridges making some
12:11 am
areas accessible only by helicopter. there are concerns tonight that not enough young people in the bay area are looking to farming as a way to earn their living. fourth generation farmer deborah olson in sunnyvale says the economics of farming are part of the problem with slim profit margins and rising costs. she says banks are pulling back on their loans making it difficult for one generation to pass the farm to the next generation. >> taxes are a big factor here because trying just to keep the land in the family has been one of the hardest parts to the equation. >> to address the problem the farm bureau and other agencies are setting up workshops to help family farms pass on their farms and the property to family members. the department of agriculture says the average age of a farmer is about 60-year-old and half will retire in the next decade. [ music ] well, all i want is my leg back. >> reporter: a bay area man is looking for his lost leg.
12:12 am
how the amputee says his prosthetic leg disappeared. and chief meteorologist bill
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12:14 am
. only on 2 tonight a man from oakland is hoping someone watching this newscast can help restore his mobility. adds janna katsuyama report he asked for our help after someone stoled his artificial leg. >> that's all i want is my leg back, that's it. >> reporter: darryl turner says the artificial leg was snatched from his gated front yard. >> i have been living here for eight years and not the first time i took it off in my front yard and it has never been stolen. >> reporter: turner says it was 4 p.m. when he removed the leg to take a quick ride around the block on a four wheeler he had been
12:15 am
repairing. a neighbor saw the leg. >> i saw a leg and a helmet. so i said, oh, well he will be right back. and didn't think anything of it. >> reporter: buteneer says when he came back the leg was gone. it was new. he just got it in december and it had a unique raiders design on the front. he says he doesn't have the $7500 to replace it. >> yes, this is my old leg, the one i had before they made the new one. >> reporter: the old one no longer fits properly causing pain. >> i can't use crutches because my left arm is paralyzed so i can't walk on crutches. >> reporter: he tells us that the leg has little resale value and won't do anyone much better because it is custom fit to turner who lost his leg in a motorcycle accident. >> it feels like i lost my leg all over again. my actual limb, this is how it felt, you know. i don't understand what they are going to do with it. >> reporter: turner's medicare insurance will only cover one every three years so not
12:16 am
covering a replacement. turner hopes someone will call in a tip to help find his lost leg. in oakland janna katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. a judge today called the former executive direct of the nap at that state hospital a "sick sick man" and sentenced him to 248 years in prison for sexually assaulting his adopted son. he selected the child out of an adoption book and made him a sex sleeve slave. his adopted son came to live with him as a 9-year-old foster child. he was the executive director of the napa state hospital when arrested in february of last year. he was fired shortly after. since then, 11 men have come forward to say they, too, were sexually assaulted by him when they were boys. ford motor company has announced a recall of almost 150,000f-150 pick-up trucks. the recall is to fix air bags that play deploy without warning. the recall involves trucks from the 2005 and 2006 model years. however, the government is urging a wider recall involving
12:17 am
as many as 1.3 million f-150 pick-ups. the government cites 98 injuries linked to air bags deployed accidental lip. the u.s. supreme court today hands down a unanimous decision with implications for the auto industry. it ruled mazda can be sued for a woman's death in which she was riding in a seat that had only a lap belt and no shoulder harness. mazda had argued that federal regulations allowed it to put only lap belts in the middle of the second row seats on its 1994 minivans. but the court said regulations did not make it immune to lawsuits. a new transit kioskopened today in san francisco's embarcadero station. the full service clipper card customer service center let's customers do a number of things such as load many money on to their cars. they are used to pay transit fathers on bart and muni and other bay area transit lines. another kiosk will open soon at san francisco's ferry building. [ music ] so when you leave the house
12:18 am
tomorrow morning to go to work let's throw an umbrella in the car because coming home you will have wet showers and wet roadways and a little bit of wet activity throughout the afternoon and evening hours. here is what's happening right now. the arctic air mass not polar but arctic coming off the continent so even colder is working its way south. at the front edge of that there is going to be some rain beginning. those showers will probably kick off mid-afternoon tomorrow, 2-3:00 or earlier in the north bay. it has shows showers move through as they slide through that cold air will fill in behind. so the frontal system is where the rain is. that's mainly going to be tomorrow night into friday morning into friday afternoon. by saturday when the coldest of the air gets here, it may not be enough moisture to bring snow down to sea level. snow levels will be downright low. a very cold weather system. but when you talk about snow in san francisco you will need that arctic air on saturday morning to combine with leftover moisture.
