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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  April 3, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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i changed my mind ♪ ♪ i changed my mind and i changed my mind. ♪ an experienced pilot crashes to his death in the east bay. and witnesses say he was thinking of others during the emergency situation. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. we're learning more about a crash near the oakland airport. bistandards rushed to the mangled aircraft in a drastic
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effort to save the pilot after the plane crashed into the bay. debra villalon has details. >> reporter: this fatal crash is sealed off but looking across the water you can see the wreckage and agoivety at this hour. this is the four seater with only the pilot aboard. witnesses said he seemed to do everything he could to avoid crashing on to bistandards near by. people near soccer fields were shocked to see the plane procruding. >> we couldn't even see his face from the mud. to try to get his head at least out of the mud, clear his face to he could breathe.
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that was my plan. but the mud was too dense. >> reporter: the pilot had just taken off from oakland airport. airborne only a few minutes before his engine apparently quit. the only hint of trouble, this transmission to oakland tower. >> he was a very experienced pilot and he was a very, very safe pilot. >> reporter: others who fly the world war ii era airplane said they immediately recognized this one and realized sadly the pilot was all but the president of their navy club. they suspect their club leader was diving. or as witnesses say diving to avoid hitting bistandards on the shore. >> he obviously did everything h he could do keep the airplane away from people and it ended up going in there nose first.
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>> reporter: as evening fell, we watched an faa investigators examine the wreckage. tomorrow morning an ntsb crew arrives to investigate. tomorrow, the plane will be picked up peace by peace. now the pilot's body has been recovered and taken to the coroner's office. reporting live in alameda, debra villalon. southwest airlines said this evening that inspectors have found cracks in the metal kin of three more of its planes. the cracks are similar to those found a 737 when a hole ripped open on top of one of its jets. the airline says the cracks of one of the planes is small and that the plane has been taken out of service to be inspected. 19 other aircrafts have been evaluated so far and no problems have been found.
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friday's i said -- friday's accident happened right after take off. the inspections will continue at least until tuesday. that could mean another day of cancelled flights. 00 were scrapped just today. patti lee talked to passengers after the destruction. >> reporter: at oakland international, attendants rushed to find -- >> about an hour ago. before we left the hotel to come to the airport. >> reporter: to the time they checked in. inconvenient, even irritating. >> it kind of ruined our days. >> reporter: but passengers said they realized there are
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reasons for the cancellations. >> we have evidence that the plane separated from its rivvot line. >> reporter: the cracking missed during routine inspections could have been detected when the plane was disassembled for major maintenance last march. >> reporter: should the aircraft been maintained better, that is exactly why we are here to look at why this problem occurred. >> reporter: while investigators searched for answers it's every day travelers who are paying the price. here at oakland international, a reported 68 flights were cancelled today. 20 out of sfo, three out of san jose. 19 southwest planes passed inspection and returned to service this afternoon. it could help ease monday air travel. but southwest airlines isn't making any promises.
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in oakland, patti lee, ktvu. the department of transportation says 28% more complaints were made in 2010 compared to 2009. delta airlines averaged two complaints. followed by united, u.s. air way, continental and american. delta has the least complaints, ranging two in 100,000. it happened just after 3:00 in morning at polk and sacramento streets. there is no word tonight on the man's condition. but police say the woman's injury is not life threatening. so far police say they do not know the motive for the shooting. oakland's police tonight have a suspect in a deadly shooting. we first told you about the shooting death of a man right here on the 10 clock news. police today said douglas yen
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shot the man with a rifle. they have not released any information about the motive. yin was last seen driving a honda civic with the license plate number 6hwu861. los angeles police are offering a $10,000 reward tonight in connection with the attack on a san francisco aten remains in a medically induced coma in a los angeles hospital. a fund has been set up to help pay his medical bills. los angeles police released composite sketches of the two suspects who were wearing dodger's clothing. police describe them as young latinos. the mayor's and police of los angeles and san francisco along with the dodgers and giants released a statement today. it read in part, this attack is
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incontiable behavior. >> there's a new sign in town that reads shop catipola support your community from the capitola businesses. the music the masses and the money that come with them are bringing a big sigh of relief for shop owners. because the weather is finally serving up something to draw tourists in. >> it's a beautiful day. why not. >> it's been a long time. pasty white, ready to get some sun. >> reporter: business are ready to get pets like them and their
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owners back. first the tsunami sáupbg more than 1,000 boats. then damaged business and misplaced residents. >> we're still trying to get over what happened. >> reporter: she and 16 of her neighbors are still staying at this capitola hotel with help from the red cross. the local chapter said last month it spend double their budget. homeowners are trying to help displaced homeowners. >> we need to help. because they were there for us when we were there. >> whatever i can give i'll be happy to give. because i can guarantee you, they are worth everything donated. >> i know there's family here that are concerned about their loved ones over there. but that's where they really need to help, over in japan.
