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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  February 25, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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area's highest peeks with flouries possible at lower elevations. and baseball is back, the sights and sounds of the giants first game since they won it all. # good evening it's friday february 25th i'm gasia mikaelian. we haven't seen snow near sea level but the possibilities remain as temperatures plunge around the bay area with record lows expected in some areasover night. it's our top story to be the at 7:00. up in lake county the snow is already here. it's a foot deep in the town of cob. the storm moved through and knock down some trees. snowplows were called in to
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clear the roads. and the peak is at 4,300 feet but there's been a dusting of snow on other hills in the north bay as well. there's a freeze warning in effect tonight for north bay valleys. in san francisco, crews cleared a pine tree toppled by the wind. tonight san francisco public works crews are on stand by with 6-tons of sand ready to spread on the streets in case of conditions of black ice. rita williams takes a look at the lingering problems on the peninsula. >> a redwood tree fell on highway 80 about a mile north of skyline taking out some live power lines. to caltrans shut down the road to lahonda to avoid the danger. that was this morning, after five hours pg & e finally showed up. >> they're going to go kill the
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power so they can clean up. >> reporter: so you all will be without power now? >> right. >> reporter: homeowners concerns turned to the trees. >> i don't want to lose those palms or my avocado tree, it's already in bloom. >> reporter: terris was dispensing advice that was he following in his own home. >> some people put christmas lights underneath them. turns them on, that keeps the plants warm. >> reporter: matt walker was buying towels and plastic to wrap exposed mains, to keep them from freezing and bursting. >> because of the expected freeze and the snow that's supposed to hit around here. >> reporter: with some proper preparation, folks up here say now they are ready for some fun. they want that snow. we have a group of high school students from minlowe park right now. what did you bring?
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>> a topagan. >> are you ready for the snow? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: they are ready, all we need here is some snow. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. police in hillsboro have shut down a residential street because of a storm damaged tree. brownhill road near san raymundo was shut down over concerns that the tree may fall on the road. the road will remain closed until officials decide what to do about that fallen tree. the mountain saw heavy downpours with some areas reporting 2-inches of rain over the past 24 hours. caltrans says it is ready for snow. caltrans has snowplows at the ready. service resumed this afternoon on the alameda harbor bay ferry after managers cancelled this morning's commute run. ferry operators say that high winds made the bay too choppy and dangerous to risk the trip
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to san francisco's ferry building. there were problems on many bay area roads as well. emergency workers helped a woman out of her car after an accident on interstate 580. paramedics took her to the hospital. a second person involved in this accident was also taken to the hospital. still tracking a few scattered showers on live storm tracker 2 radar. it's cold enough, we could be talking about dropped snow levels. right now at this 7:00 hour, santa rosa 39 degrees and san francisco and san jose. also another batch just offshore, so we'll continue to keep an eye on some pop up showers in the short term. as far as the cold temperatures, a freeze warning in place. this begins tomorrow morning at
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1:00 lasting till 8:00. temperatures easily dropping down into the 20s. coming up we'll talk about the shower chances for tomorrow and the one change expected for the second half of your weekend. and now to the sierra where there is more than two feet of fresh snow tonight. anyone heading to the ski resorts should proceed with caution. storm has triggered an avalanche warning and travel restrictions from reno to sacramento. up to eight more inches are expected with more than 3 feet expected in the higher elevation. for updates on the bay area's cold snap any time click on the storm tracker tab after you get to and john sasa ki live in walnut creek where me learns it's not too early to take
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precautions. >> reporter: this is walgreens where like in any pharmacy you can get a flu shot. if you prepare now, you can save a lot of green. stop by at any hospital and you will see a lot of people with the flu. >> a lot of people from my work have it right now. and there was two guys out actually. and the boss was even out last week and he hardly ever takes time off. >> the flu season is definitely at its peak right now. >> reporter: rosen was one of the experts on influenza. >> 75 or 80% are positive are in people under 20. that implies to me that it's still primarily circulating in the schools. >> reporter: officials at the dores schools says their campus
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has survived so far fairly unscathed from the flu. they think early notices to parents helped. >> number one, early flu shot, if they're sick, keep them home. >> everything has been great so far. our kids have had the flu shot back in october. >> we haven't had the flu, so it hasn't affected us at all. >> reporter: at this flier says, flu shots take about two weeks to become effective. but with the flu season ending in may, there's still time to get it. and officials hope to release the identification of a body exhumed this afternoon. it was removed today for an autopsy. police say they believe the remains are that of 74-year-old dale smith. the marin county's
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investigation should release identity and cause of death. his wife evelyn smith is a person of interest. kerry verse admitted in court in martinez that he had secretly met with a man from a therapy group. verse was arrested two weeks ago after a therapist learned of the friendship. after today, the single prince of anyone are now automatically sent to u.s. immigration and customs enforcement. six rural states became the last to implement the community systems today. 7,500 people have been deported from california under the program. contra costa county have seen the largest number. the issue, there are no fire hydrants or water systems on the bridge.