12:19 am
everybody else will see snow in the hills. you bet. here is how it goes tomorrow. and close up now as i said thursday at 2:00 showers in the bay area. there is your afternoon commute. it is raining on the entire bay area so it is slow going on thursday. and now the cool air starts to filter into the region. this is overnight late thursday night into friday morning. in the morning when we cake -- wake up we will see snow as the system moves south it will drop snow down on hamilton. that cold air is starting to filter in. here is the deal. look at how it all goes away. the moisture just peels out of here. that cold air will be here. record low temperatures probably on saturday morning and sunday morning. perhaps a hard freeze in the north bay. here is how it breaks out, then. you got showers developing tomorrow. very cold low snow levels tomorrow night and into friday morning. and then saturday maybe some snow flurries. but a lot of that moisture will be gone. i think the real story on saturday and sunday will be that very cold polar air mass left over. these are the forecast highs
12:20 am
tomorrow. they have come down. we were at almost 60 degrees. 60 degrees reading yesterday. highs tomorrow cooler than that. the hours are in. the -- showers are in. the inn complement weather is coming in. start off with showers tomorrow afternoon. low snow levels obviously tomorrow night into friday. friday night into saturday morning. some more snow. and then saturday the coldest of that arctic air mass gets here. and that's really going to cool things off quite a bit. there is your weekend always in view. it looks like it's going to be a little bit of everything. i was just going to say that. >> a little bit of everything and cold. >> thank you, bill. the hit reality show deadliest catch has lost another cast member. 33-year-old justin tenison was found dead yesterday in a hotel room in alaska. he worked aboard the fishing vessel the time bandit for two fishing seasons. his cause of death is unknown and autopsy is scheduled. tenison is the second cast member on the show to die. captain phil harris died a year ago after suffering a stroke.
12:21 am
a sea-lion found on a marin county beach with a bullet in his head may be getting a new home and also a new sidekick. the sea-lion named silent night lost his eye. also in rehab there is another blind sea-lion named henry. the marine mammal center is in talks now with the san francisco zoo and hopes to move both sea-lions to a permanent home there in the next few months. while preparing for tomorrow's final countdown. wh
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12:24 am
. there it is. the space shuttle discovery is sitting on the launch pad in
12:25 am
preparation for its final mission. discovery is set to lift-off tomorrow at 1:50 p.m. pacific time. earlier today the crew of six astronauts left houston to fly to florida. they are taking discovery on an 11 day mission to the international space station. >> mark is now with sports. sharks has to be the best team in the bay area right now. >> well, they are looking sharp. certainly sharks fans might want to do a little shift from whether they are going to make the playoffs to wait a minute let's not peak too soon. playing all of their best hockey and winning all of the close ones and now out on the road. the penguins fans all tuned up for a victory not getting it. game tied at 1 sharks doing a great job in front of the net. patrick marleau with the shot successfully done and it is 2-1 sharks. 50 seconds left in regulation now the penguins empty net and jordan staal's shot hit the
12:26 am
post. but tyler kennedy there for the hut -- put-back. and you see the replay which sends it into overtime. tied up of course. the steve and feeding to marleau. but mark andre fleury with a huge save but the sharks with denied. mark edward vlasic and a shot on marleau. the sharks take another one by the slims of margins 3-2. the comeback is not setting up for tiger woods like he probably conjured it up in his imagination over the winter. success eludes him as well at the wcs match down in arizona. tiger all squared up after 18 holes facing thomas bjorn on the 19th hole. and again his game comes apart on him. the tee shot landing out in the dessert brush. he concedes after a bogie putt. he is eliminated in the first round of match play.
12:27 am
i don't think anyone would ever describe new york city as mellow. but they were tonight. as in carmelo anthony. his debut at madison square gardens is all about the new new york nick. and he did not disappointment. the fourth quarter activity nicks up only four. he goes to the baseline and finishes strong. carmelo27 points and ten rebounds. in his nick debut they will love that. and chauncy also adds ten the other newcoming. the warriors won't make anything close just a salary dump of sorts acquiring a guy they used to have. troy murphy they will by out his contract. he will never suit up. warriors officially give up on brandon wright sending him along with another expiring contract to new jersey. and one big move darren williams was traded by utah to new jersey. and the trade deadline noon
12:28 am
pacific coast time in the nba tomorrow. that is the sporting life for a wednesday night. and we might also want to mention san jose state won on the basketball court tonight. >> a good deal. >> mark, thanks very much. be sure to join the ktvu
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