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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 25, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. >> snow flurries tonight along highway 17 as -- as the bay area braces for record low temperatures before morning. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. there are going to be snow flurry is in wine country. the snow didn't stick in the vineyards but we captured this shot at st. helena just before
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the sun went down. chief meteorologist bill martin will tell us about a freeze warning. and lloyd lacuesta has seen snow on highway 17. we start with deborah villalon with snow there. it is the talk of the town. >> i wish it had stuck, maybe piled up a little bit. so do many people who savored snow while it lasted. >> we are just a few hundred feet above sea level, right? >> reporter: working in a vineyard the sun was shining one moment. it was snowing the next. but a dusting not a deluge. >> as soon as it hit my tongue and it's gone. >> i wish it snowed a lot, though. like instead of just a couple of little -- >> flurries? >> yeah. >> you want enough to sled in? >> yeah. >> snow was up mt. st. hell pen a helena -- but as night set in
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the outdoor patio was empty, the fire not even an enticement. >> we love the cold weather but we need the business. so we are happy to have it warm again. >> inside this bud there are at least two bunches of grapes. >> reporter: at the vineyard growers shrug off the deep- freeze. vines will be dormant another month. >> this freeze is not hurting us at all. it is actually good for the buds. it kills some of the insects that are harboring in the bark during the dormancy which is healthy. >> this is called a hot toddy. back in town we found folks actually dining outside under heaters to skip a two hour wait inside. >> we are having our meal the way that the others are still waiting for their table. >> the cold isn't bothering you? >> what cold? it's almost summer. [ laughter ] >> well, summer is somewhere. but right now we are at 37 degrees. and bill martin tells me hillsburg will probably break
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records dipping into the 20s the next two mornings. and who knows, maybe more snow, too. reporting live in hillsburg, deborah villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. 25 years outside napa valley the town of cob in lake city has seen a foot of snow. cob sits in a protected mountain valley at an elevation of 2600 feet. roads there were closed until snowplows arrived to clear them. some people told us they couldn't get to their homes for days because of problems with downed power lines. >> about 20 to 40 poles that snapped. power had a helicopter to pull them in to get it all changed out. >> the last of the power outages was finally repaired at 3:00 this afternoon. we are also tracking snow flurries tonight in the santa cruz mountains at the summit of highway 17. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is there and tells us he saw those flurries about 90 minutes ago. lloyd? >> reporter: that's right, frank. snow flurries in the santa cruz mountains. it is not sticking but still exciting for those 40 have
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never seen it before. >> you always have to catch it with your tongue. >> are you going to do it? >> no, it is just floating around now. it won't go in my face, only in my eyeballs. >> these two women from san jose waited for hours to finally experience their first snowfall. >> this is really neat. i am excited to see them like really come. >> it is here. >> oh, it's so beautiful. >> it needs to keep coming. >> reporter: mountain dwellers take it in stride. >> the snow came and didn't stick. it snowed actually pretty well. >> definitely a little colder tonight. >> how are you guys handle it up there? >> no problem. [ laughter ] >> reporter: on the valley floor, the cold is a problem for those who live on the streets. >> see, look, say hi. >> a park van is home to this man, his pregnant wife and a dog. >> yes, it is cold and miserable. you know, i mean i wish we could get out of this cold. >> reporter: this evening the
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homeless alliance ministry handed out blankets on the streets of san jose. >> i wouldn't want to be outside tonight. i don't think anybody in their right mind would want to be. you know, a blanket on a cold night can save a life. >> reporter: during this cold spell the shelter hours have been extended. the city of san jose this weekend is designating ten community centers as warming centers for people to come in out of the cold. >> we will do this no matter what our budget is. this is something we work into our budget. the budget is cut, this funding will be there. >> reporter: go to for warming center locations. the police would prefer people not come up here to try and play in the snow. live in the santa cruz mountains, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. [ music ] and that arctic air mass is here. it's a dry one. told you that last night. once the cold air gets here you lose a lot of moisture. but there is snow falling right