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the crashes reignited a campaign by some bay area firefighters. >> so we had that fire like we would find a wild land fire. we had to shuttle water. kind of like the old days of the bucket brigades. there's a similar situation on the benetia bridge. assemblyman jeffreys is examining the issue in southern california and has been talking to bay area fire officials as well. he says aside from the state budget crisis, another obstacle is deciding who will be responsible for repairs and maintenance of the hydrant. workers of nummi began repairs on a rail line that's under scrutiny from state inspectors. the utility commission says it first raised concerns back in the fall of 2009. cpuc says many fix it orders were not followed. nummi told ktvu today that they have cooperated with the state. repairs are expected to
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continue over the weekend. there's a new twist tonight in the ongoing battle over california's ban on same-sex marriage. the new county court of imperial county joined. last month, the ninth circuit court of appeals said the -- lawyers for the new clerk argue he has legal standing because his duties include certified marriages. a small bay area college is hustling to meet a march deadline to host a 2012 presidential debate. st.mary's college in moraga sponsored last year's senetorial debate. now the campus is applying to hold a presidential debate. the commission on presidential debates announces the finalists in april. the growing unrest in libya
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has left one bay area man fearing the worse. what he and others are staying about the future of that north african nation. baseball is back in exhibition style. scottsdale arizona the raining world champions. we'll hear from the players and fans alike. i'm still tracking showers on our radar. coming up we'll look at the overnight and also the warmest day of our upcoming weekends. -- upcoming weekend.
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we're getting a new look at the moments just after a deadly earthquake struck new zealand. this is home video you are
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seeing taken at christ church. you can see things crashing to the ground. windows shattering. the death toll stand at 123 people. 226 people are unaccounted for. officials say they fear dozens of those missing are buried in the rubble of a collapsed building that housed a language school. coach mike montgomery and two assistant coaches made more than 350 improper recruiting calls back in 2008. cal has already imposed penalties in those involved. the ncaa is also limiting trips prospects can make to the campus. the giants defense of their world series championship is officially under way in sunny arizona. fred inglis took in a chance for a spring training game. he is live now, hi fred. >> reporter: hi gasia. yes you know scottsdale stadium
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filled up as the fans wanted to be at the first exhibition game of the giants. it felt more like a picnic than id kit a game. we were able to find a few hard core giants fans out there today. >> who's your favorite giant? >> cody ross. >> why? >> because he hit all those home runs in the play offs last year. >> reporter: what captured your imagination of this team last year? >> buster posey. >> buster posey is the guy, huh. >> yeah. >> what is it about buster posey. >> i thought he brought youth, he brought enthusiasm and he didn't need to be catered to. >> is there a different feel now than the world champion. >> it doesn't have a different feel but the expectations are a
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little higher now. you know what they're able to do. >> we're just a bunch of regular guys and we like to have fun and we can do it. >> reporter: tim lincecum gave up three earns runs in the first-innings, but the giants answer with a five run second inning. derosa with a game breaking, tie breaking single. giants beat the d backs today. it's another come back victory for the giants who just seem to do that all the time. game two tomorrow, right here when the dodgers come to scotsdale. reporting live in scottsdale, fred inglis. if you checked your facebook recently, you're in good company. 57% of internet users in the united states logged on. by comparison, twitter drew only 9% of internet users. researchers say by 2013 almost half of the entire u.s.