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>> reporter: and just as the red cross is asking for donation, they hope that more the will come here. the california public utilities commission is scheduled a five hour public hearing tuesday in san bruno on pipeline safety plans. officials say they expect a lot of people to show us. among the proposals the puc is considering is automatic shut off valves. better inspection routine and improving recordkeeping. the perjury trial of barry bonds is set to resume tomorrow morning in san francisco. the prosecutions case against the home run king is almost finished. it's last witness and anti doping expert dr. don katlin is expected to wrap up his testimony tomorrow. then a background is to be read in court. he told the grand jury he never
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knowingly used performance enhancing drugs. after that the defense begins it's case. testimony resumes tomorrow in oakland in the trial of two men charged with killing oakland journalist baley. the trial was released last week. tomorrow brousard who has pled guilty for killing bailey is expected to continue his testimony. last week he testified that defendant yousef bay ordered him to kill bailey to prevent the journalist from writing a report. and a colonel ofgadhafii has revealed scenarios issued by gadhafi. the libyan leader has declared
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several seize fired but has never halted any of the attacks on the rebels. the rebels are still trying to hold ground on the east. early today the opposition came under heavy bombardment. in the past few days, leaders of the rebels have allowed only fighters who defected and some with training to the front lines. that has angled some of the young volunteers who have been waging the campaign, often it was the first time many of them had ever even held a weapon. now to japan tonight in the search for the thousands still missing and unaccounted for three weeks now after the quake and tsunami. a passive three day effort led to the recovery of 69 bodies today. it is a very difficult and dangerous job searching through so much debris. us and japanese ships along with helicopter are also scanning the ocean. at this point the confirmed death toll stands at 1,027. and the missing is estimated at
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16,000. at the nuclear plant, the government said it will take months to stop the radiation leaks and restore the cooling systems. now this is the first time a timetable has been mentioned. the bodies of two workers when the tsunami hit the plant have been recovered. straight ahead, a shut down in the government and cuts looming. how the budget crunch can
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the federal government faces a shut down this week as democrats and republicans clash over billions of the proposed spending cuts. they've agreed to ten million dollars in temporary spending cuts that have helped the government running so far. they're calling for $61 billion in cuts. senate democrats say that goes too far. a republican budget proposal to be unveiled this week calls for saving money without raising taxes. senator democrats are already questioning the plan and similar bills because the legislation could affect
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everything from defense spending and medicare to tax reforms. >> i don't know how you get there without taking basically a meat ax to those programs who protect the most vulnerable in our country. >> we're trying to reduce spending and our democratic friends are hanging on to all the ideas that every time you're trying to reduce spending you're being cruel and mean. there is concern among some bay area homeless veterans that they could lose some of the services they say they need just to survive. ktvu's jim vargas reports there are thousands of vets urgently needing that help. >> as word spread to the veteran's homeless programs. vets in san francisco's precidio were shocked. 20,000 people live in california, everyone we spoke with today says without a program like this they would be out on the streets or worse. >> without the benefits being here for me, you know i don't know where i would be.