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now. but you can bet up in those hills up above the beach you've got some snowfalling down. here is one of the more interesting developments tonight for my mind it is sort of a novelty deal. but this cell right here is basically tracking right towards san francisco. it has got enough ooomph and i would not be priced at all if we saw snow on twin peaks. amber lee is there so we will try to cover that for you. we will get something out of that i think. in the meantime a freeze warning for the north bay valleys. overnight lows as cold as they have been to the point we could easily see records in a few bay area cities. a freeze warning in effect. it will be downright cold tonight. record cold the story tomorrow morning. then again sunday morning. i will track this cell for you. got a good shot of some perhaps sea level snow at ocean beach as well. back here with the latest computer model for your weekend as well. >> there is a lot of fresh snow
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in the sierra tonight where a winter storm warning remains in effect. this is a live look at i-80 in truckie from a cal trans camera. cars are getting through but the roadway there is cord with snow. chains are required on i-80 at baxter and highway 50 at pollack pines. this latest storm has brought as much as three feet of snow in some parts of the sierra. that has made getting there tough if not impossible at times. an update on the conditions coming up at 10:30. ktvu viewers have been sending us pictures of the snowstorm that happened back in 1976. caroline shows this photo from livermore it shows a child enjoying the snow in a front yard of a snow there. and ellen sent us this picture of a snow covered volkswagen beetle. we have a slide show of more viewer videos. also some of the video we found in the ktvu archives of that same 1976 storm. and we will keep watching
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for any low snow tonight with updates throughout the newscast. our coverage also continues on mornings on 2 beginning at 7 a.m. tomorrow. they will have the latest on all of the cold weather conditions and any overnight snow. the newly elected clerk of imperial county filed papers today asking a federal court for permission to defend proposition 8, california's ban on same-sex marriage. clerk chuck story made his case to the 9th circuit court of appeals in san francisco. that court has questioned who has legal standing to defend the voter-approved ban since california's governor and attorney general declined to do so. story said he has the standing. the issue of legal standing is expected to be argued before the state supreme court later this year. a judge in contra costa county ordered convicted sex offender verse back to a state medical hospital. he has been living in bay point after being freed three years ago on a conditional release. he was considered a sexually
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violent predator after four prior convictions. today verse admitted he had secretly been meeting with a man from his their group. the judge said there is no evidence the relationship was sexual but it is still a violation of the terms of his release. president obama came down hard on libyan leader today announcing economic sanctions. the president is still defiant speaking to some 1,000 supporters in tripoli today. the obama administration says they are freezing the u.s. assets of him, four of his children and the libyan government. president obama called the ongoing violation in libya an extraordinary threat to national security. president obama ordered those sanctions only after american citizens were safely out of libya and on the mediterranean island of malta. a ferry chartered by the u.s. government carried 300 passengers there. at least 167 of them are americans. their departure from libya had been delayed since wednesday because of strong winds and high seas. in san francisco a rally
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took place this afternoon to show support for the uprising in libya. ktvu's rob roth found one man who is desperately trying to get in touch with his relatives in the volatile country. >> reporter: she tried calling tripoli this afternoon attempting to reach his sister who is there with her mother, brother and extended family members. >> no one answered. i pray they are safe. >> reporter: dennis says he closely follows what is happening in libya through online news outlets and social media. he says he fears for his family's safety. >> i am really afraid that they would be shot in the streets. these missionaries that he has hired from around the world to shoot at the libya. s, you know, they have no heart. >> reporter: dennis says he prays they he will leave without further bloodshed but knows that that appears unlikely. >> the regime is over.
