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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  March 29, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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a state of emergency is declared tonight as a landslide crushes hopes in hercules. gad evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the rain has stopped but the hill behind their homes is still moving. eight homes are in immediate danger along carson street in the hills south of highway 4. ktvu's ken wayne is there and
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says homeowners can only wonder what might happen next, ken. >> julie we're on carson street where the no parking signs are in place. the concrete barrier is up and yellow tape around the eight affected homes. four homes are regular tagged, four homes are yellow. red is homeowners can't stay inside, yellow they can't go in at all. you can see the tons of soil that has been on the move. martin gonzalez says he tried to buy landslide insurance years ago but no one would sell it. tonight his home is yellow tagged and his family doesn't know where to go. >> they told me, we want to move out. we don't want to get buried alive. >> reporter: tonight the council declared a national emergency. >> we have problems in san pa proand they hope we can tie it together and make ate regional
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response from the state -- problems in san pablo and they hope we can tie it together to make it a regional response. >> the city says our homeowners association owned the land and there's a problem. >> reporter: now city officials are considering contemplating demolishing the homes. >> i want to know that the city is behind us and will work with us and help us get through this. this is a tragedy. >> reporter: with the dry weather now you would think that problem is over. but the chief building official here said one of the houses here today was pushed about 3- inches in just a few hours. and the entire hillside could still come crumbling down. live in hercules, ken wayne.
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in santa cruz the county board of supervisors is also expected to declare an emergency as it cleans up from wet weather. the storm cost $17 million from mud slides. capitola was among the hardest hit. the. and later this hour, another bay area community cut off because of a landslide. at about 10:30, the effort now under way to move a mountain of mud and what may have made this area prone to a slide. an update to a story we first reported here on friday. the city of pleasonton can
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drink their water. residents are being asked to preserve water until repairs are finished. ktvu has learn of a high level deflection on the city council in oakland. new at10:00 tonight. our amber lee is working her sources and tells us russo has been offered the job and he's accepted it. >> reporter: he's city attorney for oakland now he will be moving here to alameda to become the new city manager. at city hall there was a special meeting to discuss the matter. alameda city leaders went behind closed doors to work out details about the employment offer. there still has to be a background check and agreement with russo. alameda's mayor would not give us details.
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>> we're looking for someone who has a lot of experience in and around city management and we're looking for someone who's doing to be a staple leader for alameda. >> reporter: russo is a seasoned politician in his third team as oakland city attorney. and before that an oakland city council member. most recently he's been at odds with major jean quan. >> i think there's a will the of things going on. we have a $50,000 deficit. it's going to be a difficult time. >> reporter: ignacio de la fuente has worked with russo. he says russo was a good fit for oakland and will be a good fit for alameda. >> we had an interim for the last two year, and now is an
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opportunity for us to basically fulfill a commitment we made to the community. >> reporter: my source told me russo will be submitting his resignation to oakland one week from today. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland's police chief is responding to charges first aired last night that his department's moral has hit a new low. chief anthony bats says the moral problem existed before he took the floor. >> we are all taking cuts. that's the reality. the mainstay of municipal policing, in every one of those you have police officers that are unhappy. >> reporter: opd has lost 140 officers due to lay offs and attrition during the last year
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and a half. oakland police officers are now wearing small video cameras that can record their interactions. the camera is worn on the shirt or placed on the dashboard of the police car. the department says video will be kept on a secure server where officers will be unable to access the content. a bomb square prompted a scare. police received a second report of a bomb on a train at about 5:30 and that it would explode between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. the train reached the station and passengers got off.
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a bomb detecting bomb searched the train and found nothing. garfield smith was arrested after he allegedly left a backpack outside of the federal building. then told a flower employee a bomb was inside it. >> a community meeting in the city's intersunset community got heated. about 100 people turned out. some say that the school makes them worry about their own children's safety. the honda school building sits empty in the intersunset. now the san francisco school district wants to make it a new alternative school that would include about 30 rehabilitating youth who have had run ins with
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the law. some owners understand the need but also have a concern about safety and ensuring that kids are respectful of the community. >> it is a bit of concern and a safety issue. but you know the kids have to go to school some where. >> reporter: today school officials gathered to have a meeting. >> lots of support in working together to really make it a community experience for the students, a supportive experience and look at their assets and how we can make them be positive community members. >> we sent an e-mail to all the families here just so that they are aware of what's going on. >> reporter: at a near by church, people hope the
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students get what they need. >> that they're getting proper care and something to address why they were troubled. >> reporter: the school district says they hope to open the new school this coming november. neighbors say they hope to have more meetings like this before it's a done deal. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. california governor jerry brown broke off budget negotiations today. brown posted comments on you tube saying he couldn't agree to the republican's 53 demands. the governor wants voters to agree on tax extension. the annual quarantine of mussels went into effect today. the quarantine covers all species of mussels.
