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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  March 28, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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reports tonight of low morale and concerns that dozens of officers may abandon the oakland police department. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. tonight the reality is, 450 fewer police officers are patrolling the streets of oakland than last year.
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amber lee is at opd headquarters where is she found a police department in need of a boost. >> reporter: an oakland police sergeant said that the morale is the lowest he has seen in 20 years. the police union says that oakland's 662 officers are doing the job of 1200. officers are overworked and underappreciated but face life and death on the job. he blacks a lack of support from city hall. how many are thinking about leaving? >> i would not be surprised if we had 50 to 1 pun police departments thinking about leaving. >> reporter: other factors contributing to low morale include faulty radios and the chief's interest of leaving for san jose. another sign, the number of sick days taken by officers has doubled in the last two years. the deputy chief concedes there are morale problems but they can be aprohibitted to the
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layoffs last year. >> when you lay off 80 officers it impacts the rest of the department. >> reporter: one victim shows us the police report she filed today. she said she has been assaulted by a stranger at this restaurant last week. >> my whole face was swollen out to here and i needed stitches. >> reporter: the police left quickly without making a report. >> they said sorry what happened to you and they have to attend a shooting and that was all. no call back or anything. >> reporter: the union says that every night in oakland there are beats that are unstaffed. the mayor declined our request for an interview. the mayor says she is in labor negotiations with the police union and commenting would be inappropriate. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. san jose police are asking for the public's help to solve
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a hit and run case that sent a motorcycle officer to the hospital. he was thrown from his motorcycle about 1:40 this afternoon. police say crichton turned on his lights to pull over a car when another car turned in front of him and braked. the motorcycle ran into the car. its driver left the scene. the car is described as a light blue honda accord made between 2004 and 2006. anyone with information is asked to contact the san jose police. president barack obama took to air waves today and delivered a nationally televised address laying out his rationale for the u.s. involvement in the libyan civil war. and now we have more on the critics who say highly yeah and why now? >> reporter: the u.s. military is not the world's police force and will not engage in every crisis. but in the case of libya, he
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said conditions justified american military action. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: speaking at the national defense university in virginia, the president said that moammar gadhafi was about to lay siege to the rebel city of benghazi. that was the tipping point in deciding to launch the air strikes. >> some nations may be able to turn a blind eye to atrocities in other countries. the united states of america is different. and as president, i refuse to wait for the images of slaughter and mass gaves before taking action. >> reporter: and while condemning gadhafi, the president reiterated that u.s. ground forces will not invade libya because the costs will be too high. >> to be blunt we went down that road in iraq. >> reporter: after the speech john mccain said that gadhafi should be taken out and the
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president didn't go far enough. if we tell gadhafi don't worry, i think that is encourage dog gadhafi. >> reporter: to answer critics who say he waited too long to act mr. obama said that the no- fly zone was established in 31 days. it took more than a year to do the same in bosnia and the clock is ticking for gadhafi. >> but it should be clear to those around gadhafi and to every libyan that history is not on gadhafi's side. >> reporter: the president said nato will take over leadership of the military action in libya on wednesday and economic sanctions will continue to try to press accordant gadhafi to step down. live from the newsroom, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. in libya, rebels made advances today and are positioned 60 miles from moammar gadhafi hometown. the rebels also acknowledged they would not have got than far without air strikes.