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and i don't understand why these missionaries are fighting for a regime that is done. >> reporter: this afternoon about two dozen people rallied in front of the ferry building in support of the uprising. these folks told us they want to draw attention to what they say are the misguided u.s. policies that helped cause the unrest in libya and egypt. >> we are absolutely here in support of the people of the middle east and north africa who are rising up against their oppressive leaders and dictators that the u.s. has largely supported in the past. >> reporter: still another rally in support of the libyan people is scheduled for tomorrow at 1:00 at u.n. plaza. organizers say they are expected a large turn-out. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. gas jumped six cents a gallon today the biggest one day jump in two years. the price of oil soared to $103 a barrel earlier this week before settling back to $98 by
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the end of trading today. industry analysts blame the volatile price of oil on the turmoil in the middle east and north africa. on wall street the dow industrials moved higher today for the first time this week. the dow climbed 61 points. the nasdaq rose 43. but the gains did not erase the losses from earlier in the week. overall the markets were down. [ music ] one of the most popular web search engines is changing its system for ranking its results. we will tell you what it means when you search for information online. [ music ] and i am tracking a cell into san francisco that could bring some snow flurries within the hour. we will cover that for you. we have got some record low temperatures to talk about. [ music ] it's very cold, but there are still plenty of people out and about enjoying their
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. mountain view giant google is changing the way it searches the web and explains those to searchers. janna katsuyama joins us now live from berkeley and says google has now tried to stop those who have tried to manipulate its system. >> here it is cafe people here say they use google search engine. you might see a difference in what pops up at the top of the search page. >> reporter: at this berkeley cafe people use search engines
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to find what they need. >> i enter the world and what i am looking for will usually pop up. >> reporter: but the results are culled for millions of pages and for businesses there is a lot at stake if you are at the top. >> generally 2-3 you are out of luck. >> reporter: marketing agencies have approached him about helping his san francisco auto show to rank higher on searches. >> for a price for people who monitor google can tell you how to beat the process and how you can always be number one. >> reporter: each search engine uses a process of finding and presenting search results. this week google, the biggest search engine of them all made a big change, the goal to improve the search results and make them more fair and useful. >> i would look at it as a progression of the search engines getting better and better at serving up to you the information you are really looking for. rather than the stuff you are looking for but also this other website that was really good at gaming the system so they got up there as well in the results. >> reporter: paul taylor is ceo
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of emeryville based web marketing 1, 2, 3 which specializes in search engines. it will give websites with original content higher rankings and lower to websites that try to direct people to certain businesses. >> often let's say the junk content site is doing the linking to help another site go up is probably getting paid for it. >> reporter: and this change is expected to impact about 12% of all google search inquiries. live in berkeley, janna katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. the state of california says it wants to make it perfectly clear medical marijuana dispensaries have to pay state sales tax. many reputable dispensaries already do. but the state board of equalization say some are not paying their taxes so it is now clarifying the rules and cracking down on those dispensaries. not known how much money the state is losing but some estimates are it could be
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billions of dollars. >> the body found buried in the back home of a nevada home on wednesday was removed today. they are working on a theory that the remains are those of 74-year-old dale smith who has been missing for weeks. the police say smith's wife evelyn is a person of interest. right now investigators are working to identify the remains and to determine a cause of death. >> there is a lot of things that we are doing in regards to the investigation outside of that part of the case. and we will continue to do those things as we go along. >> the discovery of the remains is the talk of the neighborhood. the man who lives next door showed ktvu the ladder they have been using to watch forensic teams work in the smith's backyard. >> in new zealand the death toll went up for monday's massive earthquake. it now stands at 144. at the same time, the recovery now is just getting underway. >> many homes and office buildings are beyond repair. and now they are being torn
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down. there are also still more than 200 people missing. some are believed to be buried in the rubble of the stone cathedral in christ church. one government minister said they will be forced to deliver some very bad news to families in the coming days. there was one nice sign today of life returning to normal, a wedding. the bride had actually been trapped in a collapsed building for several hours but managed to send a text message to her fiancee. he then got rescue crews to pull her out. after that they decided to move their wedding day up. the couple says they know they were lucky. >> with water on three sides, the city of san francisco rarely sees temperatures drop to freezing, let alone experience snow flurries. but snow is certainly possible tonight. ktvu's amber lee is live now on top of twin peaks which would likely be the first spot to see snow in the city. amber? >> reporter: julie, on this clear and beautiful winter night, it's very cold up here at twin peaks overlooking the city. still, the chill in the air did