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the quarantine is in effect till the end of october. commercially harvested mussels are not included. the department of water resources says this year's snow pack is the largest since 1995. all across the sierra the impressive amount of snowfall is on display. if sign at sugar bowl ski resort sits 4 feet under the snow. no rain in the forecast but temperatures on the increase. we could see some low 80s as early as tomorrow. i'll tell you where. jason and jeremy giambi take the st
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authorities tonight are saying they had no choice. they had to kill a mountain lion that was cornered today in a residential neighborhood in redwood city. lloyd lacuesta is live at the home now where a woman says she spotted the animal in her own backyard, lloyd. >> reporter: frank where it all happened is a densely populated redwood city, s equoia hospital less than a block away. still, a mountain lion walked
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into the backyard of this home. >> all i could see was his face coming through the slats of the fence. >> reporter: police came out to this home and a message went out to 600 homes. police did not want to endanger anyone so they shot it dead. >> we did see him shoot it. it ran a few feet after it was shot and you know it was thrashing a bit. then it expired. >> reporter: havasi saw the animal walking in her backyard after leaping over a back fence. >> i told my daughter to stay in the bedroom under the covers. i didn't know if it was going to jump through the window or break the glass, i was really scared. >> reporter: it's a vicious animal. it could attack anyone. you can't just let it roam. >> reporter: neighbors we talked to agree in killing the animal. but on people wrote
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in upset. so wrong, so wrong to kill the animal. fish and game need to be trained or retrained to properly hander the situation by tranquilizing the animal. i talked on the phone to the puma project. >> our fish and game wildlife biologists feel comfortable tranquilizing a mountain lion in an urban setting. >> we can't just try and tranquilize it. have it run out there, more upset than what it is and have it attack somebody. >> reporter: under a blue tarp the body was taken away. they've counted about 100 mountain lions in redwood and what happened today will likely happen again. mike lacuesta. seven years ago another mountain lion met a similar fate in a residential
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neighborhood of palo alto. it was may of 2004. a mountain lion chased a man up a tree. and before officials could tranquilize it, the mountain lion started to jump so they shot it dead. >>-- killing an 8-year-old boy. during today's proceedings, hall said he wish he was the one that died in that 2009 crash. u.s. supreme court today heard arguments in a sex discrimination case against wal- mart that originated with two bay area women. supporters of women's rights rallied in washington, d.c. in support of plaintiff betty
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duke. they say wal-mart and its sam club stores routinely paid women less than men and awarded promotions to men rather than women. >> we have filed a lawsuit since 2001. i have heard from numerous women telling me basically the same story as mine. >> reporter: today the supreme court heard arguments about whether the case should go forward as a class action lawsuit that could involve more than 1 million women. if it does proceed it would be the largest such case in history. wal-mart denies the allegations. levi strauss has agreed to pay $1 million of back wages to almost 600 employees. the company had misclassified workers as exempt from over time. workers were required to work off the clock late at night or early in the morning.
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a levi strauss spokeswoman called the rules complex. baseball's giambi brothers took the witness stand in san francisco today. as ktvu's rita williams report, jason and jeremy giambi testified about their own use of performing enhancing drugs. >> the giambi brothers were the first baseball players to testify that they also worked with bonds' trainer anderson. jason giambi said anderson tested his blood and urine. some containing balco's cream and clear. giambi said anderson explained that one raised testosterone levels the other mask it from mlb drug tests for steroids. asked about the effects they had on him, giambi answered quote, i didn't find much. eight months later after paying anderson $10,000. giambi said she stopped using
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them and has never seen anderson again. giambi said anderson described the cream and clear as steroid like and undetectable. the younger jeremy giambi recounted similar testing, a first package with human growth hormone and needles quote, i already knew how to take it. and viles of the cream and clear. last up former giant bernore said he started taking steroids in mexico, drugs intended for animals. he says when he got to spring training, anderson gave him the creme and the clear. >> the government thinks that's going to help them establish the fact that the players knew what they were taking or at least asked those type of questions. and more details from court today. also on the stand former giants head trainer scott canti. he said quo i didn't like the
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looks of greg anderson. he also said he didn't think anderson should have been allowed inside the giant's clubhouse. marvin bernard is due back on the stand tomorrow. other famous baseball stars to testify are armando rios, benito santiago. a few clouds to the north of us. no big deal things are going to warm up tomorrow. today's temperatures got into the 70s. tomorrow's could make it to the 80s. cooler weather, few clouds come in. a little bit low wind friday and saturday. just a little bit of a cooldown. overnight lows tonight on the mild side. patchy fog in the inland bay valleys just like the last two mornings. daytime highs tomorrow they are going to come up.