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the battle will be difficult and costly. one of mr. gadhafi's sons is leading a brigade to defend the city and the rebels are outgunned. a san mateo county jury returned guilty verdicts on a teenager accused of seven felonies including the attempted murder of his former chemistry teacher. he detonated two pipe bombs. youshock is now 18 years old. a second phase of the trial will determine sanity. in alameda county, a professional poker player was found guilty of two counts of first degree murder for killing his parents two years ago. he murdered them at their home because he was deeply in debt and wanted an inheritance. his ex-wife, sister, and
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grandmother testified against him. he faces a life sentence without the possibility of parole when he is sentenced in may. he has been behind bars for 20 degrees a crime he says he didn't commit. now tonight, he is a free man. ktvu's jane katsuyama tells us what he said >> reporter: after more than two decades in prison maurice caldwell walked out of the san francisco county jail a free man. his sister greeted him with hugs and tears of relief. for caldwell it was hard to find words. >> i'm still overwhelmed and blessed to be free. >> it has been a longdown y i knew my brother was innocent. >> reporter: he 'cause convicted of second degree murder on june 30th, 1990. >> there is one eyewitness. there were clear problems in
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her testimony. >> reporter: the attorney with the northern california innocence project says they argued in court that the original defense was inadequate. and a nevada prison inmate confessed to the crime. prosecutors say that caldwell was freed on a technicality. >> the case was overturned because of ineffective assistance of counsel. >> reporter: the prosecutor says that the d.a.'s office and the victim's family are hoping for a retrial. >> the exhibits that were used in the trial have been destroyed by the courts. >> reporter: caldwell says his heart goes out to the victim's family. >> i feel bad for their loss. after all these years they thought they had justice but it wasn't. >> reporter: the district attorney's office says they are considering an appeal. and caldwell says he just wants to move on. jane katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. it is now up to the state
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to act on the city of san pablo's emergency decoration for a sliding hillside. part of the hillside collapsed last friday. another three homes are threatened. approving the declaration will speed up help to the residents city. is working on a fund to help them out. san pablo is not the only bay area community at risk for a slide. geologists will share a map with us that pinpoints the homes most at risk. we are learning that jerry brown and preparing to lift the drought emergency declared by governor schwarzenegger. it is not clear what that will do for farms and city. but the heavy winter raver rains and snowstorms are the reason. the emergency order called for water conservation and provided assistance to those affected by the drought. the announcement rescinding the order is expected on wednesday.
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at last, blue sky above the bay. and a warmup in the works. chief meteorologist bill martin with tomorrow's forecast in just nine minutes. explosive testimony in the barry bonds trial. a former mistress testified about their sex life and bonds' behavior. many in san jose wear the color of the sharks
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new at 10:00 tonight, rival gangs with an article of clothing in common. police in san jose say that gangs are wearing the sharks jersey. lloyd lacuesta tells us that team colors often claim turf. >> reporter: as the sharks make a run at the stanley cup, san jose will become a city of teal. the color has been adopted by san jose gangs. another day in the shark city the livics in this video. notice one of the members is wearing a sharks' jerseyy. >> there is an old saying you are claiming your city. and if you are wearing a certain sports attire that tice you to that city. >> reporter: sergeant jason dwyer worked in the gang unit and some have sharks tattoos. >> many gangs identify with the sharks hockey team. >> reporter: san jose's largest
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gangs identify with the colors red and blue but both identify with the sharks to claim san jose as their turf. >> you have them both wearing the paraphernalia to distinguish what they are representing. >> reporter: we found one fan wearing a sharks' jerseyy surprised about the gang connection. >> have i-have not had any reception as to a gang. it is all friendly. >> reporter: but there have been friendly involving gang members wearing sharks gear. and some schools are considering banning students from wearing the sharks' jerseyy and hats. >> would wearing the jersey in and of itself cause a reaction? that is tough to say. but it is the lifestyle that will get them in trouble. >> reporter: the young people i talked to confirmed there is a gang connection to sharks' attire but they didn't not want to talk on camera.