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not deter people from enjoying their friday night. [ music ] >> reporter: in north beach, part-time street musician danny bobby told us he is used to working in the cold. his other job is a security job at candlestick park. he says the low temperature is energizing and doesn't stop music lovers from tipping him. how long do you think you will last out here? >> i will do another hour or so. and then i will go have a few beers after that. >> reporter: outdoor dining with a was not appealing tonight. this mother and daughter dined inside and told us they will stay indoors as much as possible. >> definitely tomorrow we are going to stay home. >> yes. >> and hopefully have some snow. >> you do want snow? >> yes. >> yes. as long as i don't have to drive. >> i think it would be pretty to look at the snow from my window. but i don't know if i want to be out in the cold. >> reporter: at the theater it is opening night for the documentary "we were there"
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about the early days of the aids epidemic. many waiting in line tried to stay warm with a hot beverage in line. >> i am freezing. it is very cold. >> reporter: donna joseph said she and a friend took breaks standing in line. >> we will go into the stores as we wait for the hour to stay warm. >> reporter: it is rare that temperatures kip can dip so low in the city. people don't mind as long as they don't have to stay outdoors for long. so far no dusting of snow here yet. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. and those low temperatures have san francisco public works crews on standby tonight. they have six tons of coarse black sand ready to spread on the streets. the concern is overnight temperatures may create black ice and dangerous conditions on many of the city's steep streets. [ music ] the widely scattered moisture now as that cold air moves in. the san francisco airport is
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just 41 degrees. this is what i'm tracking right now. the marin headlands i guarantee you are getting snow on the mountain up there right now. this is heading right for twin peaks of course where amber lee is. we will watch this. in the next 20 minutes it will be there. i wouldn't be surprised. she is at about 9,000 feet. you will get a snow flurry. that would be good to see. a good chance you could see that. stay with us for that over the next 20-30 minutes. the overnight lows recorded breaking. 21 napa. 32 in concord. a lot of this moisture is staying offshore but some of it is still moving through. freeze warning in the north bay. still a winter weather advisory in the south bay mountains. the extended forecast more rain to talk about. be back here with the weekend forecast. we will roll that computer model as well. one of the state's most valuable crops is in danger tonight. almond growers in the central valley say many of their trees are in bloom and could be damaged by freezing rain or
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snow. if snowfalls in the valley it will be the first time since december 11, 2005 that snow has stuck to the valley floor. parts of tahoe received another three feet of snow today. we will go there live in about eight minutes. >> plus they are hot, they are happen
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bree: sis, help me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle!
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i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister. . >> new at 10, a change in policy that could boost business for popular gourmet food trucks in san francisco. as ktvu's mike mibach reports, beginning march 7th the department of public works and not the police will issue permits and collect the fees. >> jennifer, order up. >> lunchtime in san francisco. >> order up for blake. >> and these are money-making mobile kitchens. >> just as fast as going to get a burrito but much better. >> while many restaurants in
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san francisco struggle to stay afloat but it is the gourmet food trucks that are starting to sizzle and things are getting much better. >> reporter: nathan says he sold his restaurant in the city and bought a truck and now making money two months in. >> it doesn't cost a lot of money to start this business. it is a lot of work and harder than a lot of people know there is. >> reporter: off the grid matthew says there are 40 gourmet trucks roaming the city and he believes more are on the way. >> i think the intent in the legislation was the recognition is that there is an increasing demand for these things. >> reporter: a food truck vendor with five locations pays about $9400 for the initial permit. next month the cost drops from $1500 to $2,000 depending on the number of locations requested. >> i think that we are going to see a lot of these out on the streets because i think people want them. the entrepreneurs who are find them are finding it to be a very good way to get quality food to people. >> reporter: a few restaurants
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have voiced frustration with the trucks working too close to their friend doors, to their customers. >> i don't think you will ever replace going to restaurants. >> we want go to jardiner every day. we are just working folks. >> working folks who have more eating options. mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. the department of public works says in response to brick and mortar restaurant frustration under the new guideline they will hold public hearings to allow the owners to voice concerns over the specific permit applications. >> the dmv says temporary licences will be sent out monday to some california drivers. some drivers have been unable to renew their licences with the new high tech format. 250,000 people across the state since october have not received their new cards in time. the temporary licences going out next week will be valid for three months. the state estimates it may be april 1st before everyone has a new permanent license.