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after the fog we're going to see temperatures into the upper 70s and 80s. we're going to take a look at the specific highs for the five day. the california state assembly today unanimously approved a bill from hanging taxes on recovery money that they received in the wake of last year's deadly pipeline explosion. pg & e set up a $100 million fun for victims of the september 9th explosion and about 650 people have received checks ranging from 15 to $50,000. the bill authored by jerry hill of san mateo now heads to the governor's desk. it is a story you will see
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the city of oakland
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considers her one of the bay area's worse landlord. it's a story you will hear only on 2. a judge's order could send the landlord to jail if she doesn't fix the problems that ten in a minutes say are making them sick. >> louian lopez says that cockroaching in her refrigerator are just the beginning. >> look at that, i can't eat that food. and i keep getting bit. >> reporter: three other properties in oakland and this property say they've been living with bugs, broken windows and sometimes no heat or lights. there's no lock on this gate. i'm even able to walk right up the stairs here and go inside with no problem. >> the city of oakland says the owner gardener has ignored fines and requests to clean up her act for years. but now a judge is ordering her to take action. he's not allowed to collect any more rent until she does.
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>> she never kept one single promise on one single thing she say she's going to do. >> a threat of jail time could finally force gardener to make repairs. >> while gardener didn't answer the door at her office, the city attorney's office says she's getting the message. >> what you have to do is really hit her where it hurts. so she fixes things for the tenant through the years. >> and requires her to pay relocation costs for any tenants who just want out. in oakland eric rasmussen. and the university of -- you may remember a gunman killed 32 people before taking his own life. the government agency said the university violated federal law by waiting more than two hours before alerting students. the fine totaled $55,000 which is the maximum. virginia tech says it will
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appeal. now to the conflict in libya, forces loyal to gadhafi regained the forces today. the rebel forces retreated after being hit by tanks and rocket fire for hours. there were no coalition airports. they can't advance without them. world leaders meeting in london expect reservations of former military reservoirs. but they do agree colonel gadhafi must go. there was also heavy fighting in mizrata. that's the last significant rebel stronghold in the west. at least three people died there today. i'm concerned about some of the folks on the other side that are running out of supplies. here's the problem, a massive mud slide. did a fire several years ag
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drivers in san francisco are facing gridlock these days thanks to major construction projects. healther holmes noticed the problem herself and she's talking to frustrated homeowners. >> construction equipment blocking two lanes and these lane closures signal a driver's worse nightmare. >> reporter: drivers race the boiling point as they try to navigate through a city in the midst of transforming
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transportation. >> it's murder. it is. it's really tough. >> reporter: cordero can't get any relief from the traffic nightmare. >> it's in the garage, pretty much backed up until i get out of the city. >> reporter: there are crews working near the side of the transit center. south of the financial district. >> we're inspecting the sewer here. crews relocating underground utilities along stockton street. news chopper 2 capturing another day of union square gridlock. this is a 17 month phase of the ambitious south bay project expected to be completed in 2018. >> i prefer to take b.a.r.t. because i don't want to think about it. >> reporter: but others don't have a choice but to deal with it. i'm sure in 20 years we're going to look back and there's
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going to be no big deal. >> reporter: that's what the leaders of these projects say apologizing for any temporary inconveniences. but frank and julie, touting the long term benefits. a proposal to provide tax breaks to twitter to keep the company from leaving san francisco have some people all worked up and they are not limiting their displeasure to 140 character. >> if that's the way you want the play, you can get out of town. >> dozens of people took part in a ruckus protest. city officials are considering waving taxes for twitter and other companies that move into the mid-market neighborhood. protesters say they want more in return including computer for neighborhood groups and a promise to hire san francisco residents. twitter has declined to comment. jurors in redwood city have