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many of the homicides in san jose this year were gang- related. lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. the sheriff's department is investigating a shooting that left a man from pittsburg dead. the department says that one deputy was attempted to remove the keys from the ignition of the car when he started to drive away with the deputy partially inside the car. that's when another deputy opened fire. federal agents have been called in to help vacaville investigate an explosion that killed a man. the blast left its mark in the front lawn of the home. but investigators are not sure if the injured man was the target of the bomb or a random victim. the man is in his 080s and recovering after undergoing surgery in sacramento. he is in serious condition tonight. business owners in cap toe
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yeah are adding up the cost of two floods in three days. a broken storm drainage pipe sent a torrent of water on thursday and on saturday. the owner of the thomas kinkade gallery said he lost $2 million worth of paintings. at the surf and shack it could be weeks before everything is repaired there. >> it is like a bomb being dropped and that is water. it is surreal. >> many business owners say they don't have flood insurance or the right kind of coverage. some are hoping that the state or fema will provide assistance. until then many are out of work and encouraged to file for unemployment. the water off ocean beach is safe to enter again. they were closed last week because of high bacteria levels caused by sewer discharged and storm runoff. the order was lifted at 2:00 this afternoon. all san francisco beaches are
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now open. chilling testimony in the murder trial of yusuf bey iv. today deyawn dray testified thatbay ordered him to kill bail >> i and another man out of revenge. on the stand broussard started laughing as he described robertson try to run away. and he kept firing until the clip was empty. barry bonds' trial got personal today when his former mistress took the stand. today we heard the graphic testimony and what the mistress claims that bonds told her about steroid use. >> reporter: for the first time since he dumped her eight years ago barry bonds came face to face with kimberly bell. and that was in court as bell testifies that they were lovers
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for a decade. bell testified that bonds first mentioned steroids about 1999 when he said a lump in his injured elbow was caused by steroids and is she recognized changes that are consistent with steroid use, hair loss, back acne and it is clear his overall body grew dramatically. the shape-size of his testicles changed. smaller and a different shape. he had trouble keeping an erection. and bonds became increasingly aggressive he would cut me head off and leave me in a ditch and cut out my breast implants because he paid for them. and bell said that she saw bonds and his former trainer go into a room and lock the door. during cross-examination bell conceded she benefited
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financially from their relationship and she was hurt when bonds married another woman and she published a book. >> it is right out of a hollywood script. >> reporter: tomorrow, stan conte and the joy geoyam by brothers. in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now about the bonds' case. long-time san francisco giants equipment manager mike murphy testified today saying that he needed a larger hat surprise the hat size of other players had also grown but that occurred later in life after their careers ended. an expert testified that head growth can be a side effect of taking human growth hormone. right now you will find more of today's testimony on the home page of
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a federal brief was fy 'filed to get don't ask, don't tell ended once and for all. the pentagon is training troops on how to deal with openly gay soldiers until the training is completed, don't ask, don't tell is in effect. gay rights advocates say that is absurd. a marin county supervisor is dead after collapsing while preparing to leave lake tahoe after skiing. an off duty emt tried to give him cpr. he was a strong supporter for preve serving the environment. governor brown will appoint a replacement to his seat. and we have a cool night out there tonight. patchy valley fog as well. the rain is gone for some time. we will warm up each day. the extended forecast calls for
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some temperatures in the low 80s. a big change from last weir. the overnight lows look like these. a lot of 40s. a chance of valley fog. we had hit the morning and more tomorrow morning in the north and east valleys. patchy at best. it will go away quickly. those typical spots will have it and it will be late tonight and tomorrow morning. daytime highs in the 60s even upper 60s. when i come back, the specific forecast for your neighborhood. we'll show you which cities will be the warmest. in san francisco and cities across the country 160 vigils were held to tell the people of japan they are not alone. photographs were taken of the messages for the japanese people. they will be compiled and put on the internet. the stand for japan campaign is a fundraising effort to send money to the hundreds of thousands of people who lost so
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much in the earthquake and tsunami. an alarming discovery at japan's crippled nuclear power plant. looking for and finding japanese reactor radiation here in the bay
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the news from japan's fukushima nuclear plant was alarming today. there are new pools of radio active water and plutonium. and that is likely the reason for the levels of radiation in the ground and the ocean. but plant operators said two samples appeared to be plutonium from the leaking reactors and the old could have
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come from old nuclear tests and none of the levels is dangerous. in the bay area another ship arrived from japan and as is customary government officials are scanning it for radiation. juryjohn fowler shows us more. >> reporter: amy coffer collected water from strawberry creek to be tested for japan reactor radio activity. >> it a public service, what levels are harmful and realize we are below those levels. >> reporter: since they told you about their detections they have tested creek runoff, rain water and tap water. results in rain water show you would have to drink 30-gallons of the most radio active water to get the same radiation as a
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single cross country flight this professor will test this milk. cows concentrate the radio activity. >> the milk is an efficient way to look for radiation levels. >> reporter: vetter says he is certain of milk's safety expecting little increased radiation. >> it will be smaller than the radio activity that we find in milk. >> reporter: that's right it is always reactive. in fact so your body. most tap water comes from rain collected in reservoir. but it is diluted. >> i don't think we will be able to measure the radiation levels in these larger bodies of water. >> reporter: the researchers will continue monitoring and will have the results from tap water and milk in a few days. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. viewers are getting a sneak peek in one of the bay area's
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construction projects. it will provide relief for east bay commuters. crews are working alongside drilling machines to punch a hole in rock and dirt. they will have to stop and sample for deadly gases. the $420 million project will be finished in 2013. work on the tunnel is creating a mountain of debris which is being trucked to treasure island for recycling. it will be used in building up parts of the island and other locations where fill is needed. we have more pictures on look for the slide shows tab. stressed out? even depressed. a warning about children and
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baseball fans returned to at&t park tonight for the first game since the world series. it was opening night of the bay bridge series between the san francisco giants and the oakland a's. debora villalon is live at the ballpark where the fans watched the two teams tune up. >> reporter: a beautiful night for baseball. not a sellout. but for giants fans, it is back to the bliss. the love affair is as hot as ever even if a certain piece of lucky lung ray is gone. but fans are thrilled their team returned mostly intact. >> i couldn't miss the day any time. i went to spring training and couldn't get enough. >> it is keep you warm.