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i would be in prison or dead. >> reporter: besides housing, they provide counseling, medical services and health services for vets many suffering from ptsb. >> it's a whole new thing now and they need to know how to handled that. >> we send their daughters and sons, when they come home they are forgotten. >> reporter: children from working families are in line to lose services too because of state budget cuts. at community action marin officials were rushing to finish a grant application. >> they're going to go back to having to be with a neighbor, being with a friend or sitting in the car while the parent is working. >> reporter: a shorts a plow share official says the obama administration has been very supportive of veterans in the
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past. but these cuts go through thousands of vets won't be living on the streets. in san francisco, jim vargas. new federal figures show about one in six people currently living on the streets has served in the armied forces. the department of veterans affairs looked at homeless figures for one single night. and have found 16% of all single adults are veterans. there are programs in place for homeless vets but as jim mentioned it is unclear if congress will continue funding that help. an exclusive new ktvu field poll find that the health care reform law remains more popular here in california than any where else in the country. 52% of registered voters support the reform with 37% opposing. other polls show 46% of all
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americans oppose the law. health care reform remains a politically polarizing issue. a better diet and more exercise could save millions of the californians from type two diabetes and billions in medical costs. the institute for alternative futures says 9.7 says 9.7 billion californians are considered diabetic. 6.6million state residents are expected to be diabetic by 2005 costing $7 billion in medical care. yoga may help atrial
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fibrillation and suffered less anxiety and depression. 27-tons of turkey burger sold at california sam's clubs are being recall tonight because of fears of salmonella. only burgers sold in four pound boxes containing 12 individually wrapped burgers are affected. walgreens is now the latest company to have their customers e-mail accounts hacked. kroger customers also had their e-mailed hacks. customers may see more spam e- mail. something might be changing
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in california's housing market. allie rasmus explains the number of fore closure properties up for auction appears to be on the decline. >> reporter: a fast talking auctioneer and whistle blowers kept the crowd alert. prospective buyers combed but the listings, circled their selections and hoped their wouldn't be outbid. >> i was hoping to move from oakland to oakland hills. >> two years ago i came to rac auction. it was huge. it was just three times as big, just had more properties for sale. >> reporter: and he says there were much better deals. he thinks the days of auctions like these could be numbered but not everyone agreed. even though the crowd is smaller and the bids seem a
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little bit higher there's still a lot of foreclosures that could go through the pipeline although this auction has 70 homes listed. by some accounts there are as many as 2 million homes in foreclosure but they haven't been listed yet. it is what is being called shadow foreclosures. >> but it's an opportunity i saw a lot of people doing really well. i'm sure young people getting a house for very affordable. >> reporter: even though he wasn't successful in his bid this morning, he plans to try again. allie rasmus. a little relief at the ballpark. how the a's used today to help
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the price tag to fixed the damaged pipeline keeps going up. as of this weekend the statewide damage rose $4 million to $48 million disaster declaration from president obama could make available about $25 million in federal aid. harbors in crescent city, fort brag and santa cruz were hard hit by the waves and surges caused by the earthquakes in japan. the oakland a's pitched in today to help the victims of japan's earthquake and tsunami.
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japanese men's choir delivered the national anthem today. the athletic matzui and suzuk i were in the line up. the a's said they've raised more than $65,000 for the relief effort. in news of the world tonight, in afghanistan anti american protests spread across the country today for the third day in a row. the violence has left 24 people dead. afghans are angry over the burning of a koran by a pastor last month. in the west african nation, fighters prepared for a final assault to oust president louren bacbod. even though another man is the
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recognized winner of last month's election. 20miles separate the forces of the two men. in the last week, 400 people have died in the fighting. the death toll rose today to 40 after a week of heavy rains that triggered flooding and landslides in 10 southern provinces. one entire village was buried under a slide. thousands of people have escaped their homes. french investigators using under water robots say they found more pieces of an air france plane that crashed in the atlantic in 2009. air transflight 447 went down killing all 248 people aboard. the search comes after tpráefrpblg officials issued manslaughter charges and the maker of the plane air bus. investigators are now trying to determine whether the jets speed sensors could have been clogged be ice. there is word tonight bp
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oil company wants to start drilling again in the gulf of mexico. the request to federal regulator comes almost a year after the deadly explosion at the deep water horizon killed 11 people and spilled 9 billion- barrels of crude oil into the well. the new york times reports unnamed bp officials say the company wants permission to continue drilling at 10 existing sites. actor charlie sheen took his stage show to chicago tonight and people there said it went better than the first night in detroit. >> boo, boo. >> ouch, at that show the audience reacted badly to what he's calling my violent torpedo of truth, defeat is not an option tour. when sheen told jokes about crack cocaine, you hear it there, the audience booed. that's when people began to leave and sheen remarked he already had their money. the actor has become infamous for his drug use, treatment of
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women and his run-ins with the law. we're giving you a warning, a big crack down by law enforcement. which drivers they pl
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curving accidents on california roads. law enforcement has come up with the idea to crack down on distracted drivers. that's exactly what they'll be doing starting tomorrow. claudine wong explains. >> reporter: we didn't have a hard time finding people who do it. >> it's a habit. >> you find yourself talking or texting? >> i don't text, i talk. >> reporter: you try to hide it. >> i put it under my hair.
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>> reporter: i think a lot of people -- >> i think a lot of people have learned to work around. they use the speaker on the phone. >> reporter: tomorrow a crack down gets under way. the highway patrol and 225 other law enforcement agencies will be making sure drivers aren't distracted. studies say texting drivers can be worse than drunk drives. >> this type of driving behavior has to change because it's extremely dangerous. >> reporter: the man who wrote the hands free cell phone law say there are a lot of good drives our here who obey the law. but he says there are way too many people who just don't. he wants to make this law even tougher. senator joe smithian says four out of 12 drivers still text and refuse to talk hands free. a second offense runs $50, his bill would make that $100. if the bill passes it would also mean a second offense could put a point on your license. >> maybe if i got two or three, but i don't think the first one would do it.