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resumed -- hillsdale high school. yesterday jurors convicted alexander yushok on five counts but deadlocked on two. today they found the teen guilty of a third count. the pipeline plot occurred two years ago. the senate phase of the trial is set to begin on monday. the japanese government acknowledged today it wasn't well enough prepared to protect the power plant. now a new problem has arisen. a water that's been dumped on the reactors to keep them cool have failed. the robots have never been used in a situation like this. also within the last hour we learned that the president of the power company that owns the nuclear plants was taken to the hospital today sufficienting from dizziness and high blood pressure. the people are also struggling to take care of
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their dead. the usual elaborate buddhist rituals are being left behind. toyota told american car dealers to only order certain replacement parts if a customer needs them because it fears its supplies will run out. and honda plans to temporarily stop production at north american factories tomorrow because of shortages of parts. a landslide has completely cut off residents. >> reporter: workers have carted out tons of mud and degree and there are still tons of mud to remove where the
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saturated hillside gave way saturday afternoon. homeowners near by say they are overwhelmed by the mountain of mud. >> the ground is overly saturated and it still is and these dangers are going to be around for a while. >> reporter: they are not sure how many people live on the other side of the slide. >> there is a fire break road that's about a four mile detour from what i understand and is very rough and requires a four wheel drive. so we've offered to bring in gasoline and bottled water. >> i'm just concerned about sol some of the residents on the other side that are running out of supplies. and there's some elderly on the other side. >> reporter: these are some of the trees that had to be
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removed. you see some of the stumps are still charred from the fire. >> so that makes it unsafe to work at night other wise we would be out here 24/7. >> reporter: crews say they hope to have one lane or walking path open by tomorrow. a tree in the presidio national park has been found infected. the tree is a coast live oak and the bark shows infection as if sap is spewing out. neighbors say they heard a powerful explosion. a history of violation there is. and we'll be back in less than ten minutes to talk about 80-degree temperatures we're looking for tomorrow. it was a
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we are learning more tonight about a large explosion at a newark refinery. two employees were doing routine work on equipment before the blast happened. one employee suffered a broken arm. fire trucks doused the giant pipes with water. the plant manager says a heat exchange unit failed and burst into flames. a phrabt employee says she heard one big boom that shook
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whip does -- a plant employee says she heard a one big boom that shook windows. >> grabbed the purse, grabbed my jacket, grabbed my keys, out of there. >> hazmat teams rushed to the area after the explosion. in syria, the government mobilized dozens of people to attend rallies across the country. this comes as the president fired his cabinet and promised to end emergency laws that have allowed him to rule with an iron fist. it is unclear if the concessions will quiet widespread anti government choices that have left at least 60 people dead. >> in thailand, flooding in the southern part of the country got worse as more heavy rain
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fell. a total of 14 provinces have been evacuated. the flooding is the worse in more than 30 years. in england, a small church has had a very old bible on display. only recently have they learned it's more like 400 years old. they say the bible is an original copy of the orangal king james copy of the version. it can be dated on printing errors found only in the first edition printing. the case schiller index found home prices slipped by 2% in january. san diego and washington, d.c. are the only two cities that posted positive year to year
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gains. in san francisco home prices were down 1.7%. bank of america shareholders are suing the bank claiming they suffered as part of the fore closure process. you may recall the largest bank temporarily froze foreclosures. the suit filed yesterday in new york claims the company's mismanagement of home loans is to blame for the stock prices following 2.5%. radiation from full body scanners may not be as dangerous as previously feared. uc berkeley says the machines postno significant health threat. even though they use ionizing radiation which is known to cause cancer. they determined the doses are low, less than 1% of laid kwroeugs a person gets from flying in an airport -- of
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radiation a person gets from flying in an airport. here in this napa valley
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in napa tonight we're learning about a horrible discovery at a local vineyard. ktvu's rob roth tells us someone shot and killed three sheep who were grazing there and now several more are now missing. >> reporter: these sheep survived the slaughter, they've now been moved to this pen in fairfield. the sheep has been grazing on the grass in a remote part of napa. last friday morning, george richmond the sheppard came to check on his flock.