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a former danville cub scout leader was sentenced to more than four years in prison for possessing child porn. michael vauder pled guilty to one federal count of possession of child porn as part of a plea deal. in 2008 he became the den leader of cub scout pack 802 in danville and his membership was revoked though after he was arrested last march. >> more snow and treacherous driving conditions. a live report on the trek to tahoe and just how long it is taking some people. and a fiery crash on a bridge this week. how it is exposing
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[ music ] >> chief meteorologist bill
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martin is tracking plunging temperatures. even snow flurries right now. are they getting close to where amber is? >> yes, there is a cell there. let's take a look at stormtracker 2. it is near twin peaks where amber is. you can see the cell. i will put a track and it will track it right into twin peaks here. i will give you some times. these are estimates. if you start to see snow in the richmond district at 11:30 01. 10:57 out in sunset. it could happen a little sooner than that. but we have had reports from a couple of these cells in fort brag at sea level have been dropping snow. we will track this for up. not a big deal. it is a novelty thing. but cool to see snow in san francisco. the big deal is the freeze warning tonight and the possible record overnight cold. some more snow flurries are possible. all of the specs on that and see you back here. >> a winter storm warning is in effect right now in the sierra. great news for the resorts. but boy it is making life very difficult for those trying to get to the mountains. reporter richard sharp made it
12:01 am
to baxter in placer county. what's it like up there right now, richard? >> well, frank, it is downright dangerous. let me zoom in behind my shoulder here. you can see the traffic on cal tran trying to help some stuck people. the traffic backs up for more than six miles at some points. they expect it to get worse throughout the evening. >> are you guys excited for all of this skiing? >> yeah. >> even a two hour standstill that stretched on for miles didn't damper the excitement for a weekend of skiing. cars weren't the only form of transit brought to a halt. more than 500 passengers on amtrak trains were waiting for the tracks to be cleared. >> you can see union pacific trying to get some electricity back on to some of the crossing arms of the train. take a look at the tracks here. they are completely buried. if we pan down the track you can see the train is stopped waiting for the snowplow to come. >> with so many snow, even the locals are struggling to get around. the power could be out for days. >> almost 24 hours. >> almost 24 hours without power? >> yeah. >> don't know when it is going
12:02 am
to be back on? >> no clue. >> reporter: and in the spirit of helping out your neighbors, this man has been plowing driveways for almost eight hours. >> it's just a lot. it's a lot more than we normally get. >> reporter: making the best of a bad situation, this family tries a little sledding after their trip to reno was stopped last night. >> oh, man. we got snowed out. we couldn't go nowhere so we are stuck here. >> reporter: back here live on the interstate you can see the traffic still backed up. a lot of the problems when these cars start and go to start again it is so cold out that they are basically on a sheet of ice and their wheels slip causing an even greater traffic hazard. cal trans is struggling to keep up with it all. and some people we are speaking with are running out of gas on the interstate. i'm richard sharp, ktvu, channel 2 news. the cmp is warning drives to slow down and pay attention. the heavy rain this morning
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caused plenty of problems including this car that spun out on 980 and 27th avenue in observing he can 0. the chp says if you encounter black ice or snow tap gently on your brakes. if you start sliding turn into the direction of the spin to regain control. it wasn't only drivers who had to contend with the day's rain. this giant puddle in oakland was just one of many around the bay area where ankle deep water backed up on streets and sidewalks by partially plugged drains. in san francisco's western edition, high winds knocked down this tree closing part of the road and keeping cleanup crews busy for sometime. downed trees also caused power outages throughout the bay area. >> looks like a busy weekend for muni construction crews who are supposed to repair the light rail lines in san francisco. the work which started today follows a blistering report issued by the california public utilities commission yesterday which claims muni has failed to respond to several fix it orders, including one issued in
12:04 am