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>> i would definitely text, yes. >> you just apparently need to be caught. >> i do, i guess yeah. i prefer not to be but yes. >> reporter: the chp says officers will issue tickets but will also be issuing reminders that this is not about money it's about saving lives. in emeryville, claudine wong, ktvu news. the san mateo coroner's office identified the -- the crash happened around 7:00 saturday night on the john daley boulevard off ramp. investigators say they're not sure what caused the accident. and caltrans plans to start closures at this hour. caltranss will close the two right lanes of westbound i80 -- caltrans will close the two right lanes of westbound i80.
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the closures are needed to crews can fix problems with the pavement and they're expected to continue through next sunday. crowds of people in berkeley today found out you don't have to be rich to go sailing. the cal sailing club today hosted its first open club of the season. the club is a nonprofit open to the public. members save about $25 a month for sailing and wind surfing lessons from the all volunteers organization. >> a couple of places in the world where you have this consistent of a wind, this wonderful of a climate and best sailing area. club members like to remember that america's cup winner larry ellison learned to sail at the cal sailing club in the 1960s. there was a community celebration commemorating the
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life and work of cesar chavez. the cesar chavez community day celebration was held at healthy hearts youth market garden at dover street park. the event included lots of music, healthy cooking demonstrations and fruit tree planting. >> it's just a dream come true to have what you see here today. the mural, the garden, we've planted 20 fruit trees because we want to have an orchard. last thursday would have been cesar chavez 84th birthday. a nurses strike at stanford and lucielle hospital may be averted. 2,700 nurses threatened to strike. last night, the nurses and the hospital reached a deal. the three year contract includes pay raises and better defined disciplinary rules
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along with new training certification options. it was a big day today for girls in search of prom dresses. an annual dress give away took place today. dozens of teens came in today to select dresses and accessorys to match. >> i am hoping that the girls who came in here in five or ten years remember what happened to them and try and do something else for the community themselves. >> reporter: the boutique's owner says girls who didn't make it in today can still visit the store this week to pick out a dress. march madness for women. the cardinals go down to the wire. the thrilling finish ahead in sports wrap. from
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we're wrapping up a fairly nice weekend across most of the bay area. plenty of sunshine out there. temperatures will be peaking on monday so it should be beautiful tomorrow but big changes showing up on the long rage weather maps. right now i can show you this, we do have mostly clear skies out there. a few high clouds beginning to move into the parts of the north bay and exiting parts of the south bay as well. temperatures will be cooling off first thing monday morning. here's the over all weather story for tonight. mostly clear skies for your monday. mostly sunny and warm in fact,
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the warmest locations approaching the upper 70s. the extended forecast a major cool down. we also reintroduce the possibility of a few showers. overnight lows tomorrow morning, the coolest locations in the upper 30s up toward napa. santa rosa right around 40 degrees. san jose starting out monday morning 46. high pressure returns and strengthens for your monday. as a result we're talking about widespread 70s over a good porg of the bay area. this will be moving out of town by tuesday and so with that we begin. you can see what happens as the cool air moves in. we bring in a chance of a few showers, that will be for thursday. especially for thursday night into friday morning. it'll be cold enough, we could have snow levels down to possibly around 2,000 feet. so we'll have to keep an eye on
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that. here's our cloud and rain model. we have that rain free model for your wednesday. then we take this into tuesday. here's a forecast tomorrow morning, at 7:00 temperatures 40 to 60-degree. by 12:00 mostly sunny skies. 48 to 63 degrees. by 8:00 there's the eventual temperature range. upper 60s to upper 70s. santa rosa right around 76. fremont tops out 75 and morgan hill right around 76 degrees. here is a look ahead at your five day forecast. you notice into tuesday, we thicken the clouds just a little bit and drop temperatures. wind speeds will increase by midweek. there's a chance of showers thursday evening into friday morning. then already making plans for the upcoming weekend. looks like it will be dry. temperatures warming up. but heather and ken it could be an interesting sight here in the bay area. if everything lines up we could have a little bit of a dusting
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in the bay area. get ready, back to winter. >> don't put up the snow shovel if you live up in mount hamilton. good tip. stanford takes on texas a & m in the women's final four. the a's look for their first win
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good evening everyone. welcome to this late sunday night's sports wrap. make it three out of four shaky games for the giants and their start to the season. barry zito on the mound for the start of the season.