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>> reporter: as baseball begins, odds makers puts the giants chance of repeating at 15-1. and fans believe they will pull off another parade down market street. >> losing the voice tonight. and losing all my money on giants ticket this is season without a doubt. >> reporter: not to be forgot reason the a's fans. >> we have more trophies. >> reporter: three more trophies. but who is counting. >> the a's are real winners. they have had a slump but this is our year. >> we have good pitching and good hitters. we are going to roll this year. >> reporter: along with the action on the field another attraction, the world series trophy returned from its winter travels and on display for
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pictures. and the fans stood in a long line to get up close. a line longer than the one for beer and hot dogs. reporting live from san francisco, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. as for the game spitz what lies ahead for the team this is season, mark ibanez will have that in sports. an explosion in an underground electrical vault sent a manhole cover flying 15 feet in the air. it happened at post and grant streets in the union square shopping district. people in the area heard a boom that shook windows. no one was hurt. pg&e blame asphalty electrical cable for the explosion. another fire and explosion in 2009 caused a replacement of 1,000 manhole covers with new ones. the california public utilities commission held a
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hearing to determine if pg&e should be held in contempt. pg&e agreed to a $3 million settlement. the attorney general's office argued that $3 million was not enough and it didn't give the ctuc enough oversight. riders of muni demanded changes today. they pointed to the $1.7 billion project for the subway project. the group save says that muni can't afford it. >> this is a very, very expensive project for not much benefit in terms of riders. and a loss in terms of time saved. >> reporter: some of the 20,000 people who ride the j church line says sit unreliable. and muni is converting some of the a stop signs in the path.
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authorities are trying to determine if a sailboat that capsized was overloaded. a 73-year-old man and his 48- year-old son both died when the boat flipped over on san diego bay. a group that provides sailing trips organized the outing. two adults and six others had to be rescued from the water. a petty officer will face a dereliction of duty charge. today the coast guard dropped the neglect homicide charge against ian howell. he was the highest ranking sailor on board the boat in a collision in 2009 that killed an 8-year-old boy on san diego bay. this comes days after the person steering the boat was sentenced to three months in the brig. a map is giving us a look at which places in the bay area are most at risk of landslides.
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we show you where the hot spots are. >> reporter: before construction began on this multimillion dollar home in san jose, strict building codes required a soil engine to vault the property. >> they analyzed this whole lot and gave the recommendations. >> reporter: slide concerns required crews move huge chunks of land. more people are threatened each year because of hillside developments. >> there are a loft places in california where we have weak rocks and steep slopes and they are prone to landslides. >> reporter: at the office in menlo park scientists showed us which area locations are most susceptible to landslides. the dark pink in alameda and san mateo counties and down to the eastern and southwest hills
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of santa claret county. south of the expressway is filled with yellow and orange markings where the slides have occurred. you have homes dotting the hillside below and you have homes built right into the hillside. >> some of the best-looking homesites in mountainous areas are on landslides in -- and people don't recognize that. >> reporter: in some cases that great view comes with a risk. more details now on the slide risk map. there are five locations considered at risk san pablo which is dealing with a slide right now. pacifica which has had problems in the past. fremont, milpitas and the santa cruz mountains. and there were two slides there today on highway 17. a man scales the world's
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tallest building. what makes today's climb different from all the others he has done before. a bit of a warmup today and warmer tomorrow as -- and temperatures near 80 this week. up fist, a dump truck la minding my own business...