2009 for the church street tracks. work on the tracks will cause delays in service on the j and n lines this weekend. president obama signed a three-month extension todays of key provisions of the patriot act which would otherwise have expired on money. it allows law enforcement to set roving wire taps on communications devices understood the second, the government can petition the court for a person's business and library records. the third provision gives the fbi the right to carry out surveillance of non-american suspects if granted permission by a court. the flu season is reaching its peak. we are hearing of doctors offices in the bay area being crowded in recent days. as ktvu's john sasaki reports, there are measures that you can take to make sure you don't join their ranks. >> go to just about any hospital and you can find people suffering from flu-like symptoms. >> yes, i have a cough and kind of a stuffy head feeling a
12:05 am
little bit. >> reporter: although this man at walnuts creek kaiser says he doesn't know what he has he says many people he knows have been hit hard from the flu. >> a lot of people from my work have it right now. there were two guys out and the boss was outlast week and he hardly takes time off. >> the flu season is definitely at its peak right now. >> reporter: he is one of the authorities on influenza. he says february is the month when flu season typically peaks. >> i would say our laboratory results show that 75 to 80% are people under 20. so that implies to me it is still primarily circulating in the schools. >> reporter: officials at this school in walnut creek say their campus have survived so far fairly unscathed by the flu. perhaps an early warning to parents helped. >> number one get a flu shot. number two if your child is sick and has a fever and doesn't feel well keep him home. we want to keep the children home that are sick so they
12:06 am
don't infect the rest of the school. >> everything is great so far. both of my kids had the flu shots, what, back in october? >> we haven't had the flu so it hasn't affected us at all. >> the flu shots take about two weeks to become effective. but since flu season lasts until april or even may, there is still time to get a flu shot. >> in walnut creek, i'm john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> fans of the world series champions san francisco giants have been waiting for this day for months. well, just about four months. baseball is back. although just the game of spring training in arizona. the scottsdale stadium was filled to capacity with 12,000 giants fans. in spring training everyone is a contender and maybe the giants even more so. coming up ahead in sports mark ibanez will have the highlights of game one. >> dropped calls and a lot of frustrated users. what we are hearing from a lot of the people who are using the new phone on the verizon network. and showers in the outer
12:07 am
richmond district near sea level. and talk about that and your forecast for the weekend. it's a cold one. >> another robbery at
12:08 am
12:09 am
. >> iphone users with the iphone 4 from verizon are going through the same problems when the iphone 3 was released. it also drops calls when you hold it the wrong way. when a user covers the gaps they can experience a meaningful decline in performance. >> the former prosecutor michael goreset was in court demanding that they be accused
12:10 am
for prosecuting him from alleged sex crimes. he found himself on the other side of the law in october of 2008 when he was accused of raping a colleague. he was fired in 2009 but reinstated on february 1st after the contra costa county da determined that the attorney general's case against him may have been tainted by political an moss city. >> california narcotics enforcement agents announced today they have video of a state drug agent selling meth in front of an informant with aid end camera. norman welsh faces 29 felony counts for allegedly selling meth, marijuana, steroids and prescription drugs. prosecutors say the former commander of the contra costa county anti-narcotics team took some of the drugs confiscated by his agents and sold them to private detective christopher butler. both men are scheduled to be arraigned on wednesday. in news of the world tonight in egypt, tens of thousands of people rallied in cairo's square today two weeks after mubarak stepped down.
12:11 am
egyptians want to keep pressure on the current military leaders to carry out reforms. and that includes repealing emergency laws, releasing political prisoners and removing mubarak's allies from power. >> in pakistan 12 tanker trucks carrying fuel for nato and forces in neighbouring afghanistan burned up today. militants storm the terminal where they were parked. four people were killed. the u.s. is opening other routes into afghanistan so they can avoid the routes through pakistan where many similar attacks have happened. and in thailand customs officials today showed off a massive cash of illegally smuggled ivory. ivory imports are banned under international law. this batch of elephant tuskings and rhino horns originally came from nigeria went through the persian gulf into malaysia and then into thailand. the ivory is said to be worth nearly $2 million. >> las vegas police have are
12:12 am
add two men who they say helped rob the rio casino. stephen gao is still at large after pulling the gun on a dealer and stealing $33,000 in poker chips. 62-year-old imaguch allegedly helped gao escape in a cab he was driving. edward land was waiting at another casino to exchange the chips. both men were arrested late yesterday. a fiery crash that snarled traffic. up next, how it is exposing a long-time problem on the dunbar bridge that firefighters say have to get fixe
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. and there it is.