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zito deserved better. the ball gets by, rafeo cortal comes in all the way from fourth. carol goes into third for triple. two batters in the game. and it got worse before the inning was over. matt kemp came out with an out. he gave the giants a chance to win. sandoval gets his first homer of the season. the giants added another run in the fifth. in the seventh they got even. pat burrell takes in the inning. that's the second homer for burrell and it's a 3-3 game. zito gave way for, russler. marcus hits a deep to right. goes just off his glove. again the dodgers are in front. james loni comes around with
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third. and take a look at it again. you can see how the ball twists huff in knots. this isn't quite fair for huff as he became a right fielder a week ago. dodgers got four in the inning, went on to win 7-5. they got three out of four for the giants that now have a day off before playing to san diego. giants did get a look at hoffman today. a lot going on at the oakland coliseum today but four most in the mind of the a's was their first win of the 2011 baseball season. it was also japanese heritage day with $65,000 raised for the earthquake relief fund. it was almost that being the case, it was time for matzui in
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the second to double. curt suzuki with a field to right. and ichiro in the second to matzui. and the mariners run the ball down to cuslan. chris tpwoez goes to third with a triple. and it's 1-1. the a's go to the front. gonzalez kept the mariners off balance through the seventh. one of the four strike outs. the a's then made the whole exercise a whole lot more comfortable. another blooper that fell in
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right. chris came home on the play after two stumbles out of the plate. the a's make it one out of three before moving on to toronto on tuesday. 7-1 the final. matsui talked about having his first out on japanese heritage day. >> i prepared for the game like i always do. and got into the game like i always do but you know on the other hand there were a lot of japanese fans that came to watch the game and support us. so i felt like naturally there was that adrenaline that adrenaline rush that came as game time approached. >> i think it's the yellow jerseys though. we distract them a little bit. we put the yield sign. hold on. i felt relaxed when it came to our players. they were out there encouraging me to do better. i couldn't do it without my team. they did a wonderful job and i was just grateful to pitch. it's been an eventful start
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for the royals. 13innings against the angels. if royals win three out of the four over the angels. you can only call what happened in the first night of the women's final four tonight stunning. both number one seeds were knocked out. none other than condoleezza right in indianapolis today to see stanford -- condoleezza rice in indianapolis today to see stanford. and aggies sidney colson left in the wake of the play. colson goes down after a clean screen. fast forward less than 30 seconds to play. stanford up by one. it's 61-60 a & m with 16 seconds left. she had 31 points but still time for the aggies. they hustle up court. aggies back in front by one. poland was hurt on the play and
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had to be helped off of the court. with less than four second left. sanford needs a miracle play and that doesn't happen. picked off sanford had time to do something a little less desperate. a great season again comes up short of a national championship. the aggies lead 62-63 win. a stunning, connecticut will not win a third straight championship. it'll be the irish against the aggies for the title on tuesday. one of golf's biggest name gets some momentum to take into this week's first major of the year.
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a pretty good two weeks for nasca's kevin harvick who saved his best for last on opposite ends of the country. martin's of va virginia known they had to stop the race to clean up after this mess. prado stuck on harvick's car. take a look from a couple of angles when you go inside you can see how many impact he absorbed when he hit the barrier. truexx went to see if harvick was all right. last week harvick passed jimmy johnson to win at fontana. today he passed dale jr. one of golf's biggest weeks is about to begin and phil mickelson will take some
12:25 am
momentum to the masters. mickelson is the defender champion he's also in a role. nine strokes back today at the houston open. right on target, rolling his t shot in for a hole in one. mickelson began the day tied for the lead and got his round off to a good start. he was battling with another veteran player. that player scott replank began the day tied for the lead. he made the sixth. mickelson really turned it on on his final ten holes. we'll start at number nine where he made birdie. that was the first of five in a row. mickelson birdied the 13th he was in front for good. he went on to birdie a couple
12:26 am
more. he beat chris kirk by six strokes. now it's on to augusta. christie lewis was the story today in the kraft. she had back surgery to correct scoliosis. the real winning traditional is this. you must take a dip to make it official. quite a week of overcoming hardship for lewis who lost her grandfather and played on to honor the man who thought her the game.
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and nedal and yokavich to keep this game. yokavih wraps it up in three sets. that includes january's australian open. sandwiched between nedal and per red. lewis murphy became the third raider player to be arrested. murphy was charged with three misdemeanors for position of a drug. the prescription drug in question, viagra, no kidding. two other raiders to be arrested this year, michael busch and mario anderson. that will do it for this sunday late night's edition of sports wrap. >> and good luck to the women's teams. we learned katie couric is leaving her position as anchor
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of the cbs evening news. be sure to join ktvu mornings for the latest on the story. our coverage continues on thank you for joining us everyone. have a great week and we'll see you again next weekend.
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