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when it came out of nowhere. suddenly, there were lights all around me. i'm like, "they're coming for me!" yeah, it was crazy. i just never thought they'd find me. not out here. it doesn't matter where you drive. if you don't buckle up, you will get caught. cops are cracking down all across the country. click it or ticket. in tiburon, the driver of a dump truck suffered a pump on the head after a frightening crash. the truck's braked failed and it went into richardson bay at 9:00 this morning.
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the driver waded to shore on his own. police say it was remarkable that no one else was hurt. it was controversial when it opened but the s curve on the bay bridge is one of the best construction projects of 2010 according to the associated general contractors of america. it is giving the s curve its build america merritt award. the job was well done even if it is not appreciated. critics blame it for serious accidents including one where a truck driver plunged over the side. >> what do we want? >> action. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> that -- the call for security started five months ago after a psychiatric technician was killed by a patient. and protesters say it happens every day. >> you can't do your job well
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when you have murder on the back of your mind and rape on the back of your mind. >> it is like you are raped on a daily basis. >> a mental health department spokeswoman told ktvu that safety measures have been implemented. on wall street stocks retreated despite reports that the economy is recovering. the dow could not build on last week. it lost 22 points and the nasdaq was off 12. evidence that higher gas prices are taking a larger bite out of pocketbooks. consumer spending grew by .7 percent in february and largely because americans are paying more for gas. the cost of a gallon of regular unleaded gas the bay area is about $4.05, rising more than a quarter this past month alone. and chase bank is planning on adding more branches in the
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bay area. a company spokesperson says they will add 35 branches in northern california this year. and the bulk will with -- be in the bay area. the exact locations are to be determined but each will add ten jobs. in cuba jimi carter arrived for a three-day visit to talk about ways to improve relations with the u.s. his first stop was a meeting with jewish and roman catholic leaders. he is scheduled to meet with raul castro. in yemen members of two tribes through their support to the prime minister. the president has gone back and forth about whether he will stay or vendor power in the face of protests. now he says he is staying. this comes as 110 people died in an accident during the looting of a munitions factory in an area controlled by
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islamic militants. and in united arab emirates, spiderman scaled the tallest building in dubai. it took him six hours to climb the tower. unlike many of his other climbs he got the cooperation of the tower owner this time. and the 48-year-old was required to use a rope and harness. chances are your kids use it every single day. but tonight comes word of a downside to facebook. more on facebook depression, next. and finally, supe dry weather returns to the bay area. how about
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a new warning tonight about
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facebook and young people. an influential doctor's group says it can worsen depression among teens. heather holmes talked with an expert today about the potential harm. >> reporter: just about everyone around me is online and some are on facebook right now. but there might be a possible downside to those who obsess over the sites. no longer are high school baseball games and school activities the primary way that teens interact socially. instead it is online. all eight of these baseball players we caught up with tonight sizing up next week competition says that checking facebook is the first and last thing they do each day. >> i check it every day. i get a lot of hits i'm popular. >> reporter: but what about those who are not popular. >> we see kids every week
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because of things on facebook. >> reporter: psychiatrists at this medical center say that facebook can make kids especially those dealing with poor self esteem feel worse. from the constant barrage of photos to the friends list it can amplify a feeling of inadequacy. >> the kids lose a sense of who they are. >> reporter: while the report says there are good things about facebook it suggests that facebook depression is a real risk. something this high school junior can understand saying that anyone can say anything in cyberspace. >> they start dray -- drama with other people but not in person. and it causes people to feel bad about themselves. >> reporter: the pediatrics group is urging parents to talk with kids about the time they spend online. heather holmes, ktvu channel 2
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news. the israeli government wants facebook to remove a page. the page is titled the third palestinian infanta ka d.a. and had 340,000 fans. it calls on palestinians to start an uprising on may 15th. a cabinet member wrote a letter to the founder of facebook. a -- so far there is no public response from facebook. a san francisco supervisor is proposing a solution to having companies leaving the cities. the supervisor is working on a law he will introduce tomorrow and it will include a two-year tax break for tech companies with 100 or more work hears the are not traded publicly. san francisco -- if is down to one part of its three cable car lines tonight. the california line closed in