12:15 am
that snow in san francisco we've been talking about. and that's a wet snow for sure. but amber is up on twin peaks over 900 feet. typically that's san francisco. you see the flakes coming down. you might be seeing snow at the avenues of san francisco as well as this system is coming out over the outer richmond and the outer sunset. now making its way over twin peaks kind of cool, isn't it? doesn't happen every day in san francisco. frank you have been here a long time. the last time you saw snow in strick? >> i can't remember. the last time i saw snow in san francisco wasy 76. >> yes, we had some in 76. but i didn't see us catch it live with a camera. >> that is just neat. >> you are a city person. julie you are a city person. this is our town. don't see a lot of snow in this area. live stormtracker 2 a nice job of tracking it in. some fog in there. we don't have a camera but send pictures or video if you can to we will see if we can track
12:16 am
some more snow out in the san francisco area. see you back here. >> pretty cool stuff. >> a crash and fire on the dunbar bridge and no way to fight the flames. robert handa shows us the incident earlier this week that has bay a area firefighters calling for help before something bad happens. >> reporter: the fiery crash on dunbar bridge between a big rig and a car is what the firefighters in the bay area are concerned about for years because there are no water systems on the bridge. >> we would fight that fire like we would with a wildfire. a shuttle water like the old days of the bucket brigades. >> reporter: some bay area firefighters are upset that hydrants are not available on bay bridges or not easily accessible. we were there with a supervisor evaluating the bridge after the fire. >> the public and the media focus on the fact that there is no water on the bridge. our biggest concern right here is our nearest water supply on this side is one single fire
12:17 am
hydrant and this is behind an enclosed fence of bashed wire and chain link. >> reporter: another example the newspaper brimming -- new bridge has one-on-one side and only one on the other. who will take up the construction and maintenance. but he told us today something must be done. >> when these types of fires occur out on these large spans we've got a public safety issue there. it could jeopardize the structural integrity of the bridge itself. >> jeffreys is already talking with bay area fire officials as well as water and transportation agencies but says the budget crisis rules out any legislative solutions. in fremont, robert handa, ktvu, channel 2 news. the ncaa today placed the cal bears men's basketball program on probation for two years. at issue, more than 300 recruiting calls that were not perms i am under ncaa rules.
12:18 am
cal reported the violations itself saying most of the calls probably weren't logged in a timely manner. the ncaa say the violations were more the case of neglect and not intentional. [ music ] >> we have been using live stormtracker 2 to track the live storm showers here on twin peaks. there you go. let me tell you something. i go way back. i am fifth generation northern california. my family grew up in the city. frank, you grew up over here in oakland. when was the last time you saw that, buddy? >> i remember iny 76 it snowed in the lawrence hall signs of berkeley up there throwing snowballs at people. but that is the only time i can remember seeing snow in the immediate bay area. >> do you have chills down your back? >> i do. >> we can see it live and it is great. it is really actually coming down. >> do you think it will stick? >> no, not warm enough. you can get snow at 28 degrees.