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>> this is where i found one of my three-year-olds here in the woods and -- when i first looked i just saw a lot of blood around it. >> reporter: richmond found a ram and a young ram also shot to death and seven sheep are missing, six of them lambs. the sheriff's department is investigating but the key question remains why. >> they are not bred for meat. they are bread as a companion animal. they are short, gentle natured. >> reporter: the breeder thinks it must have happened last thursday. after the storm. >> somebody must have known that. >> reporter: the sheep shootings have residents and wine industries shattered. >> hopefully they see what a
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horrible thing they've done. >> reporter: the winery is offering a reward for any information on anyone responsible. police are warning residents in one san anselmo neighborhood to keep their pets inside. a homeowner reported seeing a coyote. the sighting was near the intersection of secoia drive. unfortunately the families cat has not been found. the city of hercules is going to have to make some significant budget cuts an outside auditor returned a preliminary report today. the audit recommends -- making matters worse the city has been tapping into its redevelopment funds but those funds have now run dry. san francisco medical center is once again on the list of top hospitals in the
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united states. u.s. news and world reports recognized 100 hospitals. and ucsf ranked seventh. in regional rankings ucsf was followed by san francisco. sanford medical center and regional medical center of san jose received top honors for silican valley. a northern california man is counting his blessings tonight after surviving a fall while snow boarding on mount shasta. >> i was positive i was going to die. >> james drummen redding was wearing a camera on his helmet when he landed upside down near the base of a tree while snow boarding last week. he was covered by about 6 feet of snow but was able to breathe. luckily he had his cell phone with him and was able to direct
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rescuers to his exact locations. it took him about an hour to find him and pull him to safety. and there's a few clouds out there now but a warm day in store tomorrow with temperatures getting into the eight 80s. we go outside to live tracker 2. the san francisco airport at 52-degree. san jose is at 56. mild out there, we're going to look for patchy fog just like we've looked the last few mornings. some rain north of here. that's an indication that the season is, well it's still -- it's spring but there's still some rain out here. it's not going to happen but it's close enough to it that as we get to saturday and sunday, temperatures will trend a little bit. tomorrow, wednesday and thursday are going to be the warmest days of the week. saturday and sunday temperatures trend down. to illustrate here, the clouds is going into the pacific
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northwest. when the days get longer the jet stream starts to reseed north. the jet stream divides warm air here from the cold air here. it starts getting warmer. you notice this as we head into the next few months you notice that thing going way up there. friday the north bay valley not a big deal. gone early. but there's that jet stream going well to the north. high pressure strengthening, as it does air actually sinks. when air rises it cools -pl when air sinks it warms. temperatures are really going to pop up. into the low 30s. then it changes around the air the is going to start to cool a little bit. the forecast model which is sort of interesting. you have the clouds, you're going to see them here tomorrow afternoon. a few clouds mainly in the north bay around noontime. not a big deal.
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really nice day tomorrow. what's that offshore? looks like a rain event but it's a weak low pressure center that's going to spin its way down the coast. it's going to end near baha. if this thing were to head east, there's no indication it's going to do it. you can see that. so that's thursday, then you get into thursday afternoon. probably the warmest of all the days or all the days this week. then we get into friday and you look at the shift in the flow. we're looking at clouds, filtered sunshine and cooler saturday and sunday. your forecast highs tomorrow, pretty impressive i would say. lots of upper 70s, low 80s. five day forecast with your weekend always in view. we have the break. many bay area locations well above average for rainfall and snowfall. so a nice week ahead. >> i can't even remember the last time we had an 80 degrees temperature. >> it's awfully nice. thank you bill. san jose is tightening the
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leash on dog owners. to a maximum of 6 feet long when used on city paths and sidewalks. the old limit was 20 feet. offenders could face fines of up to $200. the leash proposal follows an incident where a woman fell after tripping over a leash, fell, hit her head and died. on wall street today, stocks made gains, the dow added 81. the nasdaq advanced 26. former republican gubernatorial meg whitman is getting a new
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job with a firm. whitman will be joining parker. they are
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the crew of the space shuttle endeavor arrived at cape canaveral today two weeks before endeavor is set to make its final flight. the crew will be led by kelly. the husband of senator giffords. and you know i was thinking about it. perhaps a wake up call maybe the first one for brian williams. go ahead yak it up on the talk shows. grow your beard till your ready to play. but when the bell rings, be there. he will not. he will be on the dl list with a strained oblique. mid-season form right there for some of the fans. gio gonzalez looking real good on the mound. but gibson to pablo sandoval
12:26 am
which hitter goes from the right side. will score pat burrell. the a's tieing nit sixth. landon to the left. with a two out single it's 1-1. barry zito does very well. and deep right center, that is a blast. solo homer. and the two bay area teams tomorrow afternoon in san francisco. a turn out in droves no matter what the team's record is. seems as long as they are entertaining and win every now and then good enough. great game but nay lost -- but they lost. if that works for you, good for you. look at the final sequence. warriors are down six, 13.5 seconds left. they get it to reggie williams.
12:27 am
he hits the three. so the deficit the three. stay with it. look what the warriors do on defense. they create a turn over. ellis he will look for a three. he will get it. six points in about seven seconds. they go to overtime. there are your warrior highlights because the thunder own it after that. kevin durant the three. and the warriors again fall shy although it was a good game 115- 114. and the warrior women can now focus on texas a & m. it is texas a &m over texas as expected. and top seed annihilated duke. uconn now faces noter dame on sunday. that's when stanford will play as well. that's the sporting life for a tuesday night. >> that would be a good one.
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>> stanford beat them earlier. no reason why they can't do it again. >> right. thank you mark. the ktvu morning news begins at 4:30 thunderstorm morning. they'll have the very
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