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january. and tonight powell mason line shut down for maintenance. muni has buses covering the lines. the service on the powell street line will resume on saturday. also in san francisco public works crews started lighting up geary boulevard. the underpass is getting retro fitted with 350 new light fixtures. thatry supposed to last longer, be more efficient and city the city on the electricity bill. it will take about five weeks to finish. and we have cooler temperatures tonight. warmer daytime highs tomorrow. patchy fog. and this weather system just to the north of us here, it is a weak one. tomorrow we will see clouds filter in and it will cool the temperatures a bit in the north bay. the temperatures will be a bit
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cooler. the high pressure is sticking around. that high pressure is going to give us patchy valley fog and the jet stream drives to the north keeping the rain out of here and a big warmup for the midweek. after last week we are heading for a warm stretch here. the temperatures in the 30s and 40s overnight. patchy valley fog. not a big deal in terms of the fog but it will be there. the -- hope sticks around and it elevates the temperatures each day as we go into thursday. in friday and saturday we will have another weak weather system pass by a spring until the north bay but it will be a cooling impact. tuesday, wednesday and thursday all warming up with temperatures in the low 80s. the forecast model, this system i was showing off shore, the showers by fort bragg. that is 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and clouds are
12:20 am
filtering in. by 5:00 a.m. the clouds are in the north bay. the north bay area is partly cloudy, mostly cloudy. and south of san rafael, mostly sunny and partly sunny. it is not a big deal but it is a hissy filtered sunshine. and wednesday and thursday things start to clear out and warm up. and -- ask in this area out here wants to dive in on friday. and not a major cooling at all just temperatures instead in the 70s and 80s, we'll be cooler. these are the forecast highs tomorrow. 67 in than hose. and 68 in morgan hill. and then you have a five-day forecast that for the first anytime a long time it is dry. and that is good for the creeks and the streams. there is the weekend always in view. a nice looking weekend coming up with a few clouds. but today was glorious. >> everyone seemed to be keary. >> everybody is in a good mood.
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>> thank you. gourmet gift food distributer harry and david has filed for bankruptciy protection. they offer fruits, nuts and other goodies to customers online and in its stores. the company will continue operating during the restructuring. and sprint-nextel asked the u.s. government to stop at&t from buying t-mobile saying it would be bad for consumers. at&t says that is not so. the justice department and the fcc could take a year or longer to review
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the san jose city council could tighten up lease laws tomorrow night. a woman was injured when she was tangled by a dog leash. it would require leashes no longer than six feet on paths and sidewalks and call for fines of up $200 for repeat offenders. mark ibanez is here to the
12:25 am
talk about sports. >> the stanford women is-- are the best thing in sports this year. not an eyebrow razor to see stanford in a fourth straight final four appearance. when the 27th in a row. even in spokane with their great homegrown product john stockton looking on. he has been working with courtney van der sloot. she had 18 straight at one point. 25 points all told. and stanford put the pedal down. the power move inside gets it to drop. what's new with her. 23 points and 11 rebounds and her freshman sister chiming in with 18 points and 15 rebounds. nice move there. they handle the hostile environment no problem. >> the way i take it, if they
12:26 am
are not cheering for you they are cheering against you for a reason. gonzaga is a strong team. and they put up a fight and i am happy we got to play in this environment with a team as talented as they are. in san francisco a guy with a hairy beard was here to close out a giants victory tonight. bruce bochy says it is less than 50/50 that their top man will be on the mound for opening day. with san francisco leading 3-1 in the 5th but a two out two run single off matt cain. three runs. however, not tied long. but long gone is that ball off the bat of aubrey huff. hitting .365 he looks ready for the real deal. and someone lost a beer out
12:27 am
there. and it holds up. sergio romo beard and all gets the final out. and look at the very is relate pablo sandoval making the catch out there. that is one he didn't make last year. the giants by a whisker 4-3. many years have passed since he played baseball, jose conseco tried to pass off his identical twin as himself in a celebrity boxing match in florida over the weekend. as it turns out they are not identical. fans were able to tell it was not jose in the ring because his tattoos are different from his brothers. the fight never went off and ozzie had to be escort from the ring with a police escort. >> you can't make stuff like
12:28 am
you up. >> the tatoos tell all. >> the guy is something else. that is the sporting life for monday night. we'll hear something from conseco in future. >> ktvu
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