12:19 am
it is probably melting when it hits. but snow in san francisco that is just a really, really neat thing. of course we have been talking about it all week. and novelty stuff. this won't stick and leave a ton of snow on the ground. it will not stay on the roads for tomorrow. but it is just really neat to see. wow. >> do you think that could cause any problems bill on some of the really steep streets? >> i don't think so. that cell is pretty small. go to live stormtracker 2 and show you what we got here. and then you can see right here this is what i'm tracking. it is just a blob and moving about 9 miles per hour. so as it moves out, it will clear out. the ground is probably 38 degrees. the pavement might be 40 degrees. a little cooler than that. so nothing is really icing or sticking. but maybe if another one came through later tonight it could. you never know. but that is just going to be cool to watch overnight. the freeze warning in effect tonight over the north bay valley. that's what we are seeing in san francisco is what we could easily see in many bay area communities 0 tonight. record low temperatures in
12:20 am
oakland and san raphael. and more records are possible as we head to the south bay. tomorrow morning and sunday morning just going to be downright cold. have a look at the satellite loop to see that cold air. that's what we've been waiting for. here is comes. you see this area coming in. that's super cold air. snow flurries out in the avenues, too, out in the sunset. and that's really hard to do. like we said earlier, san francisco is surrounded three sides by water. and the water temperature around the bay and out in the ocean is probably 52 degrees right now. so it is tough to get snow. you see the quick clearing tomorrow that's the computer model. and you can see things starting to clear. i am kind of giddy. i want to go back to those pictures. [ laughter ] >> i will get to the five day. but that's cool when you see snow in san francisco. 47 in concord tomorrow. the five day forecast and your weekend always in view. you will see it pop up right here. a nice weekend in store. but super, super cold weather as we go into the next couple of mornings. but that i got to tell you, rocky you are smiling, too. that's just a neat, neat thing
12:21 am
to see. >> takes me back to my high school days throwing snowballs at cars. >> snow in san francisco. >> very cool. got to show it live the events happening right now. >> all right. sports is next. how about those san jose sharks? mark will be back with the highlights in
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
. our sports director mark joins us now. the sharks are continuing their winning ways. >> got it going right now. long ago mark twain said there are three kinds of lies, lies, damn lies and statistics. but one that tells the truth to the sharks of late. 10-12 games out on the road and
12:25 am
they have won eight. that's really good and that ain't no lie. against the flames scoreless in the first. logan with the steal. a great rookie. that sets up devon and just watch him relentless won't take no for an answer. 18th goal of the year. you watch the replay out in front he is doing his thing. 1-0 over the flames. but the third period now down 3- 2. 2:34 left in regulation. patrick marleau assists ryan clowe and all tied up. scoreless in overtime. now in the shootout it is clowe again atoning for an early penalty and that's the game winner. sharks return home 3-2 winners. an interesting week at the oracle arena in oakland. prince showed up rather unexpectedly and played brilliantly three times. the warriors played twice like dogs especially tonight against atlanta. never in it against the hawks. no energy, badly outre banded.
12:26 am
and joe longed for al horford. a 29 point lead at one point for atlanta. another hawk board turned quickly into a reward. josh smith with the up and under. he had 26 points to lead the way. warriors never end it 95-79 losers. the off season is always shorter when you go all the way. but for the giants fan's first glimpse of the guys couldn't come soon enough. until proven otherwise, they are the world champions. after the cactus league opener undefeated this season so far. as you would imagine a sell-out crowd in scottsdale. tim lincecum on the mound. he gave up five hits and three runs. not the outing he would have liked. justin upton for the dbacks but they won it 7-6. mark is hoping to be healthy in year having something to do with it. bays hit to left scores aaron rowan. in the clubhouse after the ball game tim lincecum had no bore race, just happy to be back on the mound again. >> just kind of gives it
12:27 am
obviously a game-type atmosphere. a lot of fans are rooting us on when they are saying the names and getting applause for everybody. it brings tingles obviously when you say the world championship san francisco giants that gives you tipping wills as well. clearly greed got in the way of the dallas presentation of this year's superbowl. some 1200 temporary seats were deemed unsafe just hours before the game forcing hundreds of paying fans to miss the game. lawsuits have ensued. but give cowboy owner jerry jones this at least. today he publicly accepted responsibility and apologized to the fans who missed out on getting to see the superbowl live and in person. that's the sporting life for a friday night. and they like to do it up big in texas. and they did it up big but it didn't go their way. >> trying to set that record for attendance. >> go big or go home. >> mark, thanks. >> you bet. >> be sure to join mornings on 2 beginning at 7:00 a.m. the latest on the frigid weather and the snow in san
12:28 am
francisco. there it is. you can see it coming down. but coming down lower in the twin peaks and possibly on
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