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population will be on facebook, more than 150 million people. google says that it changed the way it carries out searching. the move is aimed at low quality sights. ones that crank up articles on topics. google says that articles with higher matches will be first on the list. holding the verizon i phone four in a certain way could cause lost calls. and the threat of escalating violence looms for an 11th day in libya. what you're seeing here is amateur video showing protesters in tripoli running
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from gunfire. as forces forces loyal to gudahfi fired on them. investor optimism returned thanks in part to lower oil prices. the dow rose almost 61 points and the nasdaq gained 43. still the markets did finish lower for the week. the uprising in libya is being closely followed by the people in the bay area. some of whom are worried about the safety of their relatives. rob roth caught up with some of them at a rally this afternoon. >> reporter: derna tried to call tripoli this afternoon. he tried to reach his sister, mother brother and extended family. >> no one answered. hopefully they're safe. >> reporter: he says he closely follows what's happening in libya through outlet media. he says he fears for his family's safety. >> i'm really afraid that they
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would be shot in the street. these missionaries that gadahfi has hired from around the world to shoot at the libyans, that they have no heart. >> reporter: dia says he hopes gudahfi will leave with no further bloodshed but knows that is unlikely. >> the regime is over. i don't know why these missionaries are fighting for a regime that is done. >> reporter: this afternoon about two dozen people rallied in front of the ferry building in support of the uprising. these folks told us they want to draw attention to the misguided american policy that is helped the crisis in libya. >> the u.s. has largely supported in the past. >> reporter: still another rally in support of the libyan
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people is scheduled tomorrow at 1:00 at u.n. plaza. organizers say they are expecting a large turn out. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. brand new high end cruise liner is docked in san francisco tonight. just four hours ago a tug boat nudged the liner marina. it's the first time an oceania cruise liner has visited the bay area. the ship carried 1,200 passengers and treats them to high end spas and gourmet meals. the marina is scheduled to depart tomorrow night. they are probably the most revered birds in the south bay. and there's word that they might be expecting. >> if there's no tv near by,
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just watch the news on
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bree: sis, help me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister. now if you weren't living in the bay area in 1976 this is what you missed. take a look at these pictures. they come from the ktvu.
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it's been 35 years since we last saw significant snow at sea level here in the bay area. and people are buzzing about the possibility of flurries and mark is going to tell us if that may pan out or not. >> i think the keyword there is significant. that probably won't be the case for tonight. we will still have isolated showers that could drop snow in very low elevations at least for tonight into early tomorrow morning. right now on the maps i can show you this on live storm tracker 2. not a lot of coverage to show you. mainly in the upper 30s to lower 40s but still some showers showing up right around the san mateo coastline. right around san francisco so not widespread activity. just still fairly, at least right now temperatures in the 40s. but tonight will be getting a little chilly. and as a result that's where snow levels are going to be dropping close to sea level. for tonight some very cold showers out there. low snow levels, this weekends
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cold mornings, we're going to stick with that colder theme. we do bring a chance for some rain as we head into next week for midweek. overnight lows tonight, this you can count on, very cold numbers for santa rosa and napa in the upper 20s. fairfield 29 degrees. san francisco a forecast low of 38. so this is the scene for today. the over all weather story. a few showers out there and cold readings for tonight. this system moves out for the weekend. and as a result some cold mornings showers moving out. the warmest day at least with the afternoon highs, that will be on sunday. so for the second half of the weekend we could be talking about a few low 50s out there. here's our forecast model. the see what it does, a few pop up showerings around -- showers around the bay. not a lot of action to show you for tomorrow with the clouds clearing out. but the cold temperatures remaining in place for tomorrow afternoon.
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in fact, here's a look at the afternoon highs, only in the 40s, almost looks like the forecast lows. santa rosa 46 degrees. san francisco at 48. san jose 49 and gilroy tops out at 47 degrees. as we head into sunday, we're talking about very low numbers. into the afternoon hours a nice recovery here for sunday afternoon. a few extra clouds though on sunday, there's a slight chance of a few sprinkles as we pump up the shower chances. for the weekend. bundle up. and the falcons are expecting again. today spotters saw the first eggs of the season. this is the third season clara and her mate esteban have produced offspring. this is the pair's last clutch
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of chicks last spring. the city expects that clara will lay three more eggs over the next few days. bay area news at seven clock returns on monday. and our coverage continues online on and with our 10:00 news on ktvu. tmz is next right here on kicu. have a good night. stay warm.
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